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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 10

Movie Night: Part 2

Connie waited and gave Gloria enough time to make her rounds with the entire family, before she stepped out of Michelle’s office, clutching the usb drive tightly in her fist. The fear she felt was nearly paralyzing and she had to force her feet to move forward. It felt more like she was walking to the executioner’s chair instead of the Silva family’s lounge. She had every right to be terrified, though, since if this new, untested trigger didn’t work, then she’d likely be tossed out of the house for good. All of her progress that she’d made with everyone would be for nothing, and she’d never be able to talk to Jane or Tara or Michelle again.

Still, Connie kept moving, because the rewards outweighed the risks. There was the chance that she might be banned from the house, but if it worked she’d be another step closer towards her dream of having the sexy Silva family as her own lesbian harem.

By the time she entered the lounge, everyone was seated on the large couch against the wall except for Tara, who sat on the floor with the bowl of popcorn on her lap. Everyone lit up as they saw Connie, no doubt wondering what movie she’d pick. Connie bit her lip, feeling far too much attention on her for comfort.

“Um, Gloria, did you get… do that thing?”

Gloria cracked a wry smile. “Yes, Connie, I did. We’re all waiting on you now. I can’t wait to see what movie you pick.”

The flat screen television was mounted on the opposite wall, and Connie nervously made her way over to the shelf that had the Silva family’s movie collection. Connie knew she was wasting time, but she had to be certain before she actually went through with something this cray.

“I have to admit I was thinking of this one,” Connie said as she pulled out a popular slasher horror movie, holding it up for them to see. She noticed Michelle perk up a bit more, which wasn’t surprising since Connie had discovered she was secretly a big fan of horror movie, and though it was fun to think of using that to get closer to Michelle, that wasn’t why she’d chosen it. Connie stared right at Tara as she held up the terrifying DVD cover of a hooded killer with an axe, knowing for a stone cold fact that her friend couldn’t stand anything remotely scary.

Instead of flinching back and going pale, however, Tara shrugged and popped another piece of popcorn into her mouth. “I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares all night, but it is movie night. If it’s what you pick, Connie, I know I’ll love it.”

Connie felt her heart pick up its pace. This might just work.

“Well, I was only considering it. Another option I had was…” Connie glanced back at the collection, her eyes lighting up as she snatched up a colorful children’s movie that must have been from when Tara was at least three or four. “How about this one?”

Now the entire family smiled, excited. “It sounds like it’ll be fun,” Michelle said, without a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“I know I’ll end up loving it,” Jane said with a smile, and it was right then that Connie knew the hypnotic commands had worked perfectly. If even the stubborn and sullen Jane would eagerly watch a film that taught kids to count, then they really would accept and enjoy anything she put on. Gulping hard, Connie slipped the usb drive into the TV.

“I— I finally decided on this one though. I hope you’ll like it.”

It took a minute for the drive to load, and then the screen showed the film file for COLLEGE LESBIANS 4, with the poster showing two busty young women in their underwear making out. Connie’s face went bright red as she turned to the family, waiting for their verdict.

“That sounds good to me,” Tara said, munching on popcorn.

“The young girl on the left looks really pretty,” Michelle said, blushing a little, but smiling happily.

“I’m just wondering how they could pay for college and those fake tits at the same time,” Jane said with a grin, getting a laugh from the rest of the family.

Connie stared in amazement at the casual way Michelle and her daughters talked about what was obviously a porn film. It really had worked. She turned to Gloria, who hadn’t spoken yet. This was the real challenge, after all. The hypnotist was the only one who might see through Connie’s trick and catch on to what was really happening.

“What do you think, Gloria?”

Gloria smiled politely. “I’m a little past my prime to enjoy these sort of films, but I’m happy to watch along knowing my family enjoys it.”

Connie burst into a huge grin, and had to suppress the urge to jump for joy. Instead, she hit play and sat down on a smaller, second couch that was against the wall, situated between the TV and the larger couch. This way it would be easy for her to glance over and see how everyone was reacting to it. The film started off quickly, with the two curvy roommates meeting each other for the first time and almost immediately going down on each other.

“That certainly didn’t take long,” Michelle commented, though she seemed content to watch the two lesbians sixty nine-ing on screen. “Jane, I hope people you’re age take a little more time before becoming intimate like this.”

“It’s college, mom. Everyone turns into raging lesbians in their first semester.” Jane and Tara laughed at the joke, but Jane noticed Connie staring and gave her a wink. She was couching Connie on lesbian sex, after all, and now that Connie thought about it, they hadn’t spent all that much time getting to know each other before they got involved.

