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Author’s note: Well this is the final chapter; I just felt it’s far as I wanted to go, and it would certainly get repetitive beyond this—hopefully you all agree. Apologies for the delay in getting this out, and thanks for all your feedback and support. Enjoy!!—Rikimaru,

In Heat


The team was losing by one measly point, 20-21, with 90 seconds left in the final quarter of the big end of year game. The school’s kicker sat on the bench miserably with his head in his heads, holding himself responsible for not at least tying the score. The rest of the team looked on grimly, with tense hope as the defensive line took to the field. John sat on the bench as well in full uniform, though as a second stringer he hardly ever saw much field time.

“Hut... Hut... Hike!”

The opposing team’s center snapped the ball and their quarterback threw a perfect spiral right into the receiver’s hands, gaining 15 yards before getting tackled. The crowd booed.

“Come on, team,” Denise called out from the sidelines, leading her squad in a defense cheer. But she wasn’t her spirited self as usual. Tiffany supposed it was due to the rumors she’d been hearing—Denise’s parents were getting a divorce. As for why they were splitting up... There had been some pretty salacious rumors swirling around about that too. Something about incest...


The quarterback scanned the field, drew his arm back and threw.


The crowd let out a roar as the home team turned it around, making it to the 50... 25... 10 yard line! Tiffany cheered along with them, jumping up and down in her skimpy uniform, while the offensive line ran out onto the field. The cheerleading squad seemed to be getting more attention today for some reason. All their moves seemed somehow more provocative, their cheers more sensuous...

There were 10 seconds left on the clock.

“Blue 42! Shotgun!” Steve, school team captain and quarterback, called out the plays. “Set... HIKE!”

The opposing team blitzed, immediately rushing in. Backpedalling for space, Steve suddenly saw an opening and ran the ball, gracefully sliding around a pick, dodging a tackle, and...


The crowd exploded, instantly on its feet. The team erupted from the bench rushing the field, throwing the QB up on their shoulders. Tiffany and the other cheerleaders were jumping wildly, waving their pom poms, screaming, giving each other tight hugs, petting each other’s bodies, giving passionate celebratory open mouthed kisses...

With her arms wrapped around a sexy little Asian cheerleader’s trim waist, feeling up her firm ass, her tongue deep in the girl’s willing, accepting mouth, out of the corner of her eye, Tiffany saw Denise cheering unenthusiastically, before lowering her arms and walking off the field disconsolately, alone...

* * *

The boys’ locker room was rowdy and raucous as the football team celebrated postgame, shouting and laughing, cracking jokes and horsing around as they pulled off their gear.

It all came to an abrupt halt when Tiffany boldly walked straight in the middle of the room.

“Hi boys,” she said, brightly. “I wanted to congratulate you all on your victory, and I just couldn’t wait!”

“What the...”

“Hey a chick’s in here!”


When Tiffany had awoken that morning, she felt different somehow. Looking at herself in the full length mirror in the hallway just outside of her parent’s bedroom door, she stood there naked, one hand between her legs, fingering herself, feeling content. Her pheromones were completely beyond control, affecting everyone around. She could hear her parents screwing loudly in their bedroom through the door.

There was no denying it now, she thought, as she furiously rubbed herself, exhaling in short, sharp breaths, her tongue sticking out with lust, as she watched herself masturbating, listening to her parents fuck, getting off on it. She was a dirty, little slut. There nothing too nasty, too twisted, too taboo, a filthy whore like her wouldn’t do.

There were no limits, nothing she’d say no to, nothing her new kinky nature could resist. And she accepted it. It was so liberating...

When she heard her parents climaxing, she came loudly too, not caring if they heard or not. And then she had dressed and left for school, excited for the day to come...

And now here she was, standing in the boys’ locker room, the only girl amongst two dozen, sweaty, adrenaline charged football players. The emotion had immediately, palpably changed. The mood was still upbeat, but perhaps a more tense, a little less playful. Someone wolf whistled, followed by appreciative laughter.

