The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

In His Own Sex Land

Here are all the usual disclaimers. You must be over 18 to read this! This story is pure fiction! You have been warned! This is for adults only!

(This is one of the rare stories I wrote at the request of a reader. The ideas were fleshed out and the writing followed. It contains altered dialogue suggested by a Mistress. Any resemblance to characters or places is purely coincidental.)

“You are a bit early today, Mr. Dunzel,” Dr. Preston said in a firm, matter-of-fact way. She strutted around in her lovely four inch, black heels. They were accompanied by her wonderful, shimmering silver-blue dress; the bottom of which barely covered her thighs and accentuated her splendid, well rounded butt. It was perfectly cradled by the tightness of her dress. Poor Mr. Dunzel, as always, he was mesmerized by the way she walked and talked; and carried herself in such a commanding way. Nevertheless, it was therapy; and Mr. Dunzel came a long way, a long way indeed.

“Yes, well when you said you had a new toy to test out, and an entirely new technique, I became so excited. I couldn’t wait to get here.” His puppy dog eyes began to bulge.

“I’ll bet. Now, we are going to take your dreams and your fantasies a bit farther. I have with me in this next room an isolation tank.”

“I don’t think I want to do this, Dr. Preston. I have heard that people can trip and even become insane if kept too long inside of these things.”

“Ah, true, but I hope you have come to trust me by now and realize I only have your best interests in mind.” Her stare was firm. It showed an intimate knowledge of her patient’s mind, and yet it conveyed an honesty that helped build a relationship which was strong.

“Well, I don’t know.” He said nervously. “I remember a movie…I think it was called ‘Altered States’. I certainly wouldn’t want to become some prehistoric ape-like man.”

“Nonsense,” she said, “that was just a movie, besides, we are not about to alter your body here, but we can make your dreams seem almost real. I like to call it ‘Sex Land’. Imagine a world of the sexual mind; a place where taboos and inhibitions just melt away. It is a place where you can forget about all those dark and suppressed recesses of the mind. You can then let your wonderful mind take over and create your landscape for you. The only difference is that I will control your dream. It won’t just take you to a dead end, like the time you dreamed of that girl sitting on your lap just waiting to give you a long deep kiss, then suddenly she vanished, and you found yourself running for your life from snakes. No, instead we will steer away from those snakes. I can filter out all the changes and let your dream take its natural course exactly where your subconscious mind wishes to go.”

“It sounds almost too good to be true, Dr. Preston.”

“What have I said about you calling me that? When we are relaxed, and informal, you may call me Tiffany.”

“Um, yes, sorry, Tiffany. You do realize that with this device you can control my mind?”

“Really now, Michael, don’t you realize that I already control your mind, surely you can see that, Mr. Dunzel.” Her stare seemed to go right through to his soul. She could always just stare him into submission if necessary.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me you need another demonstration right here and now bitch boy!” Her voice cut through him immediately. It was a very sharp, authoritative tone.

“Please, Dr. Preston, you now how I get when you start talking like that.”

“Yes I know, and we have found out. All I have to say is get down on your hands and knees, and crawl to me bitch boy…crawl to my lovely thighs and sit down between my legs…that’s it…just like the good little maggot that you really are! You can feel my power even now, can’t you, Mr. Dunzel. You have an almost need and compulsion to drop down to your knees and crawl like a little piggy to wherever I tell you to go, now isn’t that true?”

“Oh god, yes, please don’t talk like that. I can’t take it. You know what kind of effect it has on me.”

“Yes, it brings out the little submissive in you and frees your spirit. It lets me take control of you. So you see, Michael, I already control your mind, now don’t I?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“See, without even telling you to, almost like Pavlov’s dog, you have obeyed me by saying Mistress; even when I did not command it.”

“Okay, you have made your point. I love being controlled by you. You have already planted this tank idea in my head now, like you plant everything else, so how can I refuse you?”

“Simply don’t refuse me, but let me take you to the heights of your fantasy. We will explore it together.”

“Dr Preston, do you think I’m a bad person because I need and crave humiliation, especially by a strong and dominant woman who gets me excited sexually?” He blinks his eyes a few times.

She moved closer to him and put her hand on his chin and lifted it up so he was looking right into her penetrating eyes and said, “Of course not, darling, you have taken a large step in admitting what turns you on. Letting the truth out is far better then being a hypocrite, and suppressing it. I respect you a great deal for this. Suppressing your needs never solves anything. Of course needs must have limitations, but we can take them as far as we want as two consenting adults.”

“Very well then how does all of this work?”

“Well, it is quite complicated but simply put you will have a dream and it will develop into a hallucination. In actuality the dream will take over and seem quite real to you. You will be suspended in this water tank. Your feet will not touch bottom. Your arms will be secured as well as your feet so you will not sink or drown. Electrodes will be placed on your body so I can monitor your vital signs. I will induce the dream by using a relaxation state. I will use a simple hypnosis induction to get you relaxed and then I will speak to your mind through the headset that will pump my voice into your ears.”

“You seem to have planned this quite well, Tiffany.”

“Only the best for my little bitch boy!” She gave him a cunning stare.

“There is one thing you should know, however.” He became serious.

“Oh, and what is that?”

“I have never been able to, well, you know, get much of an erection in the water, so I am not so sure this test will go as well as you like.”

“That is not a problem, Michael. You see from the neck down you will be wearing a wet suit, and attached to the suit will be a form fit device that will go right over your tiny little penis. I sure hope I was able to find one small enough.” She said with a chuckle. “It will be sort of a chastity device except that it is actually a pump; and it will be pumping up an erection for you. It will pump out your sperm once you have properly developed an erection for me. I will also have cameras in the tank so we can see and measure everything that your little willie is doing.”

“But you said you will control my dream, how do you intend to do that?”

“Well I am going to need some help from my assistant, Stephanie. She will be here shortly.”

“I don’t know, I thought we agreed that whatever took place between you and I would be our own private, little secret.” He became uneasy.”

“Relax, Michael. I can’t do this completely alone. Monitors will need watching and I will be busy recording your actual dream.”

“What do you mean?” His nervousness grew some more.

“I have developed a technique by which I can take your brain waves and transfer them digitally on a monitor for viewing. Then I can actually see what is going on and record the data.”

“Look, I never agreed to that!” He said uneasily. “It sounds impossible to me.”

“No, it is not, Michael. Now, sit down!” The power of her voice and its tone made him immediately drop down. “Good boy,” she said, “by the way I got you a hot pink wet suit. I know how much you love the color pink. It was not easy getting that color made for you. Remember how soothing it was when you wore my pink panties and started making little cummies inside of them, hmm…do you remember?” Her voice became soft and sensual.

“Yes, I remember, but you also called me a sissy and that upset me.”

“It may have upset you but when I did it, it made you all the more excited and hard for me, didn’t it bitch boy…well didn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress, but you do understand that I am not gay just because I enjoyed wearing your panties.”

“We have been all through that, Michael. I agree, you simply love to look at my clothing and lingerie, and make squirties in them; but you must admit you enjoy when I call you those nasty, humiliating names, like sissy, now don’t you?” She spoke with more of a confirmation than a need for an answer.

“Yes, Tiffany, I did enjoy it.”

“Don’t be ashamed now, Michael. I love panty boys, they are so much fun!”

“There is something I don’t understand though, Dr. Preston.”

“What is that?”

“Well, with all this stuff, I mean the contraptions and all, won’t I feel a bit heavier then I should be in the tank? After all, isn’t it supposed to make me feel so light that I can’t feel much of my body after a while?”

“Yes, you do have a point there. I have thought about that quite a bit and I have decided to give you something. It will numb you for a little bit just until you get to the very relaxed stage. It will not last long and by then you will slip into that nothing feeling; and then all that will remain is your fertile mind for me to play with.” She smiled.

“I’m afraid.” He confessed.

“Michael, look at me. Do you trust me?”

“I trust you, but you wouldn’t really hurt me in any way would you?” His fear turned into beads of sweat across his forehead.

“No, I will never hurt you. I may act like a bitch and a total controlling mistress to you, but that is all. I will even role play your fantasies and give you release, but I have no intention of hurting you or destroying you in any way, shape or form. If the outcome of this experiment brings a negative effect on you, then it will never be done again. There is this risk, however, and you must sign and agree to this or we will not continue. Do you understand?” She brought over the waiver form.

