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Disclaimer: The following story fragments are fantasies involving sex and hypnosis. They include adult situations and language, and feature fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other fictional characters. Do not read any further if you are under the age of consent in your community, are offended by such material, or want to do illegal, immoral or impossible things in real life.

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As the copyright indicates, these shorts were written over several months, in the order given. While they all revolve around the same character, there is little direct connection from one to the next.

In Therapy

6. (In the Beginning)

Maria paused for a moment, and looked at her reflection in the wavy mirror that hung in the hallway. Dark brown eyes under a carefully-pinned mass of black hair stared back at her. She made one last adjustment to her clothes, and continued down the hall, clutching her purse for reassurance. Finally arriving at Suite 42, she took a deep breath, opened the unmarked door and stepped into the room beyond. It was, probably unsurprisingly, a mostly empty office- at the moment, there was only a desk in one corner, a clunky-looking swivel chair, and several piles of cardboard boxes.

The dark-haired man behind the desk looked up and smiled questioningly. She returned a nervous smile and spoke:

“Mr.. Blake? I’m Maria Lopez. I’m here about the receptionist position?”

“Ah! Of course. Ms. Lopez. Right on time. Excellent.” He rose and came around the desk with a long-legged stride. “Forgive the mess, but as you can see, I’m still settling in here.” He extended a hand, and they shook. His palm was dry and cool. “Have a seat, won’t you?” He gestured to the chair in front of the desk.

“Thank you.” Maria smiled again, feeling slightly more at ease. After all the problems with that bastard Hatfield, meeting with someone about a new job made her very uncomfortable. The vagueness of Mr. Blake’s ad had also somewhat worrying, but he seemed harmless enough in person. He hadn’t even glanced at her chest, which was a welcome relief right off of the top. So to speak. She closed the door behind her and crossed the room. She slid into the indicated chair, and was mildly surprised at how comfortable and padded it was under her gray business skirt. One more point in Mr. Blake’s favor. She carefully placed her arms on the arms of the chair and faced her potential employer.

“Now then, Ms. Lopez..” Mr. Blake returned to his own chair and rooted for a moment in the paperwork before him, finally extracting a particular sheet with a rueful grin. She recognized it immediately as her resume. “As you can see, I need someone for this job... I was just studying your resume. Very impressive, I must say.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“Not at all. It’s obvious you’re very familiar with the type of work you’d be doing- answering the phone, scheduling appointments, filing and the like. I see you last worked at Hatfield and Associates? I hear that’s a fine organization.”


It was almost frightening how he quickly picked up on the undertone in her voice. “Ah. But you... felt it was time to move on? These things happen.”

“Yes.” She struggled to keep the voice calm and level.

“It’s vital to avoid that sort of.. what is the polite phrase? ..personality conflict. Which is really what I hope to get out of this interview.” He gently waved the piece of paper in his hand. “I’m of the school that holds a resume can’t really tell you the important things about a person. You have to meet with them face to face, and see if they will fit with the operation in question on a personal level.” He paused. “I know that I’m supposed to be interviewing you, but this is a two-way street; you should learn about me as well. If two people are to have a productive, professional, working relationship, that fit has to go both ways.” Another pause. “I realize that my advertisement in the Times could have been a little more specific.” She shifted slightly in surprise at this echoing of her own thoughts. “But.. the service I plan to start will be somewhat... um... vague as well. But ‘therapy’ is as good a word as any.”

“Are you a psychologist, Mr. Blake? Your ad sort of implied...”

“Hm. Well, Ms. Lopez.. You do prefer Ms?.. the best answer to your question is: I have a framed piece of paper I am officially allowed to hang on my wall. I suppose you could even call me “Doctor Blake”, but I prefer to just use “Mister”. I have always felt that ‘doctors’ are men and women who deal with physical sickness. I hope to help people mentally, particularly in the area of addictions, and nervous habits. It’s something I.. and an associate of mine.. have been working on for some time.”

“An associate?” She felt silly being the one asking the questions, but somehow that was the way things seemed to be going. Her first impression was that Mr. Blake was sort of strange, but not a bad way, exactly..

“Ah, yes. That’s another area in which it will be important to find a good fit. You may be meeting Doctor Newman later. She, unlike myself, uses the title, and well she should. She and I have been developing a therapeutic method together for some time now, from opposite ends of the spectrum, so to speak. In many ways, what we are doing is an experiment, as well as a business. If we can prove that this method works, it might usher in a revolution in the field.”

“What is this.. method?”

