The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 5: Twin Sister Seduced into Incestuous Power

Deidre Icke trembled as she knelt before her son, offering herself up as a sacrifice to buy time to allow more people of the Institute to evacuate. She hoped they wouldn’t get ensnared by her son’s mind-control powers. Already, the poor twins, Mindy and Cindy, knelt before him, the two eighteen-year-old girls staring up at him. Deidre squeezed her tits, fingers kneading her large tits. She was naked, a collar about her throat, a leash dangling behind her.

“Watch and understand the truth, Mom,” Alex told her and Deidre nodded. Of course she would watch and understand. The truth was something she wanted.

“Please, son,” Deidre’s ex-husband and current Master said. He marched forward behind her. He must have chased after her when she fled her office to stall her son. “You can’t do this. You have to free Cindy and Mindy.”

Deidre hoped Alex would let her continue being Robert’s sex slave.

“Dad, go and get the key to open this door now,” Alex commanded. My eighteen-year-old son spoke with such confidence.

Her husband didn’t make a sound. He just whirled around and marched away. His bare feet smacked on the ground. He didn’t object, couldn’t object. The Halo allowed her son to rewrite Robert’s mind.

Alex stood naked, too, strong like his father. He’d inherited so much of his father. That same power. I shivered.

There was true power brimming in my son.

Even though he was a false god, usurping the true bearers of the Gemini Halo, she wanted to worship him. She loved her son. In fact, she’d been his lover ever since the second Goddess, Margaret Justice, taught that mothers should make love to their sons. Deidre had been fucked by her husband and son before, the pair sharing her.

He’ll make such a sexy god, a treacherous part of her mind whispered.

“Just hold on, Alexis,” Alex said to the storeroom door. It was metal, solid. Deidre had to imprison both her children after Alex activated the Halo. The Institute needed to complete the destruction of the Halo technology and evacuate. Only Alex broke free before they finished. His nanites allowed him to heal the damage to his shoulder throwing himself into the door over and over did. He pushed his body harder than a human should, breaking down the steel door.

“It’ll be just a moment,” Alex continued, touching the door.

“Okay,” Alexis answered. Alex’s twin sister sounded a little scared, her voice muffled by the door.

Deidre didn’t like frightening her children, especially her innocent daughter. Alexis had tried to stop Alex from using the Halo, but now she was a false goddess. Everything had gone wrong. Dr. Blavatsky left the Halos and his followers in Deidre’s hands, and she’d failed. Two of the halos hadn’t reached the true gods hands.

Would the world fail to awaken to their next spiritual destiny without all the gods? Fear twisted through her as she waited. A part of her was eager for her son to unleash his full power on her, to rewrite her and banish this guilt.

Is that why I’m here? she wondered. I have failed the world, so do I want to lose all my agency?

Alex turned to face the twins sisters, Cindy and Mindy, his ass right before Deidre face. “And you,” he growled, “Cindy and Mindy, suck my cock while we wait.”

Deidre took a deep breath, watching and understanding the truth. Her son had the power to do this. The twins moaned in delight.

* * *

Alex Icke — Gemini

“Who are you making suck your cock, Alex?” my sister asked through the door. “The Maxwell twins?”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, the prickling across my thoughts fading as Cindy and Mindy both grasped my cock with their slender hands. “They’re cute, and I can do it. I have the power to do it, Alexis, so why not?”

“Because we shouldn’t,” my sister objected.

I didn’t respond, enjoying Cindy’s and Mindy’s mouths pressed against the crown of my cock, their cheeks pressed tight together. Their dark hair fell around their shoulders. Their innocent faces were mirrors of each other. I shuddered as they both sucked together, their lips hot against my dick’s tip.

They weren’t strangers to sucking the same cock together. They were their father’s lovers, both bred by him. They weren’t showing yet, just like my sister wasn’t showing her pregnancy yet, and wouldn’t for weeks, maybe months. Pleasure shot down my cock to my balls. My nuts tightened as they sucked. Their naughty, slurping sound echoed around the hallway.

“I can... almost feel them,” Alexis whispered.

I shivered at that. We could communicate telepathically now. We both had the same nanites in our mind. What else could we do together? I was eager to find out. Just like I was eager to cum on the twins’ faces. I ached to coat them in my spunk.

“You can’t use your powers, Alex,” moaned Alexis.

“You’re wrong,” I groaned, Mindy and Cindy’s tongues dancing around the crown of my cock, teasing it. “We have to.”

“But we’re not gods!” she objected.

“No. Do you trust me, Alexis?”

“I do... Master,” she answered. “I love you.”

“Good,” I groaned. I had so much to teach not just the world, but my sister. I had to share my revelations. Making Cindy and Mindy suck my cock proved what I’d learned. What the Halos truly did.

