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In Therapy 7

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Note: This scene is a hypnotic fantasy. It contains adult language and situations, naked body parts, and examples of fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other fictional characters as a prelude to sexual activity. If you are disturbed by such concepts, attempt to do most of these things in real life, or want graphic ‘on-stage’ sex in your pornography, please stop reading now.

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* * *

Maria hesitated for a long moment, clutching the files in her hand, then knocked timidly at the door.

“Come in!” To her enormous relief, her Master sounded cheerful. She opened the door and stepped into his office, thinking for a moment that it was strange he hadn’t locked it as was his usual practice. As she well knew, it was utterly vital that he and his clients be alone during their sessions, with no chance of disruption.. She closed and locked the door behind her without really thinking about it.

“I’m very sorry, sir. I know I’m not supposed to ever interrupt you while you’re conducting a session, but you said you wanted to see these reports when.. oh.” She broke off upon seeing the client, Ms. Otterholt. The brown-haired woman sat upright in a nearby chair, a vacant half-smile on her pretty, lightly freckled, face. She was naked from the waist up, and her small hands were neatly interlaced, resting gently on the top of her head. Her torso was swiveling slowly back and forth, her elbows twisting gracefully back and forth as well, cutting soft arcs through the air. Her petite, well-formed, breasts came and went from view as she turned towards Maria, and then away again. She paused three times in each back-and-forth cycle- once at each end of the arc, her body twisted around as far as it could go, and once as she faced directly forward. Pause. Twist right. Pause. Twist right. Pause. Twist left. And so on..

Fred made a small, absent, gesture of negation, still watching Ms. Otterholt’s face. He sat opposite his client, chin on hand. His own face was thoughtful.

“It’s all right, Maria. Actually, come to think of it, it’s good that you are here. Do you recall why Diana first came to see me?”

“Yes, sir. She was suffering from low self-esteem, and feelings of personal worthlessness. Jill recommended you to her.” Thanks to her Master’s wonderfully thorough training, she could pull up any important client information almost instantly.

“Yes. I’m afraid that Diana had a very poor self-image. She couldn’t even stand to go to the beach, wearing a bathing suit. Could you, Diana?”

“No, Mr. Mabuse.” Diana’s voice was calm, placid. She continued to swing back and forth, her breasts bobbing slightly as she did so.

“But together, we’ve been working to correct that, and I think we’ve made great strides over the past few sessions. And today, especially.. For instance.. Diana, you remember my receptionist, Maria?”

“Yes, Mr. Mabuse.”

“She’s here in the room, right now. Are you aware of this fact?”

“Yes, Mr. Mabuse.”

“And she can see your naked body. Your naked breasts. We both can see them. Does this bother you?”

“Of course not, Mr. Mabuse.” Twist. Pause. Twist. “I see now that I have no reason to be ashamed of my body.”

“Good, Diana. Very good. I want you to carry on with your self-image exercises now. You will see nothing, hear nothing, think nothing, until I say the word “Diana” again. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Mr. Mabuse.” Her brown eyes went slowly out of focus.

He studied her for a moment longer, than nodded his head and unfolded his body from his chair, straightening his clothing as he stood. He stretched, and sauntered over to where Maria stood, looking up at him wide-eyed. He bent over and kissed her for a long moment, dragging along a breathless little whimper from her throat as he finally pulled away. She swayed towards him, and reluctantly pulled her own body back.

“Aaah. A little celebration was in order, Maria. As you know, Ms. Otterholt’s case has been most challenging. Her resistance to new ideas has been unusually strong. Especially ideas of a more.. intimate nature. How such a lovely woman could come to so firmly believe she was so ugly..” He shook his head sadly. “But today, as I had hoped, we have finally turned a corner. Ms. Otterholt will start believing in herself again. Believing, knowing, that she is beautiful. And eventually believing and knowing certain other things as well, of course. And a good thing, too. I was beginning to think we’d have to do another retreat up at the cabin. Or even give up all together.” He stretched again, and his long spine gave a little crackling noise. “As much as I enjoy seeing my work coming to fruition, Maria, there are occasionally times when I wish I could just.. snap my fingers and make my clients’ problems all go away. Fix everything with a word.”

“Yes.. sir.” She would much rather use his true title. In fact, she hungered to scream it over and over again at the top of her lungs, while he.. she shook herself mentally. With a half-trained slave in their presence it was all quite impossible. She forcibly turned her mind to what he was saying, and was puzzled. Her Master could fix all of her problems with a single word. As if reading her mind, Fred continued.

