The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 1: Mother Mind-Controlled into Lover

The Institute of Apotheosis implemented the emergency Judas Protocols.

One of their own had betrayed them.

Alex Icke finished typing in the final address into the shipping computer. The warehouse was quiet. No one else was in here but his sister, Alexis. After Ulrich Geller’s betrayal of the Institute, handing out one of the precious Halos to a person not chosen by channeling the spirit of their cult’s deceased founder, no one else was trusted by Deidre Icke to handle the devices. Ulrich had sent the Halo to the girlfriend of the newest god and thrown off their entire mission of the Institute.

“Done,” Alex said, pushing off from the computer. The automated system was ready to accept the packages.

With Ulrich bailed out of jail and heading to meet with Henry Archer, the Institute’s location was about to be compromised. Deidre Icke, the president of the Institute, couldn’t allow any more Halos to fall into the wrong hands. The cult had to salvage as much of their guru’s plan as possible. Only eleven of the correct gods would receive the Halo. Alex’s mother hoped it would be enough.

Alex was just stunned that anyone would betray Dr. Blavatsky’s vision of the future. He thought the entire Institute was devoted to the man’s vision. It left him reeling. A wave of stunned dizziness swept through him as he stood up from the chair. Shaking his head against the surge, he glanced at his twin sister and sex slave. He learned so much from the gods. He had found such satisfaction in dominating his sister and enjoying her love.

She had a dazed look on her face, her dark hair spilling around her features. Her brown eyes fell on her brother.

“It’ll be okay,” he told her, stroking her chin.

“Will it, Master?” she asked him, the eighteen-year-old girl trembling. “Cindy and Mindy didn’t look so good.”

“They’ll recover,” Alex said. Cindy and Mindy were another set of twins, the scyers who communicated with Dr. Blavatsky. It was hard for them to divine one of the god’s. Last night, they had to divine the last five names, pushing themselves through the night so that they could get out all the halos now while the rest of the Institute destroyed the ability to make new Halos.

No one would be able to recreate them without the machines and the software. Their founder and his wife had pioneered the technology, no one living fully understood it. The Institute had spent a decade manufacturing the twelve Halos. They couldn’t allow the process to fall into one of the God’s hands. It would throw off the world if they had that temptation at their hands.

The Gods needed to awaken the world to a new consciousness. To guide mankind to a new destiny.

“Let’s go,” Alex said, snagging a clean suit off the wall. They couldn’t handle the Halos barehanded.

They dressed quickly and passed from the main shipping warehouse into the special room where the five remaining halos rested. Each one was labeled: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Gemini. They rested in their charging crèches, five golden rings that housed the complex nanites who would change a person’s mind and give them powers.

Alex’s eyes fell on Gemini, the special Halo, thicker than the others. He entered in two names for that one. A pair of twins.

“Master,” Alexis said, standing beside him.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Alex said, his eyes following the circle of the halo, the golden ring reflecting back the light, the highlights almost stabbing him with their brilliance.

“They are,” she said, her gloved hand taking his. He felt her warmth through the thin plastic.

He blinked out of his daze. “Let’s get to work.”

They pulled the golden rings out of their crèches. They hummed and buzzed in their hands. They moved to the waiting boxes, each full of the Styrofoam packaging. They placed each one into a box, the printer had the labels all ready. They set in the thick instruction manuals, no different than any of the others they produced for the normal electronics that financed the Institute’s true purpose.

That’s about to come to an end, Alex realized as he taped up the Gemini ring, the other four boxes beside him. His hands tingled.

He licked his lips.

They grabbed a box each, Taurus for him and Cancer for her, and rushed out. They set them down on a table and headed in for the next two, Capricorn and Pisces. Then lastly he grabbed Gemini while his sister stripped out of her clean suit, her naked body appearing, a thick, leather collar about her neck.

The box trembled in his hands. He could feel the Gemini ring in there. His forehead furrowed.

He unzipped his clean suit, stepping out of it as naked as his sister. Clothing was optional at the Institute now. The first six Gods had taught so much about sexuality. Not to be ashamed of it. To embrace it. Brothers should dominate their sisters. Sisters should submit and love their brothers. They should be bred.

“Come on, Master,” Alexis said, her voice sweet. “We need to get them shipped. Then...”

“It’s over,” he said. “We’ll have saved mankind.”

“Maybe.” She bit her lip. “Mom doesn’t think Cherry is the proper Virgo. She’s not teaching anything new. Not with her under Henry’s power.”

Alex nodded his head, he hefted Taurus and carried it to the shipping system. He set it down, saying, “But... what if Cherry can. She’s like the Goddess Bess Atwater. A living example of submission.”

