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— Rikimaru

In Heat



It was just like that first day, Tiffany thought. She was in the girls’ bathroom, standing over John seated on the toilet with his pants pulled down, his hands firmly on her trim little waist with her skirt hiked up around it. But things were different now, over a month later. Very different.

“Please... give it to me...”

Unlike that first day, John wasn’t pulling her down onto her lap, but holding her up instead, as her drooling blond pussy hovered inches above his rigid cock. She tried to lower her hips, to no avail—John held her up, an amused smiled on his face.

“Fucking asshole...” She probably called him that more often than she said his name. “You know I need it.”

He let her wet lips brush against the tip of his cock, making her gasp, before pulling her away again. The next time she tried to dip down, she felt his head enter inside, and Tiffany groaned with that small pleasure, mingled with her intense frustration. She was so horny...

Finally, John had had enough of his little game and pulled her right down onto his lap hard.

“Yessssss...” she hissed.

Tiffany didn’t waste a moment, immediately bouncing up and down on top of him without reservation, moving her body against his with total wanton abandon.

Her blouse was unbuttoned, fallen off her shoulders, the hard nipples of her large breasts rubbing against his chest, before John moved to suck on them. Tiffany grunted as she rutted like a wild animal, living only for the pleasure between her legs.

It was more or less the truth. Her every waking moment was fixated on sex. Somewhere deep inside, she knew she was becoming everything she had feared, a mindless, sex crazed nympho, but it was impossible to keep the fading memory of who she had been in the forefront of her mind, when all she could think of was her next orgasm. Morals just didn’t seem that important anymore...

She wasn’t acting so bad anyway, Tiffany thought to herself as she rode John, bucking on top of him, moaning. She hadn’t messed around with anyone else, though there nothing to their relationship whatsoever beyond the physical. Well, there was also Denise, but Tiffany was just using her out of spite and revenge, and she was a girl besides. And a few times with Richard when he’d visited again, in an attempt to get her back. They’d argued, followed by what turned out to be several rounds of heated, angry sex. Not that Tiffany had been upset all, but she had enjoyed pretending to be all the same.

All in all, her old self didn’t have much to complain about. John was giving her what she needed, as the only one who knew about her new, drug-altered sexual addiction, Denise didn’t even have a cock, and what was so bad about getting a little closure with the ex?

Tiffany stopped thinking about it from that point on, as the orgasm drove everything else out of her mind. She grabbed John’s head, holding him close, as he buried his face in her rack, his member sliding in and out of her.

“Mmmm, fuck...”

She slowed the pace as she came down from her climax, but as good as it felt, she only wanted more, needed to cum again. Barely a minute passed before she was sinuously grinding again, hard and fast as she panted in excitement.

“Do me, do me, do me,” Tiffany whispered in John’s ear. “Finger my ass.”

Ever since Denise had introduced her to anal play, she had become obsessed with it. God, the girl was such a whore, Tiffany thought, as John slid two fingers up her rear. The sensation of getting both of her holes filled at once was pure ecstasy. So good...

She pumped her hips greedily, her clit pressing against John’s shaft, his fingers moving in and out of her ass, and her tits heaved and bounced in his face. Each thrust only made her feel hornier, more ravenous for the next thrust after it. Tiffany was bucking up and down frantically, on the brink of cumming again, when she felt John’s free hand at the small of her back, slowing her down.

“What?” she asked breathlessly, still moving on his lap. “Come on...”

Instead he grabbed her by the waist again with both hands and lifted her up once more. She felt him slide out of her.

“Not again... I was about to cum,” Tiffany complained. “What’re you—wait, no..!”

John pulled her in just a little closer to himself, tilting her hips forward, and was lowering her back down toward his waiting erection. She knew exactly what he wanted.

“No! Not there!”

Now it really was like that first day in the bathroom, John with his hands on her waist as she stood straddled over him, her struggling against him and her own desire. I can’t let him do this, Tiffany thought, desperately. That really would be too far. Only the nastiest skank would do something so... dirty.

She felt his swollen head bump against her asshole.

“Stop... no... don’t put it there...”

She reached behind her and grabbed him by his shaft, slick with her own cum.


She could feel the tip of him, pressing, probing against her. I can’t do this, Tiffany thought, still fighting, though it wasn’t very clear against whom. I can’t. This isn’t... right.