“I can’t give you all of the details, of course, but we’re trying to get away from the.. well.. medication-based attitudes that currently dominate the field.” He tapped the side of his head with his free hand. “It’s my firm belief that people can cure themselves of most of their mental afflictions on their own, without altering their body chemistry. It’s simply a matter of helping them convince their own mind to do what they want it to do. Individuals like the so-called ‘yogis’ of India have been doing it for years. We just need to frame in the proper reference for our society.” He considered something, and went on. “Ms. Lopez, if there’s to be any chance that we’re going to work together and do it successfully, it’s important that you.. well.. understand what I’m doing, and that you approve.”

“I don’t understand.”

“As I’ve suggested, some of the techniques that I, and Doctor Newman, use are rather unique and, at the risk of being immodest, revolutionary. It is very possible that there will be criticism from certain quarters, some of it perhaps quite vicious. It is important to me that you, and everyone we interview for this position, know all about our methods, and that you are comfortable with them. Finding a qualified receptionist is not that difficult, but if a person can’t be completely comfortable and relaxed with what will go on this office, then they shouldn’t under any circumstances be forced to work here. Do you understand?”

“I.. I think so.” Having just escaped from the social snake-pit that was Hatfield and Associates, this statement left her feeling a little lost.

“Now the best way to show this would be for us to have a little mock session, with you as the ‘subject’. Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. In fact, feel free to lie at any point, or not answer any questions that you find unsettling. This is just a small sample. Are you comfortable with this?” He dropped her resume back onto the paper-covered desk.

“Uh.. sure... I guess.” She shrugged and smiled.

“All right. Let me reiterate, if at any time you feel uncomfortable, tell me, and we’ll stop immediately.” He leaned back in his chair, which squeaked loudly, and placed his hands behind his head. He looked up at the ceiling. “All you have to do is close your eyes, and try to imagine what I’m describing.”

Maria hesitated for a moment, then closed her eyes.

“Picture a... what kind of flowers do you like?”

She opened her eyes in surprise at the question.

“Uh.. roses.. I guess..” She closed her eyes again.

“A rose, then. Yes, a rose, Ms. Lopez, a large, vibrant, red rose glowing with deep health and vitality, a perfect rose, carefully cut free of its green, thorny, stem and placed in the middle of a large bowl of crystal-clear water. Crystal water, filling a deep crystal bowl, a bowl that flashes and sparkles in the bright sun that shines overhead. See how the rose floats easily on the surface of the clear, calm, deep, water. The flower is fully blossomed, and every soft, curved, petal stands out distinctly as you look down on it from above, each of them curling in and in on each other, surrounding the rose’s sweet, secret, center. Feel the petals sliding slowly between your fingers, silky smooth.. See the rose.. draw a little closer and smell its fragrance, deep and spicy and intoxicating..” In spite of herself, Maria took a deep breath.. “That’s right, Ms. Lopez. Breath it in... and let it out.. breath it in... and out... in... and out...”

“And now the cool, clear water in the bowl is beginning to spin, slowly, so very slowly, smoothly and evenly around and around, a miniature whirlpool delicately brushing against the soft edges of the rose and beginning to turn it as well, slowly, and gently, its perfection undiminished as it begins to spin around and around in the deep crystal bowl, the petals glowing with soft vitality in the warm gentle sunlight as they go around and around, and down and down, in and in, blending towards each other forever.”

“Faster now, Maria, the water spins around and around, turning all of the deep red petals of the rose as well, faster and faster.. Slowly, implacably, building up speed, the petals cutting through the air softly but neatly. The scent grows stronger, ever stronger, spun out of the rose wave after deep, rich, wave, as the petals turn around and around and around in the bowl, faster and faster, smoothly and softly.”

“And the rose is getting bigger now, as it turns around and around, bigger and bigger, filling up the bowl as it goes around and around, slowly drawing more power and beauty and light from things around it, from everything around it. The spinning red rose grows bigger and bigger, more and more powerful, more and more alive and rich, and goes deeper.. and deeper.. and deeper.. taking all from around it.. turning all else into darkness.. warm, empty darkness fringed around the edges of the rose that spirals its petals down and down forever... the red, red, rose that takes you down and down forever... and fills everything with its scent, and my voice.. my voice...

“And the rose is very close now, and very, very large, spinning and spinning right in front of your nose, Maria.. there is nothing but the deep, rich, scent, and the spinning, spinning, redness.. vibrant shades of red, light and dark and everything in between, all overlapping and spinning, spinning, right before your eyes, pulling you gently down, pulling you deeper... and deeper.. with every long, slow, breath you take, filling your lungs from top to bottom with the warm happy scent of the rose.. filling your mind from top to bottom with the soft, safe, redness... until now, there is only the redness.. and my voice.. only my voice, keeping you safe and warm, and making you feel so very good...”

