The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 7: Mommy Pops Daughter’s Cherry

Deidre Icke’s buzz from her orgasm instantly vanished as a wave of fear washed over her. Alexis clutched her swollen, pregnant belly. Deidre’s eighteen-year-old daughter rubbed herself, her eyes so wide, a look of shock on her face.

“I... I...”

Alexis was pregnant, but only a few weeks. She shouldn’t be showing. In the last hour she’d gone from having a flat belly to looking five or six months pregnant. It should be impossible, but she had been exposed to the Halo.

They weren’t meant for pregnant women.

“What do we do?” Alexis gasped, staring at her twin brother, the father of her child.

Alex grabbed her, his face pale. His head shot around, looking lost. A moment ago, he was in charge here, using his mind control powers. He cast his gaze around the hallway while Alexis pressed against him, her entire body trembling.

“The infirmary,” Deidre said. The panic was sweeping through her, but she couldn’t let it swallow her. She had to act. To be in-charge here for her children. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“Yes,” her ex-husband, and master, said. Robert rushed to his children, taking hold of Alexis’s from the other side. “It’s going to be okay, honey. We’ll get you to Dr. Velikovsky and you’ll be fine. You’ll see. Everything will be all right.”

“Yeah,” Alex said, his voice tight.

“Come on,” Deidre said, backing away. “It’ll be perfect. You’ll see. Dr. Velikovsky knows about the nanites. He can help you.”

Alexis nodded her head, her face tight, her eyes tremulous. Deidre glanced at her daughter’s belly and... it looked larger still. Alexis gasped, her hand rubbing at her belly. She shot Deidre a look of awe and panic.

“I... I think my child just kicked,” she whimpered.

* * *

Sirvard Vahan — Cancer

I loved my abusive husband kneeling before me. His beardless cheeks made him look so pathetic, almost effeminate, instead of the strong, burly, Muslim man who would “discipline” me with his fists. He had to prove he was stronger than me. Better.

When things went wrong in his life, I had to suffer.

For years, I convinced myself that it was my lot in life. That a Muslim woman had to endure this. The only way to get into Heaven was to please my husband. If I didn’t... So I swallowed my dignity and endured. Then the Halo arrived.

I became something more.

He held the harness of the strap-on for her, the fleshy dildo bobbed up and down before him. He whimpered, having to serve her. He was just my dog now. I smiled, loving thinking of the bastard like that. This was how husbands should act. They should serve their wives.

Men were good for nothing more than their cocks. To breed their women and give them daughters. And to be used for the pleasure of their cocks. My son had an amazing dick. He fucked me hard. He was a good son now.

He was my good cock-slave.

“Mmm, Mom, that looks big,” said Anahit, my eighteen-year-old daughter.

“You’re ready for it,” I told her, feeling a little prickle across my thoughts as my powers sank into her. “You’ll stretch, and it’ll feel incredible. Once I’ve broken you in, we’ll find you the perfect cock-slave for you to enjoy.”

“Okay, Mom,” Anahit said, her pale face smiling. Like me, she was a Syrian Armenian, a minority population. When I was pregnant with Edvard, my twenty-year-old son, my husband and I came to the U.S. as refugees.

I stepped into the straps. I shivered as my husband lifted it up my leg. He wanted to deflower our daughter. He was working up the courage to molest her. Now I would enjoy everything he wanted from Anahit.

And Anahit would beg me to do it.

I glanced at my daughter, her pale, flushed body sitting on the dining room table. Her older brother knelt before her, his face smeared with her pussy juices. Edvard had eaten Anahit to several orgasms, pleasing her the way a man should. They never should hurt their women, but only give them pleasure when the woman chooses.

Then spend the rest of the time taking care of them and being their slaves. No longer would women have to serve their men. I would change everything.

My husband brought the strap-on harness up to my waist. I glanced down at him and said, “Dog, did the store clerk teach you how to put this on?”

“He did, Mistress,” he said, his voice strained with humiliation. “I have to make sure the base is over your clit so you can feel it.”

I nodded my head, my naked tits jiggling before me. My dark-brown nipples thrust out hard from my pale tits. They swayed before me as he adjusted the dildo. I groaned as my clit throbbed, loving the feel of the dildo. He tightened the vinyl straps, getting me ready to pop our daughter’s cherry.

“How many times did you fantasize about deflowering our daughter, Dog?” I asked.

