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In Heat


Tiffany felt like crying. Actually, that wasn’t very accurate. In truth, she hardly gave a shit at all. But some small, nearly forgotten part of herself felt like crying.

As she strode down the quiet hallway, she looked down at the paper in her hand again, the exam with the big red F on it, circled emphatically. Next to it in the same red marker was a note from the teacher, which merely consisted of ‘?????’, expressing his bewilderment and disappointment in one of his top achievers.

Her first F. Even with things as wildly out of hand as they were, she had still been scraping by with passing grades up until now. Tiffany bit her lower lip, looking again at the bold red F, another new low for her. This used to mean everything to me, she thought. The respectable, straight A student was a fading memory.

A moment later she crumpled the paper and pitched it into a waste basket as she moved past. At least she’d be getting an A in Bio. A small smile played on her lips. Just thinking about the other week made her start to leak between her legs. She walked faster.

When she reached the empty classroom, she swung the door open, flinging her bag to the floor. “Hope you’re ready to fuck, because I’m horny as sh—”

She immediately froze as she realized her scheduled hookup with John included some unexpected guests. Next to him, she was startled to see, was Denise of all people, laughing airily, a delicate hand on his chest. And sitting on the window sills were two other boys, both tall and big, one with a blond crew cut, the other with red hair, whom Tiffany vaguely knew to be John’s football teammates.

“What the hell..?” Tiffany stared blankly.

Denise strolled over to the door, a smirk on her face and a malicious glimmer in eye. “Well, I need to get going,” she said, giving Tiffany a chaste kiss at the corner of her mouth as she passed by. ”Have fun... Lover.”

She shut the door behind her with a soft click.

“What’s going on here?” Tiffany asked slowly.

John, wearing an ugly expression, got straight to the point. “You really are a fucking whore, aren’t you?”

Tiffany blinked in confusion. “What..?”

“I know all about it. Screwing teachers... Cheerleaders... Been making the rounds, huh?”

Denise. That conniving, scheming bitch. She’d somehow found out about John. And the teacher.

“I haven’t... so what if...”

The whole concept was twisted. He was blaming her, when he was the one who’d drugged her in the first place, made her... this way. And on top of that—“What do you think you are, my boyfriend or something?”

John scowled. “Obviously I’m not enough for you, so I brought some friends to lend a hand. Among other things...

“You know Rob and Danny, don’t you?” He gestured to the two guys by the windows, who were both avidly staring at her in her latest scantily clad outfit of platforms, short, skin tight skirt and tight low cut blouse.

“You really are a sick, twisted, little weasel, you know that?” Tiffany said in rising anger. “You and your friends can have fun fucking yourselves.”

“Like you can help yourself,” John sneered scornfully. “Those drugs wear off now or aren’t you still a sex-addicted, horny nympho?”

“You told them about..!” Her eyes widened in dismay.

“Oh not just them. Half the freakin school must know by now. I’m sure by tomorrow Denise will have told the other half.”

“I... it doesn’t matter... I can control it... myself...”

John had begun to walk towards her. Rob and Danny hopped to their feet and approached as well.

“We’ll see about that, whore. Go ahead, guys.“ He gestured at her with a hand out. “She’s all yours.”

“Don’t you touch me,” she said warningly to the pair of them.

The two boys looked at each other a little apprehensively, then turned back towards her, taking in her long tan legs, trim waist, busty rack and full blond hair. Tiffany was about to walk out, totally outraged by John’s attempt to hand her off like some fuck toy, but then… she was furious at the notion of just running away. It wouldn’t be enough to just leave.

She ought to stay and teach these assholes a lesson, she decided. It was painfully obvious they wanted her so badly they were about to explode in their pants, but were too scared to touch her. It was Tiffany who held all the power here, all the control.

This is perfect, she thought, and she knew exactly how to handle them.

“You turds can look all you want, but keep your grubby little hands to yourself.”

She exploited their weakness, just standing there enticingly, letting her pheromones wash over them, entering their systems, shooting straight to their brains, overloading them with their own hormones flaring up in response.

So pathetic, she thought, letting their lust grow, watching Danny and Rob fidgeting, their eyes longingly crawling all over her hot body. Boys were so predictable. Another minute, and she’d be out of here and they could have their own private little circle jerk or whatever.

And then suddenly they were on her, touching, feeling, pawing her all over.

“No! Get off!”