“All right then, I agree to it, but I am not so comfortable with you having an assistant watch all of this.” He signed the form.

“Don’t worry…she will treat this strictly in confidence as I do. You have not yet asked me how I plan to manipulate your mind.” She suggested.

“I guess I was afraid to ask.” He gave her a childish smile.

“I am going to use nanites.”

“What is that?”

“Well they are tiny and microscopic, sort of like programmed cells. They are so small they can be injected into your brain. They will sort of act like a parasite that is wrapping itself around your cerebral cortex, they will, in effect, control your brain as I give you commands. They will boost my commands and help direct your dream as you would really wish it to go. Of course I am not sure this will work, so that is why you are my little guinea pig. The other devices connected to your head will pick up signals coming from the nanites and transmit them to me. We will have to capture things from the right hemisphere of your brain, maybe a little of the left, and of course from your limbic system and your frontal lobes. Perhaps the hypothalamus can be of some use here, we will see.”

“Okay, we have spoken enough about this. When do we begin?”

“Well in just a few minutes, Michael. Now why don’t you go in that room and strip down to your undies like a good boy.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He answered as if answering his Mother.

Just then Stephanie arrived. She was quite eager to assist Dr. Preston and said, “Hello, Dr. Preston, thank you for calling me in on this one. I look forward to working with you.” She adjusted her lab coat.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Stephanie. I couldn’t think of anyone else I trust as much to help me in this endeavor.”

“So, where is our eager little pervert?” She said with a smile.

“Now, Stephanie, go easy, he is very self conscious; especially of your presence here.”

“Well he won’t be once he sees this.” She opened her lab coat to reveal a hot red, leather corset with thigh high stockings and a garter belt.

“Well I see you come prepared.” Tiffany said with a wink.

“Well, you told me he will be looking at us from the tank and that it would help to stimulate him.” She giggled.

“How right you are, and such a stimulating outfit it is; that reminds me, I have to go put my outfit on now. Help the dear into his wet suit while I get ready, would you?”

“But of course, Dr. Preston.” Stephanie banged on the door of the changing room and said, “Come along now, Mr. Dunzel, I have been instructed to put you in your wet suit, so be a good boy and stop playing in there.” She laughed.

He came out and said, “I was not playing in there, ah…um, what is your name again?”

“My name is Stephanie. I see you still have on your briefs. We won’t need them, so please take them off.” She looked right into his eyes and then lowered them in anticipation of seeing his member.

He felt a bit fluxed and said, “But Dr. Preston said just my undies.” His face turned red.

“I am sure she did, but you are going to have to take them off anyway. We don’t need them in the suit, so be a good boy now and just remove them. Look I am a professional.” She gave him a reassuring smile. It was like a cunning little coax.

He slowly pulled down his shorts while feeling quite awkward. He put his two hands over his crotch to cover up. He was kind of looking down at the floor.

“There, there, Mr. Dunzel, I have seen it all before, now there is nothing to worry about, so just drop your hands at your sides and let me see the prize.” She smirked.

“But…” She interrupted him.

“Now, now, we don’t want to be a bad little patient do we, hem?”

“No,” he said, and with that remark down come his nervous hands. He had done it so many times with Dr. Preston, but this was someone new; a complete stranger. He felt uneasy.

“There you go, see, now that wasn’t too hard was it.” She laughed and said, “Oh my, you poor dear, no wonder you have come here for sex therapy. Now let us just slip on your little wetsy outfit. Nice, pretty pink, the color suits you.” She unzipped it and started to slide the legs up on his body, she was careful to go slow as she adjusted the little tube which would be used to capture his spunk. She said, “See, this is to cover up that nasty little thing for when it wants to make a puddle!” She remembered to use little phrases designed to stimulate his fragile ego and sex drive. They were humiliation techniques.

“What a good little boy, see all done.” She said with a chuckle as if he were a baby.

“Well, I see you are in good hands here.” Dr. Preston said. She is spectacularly laid out in a gold and black leather bustier. She has on black stockings and a garter belt with splendid, long, black boots. I take it you like my outfit, Mr. Dunzel?” She suggested.

“Yes Misstr…um, I mean yes, Dr. Preston.” She smiled at him as he almost said Mistress Tiffany, but caught himself.

“Very good…now, it is time to go into the tank and say bye bye for a while.”

He is helped into the tank and strapped down appropriately by the two women. They make constant adjustments to the electrodes and straps. The water temperature is checked to assure that just right. He is properly secured and unable to move about too much. He felt the water blend into his body. After a few minutes of this they placed the light weight, water proof head set to his ears. Soon he would be able to hear nothing but the sound of his lovely Princess’s voice, Dr. Preston. He learned to think of her this way from role play games. She was to be assisted by Stephanie, who would tell him how to respond to her; but only for the first few minutes until his mind was captured and he could start doing it on his own.

“Now remember, Stephanie, we will be working from a brief script he wrote on his own just to take him down into his fantasy and hopefully the nanites I injected him with will have their affect; and then we may be able to capture all of this on the monitor and then to the tape and disc.”

“I think it is absolutely brilliant that you were able to design all of this. You really have no idea what power you will have if this works, Doctor.”

“Oh, but I do Stephanie, oh yes I do. Okay it is time to start the induction. He is starting to look a bit starry-eyed. The injection is probably starting to take effect.” She picked up the microphone and began, “Well now, Mr. Dunzel, all snug as a bug in a rug I’d say. You like looking at us don’t you, Michael?” He could see them on the small monitor above his head attached to the lid of the tank.

“Yes.” He said. They picked up his voice from the microphone inside the tank.

“Good, we want you to watch, just keep watching and staring, look at us, look at our lovely bodies, all dolled up just for you, Michael…just for you.” She whispered the ending of her last sentence.

“Now, Michael, close your eyes and picture and imagine a wonderful giant sun, and a beautiful stretch of beach. It seems to go on forever. You are walking down that beach and you can see the beautiful, calm, and wonderful sea just waiting for you. As you approach you can feel the lovely warm breeze blow slowly across your face, chest, arms and legs. You take the air deep into your lungs. You breathe in and out, slowly now. Three times, Michael, in and out, slowly now. In and out, and in and out. That’s it take all that air deep into your lungs and breathe in and out, and in and out now, slowly now. The more you breathe in the more you breathe out, the more you breathe in the more you breathe out. Now you find that you are walking and your legs are becoming quite heavy. The sea seems so close and you want to get there but for some reason the closer you get the farther it becomes. You so desperately want to get to the sea to cool off your body and rest in the nice gentle sea; but your legs are heavy, and your body grows limp and lazy. You feel yourself sinking down into the sand; and the more you try to walk the deeper into the sand your legs go. Yes, Michael they go so deep down into the sand. You feel so heavy now. You must simply let go, Michael, that’s it, let go. The sea is too far for you. It is much too far for you now. It seems infinite and you must relax deeply into the sand. It will cradle you like lover’s arms. So you must go deep down into the sand and close your eyes, Michael, yes that’s it, close your eyes and sleep deep now…sleep Michael, sleep.” The monitor above his head was shut off.

She lets him sleep for a few minutes. Mr. Dunzel finds himself completely enveloped by Dr. Preston’s voice. She is his only world now, along with the sand and the sea.

She pressed on, “You will open your eyes now, Michael, but you will remain asleep; however, you must always listen and obey my voice, do you understand?

“Yes Mistress Tiffany, I understand.”

Stephanie shut off the mic and said, “Mistress, huh?” She smiled.

“Well, yes, he has been conditioned to respond to me with Mistress or Princess. Now, shush.” Tiffany turned the mic back on and said, “You can suddenly see the sea. It is all around you, Michael. There is no more sand. You are floating, gently, and easily in the sea. You no longer feel heavy, but light. You are floating without fear but happiness. You will continue to float in the sea. Now I am about to say things to you and you will respond with answers that Stephanie gives you until you feel you can answer them on your own. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, Mistress.”

“Good, we shall begin shortly.”

“Okay now turn on your microphone, Stephanie, and will we begin with the script, start with the phone ring recording.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

(Phone Rings)

:Lingerie Land, May I help you.