“So many times,” he groaned. “I don’t know, Mistress. I would think about it all the time. She’s so young, like you were when we married. Just as beautiful.”

“Are you saying I’m not beautiful?” I hissed.

He flinched. “Of course you are, but... She was fresh. New.”

“Go kneel in the corner, Dog!” I snapped, my fingers pointed. “Watch as I make our daughter into a woman. She’ll enjoy it when I do it. You would have just hurt her. Made her cry. Defiled her. I’ll love her, Dog!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said and started to rise.

“Crawl!” I snarled, such anger roaring through me. “You’re a dog! A bitch!”

My husband crawled across the floor, his head hung. It was a pathetic shuffle. I shivered, feeling so powerful. He reached the corner in moments, turning around to watch. I smiled, gripping my fake cock. It thrust before me, far bigger than my husband’s dick.

“Anahit, you are going to love this,” I commanded. “A good daughter always loves her mother’s dildo fucking her.” My thoughts prickled.

“I will, Mother,” she said, a smile spreading across her lips. Her small breast quivered. Her dark eyes stared at the dick that would deflower her. She licked her lips, her fingers playing with my dark-brown nipples.

I advanced on her, the dildo bouncing before me. It was hard and flexible. I would fuck it into her and make her into explode. I would give her such pleasure. My daughter smiled at me, her eyes burning, her body flushed.

Her brother watched, too, kneeling there, his hands on his knees, his cock thrusting hard before him. He was a little bigger than his father. My pussy clenched. I loved having my son’s young cock in me. He would have turned into a monster like his father. The dog had been training Edvard, but I rescued him.

Now he was my cock-slave.

“Did your brother give you a great orgasm?” I asked Anahit as I moved up to the table, her thighs open wide. Her shaved snatch gleamed with her juices. Like other Muslim women, we shaved our pussies for hygiene reasons.

But it did look so sexy, so girlish and tight, her lips barely parted to show off her virgin flesh.

“Yes, Mother,” she said, her eyes gleaming. “He did a great job. An amazing job.”

“Good,” I said, pressing my dildo against her virgin flesh.

My daughter shuddered. She whimpered and leaned back on her hands. Her small tits quivered as I moved the dildo’s round tip up and down her slit. Her juices coated the tip. She whimpered as I pressed against something. A barrier.

Her maidenhead.

This was what my husband craved. He’d popped my cherry on our wedding night, and then thought he could raise his daughter to experience that delight again. But I would enjoy this so much. Anahit stared into my eyes with such eager need.

“Please, Mother,” she moaned, her dark eyes glassy with desire. “Take me. Love me. I want you, too. I know it’ll feel incredible.”

“Mmm, I will,” I said. “But something is missing. Edvard, my cock-slave, I need you fucking me.”

“Yes, Mother!” he groaned and bounded to his feet with the enthusiasm of a young man.

He moved behind me. His cock grazed my rump. I shivered as the tip, wet with his precum, slid down between my thighs. I shivered as he slid across my taint and found my pussy. This was all a man was good for.

Fucking a woman. Giving her pleasure and his seed. Maybe my son would quicken a child in me. Another daughter to raise right, or another cock-slave to mold into pleasing me.

His cock found the entrance of my pussy. I groaned as he rammed into my depths. I shuddered as he stretched out my sheath. He filled me, plunging deeper and deeper into me with a single thrust. His crotch smacked into my ass, the slapping sound echoing around me. My tits heaved.

Anahit gasped as the force of the impact pressed the dildo’s tip against her maidenhead.

“Mother!” she moaned.

My son drew back his cock. I stared into my daughter’s eyes as the pleasure rippled through my cunt. My snatch clenched down on his shaft. Then he thrust into me. His shaft slammed deep into my pussy again, a wave of delight soared through me.

His hands gripped my breasts. He grunted and groaned as he loved my pussy. He hammered me hard, thrusting into me with that thick cock. It was so wonderful to feel him in me. He pounded me so hard. He thrust into my depths and churned me up.

“Oh, yes!” he groaned. “Mother! Your pussy!”

“Yes!” I moaned, pushing the dildo against my daughter’s hymen as he pounded me. She shuddered and whimpered. She stared at me with such need.

“Please, please, pop my cherry, Mother!” moaned Anahit. “I need you in me. So badly.”

I stared into her eyes and saw my daughter’s need while my son hammered my pussy. I readied myself. Edvard drew back his cock, my pussy drinking in the hot delight of his shaft, the friction incredible. Then he thrust into me.