I grabbed both the twins’ hair, holding their silky locks as they loved my cock. Their tongues brushed each other as they caressed my dick. They ran across that spongy tip, teasing me, making me throb and ache.

It was incredible to have the twins blow me. I couldn’t tell them apart, so I settled on thinking of the one on my left as Mindy. She pressed her lips against my cock while her twin backed off. I groaned as Mindy’s mouth slid over my crown, she sucked. Her cheeks hollowed.

Pleasure shot down my shaft. My balls tightened. Cindy kissed at her sister’s cheek as Mindy bobbed her mouth up and down my cock. I groaned, my hands squeezing in her hair as the pleasure raced down my cock. My balls tightened.

“That’s it,” he growled. “You love my cock. You want to make me cum. It makes you hot to worship my dick like it does when you suck your dad’s dick.”

My thoughts burned, meeting the rapture surging from my cock. Stars burst across my vision, darkness fuzzing at the edges. Mindy sucked harder while Cindy whimpered. They both stared up at me with such liquid passion in their dark eyes.

“Yes, yes, you’re cock is as sexy as our dad’s,” moaned Cindy. “Mmm, love his cock, Mindy.”

Mindy bobbed her mouth, working those lips up and down my cock. My balls tightened. The pleasure spilled down my shaft. My heart beat faster and faster as the bliss spilled through me, my cum growing hotter and hotter in my balls.

Then Mindy popped her mouth off my dick and passed it to her twin. Cindy almost inhaled my dick. Her warm mouth felt just like Mindy’s. If I closed my eyes, I doubt I could have told that they swapped positions.

“Yes, yes, your cock is great,” moaned Mindy. “Just like our daddy’s. We’ll make you cum, too.”

“All over your faces,” I growled.

“Yes! Coat our faces with your jizz!”

“Alex,” groaned Alexis. “You can’t succumb to this temptation.”

“I absolutely can,” I groaned as Cindy’s tongue swirled around my cock before she slid more of my cock into her sucking mouth. “That’s the point, Alexis!” I groaned. “Damn, that’s good, sluts.”

Mindy nuzzled at my balls. She flicked her tongue across them, teasing them. My fists clenched in their hair as the pleasure flowed through me. She sucked on my right nut, then my left. She nursed on them while her sister suckled on my dick.

I growled as my balls grew tighter and tighter. It was hot mind-controlling them into blowing me. I wanted to just erupt. My heart pumped burning blood through my veins. My dick twitched in Cindy’s mouth. Her lips slid up the shaft, sucking just on the tip.

Then, without either twin communicating to the other, they both switched. It was like they were in tune with each other in a way non-twins couldn’t be. It was incredible as Cindy’s mouth popped off my dick and then Mindy’s mouth engulfed it. My nuts tightened as Cindy nuzzled into them, sucking on them.

“Damn, you two are so sexy,” he growled. “Almost as hot as my mom and sister.”

“Thank you,” moaned Cindy between sucks on my balls.

Mindy just moaned around my cock. She sucked and worshiped my cock. She twisted her head, sliding her mouth up and down. My nuts twitched. Cindy sucked on them. She nibbled on them, massaged them. I was going to cum so hard.

I felt my mother watching me from behind, ready to learn. I groaned, my orgasm building faster and faster. The twins worshiped me because I ordered them to pleasure me. Mind-controlled them. They were thralls to my power.

It was intoxicating. This is what all those gods experienced when they were worshiped. This was how Randy Lyon felt the first time he ordered his cunt of an older sister to pleasure him. The rapture Michael Horne enjoyed when he took advantage of his youngest daughter to satiate his pleasure.

I grinned. It was so intoxicating.

“That’s it,” I growled, my nuts tightening. “I’m about to cum!”

“Yes!” Cindy moaned, her mouth popping off my nut. She moved her head, pressing it against Mindy’s. Their hands pumped up and down my cock as Mindy’s mouth slid off my cock.

“Just jizz all over our faces, Alex!” Mindy moaned, her eyes burning. They both wanted me to coat them.

I ordered them to want this.

Their hands stroked me. The pleasure spilled down my cock as Cindy’s hand brushed my crown again and again. Her soft palm stimulated me. I groaned, the pressure building and building at the tip. I trembled, on the verge and—

“Fuck!” I snarled.

“Alex!” my sister moaned.

My orgasm burst inside of me. My dick erupted. Pearly spunk spurted from my dick and splattered the twins’ faces. They both moaned, their hands whipping my dick from side to side, painting their features in my pearly jizz.

Pleasure spiked through me with each blast. My mind drank in the rapture as my balls unloaded. Ropy lines of spunk drenched their faces. It ran in thick, milky rivulets down their features. Their tongues flicked out, gathering my cum as I groaned, my mind buzzing in delight.

“Fuck!” I growled. “That’s it. Enjoy it!”