Alexis didn’t answer. That thought echoed in his mind as he set the automated system in motion, identifying the package. It slid down the conveyor built to where drone control would snag it and take it to the correct God, Troy Bullock. The drone appeared, snagging it and carrying it off.

Cancer was loaded next, heading to Sirvard Vahan.

Capricorn trundled down the conveyor belt, heading to Willis Chevrolet.

He set Pisces down, hitting the command on the keyboard. The conveyor belt came to life, starting it on its journey towards Serafina Pesce.

Last he sat down Gemini. He stroked the box, feeling the article in there. It was off to Eder and Ederne Urbina. His fingers brushed the packaging tape. He swallowed, his eyebrow furrowed. Thoughts he shouldn’t have gripped him.

“Master?” Alexis said, her voice tight. “You need to start the process, Master.”

Ulrich has already ruined it... Alex thought. He’s given one Halo to the wrong person... Will it really change things? Professor Blavatsky’s vision wasn’t perfect. Ulrich went through the scrying process to be hired. He was determined to be trustworthy by Professor Blavatsky’s spirit.


He felt the edge of the tape peeling ever so slightly. His finger snagged it.

A wave of exhilarated fear washed cold through him as the tape ripped from the cardboard. It tore across the label, ripping apart the two names. The box’s flaps popped open, Styrofoam peeking out white.

“Master!” squeaked Alexis. “What are you doing?”

Fear squeezing his heart, Alex shoved his hand into the packing peanuts. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He shouldn’t be doing this. But the idea latched onto him and it wouldn’t leave him. If Professor Blavatsky could be wrong about Ulrich, what else had he gotten wrong.

I’m a twin. Why not me?

He grabbed the thicker Halo. He felt the tingling warmth. He ripped it out of the box. The small, airy bits of Styrofoam tumbled over the conveyor belt. He held it up, the circle of gold sized to fit the average adult’s head.

“Master!” Alexis screamed. Her hand shot out, grasping the other end of the Halo. “What are you doing? Put that back.”

He stared at his sister’s eyes, seeing the defiance in his sex slave’s eyes.

The Halo, constructed different than the other eleven, intended for a pair of twins, not a single person, burst with golden light.

* * *

Troy Bullock — Taurus

I frowned at the strange text message on my phone.


You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life’s needs. Tired of your mother devoting herself to your father and ignoring you? Tired of your father’s disappointment in you?

Well you’re in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes.

I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!

Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!

Deidre Icke, Esq.
President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research

Was this some sort of weird joke? How could anyone know how much I resented my mother’s attention to my father. It was so cloying. They were always laughing and joking, so affectionate with each other. I could hear them downstairs, my father hogging her attention.

It was their “date” night. I had to stay in my room and pretend that I wasn’t home so I didn’t interrupt their dinner and good times before they retired to their bedroom and fucked. I hated having to listen to them having sex, my mother moaning and groaning.

I wanted her to groan that way for me.

All eighteen years of my life had shaped me to love my mother. I ached for her. Every son should have their mother’s entire focus. It made me so hard just thinking about it. I masturbated to her all the time, pretending she loved me the way she loved her father.

That she cared for me and didn’t help father criticize me, to try and make me into his version of a man. Someone who played sports and went on dates with girls, they type of guy who fucked cheerleaders and strutted through the hallways.

I pushed up my glasses as I stared at the text. Where had this come from?

I googled the Institute of Apotheosis and... got dozens of hits about conspiracy theories. People talking about mind control and new Gods. Supposedly there was a town where all the women were now lesbians, and someone calling herself Cherry was bragging about her boyfriend turning all the mothers at their college into sluts. “Last night’s Mother Fucking Club meeting was insane,” she posted just this morning. “We love the Halos. They all worshiped us. Him. He made me his girlfriend and his Goddess!”

“Mother’s aren’t sluts,” I muttered. My mother was an angel. Special. She deserved to be treated right by someone who loved her, that special bond that only could exist between her and her son.

I shook my head, reading more. One “God” made all his daughters into his harem, another made his older sister crawl naked through his college, talking about how she was her brother’s slut and deserved to be punished.

It sounded so insane. The sort of crazy stuff that you found on the corners of the internet and yet—

Something hummed outside my window. I glanced out and saw a drone rising up into the air, flying away from our front porch. It was a larger drone than the one I owned. It looked like one of the package delivering drones Amazon was pioneering.

“No way,” I muttered. Our front door was right below my bedroom.

