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In Another Life

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

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Chapter 2: Solace with a Shadow

My whole body is still quivering from seeing Her taking Midnight. I splash water on my face from the fountain between the Lady’s waiting room and the elevator. Pink didn’t even try anything. Every time that happens I always wonder if it’s because she really does like rubbing her lips together and tasting silver or if it’s because she feels like she owes me.

The water helps me get my bearings a little, but not enough to make it so I can forget how much of me really wants to go right back.

I can feel my panties clinging so tight under my skirt, and no amount of biting my lip or changing the way I walk can make it any less easy to feel how tempted I was to stay there and be melted right alongside Midnight. The Lady may have said no more cotton pink legs a little over a year ago, but that didn’t last as long as I think either of us expected it to.

Recovering from all of that without Her in my mind would have been… terrifying. I would have fallen into one of those gaps in my head all over again. They didn’t come back or anything, but that’s what it felt like when I begged her to wrap her legs around my head again.

I make my way over to the elevator and press my finger into the button for my floor and lean back in the corner. It starts the slow move down, and I close my eyes as I try to just let the time pass. It wouldn’t be bad if I cooled down a little too. Seeing Midnight like that was enough to make me squirm a fair bit all on its own. From the look of her eyebrows she’s a redhead, and red heads make me more nervous than they should these days, but it isn’t like we don’t have Yanta locked away.

That should be the last I hear of anything to do with witches or whatever she really was, or is. She doesn’t really think so great anymore. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, though. Some of the other women who came back, the ones she’d had longer… Not all of them got so lucky as Pink, Dust, or myself. Bits of their minds are still scattered over the Fun Room floor.

One floor down, then two, then three… Okay, I told myself I wouldn’t watch it, but I always do. It’s more soothing than it should be. It’s something I can rely on. It feels… nice.

I really hadn’t set out tonight hoping to bring Her anyone. I just wanted to patrol like I used to. It’s not like tonight was my first patrol since I came back from somehow breaking the rod Yanta shoved into my head, but it still doesn’t feel the same. It isn’t even just because it isn’t after a shift at Linda’s or because I’m getting way more sex and cuddling now than I ever did before. It isn’t just because I’m Silver now instead of Silver Girl.

Pressing a fingertip between my eyes I make it spark and groan as my whole body shudders and clenches. Everything fuzzes out like someone yanked out the cable in the back of the television. It feels really, really good, and when I blink back to awareness my body feels a lot looser.

Windy keeps trying to tell me that I need to take a more active role in keeping my stress down. Something about how it isn’t good for my powers? I’m not sure if that’s true or if she’s just trying to look out for me.

Either way makes me smile and glad that I have her around. She’s too busy to be a pillow sometimes, and Dust or Pink can nab her out of my bed, but I’m pretty good at getting her back. Dust may have the advantage of being insidiously subtle in close proximity, and Pink might have the advantage of making it so hard to think about anything other than becoming more and more… pink… but I have the precision and range advantage on them both.

None of the other recruiters we’ve ever nabbed up have been strong enough to hold out from the three of us. It’s good to know that The Lady gives us special treatment because we earn it. I don’t want her to just be taking pity on me, as much as I love when she’s tender with me.

No one else makes me feel like She does. The nights she pulls me into her bed are my favorite nights of all. She’s been so busy lately, but I’m sure that can’t last forever.

The elevator stops, and I brace myself for Dust to come strolling in and try to trap me against the back of the elevator. It’s always a little embarrassing when someone smaller than you can pull that off. Really though, I’d like to meet the woman who can pretend that Dust’s height has ever made her feel less dangerous. She’s dangerous in the best kinds of ways, that makes my thighs squeeze together and various clothes get all nice and stickier and wetter.

She isn’t there, of course. I’m probably more disappointed than I should be. Even if I can’t trust that seeing her won’t mean a battle of wills—which I’m not always in the mood for as much fun as the ones with her always are—I really do want to make sure she’s doing okay. She’s important to me. I’ve never had a sister, and I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to want to fuck your sister or have her fill your head up with little bits of dust that turn your mind to honey and then fill the honey up with more dust and… Mmmm…

Still, it’s the closest way I think I can describe how important Dust is to me, just like Pink. I don’t know where they’d be without me saving them, but I also don’t know where I’d be if I couldn’t get them back. They’re both really precious to me.