“Yes, Alex!” the twins moaned together. Their heads turned. They licked each other, gathering my jizz.

I swayed, buzzing in rapture as the two twins lapped up my cum from the other’s face. Their tongues danced over their delicate features as they moaned. My mind buzzed from the rapture. It was so hot to enjoy this sight. And then they were kissing, swapping my jizz back and forth, lost to their own twincest passion as they shared my spunk.

Footsteps approached as I swayed. Buzzing from rapture, Alexis moaning in the storeroom, I threw a look over my shoulder to see my father returning. He wasn’t rushing. I didn’t order him to hurry.

I should have.

“Son,” Dad said, staring me in the eye. We were about the same height, my dad having an inch or two on me. He handed over the key.

“Thanks,” I said. Then I glanced down at the kissing twins. “Cindy, Mindy, if you want your father to keep owning you and being your lover, then you need to go to him and bring him back here. He has to kneel before me and serve me. If he says no and refuses to come back, then you will return to me and know that I own you. You won’t be your father’s lovers. You won’t care about him at all. Tell him that. Let him know what will happen.”

“Alex!” my sister gasped while my thoughts burned, prickled. It hurt hard. Neither Cindy or Mindy wanted to lose their love for their father. Spots of darkness danced across my vision. I clutched the storeroom key, the teeth biting into my palms.

“We will, Alex,” Cindy moaned.

“He’ll come,” Mindy groaned. “We want to still be his.”

“Then make sure he comes,” I said. “Go! Hurry!”

Both girls hopped to their feet and sprinted naked away, my cum still coating their faces. Their lithe bodies raced away, their hips swaying from side to side. I smiled. It was the start. I needed to show the Institute, the world, the truth.

I needed to show Alexis the truth.

I jammed the key into the lock, twisted it.

* * *

Alexis Icke — Gemini

The door opened. Alex stood there, bathed by the light of the corridor. He looked so strong, so powerful. He was my master. My lover. The other half of my soul. I had found such completion with him. I enjoyed making love to my father and mother, but with my brother... It was special. We had the same soul. We shared nine months in our mother’s womb.

I flew into my brother’s arms, clutching to his strong form. His cock pressed hard and wet into my stomach as my lips met his. He held me tight as he kissed me with such excitement. His hands gripped my ass, squeezing and kneading my flesh. He pulled me tight against him.

Despite the unease of my brother using his mind-control powers, delight exploded in me. I clung to him, kissing him so much. I was so scared when I woke up alone in the store room. If I didn’t have that telepathic bond with him, I would have freaked out even more. He freed me.

He shouldn’t have used the Halo.

His tongue thrust into my mouth. My nipples rubbed on his chest. Tingles rushed down with him. My pussy clenched. Heat rippled through me. My hips wiggled from side to side, his cock throbbing against my stomach.

I was so horny, too. Though he shouldn’t have made the twins blow his cock, I felt it. This strange, phantom feeling throbbing before me, like my clit had grown. It was so strange, but it left me wet, my juices dribbling down my thighs. My pussy clenched. Ripples of rapture washed through me.

My tongue danced with his.

“Alex,” I whimpered between kisses, my hands clinging to him. “Master.”

He broke our kiss, his hands sliding down my back to squeeze my rump. His fingers dug into my asscheeks. I shivered as he pulled me tight against his body, his brown eyes filling mine. They were so strong. I bit my lip, staring at him.

“Dad, kneel beside Mom,” Alex command.

He did. I shivered, glancing back at our parents kneeling before us. This was so wrong. Dad shouldn’t be kneeling. He was like my brother. A dominating man. I should be on my knees with Mom, the pair of us worshiping their dicks.

“Alex,” I said. “Please, please, don’t do this.”

“What’s your favorite kind of sex to have, Alexis,” I asked

I shivered, clinging to him. His hands kneaded me. His words didn’t affect me. He wasn’t controlling me. I could feel his brainwaves washing around me. He couldn’t affect me because my mind resonated at the same frequency as his. We were two halves of a single whole.

“Alexis,” he said, voice growing stern, “you’re still mine, right?”

“Of course, Master,” I said, my heart beating in my chest.

“What is your favorite sex act to enjoy?” he asked. “I know what it is, but I want to hear you say it. You have to obey me. You have to be a good sister, don’t you?”

“That’s what I learned from the God Randy Lyon,” I whimpered.

He smirked at me. “Of course, the god.”

“You used to believe he was a god,” I whispered. “Master, you can’t let this power corrupt you. We have to get rid of it. Somehow, we have to get the nanites out of us and send it to the proper twins.”

“Alexis,” he said, his voice stern. “I gave you an order.”

I shuddered. I had to submit. I gave myself to him. He was my man. A woman should be owned by her man, her brother. I had embraced those commands. They were the ones I liked. The ones that resonated with my soul. That was why there had to be different gods so everyone could find commands that fit them, to awaken them to their destiny.

