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Hi all. This story is something of an experimental piece for me. And I’m very curious as to what you think of it. So if you read it, please take a little time to drop me an email with your thoughts. There is no sex in this story so if you’re looking for a stroke story you’ll have to keep looking.

The man entered the cafe and everything seemed to stop for a moment. He had about him a presence that was both commanding and charismatic. Everyone in the place watched him and he watched them right back. He scanned the room until his gaze locked on me. I felt a flutter in my stomach that turned into a twist when he began to move towards me. As if they had all been dismissed, the other in the cafe once again began to talk amongst themselves. The man reached my table and without asking, took the empty seat. I was just about to tell him my boyfriend would be joining me soon when he spoke.

“Look right here, look directly into my eyes, don’t look away unless I tell you to.”

I instinctively did as he said. His eyes were like magnets, I couldn’t look away, even though I desperately wanted too, even though I knew that I would regret obeying his command. I could feel the beginnings of terror grip me.

“Whats your name?”

“Julie.” I hadn’t wanted to answer him, but he spoke with such power and authority I felt I had little choice.

“Julie, what are your measurements?”

The question insulted and appalled me, but just as I couldn’t look away from his eyes, I couldn’t refuse to answer him.


“Very nice. All natural?”


“Splendid. And you’re a natural redhead. I love that. Are you expecting anyone?”

“Yes, my boyfriend will be here soon.” I said this with as much of a threat as I could muster.

“Well we certainly don’t want him so rudely interrupting. You brought your car?”


“Lets go.”

We left the cafe and got into my car. I fought mentally but my body didn’t even seem to struggle. He gave me an address and I drove us there. It was a very nice area and the house was a beautiful large brick home. We got out of the car and I follow him up to the door. He unlocks and opens it and steps inside.

Turning to me he says, “Do you enter, freely and of your own will?”

“No, I do not!” I spit at him. He laughs as if its the funniest joke he has heard in awhile.

“Thats okay, enter anyway.” I cross the threshold and am surprised there isn’t thunder and lightning to mark the moment.

The door closes and locks behind me and I want to cry. I knew now there would be no rescue.

“Follow me.” He climbs the stairs and I obediantly follow despite the fact that inside I am screaming at myself to stop. He comes to a room and opens it and tells me to go inside. I walk past him and am shocked to see that the room is bare, except for a single chair in the center.

“Julie, I want to strip to your underwear and sit in that chair.”

I slowly take off my clothes feel myself redden as he whistles at my red Victoria’s Secret bra and thong set.

“Very nice Julie. Very nice indeed. The boyfriend was going to have himself a time tonight. Good thing I got to you before he did. Now sit.”

I do as I’m told and he walks out then returns a few minutes later with an identical chair and the sets directly in front of me. He sits in it and looks directly at me for what must have been five minutes. I couldn’t look away or even close my eyes.

“Julie, do you know why you are here?”


“You’re here Julie, because I plan to break you and make you my own personal slut. How do you feel about that Julie?”

“I don’t want it. You won’t make me.”

“Oh Julie, rest assured, I will break you. I have time. It will only take a few hours. There was a time it took days but I’m very good at this now. You will submit Julie. Trust me on that.”

“Never! Richard will be looking for me!” The man laughs and I shudder in response.

“Richard...your boyfriend I assume, can look all he likes. He won’t find you and you won’t answer your cell. I’ll let him get all frantic with worry before I allow you to call him and tell him its over...well as best as you can while I fuck you in your delicious ass.”

“No! I will never do it! Never!”

“Yes you will Julie. Oh yes you will.”

“Let me go, right now! You won’t get away with this!”

“Oh? Well then lets get started Julie and find out exactly what I can get away with.”

He gets up and walks around behind me. His hands touch my shoulders and I flinch.

“I want to tell me a fantasy that you have Julie. Something you’ve never shared with anyone else.”

“I think about group sex.”

“Group sex Julie? With men? Women? Both?”

“I fantasize about being fucked by three men....I want to be made airtight.” He leans down and whispers in my ear.

“You want a cock in your ass Julie? While at the same time one is being shoved in your pussy and yet another is being wedged into your throat? This is what you think about Julie?”

“Yes!” I hiss, ashamed at how turned on I am by the questions.

“What about Richard, Julie? Do you think he would go for that?”

Despite myself, I laugh.

“If I was even to hint something like that to Richard, he would dump me without hesitation.”

“I see. Not his game then?”

“Not even his playing field.”

“Tell me another fantasy that you keep to yourself.”

“I think about being with a woman.”

