The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 4: Mind-Controlled into Lesbian Sisters

Deidre Icke, President of the failing Institute of Apotheosis, had to act. Her son, transformed into a new god by usurping the Halo from its proper owner, had broken out of the storage room they’d locked him in. With his powers, he could bend the Institute to his will. She had to buy time for the others to destroy all the research that went into making the Halos. They were never meant to be mass produced. Luckily, no one person could re-create them. Only their dead guru and his wife fully knew it all.

But the task wasn’t done.

Worse, the facility wasn’t fully evacuated. She also had to give those who didn’t want to fall prey to the false god time to escape. She wouldn’t flee. She knew she couldn’t abandon her son and daughter, that she would end up their disciples, but she couldn’t make that decision for others.

She darted for the door, heedless of her ex-husband, and now Master, holding her leash.

“Deidre!” he gasped in shock, not prepared for her sudden flight. His grip wasn’t strong enough on the leash to hold her.

As she reached the door to her office it ripped free from his hand.

“Stop, Deidre!” her Master shouted. She knew she should obey him, but being the president was more important than being his slave. He could punish her later.

If her son would even allow that.

Her bare feet smacked on the floor of the Institute’s hallway. People glanced at her, faces pale. She’d given the order to evacuate the facility. The Institute was done. They would disband, drifting to which of the true gods they wished to serve and learn from. It was the ultimate plan for the Institute once they had awakened the Gods to their destiny.

Before that bastard Ulrich disrupted Dr. Blavatsky’s vision for mankind.

Now only ten of the true gods existed. Virgo and Gemini never reached their proper owners. Would it doom mankind? Deidre had no idea.

“Get out of the facility!” she shouted. “Hurry! Alex is free! Move! Move!”

People gasped. They obeyed.

“Deidre!” snarled her ex-husband. “This is madness!”

She kept running she had to delay her son and protect the Institute if she could.

“Cindy! Mindy!” James, head of the scrying department, cried out. His twin daughters channeled the spirit of Dr. Blavatsky to determine who should receive the Halos and to approve any hires to make sure they could understand the Institute’s purpose. “Deidre!”

“Just get ready to evacuate!” she shouted as she charged past him, racing to the west wing where she’d had her son imprisoned.

She rounded the corner, her leash fluttering behind her. Her breasts heaved. She would throw her body at her son. He’d already made love to her many times. She might become his sex slave. She might lose what she’d gained with her ex-husband.

A sacrifice for the greater good.

She burst around the corner and spotted her son ahead. He stood powerful. Deidre was about to cry out his name when she saw the twins Cindy and Mindy falling to their knees before him. Deidre slowed, swallowing. The girls were already captured by his powers.

She’d failed to protect them.

* * *

Serafina Pesce — Pisces

I set my phone down. I was too horny to worry about that strange text message. I had a pair each of my sisters’ panties in my hand. I was eager to masturbate to their delicious scents. I was such a pervy girl. I had such a fascination with panties. They were amazing. They came in so many different styles, an unlimited combination of fabrics, designs, colors, and frills. Each and every one of them destined to cling to a woman’s naughty bits, absorbing her musk.

The easiest used panties for me to get were my two sisters’. If my mother still lived, I knew I’d be perving on hers, too. My pussy was on fire as I clutched Bernie’s (short for Bernadette, and she hated being called that) in my right hand and Lucilla’s in my left. I was so ready to enjoy them. I brought them up to my nose, inhaling deeply, breathing in their—

“Serafina!” my dad bellowed from downstairs.

I groaned. Didn’t he know I was busy? He was supposed to be going to work. I just passed him in the hallway. He was working a lot lately. With three daughters to support, my widower father had to start working overtime, pulling extra shifts as a security guard. Money must have gotten much tighter since Lucilla turned eighteen.

“Serafina, you have a package!” he shouted.

My eyes flit to my phone. I blinked as I shifted my hips. The message replayed in my mind. The ability to have what I wanted. My sisters? I wanted them so badly. I didn’t care that incest was wrong. I just ached to eat their pussies for real. To press my face into their snatches and feast on them. I could inhale their musks fresh from the source.

But what the text message implied was impossible even if it would be hot if it was somehow possible.

A rush of lust shot through me. I threw my sisters’ panties onto my bed and darted for the door of my room. I burst out and raced down hallway towards the stairs. I was just about to pass Lucilla’s door when it popped open.

“Is dad calling for me?” she asked, her dark-brown hair falling about her tan face. Like me, she had that Mediterranean coloring, proof of our Italian heritage. At eighteen, she was cute as a button, her face round, her brown eyes soft.

“No, nosy bee!” I said as I darted past. “It’s my package.”

I heard what sounded like an annoyed hiss then she slammed her door. I reached the stairs, racing down them, my bare feet smacking in a staccato rhythm as I descended the stairs. I hit the bottom and darted for my dad standing at the front door, wearing his dark blue uniform, a cardboard box in hand.

“Ordering online again?” he asked me.

“It’s a gift,” I said.


“Some tech company,” I lied glibly. “They’re beta testing a new product, and I got chosen. Cool, huh?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, handing over the box.