He looked down from the ceiling. Maria sat in the chair, her chin slumped forward onto her lovely chest, her lips slightly parted. He eased himself forward.

“In a moment, Maria, you will rise back up out of the depths of the rose. And as you rise, you will forget about the rose. Forget about it completely, until you see it again. And when you see it again, you will go even deeper than you are now, and you will listen only to my voice. You will hear only my voice. You will respond only to my voice. Do you understand.”


“Good. You are rising now. The interview is over, and it went very well. You’re looking forward to talking to me again.. Rising up all the way up, and forgetting everything else..”

Maria lifted her head, and blinked her eyes, muzzily.

“Oh! Mr. Blake..” She got to her feet, wobbled a little, and righted herself.

“Well, Ms. Lopez, thank you very much for taking the time to come in. I have your phone number of course, and I’ll be in touch.” He rose as well.

“Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Blake.” She smiled back, her eyes now sharp and focused. They shook hands once again, and He showed her to the door, which he closed and locked behind her. He then walked across the office and through the door on the opposite side of the room. He pulled the discrete speaker-mike from his ear as he did so, and stuck it in his pocket. In the tightly-shuttered room beyond the other door was a table piled high with electronic equipment- computer and video screens glowed softly, and a sheet of paper unrolled, covered with lines that spiked back and forth. Cables ran and snarled everywhere. Other pieces of more bulky equipment stood around the room, some still covered with drop cloths. A sandy-blonde haired woman, standing in front of it all, her back to him, studied what was spread before her. He silently walked up behind her.

“Well, Doctor, what do you think?” He reached out lightly ran both sets of fingertips down the woman’s nicely curved sides. She moaned and shuddered slightly before answering.

“I.. oooh.. I think Ms. Lopez is... aaah... the best candidate so far, Master. She responded quite well to the session, and her readings...” The woman picked up the trailing sheet of paper.. “ great promise. She’ll only need a little training..”

He glanced over her shoulder at the paper in her hand, and at the screens. The computer screens flowed with data pulled from the sensors in the chair. The same chair that appeared, empty now, on all of the video monitors.

“Yes, I agree. Unless someone really spectacular comes along in the next day or so, I’ll let her know that she has the job. And that it’s time for another session. It will be nice to finally officially add another member to our.. my.. little conspiracy. Now our real work can begin.”

“Yes, Master.” Her sweaty body slid smoothly around in his grasp, as she clutched the twisting sheet to her naked chest. She looked up at him, and smiled, almost panting. “I’m so happy I’m finally going to have some fellow slaves.”

“Yes, I know, my dear Doctor Newman. Actually, I think one or two of the other candidates will do nicely as well, if only for drumming up more business- we can decide all of tha...” He broke off and studied her, then spoke with mock-sternness. “When you were monitoring Ms. Lopez’s readings just now, you used her rose to go under hypnosis, didn’t you? I can tell.”

“Yes, Master.” She looked down at their feet meekly. “I’m sorry, Master. But it feels so goood when my Master hypnotizes me.”

“Hmm. Guess I’ve made the attachment in your mind a little too strong. But that’s easily fixed. And we’ll know better from now on. After all, that’s why I tested all of this on you first.”

“Yes, Master.”

* * *

There was a knock at her door, and Maria answered it. A weedy-looking man in a gray uniform stood in the hallway outside her apartment, holding a long white box.

“Miss Lopez?” He asked in a tone of bland, professional, boredom.


“Package for you, Ma’am. Sign here, please.” He thrust a battered clipboard and pen in her direction, and she automatically scribbled her name. They immediately dismissed each other, and she kneed the door shut and carried the box inside, examining it as she walked. There was a small white card attached to the outside of the thing, which she flipped open. There were only two words in an elegant, unfamiliar, hand: “For Maria”.

“I have a secret admirer?” She wondered, and opened the box. Along with her job at Hatfield, she’d left behind her ex-boyfriend, and had no desire to get him back.

Inside was a small bouquet.

Of roses. Big, red, roses. One in particular, dominated the bundle, seeming to.. to..

Spin. Spin down and down, twirling out waves of rich, intoxicating, scent as it..

The phone suddenly rang, and she blinked a few times, and shook her head, her mind coming slowly back into focus. She walked over and answered it, still carrying the roses with one crooked arm.