Even if they’ll probably never stop taking advantage of me.

I stroll over to my door and take a deep slow breath. I’m a little late coming home, and I’m sure that if anyone can? My little kitty already heard the elevator stop on our floor. No room for being all melancholy or uncertain. A pet is a big responsibility, and even if making sure she’s fed and kept healthy is partially out of my hands I still want to make sure that I take good care of her.

The Lady made Silhouette into a little kitty just for me. I have to show just how much I appreciate that by taking good care of her. Of course, I’d do that anyway. No one has been better for cuddles. Even upgrading Windy’s pillow programming isn’t as much cuddly fun.

There’s nothing like a kitty showing you how much she’s missed you.

“Shadow! Shadow kitty! Mommy’s ho-whoa!” The minute I close the door behind me my kitty is pouncing me to the ground. She looks pretty as ever in her black bikini, showing off her tattoos and giving me a nice view of her breasts as she nuzzles into me with loud purrs. “Mmm… Hey… I missed you too. Sorry I’m a tiny bit late… But I was saving somebody who can play with shadows like you can. Some MA jerks were trying to cart her off.”

Shadow purrs and nuzzles into me more, wiggling and squirming until finally going limp on top of me. Her breasts squish into mine, and I can’t help but giggle while stroking her hair around the cute pair of kitty ears she wears on top of her head. She purrs, wiggling her hips side to side with her legs straddling me.

How can I not be happy to come home to someone missing me this much? The first few times it took me off guard, but that was before I noticed that she actually tends to coat the floor beneath me in shadow before I fall. It’s subtle, but means I can’t hit the ground too hard.

Even when she’s an obedient little kitty my shadow looks out for me. I lean up to kiss between her eyes, and wrap my arms tightly around her. Her skin is so soft and I can’t help but want to let my fingertips trail all over her and squeeze. Of course she’d let me… she’d let me do anything. I try to use that to make sure that I keep her nice and happy, and I mean, it’s not like I never indulge. Her nipples feel so hard through her bikini top. This is probably going to be one of those times.

First dibs on Midnight won’t be until the morning. She’ll need to run through her basic initiation, Windy will need to spend some time giving her a once over. She’s not going to end up mine like my kitty, even if I hope that I get to work with her in the future. Something tells me that she could probably use a friend or two.

Shadow meows, her hands forming cute little paws as they knead at my clothed chest. I can’t help but blush and squirm, my eyes fluttering as it becomes so much easier to feel how warm she is above me. Her hips haven’t really stayed still since she pushed me to the ground. She keeps shifting and squirming like she’s trying to find new ways to rub herself against me, and the ways it keeps making her twist up her mouth are so gorgeous. “Is my kitty feeling all extra happy that mommy is home…?”

She nods, mewling again as she rubs down against me that much harder. I can’t really turn her down, and I really don’t want to either. Even if a part of me wants to be under someone right now in ways so much more than physically, I can’t want to leave my kitty all needy…

I raise my knee up between her legs, before grabbing her hips to push her back into my thigh. She mewls, quivering even before my thigh starts to spark with silver energy. It might not be electricity exactly, but the way she clenches around my thigh and grinds herself back so hard and quick there’s no way that she wasn’t feeling needy for a long while before I left. She can take care of that for herself of course, but I don’t want anyone else keeping my kitty. Maybe I should get her a friend, but I’m not sure where I’d look for another kitty like her.

My shadow kitty yowls and mewls louder and louder. She’s soaking right through her bikini bottoms, and watching the look in her eyes grow fuzzier and fuzzier has me feeling so hot. The only thing better than watching the thoughts drip out of a woman as sexy as my little shadow kitty is feeling them drip out of my ears and out from between my legs.

She screams out an adorable meow, arching her back so hard it looks painful, but she’s always been flexible as a cat. I grasp at her clothed breasts and rub my sparks right over her nipples. My heart is beating so hard and fast. This isn’t the first time she’s greeted me like this. It feels so good to be with her, to savor her over me, to writhe and quiver under her weight as her feline sounds grow louder and louder until she can’t take it anymore. She’s such a sexy little kitty!

I stroke up past her breasts, over her shoulders, and dig my nails back as I pull her body as tightly against mine as I can. All at once I make every place we touch sparkle and sizzle, arcing energy between us as I melt my lips into her neck. Before I met The Lady, keeping this up for any amount of time at all would make me a cold, shivery mess.

