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In Another Life

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

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Chapter 3: Professional Courtesy

When I wake up I’m still on the floor, but my kitty isn’t on top of me. It should feel cold, but it doesn’t. This building has amazing temperature control, and even if I’m just lazing around in my old uniform, it doesn’t mean that I’m not still surrounded by warm air. When I’m not on Chronos Business it feels better to wear it.

After how much pleading it took with The Lady to let me patrol again, wearing something that used to only be mine just feels more appropriate. I didn’t cobble it together from off-the-rack bits and pieces like I did with the suit I wore when I was a teenager. It was actually made just for me. I wonder if Jessica still thinks about me sometimes. I think she was the last time I tried to go for an ordinary relationship.

She left Midas, and I wasn’t going to leave with her.

I’m glad that wearing this suit doesn’t always make me think about her, because there’s no way that I would have been able to keep wearing it for the first few months after our break-up.

I can’t imagine how it would have felt to have ended up in another party store cape and mask, leather combat boots I had to beg my mom to buy for over a month. The leotard I wore was so tight in the right way that even I spent a few minutes just staring at my chest in the mirror the first time I put it on. It really is no wonder that the first woman I slept with was into me after seeing me dressed like that… but wearing that as an adult…

There’s tacky, and then there’s looking like you’re trying to dress like your own yearbook photo. Ugh. I need to get up.

A knock rings out through my room and I scramble up to my feet much faster than I really should be able to. It almost sends me careening back down to the ground with the force of my head rush, but my reflexes are better than they have any right to be. With a yawn I look around to try to see my shadow kitty, but no luck. She must have somewhere to be.

Another knock, and I groan. Too loud. It is way too early for loud sounds. Of course I was out kinda late so it probably is a perfectly reasonable hour. Oh well.

“Midnight is done with her initial processing and is resting in room 7 on floor 75.” Windy is holding her usual clipboard, looking mildly annoyed. Her horn rimmed glasses highlight her blue eyes almost as much as the scrubs she wears under the crisp white lab coat. A spare pen is still in her blonde hair. Buns always look so professional, and there’s no one I know more professional than Windy. “I believe you brought her in, so you know what that means…”

She always leaves off sentences like a bellhop waiting for her tip. Uncomfortable. Whenever she isn’t being melted or dusted she always looks so uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her pinked up. I wonder if The Lady doesn’t let Pink get at her.

There really is a lot around here that I don’t know nearly as much as I should. I know that I’m just an agent of Chronos, a recruiter who gets to play heroine when she isn’t needed for anything, but this place really matters to me. That means that I should probably be a little bit more invested in things. I should take more initiative!

No better time than the present, right?

I lean against the inside of the door and strike a fingertip along the hand holding her clipboard. “Initial processing, huh…? You know, I was pretty fuzzy for mine, so I don’t think I appreciated all that happened. Can you remember just what happens?”

Windy frowns, but it isn’t just anger on her face. Her cheeks are flushing and she can’t quite seem to stay still. Her breath is quickening in ways that makes it impossible for me to resist hooding my eyes. I don’t even need to make my fingertip light up to make her start to feel warm and weak for me anymore. I mean, I don’t think she’d just do anything I said without a bit more than this, but I’m not going to push my luck. It’s not like my sparks aren’t there or anything.

“We study a new employee’s powers, and make up a dossier. You remember the tube. I’m sure. No one forgets waking up in a glass tube!” Flustered. She’s so cute when she’s flustered. I can’t help but want to see more of it. I lick my lips and trace further down her arm. Her voice quivers when she keeps talking. “That’s usually when we inform new employees of what their powers can do… they’ve often been using them wrong, l-like you were! We talk about the plan to improve these shortcomings, and then… then… then…”

“And then…?” My hand moves further up her arm, and I squeeze at her elbow before moving closer. I’m almost tempted to steal her clipboard, but that might make her defenses flare back up. “What happens then? There’s got to be something before you run your own personal…” Sparks tease out from my fingertips. Not intense, just enough to make her eyes flutter and her lips tremble as she mewls. “Tests. I know you get your own sort of dibs…”

She nods, breathlessly. Her lips are so pretty and pink, painted but only a shade more vibrant than what’s naturally underneath. I never realized before the millions of little ways she puts effort into looking good. Is it for me, for Dust, for Her, or for herself?