Michelle crossed her arms disapprovingly, giving a stern look to Tara and Connie. “Now I know you two haven’t been in a relationship before, but I hope you both know to wait before doing anything like this with your boy—” Michelle stopped. “With whoever you happen to date.”

“I know, mom,” Tara said with a roll of her eyes, going back to watching the scissoring lesbians as she tossed more popcorn into her mouth. While Tara didn’t seem to notice it, Connie had instantly picked up on Michelle correcting herself. It was one of Michelle’s favorite hobbies to teach her daughters about being in a good relationship, and since she’d always been at the house, Michelle would also advise Connie on ways of finding and keeping a decent boyfriend. She’d always listened politely, afraid of telling Michelle that she was into girls. Not that Michelle seemed intolerant, but from all of her advice it was clear that she never doubted that the young girls would wind up with men.

Only now Michelle had taken the time to leave that ambiguous, leaving room for them to have a girlfriend. Whether it was the lesbian movie playing now, or maybe Connie making her watch lesbian porn earlier, but it was clear that Michelle’s mind had been expanded in some small way. She was now considering the possibilities that her daughters and Connie may date women, and was clearly open and accepting of it. It didn’t mean Connie had turned the young mother into a lesbian just yet, but it was certainly on Michelle’s mind now.

The knowledge that her work was paying off and that it was truly possible to transform the Silva’s into lesbians was too much to handle for her, and Connie quickly ran out of the room. Tara glanced up in surprise. “Where are you going?”

“Bathroom,” Connie said urgently, her arousal spiking beyond anything she’d felt all day. She barely made it to the kitchen before her hand was in her panties, rubbing desperately at her clit as waves of ecstasy crashed over her. Somehow this pleasure was greater than anything she’d felt yet, and part of her knew it was because her wild, impossible dreams were now truly a possibility. She could achieve her dream of having Michelle, Tara and Jane as her obedient slaves and lovers. It wasn’t just a fantasy anymore!

Connie bit her thumb to keep quiet, while she used her other hand to rub at her clit, holding back her whimpers of pleasure so no one would overhear her. The plan for movie night had been a complete success, with everyone enjoying a lesbian movie as a family. Not to mention that enjoying lesbian pornography would stick with them, impacting their decisions. Would that work for other ideas as well? If she put on videos of submission and bondage would Tara and Jane start fantasizing about being dominated? And what if she found movies about the forbidden love between two sisters, or taboo pornography about mothers and daughters? If she put those on for movie night would Michelle and her daughters begin to accept incest as something truly viable? It was all finally coming together! Connie felt herself on the verge of a huge orgasm, the pleasure boiling in her stomach as she was about to—


She froze, one hand in her panties and her thumb between her teeth, as Connie slowly turned to find Michelle standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the lounge. The young mother was staring at Connie in disbelief, a hand covering her mouth. Connie felt all the pleasure drain away instantly as a deep, numbing fear took over.

Oh god, Michelle had caught her touching herself. Not only that, but she was only a room away from the rest of the family, doing something so shameful in the open. Connie opened her mouth to use the ‘lights out’ trigger, but it was too late for that. The trigger made her invisible to Michelle, not erase what she’d already seen.

Tears starting to well up in her eyes, Connie struggled to speak. “I— I’m sorry, I—”

Her voice wasn’t working right, and her mind was shutting down as every horrible outcome flashed through her mind. Michelle would know she was a deviant now and throw her out of the house. If she told Gloria it might make her suspicious, catching on that she’d tricked everyone into watching lesbian porn. This was it, her life was over.

Michelle ran over and put her hand over Connie’s mouth, shushing her gently. “Come with me,” she whispered, so no one in the next room would over hear. Connie didn’t feel as if she could move, and so Michelle gently led her out of the kitchen and towards her bedroom. Michelle shut the door behind them, before offering Connie a gentle smile.

“So. Connie. I think we should have a discussion about what I saw.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Connie blurted out, and Michelle quickly shushed her again. Getting herself under control, Connie hung her head. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please, just forget you saw that.”

Michelle stepped closer and put her hands on Connie’s shoulders, and in that moment Connie was surprised to find that her warm touch was turning her on. Maybe it was because they were both in their underwear, or because just a few hours ago they’d both been laying on this bed together and cumming. Michelle hadn’t know she was there, of course, but it had felt like a bonding experience to Connie.

Michelle smiled at her warmly. “It’s alright, Connie. I’m not disappointed or angry with you.”

Connie blinked, taken back. “You’re not?”

“No, of course not. You’re still a young woman, and I know how confusing all those hormones can be. I—” Michelle blushed deeply, looking away. “I used to do that too, when I was your age.”

