The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 6: Brother’s Mind-Controlling Passion

Deidre Icke, President of the collapsing Institute of Apotheosis Research, shuddered as she slipped off her Master and ex-husband’s face. Robert Icke had licked her pussy while their eighteen-year-old daughter had licked her asshole. Deidre buzzed from her orgasms. Her large breasts swayed, her black hair danced about her face as she trembled. Her children gave her orders now.

Alex and Alexis were gods now. Not the correct gods, but it was too late to do anything about that now. Deidre had given herself to her son and daughter. She turned around, smiling as the handsome Alex, as handsome as his father, ripped his cock out of Alexis’s asshole. The eighteen-year-old girl trembled, still impaled on her father’s cock. She had Deidre’s beauty, her body flushed and trembling.

“Oh, that was amazing, Master,” Alexis moaned. Just as Deidre served her ex-husband as a loving sex slave (a lesson Deidre learned from the God Randy Lyon), Alexis served her brother Alex. “I came so hard.”

Alex pulled his sister-slave to her feet. Cum ran down her thighs, spilling thick and creamy from her pussy and asshole. The girl had taken her two favorite cocks in her holes, cumming hard while rimming Deidre’s asshole.

Deidre loved her daughter’s pussy. There was no cunt Deidre wanted to lick more than Alexis’s. Unable to resist, Deidre shifted forward, grabbed her daughter’s hips, and buried her face into Alexis’s pussy. Deidre’s eyes stared at the gentle swell of her daughter’s belly, her tongue fluttering through Alexis’s folds, lapping up her sweet juices and her ex-husband’s salty cum.

Such a wonderful delight, Deidre thought. She was so glad that Alex and Alexis allowed her to stay Robert’s sex slave. Thanks to the God Michael Horne lessons, she’d been punished for being a cheating wife and had her relationship with Robert repaired. She never should have cheated on him, and now she was all his.

“Mommy!” Alexis moaned, her small breasts jiggling. Deidre stared up past her daughter’s slightly round belly to her firm titties and face twisting in pleasure. “Oh, you are such a naughty mommy.”

“So naughty,” Deidre moaned between licks, her tongue fluttering fast, gathering up every drop of jizz she could.

“I’m so glad that I surrendered to it, Master,” Alexis said, shuddering. She’d tried not to use the mind-control powers that the Halo granted her, to not be a false goddess, but Alex had used her lust and seduced her into embracing her stolen abilities.

Deidre didn’t answer, she just kept licking her daughter’s pregnant pussy. The naughty mother slid her hand up her daughter’s thighs to her soft belly, stroking her swell. Deidre’s licking stopped as she caressed Alexis’s stomach, Deidre’s brow furrowing.

“What is it?” Alexis asked her brother. “This truth that you’ve discovered, Master.”

* * *

Troy Bullock — Taurus

“Fuck Mommy’s ass, Troy,” my sexy mother said as she knelt on her hands and knees. “I’m so ready to take your cock. Your father always loved fucking my asshole.”

Of course my father demanded my mother give him anal. A strange surge of jealous anger washed through me as I rubbed KY lube on my cock, getting myself ready to love my mother’s asshole. I shouldn’t be jealous. My mother loved me now, not my father. She wasn’t devoted to him, fawning over him while ignoring me. She gave me all her love now.

It was all thanks to the Halo.

“Mmm, you’re going to love my asshole, Troy,” She moaned, her fingers parting her butt-cheeks.

I groaned, pushing aside that jealousy. My mother was so beautiful. I paused in lubing my cock to stare at her. She had light-brown hair that spilled over her shoulders and supple back. Her brown bush, trimmed close, was soaked with juices and my cum leaking out of her. I had made love to her so many times tonight, fucking her in my parents’ bed.

My bed.

My dad was somewhere else in the house. He didn’t deserve all her attention. Mothers should love their sons. Should be devoted to them. There was this other guy who must have gotten the Halo who was turning all the mothers into their sons’ sluts. Mothers should be lovers, not whores.

“Fuck Mommy’s ass, Troy,” Mom moaned in wanton passion. Her hips wiggled at me, her fingers dug into her butt-cheeks. Her brown rosette beckoned, that tight asshole I wanted to fuck.

I groaned, drifting to her. I was so glad to fuck her hard. She was devoted to my pleasure now, happy to love me with her body. She would do anything to make me happy, and I would do anything for her.

“You are so sexy, Mom,” I moaned as I pressed my lubed cock between her butt-cheeks. I left a glistening streak down her crack as I moved my dick down to her asshole.