(Stephanie whispers and he repeats) Yes, I would like to return some items that my wife ordered.


:Name please.


(Stephanie whispers and he repeats) Oh, um yes, it is under Mrs. Dunzel.


:What is your wife’s first name?


(Stephanie whispers and he repeats) Margaret.


:Yes, I have the order here, was that the twelve pairs of panties in different colors?


(Stephanie whispers and he repeats) Ah, yes.


:Is there something wrong with them.


(Stephanie whispers and he repeats) Well, no, just, I guess she wants to return them.


:I’m sorry, Sir, but those are sale items and unless they are damaged we don’t accept returns.


But they haven’t even been opened.

Dr. Preston tapped on Stephanie’s shoulder indicating that she could stop since he was now responding on his own.


:It doesn’t matter if they have been opened or not, unless you are exchanging them for a different size, we can do that but we can’t take them back, sorry.


Look here, my wife just wants to return them, and I don’t understand what the problem is?


:I have already explained to you, Sir, they are non-refundable and non- returnable items.


What is your name?


:Tiffany, Sir


You are obviously incompetent. I would like to speak to a supervisor please.


:You don’t need to speak to a supervisor, Mr. Dunzel. They will just tell you the same thing that I told you.


Look Miss, I demand to speak to a supervisor now!




What did you say?


:You heard me, dirt bag, I said no!


What did you call me?


:You heard me, asshole. I said no!


You are going to lose your job for this. You do realize this?


:Now way, I am not letting you speak to a supervisor so that I lose my job. By the way, nobody calls me incompetent, you piece of shit.


You’t talk to me that way.


:I just cccccc…did. What is the matter you don’t know how to speak?


How dare you?


:Shut the fuck up, bitch!


(stunned silence)


:Yeah, that’s right. Now I’ll bet your wife didn’t even order these did she?


What are you saying? Of course she did.


:So why didn’t she call me back asshole?


Look, she told me to take care of it.


:I’ll bet. So have you looked inside…have you been peaking at your wife’s panties you little fuck?


No, of course not.


:Why not, maggot, I bet you got the smallest cock in the world, shit heads like you always do anyway. (Authoritative Voice) Don’t you just want to try on a pair? I’ll bet you do. (Sexy voice) Hmmm, awe, come on just one pair. I bet you can almost feel how soft they would be on your pathetic little cock?




:Please what, maggot dick, am I wrong?


What makes you think I am small?


:Big mouth fuckers usually have small peckers. You do don’t you?


Please…I think… (Interrupted)


:You think what, dickhead? Just fucking tell me okay, how big is it?


Um, um, okay it is small, okay.


:How fucking big? Don’t make me ask you the question twice, maggot!


Um…um… um… it is well, it is 3 and half inches.


:(Laughing) Oh my god, is that fully erect or flaccid?


Um…fully erect.


:(Hysterically laughing now) You fucking worthless piece of shit. You couldn’t please anyone with a dick that small. You got a girlie cock, more like a clitty. What a fucking retard. I’ll bet wifey is getting it on the side and you don’t even know about it. You got a dicklet. It’s not even as large as a young boy’s cock. (Laughing) You are a pathetic excuse of a man. You know that?


Please Miss.


:Awe, is the little dicklet going to cry on me, hmmmm? Are you going to cry little cum stain? I’ll bet you are almost pissing yourself now.


(almost in tears)


:Oh yes, I can tell, you’re an insignificant fuck stain on the bed sheets of life. Now, open the box, and take out a nice pair of hot pink panties.


Please Miss, I…I can’t….


:The correct answer is Mistress, remember that you little fuck. Now you are going to put on your wife’s brand new panties, just pretend you are modeling for me; now open the fucking box, maggot!


Y…yyyyes Mistress.


:Okay little cum stain. Take them out and feel them, pull down your pants and undies, so you can slip them on that insignificant dicklet you have hiding under there, do it now bitch boy!


(Moaning) ohhh emmm ohhh


:Okay now I want you to let out a nice piss in those panties for me. I want you to stain your wife’s panties for me. Go ahead piss in them.


Please, I cccc…can’t.


:Yes you can, dicklet. Just let it all out now.


Please Miss.


:Do what I fucking say. Have you ever just let it out like an accident?


Well, once, but only in the bed.


:What? You mean to tell me you wet your bed bitch boy. Was your wife there?


Um, well, yes, but it was only an accident.


:What a fucking loser, and what did she say?


She called me a big baby.


:I’ll bet she did. So you are a panty boy and a bed wetter too!


No, I mean, it only happened once.


:Do I fucking care…that means you are a bed wetter…so tell me, what are you?




:What the fuck are you bitch boy?


I am a bed wetter.


:Good boy (Laughing hard now). Have you done it bitch boy?




:Yes what?


Yes Mistress.


:So, tell me, what did you just do?


I…ummm….um…I pee peed in my wife’s panties.


:Fuck yeah. Look at you. Don’t you feel completely pathetic? You’re just a little fuck stain. Oh y…….eeeees, doesn’t that feel so nice and soft, dicklet. I’ll bet you love the feel of them on your little worm. That three inch dicklet is probably bulging some, but is it so small and insignificant that it hardly even shows. Now maggot, repeat after me; I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start.


Oh please.


:Say it dicklet, say it now!


I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start.


:(Laughing hysterically) That’s right now smack that little dicklet and say bad, bad pee pee…you’re just a big stall. Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just too small. Do it you maggot dick!


(Smacking it) Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just a big stall. Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just too small.


:Again, say it loud and clear, and smack it.


(Smacking it) Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just a big stall. Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just too small.


:(Laughing) That’s it you worthless, pin head, maggot. You are going to do that every day…morning and night from now on and smack it when you do it. I also want you to repeat your new happy wee wimpy phrase every day too, got it bitch?


Yes Mistress.


:I bet just about now you are ready to make a little fuck stain inside those lovely pink panties, right scumbag?


(Breathing heavy) Yessssss...yesssss.


:Go ahead cum stain. I want you to take two fingers and stroke on that little worm. You are going to make a nice little cum puddle in those brand new pink panties of your wife’s. Stroke it dicklet. That’s it nice strokes, rub rub rubbie….rubbie dickie and cummie for me. I want a nice cum stain in there, shoot that puddle now maggot! Make a squirtie for me! Wait you don’t deserve to fuck your fingers with that little thing. Rub it just like you would a clit. I want you to rub it. While you are rubbing it you will cum. I want you try and pump it while you rub and you will say…Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump. Now say it dicklet…say it and cum.


Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump.


:Again you little worm.


Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump.


:Keep saying it as you cum dicklet.


Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump.

(Sighs and moans and shoots).


:Did you make a nice cum puddle for Mistress?


Yes Mistress.


:So you got a nice little cum stain from your mosquito piss, right dicklet?


Yes Mistress


:Yes what? Tell me you worthless, pathetic, piece of shit?


I got a nice little cum stain in my panties, Mistress.


:(Laughing) What a maggot, what a fucking little worm. Now take them off and put them on your head, bitch boy!


(Begging) No please, I can’t, ppppplease!


:You better fucking do it you stupid little dick cause this entire fucking conversation has been recorded for training purposes. You know store rules and all that shit. Now put them on your fucking head, do it now!


(Moaning, groaning, almost in tears—puts them on his head).


:Got them on your head maggot?


Yes Mistress.


:Good boy! You’re a good little sissy who likes to shoot cummies in his wife’s panties. Now slap your little dicklet and say your mantras.


My what?


:You fucking idiot. How stupid can you be? The little phrases that I taught you. You know, I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start. Say them now!


I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start.


:(Laughing) Now the rest and slap that little dicklet when you say it.


(Smacking) Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just a big stall. Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just too small.


:Good boy. What a pathetic excuse of a man.


Yes Mistress, I am pathetic.


:Now do you realize how much your wife spent on these lovely panties, just to have you ruin one of them, hmmm? Speak up?


No Mistress.


:Well, figure it out dicklet, they were three dollars each and she bought twelve.


I don’t know something like thirty eight dollars.


:(Shocked) What? Are you an imbecile, don’t you know how to multiply you retard. It comes to thirty six dollars. Do you even know math, dicklet?


