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In Another Life

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

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Chapter 4: Umbral Reintroduction

If I’m going to start taking control of people more… completely? I’ll need to learn how to be more careful with my phrasing. Coming to drenched and sore but not really remembering much at all is not really what I think Windy had in mind. Then again, it wasn’t supposed to be about what she had in mind, was it?

I am… so totally clueless how I am supposed to feel about this situation, but I have bigger things to worry about right now.

Waking up with Windy still groaning and drifting in a silver trance beneath me wasn’t uncomfortable physically, but it was still kind of embarrassing. I can’t really be sure how many times I came, but my thighs are definitely still aching as I towel off from the shower afterwards. I would have needed one the moment I decided to indulge Windy.

Maybe if I’d had any control over how long we took I might have had her join me in the shower, but I was passed out or in a trance for a lot longer than I was expecting us to be fooling around. Shared showers always lead to fooling around. So I just took a quick one, by myself.

My heroing uniform is a bit too messy to go meet Midnight wearing, so I opt for a standard Chronos white bodysuit instead. There’s a corporate logo somewhere. I think.

One of these was what I was wearing when I went to recruit Silhouette and got a kitty out of the deal. White really is my color, as much as black would be a better contrast and probably make me stand out a bit more. The body suit always makes me think of that night at the diner where my little shadow joined the company. It really was a special night.

Pulling the tight bodysuit up over my body takes a little bit of time. It is pretty tight. That means that it’s hard to not let my mind wander and feel a pang of worry when I realize that my shadow kitty still wasn’t back. I was expecting her before my shower was over, even if it wasn’t a thought I consciously addressed. She’s just usually not gone that long when we spend the night together. It’s not a big deal, I guess. I’m sure she’s okay. She’s always come back before.

As tempted as I am to leave Windy a note to wake up to, that might be me worrying too much about what she wants. I never thought another woman would all but scream at me to just take what I want from them, but that’s pretty much what happened.

Nearly bowling over a woman I don’t even get a chance to really acknowledge I dash to the elevator, and slam my hand down on the button for Midnight’s floor and then the close door button. I really hope I manage to see her before Dust does. It’s not like Dust would hurt her or anything, but if I missed out on the chance to talk to Midnight without interference because I unintentionally commanded Windy to fuck my brains out? That’s going to be really embarrassing.

Nothing says Dust has to leave her be forever. Given Midnight’s aesthetic, I can kinda see Dust wanting to sink her claws in. They both have a pretty Goth look going on, and that’s ignoring that Midnight has a heck of a body.

We get new recruits all the time, but something about the way her black clung to her curves made her stand out for more than just having a great rack. I also feel a little bit extra protective of her, given how we met. I really do want to make sure that I do everything I can to help her. I’m still a super heroine, even if sometimes I help The Lady snatch up some new woman that will help make everything at Chromos flow that much better.

The elevator door opens, and I make my way down the hall. I don’t have a perfect map of the place in my head, but I spent plenty of time working reinforcement before The Lady felt safe letting me go all that far away from the tower.

I knock, and try to find some position to stand more casually while I wait. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had dibs, but this feels different. I don’t know if I’ll try anything at all. This wasn’t a traditional recruitment. As far as I know The Lady wasn’t even interested in grabbing up Midnight before I brought her back home. She isn’t someone I’ve never heard of before, but if The Lady was bothering to pick up every heroine that we could—at least right away—then we’d probably need a bigger tower.

There’s no answer. I take a deep breath, and after a long moment of nothing changing I put my ear up against it and hear something all too familiar. Quiet moaning.

Looks like someone found the contract quicker than I did.

I could pretend that doesn’t embarrass me, but I’d be lying. She moans again, and I hold my hand up to the door’s chip reader. It unlocks with a satisfying and audible click. I pull open the door and smile as I slide in, pulling the door shut behind me. At this point it’s instinct to slide the lock closed the moment I lean back against the door without even thinking about it.

