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TITLE: Infiltration

CATEGORIES: mc — ff — fd

SUMMARY: When Jasmine meets her new roommate, Celeste, she just sees a typical Barbie girl; but she will soon discover that she is in fact something very different.

When I first discovered the EMCSA (almost 20 years ago!) the story “Tan Lines” by Hoselover98 blew my mind. I read it and reread it dozens of times. The induction in this new story of mine is somewhat similar to that one, kind of an hommage.

If I have the time and the strenght, and of course if you out there like it, this will be the first of three parts in this story.

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Part 1 — Jasmine

Jasmine had always been kind of a tomboy, which was ironic, because with a name like Jasmine everybody expected nothing short of a Disney princess. She had always rebelled against that image: she cut her hair short, wore sport loose clothes, preferably black, and never, ever, ever dressed anything of any color that could be remotely confused with pink. She was quite attractive, in an unconventional Lisbeth-Salander-y way: she had a petite fit body with small tits and a small round ass, and an elfish look to her face, but above all, she had attitude, personality, strength, and that made her stand above most of the other girls.

Because of her roguish looks, many people thought that she was a lesbian; in fact, she considered herself bisexual with a slight preference towards women. Above all, she despised the idea that women had to be and act feminine in order to get men’s attention. She never felt comfortable around women who behaved like that, because she felt they were living in different universes which had no way of communicating with each other.

That is why she was a bit shaken and disappointed when she came into her dorm room on campus to meet her assigned roommate, and saw a tall, thin but curvy (if that is possible), stereotypically feminine beautiful being, dressed in a pink skirt and a short yellow t-shirt that showed a pale line of flesh under it. Even without heels, she was at least a foot taller than Jasmine.

“Hello!”, the girl said, cheerfully welcoming Jasmine, “I am Celeste!”

She leaned forward to kiss Jasmine on the cheeks, and when their skins touched Jasmine felt something stirring inside her: something that was primitive, primal, instinctive, and which she could not identify nor explain.

“I am Jasmine”, she answered sharply.

“It looks like we are going to be roommates!”, Celeste continued with the same high-pitched tone of excitement. God, Jasmine thought, does she always talk like that?

“That is great”, she replied, once again, without any emotion in her voice.

“It is, isn’t it???”, said Celeste, almost jumping on her feet in excitement.

And then she started rambling about how this was her first time away from home and away from her parents, about how she was terrified and thrilled at the same time and how everybody she had known so far was so nice and so interesting…

After a while, Jasmine just stopped listening, and let her words fall on her ears like distant rain or elevator music; instead of listening, she started analyzing Celeste more closely: her big eyes, which had a strange shade of green that seemed to keep changing with the light; her delicate nose and cheeks, pale but not in a sickly kind of way; her long golden hair, so natural and soft and radiant, which seemed to gain life whenever Celeste moved her head, which was quite often… Her long neck, showing the way down to her breasts, ample but elegant, generous but not exaggeratingly so, and then her sexy pierced belly button that showed from time to time under her tiny yellow t-shirt, and her hips, wide and round, which made Jasmine think of what it would be to have Celeste sitting on her face with her large ass and her pussy on her mouth… and…

Wait, what???

Jasmine tried to gain her composure back; it was not like her to fall for somebody like Celeste! She excused herself quickly and left the room. She needed a beer. She needed more than a beer. Lots of beers. And maybe a joint.

Luckily, Jasmine quickly discovered that Celeste didn’t spend much time in their room, and that their schedules were barely compatible: Celeste had classes in the morning, Jasmine had most of hers in the afternoon; Celeste went to bed early, Jasmine liked having a couple of drinks at the campus bar, especially when there was live music. She usually went to sleep quite late, and slept the whole morning. All she could see of Celeste was her pink cheerleadery clothes and some sort of glitter or gel that she used, which was all over her things.