Swallowing, I stood up from my bed, heading to my door. I passed my reflection, catching my own blue eyes staring back at me, my body slender, skinny. Not the muscular frame of my father. There were times I thought I couldn’t be his son, hoped that my mother had secretly cuckolded him and only pretended to be the doting mother, but I had my father’s ears and nose. I looked too much like him not to be his son.

I just didn’t inherit his strength.

I slipped out the door of my bedroom. I moved on bare feet through the house. My parents were in the kitchen. My mother was cooking their special meal while they joked around. Her laugh sounded so delightful. I pictured her as I moved down the stairs, her light-brown hair spilling about that warm and loving face, her blue eyes friendly and inviting. She kept her body in great shape, exercising all the time. In yoga pants, her ass looked incredible, and her large tits bounced in her sports bra as she did cardio in the living room.

I could jack off for hours after watching those big, lush tits bouncing, sweat gleaming on her body.

This text message had to be a prank. But who would do something like this?

I reached the first floor. I could just see into the kitchen. I caught a glimpse of my mother in a fun skirt and blouse, wearing heels for their “date.” She had such a big smile on her face, beaming at my father.

She should only smile like that for me.

I padded to the front door, my skin growing tighter and tighter with very step. My heart thundered in my chest. This couldn’t be true. There truly couldn’t be this power. My parents laughed louder, lost in their own world, ignoring me.

I grasped the brass handle of the front door, installed by my dad. I twisted it, yanked it open. A box sat on the welcome mat, a label printed on it, my name and address on it. I snagged it. My hand shook. Those stories on the internet couldn’t be true, but...

I attacked the tape.

“Mmm, you like it when I do that?” Mom cooed. “We shouldn’t. Troy’s upstairs.”

“He’s playing his dumb games in his room,” Dad said. “Don’t stop.”

I shuddered, ripping at the tape, tearing off pieces of the cardboard. Styrofoam packing peanuts shifted around inside. My hands jammed inside, pushing past the instruction manual. I grasped a slender, gold ring. It was almost warm to the touch. I yanked it out, the white bits of Styrofoam cascading out of the way as I stared at it.

The Halo.

It was simple and yet... majestic. Like the circlet a king would wear. A man who controlled his own destiny. A master of his own fate. A shiver ran through me. My heart pounded in my chest. This was incredible. I couldn’t wait to enjoy this.

I crowned myself a god.

Heat flared the moment the gold settled on my brown hair. My scalp tingled. Darkness washed across my vision. I shuddered, my fingers flexing as the prickling sensation raced through me. The world spun around me. I grasped the door frame, groaning through the nauseating sensation and...

It passed.

I flexed my fingers. I didn’t feel different.

“Mmm, that’s it,” my dad groaned. “I am so hard right now. Just suck that in your mouth.”

“You’re so bad making me do this,” my mom said.

Making her do this... She didn’t want to be his whore. I had to stop this. I had the power.

I gained my feet and darted for the kitchen to rescue my mother from my dad. I burst inside, my fists clenched. Dad’s jeans were around his ankles, his boxers half-shoved down. Mom held his cock in her hand, her blouse open, her tits swaying as she turned to look at me. I caught a glimpse of them heaving.

“Troy!” she screeched, covering her tits with her hands.

“What the fuck, Troy?” Dad roared, anger crossing his buff, chiseled face. “Jesus, you know you’re supposed to be upstairs—”

“Shut up!” I snarled, my anger burning through me. He was making her do these deviant sex acts. “You don’t get to talk if I don’t give you permission.”

My dad’s eyes bulged while pain prickled across my scalp. A wave of darkness washed across my vision. I shook my head as I felt what I was doing to my dad. He had this bewildered look. His brow furrowed. His jaw muscles clenched and twitched. He struggled to speak, but couldn’t, only making some strangled sounds.

“Troy!” Mom said. “Honey, you need to just go upstairs, okay. This is my time with your father and—”

“Mom, you don’t have to please him any longer. You don’t have to serve him any longer.”

Confusion flickered across her face as the prickles stabbed into my mind.

“You only have to love me now,” I said, the words tumbling out of my mouth, my incestuous desires bursting out of me. “You only want me now. You want to please me. You want to love me. You don’t have to hide it any longer. You don’t love anyone else but me!”

Dad’s face went red while the pain burned in my thoughts. I gripped the handle of the refrigerator to keep from falling over. It hurt so much, but... I as my vision cleared, my eyes focused on her, I saw something amazing.


Those looks she gave my father were mine. She shuddered, her arms falling down from her tits, exposing them to my gaze. Hunger sparked in her blue eyes. It blossomed across her face, that realization of what she truly felt.