Now it just makes me feel so warm and hot and needy. The way she cries and screams, the way she can’t help but cling to me and shudder against me, so trapped, so helpless… it just feels so fucking good. Knowing she’s feeling good because of me, feels so… good.

When I stop my current she falls limp on top of me and mewls in the most adorably pitiful way. Giggles well up from deep in my throat and I can’t stop smiling as I stroke her hair. Her expression looks so gone, far away and fuzzy… I could probably reach my words into her head and change or twist or tweak whatever I might want, but… I don’t know why I’d do that. The Lady made her head all nice and perfect. She’s my little shadow kitty.

“I love you, sweetie…” I sigh and slide my fingers through her hair, holding her a little tighter. She smiles a dreamy smile, her ass swaying as if to make the tail plug in her ass wiggle. I wonder if we could get her one that responded to her emotions… That’d probably be a lot of work, and pretty expensive. Probably not a thing to ask for as a birthday present.

My last birthday was really nice. It was the last birthday in a long time where I didn’t just spend it all alone with my hands between my legs sparking myself into a shuddery silver coma. Twenty four isn’t a really big number or anything, but it felt important.

It was the first year I spent with my new family.

I could rewrite my little shadow kitty’s mind, sure… but getting her to stand up and crawl with me to bed? That’s a little harder. Wake-up-sparks are a fair bit different than anything I can do. Even the sparks I can make that feel more like a pinch aren’t good at waking people from whatever it’s called when they get too many sparks. It doesn’t feel exactly like one of The Lady’s hypnotic trances. It doesn’t feel like the way Dust makes me melty or the way Pink makes me feel so simple and silly.

Trance works as well as anything else, really! I guess I probably worry about these things too much. If it was important, She would have figured it out and told me. She takes care of everything.

It doesn’t take long wiggling under my shadow kitty to get nice and comfortable. Her cute little kitty mewls are so calm and peaceful. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I should talk to The Lady about her being a little bit less of a kitty. She’s a good cat, but I really do care about her. She makes me really happy, just feeling how much she likes having me near.

The next time She isn’t too busy I’ll see about bringing it up. For now, I think that I’ll just try to get at least a little sleep down here on the floor with my kitty. I could probably squirm around enough to roll her off of me, but I really don’t want that.

Feeling her body rise and fall as she breathes makes me smile. Feeling how safe we are together, how right this feels… It’s nice. I may have gotten her here by tricking her in a diner where she thought we were just going to get some nice milkshakes, but it isn’t like I’ve treated her poorly or anything. I didn’t know her very well before I recruited her, but I know that I never saw her ever look anywhere near as happy as when she was curled up on my chest.

Maybe when I talk to The Lady and get Her to let my little shadow kitty be a bit more of a shadow kitty-girl then we can talk about that. I don’t even really… know her name-name. It isn’t the sort of thing a girl like me would ask.

I’ve told plenty of heroines my name because I mean, hey, when you have silver skin and silver hair and silver eyes there’s really nothing to do to keep that hidden… especially not when the hair started before you even graduated high school. All of my yearbook photos show Sarah LaSilvas with a head of long silver hair. I think if I would have started getting my powers in freshman year I would have gained the “most changed” title senior year. As it was I just got “the most likely to save the world” as a joke.

Sparks twinkle at my lips as I give my shadow kitty one last kiss before I wrap my arms around her tighter and close my eyes. “Thanks for… for being here. I know She worries when I go out—it took months for her to let me leave without Dust coming with me for protection—but She’s so busy. I guess I turned down the chance to be with Her tonight, but it didn’t feel right to interrupt Midnight’s… indoctrination? I don’t know the word. I was there for yours, but she isn’t you. No one’s you. Goodnight, sweetie.”

The carpet of my room isn’t the best pillow that I’ve ever had, but I’d be pretty hard pressed to call it the worst. After Yanta, any room that isn’t ‘fun’ feels a lot better than it used to.

I squeeze my kitty tighter. She mewls, but she doesn’t reply to me with words. She’s still out of it. That’s fine. She’ll be feeling better in the morning, and we can cuddle together then. Maybe I’ll tell her more about how my patrol went. She didn’t get to hear a lot about Midnight. Maybe the two of them will get along?

All of that can wait until after I get some sleep.