She seemed so bashful and innocent about it, and Connie had to fight not to laugh, remembering that she’d seen Michelle touching herself just this afternoon. Instead of revealing that, Connie decided to feign ignorance.

“You did?”

Michelle nodded, smiling. “When I was eighteen I was… well, you could say my hormones worked overtime. I would… service myself… at least once a day.” Her ears turned red, as if that were the height of humiliation. Connie certainly had her beat, getting off two or three times a day.

“I do that too,” Connie said, and it felt oddly freeing to open up to Michelle about this. Not that she’d give away the whole truth of her fantasies, but talking about something she’d held private for so long was nice.

“I’m aware,” Michelle replied, making Connie go red.

“Wait, you knew?”

Michelle nervously laughed. “I do the laundry after all. And since it’s been so hot that we’ve only been wearing underwear, it’s been easy to pick yours out from my girls. Your underwear is always, well…”

Connie blushed deeply. Why didn’t she think about what would happen if she left her soaked panties in the laundry?

“I’m sorry!”

“Oh, it’s alright,” Michelle said gently. “I’ll keep it our secret. In fact, it made me realize how much I might have in common with you. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about it, actually. Although I must admit, I didn’t think you were quite so adventurous to do that in the kitchen.”

Connie hung her head in shame. “Sorry you had to see that. I just… couldn’t wait any longer.”

“It is a rather enjoyable movie,” Michelle muttered, and at that Connie realized she could see the faint wet spot on Michelle’s cotton panties. “But that doesn’t mean you should do something like that where anyone can catch you. I know touching yourself can be fun, but it’s shameful!”

At that, Connie looked up, surprised. She’d seemed so supportive a second ago. But looking at Michelle’s face she didn’t see any reproach, just concern, and a little bit of fear.

“When I was your age I had to hide myself whenever I did that. If my mother had found me…” Michelle shivered. “I was so afraid she would think I was a freak for enjoying that sort of thing. I knew how improper it was for a young girl, but I couldn’t help myself.”

“Michelle…” Connie didn’t know what to say. She guessed that Michelle had been a bit more conservative about sexuality, but she sounded downright terrified of it. And thinking that Gloria would judge her for being turned on? The same old woman who had casually hooked her up with Jane for the night, simply because she thought Connie would enjoy it? Did Michelle not know about Gloria’s tastes? No, she wouldn’t, Connie realized. It wasn’t like Gloria would share all of this with her daughter.

Michelle wiped aside a tear from the corner of her eyes. “Don’t worry, Connie. It’s not so bad for you. I don’t like how sexual young people are being nowadays but I hear that things like masturbation are more accepted.” Suddenly Michelle reached out and hugged Connie. “And I promise that I’ll never judge you for it. If you ever have questions or needs about anything, please come to me. I promise I’ll support you no matter what.”

Connie gulped, deciding to make a risk.

“Even if I was a lesbian?”

She felt Michelle tremble at the word, but before Connie could feel like she made a mistake, Michelle hugged her tighter.

“Of course, that doesn’t change a thing.”

Connie hugged her back, too overwhelmed with emotion to care that her head was lying against Michelle’s breasts. This… this felt wonderful, Connie realized. To be accepted and supported. It was one thing for Jane and Connie to accept at least part of her tastes, but Connie had truly been afraid of how Michelle would act. She still had no idea what Michelle’s reaction would be to her plans to seduce her and her daughters into being her slaves, but that was a problem for future Connie. For now, she just wanted to bask in how good that moment felt.

Except something ate at the back of her mind. Connie struggled to figure out what it was, and slowly it dawned on her that Michelle was being so supportive because she’d never felt that kind of support for her sexuality when she was younger. It was clear that she’d been deeply ashamed about touching herself, and that it was still affecting her to this day. Connie grit her teeth. No, she wouldn’t let that continue. She was changing the Silva family to her tastes to fulfill her fantasies, but she’d also do everything she could to make them happy too.

“Thank you, Michelle, that means a lot to me,” Connie said as she stepped away, feeling determined.

Michelle nodded. “I don’t mind, but I was just terrified of what would happen if Gloria had seen you. I was afraid she wouldn’t understand.”

Connie smirked at her, taking Michelle by surprise. “Don’t worry, I think I know what I need to do.” The young mother seemed confused but didn’t question it, and they both headed back towards the lounge without a word. As they entered the dark room, the porno was still playing on screen, and from the numerous times she’d watched it Connie knew they were about halfway through. Tara glanced up from the floor.

“Hey Mom, I thought you were going to make more popcorn.”