The force propelled me forward.

Anahit gasped as my dildo buried into her cunt. Her hymen tore with ease. My daughter’s lower lip curled as the fleshy dildo vanished into her snatch. Her pussy swallowed it. I drove it deeper and deeper into her.

“Mother!” she gasped, her head thrown back. “Oh, Mother, that’s incredible.”

I smiled, hearing the pleasure in her voice. I only had pain on my first time. My husband just stabbed into me, pumped a few times, then came. It grew better after that, but he didn’t take the time to love me. To eat me out and get me ready.

I kissed my daughter. I thrust my tongue into her mouth while my son pumped away at my pussy. Pleasure spilled through me as my hips moved, matching his rhythm. I fucked my fake cock in and out of my daughter’s deflowered cunt.

She moaned into my kiss. Her tongue danced with mine, her arms hugging around my neck. Our breasts pressed together, her nipples hard, smaller than mine. Pleasure tingled through my body. It was incredible. My pussy clenched on my son’s cock, feeding off the bliss from my nipples and the sparks flaring from my clit.

Every time I buried the dildo into my daughter, propelled forward by my son’s hard thrust, pleasure burst from my clit. It was wonderful. I loved it. I trembled and shuddered, the pleasure rippling through my body. It was such a wondrous thing to experience.

My tongue dueled with my daughters. We moaned into each other’s lips, sharing this wondrous, incestuous rapture. My cunt clenched about my son’s cock, the pleasure building and building in me. It wouldn’t be long until I exploded. Until that amazing pleasure burst through me.

I fucked my daughter harder, faster. The table creaked as she squirmed on it. Our breasts pressed tight together as she clung to me. Edvard pounded me. He grunted as he drilled that cock into me. The thick head rubbed along the top of my pussy walls, stimulating me.

“Mother!” he groaned. “Mother, you’re just so hot and tight.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, breaking the kiss. “Oh, yes, fuck me, cock-slave! Love my pussy!”

“I love it, Mother!” he moaned.

Anahit giggled. “And I love your fake-cock, Mother! Oh, this is incredible. You’re making me explode. Oh, yes, yes! Just fuck me. Slam into me. I’m going to cum, Mother! I love this!”

“Cum!” I moaned. “Never be ashamed of your pleasure!”


She kissed me again. Her tongue thrust into me. She moaned into me. It was so hot. My pussy clenched down on Edvard’s cock. The friction surged through me. Stars danced before my eyes as my pleasure swelled through me.

I couldn’t take much more.

My daughter gasped in my delight. She moaned into my mouth. Her tongue fluttered in my mouth, dancing with it. Her body clung to me. She was cumming. I made her orgasm on her first time. I clutched her tight, reveling in this moment.

It sent me over the edge.

“Yes!” I howled, breaking our kiss. “Oh, yes, yes!”

My pussy convulsed around my son’s cock. My snatch writhed about that amazing dick. He churned me up. I buried my dildo into my daughter’s cunt, my clit bursting with pleasure, adding to the convulsing bliss rippling through my body.

“Mother!” he groaned as he fucked into my twat.

He grunted, pounding me. He whimpered and then gasped, “May I cum in your pussy, Mother?”

I shuddered. That was just the way a good cock-slave should behave. “Yes! Yes! Give me your seed!”

Edvard drove his cock over and over into my writhing pussy, stimulating me. More and more waves of rapture washed out of my snatch. My mind drank it in. I trembled between my two children, stars bursting across my vision. It was delicious.

He grunted as he rammed into me. His hot, incestuous seed spurted into me. It was wonderful to feel it spilling in me. It was incredible. My pussy spasmed and milked his cock. I drew out more and more of his cum.

It was wonderful. My mind melted. It was just so incredible.

“Mother!” Edvard groaned.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned as I buzzed on my orgasmic high. “Such a good cock-slave.”

“Oh, Mother, thank you,” Anahit moaned, her eyes floating before me. “I feel so amazing! That was the best.”

“Of course it was,” I said, rubbing my nose against hers. “Mothers always make sure their daughters are pleased.”

I groaned as my son pulled out of my snatch. I whimpered, his seed in me. I clamped my pussy tight to hold in his seed while I was eager to have more fun with my daughter. I pulled the dildo out of Anahit, making her whimper in the process, then I turned around

“Edvard, Dog, I want the house cleaned before you go to bed,” I said. “Dog, you can sleep on the couch for now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, sitting in the corner, his face flushed.