“Hey, it’s Tiffany,” she heard someone mutter to one of the other players. “Did you hear about...” He trailed off inaudibly, whispering. Tiffany paid no mind, scanning the room. She saw Rob and Danny amongst the players, also whispering to the guys around them, wearing stupid grins on their faces.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

John came forward out of the crowd, grabbing her roughly by the arm and trying to haul her out. She jerked her arm away. He leaned in, hissing, “What the hell is this?!”

Tiffany wore an expression of polite surprise. “Why, John... Am I doing something wrong? I thought you wanted to share me...”

“No, you stupid whore, I wanted—”

But Tiffany never found out what John had really wanted, because at that point she promptly grabbed him by the shoulders and brought her knee straight up into his groin.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” The entire locker room collectively said it, as John sank down to his knees, hands cupping his throbbing testicles.

Tiffany bent over in his clenched, tear streaked face. “Glad to hear you don’t want to share. Because you’ll never touch me again.” She reached out with a hand and shoved him by the forehead. John fell over like a tree, still clutching at his crotch, gasping for breath, while the rest of the team broke out in explosive chatter.


“Hahaha, right in the nuts, did you see that?!”

“No kids for John boy...”

She straightened up. “Now where’s our captain?”

“Get over there!”

“Here he is!”

Steve was roughly shoved forward by his teammates, still hooting and yelling excitedly. He stumbled in front of her, wearing only boxers and a dopey grin. “What’s up, Tiff?”

The grin was replaced by a look of total shock when Tiffany answered with nothing but a sly smile of her own before dropping to her knees, pulling him out of his shorts and giving him a blow job on the spot, John lying curled up in a ball just a few feet away.

The other boys immediately began clamoring again.

“Holy shit!”

“It’s true! Can you believe it, it’s fucking true!!!”

They had all gathered in a crowd around their star quarterback and Tiffany, enthusiastically sucking him off. He had gotten rock hard immediately, holding her head in his hands, pulling her into him as he rocked his hips.

“What in the blue hell is going on here??”

The team quieted back down to a murmur as they parted to make way.

“Coach!” Steve abruptly pulled out of Tiffany’s mouth, hastily tucking himself away. Tiffany rose, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

“What in the...” The football coach’s repeated exclaim trailed off as he stepped into the middle of the circle, taking in the scene. His irate face changed to one of complete astonishment, before beginning to revert back like a gathering storm.

“Holy hell… In all my years… Young lady, you are in serious trouble!” The coach finally managed to spit out. Steve hastily stepped back to join the crowd.

“Sir, I am so sorry. I have no idea what I was thinking,” she said apologetically.

The middle aged coach stood there with his hands on his hips, red faced, the florescent lights shining off his balding head, taking in the scene around him, glaring at his boys, Tiffany standing in the middle of them, John crumpled on the floor, groaning, still cupping himself. “It’s absolutely beyond my own comprehen—”

“Of course I should have taken care of you first.”

The coach’s mouth opened and closed wordlessly like a fish. With complete confidence, Tiffany grabbed him by the whistle around his neck, leading him to a bench, and pushing him down. He sat heavily with a grunt. Tiffany climbed onto his lap, unzipping his pants. The coach was growing erect even as she pulled him out and guided him inside of her, hot and moist, underneath her cheerleader’s skirt.

“I’m so sorry, Coach,” she said breathlessly as she lowered herself fully onto his lap, taking him all the way inside of her. “Of course you deserve this the most...”

If her fit, young, tight body left any room for second thoughts, her pheromones, impossibly potent, did not. The coach immediately put his hands on her waist and pulled her even harder onto his lap.

The entire team watched in hushed awe as Tiffany rode their coach in front of them on the locker room bench, with only the sounds of his heavy breathing, her sensuous moans, and the wooden bench creaking beneath them with each of her bounces.

“Great... job... coach,” Tiffany panted, grinding her hips. “Winners... are so... hot...

“I get... so horny... watching a leader... take charge... mmmmm...”