“I got a little caught up in some girl talk with Connie,” Michelle said, giving Connie a quick smile, to assure her that her secret was safe. “I’ll go make some more popcorn now.”

“I’ll do it!” Connie quickly volunteered. “Least I can do, since you girls let me stay for movie night. Um, Gloria, could you come help me make the popcorn?”

Michelle watched, confused, as Gloria followed Connie out into the kitchen. “I wonder what she needed Mom for?” Michelle wondered out loud.

“Probably to tell her how to work the microwave or something,” Jane muttered, never taking her attention away from the film. By now there were three new girls on screen, all taking turns enjoying using a strap on with each other. “Although Connie really is missing the best parts of the movie.”

Michelle watched the women passionately making love and felt a familiar tingling between her legs, making her blush. “Yes, I have to say I’m surprised at how good this movie is.” Michelle crossed her legs and kept watching with her daughters, feeling sympathy for Connie. She certainly felt the desire to run out and take care of herself as well, but the last thing she needed was for Tara or Jane to guess at why she left. There were some things so shameful that mothers and daughters should never discuss them. It was simply the way the world worked.

* * *

“She thinks I would be upset with her?” Gloria put a hand over her heart, shaking her head slowly. “Why would my daughter think I’d be so strict about something as simple as masturbation?”

“I don’t know,” Connie said truthfully, “But she really does seem to have this huge phobia about it. I just thought I should let you know, since you seem a lot more chill about sex stuff than Michelle seems to think.”

“I just don’t understand where she would get that idea from.” The elderly woman sat down at the dining room table, crestfallen. Connie watched her quietly, feeling guilty about making Gloria so sad, but it was for the best. She knew that Gloria must have been a swinger when she was younger, but it was clear that Michelle didn’t see her mom that way.

“Did you ever talk to her about sex?” Connie asked, sitting down beside her.

“I— I must have. Surely we sat her down for the talk. Although, I guess our tastes were a little outside the norm.” Gloria slowly took a wrinkled photo from her purse, smiling fondly. “We had so much fun in our time, but I think we were always afraid that Michelle would resent us. Perhaps… perhaps we never sat her down and talked with her properly about how these things were normal.”

“I know my parents never really gave me ‘the talk’. I think they just left me to the internet to teach me about sex.”

Gloria found herself chuckling. “Perhaps that explains some of your extravagant fantasies.”

Connie crossed her arms and pouted. “I’m a product of my generation. I can’t help it.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, Connie. I’m still a little shook up from the news. I always assumed my Michelle would come to me if she had questions. I never imagined that she’d think I was standing in judgment of her. I need to make this right.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“Why, tell her that masturbation is perfectly natural, of course.”

Something clicked in the back of Connie’s mind, making her shiver.

“Um, are you just going to tell her outright? Or use hypnosis?”

“I don’t think a swinging pendant is necessary for a heart to heart conversation.”

Connie stared down at her feet, fidgeting in her chair. “I just mean that even if you tell Michelle it’s okay, she might not really accept it. She’s spent years burying all of her urges. Do you really think that one conversation will fix that?”

Gloria sighed, then smiled and laid an affectionate hand on Connie’s shoulder. “I think you’re finally starting to understand what hypnosis should be used for. Come along, Connie.”

Connie quickly got up and followed Gloria, but couldn’t stop herself from asking “What about Tara and Jane?”

“What about them?”

“I mean, if Michelle has trouble discussing sexual things with you, do you think she’d be able to do that with her own daughters?”

“From what I’ve found, my granddaughters seem fairly confident with their bodies, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.” Gloria rested her hands on her hips. “What are you on about, Connie?”

“I just know that Tara and Jane probably have their own insecurities. If you’re going to tell Michelle it’s okay to discuss those parts of her life with you, then you should make the entire family feel comfortable discussing sex stuff with each other.”

Gloria stayed silent, considering what Connie had said. She knew how Connie’s tastes went regarding her family, and certainly saw how Connie would enjoy Tara, Jane and Michelle openly discussing sexual things around her, but what she proposed would be helpful all the same. Gloria had been carefully watching over her family to ensure their happiness, but she’d never caught on to Michelle’s feelings of shame and guilt. Perhaps there were things her granddaughters had hidden as well.

“Alright, I think this will be a good idea.” Before Connie could celebrate, Gloria held up her hand. “But while I appreciate your help, I’m going to make the decision that they not discuss anything sexual around you. I’m happy to help you, Connie, and I really do like you, but I don’t want you getting the wrong idea about my girls. You’re free to try and court Tara or Jane, however we shouldn’t risk feeding those… polyamorous fantasies of yours.”

“Of course, Gloria,” Connie said with an understanding smile. “That makes perfect sense. Nala Lynpul.”