I could take her right now. If she were too busy for this, she would have dropped me. Windy is an important member of the Chronos family, like that aunt or cousin who is always taking care of the things that everyone else forgets. Even Dust has never kept her as a bunny for that long, and Dust is persistent. I think she was the first one to go after me again. I don’t know if Pink gets credit for the time that I uhm… tried melting her down and going between her legs. I recovered quickly enough from that anyway.

She rubs her lips together, trying to think. It’s so hard to not want to taste them, to kiss them. Kissing my pretty blonde pillow in the morning has been a fun way to wake up so many days, and this one doesn’t feel too different from so many of those in the ways that matter. “O-oh! Right! Names. That’s when we give new names… Or well, seal them in place. She does most of the work on that… then I get my turn… Nnnn…”

Dust and Pink have been a lot gentler with me since everything that happened with Yanta, but it’s never really changed the way that Windy acts. It makes sense. All that really did was give Windy more work trying to figure out anything useful from Yanta.

It isn’t as if she’s pulling away from me, but her body is still nearly as stiff as her lab coat is starchy. It makes how soft she is underneath even more alluring. I reach my other hand for her hip, and she pulls back but not away. Her lips thin as she presses them together, nearly speaking through clenched teeth. “Is there anything else you need? I do have work to do…”

“You always have something you could be doing. That’s not really fair…” I sigh and reach my hand at her hip further back, letting little sparks move along the curve of her rear. Windy clenches and shudders forward, pressing her hips tight into mine as her eyes widen.

Fear isn’t the right word for it, not when her eyes are already a little hooded with lust. This is a game that we’ve played enough times before, and she knows exactly how it’s always going to go. Either she has permission to use those words on me, or I’m going to spark her until she ends up on my bed. I’m not even sure if I want to do more than just pull her down and feel under her lab coat. I want to make her feel good, really.

Something in her eyes shows that she knows that. I might want a pillow, and I might want to kiss her so hard that her toes curl up… but besides my kitty I really haven’t claimed any of the other supers that The Lady keeps around. I’ve had fun with one or two, but I don’t have a legion of bunnies or girls that call me up late at night giggling.

I just want to have fun, and make pretty girls feel good. At first it felt weird to do, but now I can’t imagine feeling any other way. Who wouldn’t want to make someone pretty like Windy feel good and know they were the one responsible for making her quiver and moan?

“Y-yeah well… She keeps me pretty busy around here…” Windy is just as much a part of all of this as I am, but somehow it never even occurred to me before now that there’s no way she doesn’t have some kind of a trigger phrase. Knowing what I know about this place? There’s no way she doesn’t. Why would The Lady have anyone working for Her here if She couldn’t have complete control of their minds?

“She does… but you know, she doesn’t mind when her girls play. I’m sure you of all people know that.” I slide my hand past the waistband of her scrubs, letting my fingers tingle and spark just enough for her to feel. She mewls, her hips pressing tighter against me as her eyes meet mine. “She might have cameras everywhere to watch, or maybe She just likes hearing about it from us second hand, but… If She didn’t like us doing it, I don’t think She’d just set us free to do whatever we wanted like this. I don’t think She’d let Dust have her fill of every heroine she can grab…”

Windy groans, her dusty gray eyes looking so hotly fuzzy and lost. I don’t remember what color they used to be before she got at least a weekly dose of Dust’s… dust. They’re always at least a light gray now. It’s really gorgeous. “I…! S-silver…!”

No permission to melt my mind. I’m not going to pass that up. Why should I? The look in her eyes is just begging for me to make it so she doesn’t have to think. She’s just begging me to make it so everything feels so much nicer and simpler. I squeeze at the bare cheek of her ass, nails sparkling a little harder. She groans. She always wears thongs these days. I think she likes it when I reach under her pants and squeeze her like this.

