The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 3 — Hayley

It was a slow day at the pub; the worst kind for a waitress like Hayley, specially when she had an early shift like today. Tuesdays were always like this—unless there was a game on TV, then it was cock-a-palooza. But today there was just this group of boys and girls drinking and laughing, a couple of older guys playing darts and a loner writing stuff on his laptop on one of the tables in the back. No one to talk to, no entertainment, no fun. Hayley shuffled through the songs on her playlist, but they were the same old songs, day after day, and even if they were their kind of music she was just fed up with them by now...

The only thing that made her look forward to tonight was the possibility that the cute skinny gothy girl would come, as usual, a little over 8 p.m., order a beer from her and then sit there on the bar with a hard look on her face and a fidgety attitude about her. She always came alone. She didn’t seem to have many friends; she sometimes talked to some guys from the Rock Society, but never hanged out with them and never left with any of them. She never left with anybody, in fact, boy or girl. However, Hayley was almost certain that the girl was les, or at least bi; she had caught her checking her cleavage a couple of times, when she got down to look for clean glasses or whatever. And she was cute too, in an unconventional sense of the word...

(This, coincidentally, was more or less what they also said about Hayley, with her red hair and piercings and all... Although Hayley was more on the “rounded” side of the body spectrum: she had more hips than the cute skinny gothy girl: more boobs, more ass, more of everything. Nobody would call her fat—not to her face anyway—but she was definitely of a stronger complexion. What mattered was that she was confident in her body, and as they way, there is nothing sexier than confidence).

As the minutes slowly passed, Hayley remembered how many times she had tried to flirt with the gothy girl, but conversations always lingered and faded quickly; she knew that the girl’s name was Jasmine (a name that didn’t suit her at all, Hayley thought)... and little else! And yet, she was always happy to see her, exchange a couple of words with her over the bar and maybe wink an eye at her looking for her complicity... And she was always sad and a little frustrated when she left, after a few hours and a few beers, half drunk but not so drunk that she would put her guards down and break out of her tough act. Hayley had to admit it: she had a little crush on this mysterious girl...

So that night Hayley waited, and tried not to look at the clock too much. But the more she tried, the harder it was: 6 p.m., 6,30 p.m., 6,45 p.m., 6.49 p.m... Fortunately for her, things started to get busier around 7, and she had to keep her mind occupied elsewhere for a while.

And before she knew it, there she was: the cute skinny gothy girl, flesh and bone (more bone than flesh), entering through the door. Hayley smiled, served a couple more clients (she didn’t want to look too anxious) and then approached the girl with a smile.

“Hey, you”, she greeted, “I didn’t know if you were gonna show up!”

“Hey you yourself!", the gothy girl responded, with quite a cheery and loud voice. “Slow night?”

“You bet!”

Hayley was about to lean over the bar to give her two kisses on the cheeks, as she usually did, but then something held her back. She just stood there and looked at the girl again. There was something different about her, something that gave her feel unease. She looked, well, sharper maybe, more alert, as if she suddenly had a purpose and the determinate will to fulfill it.

“Aren’t you going to greet me properly?", the girl said, leaning her body forward and offering her cheek to Hayley.

“Yes, yes, of course”, Hayley said, and gave her the two kisses on the cheeks as planned. As she did, she smelled something, a strange and deep perfume that she didn’t recognize but that was kind of pleasant and intoxicating. She even felt a little dizzy.

“You look so good today”, Jasmine said. “That t-shirt really shows your great figure”

“I... Eh... Thanks?", answered Hayley, as she tried to clear her mind from the mist of Jasmine’s perfume and think of a better answer. “You look... great too”

“Oh, thanks, you are a doll!", Jasmine said, casually grabbing Hayley’s hand over the bar and pressing it gently.

Something was definitely off today; the girl... Jasmine... had never been so playful and flirty. Hayley didn’t know how to react: she liked this new attitude of hers, it offered more promises of good things to come, but at the same time, it was as if Hayley’s personality had been mixed with somebody else’s... Somebody much bubblier and more extroverted. In any case, Hayley was still too overwhelmed by Jasmine’s perfume to think all this through. All she could do was smile and try to keep the conversation going.

“What... what is with you today?", she asked clumsily. “You seem... different”

“Oh, yeah, I know. That is because of my new contact lenses. They give me a totally different look. I feel much more confident when I am wearing them. Wanna check them out?”

Hayley had a moment of doubt. Her spidey-sense (so to speak) was sending her alert signals, and she usually didn’t ignore those signals; some years as a waitress probably had taught her when to avoid engaging with a customer... And yet, this was the cute skinny gothy girl, the one she already had a crush on. It was hard to resist even with a clear mind, let alone with a foggy one.