Gloria’s eyes unfocused as she settled into a lazy grin. “How can I serve you, Mistress?”

“Would you really be opposed to me dating Tara, Jane and Michelle at the same time?” Connie knew she wanted much more than to simply date them, but this seemed like a baby steps sort of situation.

“I won’t allow you to make my family do anything they don’t want and accept for themselves.”

Connie considered her words. “So if they came to you saying that they were all cool with dating me, you’d accept that?”

“I—” Gloria’s eyes fluttered. “I don’t think they would.”

“But if they said they were fine being polyamorous. Or, for example, any other kinky kind of situations. If they truly enjoyed it and wished to pursue it as their own choice, how would you respond?”

Gloria was silent for a long time, and though her face remained impassive it was clear that her subconscious was working overtime. Finally, just as Connie was getting worried she’d broken the old woman’s mind, Gloria spoke. “If they’re happy, then I’d be happy for them.”

“No matter how weird or freaky the situation, you wouldn’t judge or try to stop them?” Connie asked, her mouth suddenly dry.

“So long as it comes from their own desires, then I see no problem with it.”

Connie burst into a grin and had to resist the urge to yell. Not that this would make things easier for her, but it meant that Gloria wouldn’t stand in her way. Even though she couldn’t use Gloria to brainwash the Silva family into becoming her sex slaves, if she somehow did manage to convince the other women to desire those fantasies on their own, then she didn’t have to worry about Gloria breaking it up. It meant that if her encouragement made Michelle decide to become a lesbian, Gloria would support her fully. Her mind was racing with possibilities now. The only problem was how to use gentle, invisible encouragement to turn Tara, Jane and Michelle into submissive lesbian slaves, but at least now Connie felt more confident in her efforts.

“Okay Gloria, I want you to go in there and have a little family meeting. We’re going to make sure that everyone feels supported, no matter what they’re into.”

“Ensuring that my family is happy sounds wonderful,” Gloria agreed in her monotone voice.

“And even though you’ll be awake, I want you to listen to all of my suggestions.” Just as Gloria was going to open her mouth, Connie grinned and added “So long as the rest of the family is happy with the suggestion and agrees with it.”

Gloria nodded, satisfied.

* * *

When they entered back into the lounge, Connie saw that Tara and Jane were still happily watching the movie, while Michelle sat with her legs crossed and her cheeks an adorable shade of red. Her nipples were poking through her bra noticeably, and she was constantly fidgeting in her seat. To Connie, the young mother resembled the perfect depiction of desperately wanting to run off to the next room and get off. Maybe her afternoon session with Michelle had already affected her more than Connie had thought.

Gloria cleared her throat and paused the movie, just as the scantily clad cheerleaders were piling onto the bus to go to the championships, with the camera positioned to peek up their skirts as they climbed the steps. Tara and Jane groaned.

“Granny, why’d you pause it?”

“Yeah,” Tara agreed, “I wanna see if they win the tournament.”

Connie kept her mouth shut, knowing for a fact that the film ends with an orgy on the bus, with the movie never actually showing if they even made it to the stadium.

“I’m afraid we need to have a quick family meeting,” Gloria said, her voice crisp and stern.

“What is it, Mom?” Michelle asked as she sat up straighter, curious and a little concerned.

“Michelle, we need to discuss your masturbation habits.” Gloria kept her face straight as she spoke, but Michelle went bright red with shame. Then her eyes snapped to Connie, betrayal clear on her face.

“Hold on now, Michelle, don’t blame Connie. I just wanted to tell you that it was okay.” Gloria smiled, trying to calm Michelle down. “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel ashamed for your feelings. I want you to know that it’s perfectly alright to enjoy your sexual urges without shame.”

Michelle was speechless, or perhaps more like shell shocked. Meanwhile, Tara and Jane were both glancing away, clearly uncomfortable.

“Okay, this is the weirdest lifetime movie ever,” Jane said, getting to her feet. “Is it alright if we leave? This is getting way too personal and gross for me.”

“Ditto,” Tara chimed in as she leapt up off the floor.

“Tara, Jane, stay right where you are.”

Both girls froze in place, looking at Gloria with surprise. Connie felt her breath catch in her throat. Gloria was now speaking in that deep, assertive voice she used whenever she was about to hypnotize them. She tried to hide her excitement as Gloria stepped up in front of her family, hands on her hips.

“I think it’s time that we all have an open discussion about your sexuality. I want all of you to be open, and to feel safe and supported by your family.”

“But Granny,” Tara mumbled, frozen in place but averting her eyes. “It’s just, well, awkward. I don’t think I can say anything to you about it.”