I shivered, loving that he watched me deflower our daughter.

“Now, me and you are going to have a delicious time in bed,” I said, grabbing my daughter’s hand.

“Yes, Mother,” she said, her voice so bright.

She hopped off the table, her pussy juices dribbling down her thighs. I led her through the house, passing my crawling husband and son. I kept my pussy clamped, trying to hold in my son’s jizz. I wanted my daughter to have a yummy treat.

We headed up the stairs. Our feet slapped up the stairs. Then we burst into my bedroom. My husband would never share my bed again. I’d never have to sleep beside him, listening to him snore, while my body ached from his latest beating.

“I want you to lick me clean,” I purred, stretching out on the bed. “Eat all your brother’s cum out of my pussy.”

“Yes, Mother!” Anahit moaned, licking her lips. “That sounds so naughty.”

“Mmm, yes, it will be,” I said, spreading my thighs.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. The jizz trickled out of me, dribbling down to my rump as my cute daughter settled down between my thighs. Her black hair spilled about her face as she leaned in. I trembled, licking my lips, eager for this amazing moment.

Her tongue licked up that line of cum that dribbled out of me, flicking her tongue right to my shaved pussy. I gasped. My toes curled as her tongue fluttered through my folds. I whimpered, loving the feel of my daughter’s tongue.

“Ooh, that’s it,” I groaned. “That’s how you do it, Anahit.”

“You like it, Mother?” she asked, her eyes staring up at me.

“Yes, yes, lick all of your brother’s cum out of me,” I moaned.

She fluttered her tongue through my pussy. She licked and lapped up and down my snatch, gathering all that wonderful jizz leaking out of me. My hips wiggled from side to side as she feasted on me. She thrust it into my pussy, scooping it out of me.

Her tongue fluttered through me. My ass squeezed and clenched. My legs spasmed as the pleasure flowed through me. My back arched. My breasts jiggled as my sweet daughter feasted on me. Her tongue was so different from her brother’s. She was gentle and delicious, so feminine and loving.

“Oh, Anahit,” I moaned. “Mmm, I love you so much. You’re just such a naughty delight. Oh, wow, you’re going to make me explode.”

“I will, Mother!” she moaned. Then she jammed her tongue into my depths.

Pleasure rippled through me. I licked my lips, my breasts heaving. My hand squeezed and kneaded them. My fingers dug into my tits. My fingers slid up to my nipples. I pinched them as my daughter devoured me.

Her hands grabbed my rump. I groaned as she kneaded them. She nuzzled her lips tight against my pussy. The pleasure surged through me. I twisted my nipples as her fingers squeezed my butt-cheeks. Her tongue swirled through me, teased me.

“Oh, yes, Anahit!” I moaned as her fingers clenched again. “That’s good.”

“You taste so good, Mother!” Anahit moaned. “Especially with Edvard’s cum in you!”

“Yes, yes, such a good daughter!” I panted. “I’ll lick you clean after your cock-slave fucks you.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her fingers shifting on my rump as she thrust her tongue deep into my cunt. Her fingers were on the edge of my butt-crack.

A wicked idea popped into my mind. Something depraved and wanton. I didn’t have to be ashamed of it. I was free to act on my desires. I could do what I desired. I had the power to change the world and make it better.

“Finger my asshole, Anahit!” I moaned, my thoughts burning.

“Oh, Mother!” she gasped, her fingers sliding into my butt-crack. “Oh, that’s so dirty.”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned. “But we’re women. We can do whatever we want! We can enjoy our desires!”

Her fingers found my asshole. I groaned as she pressed one against it. I gasped as her digit wiggled into my rectum. The pleasure swept through me. My eyes squeezed shut. My fingers pinched my nipple. I twisted my nub as her tongue fluttered up my pussy and her finger reamed into my asshole.

She pumped it into my butt-hole. She fingered me as she devoured my pussy. She licked all the cum out of me. She devoured me. She made me feel amazing. I groaned, my back arching, grinding my snatch against her face.

The pleasure surged through me. My orgasm came closer and closer to erupting through me. Her finger wiggled through me. Her tongue fluttered into my depths. The dual delights fueled me. I pinched my nipples hard.

I came.

“Anahit!” I moaned.

My pussy convulsed. I bathed my daughter’s face with my passion. My asshole writhed about her finger thrusting into my asshole. My eyes squeezed shut. I bucked against her, smearing across her face as her tongue licked me.