I was never very good in math. I am just not good at adding, subtracting and multiplying.


:What a fucking loser! I am going to test you what is 2 plus 2?


Oh please.


:Don’t tell me you can’t answer that fuck stain!


That is easy 4


:Yeaaaaayyy! He got one (laughing hysterically). Now a tougher one what is 8 times 2?


(Thinking) Um…um…ah…um 14


:You are the biggest loser I have ever seen. It is 16 you fucking, stupid, jerk! Can you at least recite your A B C’s?


Of course…I don’t need to do that.


:I think you do, prove it to me dicklet. Do the sing along style A B C’s, do it now or are you scared?


I’m not scared.


:Well then fucking do it maggot brain.


(Starts Singing) A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q S T U V… (Interrupted)


:Wait a minute shit brain. You forgot the L and the R. You don’t even know your A B C’s. You are a pathetic fuck stain on the bed sheets of life. You are the most stupid person I have ever met and the most ridiculous. And you wanted to go to my superior. I am your fucking superior, got it maggot?


Yes Mistress.


:Wait a minute, your voice sounds familiar. No it can’t be. You are not Professor Dunzel, of my college?


(Worried) Who is this?


:You know who the fuck I am. I am Tiffany. You keep failing me in your stupid philosophy class because you say my papers are too much sociology and not enough philosophy. You give me daggers almost every day for something, whether it is chewing gum or just plain mouthing off.


(Really worried now) No, you must be mistaken. I am someone else.


:I don’t know…your name and your voice sound like Professor Dunzel. I know I will check your wife’s order. I know where you live.


(Nervous Silence)


:Oh my god, it is you. Mr. Dunzel is a pansy little sissy that likes to wear panties and makes pissy cum stains in them. Oh my god I am going to have such fun with this and I got your class again tomorrow Professor Dunzel.


Please, Tiffany, don’t tell anyone about this. You don’t ever have to come to my class again; and I will pass you in all your classes. You won’t have to do anything? You work at this company?


:Of course I do, it is just some small change. It is part time but I work here. I have to make money to put myself through college. Now I’ve got your head on a platter, Professor Dunzel. Tomorrow you will wear another pair of panties, this time bright red, and be sure to wear them under those nice slacks of yours sissy.


(Panicking) Please don’t do this to me, Tiffany, ppppplease!


:Oh no, dicklet, we are going to have such fun in the classroom tomorrow. When the students come in you will immediately cancel class, saying you do not feel well. Then you lock the door until we arrive. You will then let us in. You see I am bringing all my cheerleader girlfriends with me to have a special class with you. I will see you then, and make sure you bring your sissy panties. You better be wearing them under your pants dicklet.

(Phone hangs up)

“That’s it.” Dr. Preston said as she turned off the microphone.

“What do you mean that’s it? We must continue, no?” Stephanie asked.

“No, that won’t be necessary; he has gone even deeper now. He is living the dream.

“He will be playing it out in his mind now. We must go and see what is happening on

the monitor. I sure hope this works.

“So do I, this plot is precious.” Stephanie reached down to sneak a touch at her clit while hoping the Doctor did not see. “I don’t see anything.” She said.

“Give it a few more minutes.” Tiffany said.

“Oh my god, something is happening.” Stephanie said with some excitement in her voice.

“See, I told you, it is working. Damn, I am good, it is really working!” Dr. Preston seemed to want to leap out of her skin.

“Shoot, we should have brought some popcorn to get ready for the show.” Stephanie laughed.

“Never mind that, look he is in the classroom. The sound seems to be kicking in now.”

“How did you ever manage both pictures and sound?”

“Well they are both coming from his mind and the nanites are doing the rest to enable all of this.”

“You are a genius, Dr. Preston!”

“Thank you, Stephanie, but for now, let’s just watch.”

“…And so class, I am going to have to cancel today’s meeting. We will pick up on Friedrich Nietzsche in our next session. Remember to write a two hundred word essay on your reactions to Nietzsche’s Superman. That is all.”

The students filed out, seemingly, quite happy about having to miss this class. They had become quite bored with the Professor’s lectures as of late and seemed to have other things on their mind, but so did Professor Dunzel. He slowly moved over to the door and locked it as ordered by Tiffany. He was nervous, almost overwhelmingly nervous. Here he was sitting in red panties underneath his black slacks while waiting for, who knew what. The clock seemed to tick off slowly as he waited almost as if his head was sitting in a guillotine ready to be chopped off. Time had suddenly slowed down as his nightmare was about to begin. Soon enough he heard some giggles and a light tapping at his classroom door. It was Tiffany and her cheerleader friends. They were twelve in all. He was practically shaking from fear.

“Good afternoon, Professor Dunzel.” Tiffany said. Many of the girls were dressed in mocking school girl outfits. They all had on frilly skirts and either halter tops, blouses, or sweaters. Others had on their cheerleader uniforms.

Tiffany moved to the front of the class and in back of Professor Dunzel’s desk. The other ladies were seated. They giggled knowingly, as if holding a secret. Tiffany made a gesture for Mr. Dunzel to stand up. She said, “Well class, today we are going to do something different. I am going to teach. Professor Dunzel, please move over to one of the front desks and sit down.”

He did so while almost crying out for her to stop. “Please Tiffany!” He said.

“I said go to the desk now, Mr. Dunzel!” He complied.

“Class, today we are going to play a game. Remember the times when we were in grammar school and had show and tell?” All the girls nodded or said yes in agreement. She continued, “Well, today, Mr. Dunzel is going to show and tell for us.” She laughed. “You see Professor Dunzel has a dark little secret he wants to share with all of us. You may come up here now and face the class, Professor. Hurry now!” She waved her hand at him as if he was a little school boy. He made his way in front of the class but still faced her. “Good, now, turn around and face the class. Stand up straight! You must maintain good posture at all times! Attention everyone, Mr. Dunzel has something he wants to say to all of you, now don’t you Mr. Dunzel?” Tiffany had fire in her voice as she stared at him with unflinching eyes.

“Oh, please no, Tiffany, just stop this now.” He begged.

“Now, Professor…or shall I tell the entire school about you?” She smiled.

“I….um…I…I…I oh, I am wearing panties under my slacks.” All the girls busted out into laughter.”

“And what have you done in your little wifey’s panties, Mr. Dunzel? Come on tell the class.” She goaded him on.

“I, well, um, I sort of…I well…I pissed and came in them.” There were snickers and smiles from all the girls in the classroom.”

“Oh my god, you little pervert!” Ashley said while holding up her camcorder to record everything for posterity.

“Yes it is all true, class. I made him do that just yesterday. The little prick thought he would get all tough on me and threaten my job, but I cut him down like the maggot he really is. Now look into the camera, Mr. Dunzel, or should I call you dicklet?” She laughed. “That’s right, give them a nice big smile, and pull down your slacks. Show everyone that I am not lying. Come on now dicklet, and smile for Ashley’s camera.”

He slowly pulled down his slacks and lets them dangle at his ankles revealing a nice shiny pair of red panties. The slight bulge in the middle of them was clearly visible as was a tiny precum stain. Laughs and cheers came right and left from the ladies.

“Now, everyone, do you see. Mr. Dunzel, I want you to recite your little mantra I taught you, and be sure to say it nice and clear for the camcorder. Go on, begin!”

“I can’t, please Tiffany; you had your fun, please, no more.” He said.

“My god, this is awesome.” Stephanie said. “I can’t tell you how many times I have fantasized about putting one of my professors from college into such a sticky situation. This boy has talent, Doctor, what a fertile imagination. He is deep into humiliation, isn’t he?”

“Yes, it is the strongest part of his submission. Just think we are actually getting to see all of this!”

“Stop your whining and begging! I want you to recite your mantra this instant, dicklet! Do you understand me?” Tiffany shouted out at him.

He struggled under the pressure to remember it but slowly and surely he started to blurt it out and said, “I’m…uh….um…I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start.

All the girls started to giggle again. They were practically rolling in the isles.

“I want you to start again, dicklet, and much louder and clearer this time. I could hardly even hear you. Now louder for the class! You must have proper speech at all times, Professor, now say it again!”