“But of course, this is the real world, and sadly, not every client responds to my hypnotic programming as well or as quickly as you.” He ran his finger along her forehead, just above her nicely tapered black eyebrow, slowly sliding the digit down and around the outer corner of her eye, heading towards her cheek. She made another needy little noise and closed her eyes, tilting her flushed face up towards his. The reports crumpled slightly in her grasp, raked under her pearly fingernails. “Ms. Otterholt, for example. Even now, after.. what.. three months? She still isn’t quite ready to start her Phase Two sessions. But after today, after another session or two, she will be. She will be.”

He glanced for the first time at his client’s naked chest, still swiveling methodically back and forth. “That’s the one good thing about dealing with such a powerful.. block. When it is finally breached, an equally strong compulsion can quickly be built up in the opposite direction. Just turn the old feelings inside out, instead of building up new ones from scratch. With our help, Ms. Otterholt will become, in the next few weeks, quite the wanton little exhibitionist.” Fred paused thoughtfully, and snapped the finger up off her skin. Maria twitched and opened her eyes. “Yes. And it will do her a lot of good. To start with, since it’s been so nice out lately, we’ll have to buy a bikini top for her to wear home from next week’s session. Something skimpy. Remember to pick one up for her, would you, Maria?”

She tore her gaze away from her Master for a moment, sizing up Ms. Otterholt’s size and figure with a quick, practiced, glance. She nodded, and immediately turned her face back towards him, like a flower following the sun as it travelled across the sky.

“Yes, sir.”

He studied her for a moment and smiled. It was as close to an out-and-out lecherous smile as he ever gave, and Maria reveled silently in its glow.

“And get a matching one for yourself. Top and bottom. We’ll have a.. casual day around the office after she leaves.”

Maria smiled more widely, and pressed herself up against him.

Yes, sir.”

“Now, then, what was it you needed to show me?”

“Oh! Yes, sir.” She stepped away from him, instantly all brisk efficiency. “Before Ms. Otterholt arrived, you gave me these reports, and said that you would want me to bring them in to you when you buzzed me and said you were ready to see them. And I was to say things that I am saying now.” She spoke the tangled sentences easily, and without thought. It all made perfect sense. Everything her Master ordered her to do made perfect sense.

“Ah, yes.” He took them from her, flipped through them for a moment or two, and nodded. “Excellent. And now I’ve seen them. Please file them with the rest.” He handed them back. “That will be all for now.”

Maria nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

She turned and left the room, her mind and body both looking forward to next week’s session with Ms. Otterholt. Looking forward to the moment when it would be over. Tonight, she’d pick up a couple of the skimpiest, most revealing, bathing suits that Brenda had in her shop. And take them home and model them. Model them all night long, first with her body.

And then in her dreams.

She was so glad she didn’t have any self-image problems.

Fred resumed his seat, again cupping his chin in his hand.


Her eyes came back into focus.

“Diana, what were you doing just now?”

“I was doing my self-image exercises, Mr. Mabuse.”

“Is that all?”

She frowned slightly, not looking at anything in particular as she swung back and forth. Then her face cleared.

“Yes, Mr. Mabuse.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing, Mr. Mabuse.” No hesitation this time.

“What did you see?”

“Nothing, Mr. Mabuse.”

“And what did you hear?”

“Nothing, Mr. Mabuse.”

“Good. Do you have a mirror in your home, Diana? One that you can sit in front of?”

“Yes, Mr. Mabuse.”

“Good. Every night, when you are alone in your home, I want you to sit in front of your mirror, and do your self-image exercises, just as you are doing them now. Watch your own naked body go back and forth. Back and forth. And as you watch your naked body go back and forth, I want you to see again and again, remember again and again, how beautiful you are. How beautiful your naked body looks while it is on display. Remember again and again all of the things that I have told you. Remember again and again all of the things that I will tell you. Do this for an hour, and then go to bed, and sleep. Sleep. And forget. Forget everything, until it is time for another of your self-image exercises. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Mr. Mabuse.” She smiled.

Fred smiled as well, and glanced at his watch. Only another 15 minutes before her session was over. Really not much more they were going to accomplish today, so..

“Diana. Think about what I have just told you to do. Remember it. As you remember it, feel your mind slowly go blank again. Even more blank than before. Do your exercises, go down even deeper into the blankness, until I speak your name again.”

Again her eyes glazed. He leaned over and thumbed the button on the intercom.

“Maria. Would you come back in here for a minute, please?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And lock the front door before you do.”

Yes, sir!”

May as well celebrate a little more, he thought...

The end (?)