I took it, the cardboard rough beneath my fingers. “Have a good night, Dad! Don’t tire yourself out. I hope you’ll be here this weekend. We miss seeing you.”

He flicked his eyes up the stairs. “I probably have to work. I’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” I said, sorry he had to work so hard. Maybe I should get a job to help out. “Love you, Dad.”

He gave me a kiss on the forehead. I smiled and then darted away, my pussy on fire. I had to masturbate. Those panties were getting less and less fresh, losing more and more of my sisters’ wonderful scents. I raced back up the stairs, my breath growing heavy by the time I reached my bedroom. I slammed the door shut behind me.

I left the box on my bed. I was going to masturbate and that was final. Those panties were waiting for me. I shoved my hands down my body to rub my pussy through my jeans and panties, my juices flowing. I moved to my bed, staring at my sisters’ dainty, delicate unmentionables. I licked my lips and...

That box sat there on my desk. I could feel it. I threw a look at it over my shoulder. It was so mysterious. This text. This object. This was so crazy. Why would anyone send me this? It was like some sort of weird prank and...

“Dammit!” I whirled around. “Stupid box!”

I couldn’t focus on masturbating with it taunting me. I ripped open my desk drawer and found a pair of scissors. I slit the beige packing tape sealing it close. I opened the box, an instruction manual sitting on top of packing peanuts.

It looked like electronic instructions for something called the Halo.

I pulled it out, sank down into my computer chair, and found the section in English. My eyebrows furrowed as I read about the nanite colony held in the Halo, how it would bond with my mind, giving me the ability to rewrite people’s brainwaves and impose my will on them.

It would give me mind control...?

“Holy fuck,” I muttered as I read, squirming. “Mind control?” That was crazy. And hot.

The Halo would do other things, give me more energy and stamina, allow me to heal, making my body a little stronger. It would keep me healthy and powerful. There was an adjustment phase as my mind got used to it, and there might be a small amount of discomfort when I first used the powers, but the manual claimed it would grow easier with time.

“Reshape the world and awaken mankind to your teachings,” were the final lines before it shifted to the Spanish text.

“How fucking weird,” I muttered as I set it down, my brow furrowed. I might be nineteen, but I knew this sounded far, far too good to be true. Why would anyone send this to me? Didn’t they know I was a pervy lesbian who lusted after my sisters?

Didn’t they realize how I would use this power?

I dug my hands into the packing peanuts and produced the nanite colony shaped to look like a golden circle. Like a halo that a saint would wear. Or an Egyptian god. That was where halos came from, the Christians stealing the bursts of divine light painted around Egyptian gods in tombs and stuff.

I didn’t hesitate. I placed it on my head and...

Heat flared. Thoughts prickled. A wave of darkness washed over my mind. I could feel it flow into me. It was more than me just imagining it. This was amazing. It was so incredible to feel. My digits and my toes flexed as the tingles raced down my body to my fingertips, to my feet, to the tip of my nose.

I ran my fingers through my brown hair, searching for the circlet. I only felt my hair pulled back into my braid. No halo. It had vanished, just like the instructions said. A big grin spread across my lips. I felt like it was my birthday, and I had a huge pile of presents sitting before me.

I glanced at the panties. Smiled.

Time to enjoy them straight from the source.

First, a test. Something simple, something to make sure this would work before I embarrassed myself. My pussy on fire, I marched out of my bedroom. Music drifted from Bernie’s room. My twenty-one-year-old sister was in there probably studying. She was such a serious person.

I burst into her room.

She whirled around in her computer chair before her desk, books open on it. “What the fuck, Serafina?” she hissed. Her black hair spilled about her head in a mass of curls. Her hazel eyes tightened on me. “Knock much?”

She rose from her chair, folding her arms before her. That gesture pulled her t-shirt tight across her small breasts. Though she was older, I had bigger tits than her. Even eighteen-year-old Lucilla’s breasts were larger. Of course, Lucilla had boobies as big as my own. She was developing faster than all of us.

“May I borrow your pink blouse?” I said, speaking deliberately to not give her a command.

“Nope,” she said, her brow furrowing. “You’re not ruining another one.”

“Lend it to be me and be happy about it,” I ordered and... my thoughts burned. My brow furrowed at the sensation running across my brain. I could feel something changing in me.

“Sure, Fina,” she said, a bright smile on her face. “Let me get it for you.”

My smile grew as she walked over to her closet. She had a complete one-eighty on letting me borrow it. This was amazing. I had mind-control powers. I shuddered in delight as she pulled the blouse out of her closet and handed it to me.

“Changed my mind,” I said, thoughts burning as I spoke. “I want you to strip naked and give me your panties instead. Do it sexy like and be happy about it. You like getting naked for me.”

“Mmm, sure,” she said, a sultry purr filling her voice.

All my pervy, incestuous lusts rippled through me as she draped her pink blouse over the back of her computer chair. Then she gave me a sultry wink, her hips swaying from side to side like she was a stripper. She peeled her top up her body, exposing her flat stomach, that same tan hue that I had. She drew it higher and higher.