I shuddered and groaned as I massaged her sphincter. That puckered delight massaged my cock’s tip. Pleasure surged through me. My dick ached as I rubbed against her. She whimpered, her hips wiggling.

“Yes, yes, fuck Mommy’s asshole!” she moaned.

I loved having a Halo. Maybe I was a god like people on the internet were saying. There was talk of all sorts of craziness. People who had these halos longer do all sorts of naughty things. I had to spread my own beliefs, to let mothers know to love their sons, and fathers to love their daughters.

I pressed forward with my cock, so eager for it. Her asshole spread and spread about my cock. Mom moaned louder and louder. She groaned as my cock popped into her bowels. I shuddered at the tight, velvety sheath engulfing my cock.

“Mom!” I groaned, my hands sliding around her body. I grasped her large tits, squeezing her heavy tits as I drove deeper and deeper into her bowels. “Oh, wow, that’s good.”

“I knew you’d love it, Troy!” she moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. “Oh, yes, I knew you would enjoy it. You do enjoy it, right?”

“Absolutely!” I groaned, her bowels squeezed about my cock. The pleasure surged down my dick as I buried deeper into her.

My crotch pressed into her rump. I was in my mother. It was just the best. I drew back my hips and she whimpered. Her bowels clenched around my cock, massaging it. My sensitive tip drank in the velvety friction, my balls tightening. I kneaded her tits as I groaned.

Then I slammed into her again. Harder. Deeper. My crotch smacked into her rump. Her butt-cheeks rippled and jiggled. My balls thwacked into her flesh, heavy with my cum. She moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side, teasing her.

“Oh, Mommy loves your cock in me!” she moaned, throwing a look over her shoulder. Her brown hair swept around her. “Yes, yes, just fuck me. Pound my asshole! Fuck Mommy so hard!”

“Yes!” I growled, my hips pumping faster, driving my cock into her. “You love it, huh?”

“Of course I do!” she moaned my fingers sliding down her tits to pinch her nipples. “I love everything you do.”

“You’re the best mom!” I groaned, my balls smacking into her again and again. The pleasure spilled through me. “Just the fucking best!”

I pinched her nipples. Mom moaned louder and louder. Dad had to be hearing how much she loved my cock. How much she was mine now. She would never touch him again. Never love him. She was all mine now. Just the way she should have been.

My fingers twisted her nipples and tugged on them, her asshole clenching down on my dick every time. That wonderful, velvety heat burned around my cock. My dick drank in the heat. It swelled the pressure in my balls.

“Fuck, Mom!” I groaned, slamming so deep and hard into her. “Take it! Take my cock, Mom! I love you so much!”

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, we’re going to do such naughty things, aren’t we?”

“We’re going to change our town!” I gasped, my lusts swelling as I fucked my mother’s ass. “We’re going to make every mother love her son!”

“Just like they should!” howled Mom.

Her asshole writhed about my cock. Her head tossed from side to side as her bowels spasmed. She was cumming. I loved that sound she made. I gave my mother pleasure again. I tugged hard on her nipples, stretching them out as I fucked her sheath.

She massaged me. She gripped me. That wonderful pleasure surged around my cock. I shuddered, slamming so hard into her body as she gasped and moaned. She screamed her head off, letting the world know she was my lover.

“Cum in Mommy’s asshole, Troy!” she gasped. “Cum in me! Mommy needs your cum!”

“I love you, Mom!” I groaned, my dick throbbing. It was just a lovely treat to be in her asshole. To love her.

“I love you, Troy!” she moaned. “Now cum in me! Please, please, just spill that cum in me! Erupt!”

I slammed into my mother’s writhing asshole. The pleasure shot up my cock. That pressure swelled in my balls and at the tip of my dick. My face scrunched up. Then my cock pulsed. The pleasure shot out of me while my cum pumped into my mother’s asshole.

Blast after blast of my jizz spurted into her bowels. Pleasure flooded my mind. Stars burst across my eyes. I groaned, wracked by the ecstasy. It swept through me. My cock unloaded a final time, my mother’s asshole milking out all my cum. I swayed, holding her.

“I love you Troy!” she moaned.

I leaned over her, hugging her. I pulled her to me as we trembled. I nibbled at her ear. “Mmm, we are going to change our town, Mom.”

“We are. You’ll show all those mothers how to love their sons.” She looked over her shoulder at me as I kneaded her tits, my cock still hard in her asshole. “Just like you showed me how much I loved you. I was so confused before.”

I smiled at her. “We will. We’ll help every mother love her son, and every father love his daughter.”

“Or adopted daughter. Mmm, we’ll find your father the perfect girl, won’t we?”

