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Disclaimer: The following story fragments are fantasies involving sex and hypnosis. They include adult situations and language, and feature fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other fictional characters. Do not read any further if you are under the age of consent in your community, are offended by such material, or want to do illegal, immoral or impossible things in real life.

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As the copyright indicates, these shorts were written over several months, in the order given. While they all revolve around the same character, there is little direct connection from one to the next.

* * *

In Therapy


“Now then. Jill.. You’re sure you don’t mind if I call you Jill, Ms. Hapgood?” Fred leaned forward and smiled openly. “It’s important for you to remember that this first session is a test for both of us. As I explained over the phone, my methods don’t work for everybody who comes through this office. As with all truly worthwhile achievements in life, there are no quick fixes or miracle cures. Still, if after today’s session, we both feel that we can work together, then I’m sure that we have a good chance of quickly getting to the root of your problem.”

The tall, slender, woman in the chair opposite gave a small nod, her blue eyes guarded, her arms crossed over her sweater. She spoke, in a voice that matched the eyes:

“I have to say.. Fred.. I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of coming here, but after Susan kept saying how much you helped her with her problems, and since this first session is free.. I.. thought I’d give it a try.”

“I’m glad to hear that... oh yes.. Susan? Susan Mitchell, wasn’t it? Ah.. I must remember to thank her for making the reference.” He jotted a note on a pad of paper on the desk beside him.“Now then, before we begin, are there any questions you’d like to ask?”

She nodded again, her short brown hair bobbing. “Yes, actually. Susan was a little vague about what the.. uh.. more advanced levels of your sessions are like. I was wondering..”

“I’m afraid that’s unavoidable. You see, many of my more successful techniques I have developed myself, after years of practice and study, and I must insist that my clients not discuss them with other people, even their close friends. However, I will try and answer any questions you have, as specifically as I can, since it’s of primary concern to me that you feel relaxed and safe while in this office.”

“Well.. Susan didn’t say this, but I sort of got the idea.. do you use hypnotism or drugs in these sessions?”

“In a certain percentage of my cases I use hypnotism, yes, if it appears warranted and the client is fully comfortable with the idea. And occasionally, I point my clients towards certain vitamin supplements, which can be purchased over-the-counter at most drug stores or supermarkets. I’m not a doctor, however, and I can’t and don’t prescribe ‘drugs’ in the usual sense.”

“I see. I asked, because” she hesitated.. “I tried hypnotherapy once before, and it didn’t work.”

“Ah? Were you unable to be hypnotized?”

“No, well.. yes.. it.. just didn’t do any good. And.. I didn’t like it. It took forever to put me under... Anyway, I don’t want to do it again.” Her voice was firm. “And I’m not taking any pills.”

“Very well. I’ll remember that.” Another note on the pad. “Well, then, shall we try something simple, and see how you feel afterwards? I don’t want to rush you into anything.”

She shrugged, and smiled slightly, crossing her jeans-clad ankles as she did. When she smiled, some of the harsher angles smoothed out of her face, and she looked much more attractive.

“OK.” Fred spread his blunt fingers. “Now, you’re here because you want to quit smoking, right?” She nodded. “You want so badly to quit that you came here in spite of your obvious trepidation, which is the first, vital, step. What we’re going to try today is just a simple visualization exercise, as a start towards showing you how strong and flexible your mind and imagination are. As you know from painful personal experience, smoking is an extremely powerful physical addiction, but the human mind and will are even stronger.. well.. can be even stronger. The trick here, if you want to call it a trick, is for us, over time, to convince your mind that it is stronger than the addiction, that it can simply tell your body that neither of them need another dose of nicotine.”

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, shuffling her sneakers on the carpet..

“That sounds like hypnotism to me..”

Fred paused, thoughtfully. “I suppose that it is hypnotism, in a sense. But much of life is, if you look at it that way. Convincing yourself, convincing others that something is true.. As I said before, sometimes I use.. ah.. for lack of a better word.. ‘real’ hypnotism to help my clients achieve their desires. There are other paths, though, which we will pursue, as you have indicated. I hope you’ll find what we try today easy, perhaps even fun. Shall we begin..? Any more immediate questions? ”

“No. No I guess not.”