The pleasure flowed into my mind. This rushing warmth of incestuous passion. My daughter pleased me. Loved me. It was incredible. I licked my lips as I moaned, my toes curling. I needed to do something to her.

“Straddle my face!” I moaned. “Oh, what do they call it! A... a sixty-nine! Let’s lick each other!”

“Yes, mother!”

My daughter moved. She spun around me, her finger twisting in my asshole. She straddled my face, pressing her pussy down to my mouth. I licked my lips, staring at her deflowered snatch. Last time I ate her, she had a hymen.

This time I thrust my tongue deep into her sweet depths.

“Oh, Mother, yes!” she moaned, her hips humping against my face. Her heat spilled over me. Her cream dribbled down my cheeks. “Oh, lick me! I love it when you lick me!”

I moaned into her depths as she licked at my orgasming cunt. Another wave of pleasure shot through me. My hands grabbed both her butt-cheeks, pulling her down on me. My tongue swirled through her depths. I loved that I’d opened her.

We both gasped and moaned. We shuddered, the bed creaking as we writhed together.

Her juices flowed into my mouth. That sweet cream.

She moaned into my snatch.

Her tongue fluttered around my clit. She swirled it around my bud, her nose brushing my pussy lips. She squirmed around atop me, my nipples rubbing into her supple belly. Such pleasure rushed through me, my orgasm burning through me again and again. My fingers dug into my daughter’s rump.

My tongue probed as deep into her. I fucked into her over and over. I massaged her, pulling her butt-cheeks apart. My fingers slid into her crack. I had to give her the same thrill she gave me. I loved her finger probing into my asshole. She wiggled it around in me, stirring up my butt-hole.

My finger found her puckered sphincter.

“Oh, Mother, yes!” moaned my daughter. “Finger my dirty butt-hole! Don’t hold back! Women can do anything!”

“We can!” I moaned and pressed my finger against her asshole.

It was so incredible to feel her hot asshole spreading over my finger. Her velvety bowels swallowed my finger. It was incredible to experience. I reached deeper and deeper into her. She moaned around my clit, sucking so hard on it.

Another burst of pleasure shot through me. It was incredible to feel. My hips wiggled as her finger fucked faster and faster into my asshole. We were both moaning, gasping. Her juices poured into my mouth. They were so sweet. We were driving each other wild.

My tongue fluttered through her, teasing her, pleasing her. She was just such a wonderful creature. Her asshole squeezed about my digit. Then she squealed into my pussy. Her snatch writhed about my probing tongue.

Her cream squirted into me.

We were cumming together. Mother and daughter united in incestuous bliss. Her small nipples rubbed on my stomach as she shuddered atop me. She moaned into my cunt. Another climax spasmed through me.

Rapture drowned my mind. It was such an incredible delight. I whimpered and groaned. I bucked on the bed. It squeaked and groaned as we both loved each other. It was just such a delicious treat. We loved each other.

Pleased each other.



My pleasure surged me to the heights of pleasure. It carried me to ecstasy. I soared on incestuous bliss. My held my daughter, her asshole writhing about my finger. She trembled atop me as we loved each other.

And then we collapsed.

My daughter turned around and snuggled against me. She hugged me, kissing me with her lips stained with my spicy juices. Her tongue fluttered through my mouth. She ground against me, teasing me, making me feel amazing.

I loved her so much. I held her, coming down from my orgasmic high. She was just so sweet. I was so glad that I could save her from the pain and suffering I had experienced. She wouldn’t have a husband who beat her, but a cock-slave who worshiped her.

“You’re going to change things, aren’t you, Mother?” Anahit asked after a few minutes. She was cuddled up to me, a big smile on her face.

“Yes, I am,” I said, my smile growing. “It’s going to be amazing. We’re going to the mosque tomorrow, and we’re going to teach all the men the truth. Sons will become their mother’s cock-slaves. Husbands will stop hurting them. Mothers will teach their daughters about love. And it won’t stop there. We’ll tell everyone we can.”

“Wow,” Anahit said. Then she frowned. “If sons become their mothers cock-slaves, what about the daughters? Where do they get theirs?”

“You mean yours?” I asked her, giving her an impish smile. “Well, you can borrow Edvard until I choose one for you.”

“Can it be Achmed?” she asked, a big smile bursting across her lips. “He’s so handsome, and I know he’s not like father.”