I nodded my head. I didn’t hate my father, just resented him having all my mother’s affections. But now Mom was mine so he deserved something. “Where should we start?”

“Mmm, there’s that big game at your college tomorrow,” groaned Mom. She wiggled her hips then slid forward off my cock.

“Yeah, there’ll be plenty of mothers there,” I said. “Plenty of people who can discover the truth.”

She nodded her head, licking her lips. “Let me get a wash cloth to clean your dick, Troy.”

“No, no, use your mouth,” I said. “That’ll be hot.”

My thoughts prickled as my powers changed my mother.

“Ooh, that’s so dirty,” she moaned, her voice throaty. “I never did that for your father.”

“You didn’t love him as much as me.”

“No, I didn’t,” she moaned, her hands grabbing my cock.

I loved giving her commands. It felt so right. And tomorrow, there would be so many people to control. I would create a paradise, changing people. Mothers would raise their sons to be their lovers, and fathers their daughters. Everyone would be happy and—

“Mom!” I groaned as she sucked the tip of my dirty cock past her lips.

Ass to mouth was such a wicked treat. I was so glad to enjoy it from my sexy mom. My dick throbbed in her sucking mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cock. She polished my cock, cleaning it of her own ass while simultaneously showing me just how much she loved me.

I ran my hands through her brown hair, holding her tight. I fucked my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe this other guy was turning mothers into sluts. That they would change these loving women into nothing more than whores.

“You’ll always suck my cock clean after it’s been in your ass, Mom,” I grunted, a little bit of prickling across my thoughts.

She moaned about my cock, sucking harder. I smiled, so happy, my dick throbbing in her mouth. She cleaned me up just the way any loving mother should with her son. I closed my eyes, picturing tomorrow, the start of changing the world.

I would put so many people under my powers. It would be amazing.

* * *

Alex Icke — Gemini

“What is the truth?” my twin sister asked as she ground her pregnant pussy on my mother’s mouth. Mom stroked the slight swell of my sister’s belly. She wasn’t that much pregnant, only a few weeks. I couldn’t wait for my slave to bear my child.

“What have you learned?” she pressed.

I smiled, my dick still hard after fucking her asshole. Part of me was distracted by our mother licking Dad’s cum out of Alexis’s pussy. She could fuck Dad as much as she wanted while pregnant. She had nine months to indulge before her cunt was off-limits again.

Only I could breed her. I wouldn’t take any chances with my twin’s womb.

“Please, Master,” she moaned, grinding her bred cunt on our mother’s mouth.

“The halos don’t make people into gods,” I said.

“Of course they do,” Alexis moaned. “We have powers. We’re gods. False gods, but we’re still gods.”

“No, no, the gods are just regular people with powers,” I said.

“No, son,” Dad objected.

Alexis shook her head. “They are gods. They have to be. Dr. Blavatsky had a vision of the future. We are creating gods to awaken mankind.”

“His soul approved everyone who worked here, yes?” I asked my sister.

“He did!” either Cindy or Mindy moaned, those twin girls writhing with their father. “We scried him and his wife, Dr. Bailey. We communed with them. They approved us all, Alex. Even you!”

“See, Alex,” Dad said. “That was his vision. He wanted to be with us, but he had to go to the spirit realm so he could find the gods. His wife went with him. He was so committed to the cause.”

“So he’s infallible?” I asked.

“Of course,” Dad said. “That was why he departed his flesh. I remember it clearly. I spent weeks working with the lawyers before they passed on to make sure that their will was perfect. That the Institute would be able to continue.”

“They speak to Cindy and me,” Mindy moaned. “Once they crossed over, they ventured into the future. They saw how this would unfold. Their vision was perfect. They shared it with my sister and me.”

“If there vision was perfect,” I said, a smile spreading across my lips, “then how did Ulrich slip past our guru and betray the institute?”

Mom stopped licking Alexis’s pussy. She pulled her face away, her lips sticky with cream and cum. Dad opened his mouth to object, but Alexis talked over him, saying, “He was just following the god he liked. When the God Henry Archer wanted to make his girlfriend into a goddess, Ulrich was just swept up into the thrill of following the God’s teachings.”

“Even though we all swore not to follow any one god until the project was completed?” I countered.

Alexis frowned.

“Well, we were following some of the things they taught,” Mom said. “Like loving each other. The gods had their lessons. They shared them with us. That is why we’re recording them. Even the four you did send out are being recorded. We are missing out on their lessons, but they are being archived. So we could broadcast them to the world when it was time. After all the gods are established.”

I waved my hand. “But we weren’t supposed to abandon our mission to awaken the ‘correct’ individuals. Yet Ulrich did. He sent the Virgo halo to Henry. As I was packing up the last of the halos to send them out, it made me think, This question popped into my head: what if Dr. Blavatsky didn’t know what he was talking about?”