I whimpered as the bottom slopes of her breasts came into view. She wasn’t wearing a bra. My heart quickened faster and faster. Then her pink nipples came into view, swelling hard. Her black hair bounced as it spilled out around her as she pulled it over her head.

She had such a lean grace to her. She licked her lips, her eyes smoldering. “You like it when I strip naked, Fina?”

“Yes,” I moaned, my pussy growing so wet. My hands attacked the fastener of my jeans. “Love it! You like making me happy, and this makes me ecstatic!” My thoughts prickled as I mind-controlled my older sister.

“I like making you happy,” she moaned, unsnapping her jeans, she turned away from me, the jeans molding to her tight ass. Her zipper rasped as she swayed her hips. She wiggled out of those pants.

A pair of striped panties came into view, turquoise lines racing across her ass. They were a traditional cut of panties, but looked so hot cupping her ass. She bent over as she thrust down her jeans, the crotch pointed right at me.

“It makes you wet to make me happy,” I moaned, my thoughts burning worse, little spots of darkness bursting across my vision.

“Mmm, it does,” she moaned. “Getting juicy right now.”

I licked my lips.

She stepped out of her jeans and turned around as I shoved down my own pants and panties in one go. She blinked as she saw me getting naked. Something... awkward entered her movements for a moment, but she hooked her panties’ waistband and rolled them off her hips. I groaned as her pubic mound came into view.

She was shaved. Hot!

I froze in pulling off my blouse, my eyes locked on her as she revealed more and more of her bare pudenda. Then her tight slit came into view. My tongue flicked across my lips. I drank in the sight of her pussy.

“Beautiful,” I moaned, my hands holding onto my blouse. “Just gorgeous. Ooh, that makes me hot. I am going to masturbate so hard!” I ripped off my blouse and threw it down.

“Here you are, Fina,” Bernie said, handing over her panties, her small breasts quivering.

I took her panties as I fell back onto my bed. My breasts jiggled in my bra. My pussy was molten. This was just the best. I pressed the panties into my face. I inhaled deeply, breathing in my sister’s sweet musk. My eyes squeezed shut as I enjoyed it. Fresh used panties! The striped cloth was still warm.

I smeared the cloth against my lips as my right hand shot between my thighs. I spread my legs, my fingers running through my bush, finding my wet folds. I moaned into her panties as I rubbed myself. My fingers stroked up and down my pussy, pleasure rushing through me. My toes curled as my juices coated my digits.

“Ooh, you smell so good,” I moaned. Then my tongue flicked out and caressed the panties’ crotch. I moaned, loving the flavor of her snatch mixing with the cotton. “Taste so good.”

“Thanks,” my sister said, sounding uncomfortable. “Should you... go back to your room?”

“No, no, I’m so happy to masturbate on your bed!” I moaned.

“Oh, okay,” she said, her voice sounding brighter.

“Mmm, just stare at me,” I moaned as I inhaled. I sucked on her crotch. I whimpered as I rubbed my fingers up and down my snatch.

My fingers danced and danced up and down my labia. I stroked up to my clit, brushing it. My body bucked. My snatch clenched. I whimpered, my toes twitching. My pussy lips drank in the delight of my fingers. I moaned into the panties.

The bed creaked beneath me as I shifted from side to side. My breathing quickened as the pleasure spilled through me. I was reaching for my orgasm as fast as possible. It was so incredible, feeling my sister’s eyes on me. Watching me.

She was under my power.

“Yes!” I moaned into her panties. I fluttered my tongue against the crotch, tasting more and more of her sweet juices. “Oh, yes, that’s good.”

“What’s going on...? What are you two doing?” screeched Lucilla from the open door. “Why are you naked and...? What the...? You’re masturbating, Serafina! What are you two freaks doing?”

“Having fun!” I moaned. “It makes you hot to watch me masturbate. So, come here and watch!”

My thoughts burned hot as I masturbated. Lucilla moved into the room, shorter than Bernie, her brown eyes wide as she watched me. She squirmed, her skirt swaying about her lithe legs, her round breasts jiggling in her top.

“Yes, yes, you both love watching me!” I moaned. “You both find me hot! You both are totally gay for me!”

Pain stabbed into my mind for a moment before the pleasure swept over them. Just knowing I was mind-controlling them, making them lust after me, sent me over the edge into my orgasm. As my mind ached, my pussy convulsed.

Juices gushed around my fingers. The rapture surged through me. My back arched. My tits jiggled in my back. I moaned into my older sister’s panties, the ecstasy burning through me. It was the best orgasm ever.

My sisters moaned. They stared at my spread-apart thighs. At my fingers rubbing at my cunt. I stroked my clit and labia. I caressed it. My juices soaked my fingers. I sucked hard on the crotch of Bernie’s panties. I loved it. It was the best.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, smiling, staring at my sisters as I came down from my orgasm. I breathed in my older sister’s musk from the panties. I needed more. “Lucilla, strip down to your panties. Bernie, put on a fresh pair. Something naughty. You both are so wet. You’re soaking your panties and getting them ready for me to enjoy”

My thoughts barely prickled now.