“OK.. Now remember, don’t hesitate to ask at any point if you’re confused, or to break things off instantly if you feel at all uncomfortable... Speaking of which, before we start, be sure that you’re comfortable in your chair.” She shifted around a little then nodded. “Good. Now, Jill, I want you to picture, in your mind, a cigarette.”

“A cigarette?” Jill looked at him askance again.

“Yes. Just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill cigarette, like the kind you’ve seen every day for.. I assume.. years in your hand as you put it up to your mouth. You can close your eyes for this, Jill, if that is somehow more comfortable... But imagine, create, an unlit cigarette, floating out there somewhere just in front of you.. just a few feet away from the end of your nose.” She stared off, frowning, her wide forehead crinkling. “Focus on that little tube. Try and make it as real and as solid as possible, build it up a piece at a time. At first it’s just a plain uninteresting white stick, a featureless piece of chalk, floating in the air, right here.” He pointed a spot in the air. “Now, start to slowly and carefully fill in the details. See that the whiteness is actually paper, and that it has a mustard-colored tip. Watch that mustard tip slowly fill in all by itself, changing smoothly out of the whiteness like cool tasty beer pouring slowly into a tall glass. Let your eyes drift toward the other end now.. in the middle now... A narrow band of shiny gold is wrapping itself around the tube, cleanly separating the mustard from the white. And another band , Jill, sliding quietly into place just up from the first one.”

She continued to stare, the creases in her brow ever so slightly less deep...

“Now continue to move your eyes slowly to the other end, all the way to the end, where the white paper abruptly cuts off. Look at what you see there. First it’s just a dark blob of color, lurking there inside the creamy white paper. But, look closer, see that soft blob begin to divide itself, refine itself slowly into strands, little flakes and strands of ugly, poisonous green and brown tobacco sticking out of the open end of the neatly-rolled crisp white paper, each strand glistening and shimmering with its individual load of tar and nicotine.... Now your eyes are wandering slowly... slowly... back down towards the other end again... as your eyes move, something is forming on the white paper, Jill, very near the two thin golden bands that shine so brightly.. letters rising up from the black center of the tube, stains forming on the pure whiteness.. first an M... then an A... then an N... then... a..”

“...C..” She breathed the letter.

“Correct, Jill... C... and H.... and E.... S.... What word are the crisp black letters forming?”

“Manchester.” She almost whispered the word.

“Very good... Manchester... thin, pitch-black letters running you along the stark white tube, back over the gold towards to the patterned mustard tip. Look in that end now, where the mustard paper cuts off. See the porous, spongy filter, full of little holes, leading down into more little holes...” Watching her carefully as he spoke, Fred casually reached behind himself and scooped something up off of his desk, from its hiding place behind a desk calendar. Moving very slowly and smoothly, he held up the cigarette in front of her eyes, the filtered end pointing towards her.

“..and still more little holes, going down ...and down ...and down. Now, Jill, watch the Manchester cigarette as it begins to get bigger... and bigger... filling your field of vision...” He slowly moved the cigarette closer to her face and wide eyes. “Every detail more distinct now, every bump of the paper, every little hole in the filter. " Holding it between two fingers, he began to move the cigarette back and forth, ticking it like a pendulum.. “And now it’s starting to move, the giant Manchester cigarette, still getting bigger, slowly, ponderously, building up momentum, beginning to spin... end for end... picking up speed... mustard replacing white ...and back again... around... and... around... gradually faster and faster...”

As he spoke, he deftly twirled the cigarette in his fingers like a minature baton.. “The white and the mustard and the gold and the black all spinning together... faster and faster... merging into one... blurring together.. White and mustard with gold at the center.. around and around... forever and ever... unstoppable...”

Her lips parted, and the last of the creases melted away.

“Let everything just else fade away, now, Jill. everything but the massive, enormous, spinning colors, and my voice.. Everything else is fading away, being spun away, left behind... gone now.. Now there is only darkness, and the colors... white and gold... and black and mustard.. and gold at the center... and my voice... and now... only the gold... and my voice... the spinning, pulsing, gold... everywhere... and my voice..” Above her snub of a nose, her eyes took on a slightly glassy tinge as they watched the spinning cylinder.