The longer I knead, the lower she groans. I’m sure she loves it. “Windy… Mmm… You don’t have any superpowers. You’re just a scientist, but you’re a pretty good one, huh…?”

“Y-yeah…!” She almost screams when my sparkling fingernails tease along the edge of her thong. “N-neuros-s-science… MMmnnn… Metahuman… NNhaaa… Biology… Fuck…!” I trail my nails down to the back of her thigh, rubbing right where if I pushed a little further my fingers might start getting sticky. I don’t want to rush this, and I can control the intensity of my power pretty well. Windy taught me that. “Th-the best in the field… MMmMmmmm… I’m brilliant when y-you recruiters aren’t… turning me into a pillow or a bunny… Fuuuck…!”

Little arcs of silver course from my nail to just along the thong that clutches right between her thighs. I could touch her there, just grasp and squeeze, but… I don’t feel that daring. That’s not really what I want. I want to make her stop thinking so much, but in a slow way that feels better than sex.

Jessica never made me feel like The Lady makes me feel when I’m bent over Her desk and drooling all over it.

“You are really smart, Windy… that’s why you come to me and don’t just call. I know you call Dust’s room sometimes. Most times.” I walk backwards, and pull her into my room. I could probably get way with fucking her in the doorway, but I don’t want our moment spoiled by anything that I couldn’t anticipate. “Reach back with your foot. Just lift it and… no, more to the right? No, left… okay, feel that? Push. Close the door.”

It clicks shut, and Windy trembles. There’s no sudden fight for her free will. She just knows that she’s trapped with me here. I gently nudge her back against the door, and quiver when she groans at feeling of her back pressed flush against the wooden door.

I slide my bare leg up so it rubs between hers, letting silver currents reach out to sizzle at both of her legs at once. Her eyes open wider as she draws her legs together tight. It’s not something she can resist with her mind. It’s all physical. Even if it isn’t electricity exactly, whatever it is, it’s still so good at making women clench and squeeze. I rub my bare skin against the scrubs of her legs, sizzling and arcing out more power but only at her thighs.

Her lips can’t stay still, constantly looking like she wants to whimper or moan but she can’t find the right words to say. I want to nibble on her bottom lip. I just want to suck it into my mouth. It looks so cute, like a sexy piece of brain candy… but if she can form any more words I want to hear them. I want to hear everything that she has to say.

How could I have had so many chances to play with her like this and never wondered just what she brought to The Lady? Everyone in Chronos does something for Her. I should know.

“What do you… want…?” Windy’s voice sounds both confused and dripping with need. I’m not even touching her thong, but with how hot her thighs feel on my hand and around my leg I know she’s wet. I can feel how much her body has to be burning for it. “Oh god… Mmm what do you even want…?”

“What…?” I blink, and instinctively stroke my nail up so it strokes along the skin right where her thigh meets her body. Her legs fight with themselves, both trying to part, and yet still squeeze together. Uncertainty, wanting two things you can’t have at the same time… Something about that makes my toes curl even if a lot of my head is trying to wrap around what she means. I mean, isn’t it obvious that I want her? This isn’t the first time that we’ve done this…

She clearly remembers being my pillow. She said so herself. I’ve never really gone out of my way to brainwash her into forgetting about it. She does her job, and then shows up back here to sleep when she can.

My fingertips press flat against the same place my nail teased, and Windy groans. Her hips sway in counterpoint, rubbing herself down against my finger harder. I don’t even need to make it spark anymore. Her body is so warm and hot, and I can feel just how much her sex is burning up. Not even an inch beside my finger she’s practically on fire.

“You… just keep driving me crazy! I’m busy! I have things to do! Do you want to fuck me or do you want to make me obey or… or what…?” Her forehead is glistening with sweat, and her hips still keep gyrating back and forth. Her glasses are halfway down her nose and slanted to the side, making her look even more hotly out of it. All she’d need is her tongue sticking out or a line of drool coming out the side of her lip.

