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Author’s note: Thanks all for the previous feedback and encouragement. Pt. 2 ran a little long, but just establishing things for pt 3. ;—) .—Rikimaru

In Heat


Tiffany sat upstairs in her bedroom, in a pointless attempt to do some research. Sitting at her desk, she could only think about two things: the crazy events that had occurred earlier in the day, and how unbelievably horny she still was.

After the episode with John in the bathroom, she’d gained some control over herself and gone back to class. She had been still been aroused, but the feeling had lessened to an annoying distraction rather than an urgent need. Still, Tiffany paid very little attention in class for the rest of the day, as she reflected shamefully on what had happened.

It was horrible. While John was certainly to blame for giving her those drugs that had turned her on so powerfully, she had only herself to blame for everything that followed. The way she had dragged him into the bathroom, pulled his pants down, teasing him... It had practically been an open invitation to screw her. John, some guy she hardly even knew, had barely spoken to ever. What was I thinking?? Tiffany thought to herself. She’d never let her own body hijack her mind that way ever again. Or so she thought.

After math class, the majority of which she’d missed, came history, and it was during then that she felt the heat beginning to build up again inside of her. Oh no, she thought desperately. Not again... She spent those fifty minutes not learning a thing in class and pretending to ignore her raging hormones.

By the time she was in biology, last class of the day, Tiffany was in the same state she had been in math class, more turned on than ever. How could she be feeling this way again, already, when just a two classes ago she had been in the bathroom… with John… doing things…

She tried again to fight against it, telling herself that her mind was stronger, her willpower tougher. She struggled to summon those feelings of shame and weakness she had felt after coming back from the bathroom, but when she thought again about suggestively teasing a practical stranger, getting him so fired up that it made him take her from behind, pushed up against the bathroom sink, without her consent or permission… Tiffany found it hard to feel the same way as she had an hour ago. Thinking of how dirty and nasty she had acted just made her feel hotter...

I can’t let this control me, she thought. She was an honor roll student for goodness sake, not some mindless animal, giving in to her urges. She was the goody two shoes girl with the steady boyfriend, who could be just like the other skanks but was better than that. She wouldn’t give in to the drugs, wouldn’t let her own body betray her.

Incredibly, Tiffany’s resolve held up through the rest of class, and she dashed out the second the bell rang. First weaving through the hallway as it filled with students coming out of their classes, she began to simply shove people out of the way without preamble, as she made her way to the exit, ignoring the dirty looks and angry remarks. She needed to get home, so she could… take care of this insistent need. Without doing anything stupid again.

“Where are you going, Tiffany?”

Tiffany had just reached the door to the school parking lot, when she turned to see who had called her. It was Denise, head cheerleader, wearing the same sleeveless white cheerleader’s outfit as she was, standing with her hands on her hips and a pissed off look on her face.

When Tiffany thought of those boy-chasing skanks, Denise was probably one of the first to come to mind. The most popular girl in school, a flock of other girls were constantly surrounding her, showering her with fake compliments and flattery, a legion of boys drooling over her, and occasionally—if they were cute enough and popular enough—scoring off of her. Tiffany had tried to befriend her too, as she did everyone as a rule of course, and it hadn’t worked out very well, probably because Tiffany didn’t how to play all the catty games that the other girls did. And she supposed she had heard that she was simply just too pretty and therefore threatening to be Denise’s friend. She suspected that Denise was the one who had gone around telling everyone about her and Richard’s problems, which Tiffany had foolishly shared with her in an attempt to become closer.

Tiffany didn’t know what she would have to be threatened about. Skank or not, Denise was undeniably a beautiful girl, and although Tiffany hated to admit it, she had to agree with the boys’ cafeteria talk that the two of them looked alike, could even pass as sisters. Though Denise’s highlighted hair was a dark brown, they shared the same blue eyes and tall, slim build. Denise might not fill out the front of her cheerleader’s blouse as fully as Tiffany did but it was certainly enough for the boys to gawk at and, unlike Tiffany, she wasn’t constantly pulling down at the hem of her skirt but rather showed off her long toned legs without modesty.


Tiffany realized she had been simply staring at Denise’s slim tan thighs, barely covered by the white skirt, not saying anything at all. Was I just checking her out? She thought. Appalled, she shook her head and responded jumpily.

“Denise! Uh... I was just heading home. I.. I’ve got a big midterm I need to really—”

“Maybe you’ve forgotten you have more important things than midterms going on? Hello?”

Denise waved a hand across herself, displaying her taut figure in the skimpy, tight fitting outfit. The football game. She’d completely forgotten she was supposed to cheer tonight.

