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In Heat


A soft buzzing noise continuously filled Denise’s all pink bedroom. Tiffany’s bookbag sat unopened and discarded on the baby pink carpeted floor, next to a pile of both their skimpy outfits. The only thing she was studying was Denise’s hot, supple body, feeling her up as they made out. The bedroom door was shut, which Denise’s parents wouldn’t normally allow when boys were over, but when it was a straight A, honor roll girl from Denise’s cheerleading team visiting to do homework together, they had no objections.

“Godammit, you are so fucking sexy,” Tiffany lusted, feeling up Denise’s firm, large chest. Her lips were parted as they kissed, and she slipped her tongue deep in Denise’s mouth, while running her hands through her thick lustrous hair, their large tits pressed up against each other. She just couldn’t get enough of this hot bitch. The buzzing droned on.

It seemed Denise couldn’t get enough of her either. She had been begging Tiffany to come over and “study” for weeks now. After their little locker room tryst, Tiffany had maintained their new friendship by kissing hello anytime they saw each in passing, always letting her lips linger a second longer than necessary, or brushing up against Denise’s ample chest in the crowded hallways, and the pheromones had done the rest of the work. It didn’t take very long at all for Denise to find a place in Tiffany’s hook up rotation—it was far easier for the two of them to meet up in bathroom for a quick romp session than it was for her and John.

Still, there were still advantages to being outside of school altogether, Tiffany reflected, moaning as Denise slid the shiny black vibrator in and out her tight pussy. She wasn’t at all surprised that a slut like Denise had a collection of sex toys, but only how good it felt thrumming against her clit. She’d been missing out all this time. Denise however was a seasoned pro. She moved down to suck at one of Tiffany’s massive tits, taking the rock hard nipple into her mouth, while expertly working the vibrator in and out of Tiffany’s snatch, which was so sopping wet that Denise’s hand was dripping. Tiffany’s head went back, and she let out a shuddering gasp, twitching as the first orgasm raced through her. As she came down, Denise pulled the toy out and slowly sucked the juices off, swirling her tongue around it while she slid it in and out of her mouth, never taking her seductive icy blue eyes off Tiffany for a moment.

The drugs coursing through Tiffany’s system, which should have dissipated in less than a day’s time, continued to do their work, seeming only to continually intensify in strength week by week. Where Tiffany had once been temporarily sated by getting off, now a good hard cum only made her hornier for the next one. Beyond her own raging desire, she knew too that the pheromones she emitted were also becoming more powerful. Denise and John both were becoming as sexually ravenous as she was whenever they were around her, as Denise was clearly demonstrating this evening.

Hungry for more, and turned on even more so by Denise’s sexy show, Tiffany shoved her backwards onto the bed, climbing on top and straddling her face. She pressed her wet pussy against Denise’s mouth and she immediately responded, kissing and licking Tiffany aggressively between the legs. Something about their previous relationship always made Tiffany forceful with Denise whenever they hooked up, which was become almost a daily occurrence. She supposed it was because Denise had always been a bitch to her before... but Tiffany also got off on using her like a slut, nothing but a hot piece of ass. Revenge was so hot.

Denise didn’t seem to mind, she thought to herself, as she played with her own tits, while grinding her hips into Denise’s face underneath her, letting out quiet little sighs of pleasure. And why would she? Tiffany had some firsthand knowledge herself now about how much fun it was to get used like somebody’s personal fuck toy.

Case in point, Denise was getting into it now, the vibrator sliding between her own legs as she orally pleasured Tiffany. Tiffany could feel Denise’s hot breath against her lower lips as she panted between licks, tonguing her slit faster and faster as she fucked herself to climax beneath her. When Denise came, slobbering against her pussy, Tiffany could feel pleasant vibrations running through her clit from the girl’s muffled moans.

Satisfied herself, Denise reached up and held Tiffany by the waist, to devote herself fully to pleasing her, pulling Tiffany down harder against her eager tongue. Tiffany fell forward on all fours, in complete ecstasy. This slut was so good at eating pussy, she thought. But then as she felt another orgasm building, Denise stopped and slid out from under her.