“Not to worry. I know just the way to make you all speak honestly,” Gloria announced happily. “Tara, Jane, Michelle: All of you go into a lovely and deep trance now.”

Connie clenched her thighs together as she watched all three of them sink into trance, their eyes rolling back before the women seemed to droop, smiling absently.

“All of you sit on the couch now. For this discussion I want you all to answer honestly about what you enjoy and what makes you happy.” Tara and Jane sat down on the couch beside their mom, all nodding obediently.

As Connie watched with barely restrained excitement, she suddenly saw Gloria round on her. “Connie, drop into a lovely and deep trance as well.”

For a second, Connie just stared in shock, wondering what had come over Gloria, but then she remembered that Gloria believed that she’d been the one hypnotizing Connie all along. Of course she would believe that she’d given Connie the same trigger as the others. Hiding her panic, Connie did her best to relax, letting out a deep breath and released the tension in her face. She stared ahead at Gloria with a hopefully blank expression, her heart hammering away as she prayed that her nervousness wasn’t visible.

Luckily for her, Gloria seemed satisfied that Connie had gone into trance. “Good girl, Connie. Now go sit beside Tara on the arm of the couch and make yourself comfortable.”

Connie gulped, knowing that she’d never be able to keep this act up long. She was a terrible actor under the best of circumstances, and with the three women she lusted after all in a beautiful state of trance next to her, Connie knew she wouldn’t be able to keep herself still. Deciding to risk it, Connie spoke up, imitating the blank way the other women would talk in trance.

“Uh, could I stand behind you, Gloria? I would be more comfortable there.”

Gloria raised an eyebrow and studied Connie carefully, no doubt seeing through her fake trance and would bust her completely. Right when Connie’s anxiety was getting to become too much to bear, Gloria shrugged. “As you wish. I did tell you to be comfortable.”

Connie kept her face neutral as she walked behind Gloria, but as soon as the elderly woman could no longer see her, Connie let her relief show. That had been way too close. Good thing she’d told Gloria to listen to her suggestions. Pulling herself together, Connie stood behind Gloria and watched as she addressed the entranced family.

“Girls, I want you all to listen to me carefully,” Gloria began, her words soaking into the empty minds of her family. “I want you to know that you should never be ashamed of your sexuality. Be proud of who you are, and don’t let anyone try to shame you for what you enjoy.”

Tara, Jane, and Michelle nodded, while Connie grinned to herself. She should be taking notes and searching for any loopholes she could use later.

“You should feel safe discussing anything sexual with your family, without hesitation, and you should be supportive of anything that your family members say to you. I don’t want any of you to feel guilty about masturbating, or what your fantasies or interests might be. At the same time, I don’t want any of you trying to shame your family members for their interests. You should always be supportive of family. Do you understand?”

The Silva family nodded obediently.

“Now Jane, if you feel concerned about a relationship or any sexual problems you may have, what will you do?”

“Go to you or Mom, and feel safe telling you.”

Gloria smiled. “That’s good, but you can also go to Tara, as well.”

Jane stirred at that. “But… Tara’s a spaz. She doesn’t know anything about sex.”

Gloria held up a hand and stopped her. “Jane, you need to support your sister about her sexual urges, even if that means the lack of them. Do you understand?”

Jane sighed. “Yes, Granny. I’ll feel okay going to talk to Tara about sex stuff.”

“And Tara, that goes the same for you.” Tara nodded, smiling absently. “There, I think that should be about—”

“You should tell them it’s okay to masturbate whenever they want,” Connie suddenly said, keeping her voice empty of emotion. Gloria glanced back in surprise, seeing Connie in the passive fake trance.

“What makes you say that, Connie?” Gloria asked, suspicion in her voice.

“I know that Michelle felt the need to hide herself when she masturbates,” Connie said in the monotone voice, doing her best to maintain the role of a hypnotized girl. “So I thought it would help her open up if she felt comfortable doing it around family.”

Gloria frowned. “That seems a tad extreme.”

A bead of sweat ran down Connie’s forehead. “Could I ask Michelle how she feels about it?”

That took Gloria by surprise, but then again, she supposed it made sense that Michelle should get to decide, since it directly concerned her. Still wary, Gloria nodded her approval.

Connie stepped forward, keeping her back to Gloria so she could relax her face again, but made sure to keep her back and shoulders rigid as a mannequin. “Michelle, do you feel happy knowing that your family won’t judge you for touching yourself?”

Michelle’s lips smiled. “I do. I’m glad I don’t have to feel afraid or ashamed anymore.”

“And do you feel awkward or nervous discussing masturbation with Tara or Jane?”