“Ok”, she answered, “let me see”.

Jasmine opened her eyes wide and Hayley looked into her them. Oh, yeah, they were definitely different: before they were dark and hard like pebbles, but now they were kind of emerald green, and seemed to flow and turn as if they had snakes in them. Stronger spidey-sense signals made her give a step back, but Jasmine put her hand on her arm and gently pulled her closer to her. Or maybe not so gently; Hayley couldn’t say at that point.

“Don’t look away, just keep looking at them, Hayley. They are beautiful, aren’t they?”

Hayley was unable to look away: even if Jasmine’s hand was not holding her, her eyes were doing that for her. She felt drawn into them, like falling on a deep well or a vast void. She felt vertigo, but the kind that you feel at an amusement park, that makes you want to ride the ride again and again and again.

“Yes... they... they are beautiful”.

“Look at the beautiful colour, and the shapes, and how they seem to pull you into them”.

“Into them...”

“You don’t want to look away, do you Hayley?”


Hayley was really close to Jasmine’s face, so close that they could kiss any second. She could smell Jasmine’s perfume again, deep and penetrating, all her senses overwhelmed from Jasmine’s new presence. There was no denying that there was something extremely sexual about her new self, about her new attitute. Hayley felt heat running through her veins, like liquid metal. It was hard not to lean forward just a few more inches and taste Jasmine’s thin lips.

“It is fun, being that close for the first time... right?", said Jasmine, as if she was reading her mind. “Just imagine how much more fun it would be if we were even closer”.

And at the same time that she said it, and while still looking deep into Jasmine’s eyes, Hayley had a flash of them naked, both her and Jasmine, their bodies pressed against each other, legs crossed like tree vines, sex against sex, breasts hard pressed together, hands clutching each other’s asses hard, eyes wide open (just like they were now), mouths equally open, panting like wild animals in heat...

“In fact”, Jasmine whispered, “why don’t we meet after you close, and go some place more private... like my room?".

“Your... room?", said Hayley, unable to turn her eyes away from Jasmine and feeling warmer and fuzzier.

“Yes, my room. There you will be able to look into my eyes as much as you want... And you want that, don’t you?”

As she asked that question, Jasmine kissed Hayley deeply. Hayley felt a shock of electricity and an unvoluntary twitch of pleasure between her legs.

“I do”, she replied, before even thinking about replying. “I do”.

“Ok, then. It is settled!", Jasmine cheered, leaning back on her stool. “But until then, could you please serve me a beer? And take care of all your other customers, or they will get jealous!”

That seemed to bring Hayley back to reality. Quickly blinking her eyes, as a disoriented animal, she looked around and saw at least half a dozen raised hands asking for drinks. She gave Jasmine her beer, and then walked away.

The rest of the evening passed like a dream, like one of those blurry dreams when you don’t know what is real and what is imagination. She tended the bar with the automatic pilot on, and while her body was doing her chores, her mind was somewhere else—more precisely inside Jasmine’s eyes. And inside those eyes, she saw images of twisted, naked, sweaty female bodies, bodies arched and tensed by desire and pleasure, and tongues and hands and other things touching those bodies just the way they wanted to be touched... She had to shake her head and push those images away time and time again; what was wrong with her? And Jasmine, there in her corner on the bar, didn’t stop looking at here the whole night, which didn’t help much...

She had never been clumsier than that night: she broke three glasses, screwed at least a dozen drink orders, overcharged some customers and undercharged others, and definitely saw a few leave without paying, which is something that she would never have allowed on a normal night. All she wanted was for the clock to strike two, like a modern day Cinderella.

Fortunately for her, at some point somebody rang the Last Orders bell, and a few minutes later “Sweet Dreams” by Depeche Mode started playing; all the customers knew that this was the sign that the pub was closing. And even more fortunately for her, as she had started her shift earlier than usual today, she did not have to stay to clean, arrange everything and balance the cash. As soon as the last customer went out the door she said good night to the other waitresses and stormed off.

She anxiously looked for Jasmine outside the door; she was afraid that everything was a joke or a misunderstanding, and still she was almost trembling with anticipation. When Jasmine appeared from behind one of the cars in the parking lot, Hayley let out a sigh of relief.

“Hey!", Jasmine said as she approached Hayley, and without another word kissed her again, pressing her petite body against Hayley’s. “Do you still want to come to my room?”

“Yes”, Hayley replied with a sigh. “But won’t your roommate be there?”