Lucilla ripped off her blouse, moaning, “I’m soaking my panties for you, Fina.”

I smiled at her girlish delight. Her breasts jiggled in her lilac bra. She reached behind her, unhooking it. She shrugged off the shoulder straps, baring those round breasts, her nipples were hard and pink. They were bigger than mine. She had such fat nubs. I licked my lips as I took off my own bra, getting naked and eager.

Bernie opened her panty drawer and dug around. After some moment, she pulled out something pink and skimpy. She stepped into the pair of panties and drew them up her thighs. I grinned. It was a thong with a little bit of lace around the edges. She drew it up her body, pressing it against that wet snatch, soaking it.

“Mmm, yes, let your pussies really soak your panties,” I said, scooting my rump to the edge of Bernie’s bed. “You two are going to eat my pussy. Because you both love pussy. My pussy!”

That hurt. My thought burned. I had to readjust them both. Especially Lucilla.

“You’re both gay for me!” I howled. “You love incest!”

Stars burst across my vision. The pin-prickles swallowed my existence. I whimpered and groaned. I thought it would destroy my mind and then...

Hands stroked my thighs. Hot lips nuzzled into my bush. My eyes fluttered. I stared down past my round breasts, pillowed into two jiggling mounds, to see my sisters nuzzling into my snatch. Lucilla and Bernie’s cheeks were pressed tight as their tongues licked.

I groaned as they both caressed my pussy. My hands clenched on my sister’s comforter as they both licked me. Incestuous bliss rippled through my body. It swept through me, this mighty tidal wave of forbidden bliss. My sisters were eating me.

This was awesome.

“That’s it!” I moaned. “You love eating my pussy. It makes you so wet.”

“So wet!” Bernie groaned, her eyes staring up my body.

“It makes me soak my panties for you, Fina!” Lucilla said.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I said. “You love this. You love being controlled by me! Makes you wet!”

“So wet!” both moaned together.

Their tongues caressed up and down my vulva. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut. They brushed my clit. They stroked my labia. I couldn’t tell which one was which. Both tongues caressed me. They sucked on my pussy lips. One of them jammed her tongue into my snatch. I was glad I’d popped my own cherry with a hairbrush as my sister’s tongue wiggled inside of me.

The pleasure flowed through me. This incredible bliss. My body drank it in as they loved me. My sisters moaned as they enjoyed my juices. They surged out of me. My toes curled. I undulated against them, loving how they pleasured me. They sucked on me. They loved me.

“Ooh, you taste so good,” moaned Bernie. “I had no idea.”

“Yes!” gasped Lucilla. “Wow, this is so wild. I love your pussy. You taste amazing.”

“Mmm, so do you two,” I said. “Or, at least, you smell wonderful. I’m going to sniff your panties, then I’m going to eat your pussies! You’re going to have a good time.”

One of them sucked on my clit. My eyes squeezed shut as another orgasm built and built in me. Everything my sisters did to me surged through me. My toes curled and shuddered. The sparks shot through me. The other sister jammed her tongue into my cunt, swirling through me. My eyes squeezed shut.

I kneaded my tits. I squeezed and shook them. My fingers slid up to my nipples. I twisted them as my sisters loved my snatch. They drank my juices. They worshiped me. Just like I’d always dreamed. How did I get so lucky to have this?

“Ooh, lick my butthole, too!” I moaned. “I don’t care which one of you does it.”

The one probing my cunt fluttered down my taint. Her face nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. Her tongue danced around my sphincter. I groaned as the bliss surged through me. This was another naughty pleasure. A wild delight.

“Yes, yes, lick my asshole and my pussy! You two are amazing!” My snatch clenched while my clit throbbed. Stars burst across my vision as my orgasm swelled. “You two love making me cum!”

They both moaned, focusing on me. The one licking my asshole danced her tongue across my puckered sphincter. She stroked it, adding a naughty delight that melted into my cunt. My clit throbbed. Sparks showered through me. My fingers twisted my nipples, pulling on them. They stretched out my nipples.

My breasts jiggled when I let them go. I whimpered. It was so amazing. My sister’s tongue pressed on my asshole. And then she wiggled her tongue into it. It swirled inside of my ass, stirring me up while my other sister nibbled on my clit.

It was all so much. It shot through me. My orgasm exploded.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled as I bucked. “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

My incestuous orgasm erupted inside of me. This delicious delight rippled through me. It washed through my body and swept through my mind. My cunt convulsed. My juices squirted out. My asshole spasmed about my sister’s tongue in my asshole.

“You two are amazing!” I howled. “Oh, yes, yes! Fuck that’s great! You two are awesome! That’s great! You’re both pleasing me!”

They licked me, lapping up my juices. My eyes fluttered. Stars burst across my vision followed by waves of fuzzy darkness. I whimpered as that delight swept me to the height of my passion. I hovered there, drinking in such passion.

“Ooh, yes,” I panted. “You two were awesome. I bet you have soaked panties now.”

“Oh, yes,” Bernie moaned. “My thong is just drenched in my juices.”

Lucilla nodded her head, her face smeared in my pussy cream.