“Ah. Bi-curious are you? So why haven’t you been with a woman?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t found the right one?”

“Are you asking me Julie? Or telling me?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Of all the women you know, who would you most like to fuck?”

“I...I don’t know....”

“You’re lying Julie. I can tell. Answer me honestly Julie.”

I don’t want to. I am so ashamed, but just thinking about her makes the wetness between my legs heat to the boiling point. I whisper her name and feel a tear on my cheek.

“I’m sorry Julie...I didn’t catch that....what is the name of the woman you most want to fuck?”

“Theresa.” Still a whisper but loud enough for him to hear.

“And who is Theresa, Julie?”

“Oh god...please don’t make me...”

“Julie, who is Theresa?”

“My sister.”

“You want to fuck your sister. That makes me feel good on so many levels.”

He came around and sat in front of me and gently brushed away the tears with his thumbs.

“No worries Julie, your secret is safe with me. In fact, perhaps your sister will join us.”

“No! You bastard! Stay away from my sister! I’ll kill you if you go near her!”

“You’ll kill me Julie? I suppose you could....but then you’d be cheating yourself wouldn’t you Julie? Because I could make it happen Julie. I could make your sister want you as much as you want her. If you snuff out my life Julie, how can I make that happen?”

“I-I don’t care!” “Yes you do. I bet you lay awake at night after every get together you have with her and finger yourself to orgasm....”

“No!” I could he know?

“I bet once, when she came to stay with you in college, I bet you got her drunk and fingered her to orgasm...”

“You pervert...I never did that...never!” I was wild eyed....crazed....How could he know about that...four years and I never told a soul...didn’t even dare write it in my diary. But this man knew.

“I’m a pervert? Me? How very droll. This from a woman who wants a cock in each hole at the same time and once got her sister drunk so she could rape her.”

“NO!” I screamed that out, desperate to drown out his words, wishing they weren’t true, praying for reality to change and for none of this to be happening.

“Lets talk about your other fantasies Julie. Maybe the dreams you have of big, black, men.”

I calmed myself and looked at him with a sneer. I felt like I could finally take control.

“You wish. Sorry stud, but you’re just not my type.”

“I see. So you have no interracial fantasies?”


“Hmmmm. No matter, you’ll want me bad enough when I finish with you.”

“Never happen.”

He merely grins and gets up and walks around behind me again.

“Do you love Richard?’

“Yes I do. Very much. In fact, I expect him to ask me to marry him soon.”

“Oh? Why marry him? He is so plain, isn’t he? So unimaginative and uninspired in bed. Why settle? He bores you, admit it. Really Julie, I’m doing you a favor. You won’t be bored with me. No, not one bit.”

“Don’t kid yourself. Richard is more man than you’ll ever be. He didn’t have to hypnotize me to get me.”

Like a flash, the man came around and sat in the chair again.

“Isn’t that the point Julie? Richard, safe, quiet, staid, Richard, would never, ever do anything like this. He would never stick a finger up your ass while you bounce madly on top of him. He would never shove you face first into a pillow and fuck you like his own personal whore. Why, I bet its missionary and nothing else. Do I lose the bet Julie?”

“None of that matters.” I blush with shame as he smirks at a lie that I have actually come to believe.

“Oh it matters Julie. It matters that he won’t fuck your ass while two other men plunder your pussy and mouth. It matters Julie that he would throw up if you told him to add another woman to the mix. It matters Julie, that he won’t even fuck you with the lights on! It all matters and you know that. I’m saving you from hurting Richard with an affair four or five years into marriage. Probably divorce when you find a man who meets your needs.”

I feel my anger grow. I was angry because it was true...all of it, true. But I would be damned if I’d let him know that!

“Is this how you justify what you do? By convincing yourself that you’re helping people? You are a pathetic excuse for a man. Can’t you see that you’re only making me sick?”

“According to your nipples and the sticky wetness on that chair, I think I am making you very hot.”

I glared at him, trying to hide my humiliation. He again gets up and walks behind me.

“Tell me about how you feel to be living one of your fantasies right now. How it feels to be helpless and under the control of another person.”

I close my eyes hoping that the act can somehow hide me. He knew everything. How did he know so much?

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do Julie. Yes you do. You love this. You’ve dreamed about this. Helpless. All decisions out of your hand. Having to do whatever you’re told, no matter what. Why, I bet if I was to tell you to play with yourself,you’d cum harder that you’ve ever cum in your life. This is unfolding even better than your dreams Julie. Go ahead, admit it. Not to me, I already know the truth...but to yourself.”