But despite her own protests, she felt that wicked smile playing on her lips already, her hand holding his stiff cock, guiding it, her traitorous body wiggling to take it inside of her.

She bit her lower lip as his head entered. “Oh.”

Slowly, inch by inch, he slid inside. For a long moment they were still, his member buried deep in her ass. Tiffany had just enough time to think to herself—what am I doing?—when he drew almost completely out of her before entering her again. She let out a low, drawn out moan, her hand immediately going to her slit to finger herself. Tiffany began to slowly move up and down.

“Holy shit,” John groaned. “It’s so tight“.

This was it, Tiffany thought. This was the bottom. She was in a toilet stall of the girls’ bathroom at school, straddling a guy, letting him butt fuck her. Wanting it. Enjoying it.

Anal sex.

She couldn’t debase herself any lower than this, had finally become everything she’d previously fought against. Somehow Tiffany found the idea liberating.

“You like it, don’t you, John?” she heard herself whisper fiercely, working his shaft with her asshole. “You like how your big dick feels in my ass?”

My God… I’m a whore, Tiffany thought. A dirty, anal whore. The naked reality of it made her even hornier. She was pumping faster now, her fingers going up to her mouth, her blond snatch starting to drool onto John’s belly, running into his pubic hair.

“Unnngh… so good, baby,” Tiffany lusted. The thought kept repeating itself in her mind, exciting her more and more: I’m a slutty, anal whore. “It feels so good getting fucked up the ass...”

She was riding him hard, writhing in ecstasy, this new pleasure taking her beyond previous heights. I love being a fucking whore. Her back was arched, her huge tits sticking out as she grabbed them, pinching and twisting her own nipples, flexing her tight ass around John’s dick. She could feel it growing harder, knew he was on the brink.

“Give it to me. Give it to me, " Tiffany demanded through gritted teeth. “Cum up my ass. Let me feel your hot cum in my ass.”

John complied almost immediately with a loud groan, nearly shouting, pulling her hard by the waist down on his lap, ejaculating his load deep into her rear. She could feel the hot wetness of it exploding in her anus, his cock throbbing.

I’m a filthy, ass fucking whore.


Tiffany came hard, spasming, trying to buck against him, but he had her held firmly in place. Being unable to move made her orgasm even more intense as she struggled against the overwhelming sensation, squirming on his lap like a cat.

“Ohhhh fuuuuck...” Tiffany groaned, as she came down, her ass still slowly pumping his cock. John’s softening erection slid out of her asshole as she stood up off of him and stumbled out of the stall, pulling her skirt down.

Catching herself on the sink, she looked up and saw herself in the mirror as she had that first day. She barely recognized the sexy, slutty vixen in the reflection. Her blue eyes, heavily shadowed with makeup, were half closed with lusty satisfaction, her full lips smeared with bright red lipstick. The disheveled, long blond hair was damp with sweat. Her fit, tan body was covered in a glistening sheen, her long, trim legs fully displayed by the tiny mini skirt, her large tits spilling out of her tight, low cut blouse.

I am a filthy little anal whore, Tiffany thought again, looking at herself, but this time it came with that brief startling mental clarity. She could feel John’s cum dripping out her ass, running down her leg. Suddenly she couldn’t bear the reflection in front of her.

She tore out of the bathroom, running blindly through the hall. She had to get away, couldn’t go on like this. Help... she needed help. Where was she going, who could she go to? Then it came to her. But class was already over; school was out for the day. Maybe there was still time, she thought, still at a run. She burst right in through the classroom door.

“Mr. Richards!”

The teacher looked up from his desk where he had been grading papers, startled.

“Tiff-tanium!” he said. “Where were you? Class has been over for 20 minutes now.”

The biology teacher always made up ridiculous nicknames for all his students based on the periodic table of elements. He was one of the youngest teachers in the school, and definitely the coolest. If anyone could help her...

“Mr. Richards, please... I need to talk to somebody.”

The smile faded from his face, as he rose, concerned. “Well, you can talk to me, of course.”

He came from around his desk, shutting the classroom door behind them and leading her to a seat, before settling back down in his again. This was the right person to go to, she thought.

“Now tell me what’s going on.”

Tiffany rose out of her seat immediately, pacing agitatedly. Where to start?

“Well... Mr. Richards... It’s like this,” she began, hesitatingly. “I’ve been drugged.”

“Drugged? As in date rape drugged?”