I used to think that about Dog. That he wasn’t like my father. When my parents told me they arranged a marriage to Dog, I was so excited. It took me years for that naïve infatuation to be beaten out of me.

“Well, he has an older brother,” I said. “So, yes, he can be your cock-slave. That’s were daughters get theirs from. Women who have an extra cock-slave. Achmed will worship you. He’ll give you a big, strong son to love you when you’re a sexy mother like me.”

My daughter beamed at me.

“And Achmed will give you daughters to raise and love and deflower just like I did for you.”

“Oh, wow,” Anahit said. She shivered against me. “Oh, mother, that sounds so amazing. I can’t wait. It’s going to be so grand.”

I gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Yes, it will. Mmm, get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a long, fun day.”

“Yes, Mother,” she said while my thoughts prickled. Her eyes closed and she was asleep in moments, cuddled up to me.

I shivered, my pussy still tingling. Maybe I should have Edvard join us...

* * *

Willis Chevrolet — Capricorn

Garnet, my nineteen-year-old daughter, bobbed her mouth up and down my cock as I drove the bronze Camaro through the streets. It was my new car, stolen from the asshole who cuckolded me. He thought he could fuck my now ex-wife without consequences.

I grinned as I roared down the night streets, pleasure shooting down my cock. I gave him consequences. He could never orgasm again unless he fucked my ex-wife, and she never would fuck him now. Thanks to my new powers, gifted to me by the bizarre Institute, I had finally taken control of my life.

My whore of a wife wouldn’t walk all over me. My daughter wouldn’t follow in her footsteps. Now Garnet was a loving daughter, pleasing me with her mouth as I drove. It was incredible. My dick ached and throbbed in her mouth.

“Damn, Garnet!” I groaned. “I always wanted to experience this.”

She just moaned about my cock, her blonde hair spilled over my lap. She sucked hard. She loved my dick. I’d fucked her hard. Up the ass and then the pussy. I used my daughter’s body. I reveled in her while my son enjoyed his mother. She was his slut now. Jason would use her until he got bored with her.

I didn’t care what he did with the cunt. She wasn’t my wife any longer.

Garnet’s tongue danced across the crown of my dick. My balls tensed as she sucked hard. I groaned, gripping the steering wheel hard. The suction was incredible. My nuts quivered, full of cum aching to burst into her mouth.

The Halo gave me such stamina. I could cum over and over again. I could satiate all my desires. I would have such a great time. And with my abilities, I would make the world a better place. No more cheating spouses. I would deal with all the slut-wives and asshole-husbands.

“Just keep loving Daddy’s cock, Garnet!” I moaned. “I’m going to pump so much cum into your mouth.”

She whimpered about my cock and sucked harder. She craved it.

“You’re Daddy’s slut now. You love worshiping Daddy’s cock.”

She moaned, her buzzing passion stimulating me. Pleasure rippled through me. It shot down to my feet. I jammed down on the accelerator, speeding down the road. I didn’t care if a cop saw me. I’d just tell the cop to let me go.

I could do anything.

Garnet’s hand found my balls. She massaged them, her fingers so delicate. She wanted my cum spurting into her mouth. I could feel her hunger. It was incredible. I groaned, struggling to focus on the road.

“Shit!” I grunted. “Daddy’s going to cum so hard. You’ve got to swallow every drop. You have to make Daddy feel amazing.”

I knew she would. She was good girl now. I saved her from being a whore like her mother.

My daughter’s tongue fluttered across the tip of my dick. Her tongue teased me. Stimulated me. Then she sucked hard. My balls jumped in her hand. Her fingers massaged them, coaxing my nuts to a boil.

I exploded.

“Swallow all of Daddy’s cum!” I grunted.

My jizz spurted into her mouth. Blast after blast of my incestuous cum splashed into her mouth. Ecstasy rushed through me. My balls tightened. I grunted, gripping the steering wheel as the pleasure burned through me. Stars rippled across my vision as more and more of my jizz spilled into her hungry mouth.

She swallowed it all. She moaned as she gulped down my jizz. My daughter loved it. She savored every bit of it. I groaned, my head swaying as the pleasure rippled through me. This wonderful heat billowed through me.

“You are such a good girl!” I moaned. “Damn, Garnet. You love Daddy’s cock!”

She swallowed the last blast of my cum. Her mouth ripped off my dick. “I am your good girl, Daddy!”

I smiled at her as the pleasure buzzed through me. I gripped the steering wheel, paying attention to the streets while my entire body almost floated out of the seats. I glanced at where we were, my forehead furrowed.