“I mean… It feels good, doesn’t it…?” No one’s ever reacted like this before. I mean… isn’t this fun? Yeah, if my kitty pounces me I’ll let her grind against my knee or spark her up extra hard, but I mean, that’s not all that everyone wants from this, is it?

Is Windy really just waiting for me to slide my fingers under her thong, or to make it so I don’t have while still making her ruin the thong more than it already is? Suddenly I feel a lot more confused. I was trying to understand our organization better, not for someone to make me confused about myself. Today is shaping up to be a really weird day.

“Yessss…! Of course it does!” She screams it, panting like she’s trying to scratch an itch that she can’t quite reach. Her eyes look into mine. I can tell she can’t see me all that great, between how hazy her vision is from lust and the silvery haze my sparks can give everything with enough of them, and that’s before her glasses are so disheveled. Her look is still startlingly intense. “Ooo… Feels really good… But you’re just… just teasing me… always teasing me…!”

“I mean…” I lean in closer, and kiss up along her neck. Each time my lips press into her neck I melt a bit of a spark into her skin. She trembles and groans, arching her body against mine and her thigh down into my finger. “This is teasing…?” I stroke on the other side of her thong, making my fingertip spark harder. She groans and clenches her thighs so much tighter. It almost hurts how tight she squeezes, but I really don’t mind. “I mean, you like it, right?”

She groans, but it isn’t the usual kind of groan I get when I’m arcing silver over a woman’s genitals. It’s not like Windy isn’t feeling good, but she still sounds… annoyed? I know that Windy can be a little bit grumpy about being interrupted but that just feels weird.

Her clipboard falls to the ground, narrowly missing my boot. I’m more thankful for that than I can put into words. She reaches around behind me and grasps my ass through my skirt, pulling me so fiercely into her. My eyes are wide, my forehead pressed into hers. “Yessss! Of course I like it! But you just… you just play... even if I don’t remember what Dust does I… I know she’s fucking me. Just fucking me senseless. I always end up so sore… with you you just… touch me, hold me… I want you to fuck me! Why is the one woman here who isn’t some self-obsessed narcissistic control freak too shy to just fuck me?!”

I almost stop. My heart squeezes itself tight in my chest, and it hurts. It’s not a physical thing, I can tell. Like it’s a physical feeling, but I’m not having any kind of a health problem. I’m just so taken back by that I can’t even process it. Dust and Pink are kind of narcissistic, really all about their aesthetics. The Lady is the boss, so I wouldn’t call her a control freak.

Am I… shy?

Some part of me really doesn’t like that. I’m not sure if it’s my ego or what. I curl my fingers under her thong and pull it to the side, not even waiting before thrusting my fingers inside of her and grinding her back harder against the door. She groans, her eyes crossing as her panting grows even more ragged. “Am… am I too shy now…?”

Fuck that sounded way more pitiful than I ever wanted to sound to anyone ever. If I was her, I’m not sure if I could stop myself from laughing. She does. Somehow.

Instead she just howls and starts bucking faster. She’s so wet. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt someone so wet, or clench so hard around my fingers. She grabs onto my shoulder with her other hand, using me for leverage to ride my fingers faster. When my fingers light up again with silver energy deep inside of her she screams and groans, her head lolling on her neck until her head is laying limp back against the door. Drool starts to stream from the corner of her lip, and I don’t stop. Her hips slow, but I just make my fingers move faster and faster to make up for it.

Shy. I don’t keep anything like bunnies, or candy headed cuties. Awhile ago, when I was still getting used to Chronos… I said I wanted things like that. I said that I didn’t just want to be another replaceable toy, but I really haven’t done anything about it even with everyone catering to everything that I want. I don’t know how to feel about that.

I press my thumb into her clit, and spark it as hard as I can. Windy screams, her voice cracking and her throat making sounds that I’ve never heard anyone make before. For being so stiff and professional, she can really howl when you give her a reason to! As my current starts to ebb, she slumps against me with a weak sigh. Her fingers hovering over my ass keep twitching, her hips moving a little as though she wants more, but her heart isn’t really in it.