“Now the gold is slowing again... slowing... grudgingly... fading away as it slows down.. taking everything with it... coming to halt.. fading.. everything coming slowly... to... a.... halt..” His fingers moved less rapidly in front of her staring eyes.. “Almost... stopped.... now, Jill.. And now...”

“Gone...” He dropped his hand away from her face; her eyes remained fixed on the point once occupied by the cigarette.

“..Stopped. Nothing left now but my voice... no colors... no gold... not even darkness... only.. my... voice...”

“Go deeper, now, Jill. Deeper into my voice. Hear only my voice. Experience only my voice. There is now only my voice...” For a moment he stopped. Then..

“Can you hear me, Jill?”

She nodded slowly, eyes unblinking.

“Where are you, Jill?”

“..Your voice..”

“Good, Jill. The more you listen, the deeper you go into my voice. Deeper and deeper... I want you to listen carefully, Jill. Listen carefully to my voice. Listen only to my voice. You can trust my voice as you go deeper and deeper... you can tell everything to my voice as you go down deeper and deeper.. My voice is here to listen to you, to comfort you... to keep you safe... to make you feel safe, and happy, and secure.. and to start your therapy.. the therapy that will solve your problems.. solve all of your problems..” Another long pause. “How do you feel about my voice, Jill?”

“..I trust..”

“Very good. Now, Jill, My voice is here to help you, to make you safe and happy and warm... but the only way I can help you is this: whenever we are alone together, and you hear my voice say the word ‘Manchester’, you must go down into my voice, just as you are now. Each time you hear ‘Manchester’ you will go down deep into my voice, even deeper than you are now. Every time I say ‘Manchester’, you go deeper.. and deeper... and stay deeper... and deeper. Stay deep inside my voice until I tell you to rise. Do you understand?”

She nodded, jerkily, obviously having trouble pulling her head back up after lowering it. Her eyelids drooped half-shut, the thick lashes obscuring her pupils.

“Good. Now, in a moment, you will slowly rise up out of my voice, and once again become aware of the spinning gold. and the rest of the colors, and then, only then, the rest of the world. When you become aware of these things, you will not remember this conversation, you will not remember being deep in my voice. You will remember your instructions and carry them out, but only because they are part of your therapy. You will also remember that we did a visualization exercise that you enjoyed very much. Do you understand?”

Another nod. This time, her head stayed down, her eyes shut all of the way. Her hands lay limply at her sides, exposing her well-formed chest, visible even through the folds of her sweater.

“Good. Now rise, Jill. Slowly rise.” He began spinning the cigarette again as Jill’s head gradually came up and her eyes opened, re-focused. She blinked a couple of times, and he dropped his hand away. She looked at him, slightly flushed, hands still lying on the armrests of the chair.

“Wow! That was great! I’m sorry I was so suspicious about all of this!” Jill smiled as she spoke, then frowned.. “But I still want a cigarette.” Her voice was almost plaintive.

“I know.” Gentle. “This was only the first step. But soon, very soon, together, we’ll throw away your last pack of Manchester cigarettes.”

Her head flopped back down on her chest and she appeared to slump slightly sideways

“Good, Jill. Very good. Even deeper than before. Always deeper.” He paused and studied the woman before him thoughtfully. “Now tell me, Jill. As part of your therapy, you must answer all of my questions. Fully and openly. What hypnotherapist did you go see before me?”

She spoke without raising her head, her voice soft.

“His name was Richard Phelps.” Fred nodded and rolled his eyes. He should of guessed. He’d known for a long time that Phelps was an incompetent idiot, and this merely confirmed it; it had quickly been clear that Jill was highly suggestible, when approached in the right manner. Her therapy should progress quite rapidly.. “Did Mr. Phelps hurt you, Jill?”

A weak shake of the head. “Noo.. just.. made me uncomfortable.. ..scared..”