“I think we missed the street,” I said, working the steering wheel to turn us around.

“I like this plan, Daddy,” she said. “You should make sure everyone is faithful to their spouses. Then they’ll be happy.”

I smiled at my daughter. “And what should I do if I found someone’s a cheater?”

“Mmm,” my daughter said. Then she grinned at me. “You’ve already done it to Mom and that asshole.”

I nodded my head. “Make the cheating wife into a sex slave and the cheating husband impotent.”

“Then give the poor spouse cheated on a faithful person.” My daughter bounced in her seat. “We should offer counseling services. We have to find all these people to make everyone happy.”

I pattered her thigh. “I like it,” I said. I glanced down the street, remembering the address. “I think that’s it.”

My daughter squealed in delight as I pulled into the driveway. My new wife was in there. I turned off the car. That asshole Mitch not only fucked my wife, but he was fucking other women, too. He was a cheating asshole. A woman peered out the curtain, spotting the car.

Mitch’s wife deserved better than she got. She would get better.

I climbed out of her husband’s car—my car—and marched up to the door, Garnet following after me. I was so eager to meet my new wife. She wouldn’t cheat on me. She would love me and cherish me the way a wife should.

And I would love her.

I knocked on the door.

“Did you loose your key, Mitch?” a woman called. A deadbolt lock twisted. Then the door opened. “Is that...” She gasped. “Oh, you’re not Mitch. Who are you?”

“You’re new husband,” I said with a grin, my thoughts burning.

* * *

Alex Icke — Virgo

I helped cradled my sister as we rushed through the Institute. The halls were mostly deserted. Mom had ordered the evacuation before I could stop her. I just hoped Dr. Velikovsky was still around. He was the Institute’s medical doctor, on hand to help with any issues plus he was one of the men who helped produce the nanites. He had an important piece of the puzzle.

I wasn’t sure I’d want it re-created. Why share these abilities with others? There were already eleven “gods” out in the world beside my sister and me.

Alexis gasped, trembling between Dad and me. All thoughts of the future banished. What was happening to our child? The nanites must have sped up the development, but were they doing anything else to them?

“We’re almost there,” Mom said as she led, my cum spilling down her thighs. It was a strange detail to focus on, the pearly cum smearing across her flesh, but my heart hammered in my chest.

My sister and child were in danger.

“Okay, just around the corner,” Mom added like we didn’t know our way around. She had a breathy, tight quality to her voice. “Yes, yes, he’ll be there. Dr. Velikovsky will be there. He’ll see to it.”

We rounded the corner and came across Katherine Velikovsky, wearing her nurse’s uniform (and I don’t mean pink scrubs, but that classic look of the white skirt and blouse, only hers fit her like a Halloween custom), holding a box of files. She gasped as she saw us, dropping what she held. Papers burst across the hallway.

“It’s Alex!” she shrieked.

“Quiet, Katherine! Don’t run!” I barked, my will rushing out while pain flared across my mind. “Get inside the clinic!”

She darted back inside as we rushed to them. A moment later, her father, Dr. Isaac Velikovsky appeared in the doorway, his face grim. He drew in a deep breath, his hands thrust in the pockets of his white doctor’s coat.

“Doctor, my sister’s pregnancy has accelerated. You will help her! Your daughters will assist! You won’t try and escape.”

“Of course I’ll help her,” he said while my thoughts barely buzzed at all. “Come on, get the poor thing in here. I was afraid this might happen.”

“Afraid?” Mom said. “You knew this might affect her pregnancy and didn’t tell me.”

“Well, it’s not like we tested the nanites on anyone before we sent the first to the Goddess Maria Talon, now did we, President Icke. However, Dr. Bailey speculated in her notes that the nanites would have some affect on fetal tissue, perhaps causing spontaneous growth.”

“No speculation,” I growled. “Look at my sister’s. She looks about ready to pop.”

“Mmm, she does.” He glanced inside. “Melany, get the ultrasound. Katherine, yes, yes, good, you got the bed ready.”

Melany and Katherine were the doctor’s daughters, both in their earlier twenties. Since the revelation about father/daughter incest, I knew the two had grown a lot closer to their father, shifting to wearing the naughty nurses outfits as they worked in the Institute’s clinic. I imagine they were eager to take the place of their dead mother in his bed and...