“I... I...” I took a deep breath. “You know that my favorite sexual thing is to be fucked by you and Dad while I enjoy eating Mom’s pussy. You know I like fucking as a family.”

Alex grinned at me. “I do love sharing you with dad. You are such a loving daughter. Just want to make our parents feel good.”

“I do,” I said. “I want us all to feel good together. Let’s do that. Let’s give up these powers and just be a loving family as we help mankind awaken to their destiny.”

Alex grinned at me. He opened his mouth then closed it. His eyes flicked down the hallway. I looked over my shoulder and saw the Maxwell twins leading their father, James, by the hands. He looked pale in the face as he stumbled after his daughters, my two friends beaming, faces still smeared with my brothers cum.

“We did it, Alex!” one of them said. I couldn’t tell if it was Cindy or Mindy. “We brought our father.”

“We get to still love him, right?” asked the other twin.

“Yes,” Alex said. “I’m glad you’re here, James. It’s time for the truth to be revealed.”

“Truth?” I asked.

“What truth?” Dad asked.

“Everyone, kneel there, be quiet, and watch,” my brother said, his thoughts washing over me as they radiated out from him. His face tightened. I felt the ghost of his pain crossing his mind.

James, Cindy, and Mindy joined our parents, kneeling, staring at us. I didn’t like this. I shouldn’t have people kneeling before me. I should be the one kneeling. That was my place. I shivered in my brother’s arms. What was he up to?

“This is the start of the truth,” Alex growled.

“What truth?” I asked. “Master? What are you talking about?”

“Command our parents to have sex with us,” he told me as he turned me to face the kneeling people.

“That’s not our place,” I objected. I couldn’t go down this road. I had to show my brother that we couldn’t use our powers. Even if it meant defying him. Just like I had to disobey him to try to stop to him from activating the Halo.

He nuzzled into my ear. “Command them,” he said, his hands stroking my belly. The delight shot through me, rippling from his touch. “Live out your desire.”

“No, Master,” I whimpered. It was so hard to do this. But I had to stand up to him.

“You sure?” he asked. He stroked his fingers down lower and lower. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. “You don’t want my cock and Dad’s in you at the same time. You don’t want us fucking in and out of your holes.”

I whimpered, his touch, his cock throbbing against my rump. My pregnant pussy grew hotter. My juices flowed, beading on the shaved lips of my snatch. I wiggled against him, grinding my rump against his cock.

“We’ll fill you up,” he continued. “Dad and me loving you while you’re feasting on Mom’s cunt.” He nipped my ear, his fingers caressing my pubic mound. “You can eat that yummy pussy. The snatch that we came from. Or you can lick her asshole. Don’t you want that?”

I whimpered.

His fingers moved lower. The heat swelled lower. It melted down into me. It made me tremble. My toes curled against the floor. I whimpered. My eyes fluttered. His strong fingers brushed the lips of my snatch.

“Dad can slide his dick into your pussy again,” he said. “Now that you’re pregnant with my child, you can have Dad’s cock in you whenever you want.”

I groaned as I wanted that. I stared down at our parents, Mom clutching her large tits, Dad so strong, an older version of Alex. If I didn’t have a brother, I would be Dad’s sex slave. He was almost as amazing as my brother. Dad’s cock was hard. It thrust out before him.

He could fuck me.

Alex stroked my hot pussy lips. He teased me. I whimpered, squirming. Waves of heat washed through me. Stars danced before me. His fingers brushed my clit. He stroked my bud, little sparks shot through me.

“You want him in you,” he growled. “You want Dad’s dick filling your pussy. Don’t you?”

“I do,” I moaned.

“Then command our parents.” He nipped my ear, his finger rubbing faster. Sparks burst through me. “You have that itch to impose your will, don’t you?”

I whimpered. It was in there. I couldn’t deny that. A part of me found it so hot that Alex ordered Cindy and Mindy to worship his cock. They made him happy, and that gave me joy. I could command other women to please him. To please me.

I could order our parents to worship my body. I could command Dad to fuck my cunt. He would pound me so hard. He would make me cum. It would be so amazing. Alex would bury into my asshole. Dad would be in my pussy.

Ecstasy would explode through me.

“Well, Alexis?” he asked, rolling my clit between his thumb and finger.

“Yes!” I moaned. “But I’m not the right Gemini. We’re not the right ones. Cindy and Mindy identified them. They spoke to Dr. Blavatsky, and he told them who should have this power!” A rush of excitement washed through me. I was so young when he passed on, but I remember the passion in which he preached his vision of the future. “Our soul wasn’t meant to have this power, Master!”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because only the proper Gods should impose their will on the world!” I moaned. I clutched to that, used it to hold off my selfish commands. “They are the ones who will awaken it.”

