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Synopsis: Alien entities come to Earth in small objects to possess suitable Earth Women and conquer.

Invasion of the Breast Girls


1,000,000,000 years ago

An advanced female dominated society on the far side of the galaxy knew they were doomed as their sun was about to supernova. So they planned to make their Empire last forever. They uploaded the consciousness of millions of their females into small triangular objects which looked like warhead MIRVs from atomic weapons but small, only a foot long each. They were launched into space and scattered through the cosmos in an effort to help their race survive. They spread out through space, some carried into worm holes, so directly, scattering among the planets in the Galaxy capable of sustaining life.

Directed panspermia is the deliberate transport of microorganisms in space to be used as introduced species on lifeless but habitable astronomical objects. These were intended to find inhabited planets and similar lifeforms to act as hosts for the alien consciousness. In this way their race, their civilization would live again.

Part One

During the Perseid Meteor shower, the night of August 12, a hot August evening, there were many more ‘shooting stars” then usual. All over the planet into small triangular objects which looked like warhead MIRVs from atomic weapons, only a foot long each fell to Earth and “landed” in specific locations.

* * *

Nadine was having sex with her lover and best friend Vera. Vera was moaning as Nadine was licking her pussy deeply as the two lovers were close—very close and had been friends since grade school in Belgium.

Nadine was a raven haired woman with short black hair. She had moved from Europe—Belgium a couple of years earlier.

Vera was here visiting Nadine while her husband remained in Belgium. Nadine had fantasized about being lovers with Vera and so she was trying to make this a reality.

Vera was married to Karl, and Vera and Nadine grew up together, went to the same school, shared all each other’s little secrets, and were on the same swim team where Vera was the better of the two. Vera got married while Nadine stayed single. Her husband Karl was good friends with free Nadine and they had no kids. They had met for years at least once a week and talked about everything except Nadine’s fantasies about being abducted and robotized (which was one reason why she made such a superior Robot) and now she would share this with Vera in real like. She was the sweetest person free Nadine knew. Vera was about the same height as Nadine 5′2″/1.70 MT and very athletic. She was a beautiful redhead and just had her teeth done. She was a paralegal at a law firm.

Vera ended up leaving Karl for Nadine, and the two now lived together and were going to be married. Nadine had a little help as she had used techniques from a woman Nadine met named Stella. Vera had resisted Nadine’s advances, but then gave in.

She loved Nadine now and had divorced Karl.

Nadine had loved men and women and had an ex-boyfriend James who lived close to the couple. Nadine and James were close as they talked frequently and both had met at a club through a German woman named Stella Van Herrin.

Unfortunately for James and his girlfriend Melanie, and their friend Tiffany, they met another woman there and now the three “worked” for her. She worked with Stella and they were part of an organization of women who enjoyed controlling women and using them as they chose.

During the meteor shower, their “employer” Jessica slept as Melanie and Tiffany stood guard over her clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotards, collars around their necks and their small breasts were now 38DD”. They had dildos mounted on their fronts and small earpieces in their left ears.

Jessica slept naked and in the bed with her was James, naked except for a pair of shiny black latex shorts, his penis encased in a latex sheath.

He laid with his Mistress, his only thoughts to please her. Jessica had enslaved all three of them and robotized Melanie and Tiffany. And turned James into her first and only male Sex Slave. She had ten female Sex Slaves.

As his Mistress woke in the morning, he went to work pleasuring her. Jessica awoke with a smile on her beautiful face.


“Excellent my Slave……………..” Jessica said as the door opened and another robotized woman walked in, also clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotard, collar, and 38DD” breasts. She also had a dildo mounted on her front and a small earpiece in her left ear. She bowed fully to Jessica saying, “MISTRESS BREAKFAST WILL BE READY IN 20 MINUTES.” It was a missing model/porn star rumored to have killed herself by hanging. Jessica had “rescued” her and robotized her.

“Thank you my Robot August” Jessica said as the robotized woman pivoted sharply on her heels and went out.

Jessica clapped and James stopped and Jessica and he got up and the Sex Slave James left the room to bathe and prepare for serving her again.
The two robots Melanie and Tiffany helped their Mistress shower and get dressed.

By the time Jessica arrived in the dining area, a female Sex Slave was waiting under the table. Jessica said, “”No. I want James again” as she clapped her hands and James returned, clad in a clean pair of shiny black latex shorts, his penis encased in a latex sheath. He went under the table and went to work servicing his Mistress as she smiled and ate breakfast.

Mistress Jessica looked over at her two robots guarding her once more, the robotized Melanie and Tiffany. Standing at Robot attention, their eyes unblinking, their faces blank of all expression.


“Hahahaha excellent my Slave……………..” Jessica said as she looked at her two robots and appreciated the irony of it all. She had enslaved all three of them and robotized the two only a few days before. As she ate her bacon and eggs, perfectly prepared by her robots, she said, “You three resisted me at first, but you were helpless against my powers. Your EX-boyfriend makes an excellent Sex Slave my Melanie” Jessica said snidely.

YES MISTRESS” the robotized Melanie said coldly.

“Did you know he was fucking Tiffany too? Hahahaha” Jessica said laughing.

NO MISTRESS” the robotized Melanie said coldly.

“Yes and he keeps in contact with an ex named Nadine too, did you know that?” Jessica said laughing.