We’ve played around a lot before, but she’s never… She’s never just told me, begged me, to fuck her before. I pull her against me with one hand, and pull the other out from between her legs. My fingers are all wet and slick, and just holding the out from her pants makes me wonder what to do with them. I could lick them clean myself, but something feels wrong about that.

Hesitant. I could make her lick them clean. Suck them clean even. There’s nothing that she’d realistically stop me from making her do. “Clean these off, Windy.” I slide them inside of her mouth, and she starts to suck. The scent of her on my fingers is so hot and good.

Her lips form a vacuum tight seal around my fingers, and her tongue is soon swirling and lavishing me with attention. My thighs clench under my skirt. I rub my ass back against her quivering hand, and mewl when her hand manages to squeeze. Sparking my ass a little helps, making her grip tighter if only for a moment.

Being able to spark from anywhere on my entire body is really something I need to use more often…

“Ohh… Okay… All right… That feels better now…” I sigh and pull my fingers out of her mouth, and kiss them a little bit on instinct. I can still taste her on them, even if not as much as I would have been able to before. It feels mean, but cleaning my fingers on the inside of her lab coat isn’t really a stretch when she’s the woman who yelled at me to do more to her.

Her eyes are crossed and glassy, her pupils so wide. Even with her glasses pushed back up her nose I don’t think that she’d be seeing anything that I didn’t want her to see. I’ve felt the way my sparks can make everything get a silver halo… it’s kinda nice, really.

If you like silver, anyway. I imagine that if you disliked it that it would be a real pain in the ass. I think I’d just make Windy have a thing for silver if that was the case.

“So… Windy. What did you mean by that? The whole… narcissistic… No. Not that part!” I shake my head with a groan. “No… I mean… Shy. I’ve… I mean… You always complain about being busy. Most of the time you find a reason to excuse yourself and walk away, or… Or you drop me, because it’s official business. What… why would… Explain?”

“Mmmm didn’t like it at first… But everyone here just… takes what they want.” Windy’s face scrunches up, her cute lips trembling. I want to nibble on that bottom lip. Before I let her go, I really need to have that lip in my mouth. It is so hard to resist pulling it in my mouth and just suckling away. “I don’t… I don’t like it when Dust makes me into a bunny… Or when that forest sprite puts seeds in my ear and makes me masturbate so my cum drips all over her plants… but that’s not really you? You’re… softer…

“You feel me, and you cuddle me, and you make us kiss and it feels… good.” She almost sounds confused, but it’s much less than how fuzzy and aroused she sounds. Her hand is also idly stroking my ass, and it’s hard to feel too upset when a cute girl is rubbing your ass. “Your sparks feel all warm and hot, but you just… tease. You make me quiver, but you never… mmm finish the job. You’re just always… shy. You don’t even make me strip to be your pillow, or make me call you anything or… you’re the only one here who treats me like a unique person not just another piece of ass but you don’t… you don’t go all the way. You’re always holding back… Always leave me wanting more.”

I don’t even know how to respond to that. Am I holding back? I know hesitating is one of my problems, it’s just hard to know what to do. It’s hard to be sure that any decision I make is going to be the right one. Why would it be a bad thing to take a careful look at every situation?

Well, it isn’t. The problem is more the fact that apparently I’m doing everything half way. Windy is my pillow but… I could do more. I don’t think she even needs me to have sex with her like that, but if she can tell that there’s more that I want, more that I need to be fulfilled and I’m not doing it… I mean she’s the one who can see my brain scans. She’s the one who knows the most about how my powers work.

The only one here who could know more about me is The Lady, and She wouldn’t notice something like that. She takes what she wants from me and I… I like that. I want more of that.

“So… you want me to… Do more. You want me to not stop and just…” I sigh and kiss her bottom lip, sucking it into my mouth. I start nibbling on it, pulling it, tasting it… She moans, her eyes crossing a little harder. “Can you… tell me what you want?”

She tries to respond, but her lip is still in my mouth. It makes her completely inaudible, which makes my cheeks burn. I let go and kiss her lip before asking her to say it again.