“What about your will?” he asked. “You told me what you want.”

“I just want to serve you,” I moaned.

“But you want to have sex with our parents, don’t you?” he asked, stroking my pussy lips.

“Of course! Daughters should want to have sex with their mothers and fathers!” I moaned. “There’s nothing wrong with that. The Goddess Maria Talon and the God Michael Horne taught that!”

“You want Dad’s cock in you right now, don’t you?” he asked.

“You know that, Master,” I whimpered.

“Mom, Dad, you will never desire to have sex with Alexis again unless she commands you with her power!” Alex snarled. His will slashed out of him and crashed into our parents.

He growled as pain burned across his mind, his finger pressing hard into my clit as he trembled. His cock throbbed as the lust in my father’s eyes died. He didn’t stare at me with that excitement to enjoy my body. Mother’s eyes slid past me, staring at Alex, not me.

“Master!” I whimpered.

“Do it,” he whispered. “Make the twins please their father. Order our parents to fuck you. Revel in your powers. Unleash the desires in you.”

I wanted to. That selfish part of me did. I whimpered. I didn’t want to never have intimate contact with my parents again. Why did Alex have to do this? Why did he have to force me to do this? My pussy clenched as he touched me.

“Express what you want,” he growled, his fingers sliding from my clit to my pussy. He jammed his digits into my cunt. “If you ever want to feel Dad’s cock in your pussy again, then you need to unleash your will.”

I couldn’t.

I wanted to.

I shook my head.

I whimpered.

This was wrong.

I wasn’t a goddess.

I was a slave.

My pussy squeezed down on my brother’s finger. It wasn’t Dad’s cock. Wasn’t Alex’s cock, ether.

I could make the twins love their father, too. I could order them to worship Alex. There were other beautiful women at the institute. In the world. I could make my brother happy. I could love my parents. We could all writhe together. Daddy could get some nice pussy, too. He could love my mom and other hotties.

Alex’s finger pumped in and out of me. His cock nestled between my butt-cheeks. I was so horny. I wanted to be selfish. I wanted to use the power in me. It called to me like it wanted to be used. To dominate others. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. My snatch squeezed about his digit and...

I couldn’t go my life without loving my parents.

“Mom, Dad, you lust for me!” I hissed. “You love me! Dad, you get hard for me. After mom, you want to have sex with me the most. And Mom, I’m the woman you want eating your pussy more than any other. You love my pussy, too. You want to love me like you love Alex!”

There wasn’t any pain. I wasn’t undoing what my brother had done. I was modifying it, but in a way my parents expected. Wanted. My brother and I were on the same resonance. Our commands could modify each other. If we weren’t in harmony, we could just undo each other’s commands, but... but...

We were in harmony. That was the key to Gemini.

“Cindy, Mindy, fuck your dad! Love him!” I howled, unleashing more commands. I couldn’t stop. My will flooded out of me. “Cindy, sit on his face! Mindy, ride his cock!”

Hardly any prickles. The twins wanted to fuck their father. They were my little puppets. It felt good watching them both scramble to obey me. Felt... right. Cindy, a streak of my brother’s cum painted across her forehead, pushed her father back. In moments, she was grinding her cunt on his mouth, quivering in delight as he devoured her.

Then Mindy stroked his hard cock. She mounted him, slamming her eighteen-year-old cunt down his hard cock. The dark-haired girl whimpered, her back arching as she engulfed that cock to the hilt. Her rump clenched as she whimpered in delight.

“That’s it,” my brother groaned into my ear. “Isn’t that so much fun?”

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered. I felt so guilty, I was abusing these stolen powers, but... but... even a submissive like me had this strange streak to impose my will on others. This perverse delight in being obeyed. Like the Goddess Bess Atwater who even after ordering her parents to dominate her, still reveled in her powers. To control herself, she brainwashed herself to...

I glanced at Alex.

My eyes widened. I could... modify him. That was the solution. If Bess Atwater could change her mind, I could change ours and...

His eyes bored into mine. “Alexis,” he whispered in my ear, “you will never give me commands.”

I gasped, feeling those waves that were washing around me echo back and sweep over me. My brother didn’t feel more than a prickle. It didn’t take much to change me. I shivered, realizing he read my mind that... he could feel my thoughts and... and...

I felt something in him, something smug, something proud. By having me surrender to my commands, he had proved something. This truth he was so excited to share. I wanted to ask him but his finger was in me.

My pussy was on fire.

I glanced back at my parents. They stared at me with lust.

“Do you want to have sex with me, Mom and Dad?” I asked while Cindy and Mindy moaned in the background.

“Of course!” Mom moaned.

“After your mother, you are the girl I want the most,” Dad said. He smiled. He believed it. Of course he did because I made him believe it. “Look at how hard I am, Alexis.”