Dad marched forward at me, his face livid, his jaw clenched.

“Stop, Dad!” I said, gripping the handle, waiting for the pain. It flared hard, the prickling needles piercing deep into my mind. Ice rushed over my skin as my dad halted so hard that he almost fell forward. “That’s right, Dad, you’re not in charge any longer.” It felt so wonderful. “You don’t get to steal Mom’s attention from me. A mother should always devote herself to her children. It should be her number one priority. She should love her children, giving herself entirely to them.

“Right, Mom, you want to give me everything about yourself. Your body. Your passion. Your love.”

“I do,” she moaned, her voice full of liquid passion. She darted over to me and hugged me, her naked tits pressing into my body. Her lips smooched and nuzzled at my cheek, kissing along my jawline.

And then her mouth was on mine.

It was incredible. My mom kissed me. She loved me. She wasn’t a slut like that perverted boyfriend of Cherry’s thought. Mothers were pure and special. I hugged her to me, kissing her so tight while my father watched, realizing that he wasn’t needed now. My hands clenched my mother’s ass through her skirt, her nipples so hard pressed into my chest.

She put so much love into it. She hugged me tight. Then her tongue pressed against me. I shuddered as she devoured me. It was incredible. Such sensations rushed through me. Such heat rushed through me. My cock ached and throbbed. It burned through me. It roared through my ears as my fingers clenched into her ass.

I broke the kiss, panting. “Wow, Mom.”

“Mmm, Troy,” she moaned. “Ooh, you grew up into such a strong, young man. How did I miss it? You’re just so... You’re my world. I love you so much.”

I smiled, drinking in the attention. It was amazing. I rubbed my nose against hers. This was all my dreams come to life. My heart soared. I kissed her again, tasting her lips. I rescued her from having to suck on my dad’s cock. From having to use this wonderful mouth to ever touch him again.

My dad growled. He rumbled. He shuddered.

I groaned, breaking the kiss. “You’re ruining the mood, Dad.”

“You are, Martin,” Mom said. “I’m trying to love our son right now.”

He trembled, his eyes furious.

I sighed. “Dad, it’s fine. This is how the world is.” More prickles. More pain. I spoke through it, my voice growing deep and rough. “Mom loves me now. Only me. You don’t mind. You should be happy she cares for your son. That’s all. Your job is just to take care of us. To work, to clean the house, to be happy for us.”

He blinked as my new commands shifted his conscious.

Then, a strange, kinky rush shot through me. “You’re even happy to see us make love. You just watch quietly in the corner if you want. It turns you on, but you can go jack off later. Out of our sight. Mom and I don’t need to see that, and you don’t disturb us when we’re making love. You’re just happy that we’re happy. In fact, you respect me that I’m old enough to please Mom. To take care of her sexually. That I’m a man. It makes you proud, Dad.”

And for the first time, he stared at me like... I didn’t disgust him. It was always subtle, something he tried to hide from me, but now... He didn’t have to. He saw that I was a man now. That I would love Mom. I would give her all the pleasure she needed now.

“You can talk and move, Dad,” I said.

He nodded his head, looking in awe. “When did it happen, son? When did you grow up.”

I smiled at him, holding his wife in my arms. “I just needed a push. But I’ll take care of Mom. I’ll give her so much pleasure.”

“Mmm, that’s good,” mom moaned. “I’m so excited. You’re so sexy, Troy.”

“I know you’ll take care of your Mom,” Dad said. “I’m proud of you, Son.”

It felt so... wonderful. I smiled at him. I bet we could finally be friends. Finally have that relationship fathers and sons should have. “Every father should be proud that his son has turned into a man and ready to fuck his mom.”

“I am proud,” he said.

“And I’m ready to be fucked,” Mom moaned. “I’m so turned on. Mmm, show me that you’re ready. You’re just so handsome, Troy. Ooh, my little boy has grown up into such a handsome stud.”

My dick had never been harder.

“Let’s go, Mom,” I groaned. “I can’t wait to make love to you. I’ve wanted it for so long.”

“I bet you have,” she said. “Mmm, I’ve felt you watching me while I was exercising. You always enjoyed seeing me in my yoga pants.”

“You are so sexy, Mom,” I said, my cheeks burning. She knew? And she didn’t care. She wanted this. I was freeing her from her wifely duties. She didn’t have to pretend any longer. She could love me and be honest about it. “Let’s go.”

I took her hand and led her away, moving backwards so I could enjoy the sight of her large tits bouncing naked and exposed. Her nipples were pink, thrusting from oval areolas. They swayed and jiggled as she moved. Her stomach was flat and toned, her bellybutton an outie like my own, looking so cute. Her skirt swirled about her thighs.