“Mmm, let me enjoy them,” I said. “And I bet you two are just eager to try out more pussy.”

Lucilla nodded again, her cheeks scarlet.

“Yeah,” Bernie said, licking her lips. “Though your asshole tasted kinda good, too.”

“You’ll get a chance to do more of that, too,” I said. “Now, panties off, then I want to watch you two sixty-nine and love each other while I enjoy your underwear.”

It was so incredible the way they obeyed me. My sisters were like living dolls. I could play with them how I wanted. This was so awesome. I loved my powers. I shuddered, my heart thudding as they both hopped to their feet and shoved down their panties.

I groaned seeing Lucilla’s trimmed, dark-brown bush coming into view. Her silky hairs were soaked into a tangled mess. I groaned, loving that sight. Her panties would be absolutely drenched by her juices. It would be such a naughty treat to enjoy.

Bernie and Lucilla tossed me their panties. I caught them, clutching their warm, intimate unmentionables in my hands. I shivered in delight as they moved to each other, both looking a little awkward, not sure how to sixty-nine.

“You should be on the bottom, Bernie, since you’re older,” I told her, my left hand clenching about her thong. “Then you can straddle her, Lucilla. That would be hot.”

“It would be,” Lucilla moaned.

“Thanks,” Bernie said, flashing me a grateful smile. “I hope Lucilla tastes as good as you.”

I brought my little sister’s lilac panties to my nose and inhaled her sweet pussy. It was a similar aroma to Bernie, but had a fresher quality to it where Bernie’s was a little stronger. I loved them both anyways.

“She will,” I said as my big sister stretched out on her back, the twenty-one-year-old cutie’s firm tits jiggling.

Then Lucilla was on her in a flash. I walked around them as my little sister fell into position. They were nuzzling into each other pussies, feasting on each other, loving each other as I enjoyed their sexy panties.

I inhaled again and again, loving the delight of their sweet pussies. Those two similar, but wonderful musks filled me with a heady rush of incestuous delight. My juices ran down my thighs, my pussy eager for more fun from my sisters.

Lucilla lapped her tongue up and down Bernie’s snatch, fluttering her tongue through our older sister’s folds but not penetrating into her. Bernie twitched and moaned, one of her hands gripping Lucilla’s cute tush, the other stroking our little sister’s snatch. Bernie’s tongue concentrated on Lucilla’s clit, fluttering through it while her fingers penetrated deep into Lucilla’s cunt.

“Yes!” Lucilla moaned as Bernie filled her pussy with...

“You don’t have a hymen, Lucilla!” I gasped, watching in awe as my older sister’s digits plunged in and out of my little sister’s snatch.

“No!” Lucilla moaned. “But Bernie does. See!”

She parted Bernie’s shaved folds, revealing a thin membrane covering our older sister’s pussy. I gaped at that. She hadn’t even popped her own cherry? I thought she’d had sex. I shook my head, my thoughts reeling. I took a deep inhalation of my sister’s panties as my thoughts whirled in shock at this revelation.

“I thought Ryan bragged about popping your cherry,” I gasped, rubbing her thong into my nose, the fabric soaked with her sweet cream.

“He lied!” she hissed, jamming her two fingers deeper into Lucilla’s snatch. “Ooh, Lucilla, you have such a hot cunt. I love feeling your flesh wrapped around my fingers.”

“Yes, yes, that feels amazing,” Lucilla moaned. Then she sucked hard on our big sister’s clit, nursing on it with passion.

I pressed Lucilla’s panties against my nose, inhaling her snatch as I moved around my naughty sisters. This was so incredible. My pussy was on fire as I considered that my older sister had an intact hymen. It was hot and naughty.

“Did you use your hairbrush to pop your cherry, too, Lucilla?” I moaned, rubbing panties across my face.

“No,” she moaned.

“Tell me how you lost it!” I panted and...

I was shocked by the pain that stabbed into my mind. This was something Lucilla didn’t want to do. I staggered for a moment, a wave of darkness washed through me. I almost fell over before I caught myself, my hand clenching Bernie’s thong grabbing her dresser, the skimpy panties hanging from my fingers.

“Dad popped my cherry!” Lucilla moaned. “I seduced him, and he’s been avoiding me ever since. He keeps taking extra shifts to get out of the house.”

My jaw dropped.

“Holy shit!” Bernie gasped, jamming her fingers deep into our little sister’s cunt.

“Am I a bad person?” Lucilla asked. “Daddy’s avoiding me. I think he hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you,” I said. “He just feels guilty. He knows people think it’s wrong, but it’s not.” My thoughts hardly buzzed at all.

“It’s not?” Lucilla asked. She stared up at me, her lips smeared with our older sister’s cream.

I shook my head. “No, it’s not. Incest isn’t wrong. Hell, if I was straight, I’d want to bang Dad, too.”

“He is sexy,” Bernie moaned, her fingers pumping in and out of Lucilla’s cunt.

“See, Bernie wants to bang Dad, too!” I smiled at her. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix everything.”

Lucilla beamed at me now.