Midnight is sitting at the table in her room, slumped forward as she stares down at the contract. Mine went from white, to pink, to silver. I don’t even need to try to remember how dizzying it was to look over all of what She wanted me to sign away. Power of attorney, various medical clauses, something about confidentiality and arbitration… but it was the section at the end, where I signed away my body, mind, and soul that really makes my thighs clench to think about. I signed it, thinking it wouldn’t really matter. Who could enforce a contract like that?

If anyone can, it’s The Lady, and I wouldn’t even think of challenging that now. Back then I was still silly enough to make my way up to her office for my appointment only to threaten her with my sparks. It didn’t work, and looking back on it I’m really glad that it didn’t.

Midnight’s contract seems to go from white, to silver, to dark black pages with silver print. She keeps flipping through the pages, staring down at her signature. The pen, one with purple ink the same color as her gauntlets, lays forgotten on the table. She only has eyes for the contract, for the words, for the colors, and she keeps lifting the pages up and letting them fall back down to see the ways the color shifts and just how many times she’s surrendered parts of herself.

Watching her sends shudders down my spine. Every time she looks through it again, her posture gets a little bit more slouched. She’s wearing a black version of the same bodysuit that I am, and maybe it’s just me but I swear her nipples are getting a little more prominent each time she finishes a cycle. Her breathing gets a little quicker. Each moan she makes is a little… weaker.

I was out of it doing that for a long time, and the only thing that set me free was an appointment with The Lady. If Midnight doesn’t have one soon she could just be like this for a long time.

“Mind… body… soul…” Midnight whispers under her breath, chanting it quietly like a mantra. It’s hard to hear, even as I inch closer. “Mind… body… soul…” It gets a little louder with each repetition. Her full, pale lips shake a little harder. She’s so small, and without her hood something about her short red hair makes her look young and vulnerable. It’s messy, but that isn’t why. “Mind… body… soul…!” The words all start to become moans, and I clench my thighs together tighter as she starts rubbing hers together.

I don’t remember chanting when I read through my contract, but that could mean anything from the contract changing, to my memory not being the most reliable where mind control is involved. There’s probably as much that I don’t remember as do remember in this building, not even counting things that I don’t remember the way they really happened.

Reality and memory are such flexible concepts.

“Mind…! Body…! Ssssssoul!” Midnight practically howls, swallowing each word down with a tight shuddering clench of her thighs. It’s so sexy to watch, even if it feels a little like I shouldn’t be here. This is official business. It isn’t a recruiter getting feisty.

Some of the girls who aren’t recruiters get feisty, too, but a lot less successfully. There was a super strong girl who tried to pin me to the wall, but when I sparked up the knee she shoved between her legs she melted like a wanton little slut—which didn’t feel like an inaccurate description of her a few minutes later. She was fun, if a little bit crude.

“Mind!” Midnight grasps the table, and I bite my lip hard as I watch her. “B-b-bodd-bodd-yyyyy…!” She’s shaking so had there’s no way to describe how she’s managing to both so serenely flip through the pages at the same time as she bucks and grinds and trembles against things that are only inside of her mind. That’s really the most important place. I can taste how close she is in the air. Her smell is so strong I can’t help but hood my eyes and rub my thighs together. “S-sooooooooul!”

She throws her head back, staring wide eyed at the ceiling as her thighs spread as far apart as she can manage. Her arms drop limp to her sides as she shudders and trembles. Her ass clenches tight. Her screams grow so loud and sharp until the sound cuts out altogether.

Around her the air grows almost impenetrably dark. I fight the urge to hold out a hand and make a spark shine some of the darkness away, just watching her in as much silence as I can instead. It’s impossible to not let out low whimpers and moans as her thighs begin to try pushing together, her hips grinding up from the chair. What could she be feeling in her mind? What could be there for her that no one else can see?

The Lady knows, or at least she knows what seed of an idea made it exist. I mewl a little louder and bite my lip to silence it. My panties are beyond drenched.