“Don’t worry about her”, was all that Jasmine replied, and it was enough for Hayley, who only wanted to squeeze herself closer to Jasmine and bathe in her intoxicating aroma.

They kissed and laughed all the way to the dorm, like drunk teenagers. When they got there, Jasmine opened the door to her room and let Hayley in. Lights were off, except for a small lamp on Jasmine’s bedside table. Half of the room was covered by almost complete darkness; all Hayley could see was Jasmine’s bed, and she didn’t want to see more.

Jasmine started to undress Hayley. Her t-shirt came first, giving her the opportunity to nibble on her breasts and leave kisses on her shoulders, belly, waist... Then her trousers were off, and Jasmine’s tongue traced all the way from Hayley’s toes, soles and ankles to her knees, thighs and in between her thighs. Still with her panties off, Jasmine pressed her face against Hayley’s pussy and breathed in and out, in an out.

Hayley moaned and tried to reciprocate, grabbing Jasmine’s t-shirt to rip it off, but Jasmine stopped her.

“Wait”, she said, “let me look at you first”.

She positioned herself on the bed so that the light from the lamp reflected on her eyes and then placed her hand behind Hayley’s neck, directing her gaze directly into hers.

“Look into my eyes again, Hayley”, she ordered.

Hayley didn’t want anything else: she looked into Jasmine’s eyes, and felt the vertigo coming back at her, stronger this time. The reflection of the light made the eyes seem even greener, deeper, more alive. She lost herself in them, floating in the dark space that was calling her and pulling her in.

And while she floated there, with telepathic help of her Queen Jasmine was looking for Hayley’s pleasure centers, identifying the memories from all her sexual experiences, reading her most private fantasies and desires. And when she had identified them all, she started pressing them, one by one, like the keys in a piano.

“Look deeper into my eyes, Hayley. Give in to me”.

Hayley was under her spell by now. Her mind was playing images of herself and Jasmine kissing, rubbing against each other, penetrating each other with their hands and tongues and feet and all that could come to ind. She could suddenly remember every single time she had masturbated in her life, and that all those times she had been thinking about Jasmine (which was weird, because she didn’t know Jasmine until just two months ago, but she wasn’t in a position to question anything her mind was telling her).

Jasmine took her own t-shirt off and let her tentacles spread in the air; it was safe now, Hayley could not see them any more. Slowly, trying not to break the spell, she took Hayley’s panties off, pushed her down on the bed and slid one of her tentacles inside of her pussy. Hayley closed her eyes in surprise and cried a little cry of pleasure. The tentacles filled her pussy, expanded and contorted themselves against her clit and her g-spot, rubbed her in rhythm with the images in her mind. Other tentacles were already positioning themselves around her arms and legs, surrounding her breasts and hips, caressing her from head to toe.

“Keep looking into my eyes, Hayley”, Jasmine repeated, and continued to bomb her mind with images of herself making love to her, while her tentacles engulfed Hayley’s body and caressed every inch of her skin.

Hayley was feeling it all. A thousand touches on her most sensitive spots. She was so wet, so hot, she had never felt anything like this before. When Jasmine leaned down and kissed her, she felt a hundred tongues kissing her all over, and a hundred fingers digging into her pleasure points.

She groaned and arched her back. Jasmine’s tentacles kept pressing on, in and out, rubbing, tickling, entering, exiting. Her mind was now focusing on one specific memory of Jasmine pleasuring her with her fingers, touching her from the outside and the inside, caressing her clit. Jasmine was creating those fake memories, and at the same time rehashing them with her hands and tentacles.

“Slow... slow down...", Hayley cried, feeling the first waves of pleasure overwhelming her consciousness. It was a last instinctive attempt to break out of Jasmine’s control... But there was no slowing down, and there was no breaking out. Jasmine shut her up with a deep kiss, infusing more and more of her gel inside of Hayley, and sped up the rhythm of her movements between Hayley’s legs. Hayley felt dizzy again, like she was falling and the more she fell, the weaker she was and the more pleasure she felt in being weak.

“I am going to make you cum, Hayley, like you have never cum before”, she said, firmly rubbing Hayley’s clit with her fingers while her tentacles pressed her g-spot from the inside.

Hayley could feel the orgasm building inside her; she could feel the heat charging inside her pussy, ready to explode. And yet, when it would normally would have exploded, it kept building, like a ball of fire inside of her sex, burning her. She was aching, but she didn’t want it to end. The sheets were soaked with her wetness mixed with the gel from the tentacles. Her body tensed, asking for the climax. In her mind, all her previous sexual experiences had accumulated into this one, and the pleasure that was about to come was the sum of all the previous ones, combined.