My sister’s jaw dropped. My father gained his feet, anger in his eyes. Mother gasped.

“Son, you don’t know—”

“Listen,” I said. “I am revealing truth here. It occurred to me if I could even think those thoughts, then there was something wrong with Dr. Blavatsky’s vision. Now I understand.” I looked at everyone. “What do the halos do?”

“They make gods,” Mom gasped. She, too, gained her feet, grabbing my father’s arm, clinging to him.

“The gods... They haven’t done anything amazing,” I said. “They haven’t produced any great treaties on morality or philosophy. No profound insight into the nature of the universe. No, they’ve just been horny humans. They’ve been obsessed with sex and satiating their perverse desires. Randy Lyon makes his older sister crawl after him while he turns every other girl he comes across into their brother’s sluts. And how big has Michael Horne’s harem grown?”

“They’ve been free to act on their desires,” Mom said. “To show mankind what lessons are lurking inside of them.”

“And those lessons are, what, to fuck each other?” I asked. “To commit incest?”

My sister blinked at me.

“Look at how eager we were all to do the same things the gods were doing.” I smiled at my sister, my cock hard. “Once we had permission, that we didn’t have to feel guilty about our attraction to our family members, we threw ourselves into incest with glee. That’s the truth.”

My mom furrowed her brow, looking at my sister and me. She swallowed.

“Dr. Blavatsky was mistaken,” I continued. “The gods are not Tibetan monks seeking enlightenment. They’re horny people abusing their powers. That’s what the halos do. It gives you the ability to dominate, and you want to. Look at Bess Atwater. She had to brainwash herself to stop herself from giving commands. The most submissive person to gain a halo couldn’t stop herself from dominating those around her.

“So it’s all bullshit. It’s just people having fun, using this technology we developed to shape those around them.” I shrugged. “Why can’t I enjoy that?” I glanced at my sister. “Why can’t we enjoy that power, Alexis? You felt it. That thrill of giving commands. You’re a submissive girl. You find joy in serving, and yet there’s this part of you want that wants to spread your will.”

She nodded her head. “There was this rush and...” She bit her lip. “All the gods do is fuck. They don’t... talk about making the world better, just... who they can enjoy. They change people to satisfy their desires.”

“How is that supposed to enlighten mankind?” I asked. “How is that supposed to make the world better? Dr. Blavatsky was a fool.”

“I...” Alexis stared at me. “You’re...” Her brow furrowed. I could feel her thoughts working in her mind through our connection. “It’s just... I mean... Wow.”

“I know,” I said. “It doesn’t matter what we do with our powers. Just that we enjoy ourselves. That we... mold our own reality. We can make our community into what we desire. We’re not ruining the world, we’re just doing what the other possessors of the halos are doing.”

“We’ll make it so women serve their men,” whimpered Alexis. “We’ll ensure that they find joy in being sex slaves. To their husbands. Their boyfriends.” She shivered. “And their brothers.”

“A brother could be all three of those individuals,” I said, cupping her face. “And if they don’t have brothers, there are plenty of men who don’t have sisters.”

“But... but...” Mom shook her head. “No, no. I knelt at Dr. Blavatsky feet when I was your age. Younger. He opened my eyes.” She clutched at father. “Tell them, Master. What it was like to hear him speak about the future. How the Gods would awaken the world. They will make a paradise. Everyone would be happy.”

“Because everyone would be slaves,” I said. “Why else do the halos dominate instead of educate? Maybe Dr. Blavatsky thought that the individuals would be altruistic. That they would use the these powers for good instead of satiating their lusts. But that’s not what happened. So why give it away to others? We were fools. Well, I’m not going to be a fool. I’m going to use it like the other ‘gods.’” I pulled my sister to me, my cock hard against her stomach. “I’m going to make something with you, Alexis. Our mother is happy because she became our father’s sex slave.”

“We’re happy, too, Alex,” Cindy and Mindy said together. “We’re our Daddy’s.”

“Yes, you are,” Alexis said. “You love and serve your daddy.”

The two eighteen-year-old twins groaned.

My dick throbbed against the swell of my sister’s belly. I shuddered, loving her. I leaned in to kiss her when my mother let out a keening moan. My sister looked over my shoulder at our mother swaying.

“It... it was all pointless?” Mom asked, her head shaking. “But... but... we dedicated ourselves to it and...”

My father had an equally hopeless look on his face. He held our mother, but he looked on the verge of falling over, too. I could see that they needed something to clutch to. They needed to be propped up as their world crashed around them.