“I… I… I am company property!” Midnight screams, her hands lifting themselves up to cup and squeeze at her own breasts. Her hands aren’t big enough to hold them, and it just makes my thighs clench that much harder. “I belong to Jesse Colloten! I am The Lady’s shadow puppet! I must obey! I cannot resist! Jesse Colloten ownsss meee!” She hisses and groans, bucking her hips harder as her hands squeeze tighter at her breasts. The shadow around her thickens, starting to obscure her.

Just before I can hold out my hand and give in to temptation (I’m not about to stand here only able to hear her cumming her brains out) the shadows around her is all drawn to right in front of her crotch. It looks impossibly dense and thick as it swirls and twists in the air. I’ve never seen darkness look so solid before. It looks as physical as the chair she’s sitting on.

It makes me think of some of the things my shadow kitty can do, but a lot rawer.

“I am company property! I belong to Jesse Colloten!” The shadow stretches out, thrusting itself between her legs and somehow right through the bodysuit. I guess shadow isn’t really solid after all, so that makes some sense. “I am The Lady’s shadow p-p-puppetttt fuuuuck!”

Her hips were bucking before, but not like this. Things the mind makes can be more intense than reality, but this, this is something else. She’s fucking herself with some kind of shadow tentacle. It might not be physical. If it is then it can move right through her clothing like nothing. It’s dripping, slick and wet. She must be even more drenched than I am. I bite my lip and move a closer to get a better look.

She doesn’t even react when I’m standing right over her. She’s so pale, and it just makes her red hair look more vibrant and the bodysuit look so much darker. It yields to her hands mauling at her own breasts while still squeezing them so tight.

It takes a considerable amount of willpower to resist reaching down to join her hands with mine, or to help out that tentacle. Her pleasured whines and her harsh breathing make parts of me tremble so hard that I can barely hold onto. The thing between her legs is so impossibly dark, and somehow that makes it glisten even wetter than it should be able to be. She screams, her blank, empty brown eyes staring up at the ceiling. Whatever was put in her mind it was shoved so incredibly deep…!

Between The Lady’s hypnosis, some of my sparks, and the treatments that Windy gives each of us new recruits Midnight is already so much a part of this place. The Lady’s will is already a part of her mind. In such an important way the two of us are already something more than just acquaintances. A part of me wants to call us sisters, but that doesn’t sound quite right.

You’re usually not supposed to want to fuck your sister, for one.

“I must o-o-obeeeeey! I can-n-n-not resist!” Midnight groans, every breath so harsh and strained s she wriggles and shakes. She squeezes tight at her chest, legs moving to try clamping around the shadow that only keeps moving faster. My shadow kitty has never done anything like this, but I’ve never asked her to. Maybe I should try sometime. It’s obvious this feels really, really good. “Jesse Collotennnn… Owns… owns… meeeee!”

She cums, probably again, and the shadow pulls itself inside of her. It disappears between her legs, but I can hear the wet slick sounds of something moving inside of her pussy. It’s such a loud, overpoweringly hot sound and I can’t imagine hearing anything that sounds nearly as wet and wrong and good. I’m so glad that I recruited her.

The sounds between her legs grow so much more intense, and when she yowls it sounds like she’s struggling to form words but she can’t make her voice not be consumed with raw, animal lust. If it was an attempt at a name, it’s probably The Lady’s. If it’s a word, it’s probably something that means obey.

At least that’s what my clit says as it throbs away between my legs. I reach a hand down and feel along the thigh of my suit. It would be so easy to just move a little closer to her, place my hands on either side of Midnight’s head, and melt her just for me. It wouldn’t undermine The Lady’s control. If anything, I could push it in deeper. I’m Her recruiter, after all. She sends me to fetch women, soften them up, and then offer them up to Her to claim.

Making Midnightress more Hers is part of my job description, even if it isn’t public facing. Internal documentation always has the most juicy bits. So much about Midnight is juicy.

I lick my lips, and move to stand behind her chair. My hands fall onto her shoulders, and I start to squeeze. She mewls in confusion. Her eyes meet mine and stare up at me so very dazed and lost. There’s no programming in the contract to deal with interruptions afterwards. If something tried to interrupt it, maybe, but I wasn’t particularly interested in getting involved until she stopped reacting to whatever it put inside of her head.