“Oh, the game! I totally forgot. I’m sorry, but I really can’t... I really need to do well on this exam...”

“What?!” Denise was outraged.

“Sorry..! I’ll have to make it up to the team!” Giving Denise’s lithe body one more up and down lingering look before turning away, Tiffany rushed out the door without waiting for her reply. She really, really needed to get home…

She heard Denise exclaiming just as the door shut behind her.

“What a geeky, frigid loser!”

Whatever, Tiffany thought, jumping into her car. Just because I’m not some easy slut like you…

She fingered herself the entire car ride home.

She had gotten home, and run straight upstairs to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her, even though both her parents wouldn’t be back home for another few hours. Throwing her book bag on the floor, she flung herself backwards onto her bed, her long blonde hair splaying out behind her, her hand immediately going back down under her skirt, sliding her fingers deep inside.

“Oh fuck yes...”

Finally alone, she abandoned herself totally to the pleasure, rubbing her clit, plunging her fingers in and out of herself frantically, her other hand going up under her blouse, massaging her own tits, twisting her nipples. Moaning, she pulled her fingers out of her dripping wet pussy, putting them up to her mouth and sucking on them hard, only to put them back between her legs to continue fucking herself.


Tiffany came hard, her back arched, hips high in the air, her head thrown back. Finally. She had needed to cum so badly.

She relaxed on the bed, pulling her hand out from beneath her blouse and running it through her long blond hair. But her other hand stayed under her skirt, still slowly rubbing her slit. The need less urgent now, she luxuriated in bed, continuing to slowly stroke herself as she continued running her other hand through her hair, caressing her face, running her fingertips across her luscious lips.

She sighed as she stretched her long tan legs in the air, toes pointed at the ceiling, before spreading them wide, while leisurely stroking herself, letting out little whimpers of pleasure.

Soon she felt the climax building up inside of her again and she began fingering herself with increasing intensity.

“Unnhhh... Gonna cum again,” Tiffany whispered.

“Almost there... ohhhh... yea...”

She was fucking herself hard and fast now, thrashing on the bed, hips pumping greedily.

“Uhhh... Oh fuck... Oh fuck...


The orgasm shot through her, and she let it wash over her, bucking her hips, cumming again and again. Finally, she slowed again, drawing her fingers out of her quivering pussy, sucking on them again.


Tiffany stayed there in bed for a long time.

Hours later, the front door slammed shut, and she got up hurriedly, pulling her skirt back down, smoothing her outfit and quickly trying to fix her tousled hair.

She had said hello to her parents, bolted down dinner, and gone straight back up to her room, saying she needed to get her homework done. Her parents did not question anything at all as this was perfectly typical of their studious, high achiever.

And now, here she was, back at her room, sitting at her desk in front of the computer. During dinner she’d felt reasonably clear headed, having satisfied herself a half dozen times until her parents came in, and she’d realized she still had no idea what John had given her. So she had run back upstairs, sat in front of the computer, searching the web.

After ten minutes of sifting through page after page of shady looking websites advertising pheremones promising to attract supermodels, she’d gotten frustrated. Ten minutes after that, she’d realized it wasn’t just the fruitless internet search, she was also getting sexually frustated. By the time she’d been on the computer for half an hour, she had switched to looking at porn online, masturbating in her chair.

This is ridiculous, Tiffany thought to herself. She couldn’t go on this way, constantly needing to get off every few hours.

She needed to get on top of the situation. Talking to her parents would be way too embarassing. The police? That seemed a little drastic. Maybe she should go to a doctor...

Ultimately, it came down to that creep John. She needed to find out what he had given her, hold him accountable, and then get herself cured. It was his parents she’d talk to, right now. She was still feeling turned on, but not overwhelmingly so at the moment. She grabbed her bookbag off the floor and headed out the door, yelling to her parents that she was off to the library. Under normal circumstances, that would have been true too.

As she walked down the street to where she knew John’s family lived, her cell phone rang. It was her boyfriend.

“Hi, Richard.”

“Hey babe, what’s up?”

Tiffany could barely hear him, as there was loud music playing and people talking and laughing in the background.

“Um, do you mind to go somewhere a little quieter?”

“Huh? Can’t hear you, babe...”

“Can you go somewhere QUIETER,” she repeatedly, loudly. “So you can actually hear when YOU call ME?”

“Geez, chill out... I’m just calling to say hi...” Tiffany could hear him saying something to someone else in the room, followed by more laughter.

“All right well I’m going to the library to study, so I need to get going.” she said, annoyed.

“Sure, babe,” Richard said flippantly. “Have fun.”

He hung up without even saying goodbye.