“It wasn’t pointless,” I said. “We all became closer as a family.” I smiled at them. “You and Dad repaired your relationship. We all are fucking. Having fun. That’s not pointless. It just isn’t the grand plan that Dr. Blavatsky envisioned. We’re not going to make the world better. We’re going to... impose our will on them. We’re going to change everything to the way we want it.

“We’ll be gods because people will be our slaves,” I said. “Now, Mom, get down on your knees and lick Alexis clean.”

“And what are you going to do, Master?” asked Alexis as our mother fell down to her knees before her.

“I’m going to enjoy Mom’s cunt,” I said, winking at her. “She’s pregnant now, our new brother or sister’s growing in her. So I’m going to pound her hard and cum in her!”

“Yes, yes, fuck your mother,” moaned the twins. “We wish our mother was still alive.”

“You’re going to be mothers,” James, their father, said. He had his arms around them both, his hands rubbing their flat bellies. They were a week or so ahead of my sister in conceiving their father’s children, making them maybe a month along.

They wouldn’t be showing for a while yet.

I bet they would look as sexy as Alexis with a pregnant belly. I couldn’t wait to see all four—Mom, my sister, and those twins—blossom with their pregnancies. My cock throbbed as I moved around my mom, eager to fuck her hard.

I grabbed her ass as I fell down to my knees. My cock smacked her ass. My shaft was dirty with my sister’s ass. I smiled. I was going to have so much fun cleaning my dick. My fingers kneaded into her rump.

“Oh, Mom, yes,” Alexis moaned, her small breasts jiggling. They looked a little bigger. A little fuller. Her pregnancy would give her bigger tits. It would be hot. I couldn’t wait for her tits to swell towards our mother’s size.

Alexis was cute with her small tits, but she would be sexy with bigger tits. I would love her no matter what, though. I clenched our mother’s rump. I squeezed and kneaded her butt. I spread her asscheeks apart. I had to taste my mom before I fucked her cunt.

“Alex!” Mom moaned as I licked at her shaved snatch. My tongue flicked and fluttered against her folds, lapping up her spicy juices. They coated my tongue. She groaned, wiggling back against me.

Dad watched, arms folded before him. I was taking charge, being a man, and he was observing me. I hoped he was proud of me. I fluttered my tongue through mom’s bred pussy, licking and lapping up her spicy juices.

I came from this snatch. Eating her out was a delicious treat. I sucked and nibbled on her clit. My hips wiggled from side to side. I sucked on her pussy lips. Her labia caressed my mouth. She moaned into my sister’s cunt as I feasted on her.

“Oh, Master, eat her!” moaned Alexis, staring down at me, her hands rubbing at the soft curve of her belly. “Ooh, yes, yes, just feast on her!”

“He’s good!” she moaned. “Mmm, Master, our son has your talent at pussy licking.”

“Of course he does,” Dad said.

I smiled, a pleased rush sweeping through me. Dr. Blavatsky may have been mistaken about all of this, but it brought us all closer together. And that was great. My tongue lapped through mom’s folds, feasting on her. I was so glad I could do this. It was amazing to feast on her.

I brushed her clit, making her wiggle from side to side. Her flesh smeared against me. Then I sucked on her labia and nibbled. My tongue danced around her folds. The juices spilled over my chin and mouth. I breathed in her spicy musk with each lick and flutter.

I kneaded her rump as I feasted on her. She made such wanton sounds as she devoured my sister’s snatch. Alexis had such a big smile on her face. Her hands gripped our mother’s hair. Her hips wiggled from side to side, grinding on our mother’s face.

“Oh, yes, Mom!” Alexis moaned. “Ooh, that’s it, you’re loving my pussy. You’re such a good mother. A good mother loves her children as well as her master and husband.”

“Yes!” I moaned into my mother’s snatch.

“Mmm, I do,” Mom groaned, her hips wiggling, her rump clenching. “Love you both so much. I love our children, Master.”

“You’re a good mother,” he panted.

My fingers slid between my mother’s butt-cheeks and caressed down her crack. My tongue thrust into her cunt. I swirled around inside of her. My fingers caressed her asshole. I stroked her. Her snatch clenched around my probing tongue while my digits pressed against her asshole.

She moaned as my fingers pressed into her asshole. Her velvety bowels engulfed my two digits. That velvety grip reminded me of fucking my sister’s bowels. I groaned into her snatch as I fucked my fingers in and out of her rectum.

“Alex!” she moaned as I reamed her asshole with my fingers and fluttered my tongue up and down her snatch.