In other words, Jasmine barely saw Celeste in their room, which doesn’t mean that she didn’t see her at all. In fact, she came across her on campus fairly often, and surprisingly, she was almost always accompanied not by other students, but by some professor or administrator or senior member of staff: older men dressed in suits sitting with her on a bench and looking at her with a dull and fascinated look in their faces.

In fact, in the following weeks Jasmine started hearing rumors about Celeste: that she was the teachers’ favorite; that she was getting the highest grades without even doing any work; that she was allowed one-on-one tutorials with all of her lecturers, and even that she had had long lunches with the Chief of the Department, the Chair of the School, the Dean of the University and even the President of the Administrative Board.

Everybody thought the same thing, although nobody dared to say it out loud: Celeste was not as stupid as she seemed, after all…

Jasmine tried not to think much about any of this; she was dead set against gossiping and prying into other people’s lives, as she had suffered from it quite a bit in her home town. If Celeste was popular with the older males, maybe that was the older males’ fault for falling for barbies and bimbos. Furthermore, she had her own problems, like getting enough time to do her essays, while at the same time trying to discover if that cute waitress who worked the night shift at the bar was into girls, or boys, or both.

Things were good, or at least stable, for a couple of months. Then a virus made it all go to hell: one day, when Jasmine got to her Psychology 101 lecture, she found a note on the door: “classes with Prof. Patterson are suspended due to illness”.

It was just 3 p.m.; the bar didn’t reopen until 6 p.m., and her favorite waitress started her shift only at 8 p.m. She thought about going to the library to work on her essays, but the lazy devil inside her was stronger: “fuck it”, she thought, “I will go back to my room and sleep some more”.

She got to the door, put her key out of the pocket and into the lock, turned the door nob, opened the door and entered…

And then she stood there for a moment, while her brain tried to comprehend what her eyes where seen.

Celeste was there, standing on the middle of the room.

Naked, in all her glorious nakedness.

And from behind her, growing from her back, a dozen or more tentacles were dancing in the air. It was like seeing a human octopus, except that an octopus is supposed to have eight tentacles, and Celeste had… well, definitely more than eight.

“What… what… what…?”, was all that Jasmine was able to say. Before she could come back to her senses or run away screaming, Celeste ran (slid?) behind her and slammed the door shut.

“You should always knock before entering, sweetie”, Celeste said, with a sweet smile and a tone that hid any possible irony.

Jasmine was still petrified: she kept looking in disbelieve at that being, which glowed and danced and pulsated in front of her, that was the perky beautiful Celeste while at the same time being… something else.

“Please don’t kill me”, was all that she could muster.

“Oh, I won’t kill you”, responded Celeste, “I will do something much more fun with you…”

Before Jasmine could do or say anything, Celeste’s tentacles moved swiftly and surrounded her. Two bigger tentacles grabbed her hands and pressed them against the wall; another two grabbed her legs and pushed them apart. The rest of the tentacles, smaller and thinner, surrounded her body and started making their way into her clothes, unbuttoning her trousers, ripping her t-shirt, pressing against her breasts and her ass and her sex.

Jasmine was completely immobilized. She struggled against the tentacles, but they were too strong for her.

Celeste was just inches away from her, and from that position she could smell some kind of perfume, or maybe it was the smell of that transparent gel that seemed to cover all the tentacles. It was a sweet and dense aroma, so strong that made her feel dizzy. And every time Celeste moved or breathed, the smell got stronger and more intoxicating. Jasmine tried to look away from her to get some air.

“Don’t look away, Jasmine… look into my eyes”.

Jasmine struggled, she forced herself to look away; instinctively, she knew everything depended on her opposing Celeste’s gaze. She closed her eyes and pressed them shut. But could not struggle for long: the smell of Celeste’s gel, the pressure of her tentacles against her body was making her dizzy, weak, powerless. After a few seconds, she looked directly into Celeste’s deep green eyes. She knew she was lost; she knew there was nothing she could do to avoid it.