“I’m wee wimpy wee wee with a pissy little pee pee. I’m a sissy little fart whose dick can’t even start.” Tiffany laughed and cheered along with all the other girls. She said, “Very good, wee wimpy, good little dicklet. Now show them what you are to do and say next, go on…remember these are your exercises. You see class I taught him to do them every morning and every night. I know it has only been one day but I really do think he will do it. Continue now, wee wimpy!” She instructed him.

He started to slap his cock which was resting inside of the panties and said, “Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just a big stall. Bad, bad pee pee…you’re just too small.” The laughter became so loud that some of the girls could hardly contain themselves.

“My lord, Tiffany,” Stacie said, “what have you done to the poor thing? How did you get him to do all of this?”

“It was easy, wasn’t it sissy?” She said sarcastically. You see everybody, now he is my fucking slave.” She laughed wildly.

“Well, do we get to see his little pee pee with my camcorder?” Ashley asked.

“You heard the lady, dicklet, pull those panties down just below your tiny pee pee and show them how manly you are.” Tiffany said with sarcasm.

He pulled them down as ordered revealing a very tiny cock. The girls went hysterical as they strained their eyes to see how small it was.

“Okay, bitch boy, show them how you make love. You see class; it is way too small for his entire hand so he makes love to his two fingers. Go ahead, fuck stain, you know you want to. Go ahead and stroke that pathetic excuse for a cock. Show them how you do it when your wife is not around, Professor. After all you can’t disappoint your panties, you have to please them and squirt a nice mess in them or they will be dissatisfied with you.” Tiffany laughed and all the girls broke out into another laughing binge along with her. He stroked and stroked but to no avail.

“Does anyone know what size he really is?” Shauna asked.

“Yes he does ladies,” Tiffany said, “but let’s measure for sure. Megan, please bring up that yard stick I told you to take. We are going to measure it. Go ahead and take his cock, now stretch it out as far as it will go and line it up with the yard stick.” Shauna did so and blurted out that it was a little over three and a half inches. More hysteria consumed the girls.”

“My god, that does not even qualify for a boy’s cock. He is absolutely pathetic!” Rachel said.

“See that, Mr. Dunzel,” Tiffany said, “you are hardly a man, just a tiny insignificant toad stool. You only have a baby mushroom there. Now be a good boy and stick your thumb in your mouth for us.” He did so. She said, “Good boy, good boy, suck on that fingie! Ha, ha, ha! Now say goo goo, ga ga; goo goo, ga ga…”

He responded, “Goo goo, ga ga; goo goo, ga ga,” and repeated it over and over again.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, make him put his little wee wee away. It is just too small, disgusting and useless.” Monica said with a wry smile.

“I don’t understand, Dr. Preston. His cock is so small here on the screen and they are all laughing at him, but as the tube is sucking him I have observed the marker. His cock is measuring to almost the eight inch mark. It is anything but three and half inches.” Stephanie said.

“I know,” Dr. Preston said, “you see, his fantasy is to be so small that he is ridiculed by these young women. Somehow all of this gets him hard and turned on. It is difficult to understand why humiliation affects him so strongly. Perhaps something happened in his childhood, something very embarrassing; and yet it unwittingly turned him on, and he has craved it ever since.”

“Well I for one wouldn’t mind riding that cock!”

“Now, now, Stephanie, such unprofessional behavior. Me too!” She smiled.

“Okay dicklet, put it back in your panties now,” Tiffany said. We are going to show everyone the other little trick I taught you. Remember, girls rub themselves. They take their fingers and rub them around down there. Now, dicklet, rub! Remember you are to pump it by rubbing.” He begins to rub it with his fingers up and down.

“Now, remember to say…Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump.” As she instructed him to say it more hysterics began. The girls actually had tears of laughter.

“Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump!” He said.

“Again!” She said.

“Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump!”


“Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump!”


“Pump, pump, pump, tiny pee pee needs to hump. Pump, pump, pump, I hate my little stump!”

She continued to make him do it for a while until he was almost ready to fall down from weak legs. He felt as if he was almost about to come. The she said, “Okay, enough, Professor Dunzel. Now I am sure all my friends would agree that you have been a naughty little boy here, and naughty little boys need to be punished. I am sure you can remember, and we all can, can’t we girls?” She pointed to the class and continued, “When we were bad in school we had to go up on the chalkboard and write things. So, Mr. Dunzel, I want you to go up to this whiteboard and write down a hundred times that Professor Dunzel, pee pee pants, will not shoot piss or make cum stains in his wife’s panties anymore. Go on, hop to it, Professor. I also want you say it out loud as you write it.”

He began to write and said out loud, “Professor Dunzel, pee pee pants, will not shoot piss or make cum stains in his wife’s panties anymore.

“Now, Megan, come up here and pull down his panties while he is doing this. I want you to spank him with the yard stick right on his butt. Now every time she spanks you, wee wimpy, you are to say one, thank you Mistress and so on. Go ahead Megan, begin; and don’t forget to keep writing and saying your phrase as well.”

Megan moved up behind him and started spanking his butt. He took it and said, “One, thank you Mistress. Two, thank you Mistress…” and this went on until a rhythm developed and he said his punishment phrase followed by a spank, count and thank you; and then his phrase again, and so forth and so forth. Soon she was up to twenty five and he could hardly hold back his tears. He was beginning to buckle at the knees.

“Okay, enough…perhaps one hundred is too much.” Tiffany said as she stopped Megan at twenty five. His writing on the whiteboard was such a nervous scroll that it could hardly be made out. She said, “Now, dicklet, I want you to get down on your hands and your knees and crawl between each isle. As you do so you are to put your head down in acknowledgement of the superior sex. You will sniff each of my friend’s skirts and let them spank your ass as you pass them by. Once you are done you will crawl back up here and stand up at attention. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He said.

“What is the proper response, bitch boy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Very good, now get to it shit head!”

He got down on his hands and knees and began to crawl around on the floor like a little baby. He did exactly as Tiffany ordered him to do. He awaited each smack from every girl in the classroom. Some of the girls give him a mock ‘goo goo and ga ga’ as he kept going and going until they were all done. He then crawled back to the front of the classroom and awaited her next command.

“Very good, Professor Dunzel. Well ladies, I guess that is all for the lesson today. Class dismissed.” The girls all started giggling and laughing in unison as they unlocked the classroom door and left. They all left except Ashley and Megan.

“So, you got it all?” Tiffany asked.

“Yep.” Ashley said.

“Well then that means he is ours for the rest of his life.” Megan said.

“Or at least until we grow bored of him.” Tiffany said and they all chuckled. “Now, Professor, you are to meet us in the locker rooms at 6pm tomorrow. There is usually no one there at that time, since our cheerleader practice ends by 5 o’clock. Be sure to wear some nice fresh panties for us, dicklet, now get the fuck out of my class!” All the girls broke out in laughter again. He ran out of the classroom as if he was a puppy dog with his tail between his legs.

That night Professor Dunzel had a very hard time sleeping. His thoughts rambled on about the day’s events and all the humiliating circumstances that he had been in. He thought, “Oh why, oh why did I have to do that for my wife and call up that company!” He knew he made grave mistake, but there was no taking it back now. He could only try and think about whether or not there was a way out of it. At the moment he seemed to be in the hands of a bunch of twenty year old girls who had nothing but distain and enjoyment at his ugly predicament. He also started to realize he was slowly being conditioned to respond to Tiffany in just the way she wanted him to be. He had fallen into the pit of starting to need and crave what she was doing to him. He was restless all night and all day until the new horror hour of 6pm would start it all over again. By 4 o’clock he was a real bundle of nerves. He received a phone call from, Tiffany, who said,

“Hello, maggot, how is little dicklet hanging?”

“Please stop this, Tiffany.” He said.

“Oh, no, I don’t think so wee wimpy. Now give me your wife’s cell phone number.”

“What? I can’t do that. Please, you can’t tell her what is going on!” His voice sounded frantic.

“We have something special planned for your wife. Now you better give me the number or else!” Her tone was angry and scary. He acquiesced to her and gave her the phone number.

“Good boy. Now, I want you to wear bright yellow panties to our special soiree today, and be prompt, dicklet, I don’t like tardiness.” She hung up. He got ready for what was sure to be another bad ride. After getting dressed the clock finally ticked down enough for him to get in his car and drive. It wasn’t long before he arrived and headed for the locker rooms. He moved very slowly and carefully so as not to be see by anyone.