Maybe that’s hidden away inside of my head. There’s so much of Her control inside of me. If I close my eyes sometimes it feels like I’m just swimming in The Lady’s words. They bind and keep all of the parts of my mind together. The Lady’s control is what keeps me whole.

“Don’t worry, Midnight. I’m not here to hurt you… I’m just here to talk.” I press my lips between her eyes, and let them glow just enough to make her shake and groan for the whole time our skin touches. Even when I whisper against her skin I let my lips stay sparking, making her writhe and clench and groan. “We met last night, remember? I’m Silver. I’m the woman who saved you from that MA bitch…”

“S-saved meee… yess… remember…!” She’s still so deep in whatever the contract has plunged into her. There are no more of those wet sounds from between her legs, so whatever power that is? Probably gone, or done. “Thank… youuuu…!” I kiss her forehead and giggle. “Appreciate it…”

Most women aren’t terribly vocal, but I have heard that Midnight is another heroine like me who has a bit of a mouth on her. Running your mouth is a pretty good way to keep people distracted, to taunt, to keep some part of you externally active while your mind races to try figuring out what to do. It becomes a part of you, so there’s really no quieting it just by taking a woman down into an obedient trance. All that does by itself is open a woman up.

She’s so open. I can look into her eyes and see all of the places I could whisper a word and contort her to suit whatever whim of mine or The Lady’s that might come to mind. She called herself a shadow puppet. I could rub those words in deeper until every time she came they were there.

Instead I kiss her forehead, without even letting my lips sparkle. “You’re welcome, Midnight… I didn’t want them to take you away. They’re bad people, you know. They hurt people. I don’t know what they’ve been up to, but I know that it can’t be terribly good… Do you know, Midnight? Do you know what they had in mind for you?”

“N-nnooo… Been trying to figure it out… Hasn’t worked…” She groans with a pitiful apologetic tone to her voice. “Virtue could figure it out… Heart would probably find out by accident…”

“Virtue… I don’t think I’ve heard of her.” I really am a little bit out of the loop about what goes on in most of the outside world. This is my home. When I leave, most of the time The Lady lets me know all that I need to know about the area of the city I’m going to visit. That’s always been more than enough information to deal with anything that’s come up. It helps that I was already pretty familiar with the city. It would probably be easier to get around if I could fly, but at least I know where all of the accessible fire escapes are. “Heart? I don’t think I know her.”

Midnight moans, taking a slow deep breath before replying. I can almost feel the facts sliding into place inside of her mind. I’ve been in the same exact state she’s in right now: so completely helpless and open that your mind is working but it isn’t thinking. It isn’t moving under your own power. It’s doing what someone else has commanded.

Nothing feels quite like it. Nothing else feel so freeing. There’s no chance to do anything but let your mind move in the way its directed, finding the words, wrapping them up, and then passing them right along.

Just feeling the right words fall into place has to feel so sexy to her, like her clit is being stroked every moment she’s finding just what she needs to say. It has to feel like she’s surrendering herself over all over again by not just saying it, not just giving the concept of herself, but using herself for someone else. There’s nothing quite like mindless obedience. Nothing is quite so overpowering.

“Virtue… She’s goody-goody even for a superhero… Dresses in red and white, uses a couple of swords… Moves around weird, but fast. Kinda churchy, naive, but tough… Thinks she’s some kind of knight or something… cute, but oblivious. Takes herself way too seriously…

“Heart of Gold… She’s some kinda bullshit magical trouble magnet… Gets all kinds of phone calls that should go to other numbers. Way too much power… Virtue used her power to scry once and find Voltair and Neura when they hit the bank over in Palgrave…” Midnight groans, squirming and shifting up as though trying to push herself into my lips again.

She’s so out of it, but she still wants me. She still wants more. That probably shouldn’t thrill me anywhere near as much as it does.