“Mmm, eat mom out, Master!” Alexis quivered, her hips shifting from side to side. She stroked the swell of her belly, gripping that soft curve as our mother devoured her cunt. “Oh, it’s inspiring mom to probe her tongue so deep into my snatch. She’s searching out every drop of your cum! I’m going to climax.”

“Good!” I moaned, thrusting my fingers deep into my mother’s bowels.

I sucked on mom’s clit, pressing my nose into the folds of her snatch. That spicy aroma filled my every inhalation. My cock throbbed. My balls grew tighter. My dirty cock ached to be buried inside my mother’s pregnant pussy.

I was going to buff my dick clean inside my mom. I was going to have such a wicked time. I would use her cunt. I would fuck her so hard, then Dad could fuck her. He was getting hard again. He didn’t have the halo’s nanites giving him more stamina.

Those little machines didn’t just affect my mind. They spread throughout my entire body.

“Oh, yes, Mom!” Alexis panted, her face twisting. “Mmm, work that tongue in and out of my snatch. Oh, that’s good. I’m going to cum so hard on you. I’m going to shower you in my juices, Mom!”

“Do it, honey!” Dad groaned. “Cum on your slut-mother’s face. She’s such a nasty whore.”

Dad was getting into the spirit, recovering from the shock of my revelation.

“Yes, yes, cum on your mother’s mouth!” moaned one of the twins.

“Cum on my mouth!” the other twin moaned. “Ooh, I love licking Daddy’s cum out of you.”

“Such an inspiring site to witness,” James groaned, his voice strained. He must be shocked, too, to learn the truth. “Feast on your sister.”

“We got some hot women in our families, James,” my dad said.

“Yeah, we do, Robert.”

I grinned in agreement. And I could fuck them all. I could fuck any woman I wanted. I wouldn’t breed them—I’d let their masters do that—but I could plow into their pregnant pussies. I could fuck their asses and mouths.

I sucked so hard on my mom’s clit. Her bowels squeezed about my probing fingers. Her hips wiggled, her juices flowing hotter and hotter. Alexis shuddered. Her eyes flicked and fluttered. Then she threw back her head.


Alexis’s orgasmic moans echoed down the hallway. Her body heaved, her plumper tits bouncing and jiggling as she came on our mother’s mouth. I shuddered, my dick throbbing as her incestuous passion filled the air.

Mom joined her.

Juices gushed out of my mother’s cunt. The spicy cream bathed my face. Her asshole writhed about my finger, massaging it. My dick ached and throbbed. I groaned, licking and lapping up her cream, gathering the juices on my tongue.

My fingers pumped in and out of her asshole as I licked her. My twin and mother both gasped and moaned. It was so hot. It made my dick so hard. I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed my cock cleaned of Alexis’s ass.

“Mom!” I snarled, ripping my fingers out of her asshole. “I’m going to fuck your bred pussy so hard.”

“Do it, son,” groaned dad. “Your mother needs her whore-pussy stuffed.”

“Yes!” panted Mom. “Ooh, and your cock was in Alexis’s asshole. That’s so nasty! I love it!”

“Clean your dick in mom’s pussy!” groaned Alexis. She stumbled back, her tits heaving. Then she fell down on her hands and knees. She wiggled her rump at our mother. “Lick my ass, Mom while he fucks your cunt!”

I could feel my sister’s will surging out. We were on the same frequency. Dr. Blavatsky thought twins shared a soul, and maybe we did, but either way, our brainwaves were similar enough that the nanites could unite us. I felt a surge of her lust.

That’s right, make her eat your asshole, I sent to through our connected minds while bringing my cock to our mother’s pussy.

“Devour my asshole, Mom!” Alexis said, wiggling her tight rump.

“Gladly, honey!” Mom moaned.

She grabbed Alexis’s rump. Our mother’s face pressed between my twin sister’s butt-cheeks. I groaned, my dick throbbing as I felt the delight rippling out of my sister as our mother rimmed her asshole, swirling her tongue around it.

It inspired me to press my cock against my mother’s juicy snatch. I rubbed up and down her hot folds, teasing her. She shuddered, her hips wiggling from side to side. She was so eager for my cock to spear into her. Just dripping for it.

“Fuck me, Alex!” she moaned into Alexis’s snatch.

Fuck her, Master! Alexis screamed in my mind as she moaned, “Oh, Mom, rim my dirty asshole!”

I thrust my cock into my mother’s cunt. Her silky walls engulfed me in her wondrous heat. I shuddered, sliding into her depths. Her snatch slid over me. That amazing bliss engulfed me. My hands gripped her hips, squeezing her as my cock slid deeper and deeper into her juicy snatch.