Really perfect day, Tiffany thought bitterly, as she walked up to John’s house. She pounded hard on the door, not bothering to use the doorbell. It was John who answered the door.

“Tiffany!” he exclaimed, shocked. “Err... what’re you doing here?”

“Where’re your parents?” she asked, disregarding him completely. “I want to talk to them. I’m sure you’d know why.”

“They’re not home,” he answered, cringing as though he hated having to give that answer.

“Shit!” She kicked the side of the house furiously. Of course they weren’t home. Why should ANYTHING go right today? She unleashed her wrath at John.

“What was it?? What did you give me?” She jabbed him in the chest. John was looking around, seeing if the neighbors were being disturbed by all the yelling. “I’ll stand here all night til your parents get home!”

“I’m sorry! Can you just come inside and wait for them? I wanted to talk to you anyway...”

Glaring at him, Tiffany shoved past him and stomped inside, then flounced down on the living room couch with her arms crossed. She realized she still hadn’t changed out of her cheerleading outfit and crossed her legs, ignoring the small rush she felt by her thighs rubbing together. John stood in the middle of the room uncertainly.

“When will they be home?” she demanded.

“Well... my dad always works real late and my mom just left for her book club so it could awhile...”

Tiffamy let out a huff of frustration.

“Tiffany...” John pleaded. “I just wanted say I’m sorry.”


“Um... well everything of course. But especially what happened in the bathroom. That was totally unlike me.”

“Uh huh.” She could care less how sorry he was. But he continued on.

“Well... I think you should be ok by tomorrow. The instructions said it only lasts up to 12 hours.”

This was more of interest to Tiffany. “Where’s the package? Let me see!”

She followed him upstairs to his bedroom, where he pulled a cardboard box out of the waste basket. She was disappointed to see that it was totally unmarked, with small empty glass vials inside and a poorly photocopied set of instructions.

“This stuff is crap!” she exclaimed, flinging the box back into the waste basket.

“Well no, I don’t think it is,” John said slowly. “Like I said, that wasn’t like me today.”


“Well, you’re supposed to spray pheremones on yourself. And then people are attracted to you, right?”

“Right, right,” she said impatiently. She felt irritable, and it seemed very warm up in here in John’s room.

“Ok so, you know you ingested it instead. A mixture of them, in fact. And obviously you had some kind of reaction...” He looked flustered here but continued. “And so... I think you’re now emitting some pheremones of your own, see? I just felt so unbelievably horny around you.

...and I can sort of feel it coming on again now, since you got here.” he finished embarrassedly.

Tiffany was only half paying attention. She felt so warm... but something about what he said irritated her for some reason. Not the part about him experimentally drugging her but—“So you’re saying you only got turned on because I’m emitting pheremones?” Tiffany demanded. She wasn’t sure why it should bother her so much, but she was very offended by this. It was hard to think straight up here in the stifling heat.

“Well… yea, I think so. Not that you’re not… you know…”

“You’re sure..?” she said, more quietly. “You sure it was just the chemicals?”

She stepped towards him and turned around, bending over slightly with her back arched, looking over her shoulder at him.

“Maybe it was just my hot little ass...”

She turned and faced him again, standing close. She took her hands and pushed her large breasts together and up, so that they were nearly spilling out of her outfit.

“Maybe it’s these big, sexy tits that did it...”

John stood there for a few moments, eyes wide, trembling slightly. Then he pushed her backwards onto the bed, climbing on top of her, and kissed her. She immediately responded, kissing him back hard, mouth open.

Oh no, she thought. I’m doing it again... acting like a slutty bitch in heat. They were making out, him on top, feeling her up all over, lying between her legs dry humping against her wet panties.

She broke her mouth away from his, turned her head, gasping, and he immediately began kissing her neck.

“No...” she panted. “Not again...

She reached down to push him away, but instead found herself rubbing his erection through his jeans, then unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down. Tiffany’s body was on auto pilot, humping him back, feeling him everywhere, but still her mind attempted to resist.

“No... Get off of me...”

And then John stopped. He didn’t get off but instead stayed over her, holding himself up with his arms planted on either side of her, not moving. His cock was still pressed up against her panties, rubbing her clit maddeningly through the thin layer of damp fabric. He merely held still, looking at her breathing hard, with her blond tousled hair, skirt hiked up up around her taut waist.

“You wanted me to stop, right?”

He was smiling. In that instant, Tiffany knew that whatever he said about the pheromones wasn’t the whole truth. Part of him was just a cruel, sick bastard. He knew how bad she wanted it and it wasn’t enough for him to get to have sex with her. She had to be humiliated, had to ask for it.