And yet, it was so nice to look inside Celeste’s eyes; they were so beautiful…

Two new tentacles appeared from behind Celeste’s head; they danced a bit in the air an then they attached themselves on Jasmine’s temples.

“That’s right”, Celeste said, with her sweetest voice, “keep looking into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes. Get lost into my eyes”.

And Jasmine did exactly that. She looked into Celeste’s eyes, because that was the easy thing to do: they were so green, so beautiful, so deep, like an endless well in which you could fall and fall and fall. She felt like floating, and she didn’t want it to stop.

“Look deeper into my eyes… Deeper…”

Suddenly, Jasmine’s mind started producing images on its own; it was like fast-forwarding a movie, but she didn’t have a say in which images it fast-forwarded to. Celeste was in control.

The first scene that appear in her mind was her first encounter with Celeste. She remembered her first impression, the way Celeste talked and moved and the way she looked and what she was wearing… She remembered the first kiss on the cheeks, the touch of Celeste’s skin on her own… And she remembered the rush of desire that had come out of nowhere, the images of Celeste naked making love to her that had invaded her during that fist encounter…

She didn’t just remember all that: she relived it, and the same rush of desire engulfed her as she looked deep into Celeste’s eyes.

“You… you already desire me!”, Celeste said, cheerful with surprise. “That will make things easier…”

As she was saying that, Jasmine felt one of the tentacles insert itself inside her pussy. She gasped and tried to move away, but Celeste’s tentacles held her in place. The tentacle entered swiftly, aided by the glittery gel that covered it, and then she felt it exploring around, changing shape and size, before attaching itself to the g-spot and extending itself over the clitoris. Another thinner tentacle entered her ass, and the ones around her body pressed her even more tightly.

Jasmine gasped again as the tentacles started to thrust and vibrate and turn and rotate inside her.

“Don’t resist”, Celeste was saying, “It will be quicker if you surrender now. Don’t try to resist… Don’t fight your own desire”

Jasmine was caught in a thunderstorm of sensations. The tentacles around her body were moving like snakes, caressing all her sensitive spots, and the ones in her pussy and her ass made waves of pleasure run through her spine. Celeste’s eyes were but a few inches from hers, and she just couldn’t look away even if she wanted… and she didn’t want to…

“That is right, look deep into my eyes. Show me… Show me what you desire”

The images inside Jasmine’s head changed. She was now going back to her oldest memories, her first discoveries of her own body, her first sexual impulses… She was reliving a whole life of pleasure in a few seconds. She just wanted to close her eyes and be consumed by pleasure, but she knew she had to keep looking into Celeste’s eyes, and the movements of the tentacles kept her just on the edge of orgasm, never falling into it.

The memories stopped fast-forwarding when they got to her first sexual experience with a boy; she was sixteen, the boy was her first boyfriend, a couple older than her. One night they started making out outside their favorite pub, then they went to his car…

Jasmine remembered the way he undressed her, the way his fingers felt when they played with her nipples, how he took her panties off and slid his fingers inside her, while grabbing her boobs… And as she was remembering all those things, looking deep inside Celeste’s eyes, the tentacles were mirroring those same movements on her body, pinching her nipples, sliding inside her pussy, grabbing her boobs...

And when she remembered how it felt to have his boyfriend’s cock inside her for the first time, the tentacle in her pussy thrusted harder, deeper inside her. Jasmine heard herself scream of surprise, then, in the car, and now, in her room with Celeste.

She kept remembering and feeling: the kisses of her boyfriend on her neck (which the tentacles were now replicating), the bites on her nipples (pinched by another tentacle), the slaps on her ass (a tentacle slapped her hard), and mainly the movements of her boyfriend’s hips, and the friction in her mound, in her clit, and the pleasure that overpowered the pain…

“Look deeper, my child, remember…”

But now looking inside Celeste’s eyes, everything seemed to get foggy: it… it felt as if it was Celeste in fact who was in that car with her, making love to her with a giant dildo… Yes. Yes! That was it! She remembered more clearly now: she was in that car with Celeste, they made love for hours, and there was no pain, just pleasure on top of pleasure on top of pleasure!