I’ve heard of Voltair and Neura before at least. Voltair is a waif of a villain who uses her electrical powers to create a ball of it that blasts whenever she does. According to the rumors she tends to talk to it and pets it when she does. Neura is a telepath that likes to play around with people’s realities. Together I imagine they were pretty tricky for just the three of them to take out. I must have not been watching the news that night. Keeping vaguely informed isn’t bad, but it’s a lot less exciting than fucking another agent of Chronos.

Heart of Gold and Virtue sound like people I should probably bring to The Lady’s attention if she isn’t already aware of them. We’re always on the lookout for new talent, and if Midnight thinks they could be useful in figuring out what MA is planning then that makes them especially valuable right now.

I press my lips harder into Midnightress, and give her a little more of a taste of bright warm silver. She groans, her mouth twisting up in the prettiest way. Inside of her doesn’t feel quite like it did yesterday. There’s something inside of her, a lot of something inside of her. It doesn’t feel bad though. She did mention something about Lightbinder messing with her powers. That weird dark… opening inside of her is probably that.

My shadow kitty’s powers feel different inside of her, but she also has them in part because she’s covered with magical tattoos. I really should ask her more about them sometime. There really is a lot more about her that I could stand to know.

“Interesting…! Thank you, Midnight. I appreciate you being so… open with me.” I press my sparked lips to hers, and she kisses back just as eagerly as her hips bucked before. It’s enough to make my eyes cross behind their lids. We moan against each other’s lips, and I let my hands slide down from her shoulders to stroke over her chest. It feels so good to feel and squeeze through the bodysuit. I could command her to remove it with barely any effort. I could make her do anything I wanted.

I’m really not just any employee of Chronos, even if I’m just as obedient to the woman on the top floor. I’m one of the women who gets to decide who thinks when She isn’t using them. I’m one of the women who brings Her new women to control.

Windy’s words are really doing a number on my head, and that’s not including the ones The Lady put there.

“Mmmm w-welcome…” Midnight groans out after I break the kiss. Her nipples feel so hard under the bodysuit. She’s not the toughest woman I’ve ever felt. Her body is softer than mine, but I can feel just how resilient she’s had to be.

“No problem, Midnight…” I press my lips to hers again, quicker, without any of my current. She whines in disappointment. The way that makes me feel is far more unpleasant than it should be able to be.

I slide my hands back up to her shoulders, and push in just a little more of my sparks. She groans, her eyes fluttering as she sinks more heavily into the chair. She’s so completely open to me. She’s so completely helpless for me, or anyone else The Lady doesn’t mind playing with her. If Dust were here, I know the sorts of things she’d be doing with her—or at least I think I do.

Even in the times after Yanta, Dust isn’t really big on letting me remember things. I remember the times Pink gets the upper hand, even if most of the memories are giggles or things that just feel embarrassing. Still, Dust is so… lustful. Direct. I can’t see her teasing.

When Dust gets her hands on someone, she fucks them. She fucks them all night until their heads are stuffed full of dust and they wake up the next morning with their heads still dusty and their bodies covered with black lipstick. Is that what I want? Not the lipstick—I’d try to find a brand with silver that ran too easy if I did that—but the rest. This is confusing me far more than it really should.

I move to straddle Midnight, and slide my hands over her body. She mewls and arches into my touch, her body so warm and yielding under me. I nuzzle into her shoulder, kissing and suckling at her neck. She tastes so good, and when I inhale her scent it makes me so dizzy with how hot it feels. She’s so pretty and soft. I want to feel her everywhere, just feel her.

She’s here because I saved her from that MA security woman. Every moment of my breasts squishing into hers is because I saved her. We moan together as I savor how delicious it feels to grind my smaller breasts into hers. I’m not flat, but hers are just so big and perky and fun to feel even if we’re both still clothed. It would probably feel even better without everything in the way. I really did come here just to talk to her. I wanted to hear about what she thought was going on. I wanted to get to know her.

Not having friends here would be rough. Living here with my shadow kitty, with windy, with Dust, with Pink… I guess I don’t know too many of the other women here very well, even most of the ones that I’ve recruited. When I’m sent to grab a woman up, I do. My sparks sizzle and melt away their minds and then back here we solidify them in obedience to Her.