“Mmm, and I’m so wet, Alexis,” Mom purred. “Do you want to eat my pussy right now? Or I could eat yours!”

I shuddered, drunken passion sweeping over me. My butt-cheeks clenched around my brother’s cock. I didn’t have to glance at him. I could feel what he wanted from me. How he wanted me to submit to him.

By giving commands.

“You can...” I swallowed. “Mom, Dad, eat my pussy.”

That’s it, Alexis, my brother thought to me. That’s so beautiful. Express your desires. You’re special. The Halo wants this. His finger slid out of my pussy as Mom and Dad reached for me. His finger slid wet up my pubic mound to my belly. You’re my sister, my slave, and the mother of my child.

“Alex,” I whimpered as he stroked me. My stomach quivered.

Then Mom and Dad buried their faces between my thighs. I gasped as Dad’s whiskered and Mom’s smooth cheeks rubbed on my inner thighs. They nuzzled up to my pregnant pussy. My parents fluttered my tongue through my folds.

I gasped, Alex fondling my small breasts with one hand, his other caressing my flat belly. I was only three weeks pregnant, so it would be months before I showed. I pressed my right hand over his left rubbing my stomach, my hips wiggling, my butt-cheeks squeezing about his dick. Our parents licked at my snatch, their tongues sliding up and down, Mom’s smaller, her touch lighter, while Dad was so bold.

He feasted on me.

“Oh, Cindy, yes,” Mindy moaned, cradling her twin sister’s head to her breast while she rode their dad’s cock. I stared at it, watching her ass rise and fall, exposing her dad’s cock glistening with her juices.

My pussy ached to do the same on Dad’s cock while my asshole clenched.

My parents ate me. Their tongue’s caressing touch slid such pleasure through me. My head swayed from side to side. I groaned, the delight surging through me. I whimpered, my hands clenching. It was so incredible.

Their tongues flicked up my folds, brushing my clit. Then my dad, his whiskers massaging my sensitive labia, latched onto my clit. He sucked on it. I gasped, my butt-cheeks squeezing about my brother’s dick. Mom moaned then buried her tongue into my snatch.

“Yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Mom! Dad! Love my pussy! You’re making me feel so good.”

“Mmm, sounds like it,” Alex said. He pinched my nipple. My hand pressed his other tighter into my belly. “You are doing so good.”

“Thank you, Master,” I moaned, feeling his pride bleeding into me. He was happy with me. I was pleasing him.

My guilt retreated as the pleasure swelled in me. I undulated my hips, as much grinding on my parent’s lips as stroking his cock with my butt-cheeks. He throbbed between them, his shaft rubbing on my asshole, sending tingles of heat racing to my pussy.

My cunt clenched about my mother’s tongue. I groaned, my snatch tightening about her. She felt incredible as she ate me. Her tongue flicked and fluttered through me, teasing me, driving me wild. I groaned, my heart thudding in my chest.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I whimpered. “Mmm, that’s nice. Oh, Mom, work that tongue in my cunt! Dad, keep sucking on my clit! Make me cum!”

They both groaned. Mom jammed her tongue deep into my snatch. She swirled it around inside of me while Dad sucked with such hunger. I stared down at his eyes, brown like Alex’s. The pleasure surged through me, building and building.

Every lick. Every suck. Every nibble.

My parents drove me wild. The incestuous bliss flowed through me. My brother groaned. He fucked his dick between my butt-cheeks, driving me wild. I moaned, dizzying heat spilling through me. This incredible bliss built and built in my pussy’s depths. I bit my lower lip.

I couldn’t take much more. My brother pinched my nipple while Dad sucked on my clit. It made my pussy heat up. My snatch squeezed about my mom’s probing tongue. She worked it in and out of me, her arm around Dad’s waist.

“Yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Mom, you’re so loving. Mmm, yes, after serving dad, you love pleasing Alex and me!”

“I do!” she moaned.

“Because you love Dad, and you’re always going to be his slave!” I moaned while just a whisper of prickles ran across my thoughts.

“I will!” howled Mom.

“And Dad! You’ll treasure Mom! You’ll be such a good Master and husband to her!”

“So good!” Alex groaned. Just like you’ll be a good slave and wife to me.

“Yes!” I howled.

I came on my parents’ faces.

Alex’s words set me off. The pleasure exploded in my cunt. It swept out through my body. My juices squired out of me, bathing my parents faces. I bucked, my stomach quivering beneath Alex’s touch, stroking me.

The rapture surged through my body. It splashed into my mind. I drank it in. Wave after wave of bliss rippled through me. My hand pressed Alex’s hand into my belly as my pussy convulsed around Mom’s probing tongue.

I can feel your ecstasy, Alex whispered in my thoughts, his hips fucking his cock through my butt-crack. Damn.