Jasmine was so deep in her own desire that could not see the smirk in Celeste’s eyes as she intensified the rhythm and the intensity of her tentacle’s movements. Jasmine was panting, moaning, trembling as she remembered, now, correctly, how Celeste had fucked her in the car, fucked her hard, but expertly, exploring all her corners, in and out of her, in and out of her.

Just like the tentacles that were fucking her now, in and out of her, in and out of her.

She remembered looking into Celeste’s eyes that night in the, just as she was doing now; she remembered looking into her eyes as the orgasm exploded inside her…

“Cum for me, my girl, cum for me. You can cum now”, Celeste said, in a whisper.

Jasmine almost didn’t feel how the tentacles increased the movements over her nipples, her neck, her legs, her belly, and how they vibrated on her clit and her pussy, throwing her into ecstasy.

Jasmine came, shaking, screaming. An orgasm that was the accumulation of a thousand orgasms exploded inside her sex. She screamed again, almost passed out.

“That’s right, my little girl, let it go, surrender to pleasure. Cum for me. Cum. Cum. Cum”

The endless orgasm kept coming in waves, and Jasmine thought that she was going to run out of air. She felt her body arch and push forward, trying to cope with every new wave of pleasure. Celeste’s tentacles kept vibrating inside her, and she kept cumming for what seemed like hours.

Little by little, the orgasm receded. Jasmine body still shook a few times, hit by aftershocks of pleasure. If Celeste’s tentacles weren’t holding her up, she would have collapsed on the floor long ago.

The carpet of the room was soaked with Celeste’s gel and Jasmine’s juices; there was a dense smell of sex in the air.

Jasmine felt she was falling asleep, exhausted, and was more than happy to let go. But Celeste’s tentacles shook her awake.

“Ssssssh, my little girl, don’t fall asleep yet. We are not finished. We are not even closed to finished”

“Whaaaaa…?”, was all that Jasmine could mumble, before her gaze was once more locked on Celeste’s mesmerizing green eyes.

“Look into my eyes, sweetie… Just look into my eyes”.

And once again, images started forming in her mind, old memories of her teenage years. She felt the tentacles starting to gain life again, teasing her, waking her exhausted body.

“No, please…”, she begged.

But deep inside, she wanted this already, because she knew that there was a prize at the end…

“Shhhhh, my little girl, relax, look into my eyes, open up to me…”

Now the film stopped at the first time she was with a girl. It was less than a year later; she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and she wasn’t looking for anything or anybody. But then this cute redheaded girl showed up in a concert, and they hooked up. They danced together, they drank together, they smoked together, they laughed together… and before she knew it, Jasmine had the other girl’s tongue inside her mouth and her hand in her pants. And she was enjoying it.

Once more, the tentacles started mirroring the memories: one tentacle entered Jasmine’s open mouth, while the other one played with her clit and her labia. Jasmine moaned, trembling in excitement and anticipation.

“You are doing great, honey, you are doing just great”, Celeste said, moving even closer to her. And every time she heard those words, Jasmine felt an electric shock of pleasure that brought her one step closer to orgasm.

In her memories, Jasmine and the girl where devouring each other on the bed; rubbing against each other, biting, pinching, licking, grabbing. In her dorm room, Celeste’s tentacles where also biting, pinching, licking, grabbing the same parts of her body. The girl went down on her; nobody had gone down on her before, not even her boyfriend. She remembered the feeling of her tongue licking her pussy, flicking her clit, fingering her at the same time, making her feel things she had never felt before.

Celeste’s tentacle flicked her clit too, just like the girl in her memory, while the other end pressed her g-spot, just like the girl’s finger. Jasmine closed her eyes—in the memory and now, in her room—to better focus on her pleasure.