“You are just so hot, Mom,” I groaned as we headed up the stairs.

“Thanks,” she said, shuddering. “I believe it when you say it. I... I am hot.”


“Mmm, yes,” she moaned, her blue eyes sparkling.

“You make me so hard... And those tits...” I groaned. “You’re going to give me a titty fuck, aren’t you? I’ve always wanted that.”

“Oh, you naughty, young man,” she said, a smile growing on her lips. “Of course I will. I’ll give you so much pleasure with my big titties.”

“She’s good at that, son,” Dad said, following behind us. “You’ll enjoy it greatly.”

I guess he didn’t interpret mom and me as making love yet, otherwise he would have to be silent. But he would watch. He’d get to see me pleasing Mom, being a man. He’d have such pride in his eyes as I made her cum again and again. I would fuck her so hard.

I would make her cum.

“You’re just so wet for me, Mom,” I groaned as we reached the top of the stairs. “You’re going to cum so hard when we make love.”

“I know I will,” she moaned, just the barest prickle raced across my thoughts. “I can’t wait.”

“Harder than you ever did for dad,” I added. “I’m the best.”

“You are,” she groaned, her voice liquid. She believed it utterly.

Why did this happen to me? Who, or what, was this crazy institute?

I brought her not to my bedroom, but hers. The master bedroom. Soon, this would be my home. My place to enjoy my family. It would be so incredible. I shuddered, shaking my head as my dick throbbed in my jeans.

Mom kissed me the moment we entered. Her hands went to the hem of my shirt as her lips attacked me. I shuddered, melting into the kiss. She was so aggressive. I loved it. Her mouth devoured mine with such hunger. Incestuous passion shuddered through me. My mom was so sexy.

She drew up my t-shirt, our kiss breaking only long enough for her to rip the dark clothing off of me. Then I kissed her. Emboldened, I claimed her mouth with such hunger. My mother was mine. Entirely mine. I would never share her, never dream of letting another touch her. My hands found her breasts. I squeezed and hefted them. My fingers sank into her heavy mounds, feeling their weight.

Her hands slid down my body, her digits so hot, her fingernails lightly scratching at my skin. She crossed my chest to my stomach, brushing my outie bellybutton. A tingle shot down to my rock-hard dick. I had never been more ready to do anything in my life.

She found the fastener of my jeans.

I groaned into her lips as she opened my fly. My zipper rasped. Her hand reached in, so warm and soft. She entered my boxers. My mom found my cock. My dick throbbed in her hand. It was stoo much for my eighteen-year-old body to handle.

I erupted.

Pleasure pulsed through me as my cock spurted as she pulled me out. I shuddered, grunting into her mouth, my excited seed rushing out of me. She growled into our kiss, her lips moving with such hunger as she held my spurting cock.

My mind melted in rapture.

Then embarrassment.

I broke the kiss. “Oh, God, I’m sorry for spurting early.”

“Oh, well, you’re eighteen and a virgin,” Mom said. “Mmm, so of course you’d pop off when your hot and sexy mom grasped your dick.” She stroked my cock. “But you’re young. You’re still hard. Now you’ll last longer as I give you a titty fuck and... It was so exciting feeling your seed spurt on my body. I loved having your cum on me.”

My dad nodded in the background as he watched, pride shining in his eyes.

“Thanks, Mom,” I groaned. My dick didn’t go soft at all. I was so excited that I stayed hard. “I want to enjoy it so much.”

“Mmm, you shall,” she purred and pulled off her blouse entirely, followed by her bra, not unhooking it but peeling it off like a top. Her large tits swayed. My cum dribbled down her stomach, the pearly jizz soaking the waistband of her skirt. “Now sit down on the bed and let me love you, Troy.”

“Yes, Mom,” I groaned, sitting down heavily, my jeans around my ankles, my dick thrusting out of my boxers.

Mom wiggled her hips, swaying those boobs. Her hands slid down her body. She ran her fingers through the cum, gathering it. Then she brought it up to her tits. She smeared my pearly, incestuous seed in the valley between her tits.

“Mmm, lube,” she said as she sank down. “It’ll let my tits really slide up and down your cock.”

“Yeah,” I groaned. That was so naughty. My mom’s breasts looked so hot streaked in my cum.

Then she wrapped her boobs around my dick. I groaned at the pillowy softness of them. How her breasts engulfed my cock. I groaned at the wondrous feel of them. It was amazing. Her nipples rubbed against my stomach, so hard and throbbing with her passion. She gave me such a wicked and sultry grin.