Maybe I should really be making more of an effort to connect. I’m still a heroine—I still patrol the city—but this is becoming more and more where I actually belong. This is where I come back to every night.

I nibble Midnight’s ear and tug, sparking my lips so her whine gets a little higher pitched in the absolutely most perfect little way. “What do you want, Midnight? Right now, what is it that you really, really want?” It isn’t what Windy was talking about, but it’s what everything is telling me to do. The more I rub my breasts into hers, the more I grind my hips into her body, the more I want to know what it’s making her ache for and crave. Every little moment we move like this together, with her helpless, pitiful mewls, the more that I want to find some way to make her shudder like no one else ever has.

For me, but for The Lady, too. I’m a recruiter. That means that in a way, everything that I do is an extension of her. I’m another set of her hands. My powers are hers to use however she wants them to be used.

My burning, aching lust is just another tool for Her to use to control me.

“I… I want…” Midnight moans, her voice trembling as she squirms and rubs herself against me. She’s just as caught up in this as I am. “I want to…”

“It’s okay, Midnight…” I kiss slowly along her neck, suckling, pressing my chest tighter against her’s. She groans and whines, sounding so uncertain. “Whatever it is…” I give her another sparked kiss, and then another, letting her shy mewls tell me just how much she needs to smooth out a bit. “I want to know.” She’s small, and I can tell she’s younger than me, but she’s still a woman. She’s probably older than me in some ways. There’s no doubt that she hasn’t gone through a lot.

If I had a dossier for her like I had on Silhouette, or Floret, or the forest spirit, or Kaze… I’d know. I’d know so much more about her and I could just use that to understand what she has to say. Without that, all that I can do is struggle to try to understand her with words.

I’ve learned some of the techniques The Lady uses, I’ve helped her use them on subjects that sparks weren’t enough or too direct. I know how to relate to people, to try to figure things out, but I usually don’t need to. It’s a weird thing to realize, but I haven’t really interacted with many people in this building that I haven’t already known so much about, or at least enough to understand them.

Her eyes flutter, and for a moment I’m almost afraid that she has the most stubborn will that I’ve ever seen in my life. Instead, she lets out a long, slow groan and manages a whisper I can only barely hear with my ear practically flush with her lips. “I want to feel… s-safe… calm… l-like things used to feel…”

All of my protective instincts flare up at once. Whatever was done to her, Midnight needs someone to look after her now. She needs someone to keep her safe. I don’t know what I’ll do beyond that, but I don’t think I’m going to let Dust just have her.

Midnight is mine to protect.

I melt my lips back into hers, holding her cheeks. I rub my thumbs in little sparking spirals over them, savoring how smooth her skin feels. She’s so warm and feeling her against me is so lovely. Even if I can’t feel all of the things she’s endured and the ways those things have made her so good at enduring, I can feel that vulnerable soft need to just be held underneath everything. She groans under me, moving less and less as I let my silver melt into her.

“We’re going to go lie down over on your bed together… and I’m just going to hold you, okay? I don’t know how things used to feel for you, but I can try to give you… something new that’s just as good. I can try to make things better. I can keep you safe.” I stand up, and take her hands in mine. Helping her stand is tricky, but she’s not half bad at just leaning into me.

She mutters a response, but it’s too quiet to hear. It hurts a little to miss something she’s saying when she’s being so expressive, honest, vulnerable, but getting her someplace comfier feels important. Just giving her some genuine affection feels important.

Once she can feel like things aren’t going to be like they have been? Then I can fuck her brains out. Then I can see what kinds of fun we can have together. Who knows what kinds of fun we can have with that power of hers. Shadow tentacles? That’s definitely an interesting trick. It’s definitely something that I’m going to ask her to teach my kitty.

When we get to her bed I lift her up, carefully, and slide behind her. She mewls as I stroke her hair with the hand that would be squished awkwardly underneath her as the other one pulls her back against me as tight as I can. As much as I’d like to really savor lifting and squeezing at her chest, or sliding one of my knees up between hers, I really just want to hold her right now. I really just want her to feel that, to get what she wants.