Michelle shook her head. “No. I would tell them it’s natural and normal.”

“Tara, Jane, does it bother you knowing that your mom masturbates?” Connie winced, wondering how they would respond. Gloria may have made them supportive, but even that might still have limits.

“It’s fine. Everyone does it,” Jane replied.

“As long as she’s happy, I’m happy for her,” Tara answered.

“Then how would you feel if you saw Michelle masturbating?”

“I’d walk out of the room to give her privacy,” Jane answered in her empty voice. “I wouldn’t want her to be uncomfortable.”

At that, Connie grinned. “All of you support each other, and feel comfortable being open about your sexuality, correct?”

Tara, Jane and Michelle all nodded. It’s what Gloria had told them, more or less.

“Then why would you feel uncomfortable seeing your Mom touching herself?” Jane opened her mouth, but stopped, considering. “Why do you think she would feel uncomfortable if you saw her doing something natural?” Again Jane didn’t speak, and now Connie saw Tara and Michelle’s eyes fluttering, as if their brains were trying to process the new information.

“Connie,” Gloria suddenly said in a stern voice, making her gulp. “Why are you asking all of these questions while you’re in trance?”

“Because you told me to make suggestions,” Connie managed to say in a neutral voice, “When you hypnotized me in the dining room. You wanted me to offer helpful ways to make the family happy.” It was impossible for her to see Gloria’s reaction, to know if she was buying the act or not.

“Yes, I did say that,” Gloria muttered to herself, her obedience to Connie creating the false memory, a way to cover the gap in time. “But I hardly think that my family really wants to masturbate in front of each other. That sounds more like something you’d enjoy.”

“I would enjoy it,” Connie forced herself to admit, keeping her back to Gloria, “but I think they wouldn’t mind it either. Just ask them.”

Gloria paused for a moment. “Jane, would you want to see your mother masturbating.”

“No,” Jane answered instantly.

“See, Connie?”

Connie panicked. She had to make this work. “Jane, do you mean that you would object to seeing your mom masturbating?”

This time, Jane answered “No, it’s perfectly natural to masturbate. I wouldn’t stop her from doing what made her happy. That doesn’t mean I would go out of my way to see it.”

Connie felt hope growing in her heart.

“So Michelle, if Tara or Jane walked in as you were masturbating, would you feel awkward?”

“Of course not, I wouldn’t feel shame for what I enjoy, and I know my family accepts and supports me.”

Gloria watched with a shocked expression as Connie went to each of them, asking them the same question and getting the same response. She hadn’t foreseen that her conditioning would make it so that they didn’t mind casual masturbation occurring around them. Gloria wanted to speak up and correct it, but was that really her place? She’d just told them that they shouldn’t feel shame for what they enjoyed, and yet she now wanted to tell her family to hide their masturbation in private, that doing otherwise was indecent. This still seemed wrong, but if her family was happy, was Gloria really in a place to stop them?

Connie grinned, listening as Tara stated that she didn’t mind seeing her mom or sister masturbating around her. This really was working! But she was missing something. Keeping her voice monotone Connie said “I also want everyone to know that I wouldn’t mind seeing you masturbating. Even though I’m not part of the family I would feel comfortable supporting anything you are interested in. Would you—” Connie gulped, “be open to seeing me masturbate? Or would you oppose it?”

Jane answered first. “I wouldn’t mind. You’re cute and it’s a natural thing.”

Connie felt herself blushing. She was already fooling around with Jane, but the older girl had never called her cute before.

Then Michelle answered, blushing as well. “I would be open to seeing you masturbate.”

Connie smiled, feeling triumphant, until she realized that Tara was staying quiet. It was only then that Connie realized her mistake. Tara still had her conflicting feelings over her, so would she really be comfortable with it?

“I… wouldn’t mind seeing you touch yourself,” Tara finally said, and Connie blew a sigh of relief.

“Since everyone is comfortable with it, I propose that we should feel safe masturbating anywhere in the house, at any time. Should you feel horny and need to get off, you should be able to do it wherever you are, knowing that the family will support you.”

Gloria stepped forward. “I think that may be too much, now.”

“Why?” Connie asked, putting on her fake blank face again for Gloria. “It’s not as if anyone in the family is attracted to each other, so there should be no problem.”

Hearing what Connie said, Tara, Jane and Michelle all nodded, confirming that they weren’t attracted to each other. Connie hid her disappointment; that had been a big part of her fantasies, but she had known from the start it would be the biggest obstacle.

Gloria rubbed her temples in frustration. “Everyone, do you want to be able to masturbate anywhere in the house at anytime, so long as it’s only the family around?”