“Mom! Dad!” I howled, stars bursting across my vision. Oh, Alex, this is incredible! They are obeying me!

Yes! he growled. They always will! Everyone will!

My body bucked and heaved as my orgasm peaked. Alex pinched my nipple. He grunted. And then his cock erupted. It spurted cum between us. I felt it splashing on my back and spurting against the inner swell of my butt-cheeks. It ran down through my crack as he held me tight.

The pleasure bursting from him reinforced the bliss churning in my cunt. My orgasm surged to such a high peak. I gasped and groaned, my head sweeping from side to side, my dark hair dancing about my face.

“Oh, my god, I love this!” I howled. “Mom, Dad! Oh, yes! I need to enjoy you! Dad, on your back so I can ride your cock like Mindy’s riding her dad’s!”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s so good!” Mindy moaned, working her cunt up and down her dad’s cock. “Oh, Daddy, cum in me!”

“Cum in her!” moaned Cindy, her head thrown back. “Yes!”

As the Maxwell twins came on their dad, I shuddered as my own sexy father stretched out on his back, my pussy juices staining his lips. His cock was so hard, in need of a pussy to please him. My dad deserved the best cunt. My mother’s cunt, my cunt, others. I would make sure he got them.

“Mom, sit on Dad’s face!” I hissed. “I’m going to eat your asshole out while Dad feasts on your cunt!”

“Oh, that’s naughty,” moaned Mom, her face a mess with my cream.

Her big tits heaved as she straddled him and lowered her shaved cunt to his hungry mouth. She planted her pussy right on him, grinding her cunt while her ass pointed at me. I licked my lips and pulled away from my brother, his cum running down my back and coating my ass. He was still hard.

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” he said.

“Thank you, Master!” I moaned, so eager for my brother’s dick to be in me.

I straddled my dad, grabbing his cock and guiding him to my pregnant pussy. I rubbed his tip up and down my vulva, bringing it to my hungry opening. Dad groaned into my mother’s cunt as I sank down him, engulfing more and more of his dick.

It was incredible to feel him in me. My pussy clenched around him as the incestuous pleasure rippled through me. This was my father’s cock. The very dick that started my brother and me in our mother’s woman. He fertilized two of her eggs at the same time.

He was such a stud that he double-bred her. I rubbed my belly as I leaned over to feast on my mom’s asshole, hoping I would have twins, too.

My fingers dug into my butt-cheeks, parting my left cheek from my right, exposing my asshole. The cum ran over my sphincter, coating it. Alex pressed his dick into it, lubing himself with his own jizz. I smiled then groaned as he thrust.

He rammed his cock into my asshole.

I shuddered as his dick penetrated into my depths. He worked it deeper and deeper into me. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. This incredible heat washing through me. I whimpered as more and more of his dick penetrated me.

He popped into my asshole. I had both my brother’s and my father’s cocks in me. Two incestuous shafts giving me such pleasure. I buried my face between my mother’s butt-cheeks and licked at her sour asshole.

“Alexis!” my brother groaned.

“Oh, yes, Alexis!” Daddy groaned.

“Fuck us!” growled my brother. “Work those holes up and down our dicks and make us cum!”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned into my mother’s asshole.

“Alexis!” she whimpered as I rimmed her.

I swirled my tongue around Mom’s sour rosette. I rimmed her, loving the taste of her asshole. My thighs flexed, working my asshole and pussy up and down the cocks of the two men I loved. My brother and my father. I was so lucky to love my entire family like this.

If the Gods weren’t so horny, if they didn’t show us that incest was okay, we would never have shared this. Even without my mind-control powers, I could enjoy this. I wiggled my hips, stirring my pussy and asshole around their incestuous shafts.

“Damn!” Alex grunted, his hips moving now. He thrust his cock into my asshole as I slid down my father’s dick. “That feels good! Work that ass, slut!”

“Yes, Master!” I moaned then wiggled my tongue against my mother’s asshole.

As I worked my hips, I buried my tongue into my mom’s bowels. She gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face. She undulated her own hips, grinding her cunt on Dad’s mouth. His dick twitched in my pussy.

The twin frictions melted my nethers. The velvety plunge of my brother’s cock into my asshole and the silky glide of my cunt up and down my father’s dick swirled dual blisses in me. It was incredible. They fed each other, driving me towards my bliss and...

I felt a third delight. It flowed from my brother. I felt the rapture he experienced sodomizing me. As he fucked his cock in and out of me, I gave him pleasure. Which gave me more pleasure, which flowed back into him.

We were forming a feedback loop of rapture.

“Damn!” Alex groaned, his hands sliding around to rub my pregnant belly. “Oh, fuck, Alexis! You feel good.”

“So do you” I whimpered, drinking in his pleasure. I fucked my cunt up and down my dad’s cock faster, taking my brother’s dick deeper into my asshole.