Tiffany was writhing and bouncing on his lap, her enormous rack straining against her cheerleader’s blouse, shoved up in his face; it was too much for the man. He began ejaculating uncontrollably with an involuntary whimper. She felt the warmth spreading inside of her and she moaned appreciatively, though he hadn’t lasted nearly long enough to get her off. She slowed down as his cock gave a few more twitches, letting him finish, his eyes squeezed shut, jaw clenched, before she climbed off of him.

Just after, his eyes snapped open as he became aware of his surroundings and the circumstances, full of fear and growing horror. “I... I...” Rather than complete the sentence, the coach instead jumped up and ran, shoving his boys aside as he fled the locker room.

Tiffany stood there looking at all the stunned faces. She put a hand on one sexy hip, an eyebrow suggestively arched. “So...

“Who’s next?”

It was pandemonium.

In the next instant, there were dozens of hands on her, insistently pawing, grabbing, groping every inch of her, bodies pressed in close. No one was joking around any longer. Her pheromones had spread throughout the room, drowning the team in it, driving them into a mindless, crazed need for sex. Her cheerleading uniform was first tugged at, pushed up or pulled down, stretched, as they eagerly sought to feel up her hot, supple body. There was a loud ripping sound as part of the fabric tore; it was like a signal.

The excited boys abandoned all pretense of civility, roughly tearing the skimpy skirt and top away from her body, as the hands ran over her naked tits and ass, on her trim waist and slim thighs, between her legs, over her taut, flat stomach and toned back. Hands were running through her thick blond hair, one was stroking her face, another’s fingers were in her mouth.

Tiffany’s own breaths were coming in ragged gasps as she was felt up all over, and then someone behind her had his hands on her shoulders, and she was forced to her knees. A pair of pants dropped in front of her, and a hard throbbing cock was shoved into her mouth. Unquestioningly, she began bobbing her head up and down as the guy fucked her face with vigor.


Behind her, someone had driven his cock straight up her pussy without preamble. The suddenness of it filling her, the authority with which she was taken by an unseen stranger got her even hotter. Whichever the guy was, he was slamming into her hard, driving the cock in her mouth deeper down her throat.

As she continued getting used from both ends, the other boys were watching eagerly, in various stages of undress, either stroking themselves or fondling her. She starting jerking on the shaft sliding in and out of her mouth while getting banged from behind, and soon the boy was spurting in her mouth, groaning loudly, as she greedily swallowed. As he pulled his softening member out from between her full lips, it was immediately replaced by another guy’s, hard and ready. She looked up to see it was Rob.

As she sucked him off, the guy behind her was ramming her furiously, bringing her to her first climax.

“Mmmpphh! Mmmmphh!” Tiffany moaned loudly around the mouthful of cock, as Rob threw his head back, groaning with pleasure at the vibrations. Her muffled cries grew louder and more intense as she felt the second burst of cum jetting in her snatch, which was suddenly empty as the anonymous guy behind her was roughly shoved aside.

The new guy pulled her down backwards, interrupting the Rob’s blow job. Tiffany felt the guy sitting on the floor behind her, pulling her down. She complied without resistance;,let him do whatever he wanted, even when his swollen head pushed into her anus. “Oh, goddamn“, she cried out as the hard dick slid deep into her rear.

In front of her, Rob was grinning. “That’s Danny behind you,” he said. “We thought we’d do it the other way around this time.” He lay down on top of her, shoving himself into her dripping cunt. Tiffany mindlessly squealed, her legs spread wide as they both double teamed her for a second time. Someone got to his knees beside her, and she immediately began blowing the cock presented before her.

Tiffany was in sensory overload, her mind totally blank. The sensation was so delicious, so satisfying. She hungrily fucked all the cocks inserted inside of her, horny and excited. All she wanted to do in the world was mate and rut and screw and fuck and cum. It feels so good, she thought, as the hard rods slid in out of her slick, wet, lubricated ass and pussy and mouth. It feels so fucking good.