“Now make our sister cum!” I ordered, my body shuddering. Dad had sex with Lucilla. He deserved it. He was such a great father. He held us together after Mom passed. If I could bring her back to life...

But I couldn’t. So I would do the next best thing. I’d share my dolls with him.

They moaned and gasped. They fingered each other, licking, lapping. They were driving each other wild. It was so incredible. My pussy was on fire. My sisters were so sexy as they pleased each other. Bernie thrust a third finger into Lucilla’s cunt, making her squeal. She sucked so hard on Bernie’s clit.

Then she did something real naughty. She wiggled a finger into Bernie’s asshole. I couldn’t see it well, but it was hot watching them squirm and groan. I licked their panties. I smelled them. I rubbed them on my face, on my boobs. I smeared myself in their musk. I would have to buy them so many panties so they could soak them for me.

And other girls, too.

Every sexy woman and cute girl would give me their panties. I would get high on them while they ate my pussies. I would make them all into bisexual sluts. Pleasing me, their men, my father. He deserved all the hot cunt I could give him. My sisters, his coworkers, neighbors, my hot teachers, my sexy friends. If he wanted a woman, I would make it happen for him.

My pussy burned and itched. I could just cum from thinking these perverse thoughts. I almost joined my sisters as they cried out in rapture. They shuddered on the floor, bathing each other’s faces in their passions. They drenched each other, sharing in their lesbian love.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “This is how sisters should act. They should love each other! Isn’t that hot?”

“Yes!” Lucilla moaned. “Oh, Bernie, yes!”

“Your pussy is sucking on my fingers!” moaned Bernie. “Damn, Lucilla, your cunt is so hot. Daddy’s cock must love being inside of you.”

“He did! He came in me!” Lucilla moaned. “Ooh, and you’re so wet. You soaked my face like I was a pair of panties.”

I smiled, a hunger growing in me. “Mmm, now show each other your love. Turn around atop Bernie and kiss her, Lucilla.”

“Yes, Fina!”

My little sister did just that. Her larger tits pressed into Bernie’s smaller mounds as our little sister settled atop her. Maybe it was just happenstance, or maybe she was a horny minx, but Lucilla rubbed her furred muff against our older sister’s bald twat moments before they shared a pussy-laden kiss. Their creamy cheeks glistened as they loved each other, sharing their musk.

I licked my lips. “Now I’m going to eat you both!” I said. “Then we’ve all loved each other.”

My sisters just moaned into their kiss.

I balled up both their panties together and held them in my right hand. As I sank down to my knees, I pressed their intimate apparel against my pussy. I shuddered as I masturbated with their panties, rubbing the cloth up and down my snatch as I nuzzled between their legs.

Two yummy pussies to eat. My sisters’ pussies. I was in lesbian, incestuous heaven.

I breathed in their sweet musks, the two aromas mixed together to form something even better than what I inhaled off their panties. I pressed their underwear harder against my snatch as I nuzzled into my older sister’s cunt.

It was my first time licking a girl’s pussy. I shuddered, so glad it was my sister’s I tasted first. My tongue slid through her folds, reveling in the feel of her labia as I licked up her flesh. I crossed her hymen then flicked up to her clit.

It rubbed against Lucilla’s.

In moments, my tongue was flicking up into my little sister’s furred muff. Her soaked pubic hair caressed my lips and cheeks. My tongue didn’t find a barrier between her folds. I wiggled my tongue inside of her, pushing their panties against my hole.

It was so hot having my tongue being inside of Lucilla. I swirled it around, caressing her inner walls. I loved it. I fluttered my tongue, making her moan into our sister’s mouth. Her snatch clenched and relaxed. Her cute tush wiggled before my eyes.

“That’s yummy,” I moaned, my heart thundering in my chest. My pussy was on fire.

I pressed their panties into my snatch, caressing the walls and soaking their dainty garments in my cream. I shuddered, thrusting the cloth in deeper and deeper, pushing with both my fingers. I never had the courage to do this before, always afraid they would find them after I was done and wonder why they were soaked.

Now I could do this whenever I wanted. I squeezed my pussy down on my panties-wrapped fingers. I plunged them in and out of my cunt, the fabric teasing my walls, sending pleasure through me while my tongue fluttered up and down both their pussies.

I went back and forth from my older sister’s bald cunt to my little sister’s deflowered snatch. Silky pubic hair and smooth skin caressed my lips and mouth. My every breath was full of their sweat musk. Their cream mixed together on my tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my fingers pumping in and out of my snatch, working their panties deeper into my pussy. “Mmm, you’re amazing.”

“You’re making me feel so good!” Lucilla moaned. “I love squirming atop you, Bernie.”

“Uh-huh,” Bernie moaned. Her hands grabbed Lucilla’s tush. She parted our little sister’s butt-cheeks.

I couldn’t resist the invitation.

I rimmed Lucilla’s asshole, sweeping my tongue around her puckered hole. She moaned in delight. She squirmed atop Bernie, her sour flavor adding a new delight to the sweet banquet of their pussies. I kissed her asshole, sucked on it. My cunt clenched down on my fingers, squeezing those soaked panties tight around them.