“Don’t close your eyes now, honey… Open them… and remember”, ordered Jasmine, pressing her breast against Jasmine’s, skin against skin.

And Jasmine opened her eyes, in the girl’s room, but it was not the girl who was licking her any more: it was Celeste. She saw Celeste’s green eyes smiling at her from down under, and when she did, another wave of pleasure shook her body.

“Oh, Celeste…”, she groaned.

“Yes, my child, my little girl, it is me”

Jasmine was down the pleasure rabbit hole again, she could not answer any more. The spasms of the incoming orgasm where starting. She could feel it, so close, so close. She knew that all that she needed was a word from Celeste’s mouth.

But Celeste was enjoying herself. She made her tentacles increase their speed, pressed herself harder against Jasmine, so that she could smell her, and get intoxicated by her smell.

“You want to cum for me, right, Jasmine?”

“Yes, please… yes, YES!”

“I will tell you when to cum, honey… You are doing very good”

It was so much pleasure that it was even painful, except it was a pleasurable pain. Jasmine cried and begged for the orgasm to finally arrive. She could feel her skin burning, and Jasmine’s scent was filling her senses.

Oh, god, please, let me cum, she thought, almost as if she knew that Celeste was hearing her thoughts.

And Celeste was gracious.

“You can cum now, my little girl. You can cum for me. Cum for me again. Harder. Harder. Again”

It was even stronger than before, even better. Jasmine felt the orgasm explode at a dozen parts of her body at the same time: her toes, her fingers, the top of her head, her belly, her ass, her ears… and all those separate orgasms seemed to converge in a bigger orgasm, bigger than anything she could have imagined, which irradiated from her clit and through every nervous cell in her body.

Even with Celeste’s tentacles restraining her, Jasmine arched her body in an impossible convulsion.

She wanted to scream her lungs out, but had no air in them.

Pleasure hit her again, and again, and again, in every spot, and harder each time.

She came like she was going to die. How long did the orgasm last? There was no way to tell. It seemed to never end, it seemed that Jasmine herself had been transformed by it. And maybe she was.

This time, Jasmine passed out, she could not know for how long. When she opened her eyes again, Celeste was there, waiting, with a smile on her face.

“I let you rest for a while, my child… but not for long. We still have work to do”.

And with those words, images started flowing in her mind again, and she succumbed into Celeste’s eyes.

This process lasted for hours. Every memory of Jasmine’s erotic life was recovered, enacted and rewritten. Jasmine came again and again, and with every iteration of the cycle, Celeste learned something, about Jasmine’s body and about Jasmine’s mind. And so when a new cycle started, she knew how to tease her and entice her better. Pleasure kept growing stronger and stronger, and the association with Celeste’s image got stamped deeper and deeper in Jasmine’s subconscious.

By the third hour of conditioning, Jasmine was a drooling rag doll; by the sixth hour, it was hard to say if she was conscious at all when a new orgasm hit her. By the eleventh hour, her body felt like an empty vessel that was getting filled with pure desire for Celeste. She could see, hear, smell, taste nothing else, only Celeste. She didn’t need anything else.

The last memory that was rewritten was from just a couple of weeks ago. Jasmine met a guy on Tinder and they got together for a quick shag. She had allowed him to fuck her ass; she was curious about that, and the guy seemed gentle enough.

He was not, he was rough and selfish and a lying bastard. It had been painful.

But now, when Celeste was taking his place, and her tentacle was coming in and out of her ass with the perfect size and shape and texture, there was no space for pain, only pleasure. Just when she was hit but the last orgasm, Jasmine realized and accepted that there was no part of her body that Celeste could not use to give her pleasure.

And with that realization, she fell asleep.

Celeste didn’t wake her up this time. Carefully and even tenderly she retracted her tentacles, took her in her arms (she was so light and so little!) and placed her on her bed.

“What am I going to do with you, sweetie?”, she asked, to no one in particular.