Then she slid her breasts up and down my cock. My cum greased the way. Her wonderful tits engulfed the spongy crown at my tip. I thrust my arms behind me to brace me, leaning back on my hands. I groaned as the pleasure spilled through me.

My mom was giving me a titty fuck.

My mom was touching my cock. Loving my dick.

“Yes!” I groaned. “Oh, Mom, that’s so good.”

“Mmm, I want you to enjoy my tits. I want you to cum all over them,” she purred, staring down at my cock. “I want that jizz spurting and splattering my face.”

“I want that, too, Mom,” I groaned. “I’m going to coat you face. I’ll make you happy.”

“I know you will,” she panted, working her tits faster and faster up and down my shaft.

The incestuous pleasure rippled through me. I shifted on the bed, my feet twitching. I worked off my jeans as I savored the glide of her breasts up and down my cock. Her nipples rubbed against my stomach. Tingles raced through my body from those two hard points, ending up at the tip of my cock.

An ache built there. Every time her pillowy breast slid up it, her boobs engulfing my crown, pleasure shot down me. My balls drank it in, my next load of cum already brewing in them. I groaned, licking my lips, loving every bit of this.

Then her head ducked down. Her tongue lapped out and brushed the crown of my dick. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as I enjoyed this wondrous moment.

“Mom!” I groaned as her tongue swirled around the crown of my dick. Just for a moment. Then her breasts engulfed it.

“Mmm, your cum tastes good,” she said.

“You’ll get all my cum you crave,” I groaned. “You can suck my cock whenever you need it. At least once a day, you need it.” A faint buzz rippled across my thoughts.

“I do!” She licked again as her tits slid down.

It was such a wondrous delight, the silky glide of her tits sliding up my cock and engulfing the sensitive tip before sliding down. Then came that wicked, flicking caress of her tongue sweeping about the crown. Sometimes she slid around the right side of my tip, others the left, and sometimes she went over the top, her tongue probing into my slit for a moment.

It made my toes curl. My orgasm built and built. That explosive need swelled at the pinnacle of my cock. My incestuous passion begged to erupt and coat her face in my passion. My head tossed from side to side, the pleasure building faster and faster.

I groaned and gasped. Dad watched with fatherly pride as his wife serviced me. I was cuckolding him, and he was proud of me for being enough of a man. I groaned, my fingers digging into the dark comforter on my parents bed.

No, the bed I shared with my mom.

“Damn, Mom!” I groaned.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked then flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick. “Is my big, strong son going to cum all over my face?”

“Yeah, Mom,” I groaned, her words driving me wild. “Oh, fuck, I am.”

“Good!” she purred, squeezing her tits tighter together, her finger sinking into her pillowy mounds. She slid up my cock, engulfing the tip.

Pleasure shot down to my balls.

Her breasts slid down. Her head lowered to lick and... It happened. My dick erupted. My balls unloaded all my cum. I let out a grunt of incestuous rapture as my jizz splattered her face. Mom moaned, her tits freezing their movement as I painted her face with my cum.

“Mom!” I cried out.

My dick twitched and throbbed in the wonderful embrace of her tits. My jizz kept firing. So many ropy lines of white spunk splattered her face. Fat drops of pearly passion rained down on her tits then ran in rivulets over her mounds. She moaned, her tongue licking out.

“My son tastes so good!” she moaned. “I love your cum, Troy!”

“Damn!” I moaned as the pleasure peaked in me. My cock erupted the final blast. It was more cum that I ever fired. I drenched her face. She looked so sexy in it. Her tongue flicked out, trying to gather up every bit of the jizz she could reach.

A line ran down the side of her nose and reached her upper lip, beading on that divot. Her tongue swiped over it, gathering up my incestuous seed. She moaned as she pulled it into her mouth. Her entire body shook.

“That’s so hot,” I groaned. “I love watching you eat my cum.”

“I love eating it!” she moaned.

I licked my lips. I wanted to feast, too. “Lie down on the bed. Clean up my cum as I eat your pussy! I have to make you cum now, Mom.”

“I’ll cum so hard!” she moaned, so eager for her pleasure. She rose and then sank down on the bed beside me, lying back. Her cum-splattered tits pillowed into two jiggling mounds, lush peaks topped by her pink nipples. Her legs hung off the side of the bed, just like mine did.

I moved, shoving down my boxers as I sank to my knees between them. I felt dad watching on, knowing I would satisfy his wife. I thrust up her dark skirt, exposing a pair of lacy, black panties. Curly, brown pubic hairs peeked out the side. I smelled a spicy musk, a scent I had sometimes breathed in around my mother.