“No, not like that... Well, yes sort of...

Someone slipped me something and it’s like... I had some kind of adverse reaction to it.”

“Is this some kind of recreational thing, Tiff..?” His eyebrows raised.

“No! Nothing like that, Mr. Richards,” she protested. She would just have to come out with it.

“They were pheromones, ok? I don’t know what happened. A guy was trying to get me to like him and he mixed a bunch of them together and spiked my food with it. I don’t know if it was the combination of them together that did this to me, or just something about the way my body reacted to them, but they worked and they did something to me, beyond what they were supposed to...”

The teacher was frowning now. “Tiffany, it’s well established that pheromones and the like don’t work on humans as they do other organisms. I’m sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect?”

He doesn’t believe me, Tiffany realized, dismayed. “Mr. Richards, they definitely worked. It’s unbelievable what’s happened to me in the last month..!”

“What? What’s been happening?”

She stopped pacing. They had arrived upon the stark truth of the matter.

“I’m in heat, Mr. Richards,” she said in a low voice, looking at her high heeled shoes.

“Like an animal. It’s like... I need to mate, and I’m sending off signals that make anyone close by want to mate with me.”

She looked up to see him studying her with frank skepticism on his bemused face. He went to the whiteboard and start wiping down the day’s jots and scribbles. “Tiff-tanium,“ he said, “You’re one my brightest, most mature students, so I can speak frankly with you. At your age, boys are pumped full of raging hormones, and they certainly will want to ‘mate’. They’ll make idiots of themselves. And of course, the impact of an extremely hot, attractive girl like you...”

He trailed off, seemingly perplexed by what he had just said. His brow furrowed and then shook his head, clearing his throat.

“Well anyway… Umm… Even if you were drugged, there’s simply no way it could bind itself to your system for a full month. And the changes you’re describing would have to occur on a submolecular level, a mitochondrial level...”

He’s so smart, Tiffany thought, admiringly. And nice. And he thought she was attractive. But he didn’t believe her, didn’t know how aroused she was all the time, even now... She took a few steps towards him, walking around the front of the desk.

“Mr. Richards, you have to believe me... I just... I just always need to fuck!” she blurted out. “And everyone wants to fuck me! And it’s not just to mate, my mind is all fucked up... I let Denise lick my snatch and I want guys to cum in my mouth and all over face and tits and just before I came over here, I got fucked up the ass, and it felt so goddamn good, I came so hard with that cock deep in my ass...”

She couldn’t believe everything she saying aloud, to an adult, to a teacher no less, but she couldn’t stop, and it was getting hard to think, and it was so warm in the classroom. Had it been this hot in here when she walked in?

“Don’t you see..?” she finished.

Mr. Richards stood there completely dumbfounded. Tiffany leaned back and hopped up on his desk, facing him, straddling the corner of it, the shiny oak wood jutting between her legs. She knew her tawny, glistening slit was exposed to him.

“Tiffany... what... what’re you doing?”

“I need help,” she said again, plaintively. “Can’t you see?” Tiffany was no longer sure what she was asking for any longer. It didn’t matter.

“Tiffany, please...” He licked his lips and looked around, nervously.

“School’s out, Mr. Richards,” she said, softly. “There’s nobody around except you and me.”

“Please, Tiffany, stop this... I could get fired..!” Despite his words, the pheromones he didn’t believe in had taken hold, more powerful than ever, weakening his resolve—he had already taken a step closer to her, sitting on the desk with her legs spread. She could literally see the effects, overcoming his senses, clouding his judgment. Her pussy was ready as always, juices oozing out onto the tabletop.

“I won’t tell if you won’t...”

He was closer now. “I... I’m married... my wife—”

Tiffany could see his erection tenting in his pants, knew how tantalizingly hot she looked, how badly he wanted to fuck her.

“Is your wife a horny, slutty little teenager like me?” she asked. “Does she have nice big tits like these?” Tiffany pushed them up and pressed them together, showing the fullness of them bulging out of the top of her blouse. Her biology teacher couldn’t take his eyes off them, as he stepped towards her, mesmerized. She reached out and felt his crotch through his pants, rubbing his hard erection.

“Please,” she whispered again, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants. “Help me.” She pulled out his manhood, and then put her arms around his waist as he stood over her. She looked at him straight in the face, her eyes filled with indecent desire.

“Put it in my cunt.”