“Want to feel you… really let go?” I don’t think she’s used to anyone asking her that. The more I think of it, the more I’m really not surprised. The recruiters can’t be the only one who like to play a little grab ass time to time, but we’re probably the ones who do it more than once without being told. “Want to feel… Good, feel things… go until they can’t go any further. Want to feel things get really… real…”

Maybe she was a natural submissive before she got the job? Though I have to wonder… was I? And if I was, then how did I start to like… this? This is all so confusing.

Things felt a lot easier to understand when I was just on recruiter duty and everyone was doting on me all the time. I knew how to make people happy. It was simple. I can handle simple. Doing what I want to do without holding back sounds to me like it should be simple, but obviously it isn’t for me.

“Right… well…” If Midnight is ready to be seen, then I should probably stop by and check in on her. I know that Dust stopping by to check on me was nice, but I can’t just leave Windy like this. Dust could, but not really me. “Let’s take care of you first, huh? To start off… Strip. All of it. Off. Now.”

It makes me feel so much younger to be told to make a girl just do whatever I want and the first thing I think of is just to get her to take off her clothes. It’s not like I’ve never done this to anyone before. The time I said Dust’s trigger phrase was kind of what Windy was talking about, right…?

She quivers and nods, shrugging her shoulders before letting her lab coat fall from her arms into a heap of white. Her blue scrubs follow behind, faster than I thought she could move after that much silver. I guess it’s a lot easier to move when you’re obeying it than fighting it! That just leaves her in a pretty set of sky blue lingerie that looks so lacey and soft. I almost don’t want her to take it off. Just feeling it against her skin sounds kinda nice. She still reaches back for her bra and I bite my lip. “Wait…! Before you take it off… that’s kinda pretty. Why’d you wear it?”

“Knew you would have dibs on Midnight…” Windy sighs, her arms frozen in place behind her back. “Wanted you to see…” So she wore it for me. My cheeks are burning. My thighs are, too. “Thought maybe you might notice, somehow, and… “

Am I really that oblivious? Nothing she’s done has ever seemed like flirting. The flirtiest she gets is when she turns off my mind for Her. That’s not the same at all.

“Well… She did. I did…” I sigh, taking a long, deep breath before sighing and staring over her body. In a lot of ways her body is sort of average. She isn’t fit, or especially round. She’s got nice curves, and cute, round breasts. Her skin looks so soft and smooth, and she’s so pale but without any tan lines. I don’t think she got out much before she got this job. I can’t imagine she gets much sun.

I move closer and run my fingertips along her chest until they end up on the edges of her bra. I could do anything with her… I really could. With Pink and Dust I’ve felt okay going a little further here or there. Even if I’ve never remembered a time with Dust, I know what she wants. Pink is so… up front. I know what she’d do with me all pinked out forever.

With Windy, she’s dropped me, but I have no clue if she stripped me down or we had sex or she just kissed me and told me to say things to make her smile. None of those would make me upset. I’ve never come out of it bruised or hurt or anything except maybe a little tired.

But that’s not what she was getting at. I cup her breasts and squeeze, sparking up my hands. She groans and shudders forward, her eyes fluttering so helplessly. Her nipples feel so hot on the other side of her bra. Right. She was taking care of that. “Take it off… your thong, too.”

“Yesss, silver…” She groans and unhooks her bra, letting it drop before stepping out of her soaked thong. Her sex is so… flush. Smooth. I’ve never seen someone look so perfectly smooth… anywhere. Just seeing her flesh makes me want to touch her, to feel her. I can’t deny it. She’s sexy, and I want to enjoy that. I want to feel that. I want to… use her.

Her breasts are nice too, with cute nipples that stand out such a smooth light brown. I wet my lips and sigh, reaching a hand between her legs to cup and possessively squeeze. She groans, pressing her sex down into my hand like a kiss. Windy is so, so wet.

“I’m going to lead you over to my bed, and I’m going to do some things with you that I’d never do with a pillow… and you’re going to give me whatever I want.” I rub a finger down that seam between her lower lips, letting it sparkle just enough to make her hips shudder back and forth as she squeals and clenches her thighs together tight. “You’re going to kiss me, moan for me, cum for me, until I’m satisfied… how does that sound…?”