I sucked on my mother’s asshole as the pleasure rippled through me. My orgasm built so fast. It swelled in me. This incredible rapture that had me trembling and aching. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as I drank it all in.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Alex grunted. “Oh, damn, Alexis, you’re feeling so good. You’re making my mind feel good and my dick.”

“Our soul!” I moaned. “The nanites reunited our soul!”

“Yes!” he snarled, hammering my asshole hard now.

The force of his strokes drove me up my dad’s cock. The pleasure surged through me. It bled through my mind from Alex. Every time my brother buried into me, another rush of bliss flowed from him while that same exhilaration burned out of my asshole. My pussy clenched about my dad’s shaft, drinking in his girth.

My orgasm swelled so fast.

I swirled my tongue about my mother’s asshole, drinking in her sour musk as I surged towards my orgasm. The two cocks and the pleasure I gave my brother hurtled me towards this cliff. I squeezed my eyes shut.

My holes clenched down on both their dicks.

The friction swelled in me.

The rapture.

Alex grunted, his balls smacking into my taint.

I exploded.

My orgasm surged through me. A mighty tornado of howling rapture consumed my body. My asshole and pussy writhed and convulsed. My holes spasmed about my brother’s and my dad’s dicks. I loved them both. I worshiped them both. The incestuous joy rippled through me. I plunged my tongue deep into my mother’s sour bowels, swirling it around in her.

“Holy fucking shit, Alexis!” Alex groaned. “I can feel your ecstasy!” It’s amazing, Alexis! You’re amazing!

Cum in me, Master! I begged with my mind while moaning into my other’s asshole, my tongue wiggling in her sour depths.

Dad was groaning, too, moaning into my mom’s cunt as my pussy writhed about his cock, eager for his jizz to spurt into my pregnant depths. My eyes squeezed shut. The pleasure rippled through me as Alex buried into me, his own rapture swelling and them.

His cum fired into my asshole while his ecstasy pounded into my mind.

I felt every spurt of his jizz and eruption of his rapture. My mind fed on it, my tornado whirling faster. The euphoria sent me to such heights. My mind burst with joy. I groaned, squirming, this warmth building and building in my belly.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled into my mother’s asshole as I drowned in such rapture.

It was incredible.

My dad grunted. His cum flooded my pussy. Both the men I loved spurted their incestuous passion into me. I sucked hard on my mother’s sour asshole, wanting her to join the rest of the family in bliss. Her butt-cheeks clenched about my face.

“Alexis! Master!” groaned Mom. “Alex! I love you all!”

She joined us. We orgasmed as a family.

Do you understand? Alex asked me as my orgasm crested in me. My asshole milked his cock dry. The truth of it all?

No! I screamed back at him. What is it?

His hands rubbed my pregnant belly, stroking the bowing curve of my stomach. The warmth in my pussy’s depths spread as Dad spilled his last drops of jizz into me. I swayed with dizzy passion, groaning, eager to hear what my brother, my Master, had learned.

The Halos want us to use them, he said. “The nanites were created to enslave, not to awaken.”

* * *

Troy Bullock — Taurus

I loved my mind-control powers. I was so glad the Halo came to me. My mother was now mine. I had taken her from my father. She should only love me and now, she did. She cuddled against me, the air thick with our love-making. My dick throbbed. I had fucked her two more times, spilling my jizz into her pussy.

Into her womb.

“Mmm, what are you thinking about, Troy?” my mom asked, her head on my chest, her light-brown hair fanned over me.

“That every mother should do this with her son,” I said. “Women should raise their sons to be their lovers.”

“And what about their husbands?” she asked.

Was she thinking about Dad? He’d left the room. He was somewhere else in the house. I didn’t hate him, but he didn’t deserve to have this amazing woman. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t deserve any woman.

“Or their daughters?” Mom continued.

I smiled, realizing the solution. “Daughters should be raised to be their father’s lovers.”

Mom giggled. “That’s so naughty. Mmm, everything you say just makes me feel like... my eyes are open.”

The Halo changed me. “Shame I don’t have a sister. We’ll have to adopt one. For Dad. You’ll help me choose one, right?”

She nodded her head. “He is a good man. I used to think I loved him. Isn’t that funny? I didn’t know what love was, though. Not until you spoke.”

I smiled. “We’re going to change things. We’re going to make a town where mothers are not sluts.” Learning about that Mother Fucking Club angered me. To think someone else got the Halo and did that with it. “We’ll make it so mothers and their sons, and father and their daughters, love each other the way they should.”

“Yes!” she quivered against me as my hand stroked down her back to her ass.

I squeezed it. My dick throbbed.

“Now, wouldn’t it be hot if I fucked your asshole, Mom?”

“It would be!” she moaned.

I grinned. Damn, I loved these powers.

To be continued...