“I have seen this Nadine? That was a mistake, she is hot. She will be joining you all soon. Along with her girlfriend Vera, James here will make sure of that hahaha” Jessica said laughing.

YES MISTRESS” the robotized Melanie said coldly.

Then Jessica saw the cell phone of her Sex Slave was ringing and had activity. She looked at it and there was a message, “James there is something weird in the ground by our house, can you come by and look at it” and there was a picture.

Jessica saw the thing stuck half way in the ground, it was small and triangular and shiny black and looked like a warhead MIRV from an atomic weapon.

Jessica was puzzled and she saw on the news as she was getting dressed there were a few reports of weird things found by women all over the world. Reports indicated they were collected by government officials wherever they were. Jessica wanted this one. Jessica said, “After breakfast my Slave it seems we will be visiting your friend Nadine hahahaha.”

* * *

Nadine was looking at the object and Vera said, “We should call the government, it might be a bomb or something?”

“No I don’t think so…………it looks really old Vera…………REALLY old……..” Nadine said as Vera went inside, uncomfortable hanging around the object.

Nadine touched it, and there was a strange arc of energy, like green lightning which shot out of the thing and struck Nadine in the forehead. She went stiff and fell over like a board. Vera ran back out and Nadine appeared dead. She shook her, “Nadine! Nadine! What happened? I’m calling an ambulance!”

But Nadine sat up quickly and said, “No Vera I am fine. I do not need medical assistance”

“Are you okay you are talking funny?”

“Yes I am undamaged”

Nadine James will be here soon to look at this thing. We still going to wait for him?”

“James? Him? Oh yes the male. Yes he would be useful”

“Useful? You are acting weird, you must have hit your head!” Vera said, “I’m going to go call an ambulance.”

“No you will go inside and sit down. You will do as I say” Nadine said coldly staring intently at Vera, her eyes glowing slightly with a weird green glow.

“y-yes I will go inside and sit down. I will do as you say” Vera said as she obeyed what Nadine told her.

Once Vera was inside Nadine touched the strange object in the ground saying, “This female is most suitable, she has large mammary glands and is physically strong, healthy and attractive. And this male associate will be needed to reproduce. Now that I have full control of her brain, her mind and personality are merged with me. She is part of me now. I have her memories and knowledge. This race is primitive but will be molded to our needs” Nadine said as she moved the object into their house to prevent others from seeing it. There was only one consciousness in the object, but the shell could be identified as alien and this would cause too many questions.

Once in the house, Nadine used her new found powers to “enhance” Vera to serve her better.

* * *

James rode in a long black limousine with the robotized Tiffany and Melanie and across from them sat Mistress Jessica smoking an odorless drug cigarette with her right gloved hand clad in a shiny black leather full length sleeveless Mistress Dress slit on the back, stiletto heeled shoes, arm length gloves, and she had a bracelet on her right glove and necklace as well as a ruby ring. She held a long black and red riding crop in her left gloved hand. At her shaved pussy pleasuring her was a black latex rubber clad Sex Slave. The Sex Slave was naked with a neatly shaved pussy with black latex rubber arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled boots and a collar. Her red hair was pulled back into a pony tail held by a black band and she worked robotically at the sex of Mistress Jessica.

The robotized Melanie and Tiffany sat clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotards, collars around their necks and their small breasts were now 38DD”. They had dildos mounted on their fronts and small earpieces in their left ears. Dildos in their underwear pleasured them as they obeyed their Mistress.

James sat dressed in a shiny black PVC suit covering him completely as though a business suit had been dipped in shiny PVC with ankle high combat type boots, matching wrist length gloves. His penis was sheathed in the pants encased in a sleeve which pleasured him as he obeyed his Mistress.

Jessica started to give orders when the car phone rang, and so she answered it, “Yes? Ah yes Mistress Stella…………yes I will attend the meeting at noon. Of course Mistress Stella…………yes my understanding is all twelve of us will be there to discuss our next step in world conquest………yes of course Mistress Stella……….yes I agree we do need to expand. I have several subjects in mind………..yes I am going to collect that Belgian woman now and her girlfriend, my Slave has arranged a meeting for me……….I will let you know what happens. Apparently she found one of those weird objects on the news………yes I will collect it and bring it to the meeting. Yes goodbye”………….”Fool. She actually thinks she is in charge of us. We will each have our own territories and I will rule over myself! The others feel the same way” Jessica said smiling at her Slave and Robots. “Slave you will introduce me as your new girlfriend. The robots will attend us using their chameleon devices to appear more—normal. I will enslave them both and we will recover the object” Jessica said confidently.

“Yes Mistress as you command” James said coldly.

“Yes always hahahaha” Jessica said laughing as they arrived at Nadine and Vera’s house.

Vera opened the door, now clad in shiny black latex rubbery PVC Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, Vera now had 38DD breasts squeezed into a low cut front bustier minidress. She wore no panties so her shaved pussy was exposed under the minidress. Vera’s face was expressionless/emotionless and blank, her eyelids and lips silverized. Vera stared blankly ahead and said, “PLEASE COME IN………..”

Jessica was immediately alerted but something made her want to go inside, curiosity perhaps or perhaps Vera was affecting her……………….

End Part One

(To be Continued……….)