“Hello?” She tried to stay in focus.. The rose was pulling at her again.. she had seen one much like it recently.. where..

“Hello, Maria.”

“Oh! Mr. Blake! Hello! I was just.. just..”

“Looking at the rose.”

She nodded silently, her eyes wide.

“The rose is beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes..” She breathed.

“Go down into the rose, Maria. Deep inside the petals of the red, red, rose, and listen to my voice.. only to my voice..”

Maria blinked, and opened her eyes. What had just happened?

Then she remembered. The events of the past few minutes snapped into sharp focus in her mind. Mr. Blake had called her, and told her that he had chosen her for the job as his receptionist. A sharp thrill of excitement washed over her. Early tomorrow morning she would go into the office and have another session, and then get to work for Mr. Blake. She wanted to work very hard for Mr. Blake, and help him prove his brilliant, revolutionary, new theories to all of the small-minded scoffers and doubters..

She drifted across the room, to where the roses sat proudly on display in a vase on the kitchen counter. It was so sweet and thoughtful of Mr. Blake to send her a gift like this. Her new employer wasn’t like that icky Mr. Hatfield at all. She’d have to do something nice for Mr. Blake in return. She stuck her nose in the largest blossom and breathed deeply, filling her lungs with the scent. She felt a twinge deep down inside her, and let out a little moan of excitement. Anticipation. Desire. Deep, burning, desire.

* * *

Maria stepped again into Suit 42, not nervous this time, but eager to begin work. Mr. Blake was waiting there for her, along with a prim-looking woman wearing a short white lab coat and glasses. Just looking at Mr. Blake, Maria felt a little twinge inside herself.

“Ah, Maria! Good morning! Right on time, again. Excellent. I’m glad to see that punctuality is a trait of yours.”

“Good morning, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“Maria, This is Doctor Newman.” Mr. Blake gestured to the woman standing beside him. “As I said the other day, she’ll be contributing occasionally to our little project.”

“Hello, Doctor Newman.” The two women clasped hands briefly.

“Please, call me Jillian. May I call you Maria? We’ll be working together a lot, I think.” Maria looked at the woman more closely, suddenly puzzled- she was wearing a lab coat, yes, but her legs were bare, and she wasn’t wearing any shoes...?

“Yes, you will be working together. Starting this morning.” Maria’s train of thought disintegrated, and both women immediately pivoted and faced Mr. Blake as he said this words. “One of the many benefits for working on our little team is full medical coverage. Maria, I want you to go into the next room with Jillian, and she’s going to give you a complete physical examination. We have to make sure that all of your parts are in working order, as it were. I’ll be out here when you are done.”

“The next room?” Maria swallowed, her nervousness suddenly oozing back a little after all. “Shouldn’t.. shouldn’t we go to her office.. or..”

“Maria, think about the rose.”

“Uuuh..” Maria’s shoulders slumped slightly, and her purse slipped out of her nerveless hand, dropping to the carpet. Her eyes fluttered shut.

“Now, Maria. Open your eyes, but stay down inside the rose.” Her eyes flipped open. “That’s a good girl. Now I want you to go next door with Jillian, and do whatever she asks you to do. With every one of her requests you follow, you are to go deeper and deeper into the rose. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Blake.”

She quietly followed Jillian into the next room, which evidently contained a odd collection of equipment. She couldn’t really pick out any details, because the rose was spinning sweetly, endlessly in her face, rendering the rest of the world dark. Fuzzy. Unimportant.

But she understood Jillian’s requests easily enough. They slid neatly through the blockage.

“Strip naked, Maria.”

She only hesitated a moment, then began peeling off her jacket, and her blouse, and the rest. The warm, sweet, redness cradled her naked skin better than any ordinary garment could even hope to.

After that, time seemed to pass in a quiet blur, with an occasional soft request from Jillian flickering out of the fuzzy red darkness like flashbulb from a camera, each a little more vivid than the last. She sank deeper and deeper.

“Bend over... look here... say ahh... get up on the table... lean back and spread your legs...”

Her legs were still spread when she heard the two voices talking above her. Above her in every sense of the word. One of them was Mr. Blake, but since he was not directing his comments at her, the words slipped through her mind like water through a sieve, lingering for a moment, but gaining no permanent purchase. Still, with every word he spoke, she sank deeper and deeper. Some corner of her mind realized she was naked in front of Mr. Blake, but this wasn’t worrying in the slightest. In fact, it was..

Exciting. Highly exciting.

“Everything check out?”