He knocked gently on the locker room door. He was especially careful not to let anyone see him as he snuck down into that area of the campus. There was no answer so he knocked again. He knew they were in there enjoying his humiliation. He could hear them giggling.

Tiffany opened the door and quickly pulled him in and then locked it again. She said, “Down on the floor where you belong you little worm!” She practically tossed him down to the hard cold floor. All three girls were wearing cheerleader outfits. They each had on tight gold and white sweaters with special pleated skirts in golden yellow. There were even gold and white pom poms sitting on some of the benches. Tiffany was chewing bubble gum very hard and she was blowing some bubbles.

“Okay now, maggot, up on your knees and be sure to face us.” She said. All the while Ashley was there recording it all again. Tiffany moved real close to Professor Dunzel’s face and blew a bubble right in it. She said, “Remember when I had my first day in your class. You came over to my desk and put your hand out like I was a little kid and asked me to spit out my gum…of course you remember!” She slapped his face and continued, “It was quite humiliating to have that done to me in front of all my peers. You said no one chews gum in my class, and you were quite smug about it. So now it is time to return the humiliation. Put out your hand, Mr. Dunzel, just the way you did in class so I can spit my gum out into your hand.” He did so. She proceeded, “Good boy, only this time you are not going to toss it in the garbage can. Now open your fucking mouth and tilt your head back. That’s it, wider bitch! Now take that gum and put it right in your mouth. I have been chewing it for the last hour or so and it is nice and wet from my mouth. Now, dicklet, close your mouth and chew.” She helped push his jaw back together and pinched his nose and jaw to make him chew. “That’s it Professor, chew, chew it good. You love my bubble gum now!” They all started laughing.

“Open!” She said. “Open that fucking mouth nice and wide now so I can spit in it.” She leaned over to him and spit right into his mouth. She said, “Now close your mouth and swirl it around for me, that’s right. Now I want you to swallow that spit and my gum. You…are now the garbage can, Professor Dunzel.” She laughed long and loud and so did her friends.

He started gurgling on the phlegm a bit, “Grrrrghh,” went the sound as he swallowed. Her spit and gum were now in his belly.

“Okay, maggot, time to recite your mantras again.”

He did so seemingly eager to please his new Mistress. He could only hope that she would get it all out of her system and finally leave him alone. Once he finished with his now conditioned sing-along phrases, she sprang another surprise on him.

“Do you like our cheerleader outfits, Mr. Dunzel? I bet you do. I bet you love them so much that you wish you were wearing one yourself…but of course you do!” She said with sarcasm. “Well today your dream is going to come true. Megan, go get our new cheerleader an outfit.”

“Tiffany, please stop this now, please!” He pleaded but to no avail.

Megan came back with a cheerleader outfit. They took off his clothes and put it on him. They even make him pucker up his lips so they could apply some lipstick to add to his humiliation. He looked cute but ridiculous in a very tight cheerleader suit with fake boobies and his arms outstretched with pom poms in his hands.

“Now, Professor Dunzel, we are going to do our cheers.” Tiffany smiled and gave him a fake wink. She and Megan started to do mock cheers to show him how it was done. They started bending and stretching. They did legs splits as they cheered and sung, “Hey, hey what do you say…I just want to masturbate. Whoa, whoa what do you know…my little dicklet is about to blow. Cheers, cheers, watch my willie…I can’t see it…it’s so silly. Tears, tears, watch me cry…I have a dick as small as a fly. Give me a D. Give me an I. Give me a C. Give me a K. Give me an L. Give me an E. Give me a T….Yeaaaaaaay DICKLET…yeaaaaaay DICKLET. Smaaaaaaaaal DICKLET...smaaaaaaaal DICKLET.”

The girls laughed and giggled. Then they made him do those cheers. They made sure he kept repeating them over and over again until he got them completely right. Then he was finally permitted to stop. That was when Tiffany came over to him and took a leash out of one of the lockers. She placed it around his neck and said, “Down now piggy.” He got down on the floor and she began to walk him around on the floor. She said, “Squeal for me piggy, give me a nice long squeal!”

He obeyed and sounded off, “Oink, oink, oink.”

“Not like that piggy. I said squeal like a real piggy!” She tugged back on his leash and said, “Do it like this, go weeeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeeeee! Now you try it.”

“Weeeeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeeeee.” He yelled out.

Tiffany poured it on and said, “Good little piggy. Here piggy, piggy…here piggy.” Once again as Tiffany laughed and both Ashley and Megan soon joined in the chorus. She then took out a small foam pillow and placed it on the floor. She guided him down on to it and said, “Now my girlfriends and I took a bet that you would or would not be able to come in 30 seconds while humping this pillow on the floor. I say you can’t and they say you can. If I win we continue to enslave you. If they win the bet and you come, then you are free; and we will never bother you again.” Megan handed her a stopwatch while Ashley continued to eagerly film it all.

“Now lift up your skirt, bitch boy. That’s it, hike it up like you were about to display your pussy for us. Well, well, you think you have a diiii…ick; but you have a three inch cliiii…it. Now you are going hump that pillow and pretend it is your punishment pad. Yes, that’s it; we will call it your punishment pad. Tell me maggot, what are you on?”

“I’m on my punishment pad.”

“Good boy. You have 30 seconds to hump that pad and come. Ready, on the count of three. One, two, three…go.” The girls laughed at his predicament. Tiffany knew it would be very hard for him to come that quickly; and the other girls, deep down, suspected the same. He was humping and humping as hard as he could. He was humping like his life depended on it; but no matter how hard he humped it, he just couldn’t come. He might have been able to do it if they allowed him to jerk off with his hand but not this way. It was just not enough time to hump a pillow and make a cummie stain on it. He had lost and Tiffany won the bet.

“I win, I win, I win!” She said with a giggle. “Okay girls, little maggot here is still our slave and it is time to get ready for the club.” His eyes bulged out as he heard the word club. She said, “Now, Megan, are you sure it is a ladies only club?”

“Yes, of course, in fact I have gotten laid a few times afterwards.” She said.

“Hey, this is not a gay club is it?” Ashley asked.

“No, silly,’ Megan said, “it is a special club that has black box rooms with windows all around and men are displayed doing things there. Most of them are strippers, gigolos, or even would-be porn stars making a living by pleasing women with their performances.”

“Oh, okay.” Ashley said.

“Ladies, we are going to have some fun tonight.” Tiffany said. “Take Professor dicklet here and get him cleaned up in the showers while I make a phone call.

“How are his vital sounds?” Dr. Preston asked.

“His heart is racing and so is his pulse, but nothing dangerous. He is obviously having lots of fun here.” Stephanie replied.

“Well that is pretty clear. The machine has milked him several times already.” They turned back to continue watching the show.

Tiffany picked up her cell phone and made a call. She said, “Hello is this Mrs. Dunzel?”

“Yes, this is Mrs. Dunzel, who is this?”

“Oh you don’t know me, Mrs. Dunzel, but I have interesting news to tell you about your husband.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I can’t really just tell you. I need to show you. Meet me at Club Pleasure Dome on 320…” she gave her the rest of the address and said, “Please be there at 8pm sharp. A seat has been reserved for you. When you get there ask for Tiffany’s table.” She hung up.

“Wait a minute, who is this?” Mrs. Dunzel asked, but the line went dead.

Club Pleasure Dome was a place where women could get to enjoy the bodies of men and a few other things. True it was not a sex haven, but often connections were made that could lead to just that. The place got the usual run of lonely housewives, business women, secretaries, and teacher’s etc. They came from all over to get in on the fun. The cost was one hundred dollars per hour and the first two drinks were on the house. It was not bad when you considered all the sex shows that the men and women put on for them. It was not a lesbian club or just a male stripper’s club either. However, the men performed for the women in different erotic dances and role play skits all designed to titillate and enhance the ambience of the club. There was even a dance floor. The room had two levels with the dance floor on the bottom and the shows on the top. The room itself was completely round with a dome ceiling. On the top floor were twelve windows surrounding the tables that the women sat next to. The services were all done by men, there were no waitresses here; and they were dressed sexily clad to show off their bodies and pull in those extra tips. Some of the shows just had men performing while others had men and women performing. They performed in each of the twelve windows; however, they were usually limited to three windows per hour and usually all three windows performed simultaneously, adding variety. The windows were live but other windows were also open so that live performances could be piped into giant screens so everyone got to see the view. There was an extra charge of fifty dollars to be seated in front of a live window. The background was a black box type of setting inside the windows. Lighting was used artfully to bring out the best in the performances. Shows ranged from erotic dancing; to stripping; to mock role play sex fantasies; and by the time they were done it usually had that horny effect on the lovely ladies in the audience. Often, and on hour cards that were passed out, massage and escort services were made available in case a fine lady wanted to explore other things. All in all it was a chance for a woman to just let go and feel downright decadent.