Her tight grip buffed my cock as I drew back. Mom whimpered into my sister’s asshole while her bred pussy polished my shaft clean. Pleasure shot through me. It was such a wicked treat to fuck my mother with my dick dirty with my twin’s asshole.

I slammed into her again. And again.

She moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. She stirred her cunt around my cock. I grunted as I pumped away at her juicy hole. The hole I came from. I loved returning to my mother’s snatch and thrusting my dick in and out of her.

“That’s it, son,” Dad groaned. “Just fuck your mother! Give her what she need! Dump her cunt full of cum.”

“Mmm, yes, yes!” Alexis moaned. “Do it, Master! I want to lick her clean! And Mom, please... yes, yes, you must have read my mind. Finger my twat!”

Mom moaned, her tongue wiggling into my sister’s asshole. I knew she did that through our connection. Her fingers now also penetrated my sister’s bred pussy. Alexis shuddered on her knees, wiggling her hips, moaning in delight.

It spurred me to fuck my mother’s pussy faster and harder. I pounded her cunt with my dirty cock. Her silky grip polished me clean with every stroke. My balls thwacked into her clit. I brimmed with cum. I ached to shower her cunt in my jizz. I would hose her snatch down and pump so much into her.

I would leave her dripping my spunk.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I growled, thrusting into her. Alexis, she’s cleaning my cock!

Good! she thought back. She threw a look over her shoulder. “Make my Master cum with your slutty cunt, Mom!”

“Mmm, yes!” Mom moaned.

My sister gasped, her orgasm building in her. It fed my own bliss. My cock throbbed in my mother’s silky grip, the pleasure shooting down my shaft. It warmed my balls, my cum approaching a boil.

I hammered my mom’s pussy with hard, fast strokes. I buried into her again and again. Everyone was watching me except, maybe, the twins. They were busy feasting on each other, licking each other’s cunts.

“Damn, Robert,” James groaned to my dad, “your son is really pounding your wife.”

“Wait until you see him pound your daughters,” Dad said.

“You think he will?” James asked.

“You’ve bred them, so my brother can fuck them!” Alexis moaned, sensing my thoughts. Her will rippled out of her, little prickles dancing across her thoughts.

“Of course,” James said. “He can’t knock them up. They’ll still have my children.”

“Wish I had a daughter to breed,” groaned Dad.

“Maybe you do!” I panted, thrusting into mother’s depths. “Maybe in eighteen years, you’ll have a new daughter to breed.”

“Maybe you, too, Master!” moaned my twin. She whimpered, her own orgasm swelling. “Oh, Mom, fuck that tongue in and out of my asshole. You’re going to make me cum!”

“Yes!” I groaned, pounding my mom so hard and fast.

I couldn’t wait to spread our message to the surrounding town. I would make every woman into a submissive sex slave for her husband, her father, her brother, or her boyfriend. They would all have a man to serve them and breed them. And once they were bred, their pussies were fair game for any man to enjoy if their Masters allowed it.

My cock throbbed. My orgasm, feeding off the building pleasure in my mother’s cunt, swelled. I was almost there. I plowed my cock into my mother’s cunt. I had to be clean by now, her tight snatch buffing my dick to a shiny polish.

“I’m going to pump so much cum into you, Mom!” I growled. And you’re going to lick out every drop, Alexis!

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled my sister, her body trembling. “Cum in mom and... Oh, Mom, yes, rub my clit and... and...”

I felt my sister’s orgasm burst inside of her. She gasped and moaned, her body trembling as the pleasure rushed through her. Her passion echoed through the hallway. Her pussy’s convulsions sent waves of bliss that spilled through our bond into me.

“Fuck!” I groaned, plowing Mom’s cunt hard. “Oh, fuck, you’re cumming so hard!”

“I am!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, Mom! Eat my asshole!”

“Cum in your mom, son!” groaned Dad.

“Yeah,” James echoed.

The pleasure melting my sister’s brain mixed with the bliss of my mother’s pussy wrapped tight about my thrusting cock. I buried into her cunt and erupted. My cum fired into my mother’s snatch. Blast after blast of my jizz spilled into her.

Mom came.

She squealed into my sister’s asshole. Her pussy convulsed around my cock, milking my dick. My mom wanted every drop of my cum spurting into her. I could feel that need in her. Pleasure slammed through my mind. It left me dizzy.

I groaned, my eyes so wide as I enjoyed this ecstasy. It surged over me. Through me. Her cunt convulsed around my cock. She milked out every drop of my cum from my balls. I whimpered, my eyes fluttered as my jizz spurted again and again from me.