They were heedless, driven out of control by the combination of pheromones and Tiffany’s overt sexuality. She was trapped between the pair, one of them behind, groping her firm ass, the other in front of her grabbing handfuls of her large breasts. She felt could feel one of the excited guys breathing heavily as he sucked on her earlobe.

“No,” she said again. This wasn’t the plan, they weren’t supposed to touch her.

They just want to screw me, Tiffany thought, struggling against them. They want to mount me and fuck me with their hard cocks like an animal and use me and cum inside of me. She realized she was panting too. The hands on her ass moved lower, between her legs.

“Holy shit, she’s dripping wet!” Rob, the redhead, exclaimed.

“I told you,” John said quietly, standing to the side, watching the scene unfold before him.

Tiffany felt Rob’s fingers sliding up inside of her and she shuddered at the pleasure, before pushing his hand away firmly. “I told you to keep your mitts off!”

But as she was putting the brakes on Rob, Danny was pulling her blouse up, running his hands all over her bare, exposed tits, her nipples growing hard at the stimulation.

“Unnnnh,” she moaned, her back arching involuntarily, thrusting her breasts out into the hands cupping them. “Stop it...”

As she flung Danny’s hands off her chest, Rob was behind her, insistently tugging her skirt down past her hips, around her ankles. When she reached back to stop him, Danny took the opportunity to kiss her, full on, sticking his tongue deep in her mouth, and stuck his own fingers up her hungry snatch.

“Mmmmph!” Tiffany’s cries were muffled against their lips crushed together, as Danny’s hand slid between her legs. And then she was furiously, eagerly kissing him back, her resistance completely broken.

Fuck it, she thought. I’m so fucking horny... I don’t care. I just need to get screwed.

Her hands went to his waist, fumbling as she undid his belt and pants. Rob was still behind her, sucking on her neck, arms around her, feeling up her rack. She could feel his erection through his pants, pressed up against her bare ass.

She pulled Danny’s cock out of his pants, stroking it as they continued fiercely making out. He was clearly experienced, working two fingers in and out her, while his thumb massaged her clit. Between that and the pair of hands on her tits, tweaking her nipples and the tongue sucking on her neck, another exploring her mouth, she quickly built to climax. She threw her head back and moaned like a porn star, gushing all over Danny’s hand.


The orgasm lit a fire within Tiffany, insatiable with lust now, reservations completely forgotten. She shoved Danny to the ground, climbing on top immediately after, lowering hips onto his long hard phallus, taking him inside of her. For a moment she sat there straddling him, savoring the feeling of him buried deep inside, and then she was thrashing on top, fucking him as fast and hard as she could.

Danny groaned, as he lifted his hips, matching her pace with his thrusts. Tiffany was moaning loudly, her hands running through her lustrous blond hair as she rode him, and Danny reached up and grabbing handfuls of her huge tits proudly on display, bouncing in front of him.

Behind her, she could her Rob’s belt unbuckling, and his pants unzipping. Then, as she fucked Danny beneath her, she felt a hard cock pressed between her firm, tan ass cheeks, sliding between them. Growing excited by the sensation, she unthinkingly clenched her ass tightly while working the cock in her wet pussy. Soon she could feel Rob’s sticky precum in her cleft.

It was only when Rob pulled away and put his hands on her toned ass that she partially regained her senses. She felt him spreading her cheeks apart, and then the tip of him was pressing up against her anus.

No, no, no, she thought in a sudden panic. They weren’t even supposed to touch me.

“Wait,” she gasped, panting, as Danny continued thrusting underneath her, the intense pleasure of his hard cock making it hard to think. Every thrust made her ass bump into Rob’s waiting, probing member pressed up against her rear. “Unnngh... no... not both... fuuuuck... same...”

Rob gripped her firmly by her tiny waist, and Tiffany felt his swollen head stretching her asshole wide as it penetrated inside, and then the full length of his hard cock was sliding deep into her ass.

“Noooooo... oohhh...” Her protest trailed off into an decadent groan. “Ohhhhh shit, stop it, stop it, stop...”

Even as the words left her mouth, she was pumping her hips, hungrily humping against both Rob and Danny, her mouth open, panting. She suddenly recalled when John first took her in the rear, how filthy and dirty she’d thought it was, being an anal whore and loving it, remembered thinking that she had finally hit bottom, and now here she was in an empty classroom getting double teamed by two boys she didn’t even know, letting herself get fucked up the ass and pussy at the same time. How much further she had fallen...