But she knew how to outsmart him...

“Fuck you, John,” she said, coolly. “I’m not going to beg for shit.”

She pulled her panties to the side, grabbed him by his shaft and shoved him inside of herself.

“Ohhhh fuck...” Tiffany moaned. Yea, she had showed him. She could get fucked anytime she wanted and she didn’t need to ask for anything.

John immediately began thrusting into her hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck holding him close, whispering fiercely in his ear.

“Unnhhh... oh yea... I just need some cock...

Just... mmmm... need to fuck... unnhh... just for a little while...”

She reached down and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper inside of her. It was true, Tiffany reflected as she lay there getting pounded, panting and groaning. She really did need to fuck. It wasn’t her fault, it was just those damn drugs. It couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t wrong to give her body what it really needed. If Richard wasn’t there to give it to her, then it wasn’t really cheating. So long as I don’t enjoy it too much, she thought, and John doesn’t, I’m not being a slut.

She rolled over in the bed so she could ride him and be in control, so that things didn’t go too far. Just be rational about it, she told herself as she began to bounce up and down on his shaft. She grabbed her tits and massaged them as she worked her hips, eyes closed, head back, her mouth open, gasping. Ok... no... not too much...

“Wait... wait...”

She opened her eyes and slowed the pace down, riding John slowly. “It’s ok if we fuck... mmmm... but I can’t... unnnhh... cum, ok..?

“And neither can you.”


“Ohhhh... umm... it’s wrong...” Tiffany didn’t stop grinding, couldn’t stop, as she spoke breathlessly. “I’ll... mmm, shit... um, i’ll jerk you off or something... unnnngh... ok?”

“Uh huh.” John was barely listening. He had his hands on her big, bouncing tits as she rode him.

“Ok good...” she said, closing her eyes again. “So fucking good....”

Just don’t cum, she told herself. You’re not a slut unless you get off on it. Don’t let him cum inside you like a dirty whore... As she focused her thoughts on this, she barely noticed that she was starting to move her hips faster again. She could feel John’s cock pressing against her clit as it slid in and out of her tight, wet pussy and she was grinding her hips harder and harder against him beneath her. She leaned over as she fucked him, her mammoth tits right in his face, and he licked and sucked on them, making her moan.

Neither of them spoke, both panting and grunting, thrashing in bed, building to a climax. John was thrusting into her from underneath, sucking hard on one of her tits, arms around her shoulders, pulling on her hair. She felt his dick grow rock hard inside of her.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.

“Unnnnh! No..! Ohhhh fuck!” Tiffany protested, while she continued mindlessly fucking John frantically. “Mmmm! Don’t... don’t cum in my hot little snatch.... mmmm.... it’s gonna make me cum too… like a whore... unhhh… like a dirty, fucking whore...”

She could feel her pussy spasming and twitching as she furiously rode his cock, knew that he was seconds away from shooting his load inside of her, but no matter what she said, what she thought, it didn’t matter. She wanted it and she couldn’t stop now, she needed to cum so badly.

“Give to me, John. Come on, baby, fucking give it to me…”

John pulled on her hair hard, and with a sudden gasp, stiffened with a hard thrust deep inside of her, and she felt his hot cum jetting inside her. The feeling of his throbbing cock pulsing deep in her pussy, the thought of his thick, sticky ropes of cum splashing her insides sent her over the edge, and she came hard, crying out, her pussy gushing, still bucking on top of him as she rode the orgasm.

“Oh fuck.” Tiffany whispered, gasping for breath, finally slowing down. “Fuck…”

She slid off of him, standing on unsteady legs. John was still lying on the bed, catching his breath and pulling his pants back up. She had done it again, let herself get fucked by this guy who had drugged her in the first place, cheated on her boyfriend twice in one day. Gave in to her urges like a horny little nympho. Begged for his cum like a filthy slut. And loved every second of it.

Without another word, she picked up her book bag and fled down the stairs, out the door, not stopping until she was home, back up alone in her bedroom.

She took a long hot shower, trying not to think of what she had become today, all the shameful things she had done. It didn’t matter, Tiffany thought, as she settled into her own bed, clean and naked. By tomorrow morning, whatever this shit I’ve been given will have worn off. It’ll all be over, and then I can go back to being myself. The comforting idea allowed her to drift off to sleep.

The next morning she slowly awoke to a seductive, lust-filled voice whispering, “Fuck me… oh, yeah, fuck me… give it to me…”

After a few moments, she realized it was her own voice. And her fingers were deep within her own snatch, still dripping wet.

I’m totally fucked, Tiffany thought, as she began to cum again.