Behind Tiffany now, Denise reached around and gave her tits a quick feel up, before slipping the vibrating dildo, still dripping with her own cum, into Tiffany’s pussy, already well lubricated with her saliva and Tiffany’s own juices. On her hands and knees, Tiffany began pushing her ass back in rhythm with Denise’s strokes. She was about to tell the lazy bitch to get back down and finish the job with her mouth, when she felt Denise’s hair brush against the back of her neck, then a wet lingering kiss between her shoulder blades. Then another kiss, lower, followed by a sensuous lick at the small of her back. As she continued working the vibrator with an experienced hand, Denise planted a trail of tiny kisses, lower and lower... Tiffany looked back over her shoulder.

“What the fuck are you doing..?” she whispered.

Denise had an indecent, depraved look on her face. She was not smiling. Tiffany could feel her hot, excited breath on her tan, firm ass cheeks now, felt her give one of them a seductive nip, and another kiss she as moved right between them. Their blue eyes met and held each other in a gaze—and then, suddenly, Tiffany felt the tip of Denise tongue circling her asshole. The pleasure was intolerable.

“Oh my fucking god!”

Denise’s tongue swirled around her rim slowly and deliberately, as Tiffany let out little gasps, pressing her face down against the pink bedspread between her arms, her ass high in the air. Just as she felt she couldn’t take the teasing for another second, Denise buried her face in Tiffany’s ass, directly licking her anus, dildo fucking her pussy, as Tiffany wiggled and squirmed with pleasure, pulling away from the pleasure’s intensity, only to push her ass back again an instant later, begging for more.

“Oh yesss... lick my ass... fuck me... ohhh... so nasty...”

When Denise’s tongue slid deep inside Tiffany’s asshole, it was too much. She came immediately, explosively. She felt her face contorted with lust. “Mmmm! You filthy... ass licking... whore... UNNGHH!”

Tiffany arms gave out and she collapsed onto the bed on her stomach, completely overwhelmed, and still Denise stayed between her wide spread legs, kissing, licking, fucking every inch of flesh between them. Tiffany thrashed and moaned like a porn star, twisting in the bed sheets as she writhed, cumming again and again. She lost count of the orgasms by the time Denise finished, laying there twitching, panting like a dog, too spent to even brush the tousled blond hair out of her face. There was a large dark spot on the bed where Tiffany’s cum had gushed out and soaked the covers.

Denise slid up next to her, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, a wicked grin on her face. Tiffany lifted her head up slightly with all the energy she could muster to give her another passionate kiss, sucking on Denise’s tongue in her mouth before sliding hers back into Denise’s.

“That was fucking hot, lover,” Tiffany breathed. “You can lick my ass anytime.”

“I will.” The look on Denise’s face made plain that she meant it.

Soon after, with a contented sigh, Tiffany got out of bed and pulled her clothes on. One thing that hadn’t changed was curfew and it was getting late. She gave Denise, still languidly lying naked in bed, one more drawn out open mouthed kiss on the way out. “Bye, lover,” she said with her hand on the doorknob.

Coming out of the bedroom, she very nearly bowled right into Denise’s father.


“I’m so sorry, young lady,” Denise’s father said. He was attempting to appear as though he were headed to his own bedroom, but Tiffany could tell he’d been listening at the door, straightening up a moment too late after she’d walked out. With a quick glance behind her, she pulled Denise’s bedroom door shut.

“Errr... you must be Tiffany. I don’t believe we’ve met,” he said, awkwardly holding out a hand. One look at him, and Tiffany knew he’d heard everything. His face was flushed, and she could see he had an erection, the outline of it straining against his pants. “I’m Denise’s father, Robert Thompson.”

Tiffany took his extended hand, holding it longer than necessary. He was an older man with dark hair like his daughter, maybe forty something, but actually in somewhat decent shape, and tan, also like Denise. She let her gaze linger on his bulging crotch for a few moments before bringing her blue eyes up to meet his.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. Thompson,” she said very softly. When she let go of his hand, her fingertip brushed against his palm lightly. “Hope to see you again sometime soon.”

Giving him one more up and down look, Tiffany turned and left him standing there in the hallway. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she walked away. That knowledge got her horny all over again, re-igniting the burning heat between her legs as she walked home, thinking about her next visit to Denise’s. Maybe there was a different way to take revenge.