Then I went back to feasting on their snatches. I fluttered my tongue against their clits, batting them both as they rubbed them together. They both moaned and gasped. I gave my sisters joy. I pleased them with my tongue.

It was the best.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Lucilla. “Ooh, Fina, your tongue... Your tongue is so hot!”

“It is!” Bernie gasped while her fingers crept into Lucilla’s butt-crack.

I smiled then sucked on both their clits, their cream flowing into my mouth. My eyes were locked on my older sister’s naughty digits. I masturbated faster, pumping the cloth in and out of my snatch as I watched the treat. Bernie found our little sister’s asshole.

“Ooh, returning the favor?” Lucilla asked, her hips wiggling.

“It did feel nice,” moaned Bernie.

She jammed her finger into our little sister’s asshole.

My thumb slid up my taint as I masturbated my pussy. I rubbed it against my own asshole, tingles racing through me. I pushed on my anal ring. I whimpered into my sisters’ pussies as I jammed my thumb into my bowels.

I had digits in and out of both my holes now. I whimpered and groaned, my orgasm building and building in me. Heady pleasure washed through me as my fluttered my tongue against their clits, sliding up and down. Fresh, sweet juices from my little sister. Richer, sweet cream from my older sister.

Two wonderful, incestuous delights.

“Yes, yes, finger my asshole while Fina plays with us!” moaned Lucilla.

“It’s so hot! Ooh, Fina, you’re going to make me cum,” Bernie panted.

“Good!” I moaned then nibbled on her labia.

Their moans only drove me wilder. My thumb pressed deep into my asshole. Their panties caressed my silky walls. The rough friction sent delight rippling through me. I moaned as I devoured my sister’s. I licked up and down their slits, going from pussy to pussy.

I jammed my tongue into Lucilla’s cunt.

I fluttered my tongue against Bernie’s hymen.

Their cream coated my lips. It dribbled down my chin. More smeared on my cheeks and the tip of my nose. Every breath was filled with their perfume. A heady thrill built and built in the depths of my cunt, my holes clenching down on my probing digits.

My tongue flicked up past their clits, brushing them both. It triggered something in Lucilla. My little sister squealed. Her cute rump clenched while Bernie fingered her asshole. A flood of sweet cream squirted out of my little sister’s snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled Lucilla. “Oh, that’s incredible. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Fina! Bernie! I love you both!”

“I love you!” I moaned then lapped at her folds, drinking her cream.

“Oh, keep grinding your clit on mine!” Bernie moaned. “Lucilla! That’s so hot! I’m going to cum!”

My lips moved lower. My fingers pumped their panties in and out of my pussy at a frantic pace. My orgasm swelled inside of me as nuzzled against Bernie’s shaved twat. My tongue caressed her folds, brushing her hymen. I trembled, on the verge of exploding.

“Yes!” Bernie howled.

Another flood of stronger sweet cream bathed my face. I reveled in it, rubbing my cheeks and mouth against her shaved folds as her orgasm burned through her. I’d made both my sisters cum. I’d tasted their hot cunts directly.

I buried my panties-wrapped fingers and my thumb as deep into my holes as I could. My eyes squeezed shut. That pressure burst inside of me. That mighty wave of ecstasy washed out through me. It slammed into my mind.

I drowned in incestuous rapture.

“So good!” I whimpered.

Every time my pussy convulsed around the panties, pressing the soaked cloth against my digits, a tidal wave of taboo ecstasy washed through my body. It inundated every bit of me, engulfing my nerve endings in a sea of bliss. My mind drowned in it just like I drowned in their pussy juices.

My orgasm reached its depths of rapture. Then the bliss retreated, the flood withdrawing, leaving me buzzing with euphoria. I lifted my face, their cream dripping off my chin. I felt dizzy with passion, drunk with forbidden delights.

“This was so hot!” gasped Bernie.

“I loved it!” moaned Lucilla. “It was as much fun as having sex with Daddy!”

“Mmm, good,” I purred. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and my thumb out of my asshole. The panties remained behind. I shuddered, as I sank down on my knees. “What else should we do tonight?”

My sisters both had naughty ideas.

* * *

I normally didn’t wake up so early if I didn’t have college. Which I didn’t have today.

My eyes were lead when I stumbled downstairs with my sisters. Now I cuddled naked on the couch between my two sisters. Lucilla had her head on my shoulder, her snores soft and cute. She’d fallen promptly back to sleep. Bernie was on the other side of me, fidgeting. She kept glancing at the front door.

“Soon,” I told her.

I yawned, triggering one from Bernie, which passed it back to me. I wanted to sleep. I stared with bleary eyes at the TV instead. It was on one of those dumb cable news channels my dad watched all the time. The camera was focused tight on a reporter’s face. She was blonde and pretty.

“I’m reporting live from what some people have dubbed Lesbian Town,” the woman said.

I blinked. “Did she just say Lesbian Town?” I asked my older sister. “Because I’m super tired.”

“I think so,” she answered, drowning out the woman for a moment.

“...has been nicknamed,” the reporter continued. “People claim that any woman who enters it turns gay. That there is a lesbian goddess in the heart of the town, converting every woman she meets to her sapphic worship.”