Little did Mrs. Dunzel realize that she would soon be the benefactor of a very interesting performance. She arrived on time at 8 o’clock and was pretty pissed off. She strolled into the place and asked for Tiffany’s table. She was escorted by a handsome man to the top floor. Her bill had already been taken care of and the first performance was about to begin.

She sat down at the table and said, “Okay now which one of you bitches is Tiffany?”

“That would be me,” Tiffany said without the slightest hesitation.

“Okay, now my husband, where is he and what is going on here?”

“There is nothing to worry about, Mrs. Dunzel. You will see your husband shortly. Why don’t you have a drink and just sit back and relax. The shows are about to begin.”

“Young lady, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this ever. I just want to know where my husband is at. I had no idea a place like this even existed.” She sipped some wine and felt extremely flushed. The hot bodies prancing around in the place already set off some waves of sexual energy for her. She tried to compose herself.

“Well, places like this do exist,” Tiffany said, “and for your own good, you should really frequent a place like this more often.”

Suddenly the lights got dim and a female voice came over the speakers and said, “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, ladies. You are about to witness raw energy and thrills of delight. Some thrills may even disgust you, but we guarantee you will be amused.” Suddenly some dance music started up and the first window lit up. The voice continued, “Here in window number one we have a fine example of a wonderfully carved out body, even if I say so myself. It is a rather large and beautiful cock. His name is Jonathan Long, ladies, and he is about to dance up a storm for us. Witness the lovely lines and wonderful abs. He is a hunk for sure and he is dancing for you ladies. Today he is your fantasy man. Go ahead Jonathan; show them what a real man looks like. He is a hotty isn’t he ladies. Oh yes, stroke that magnificent ten inch cock for the lovely ladies. Remember ladies this man is single.” The women are mesmerized as he struts his stuff and dances and shakes his butt and shows off his cock. His mock strokes added a touch and the ladies’ mouths watered. Fantasies were envisioned and each lady was thinking of her own. He moved and rocked to the music; and once again the voice boomed over the speakers, “And now we move to window number two for something completely different. As you can see our Mistress dressed in black is having her way with her trained little doggie…oops…that is not a dog, that is a man and he is even wearing a tail. Let’s pump up the volume in the window ladies so we can hear.

“No, no, you must shake your tail as you walk so all the ladies can see what you are little doggie.” The woman in the window said as she pulled him on a leash. He was pulled around on his hands and knees. She was making him prance around for all to see. “How about a bark, little doggie!” She commanded.

“Woof, woof, woof.” He barked. He crawled around in total humiliation with a large leather collar and leash taking him all over the place. She led him to a prop that was a tree. She said, “Now be a good boy and do your wee wee.” He lifted up his left leg and pretended to piss all over the tree like a real dog. “Good boy, good boy!” She said as she tapped him on his head. Just then he wrapped his legs around one of hers as if he was about to hump her the way a male dog would. She said, “Bad doggie, bad!” She retrieved a rolled up newspaper from around the tree and started to smack him on his bare behind and repeated, “Bad doggie, bad! You are a naughty boy trying to hump your master like this; and bad doggies get the paper…bad, bad, bad!” The Mistress let out a chuckle for the audience and said, “You see this, ladies, all men should be treated like dogs until they are properly housebroken.” All the women clapped and cheered as she continued to put him through his paces. Then the female host’s voice came over the loud speakers again and said, “We are now moving to the glorious third window, ladies.” The window lit up and at the very front of the window was a man tied up from his chest down to his toes. He was wearing a rubber hood to cover up his head and face. He was fairly motionless and thoroughly tied up almost like in a cocoon. There was a collar and a chain attached to his neck. It was stretched very tightly to a hook in the ceiling. The chain was tremendously long to reach the top of the dome. It was so taut that he was on the tips of his toes, which were placed in ballerina shoes. The only other item of clothing he wore was a hot pair of bright, pink panty thongs. In the middle, however, was a rubber hole allowing his dick and balls to be slipped through. They hung out obscenely but were hardly worthy any note. The host continued, “Well now what do we have here ladies. My, my, but this window is in stark contrast to our lovely Jonathan in window number one. In fact, if I do say so myself, it is rather obscene and disgusting. Here we have a prime example of someone who is obviously pathetic. According to our records his cock measures no more than three and one half inches. I don’t think he could ever please a woman with that even if he tried.” The female host laughed and the audience joined in. She continued, “To make matters worse I have been told that he is married. My god, the poor woman, she is obviously not getting too much from this pathetic little worm, now is she ladies?” The women in audience all screamed ‘no’ in unison. “Where is the Mistress to untie this pathetic piece of shit?” She said. Then suddenly, out of the background, came a beautiful, sexy Mistress dressed in red. She had a whip in hand. She put the whip down on the floor and began to untie the helpless man. The host said, “Let’s pump up the volume in window number three shall we ladies.” The Mistress took out a key to unlock his metal collar and removed the chain from it. It dangled a bit from the ceiling. She took some rope and created a loop and wrapped it around his neck to make a quick little collar. She escorted him over to a small pad which was placed a few feet away from the chain and said, “Now, ladies, we are going to have some fun watching this pathetic little pee-head try to give us some action.” The women in the audience started to laugh. She continued, “You see he is now placed on his punishment pad and must try to hump that pad and come in just thirty seconds. Can he do it ladies, can little stub do his trick for us?” She shouted out to the audience and most of the ladies shouted out ‘no’. She said, “Now little humpy dumpy, hump that pad for us and shoot your load!” Her voice was very authoritative. He pushed up and down and squeezed his legs together real hard; meanwhile, the female host came back and she started doing a very loud countdown. The seconds went so fast, and he was humping so hard, but it wasn’t enough time and the voice yelled out, “TIME! Lift him up Mistress and let us see. The Mistress spoke again and said, “Well ladies, I can see a little bit of pre cum on the tip of his willie but I don’t see much spunk anywhere do any of you?” The audience beamed back a resounding ‘NO’! “Well then he has failed our little test and now he must have his hood removed. The female host came back and said, “Mistress, remove little dick’s hood now!” She did so and his face really didn’t matter to anyone in the audience except to those at Tiffany’s table. Mr. Dunzel was revealed and his wife’s mouth hung open. She was already a bit drunk and now she became sick. She felt like she was going to throw up. She got up and quickly went to leave the room. She was fleeing more out of shock and disgust than anything else. The girls quickly got up and grabbed her. They took her back to the table. There they started consoling her.

“It is all right, Mrs. Dunzel. You had to see for yourself.” Tiffany said while passing her another drink.

“What have you done to him?” Mrs. Dunzel asked.

“Well, you see, he has been pissing and cumming in your panties. After I found out about it, he pissed me off some and it all ended up this way.” Tiffany did not reveal that she made him do it, but suggested that he was doing it.

“How long has this been going on?”

“Well, Mrs. Dunzel, he sort of just blurted it out to me while trying to send your panties back to our company. You see I work for Lingerie Land. The poor thing just couldn’t wait to let it all out.” She feigned.

“I am speechless.”

“Well don’t be. Your husband is obviously a pathetic little submissive, and you deserve so much better. I think you should let us pamper you tonight at this wonderful massage parlor I know of. It is just a few blocks from here. The men there seem to have very talented fingers as well as something else if you know what I mean.” Tiffany smiled.

“You know I am almost tempted to take you up on your offer, Tiffany.”

“Why just be tempted. Why not give it a try?” Megan said.