His eyes widened as she said it, just as she pulled him into her, and then he was fucking her with wild abandon, totally beyond restraint.

“Ohhhh, yes Mr. Richards, that’s what I need,” Tiffany said, fucking him back just as hard. He was larger than both John and Richard. “These pathetic boys aren’t enough, I need a man’s dick inside me. Mmmmm!”

She lay back across the desk, and he climbed up after her, scattering pens and papers to the floor as they thrashed and writhed. Completely crazed, he grabbed her blouse and tore it open, buttons popping and clattering on the floor, then buried his face in her ample breasts, while Tiffany moaned with pleasure, hips pumping in time with his thrusts.

“Uhhh, uhhhh... Believe me now, Mr. Richards?” she panted. “See?” She twisted like an eel beneath him.

“Everybody wants to fuck me... ohhh shiiit... see, you don’t give a fuck about your job... mmm... your wife...”

She felt him stiffen at that, ceasing to suck on one of her hard nipples to look her in the face, an stormy, wild expression on his. “Don’t talk about my wife!” He jumped off the desk, pulling her with him by her torn blouse.

“Don’t you talk about her, you little bitch!”

He stood there trembling, full of conflict.

“Aww, did I upset you, Mr. Richards?” She looked at him boldy, panting, licking her lips and massaging her bare, exposed tits. “I’m such a bad girl... Are you going to punish me now?”

He stood there for a moment with his jaw clenched, pants bunched around his knees, fully exposed, his raging hard-on standing straight up, dark red and shining with Tiffany’s cream. Then, half crazed with anger and lust, he whipped her around and shoved her against the desk, bending her over the tabletop.

“You want a lesson?! Here’s your lesson, you slut!”

Grabbing her by the skirt bunched up around her waist, he rammed his cock deep into her pussy.


With her cheek pressed against the cool wood, Tiffany groaned and grunted as she got slammed from behind. John and Richard were nothing compared to this, this angry, repressed sex. “Do I fuck better than your wife, Mr. Richards,” she taunted with her blue eyes narrowed spitefully, pushing her hot ass back against him. “Do you like my tight, young cunt better?”

“Little... fucking... whore...” the teacher groaned through gritted teeth.

“Ohhhh... C’mon, Mr. Richards... mmm, fuck... you know you want this... you love fucking a young, horny, eighteen-year-old nympho slut... unnnnhhh... you love fucking my tight, little snatch with your hard dick...ohhhhh!”

The teacher was pounding her ass so forcefully the desk was shifting with his thrusts. Tiffany felt drool running down her chin, her wetness running down her thighs. Her pussy was beginning to twitch and spasm, clenching his cock.

“Give it to me, Mr. Richards. Mmmm! I’m not your fucking wife... I’m your student... oh,fuuuck... give it to your sexy little student whore—OHHHHH!”

They came at nearly the same time, crying out together. Pinned up against the desk, she felt his hot seed filling her as he thrust into her over and over again, wave after wave of pleasure crashing down on her. Finally, he slowed, staying buried deep inside of her, both of them panting, before he pulled out and turned away ashamedly, zipping himself up.

Tiffany stayed bent over the desk for a few moments, catching her breath, basking in the afterglow of her latest orgasm. She could feel her teacher’s cum dripping out of her snatch onto the floor. She reached down, scooping up a gob of it from her sex with her index finger and sucked on it.

“Mmmm...” Tiffany said appreciatively, standing up straight and pulling her skirt down. “Do you cum as hard for your wife? Do you always fuck her so good?”

The teacher didn’t turn around. For a moment she almost felt sorry for him, knew how twisted and depraved she was acting, that he must be feeling how she had back in the beginning. But she was just so horny... it was so hard to care.

“Please... just get out of here, Tiffany,” he said in a low voice, his head hung. He was nearly begging.

“But Mr. Richards,” she said, in a sweet, innocent voice. “I’m an honors student...”

At that, he finally looked over at her. “What does that mean?”

She reached up and took him by the shoulders, gently guiding him down into his chair. She pulled the tattered blouse off and let it fall to the floor, her massive, firm tits standing proudly, shining with a thin layer of perspiration.

“It means extracurricular activities are very important to me.”

Tiffany climbed up onto his lap, straddling him, pressing a hard nipple into his accepting mouth. Soon after, they were passionately thrashing and writhing again in his seat.