“No... aahhh fuck..! No... mmmmm...” She protested mindlessly, with her eyes closed, while her body reveled in the wanton pleasure. She couldn’t get enough, even getting fucked by two hard cocks, each one filling both of her tight wet holes, every thrust another wave of indescribable ecstasy. My God, I’m such a filthy, raunchy whore, she thought.

But the thought only made her hornier, wetter. She was sinuously moving her hips, shoving her tight ass back against Rob, her hot snatch grinding against Danny.

“Uhhhh... unnhhhh... unnnhhhhh...”

There was a clinking sound, and Tiffany opened her eyes to see John standing inches in front of her, with his pants undone, stroking his erection.

“You.. unghh.. fucking.. unhh... piece of shit... ohhhhh,” she managed to get out, for what must have been the hundredth time, twitching and gasping, sandwiched between the two big football players.

Then John shoved his cock into her mouth.

Whatever John had done to her, however he treated her, however sick and twisted he was, it didn’t matter. She eagerly sucked him off without a moment’s hesitation, as he grabbed her by the hair, fucking her mouth hard.

For several minutes, there was nothing but the sound of the boys’ grunts and groan and obscene sounds of wet sex organs squelching and squishing and slapping together, as they relentlessly fucked the hottest, sluttiest, horniest whore in school, her own cries muffled by the dick she was eagerly sucking on, as she reveled in the pure wanton pleasure, hands pawing at her tits and ass, pulling her long blond hair, hot sweaty bodies pressed up against her, long, hard cocks in her cunt and ass and mouth, all sliding in and out her, using her, humping her, screwing her, fucking her, like the filthy, slutty little bitch in heat she was.

She felt Rob’s cock growing rock hard, and then suddenly he came with an extra hard ram. The feeling of his hot cum exploding in her ass immediately brought on her own climax. Moaning, slobbering over all John’s member, she tossed her hips frantically, shoving her heart shaped rear back to meet Rob’s slamming thrusts as he got off, and moments later Danny was shooting spurt after spurt of semen into her tight, dripping pussy, jolting her with another series of orgasmic spasms, before the first had even begun to subside.

Completely overwhelmed, Tiffany threw her head back, John’s cock falling out her mouth, as she squirmed and writhed in total ecstasy, pinned between the two boys with their cocks unloading deep in her tight, wet folds.

“I’m cumming,” she whimpered. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.. OHHHHH!”

John watched her getting off for a few moments, still wearing that hard look on his face, then grabbed her by the hair again, roughly shoving his dick back into her mouth, fucking her so hard the tip of him hit the back of her throat. Grasping his shaft, she stroked him fast and hard, her sexy full lips wrapped around it, sucking hard, licking the underside of his head, and then with a loud grunt, he too was ejaculating a huge load of hot, salty cum in her mouth, so much that it dribbled out the corner of her mouth as she swallowed wave after wave.

Still clutching him by the shaft, Tiffany sucked the last drops from his head, before collapsing to the floor beside the boys, gasping for breath. She could feel their cum leaking of her ass and pussy, dripping onto the cool tile floor.

“Fuck... oh fucking... fuck...” Tiffany panted, completely devoid of any cohrence.

The boys were all zipping themselves back up again, John stony faced, buckling his belt with jerky, angry movements. Rob and Danny were looking apprehensive again, now that their drive had been sated and they’d regained their senses. Still, they looked down lustfully at the teen, laying there completely exposed without a shred of modesty, covered in sweat and cum, large, bare breasts heaving as she caught her breath, blue eyes glazed over, semen running out of her half open mouth.

“All right guys,” John said grimly, turning to the other two. “I think we can all agree you got what you were promised.

“Now pay up.”

Rob and Danny pulled their wallets out without a second’s hesitation, each handing John a wad of cash. He turned and walked out of the classroom, counting the money as he left, the other two close on his heels.

Tiffany simply lay there alone, used and left behind, still mindblown by her orgasms, but with a dawning awareness of what had just happened, and a rising anger to go with it. Her secret addiction, now out there for the whole school to know. John. That fucker... And that cunt Denise. Both of them... They were going pay for this.

Unbidden, a sudden realization occured to her: it was Rob and Danny who’d paid. John had done it—he managed to turn me into an actual whore, Tiffany thought. I really am a genuine whore.

I’m a whore.

She felt her hand creeping back down to the wet, sticky place between her legs.