She gasped with every flick of Jasmine’s fingertips—or were them something else? She was running out of air, she felt like she was about to pass out.

“Please, she begged... please make me cum. I can’t take it any more”.

“Almost there, sweetie... almost there... and... now... cum for me, cum for me hard, cum for me”.

And just when she heard Jasmine say “cum”, she came. She came as a lightning bolt running through her nerves, she came with spasms of pleasure rocking her, her eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth open in an endless groan. The first rush of pleasure was a tsunami; the second one was even bigger. When the fifth one peaked she thought she was going to pass out, but she just wanted to ride the orgasm until its end... And it kept coming and coming, and Jasmine was so closely pressed to her, in the most intimate embrace: Hayley clutched her hands in the air and felt Jasmine grab them and help her through the last bit drop of pleasure that was running through her veins.

And when it ended, with a last series of spasms and sparks of pleasure, she definitely passed out.

She didn’t know how long she was unconscious. When she came back to her senses she heard Jasmine talking to her.

“It is ok, Hayley, just enjoy it”, Jasmine was saying, “enjoy the pleasure that I can give you... and this is nothing compared with what my Queen will do with you... for you...”

The last bit of Hayley’s mind that was not devoted to pleasure registered the oddness in that last sentence.

“Your... what...?”

That was the time for Celeste to make her entrance; she had been waiting in the shadows, hiding in her bed for the best moment to intervene. Hayley turned her head to the other side of the room, momentarily breaking away from Jasmine’s control.

“But... you said that your roommate...", she said, and tried to get up, only to discover that she was being held down by Jasmine’s tentacles. She screamed in panic and tried to break out of her embrace.

“Ssssssssh”, Celeste shushed, sitting down on the bed by Hayley. “It is ok. Everything is ok”.

Hayley continued to kick and twist, trying to get away, but then, without realizing, she looked directly into Celeste’s eyes.

If the pull inside Jasmine’s eyes was strong, Celeste’s were almost unbearable. She still struggled, tried to look away with the last remaining will power... But then, Celeste placed her soft hands on both sides of her head and gently pushed her head directly beneath hers and started massaging her temples.

“Let go, Hayley”, Celeste said. “Just look into my eyes and let go”.

And Hayley did; she had no power any more. Her body relaxed completely, her eyes wide open. And just as she had felt Jasmine’s tentacles inside of her a few minutes ago, now she could feel Celeste’s tentacles inside of her head, reading her, getting to know every corner of her mind. She was going way deeper than Jasmine, past individual memories and to the foundations of her personality. And once she got there, she started making changes.

Hayley noticed it, and tried to fight back. Instinctively, she knew this was her last chance. She kicked and screamed, but Jasmine’s tentacles were strong.

“You are tough”, Celeste said with a smile, “you will be a good soldier. But we need to teach you a little loyalty first”.

Celeste’s tentacles were pressing her temples so that she couldn’t move her head, and was twitching her personality to be more obedient and more submissive. Hayley could feel it, like a worm running through her mind, and she knew that she had to fight it with all her strength...

And just when she was regaining focus and was starting to fight back, she felt something that made her lose her concentration: it was a wet feeling between her legs. She looked down and saw Jasmine, lying on her stomach with her ass and her feet in the air, and her face deeply pressed against her crotch. And she was licking her, she could feel her tongue expertly exploring her pussy.

Celeste grabbed Hayley’s head again and gently placed it back on the bed.

“Sssssh... Everything will be much easier if you cooperate”, said Celeste, once again looking deep into Hayley’s eyes.

“No!", Hayley screamed and tried to close her eyes, but a new flick from Jasmine’s tongue on her clit made her squirm and forget what she was objecting to.

“It’s ok, this will be over soon, sweetie”, Celeste said, and kept working on Hayley’s mind while Jasmine kept working on her sex.

Soon enough, Hayley wasn’t fighting any more: Celeste had implanted in her mind the first seed of absolute loyalty to her Queen, and it was starting to take effect. The only thing that was left to do was to water it and make it grow.

Now Hayley was calmer, and Jasmine was working on breaking her concentration and her defenses, giving Celeste the chance to position herself. She kneeled on the bed, and placed herself on top of Hayley’s mouth, giving her a perfect opening to her pussy and a perfect view of her glorious human body.

“Worship me”, she said, “give me pleasure”.