None of that mattered at this moment. Why did my mind keep going down these strange avenues. I needed to be focused on my sister. I trembled as I helped her into the clinic. Melany, the younger sister, was rolling a cart across the small clinic. It resembled the small medical suite of a nurse’s office at a college. The brunette gave me a smile, her large tits almost spilling out of her top.

“Just set her right here, Alex,” she said, her face tight, her cheek pale.

“Don’t be afraid,” I ordered. “Melany, Katherine, it’s okay. You’re still your father’s sex slaves. He owns you. I won’t take you away from him. I won’t even fuck you unless he’s bred you.”

A relieved sigh escaped Melany’s lips as my thoughts prickled.

“Here you are, Alexis,” Katherine said, her sandy-blonde hair dancing about her head. She took my sister’s arm and helped ease her down on the hospital bed. “Oh, wow, you look ready to pop. Are you in any pain?”

“Just... feels weird,” she said. “I can feel my child squirming around inside of me.”

“That’s to be expected,” Katherine said. “Do you have to pee?”

Alexis nodded her head.

“They press on the bladder,” Katherine told her. “You’ll have to go more often. That’s natural. And are your ankles sore?”

“A little. And so are my breasts, especially my nipples.” She glanced down. “They’re bigger.”

“You’re milk’s probably coming in,” Melany said, lubing up the ultrasound sensor. “It’s natural to be sore. Helps to play with them.” She glanced at me and a naughty smile crossed her lips. “Or let your brother play with them.”

Katherine grabbed a thermometer and put it into my sister’s mouth, then clipped the blood oxygen senor on my sister’s pointer finger. I swallowed, staring at my twin sister. The thermometer beeped and Katherine took it then made a notation on a chart.

“Is it fine?” I asked.

“98.1,” she said. “Just fine. And oxygen levels are fine, too.” She grabbed a blood pressure cuff and wrapped it around my sister’s arm. She inflated it and my sister wince. Katherine released the pressure, listening with a stethoscope. “127 over 93,” she said. “Good, good. A little high for you, but pregnancy can cause that.”

“Okay,” Alexis said, shivering naked on the bed.

Dr. Velikovsky finished washing his hands and drew on gloves as he crossed the room. He had a friendly smile. “Okay, let’s take a look at what’s going on in your womb.”

“It’ll be fine, right?” I asked, my heart pounding.

Mom took my hand. “It will, you’ll see.”

Dr. Velikovsky, however, didn’t tell me it would be fine. He just looked at me then took the sonar probe from his daughter and placed it on my sister’s swollen belly. A black and white image appeared on the screen. It didn’t look like anything I could recognize. He shifted it around. What might be her internal organs appeared then...

I frowned. Was that a head.

“There we are,” Dr. Velikovsky said. “Looks like a baby at 31 weeks and... Oh, my, yes, that explains why you look ready to pop.”

“What does?” asked Alexis.

“Twins,” he said. He tapped the screen at what looked like tiny hands holding each other. He turned up a volume and two thudding rhythms could be heard. “Both have strong heartbeats.”

I drifted towards the screen, a feeling of awe swept away the fear as I stared at my twin children in my sister’s womb. I reached her bed. Her hand grabbed mine, squeezing it. I couldn’t breathe. My mouth felt so dry.

“They look healthy,” the doctor said, “and... Yes, yes, they are growing still. I don’t know how long it will be, but you’re giving birth soon, Alexis.”

“Twins,” she whispered in awe. On the screen, one twitched, his or her leg spasming. My sister gasped, her free hand grabbing her belly. “I felt him.”

“Her, actually,” Dr. Velikovsky said. “That one’s the girl. The other’s a boy.”

“Of course,” I said, trembling in awe.

My sister’s hand clutched hard at mine. I felt a shock of fear through her bond. I glanced at her, seeing a look on her face. “What?”

“I... I can feel them, Alex,” she said. “Their minds. They are so powerful. I... I...” Her lower lip trembled. “I think they’re more powerful than us.”

“Dr. Blavatsky is never wrong,” Cindy or Mindy said. I’d forgotten about the twin sisters. They must have followed us to the clinic.

I glanced at the twins standing before their father. They held each other’s hands, both smiling.

“What do you mean?” I demanded.

“Maybe Dr. Blavatsky saw this,” said one of the twins. “Maybe our scrying wasn’t wrong about Ulrich. Or you, Alex.”

“Maybe this is how the true Gemini gods are created,” the other pronounced, a big smile crossing her lips.

To be continued...