Why do I still feel shy? Is it because Windy isn’t a super? Is it because this isn’t really what I had in mind? I… I want this. This is what I actually want. I’m taking what I want from Windy, and making her feel good, too. I’m using her… but I’m not just using her.

“Sounds… Mmmm gooood…” She groans as I lead the way, before moving in front of her. If I should just do whatever I want, then I don’t really need to ask permission. I don’t need to see if it’s something that she likes. All that I really have to do, is just my best to enjoy myself. So, I shove her onto her back, and watch her breasts bounce and sway at her chest as she falls back with a quiet cry. Her legs part without a word, and I stare down at how glistening wet she already is.

Orgasms are really good for conditioning. They’re definitely good for helping me remember things, I can say that much. Pleasure in general is just such a strong driving force, and giving it to her while whispering right into her mind…

It’s not like I can take her away from The Lady. I belong to Her. She belongs to Her. We’re both employees of Chronos, and that means more than anything else could.

“Because you’re my helpless little slave right now…” I spark a fingertip and slide it right down the middle of her body. She arches up her chest, wiggling her spine side to side as the current arcs across the curves of her breasts when I trace down past them. “Your mind is overwhelmed by silver, and you’re the reason his is happening. You egged me on, and now you’re going to do whatever I want… any little thing I want.”

She cries out when my finger pauses right above her sex. I can do anything I want with her. I can take anything I want with her, and right now, she wants it. I could make her want it more. I’ve paid attention to all of the hypnosis, all of the mind control that goes on around here. I know how conditioning works. If I keep it up, I can have her however I want.

I slide my fingers inside of her, and spark them up so much more than before. She screams, arching up so high off my bed. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth as my current runs around and inside of her clit, making her grow slicker in ways I’ve never even dreamed of.

“Little change of plans, sweetie.” I smile down at her, fingers still inside of her as I move up onto the bed. I only pull out of her when my knees are on either side of her head. “You’ve made me really, really wet, Windy. And it’s not like I’ve never had a girl go down on me before, but…” I reach for her hands, and slide them up under my skirt. Her finger shudder against me, trembling as they try to just lazily caress. “You’re going to pull my panties off, and do everything you can to make me cum as hard as I can, and as much as I can… and when we’re done with that…. while my head is between your legs… we’re going to talk about how pillows don’t always need cases.”

“Yesss, ssssilver…” She says my name in that way that I’d never heard before The Lady. No one else ever said a name with an audible lowercase before. I lean down as she starts tugging my panties out of the way, pressing my lip to her thigh. “Cotton pink legs…”

“C-cottton... pink… NnNnNnnnn…” The Lady’s legs are wrapping around my head. It’s so intense, so powerful, and so hot. I can feel her pulling me in between her legs, while she’s still clothed. I feel more and more weak and simple and naked, and she just keeps feeling more powerful. Her legs squeeze and clench and crush around me, making me whimper and whine. I can’t resist… My mind just gets so slow, so simple, so…

I’m so glad that I didn’t agree to never hear those words again and feel them work.

My panties start to slide down my thighs as she kisses and sucks at my exposed skin, I don’t resist, arching and quivering into her lips. They’re just so full and pouty and good and I just want to feel them forever!

Between that and the legs around my head, I don’t know anything could even feel better.


I scream, clutching at the sheets under us as my body shakes out of control. It’s so hard to hold onto anything. My body is so wet, and so much wet is gushing out of me. I mewl helplessly as The Lady’s thighs squeeze tighter and tighter. It feels like She could just break all of me apart and make me nothing more than a mewling little slut, and she doesn’t even really need to be here.

“Cummm, harder!”

Her words hook my eyes and pull them back into my head, making my toes curl so hard it feels like they’re going to break off as I press desperately into her. There’s no chance to resist it, or think about it or… anything. My body is so wet even before her lips press between my legs and start to suck.

“Cotton pink legsss, silverrr…!”

I whimper, and feel mindless oblivion wrap around me before I can even give a single kiss between her legs.

* * *