And so Hayley did, gladly: she pressed her mouth against Celeste’s pussy, and started licking, unconsciously syncing herself with the rhythm of Jasmine’s worshipping on her own pussy. And just as she licked Celeste, she was ingesting more and more gel and becoming more and more addicted to it. Soon she was feeling it all: licking and being licked, pleasuring Celeste and being pleasured by Jasmine. Celeste was also beginning to feel all the pleasure that was running through the hive: her human body responding to Hayley’s caresses and touches, which were also felt by Jasmine through their shared hive mind. The three girls, the three bodies, were connected and focused on giving pleasure to each other.

Celeste pressed her pussy closer into Hayley’s mouth; her tongue was deep into her pussy, while her hands were busy pressing Celeste’s ass and playing with her ass, sending new sensations through her spine. Hayley on the other hand, was in bliss: her pussy, still sensitive from the previous explosion, was getting shocks of pleasure like electricity; and she was worshipping her Queen, giving her pleasure, and that was even a better deal. With the gel coming inside of her, her connection with the hive was also growing, and soon enough she could feel Celeste’s pleasure as well as the taste of her own sex on Jasmine’s tongue.

Celeste started moving her hips back and forward, and Hayley tried to follow her movement with her mouth and hands; Jasmine also adjusted her movements and continued to lick Hayley, harder, faster, knowing that the three of them were getting closer to another orgasm, one that they would all share this time. She put two fingers inside of Hayley’s pussy and pressed back. Hayley moaned and arched her back; Celeste moaned too, and so did Jasmine, feeling as if she was fingering herself.

Then, after a short moment to regain concentration, Jasmine went back to licking Hayley, who went back to licking Celeste. The room felt hot, wet, saturated with sex. Sounds in the air were also wet and warm: moans, slurps, twists and creaks from the bed. Celeste, who was the only one with a free mouth, occasionally shouted and screamed whenever any of the three felt a particularly strong spasm of pleasure.

“Yes, yes, right there!", she moaned, and as if it were an order, both Hayley and Jasmine squirmed of pleasure and satisfaction.

They all knew that this could not take much longer. Ecstasy was looming in the horizon, and they were all three preparing themselves for what was about to come. And yet, they kept licking each other, pleasuring each other and themselves in the process. Celeste’s pussy was so hard pressed against Hayley’s mouth that she could barely breath, but that was just adding more to the pleasure she was feeling. Jasmine was also squirming, moving her ass up and down, as if she was being fucked by an invisible entity; her pussy was just as soaked and open as Celeste’s and Hayley’s, and her left hand had started playing with it almost without realizing what she was doing. Hayley, being in the middle of the pack, was particularly hit from both ends of it, and only the physical tentacles on her body and the loyalty to her Queen avoided her from twisting and turning uncontrollably.

“Aaaaaaaargh!", screamed Celeste, and she was speaking for the three of them.

And then, the orgasm started to flow. Hayley was the first one to feel it, like a hot thumb rubbing directly on her clit—and it kept rubbing, and it kept getting hotter and harder. It then passed through Celeste, who clutched her legs so hard that thought that she would squash Hayley in the process. She then started trembling uncontrolably, as her own orgasm was added to Hayley’s. Finally, Jasmine received both Hayley’s and Celeste’s orgasms, and felt her own one replicate them, shaking her to the body back and forth.

And then the cycle continued, as the pleasure passed from one body to the other, from one mind to the next. They kept licking and licking, soaking their mouths and jaws and faces, and pleasure kept growing and growing and growing...

The peak of the orgasm made the three girls tense up and arch their backs in exquisite agony. They screamed in unison as they felt pleasure run through them, transform them, unite them. They came on each other, on top of each other, inside of each other, like Russian dolls. And they came some more, as if the orgasm was echoing through them with no end.

The end of the orgasm was like a long line of ripples on a pond. Each wave gave way to another one, and when they seemed to be receding, a slightly stronger one reinitiated it all.

Finally, gasping for air and with numb limbs, they felt the last echo of the orgasm leaving their bodies, and they rested their heads and bodies on the bed, pressed against each other. Hayley and Jasmine were soon asleep, hugging each other. Celeste, who had a stronger control on her human body, looked down on them with a smile.

She had gained control of the governing elites on campus, and created a mini-hive that would grant access to other areas of the university experience that were forbidden to her. Maybe it was time to contact her hive—the original one—and tell them that the experimental infiltration had been successful, and they could begin the real one shortly.

But that could wait until the morning: she grabbed a blanket, covered her sisters’ bodies, lied down with them on the bed and embraced them with her strong tentacles.

Yes, that could definitely wait until the morning, she thought, and closed her emerald green eyes.