“Fuck!” I snarled. “Oh, damn, fuck, that’s good!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” my twin sister panted. “Ooh, you flooded so much cum into our mother. I felt every pulse. It was so hot.”

“Now you can lick me clean!” whimpered mom.

“Uh-huh,” I panted as my orgasm faded through me. My body buzzed from the bliss. “Come lick her clean, Alexis.”

“Yes, Master.”

I pulled my cock out of our mother’s cunt. The creamy spunk dribbled out of her, coating her swollen labia. She gaped open from my cock. Her pussy wasn’t as tight a slit as Alexis’s. Mom had thicker labia, a more mature look.

Alexis stretched as she turned around. My eyes fell on her body, sweeping down her plump breasts, which definitely appeared a cup size or more larger now, and the sweeping curve of her belly. She had a nice baby bump and...

Baby bump?

“Alexis!” I gasped, shock shooting through me. “Why is your pregnancy showing already!”

“What?” she gasped. “My pregnancy isn’t...” Her words trailed off and I felt the spike of fear knife through her soul.

She grasped her swollen belly. She looked four or five months pregnant now. When I freed her from the supply closet, she wasn’t showing at all. My sister gripped her belly while Mom bolted up and my dad rushed towards us.

“What’s going on, Alex?” Alexis asked, staring at me in shock. “What did the nanites do to our child?”

* * *

Sirvard Vahan — Cancer

The door opened. My fully cuckolded and dominated husband shuffled inside. The abusive asshole, who used our religion to keep me cowed with his ‘discipline,’ stared down at the ground, his beardless cheeks making him look even more pathetic.

A Muslim man grew a beard. A boy shaved his cheeks.

For twenty years, I’d been married to him. It was arranged by my parents back when we lived in Syria before we immigrated to the United States. For many years, I tricked myself into thinking I was happy. Now thanks to the halo, I could finally indulge my desires instead of trampling them.

He clutched the brown bag tight in his pale hands. He swallowed, unable to look at my naked form, our son’s cum dripping out of my pussy. My son was nearly as bad as his father. He would have grown into an abusive asshole if I hadn’t gained my powers.

Now I was in charge. The way women should be. Men shouldn’t be allowed to control us just because they were stronger than us. I would show my young, virginal daughter that. Already, she was learning to control my son.

“Yes, yes, just like that, Edvard,” Anahit moaned. My eighteen-year-old daughter ground her shaved pussy on her older brother’s mouth. Edvard ate her out with gusto, his hands held behind his back. He just used his tongue. “You’re going to make me cum so hard. I’m going to shower you with my juices.”

“Mmm, yes, do it,” I moaned, so proud of my daughter. She used to be so quiet, so afraid of her father and brother, tyrannized by them. She covered her body in her bulky dresses, hiding her luxurious, black hair beneath her hijab.

Just like I used to.

“Here it is, Sirvard,” my husband said, handing me the bag.

“Thank you, dog,” I said. I liked calling him that. Dog. It was a better name than Garegin. “And did you tell the clerk why you were buying a strap-on?”

“I told him it was so my wife could fuck my daughter and take her virginity,” Dog said, his voice an emasculated whimper. “The way I always wanted to take my daughter’s virginity.”

“That’s right, it’s my treat, not yours,” I said, smiling. I couldn’t see the bruises from my last beating any longer, the Halo having healed them, but I remembered each and every one. “How did that make you feel?”

“Pathetic, Sirvard,” he whimpered.

“No, no, you’re not worthy to use my name,” I said. “Mistress. That’s how you shall address me from now on, Dog.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Edvard!” my daughter howled. “Oh, yes, yes, right there. Suck on my clit! Ooh, you’re a naughty boy! Going to make me cum! Yes!”

I smiled as my daughter shuddered on her brother, grinding her virgin pussy on his mouth. My husband lusted for my daughter. I knew for months that he was working himself up to molesting her. To taking her virginity, that ultimate prize from her.

My prize.

I was going to show all the women of my mosque, of my town, that they didn’t have to serve their husbands. That their sons could lick their pussies, and that they could open their daughters up with dildos, making sure that their first times were full of pleasure. Women would choose the perfect, docile men to be their daughter’s cock-slaves.

Hard shafts to fuck their pussies and give them new children.

My son was such a stud. He would please me and my daughter until I found her a nice cock to be her slave. It would be wonderful. The world would be so much better with my vision imposed on it. I couldn’t wait to spread the message.


Tonight, I had a daughter to deflower.

“Put it on me, Dog,” I commanded, staring at my two children. My daughter Anahit’s dark eyes so wide as her pleasure shuddered through her nubile body. “Strap-on the dildo so I can take our daughter’s virginity.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

To be continued...