Maybe it isn’t me embracing my inner dominant or whatever it was that Windy was trying to get at, but maybe that isn’t something that I need to do all of the time. Maybe right now what I need to do is be supportive and take care of someone hurting in a way that feels familiar. I don’t really want to think about why it feels familiar, but it does.

Chronos can give both of us what we need. If we give Chronos everything that it needs, it can have all of the friends and family that we could ever want. The Lady takes care of everything and everyone inside of this building.

I kiss the side of Midnight’s head, stroking some hair gently out of her face. “Just relax and let me take care of you for a little while, okay? I’ll take care of everything, you’ll see. All that you’ll have to do is just… enjoy yourself. Just feel nice and warm and taken care of. You can just drift, carefree and relaxed and mindless. Later we’ll need to do things, move, but… Right now, there’s no expectations waiting for you. It’s just you, and me.” My lips melt into her ear. “I promise.”

The tension was already gone from her body, but I can feel something deeper loosen up. Physical and emotional tension are different. It’s possible to be mindless and helpless and not feel happy or safe. I don’t know if it’s something that can be recognized unless you have a lot of experienced feeling empty and mindless but I know that I recognize it pretty easily now.

I hold her as tight as her can, and whisper every last soothing thing that I can think of right into her ear between sparked and ordinary kisses. She squirms in place, but for the most part just stays limp with sweet little happy sounds dripping from her lips in turn. All of my doubts that this isn’t what I should be doing are suddenly so much further away. Maybe it’s silly to be this attached to someone that I just met, but for some reason it’s hard to not feel some sort of kinship with a lonely girl who just wants to be warm and savored.

No reason that I’d be able to empathize with any of that. I was never a scared lonely girl trying to understand how to be a super heroine in a new scary big city the moment I turned eighteen because I felt like if I didn’t run away from everything I knew I would be stuck there forever. No way did I sever ties with what little family I had to try to understand myself better while also making the world a better place.

No way did I ever hope that the parent I never met would turn out to be some great superhero who would teach me how to use all of my powers like I never dreamed. They’d show me all sorts of things that I never understood and I’d be the woman who saved Midas again and again.

Tears burn in my eyes, so I burrow my face into Midnight’s shoulder, kissing the base of her neck. She mewls, faintly shifting against me. Hopefully she can’t feel my tears. They’re a little bit too distracting to be sure that none of them will end up making her skin wet sooner or later, and I don’t want to pull her away and make either of us feel alone. We both need this, or at least that’s how it feels to me.

Chronos gave me all of what I came to Midas City to find, even if it wasn’t in the way I hoped and it took me five years to find them. The Lady might not be the reason I have these sparks, but she’s taught me more about them than my mother ever could.

Susan just wanted to try to force me to be normal. Go to school. I was never any good at school. I had something special. I wanted to use it. If I felt like she’d supported me at all I wouldn’t have left Coredelia, and I never would have found Chronos, so I’m glad that happened, but… that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still sting. I kiss more between Midnight’s neck and shoulder, savoring every little warm happy sound as I try to not shake with familiar feelings resurfacing that I’d somehow managed to hide from even when my mind was being stitched back together.

When Midnight wakes up, we can talk, then… I guess I’ll talk to The Lady about Virtue and Heart of Gold. For now, I really don’t have anything to do but wallow in old memories. Well, I do have something else, but sparking myself when I’m trying to take care of Midnightress feels selfish in a way I’m not willing to let myself be.

The Lady never just started hypnotizing herself when she was stitching my mind back together. I can keep it together for Midnight. It’s really such a small thing that I can do.

My luck, she won’t even remember… All of this could just be for nothing when she comes to not even remembering last night. It would make sense. It was such a stressful time that everything besides The Lady could slip her mind entirely. That doesn’t really seem possible, but right now it’s easier than it should be to be a little harsh on myself, and instead of fighting it I just squeeze Midnight tighter.

I’m glad for her sake that I convinced The Lady to let me go out patrolling again. If nothing else, it was worth it for her.

* * *