It was her pussy. The scent of her arousal.

“Damn, you smell good, Mom,” I moaned as she hefted her tits.

“Enjoy, Troy,” she moaned as she cupped her breasts like she was... bringing them to her mouth.

I groaned as she sucked on a cum-stained nipple, nursing on herself. My hand shot forward, inspired by the sight. I hooked her panties and ripped them down her body. I exposed my mother’s bush soaked by her pussy. Her labia peeked through her dark strands, looking engorged. She was in need of being eaten. Being pleased.

With a hungry growl, I buried myself into my mother’s snatch. Her silky bush kissed my lips. Then the very pussy that birthed me into the world brushed my lips. I groaned at the hot feel of them. It was incredible to enjoy. It was this magical moment. Her silky pubic hair caressed my face as I took my first lick of my mother’s pussy.

She moaned around her nipple.

It was incredible. My mom tasted so amazing. She had such a wonderful flavor. Her spicy musk melted on my tongue. I licked again and again. My tongue fluttered with such hungry passion through her folds.

I had to please her. I had to show my dad I was a man. That I could give my mother rapture.

She moaned about her nub as my hands shoved beneath her rump. I gripped her ass as I plunged my tongue deep into her. I stirred around inside of her. I fluttered and teased her while she shuddered. Her thighs spasmed about my cheeks. Then they clamped down on me.

Her mouth plopped off her nipple. “Troy! Yes, yes! You’re an amazing son! Oh, yes, love my pussy! You feel incredible! That’s where you came from!”

I shuddered, loving the sound of pleasure I gave her. She squirmed, her fingers scooping up my cum decorating her face and bringing it to her hungry mouth. As I feasted on her snatch, she devoured my incestuous jizz.

My dick throbbed. I was hard again. I was ready to fuck. I gripped my mother’s rump, squeezing and massaging her as I loved the feel of her bush rubbing on my face. Her juices poured into my mouth as she shuddered.

“Yes, yes, yes, Troy!” she moaned, her fingers sliding along her temple. She brought the jizz to her lips, sucking it in her mouth.

“You taste so good, Mom!” I groaned. “You’re going to cum hard! You love me eating you!”

She squealed about her fingers.

I flicked my tongue up to her clit. I had seen porn. I knew this was a place to lick. I flicked my tongue against it. I sucked on it. I loved it. she gasped and moaned. Her tits heaved as she whimpered. Her head tossed and turn, brown hair flying.

“Troy! Oh, yes, Troy!” she moaned over and over. I gave her such bliss. I churned up her pussy. “You’re going to make me cum!”

“Do it, Mom! Cum!” I growled and latched onto her clit.

She did.

Her juices squirted out of her. She bucked and heaved, crying out in rapture. Her face turned red as she screamed my name. Her tits slapped together, bouncing and jiggling. She ground her pussy against my hungry mouth. My tongue lapped out, drinking in her orgasmic rapture. I made my mother cum.

I gave her pleasure.

I was a man.

My dick throbbed. I rose. I had to be in her. I leaned over her, guiding my cock to my first ever pussy. The only pussy I needed. I rubbed my cock against her silky labia, her bush tickling the sides. Mom stared up at me, her blue eyes glassy.

“Fuck me, Troy!” she moaned. “I need my son back in me.”

I could feel Dad’s approval as he watched. He knew I could take care of Mom. I thrust hard into her depths. Her pussy was writhing, spasming. My eyes widened as I realized she was still cumming. Her pleasure still rippled through her.

I groaned as my mom’s pussy welcomed me home. My balls smacked into her flesh. I leaned over her, staring down at her face smeared in my jizz. Her arms reached up, hands sliding around to grasp the back of my neck, holding me as I remained buried to the hilt in her.

Then I moved. I made love to my mother.

I groaned as I drew back my hips. It was incredible to feel her snatch spasming around my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pleasure surged through me. I thrust into her again and again. My balls smacked her as I stared into her blue eyes.

I witnessed her love.

“Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, Mom, you’re incredible.”

“And you’re so big!” she whimpered, her thighs locking about my hips. “Oh, wow, you’re huge, Troy. Your in me! It’s amazing! I’m going to cum on this dick!”

“You will!” I panted. “My cock gives you such pleasure.”

I thrust into her and she gasped. Her fingernails bit into the back of my neck. Her pussy spasmed harder about my cock as I pumped away at her, increasing that amazing, massaging friction writhing about my dick.