There was a strange fervor in the woman’s blue eyes that had me sitting up.

“That’s why we sent you to investigate,” a man’s voice said. “Have you found the source of these rumors?”

“I have, Chuck,” the woman said. The camera suddenly zoomed out revealing her to be stark naked, her breasts round and lovely with that plump delight that silicone implants gave. A girl knelt before her, dark hair falling down her bare back, her head clearly buried between the reporter’s thighs, eating her snatch. “And it’s true. Maria Talon is a true Goddess, and I am her lesbian—”

The feed caught back to the studio, the woman’s voice cut off. A shocked, pale-faced man sat there, shifting in his chair. He stared at the camera for a moment, his mouth opening then closing. I let out a frustrated groan.

“That looked hot,” I said even as my mind chugged into action. Lesbian goddess... An entire town under a woman’s power. Who else got a halo?

“We apologize for the lewd act our reporter was performing,” the reporter, Chuck, said. “Those of us here at Fox News do not condone that sort of behavior.”

I ignored his drone, my thoughts whirling. That reporter must be mind controlled like my sisters were under mine. That place that sent the Halo to me was the Institute of Apotheosis. Didn’t that word, apotheosis, have something to do with making gods?

“Wow,” Bernie said.

Then the front door opened. Dad trudged in. He was a handsome man. I remember Mom, before she passed, called him “My Italian Stallion” in conversations with her friends. Hushed ones that always went quiet when I got near.

“You girls are up ea...” His voice trailed off, seeing us naked.

“Relax, Dad,” I said. “Lucilla told us about how she seduced you, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s beautiful that you loved your daughter. Bernie wants you to love her, too. So take her upstairs, enjoy her cherry, and know that I will always make sure you’re happy.”

The pain was incredible. I had to break off speaking as my vision almost went entirely black.

“I do want you to take my cherry, Daddy,” Bernie said, darting to him while Lucilla just kept sleeping against me. “I want to love you, Daddy.”

“You deserve this, Dad,” I told him, the pain retreating, letting me continue. “I love you. If I was straight, well, I’d join you. But I’m willing to share my toys with you. So you can enjoy Bernie and Lucilla, and any other girl you desire, whenever you want. No guilt. You can love them like you want to. They got a bit of mom in them, after all.”

He stared at me with a bemused expression as Bernie led him to the stairs. “What is going on?” he asked. “This is... I mean...”

“I’m a Goddess, Dad,” I said, liking the sound of that. I would change so much. A lesbian town sounded cool, but why couldn’t the guys have fun, also? Just because I didn’t want to fuck a guy, didn’t mean a man couldn’t get his dick wet. If a woman wasn’t licking my pussy, she should be free to enjoy whomever she wanted.

Even her daddy.

I leaned my head against my sister’s, closed my eye, and imagined my future as a Goddess as I drifted off into my dreams.

* * *

Alex Icke — Gemini

“Take me to my sister,” I ordered them.

“Yes, Alex,” Cindy or Mindy said together. I couldn’t tell the eighteen-year-old twins apart.

They walked ahead of me, naked and unashamed. That was something common now. The gods had stamped their perverted desires all over us. It was so interesting how eager we were to obey these commands. I remember how desperate I was for a god to finally make it okay to fuck my twin sister.

And that god not only let me fuck her, but let me dominate her and breed her. I’d knocked her up. She found out not too long ago. She wasn’t that far along, but our child grew in her belly. She was my woman, my slave, my sister, and the mother of my child. I had to free her.

“I’m coming, Alexis,” I sent to her, our minds linked by the Gemini Halo. It only worked on twins, on a single soul divided into two bodies.

Cindy and Mindy led me around a few corners, taking me closer to the administration heart of the Institute. My mother had me locked far away from the others. She must have seen me as more of a threat. Well, I rebelled while Alexis tried to stay faithful.

“I’m almost there,” I told my sister. “We’ll be together soon.”

“And then what, Alex?”

The twins stopped before a storeroom’s stainless steel door. It was identical to the one I battered down. Cindy and Mindy knelt before me, staring up at me, waiting for me to give them orders. My cock twitched. I could have them suck me. I could make them do anything. They could be my personal sex slaves. I could take them from James, their father, the man who had bred both of them.

“Alex,” Alexis said, knocking on the door. “I can feel you out there.”

I was about to say something when a woman screamed, “Alex!”

I whirled around to see my naked mother rushing up to me, her dark hair spilling around her face, her leash dangling behind her. She darted up to me, cupping her breasts. She had a look of worship on her face as she knelt before me.

“I’m ready to serve you,” she said, squeezing her tits.

My dick throbbed. I frowned. Why had she changed her attitude? Over the intercom, she was angry with me. I hadn’t affected her yet. So, why this switch? I was about to ask her when my father appeared around the corner. He ran at us.

“Son, you have to stop this!” he ordered, his body fit and strong. “You’re not the right god. You can’t do this.”

Not the right god? I smiled. He would learn. So would Mom, the twins kneeling behind me, and the rest of the world.

To be continued...