“Yes, Master. She’s quite healthy, although I think she’s been under a lot of stress lately. I imagine it was her old job, since her readings shot way up when you mentioned it to her. You might want her to lose about ten pounds, although it won’t be as important as it will be with your other slaves, since she won’t be going on assignment as much.”

“Don’t be silly, Jillian. Good health is important for everyone. You help her set up a simple diet and exercise program, just like you did for both of us. No other problems?”

“No, Master.”

“Good. She’s ready to learn the next level of truth, then.”

An endless, bottomless, silence. Then, a gentle fingertip reached in between her legs, and began tracing slow patterns around, across, her sex. Her wet, throbbing, sex...

“Maria, listen to my voice. There’s something important that you need to learn now..”

“Y-yes, Mr. Blake..”

* * *

Maria swivelled her chair and looked contentedly around the new office. It was much nicer than the one where Mr. Blake had interviewed her, fully decorated and furnished, complete with a large oak desk for herself. And the Bloy Building, no less. It was a shame her new friend Jillian couldn’t be here as well, but as Mr. Blake had explained, that was unavoidable, since the immediate presence of a doctor sometimes made the clients nervous, at least until they were further into their sessions. Jillian would have a separate office elsewhere.

Mr. Blake came out of his inner office, and she immediately swung around to face him.

“So, is everything satisfactory, Maria? Do you have everything you need?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. And are you comfortable?”

“Yes, sir.” She looked up at him from the chair, her hands lying in her lap like a schoolgirl.

“Good. Now as we were discussing before, for reasons of security, that I conducted your first interview in a different building. Do you remember?”

“Of course, sir.”

“Very good. There’s something else now, that you have to know. My name isn’t really Blake. Like the office, it was vital to impose strict security until we could find someone like you to work here. My real name is Frederick Mabuse.” He studied her carefully. “Does it bother you, concern you, that I lied to you about this?”

“Of course not, sir.” She replied in the same soft but earnest voice.

“Why not, Maria?”

“Because you know what is best, sir. Always.”

“Excellent. Are you ready now for another session? We have the time, and I think we’ve almost got all of your problems worked out.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Mabuse! I’d love to have another session!” Her calm detachment dropped away, and she leaned forward in her chair, eyes shining. “I’m so grateful that you’re able to give me my sessions for free. You know I’ll gladly pay for them, if needed!”

“Don’t be silly, Maria. I wouldn’t dream of charging you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He leaned over, and turned her unresisting form around so that she was facing her computer monitor, which sat on the nearby desk. The screen-saver was active, and showed a shot of a large red rose that spun slowly, majestically, before a velvety black background. “Now watch the rose. Go down into the rose, deeper than you have every gone before. And listen only to my voice. I have some further instructions for you, and they are the most important instructions that I have yet given you.”

“Yesss... sir.. sir?” As she fell into the lovely rose, words forming in her mind, even though she wasn’t entirely sure what they meant.

“Yes, Maria?”

“I’m ready for my Phase Two sessions now.”

His agile hands slid smoothly into position over her ample breasts, and she arced her back eagerly to meet them. His voice was filled with quiet amusement.

“Yes, Maria. I know you are.”

* * *

“So, really, how’s the new job working out?” Millie asked Maria, after the waiter had cleared away the remnants of their poached fish. Beyond the skyline, the sun sparkled on the bay. A brisk but not unpleasant breeze blew across the open patio. At the waiter’s tactful probing, Millie ordered some ice cream, but Maria had waved away the dessert menu without a second thought. She was on a very strict diet nowadays.

“I swear, it’s like heaven, Mil. Especially after.. uh.. Hatfield.” It was strange, but for a moment there, she actually had to grope to remember the man’s name. “Fred is so wonderful to work for.” Maria could have rhapsodized about her job for hours, but her gaze dropped to the cigarette that dangled absently between two of Millie’s fingers. She paused for a moment, speculatively. A series of thoughts formed neatly in her mind, almost as if someone had placed them there in advance. She pointed at the small white stick.“You know, I’ll bet he could help you get off of those. You keep saying you want to quit. The first sample session is free, and since I recommended you, you’d get a reduced rate if you decided to keep coming back for more.”

Millie looked down at the cigarette as well, and frowned at it in disgust. Stubbed it out in the ashtray between them. Then she looked back up at her friend across the table and smiled briefly.

“Sure. Why not? If you say he’s really on the up and up, one ‘session’ with the guy can’t hurt, I suppose.”

Maria smiled back, secretly relishing the fiery burning that had sprung up between her legs as soon as Millie had agreed. She was sure the Master would be pleased with her.

And with Millie.

The End?