“Ah.. Now, Jill. Listen carefully. I want you to forget about your unpleasant experience with Mr. Phelps. Banish him, banish the unpleasantness, from your mind. This is important. Some time in the future, my voice will ask you if you want to be hypnotized, and I want you to carefully consider your reply, now that Mr. Phelps is gone. This is not an instruction, merely a suggestion. In a moment, you will rise up out of my voice, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and confident. You will be eager to begin your therapy. You will forget being deep inside my voice. Except for my instructions, which are merely a part of your therapy, always forget everything that happens when you are deep inside my voice. Forget, and rise..”

After a moment, her head came up and she smiled.

“Mmmm. So what do we do now?” She asked, eyebrows raised.

“Well, that’s entirely up to you. Do you want to make another appointment for next week?”

“Oh, of course, Fred! I’m eager to continue!”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. When we get done here today, you can see Maria on your way out. Until then, just carry on with your normal routine. Don’t even try to change your smoking habits. That will come later.”

She smiled more widely. “You know, it’s strange, but already I feel really hopeful about all of this.”

“So do I, Jill.” He smiled. “Between us, we’re going to take one more customer away from the Manchester cigarette company..”

The slump was even more profound..

They walked out into the main office. Maria looked up brightly from her computer terminal.

“Maria, schedule Ms. Hapgood for another appointment next week.. on Tuesday.. at 4? Would that be all right, Jill?”

“That would be fine. I can’t wait.”

“Oh.. I almost forgot. For next week’s session.. if you don’t mind telling me, what brand of cigarettes do you usually smoke?”

“Brand? Oh.. no I don’t mind, I guess.. Manchesters...”

“Manchester cigarettes.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He nodded.

“Right. Excellent. Well, then, I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

They shook hands and she left, almost skipping out of the office. Fred watched her go, eyeing her swaying rear end thoughtfully, then turned back to Maria, whose dark brown eyes now gazed up at him worshipfully from under her bangs.

“Oh, before I forget, Maria. Call Susan Mitchell and tell her she made an excellent choice with her friend Jill, and that she has my permission to orgasm tonight. Level.. um.. three intensity”

“Yes, Master..” The black-haired woman picked up the reciever and started punching buttons on her complex phone as Fred strolled back into his office. While he waited for his next appointment to arrive, he picked up the cigarette and twirled it idly. Yes, Susan had earned her orgasm- she had even gotten the brand right..

* * *


Jill turned on the sidewalk. “Oh.. hi, Susan!” They stepped out of the flow of the pedestrian traffic.

Her friend smiled, her eyes hidden behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

“So, how’s it going with Fred?”

Jill smiled serenely in return, feeling the usual warm glow deep inside her.

“It’s going wonderfully well. I’m making tremendous progress. In fact, Fred says..” Her watch beeped. “Oh.. excuse me..” She reached into her purse, pulled out a small case, opened it, popped a small pill into her mouth with a practiced motion and swallowed. “..Fred recommended these vitamin pills as part of my therapy...” Susan nodded. Putting the case away, Jill continued perkily “..Fred says that soon I’ll be ready to move up to phase two of my therapy...” she hesitated, rubbing her purse slowly, thoughtfully. “I hope that means he’s going to hypnotize me. I’d like it so very much if Fred took me down into a state of deep hypnosis. I wish he’d ask me..”

Susan smiled again. “You know I’m not allowed to tell, but trust me, you’ll love phase two.” The blonde woman then produced a small familarly-shaped package from a pocket of her long tan trenchcoat. The word ‘Manchester’ was emblazoned across it in large green letters. “Care for a cigarette?”

Jill giggled. “Don’t be silly, Sue! You know that I gave up smoking ages ago.” She glanced at her watch. “Oh! Gosh! Look at the time! I have to go! See you later, maybe?”

“Of course. I hope so.”

Susan smiled as she re-pocketed the cigarette package, watching her fellow slave hurry away across the street in her bright yellow sundress. She could report the test was a success. A deliciously familiar dampness formed between her naked thighs. Hopefully, once Jill was in phase two, the Master would choose her be the one who would introduce Jill to the intricacies and delights of performing sexually with another slave. That would mean a level three orgasm, for both of them, if they pleased the Master sufficiently...

And, even better, when Jill finally reached stage three, maybe they’d get to go on an Assignment together...

She shuddered slightly, and hurried off to report to her Master.