Rob came first, gasping as he buried himself deep inside of her. As his thrusts subsided weakly, she pushed him off of her. She pulled the dick in her mouth out for a second, stroking it rapidly.


She went back to sucking the boy off as another took Rob’s place in front of her, while Danny began spurting uncontrollably deep in her asshole. She flipped over on top of the boy in front of her, her hands on his chest, feeling his pecs, riding him, and someone else immediately took her in her already cum filled rear.

“Yesssss,” Tiffany groaned as she felt her ass filling with cock. It felt so empty without a hard dick inside of it. Someone grabbed her tits, pressing his erection between them, sliding it up and down. She turned her head to the side to suck off another waiting, eager athlete, and saw that it was Steve.

The boy titty fucking her erupted, splashing her throat and chin before she broke off her blow job to take his head in her mouth, drinking down the rest of it, while Steve, interrupted again, started jerked himself off, inches from her face.

“Fucking cock teasing bitch,” he grunted in a strained, frustrated voice, rapidly pumping himself.

Just as she was sucking the last drops from the other boy’s deflating member, Steve grabbed her by her hair and crammed his dick straight into her mouth as he blew his load, groaning loudly, the cum overflowing her mouth, dripping down her chin, onto her full, heavy, already sticky breasts.

An hour later, she was still hornier than ever, getting fucked in the front and rear, jerking guys off with her hands as she sucked a cock in her mouth.

One of the juniors waited until he could get her to himself, and then climbed on top, kissing her gently, as he slid inside.

Tiffany slapped him hard across the face, then grabbed him by the chin, pulling him in close. “I’m not here to make love, you fucking faggot,” she breathed. She gripped down on his erection with her tight, wet, pussy muscles, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding her hips hard against him. “I’m here to fuck,” she said through clenched teeth. She slapped him again. “Fuck me!” The poor hapless junior was ejaculating seconds later as she pumped him with her cunt.

It was all a haze of hot orgasms after that.

One of the football players ass fucked her doggie style and pulled out just as he came, spilling his seed all over the small of her back and ass. Sometime later, she was on her back again, another guy shooting thick ropes of cum all over her flat, taut stomach, down running into her golden blonde pubes. Another one fucked her up the pussy, but pulled out and came all over her sexy, beautiful face. Rob took her up the ass again and then stuck his cock in her mouth as he got off. She sucked hard on his swollen head, jerking his shaft, desperately pumping his cum into her mouth, suckling at his cock. Every disgusting, disrespectful, sick, perverted filthy thing that was done to her made her cum, again and again and again, and the nastier it was, the harder she came.

Tiffany fucked and sucked and humped, twisting and writhing, moaning, screaming, grunting, whimpering, incoherently groaning obscenities. “Mmmmm... cunt... fuck... unnnngh... cock.... unnh, unnh.... ass... hard ... oh, shiiiiit... cummm...”

The football team used her over and over, cumming inside her every orifice, in her face, on her tits, on her ass. Most of them fucked her, then watching, grew aroused, and then fucked her again. The air in the locker room hung heavy with the scent of sweat and cum and sex. Tiffany swallowed load after load, felt hot semen spurting explosively time after time up her ass and deep in her cunt, spraying all over her body.

A long, long time later, she became aware of her surroundings again—she must have passed out. She found herself lying on her stomach on one of the benches, her legs straddled to either side, arms hanging limply. Her large tits were pressed up against the cool wood beneath, rocking back and forth as some anonymous guy was plowing into her from behind, his large, long cock shoved up her ass. Guttural, animalistic, grunts of pure pleasure filled the locker room.

“Unnngh... Unngh... Unnngh... Unnnghh..!”

She barely recognized the sounds coming from her throat, as she lay there getting roughly anally fucked, with her cheek resting on the bench, her mouth hanging open, drooling, as she made obscene noises. Semen from over a dozen boys dripped out of her drooling snatch, forming a warm puddle below. Tiffany’s clit slid around in the sticky mess, involuntarily grinding against the hard wood, humping the bench as the nameless, faceless boy behind her rammed himself again and again into her rear, his balls slapping against her lower lips with every thrust.