My balls drank it in. The tip of my dick ached. That explosive release built there, driving me to pump away faster and faster. I lowered myself down, crushing her tits to my chest. I stared deep into her eyes as our bodies moved together.

I fucked her harder and harder. Her writhing flesh stimulated me. She wanted this so badly. I could feel it with every thrust. Her pussy sucked at my dick. My mom’s cunt wanted my jizz spurting into her depths.

“Mom!” I groaned, that ache building, coming closer to that point where there was no stopping my orgasm, that mad plunge towards the climax.

“Yes, yes, yes, give it to me!” she moaned. “Please, please, Troy, give it to me. Spurt your seed deep into my cunt. I need it.”

“Yes!” I growled. I thrust so hard into her. My balls thwacked into her flesh. “I’m going to fill you with my cum, Mom! Because I love you!”

“I love you!” she gasped, her body bucking beneath me, her tits pressing into my chest. Her pussy bathed my cock in convulsing heat. Her juices gushed out, splashing my balls. Her passion soaked my nuts.

That did it.

My face twisted with passion. I drove my cock so hard and deep into her cunt. I couldn’t stop it. Didn’t want to stop it. I had to cum in my mother. I had to explode in her and give her all that passion that she craved. My orgasm built in my nuts. I couldn’t take it any longer.

I let out a loud growl as I rammed to the hilt in my mother’s depths. My eyes rolled back in my head as my balls thwacked into her taint. That loud slap echoed through the night. I groaned, my body shaking.

I erupted into her.

My incestuous jizz spurted into my mother’s depths. Blasts of rapture slammed into my mind with each eruption of frothy cum. Her pussy spasmed harder. Grew hotter. Her blue eyes widened as she felt me spilling in her.

“Troy!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, Troy! Flood my cunt. Fill me with all that jizz!”

“I am, Mom!” I groaned, the rapture shooting through me.

It was so incredible to feel my seed spurting into my mother’s cunt. The rapture surged through me. The ecstasy melted my brain. My head shook. I growled through the pleasure. Stars burst across my vision. I shook my head, my heart thundering in my chest.

“So much jizz!” she howled, bucking beneath me, her pussy milking my cock, wringing my balls dry.

I kissed her lips. I didn’t care that I tasted my salty cum. I just had to love my amazing mother. I had to savor this wondrous delight. She clutched tight to me. She held me to her breast as our tongues dueled together.

We loved each other. It was amazing. I was so glad I had the Halo. That I could awaken my mother to her true feelings, That my father could finally see that I was a man. He slipped out of the room, leaving us to our love.

That other God almost had it right. But mothers weren’t sluts for their sons. They were lovers.

* * *

Sirvard Vahan — Cancer

“Where is dinner?” bellowed my husband. “It’s past 6:30.”

My eighteen-year-old daughter flinched beside me, her cream colored hijab wrapped about her pale, doll’s face. Anahit’s dark eyes flicked to the kitchen door as she stirred the fish stew. I swallowed, bracing myself, my cheek still aching from my husband’s last chastisement.

“It’s almost ready, husband,” I called out in our native Armenian. No English was allowed spoken in our house. “Five minutes.”

“It better be,” he growled. “Your son is starving. I am starving.”

I didn’t hear the chair creak. He didn’t stand up from his recliner. I sighed in relief, rubbing my hands across my apron. I should have had dinner ready on time. I allowed myself to get distracted. It would only be right that he came in and disciplined us.

I told myself that all the time. Sometimes I even believed it.

My phone chirped with a text. I glanced at the stew. I had time. I thrust my hand into my skirt pocket and pulled out my old phone, the screen cracked. My husband and son had the latest iPhone, but I had to make do with a five-year-old model.


You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life’s needs. Tired of your husband terrorizing your life? Tired of having to submit to his discipline?

Well you’re in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes.

I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.

So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!

Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!

Deidre Icke, Esq.
President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research
* * *

Alex Icke — Gemini

Master... Master... I’m scared.

“Alexis,” I muttered, my eyes opening. I groaned, shifting. I was in a small room. It looked like a supply closet. I shook my head. I thought I could hear my sister talking to me like she was right next to me. I looked around for her, my head throbbing. My mouth felt parched. “Alexis, were you talking to me?”

Master, please, I’m all alone. I need you.

“Alexis,” I said, standing up and darting to the door. I twisted the silver knob.


“Alexis!” I shouted, my mind groggy. How did I end up in here? The last thing I remember was... the Halo glowing bright as we fought over it and then...

“What have you done, Alex?” my mother’s voice asked over an intercom. “Why did you activate it?”

To be continued...