“You know what, damn it all to hell! If he can fuck around like this, then so can I.”

“That’s the spirit, Mrs. Dunzel. Ashley here will take good care of your hubby for the night. You have always wanted to baby sit haven’t you, Ashley?”

“Of course, Tiffany, I would be delighted, and I can guarantee you, Mrs. Dunzel, that I won’t get my pussy anywhere near his pathetic little cock.” She smiled.

“I don’t think I will be letting it near mine any more either.” Mrs. Dunzel finally let out a laugh.

Soon the ladies were off to have some massage therapy and Ashley had a new little charge to take care of. She drove him to her place and introduced him to the wonders of babyhood.

“Well, baby, I don’t think I should be calling you, Professor Dunzel, or any of your other lovely pet names anymore. You are going to be my baby.” Her smile was from ear to ear. She always wanted an adult baby to play with.

“I know it is unethical, Dr. Preston, but I really need to spread my legs and play with my pussy. Do you mind?” Stephanie asked.

“No, it is okay, I am rather hot myself now. I often forget that we need some release too and this patient gets my crotch in a dither.” Dr. Preston gave her a smile.

“Ashley you must stop this. Tiffany is totally nuts. I can’t take it anymore!” Professor Dunzel said in horror.

“Oh, but you can, and you will! You see, I am your babysitter for tonight and I am going to baby sit your little cock. I have a lovely pair of pink diapers on hand; and just wait until you see the room I am putting you in. Come along now, baby, time to powder that little willie and your bum bum.” She pulled him along by his ear and led him to an actual changing table, “There you go…up-se-daisy. Now be a good boy for me while I get you ready.” She pampered his butt and his small wee wee with baby power and put the diaper on him. She secured it in place. She proceeded to get a baby bottle out of the refrigerator. It was filled with milk. She fed him the bottle just as she would with a tiny baby. He suckled it like one year old.

“Coochie, coochice, coo…there’s my good little baby.” She said while tickling his tummy. He didn’t know the bottle was laced with a strong diuretic and a powerful sleeping drug. She said, “I bet you are wondering how I put this all together. Well, you see, I used to have a very kinky boyfriend who liked to play baby games, but unfortunately, he kind of freaked out on me when I actually had a special man-sized crib made for him. I guess I went a bit too far and he felt so ashamed that he left me; but you won’t do that will you baby.” She tickled him some more and continued, “Now it is way past your bed time, you should really be in bed by 7pm and it is almost 11:30 already. Now get down on your hands and knees and crawl with me baby. That’s right; I want you to crawl like a real baby as I take you to your crib.” She escorted him to his new crib and made him get inside of it. His mind was slowly melting now. Everything was out in the open, but the constant conditioning by Tiffany and the girls was too overwhelming. He was becoming so submissive that he was now consciously obeying everything. She secured him to his crib by attaching a chain with a cuff on it to his left ankle. He wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while. She also put tight mittens on his hands so he couldn’t even reach down to play with himself. The mittens were secured to his waist with a leather belt that was locked into place effectively eliminating any movement from his arms or hands. She stood back to observe her handy work and said, “Perfect, I don’t think you will be going anywhere for a while little man. My baby is nice and secure and ready to go nite-nite. There is only one thing left to do. I am sure you remember this.” She showed him his punishment pad and said, “You have another chance to get out of this, baby dicklet, but you know what you must do. You have thirty seconds to make a cummie stain in your diapers.” She placed the pad in his crib underneath him and he went to work. She counted out the seconds with a droning voice that did not for a minute believe he could do it. She almost sounded bored as she continued to count. It wasn’t long before the inevitable and she said, “STOP! It is time to let me slip my finger down your diaper and see if you made a big boy cum stain or just another tiny dot. Oh my, is my finger just too big for that nasty little cock, oops, nothing but a little dot again, you lose baby…but we both knew you would didn’t we?” She let out a hard laugh and continued, “Just think, while you are here trying to hump your little stub off in a crib for me, your lovely wife is getting it on with a real man. Can you just picture how hot she must be as she gets pleased for the first time since, well since maybe she met you. Yes, little goo goo boy, she is getting it on with a real man tonight. Now it is time to take your pacifier like a good baby and go to sleep.” She put it in his mouth and patted him on his head gently and said, “I think there will be lots of changes in your life now, baby dicklet. This is so much fun. I must baby sit little cocks more often for forlorn wives. I should start a business. Now, now, hush. You know you are tired. You are so very tired,” she coos as the sleeping medicine begins to take effect, “and soon you will be off to sleepy land. Tomorrow you will have a nice little mess to contend with.” Ashley continued to stroke his tummy and his eyes grew heavy and he drifted off to sleep.

“What happened?” Stephanie asked.

“It is time to extract the nanites. We can’t keep them in longer than two hours. It would be too dangerous for his body. I timed them for two hours and they are programmed to go to the evacuation point. The show is over honey.” Dr. Preston said with a smile.

“It is sad really. I thought it would go on forever. I never thought anyone could dream like this.”

“Well his mind did have a little help from my procedure.”

“It sure did, Dr. Preston, and just think; we got it all on tape.”

“I will study this tape carefully and make notes. After I am done with It, I will give it to him. He can do with what he wants it. Help me lift him out of the water.”

“Are you crazy! You have a gold mind here and you don’t even see it. You will win the Nobel Prize for this; and just think of all the money you can make off of this thing.” Stephanie insisted.

“I am more interested in my patient’s welfare than money, Stephanie. The greater good is my concern here. You need to start thinking like a scientist and stop letting your dollar signs get in the way.” Tiffany said sharply as they place him on a mat.

“Sorry, Doctor, but it is just…well…you realize you could control the world and men with this device don’t you?”

“Yes, but I have other plans in mind.”

“You know there is something that I still do not understand.”

“What is that?”

“I thought from reading his case history that he enjoys when you make fun of his little dick.”

“Yes, he does.”

“But as I said earlier, in the tube, he measured almost eight inches.”

“Well, yes that is his great secret. He is quite small when flaccid, but not at all when fully aroused and erect.”

“But he told you he was only three and one half inches.”

“Yes, obviously, part of his game.” They removed his wet suit and started to put his normal clothes on. He was still groggy and almost asleep.

“But why?”

“He craves humiliation in order to become nice and hard and erect. It sort of fuels him. He does not even understand it himself. One day he just came to me and point-blank asked me if I think him less of a man for having such needs.”

“So, what did you tell him?”

“Well in role play fantasy I told him exactly what he wanted to hear; that he was a pathetic excuse of a man and that he could never please any woman with that little maggot worm between his legs.”

“My god that is so harsh.”

“No, it was what he wanted to hear, but still, I can tell when he is opening up and being honest... then I can tell him how I really feel.”

“And how is that?”

“That he is more of a man for being honest about his sexual needs.”

“With this power you could set the world on its ear, Dr. Preston.”

“Stephanie, you must understand, that absolute power, still corrupts absolutely, in both men and women. It holds no ground for either sex. The pendulum always swings, and soon it will be in our favor again, perhaps the way of life, but wouldn’t it be more important to leap beyond that if we could and use this device to do good instead of bad? Think of all the implications and uses it has as a tool for helping people. You do realize that women also have humiliation fantasies and like to submit to them just as men do.”

“Yes I do, although, I think not as much as men do.”

“Perhaps…he is coming out of it now.”

“Well, sleepy head, welcome back to the real world.” Dr. Preston said.

“I think that was the most realistic, extraordinary dream I ever had in my life. I could feel and see everything like it was really happening. It was so vivid and so clear. It was better than virtual reality. I don’t recall ejaculating in the dream but I somehow feel like I did.” He looked at her with puzzlement.

“Oh yes, you came Michael; and we can prove it. In fact you were milked several times. You probably had the best orgasms of your life.”

“Really, Tiffany!” He seemed astonished.

“It is true, Michael, I saw for myself.” Stephanie said.

“So where do we go from here, Tiffany?” He asked.

“Well, that all depends on you now…doesn’t it, Michael.”

“Well, I for one could use a nice cup of coffee and a donut.” Stephanie suggested.

“You know that is not a bad idea.” Tiffany said. “Why don’t we go to a diner and sit and chat for a while…how about you, Michael?”

“It sounds good to me.”

The End