“Unnghh... Oh, god... Fuck yea...” Tiffany pawed at her face, pulling her own hair, in the throes of passion. The hard, beautiful dick rubbing inside of her ass felt so good, sliding in and out, was growing rock hard...

“Ohhh yea, fuck it... Fuck my asshole... Cum, baby... Gimme that fucking cum...” Her head was raised off the bench now, eyes closed, teeth clenched, back arched, as she slammed her ass back into the unknown boy, meeting his thrusts, forcing him deeper inside of her.

“Shoot your load in my ass, baby... Let me feel that hot cum deep in my slutty asshole...” Tiffany’s voice grew higher and breathier as she begged, and she felt the boy’s cock stiffen then spasm as he ejaculated, groaning loudly, frantically pumping her tight ass full of his semen. The bench beneath Tiffany grew even wetter and sticker, as her own juices and the other boys’ cum exploded from her snatch as she rocked against it while she came, mouth opening and closing wordlessly.

She passed out again.

When she woke up again, she was lying on the locker room floor, alone this time, panting like an animal. She hardly had any recollection of what had happened in the last hour or two. She arose slowly, her legs shaky. Tiffany was positively dripping with warm sticky cum, all over her face and tits, in her hair. She could feel it trickling down her back between her ass cheeks, could feel it running out of her pussy and asshole down her thighs. She stumbled over to the shreds of her cheerleader outfit, wondering if there was enough to salvage to actually put on.

It was only then that she noticed John, sitting on one of the benches, still dressed in his football gear. His eyes were red and bloodshot; clearly he’d been crying. Tiffany looked at him with complete disgust.

“What,” she demanded. “What?

“Didn’t you get what you want?”

She gestured at herself roughly, tits bouncing, her naked body glistening wet and sticky with sweat and semen. “Didn’t you want this? To turn me into a horny, slutty, cock loving, nympho whore?”

John looked at his dream girl, the proper, intellectual, beautiful girl from two streets over, going steady with some lucky SOB, now angrily standing before him, her young, tan, taut body on display, a hot, slutty vixen gangbanged in every way possible by the whole football team. The perfect girl, once so unattainable, corrupted, and now somehow gone again beyond his reach.

A tear slid down his face, as he slowly nodded.

“I... I guess I did get what I wanted,” he sniffled.

Tiffany’s expression softened as she looked at him, sitting on the bench in full gear, crying, with a massive erection tenting his pants. She gave a sigh.

“Come here,” she said standing him up, and undressing him. “You pathetic, stupid, sad little sack of a shit.

“You can have me one more time.”

Before she left the locker room, it ended up being several more times, in a variety of ways.

* * *

They called Tiffany’s name, and she walked across the stage to thunderous applause as she took her diploma from the principal. He eyed her lustfully, holding her hand lingeringly as they shook. She gave him a seductive look, mouthing, “Later” to him, licking her lips. She’d keep the robes on, she decided. That would be kinky... she felt her wetness dripping down her thigh at the thought, even on stage in front of hundreds of people.

As she walked off the dais, she had a clear view of the entire school, classmates and teachers, assembled for graduation. Despite everything, she had maintained her 4.0 grade point average after all, screwing most of the staff and faculty, men and women both—and nearly half the school as well, for no real reason except the pleasure of fucking itself. They all in turn were staring back avidly, most of them looking at her with open desire as clearly as the principal had been.

Feeling the eyes still on her despite some other nobody up there on the stage now, shaking hands and getting his diploma, Tiffany settled back into her seat, rubbing her thighs together uncomfortably. God, she hoped this thing would wrap up soon, she was so freaking horny. The graduation after party was sure to be... memorable.

It’ll be a shame to leave this all behind, she thought fondly, looking around again as her hand crept of its own accord down to the wetness between her legs, underneath the folds of her gown.

Still, she had a whole college career to look forward to...