“Damn you! Yes! Yes I love this! Yes I’m wetter than I have ever been in my life! I have fantasized and played with myself for so long, thinking about this and now that its here, I am in heaven. Is that what you want to hear you rat bastard?”

“Its a start Julie. A very nice beginning yes. However, you’re a little behind schedule. So I have something here to accelerate the process, make you my slut a little faster. That okay with you?”

“Does what I think matter?”

“Of course not Julie. I’m merely being polite. But then, thats part of the fantasy, right?”

If rage could kill, he would have burned to a crisp.

“God I hate you.”

He walks back around and sits in the chair. He looks intently into my eyes...I can feel the intensity drilling into my brain like a cutting laser. His gaze assualts me for a full minute.

“Yes, you do hate me. You hate me more than you’ve ever hated anyone. Thats good Julie. Thats very good.”

I look at him in disbelief.

“My hating you is a good thing? I thought you were going to make me your devoted slut?”

“I am. There is a thin line between love and hate. And we both know how fanatical the converted can be. You’re right where I want you Julie. And now, its time for that catalyst to accelerate the process.”

He again gets up and stands behind me.


As soon as he says it, the door opens and I feel the bottom drop out of my world. Its Theresa, my sister. She walks over to the chair and sits before me, looking tenative and afraid. She looks above me head at him and looks around the room, anywhere to avoid looking at me. I force her to look.

“Theresa, what are you doing here?”

She looks at me and stops fidgeting.

“I’m here Julie because this was my idea.”

“Thats not true. He has hypnotized you...made you believe that.”

“No Julie, he didn’t. He tried, but I’m not very easily hypnotized and his attempt failed. I laughed in his face and instead of getting mad he laughed with me. He bought me a coffee and we talked about what he does to women. It gave me the idea to do this.”

“Why Theresa? Why would you have someone do this to me?”

“Because I want the same thing you want. I’ve wanted it ever since you fingered me in your dorm room four years ago.”

“Ohmygod! You knew?”

“I was drunk Julie, but I wasn’t that drunk. Yes, I knew. At first I was confused, but then I was so turned on and when you made me cum I wanted more, but you stopped and went to sleep. Since then I have wanted us to be together. I’ve even been with other women thinking you just opened me up to something else but that wasn’t it. I wanted you. But I knew you would freak if I approached you. And then Richard asked my advice on what kind of ring to get you and I was all set to just go for it...until I met him. Then I knew I could have what I wanted. Everything I wanted.”

My eyes widen as I realize the truth.

“You told him! Thats how he knew all those things about me! And the black men...thats always been your fantasy!” Theresa glances above my head and looks back at me with a smug look.

“Not a fantasy anymore big sister.” I’m suddenly furious.

“Theresa, this is crazy! You have to stop this right now!”

“Too late Julie. You set this in motion four years ago. I won’t stop this and if you are honest with yourself, you don’t want this to stop.”

“Yes I do Theresa. If you make me do this I will always hate you. Sure, this bastard might get me to smile and act happy but deep down, I’ll curse you for the rest of my days.”

I watch triumphantly as Theresa starts to fidget again and look terrified. She wasn’t expecting that. She looks frantically above my head. My captor comes around to where I can see him again.

“Very well Julie, you are free to go.”

Theresa looks sharply at him but says nothing.

“Just like that? You’re just letting me go?”

“Thats right. You can get dressed and walk away. Go meet Richard. Thats what you want isn’t it?”

I hesitate in responding and he pounces on it.

“But understand Julie, there is no coming back. You walk out that door and get in your car, you’ll never have Theresa the way you want. Never. Now, you don’t believe I’ll let you go so I’m taking Theresa to dinner. You can observe my car pullout and drive away from that window. I expect we’ll be gone atleast two hours. Come Theresa, I hear the Cheesecake Factory calling my name.”

And like that, they were gone. Suddenly able to move now I go to the window and watch as the silver Lexus drives away. I was free. I could get out and go back to my life. Go back to Richard.

I hear the door open two hours later and hear the steps coming up the stairs. The door opens and while Theresa looks shocked to see I’m still there, despite my car being out front, he doesn’t look even a bit surprised. He comes and sits in front of me.

“I called Richard and told him it was over. I know you wanted me to do that while you fucked my ass, but I couldn’t do that to him.”

His gaze was cold fury.

“You know, of course, that I’ll punish you for that.”

Theresa comes and standing behind him, starts to rub his broad shoulders.

“She knows...its one of her fantasies.”

In that moment, looking into the eyes of my sister, I knew that I would never have to fantasize again....

The End