Everyone nodded their agreement, and Gloria’s face fell. Perhaps her family was becoming a little too accepting of each other’s sexuality. Not to mention Connie being involved in all of this. Somehow it had felt as if Connie had won, while she had lost. Then, to her surprise, Connie spoke up.

“Gloria, would you be uncomfortable seeing any of us masturbating?”

Gloria turned away. “I… yes, I would prefer not to see that.”

“Then you can tell us not to do it while you’re around. We should only do what makes everyone happy.”

Gloria pursed her lips, studying Connie carefully. She’d started to suspect that the young lesbian wasn’t really in trance, that she was somehow pulling off some scheme for her own satisfaction, but Connie did have a point. This strange arrangement wasn’t being forced on Michelle or the others. They all admitted to accepting it, although Gloria knew this was because she had instructed them to be open and supportive with family. Still, in the end all of them were happy with it. Perhaps it was a bit strange for family behavior, but then again Gloria hadn’t taken away the command for Michelle, Tara and Jane to always be in their underwear around the house. It was a bit of harmless fun for Connie, but the truth was that whenever she interviewed Tara and Jane about it, both sisters admitted to enjoying the freedom. Even Michelle didn’t seem to mind the new dress code.

Gloria clapped her hands together, coming to a decision. “Alright. From now on I want all of you to feel free to touch yourselves in any way you please. So long as it doesn’t make anyone else uncomfortable, you can enjoy yourselves to your hearts content. Of course, all of you can admit if you ever feel uncomfortable.” All of them nodded, accepting the new arrangement. “I request that none of you do it while I’m around, but otherwise, knock yourselves out.”

She checked that the new conditioning was in place, then woke Connie and the family up. They all began to stretch and talk casually, unaware they’d been in trance at all. Gloria still couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d been taken advantage of by Connie, though. This was certainly a great outcome for her, but there was no way Connie could have planned this out, since she’d been in trance as well.

“You girls enjoy your movie night,” Gloria said, interrupting their conversations. “I’m going to head up to bed. I’m feeling a bit run down.”

“Okay, Granny, sleep well.” Tara and Jane each gave their grandmother a hug, before turning back to play the movie. As Gloria left, Connie ran out after her and gave her a warm hug as well. “What was that for, Connie?”

“I don’t know,” Connie said, blushing. “I just felt like thanking you. For helping me out, like this. I know it’s more than I deserve.”

Gloria gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I’m just glad you can be happy. This certainly isn’t how I expected things to go, but my family is happier with you around. Perhaps you’re good for them as well.”

Connie grinned. “I really hope that I can make everyone happy,” she said, meaning every word. Connie waved as Gloria went up the stairs, then the young girl dashed back into the lounge, in time to see the cheerleader orgy beginning.

“Oh good, this is my favorite part,” Connie said, jumping back onto the smaller couch which she had to herself. Nervously, she started sliding a hand to her panties, but in the end stopped short. She still felt too anxious about what would happen if the triggers didn’t work. Instead, she turned to the side to see the family. “What do you guys think about—”

Connie stopped short, her eyes going wide at the sight of Michelle casually fingering herself, her daughter Jane seated inches away from her. “I’m really enjoying the film, although the story is a bit hard to understand,” Michelle said, her hand still pleasuring herself. Then Michelle noticed Connie staring. Her fingers paused as Michelle glanced down to her crotch, then back at Connie, clearly confused.

“Is something wrong, Connie?”

She quickly shook her head. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. I was just… feeling nervous about touching myself. I didn’t want to be the only one doing it and seem rude.”

Every member of the Silva family gave her an incredulous look. “Connie, don’t be ridiculous, you’re our guest,” Michelle said warmly. “Feel free to masturbate whenever you feel like it. I insist.”

Jane nodded, smirking. “Yeah, feel free to fuck yourself whenever you like. That’s how we do it around here.” With the family watching her, Connie let out a quiet moan as she slid her fingers into herself. She’d masturbated before, but it had never felt as intense as this. Even when she’d fingered herself besides Michelle earlier, it didn’t come close to how erotic it felt now. Because everyone was watching her, and no one cared. They all accepted her being able to pump at her wet pussy without any judgment at all.

Connie heard Michelle moaning as well, as the young mother went back to touching herself. “God, I feel so wet,” Michelle remarked, and Connie felt her heart leap up into her throat. “This movie has turned me on so much, I don’t know why I wasn’t touching myself the whole time.”

Tara turned back to her, curious. “I didn’t knew you found girls sexy, Mom.”

“I don’t. Well, I didn’t. I don’t know, for some reason today I can’t stop thinking about lesbians.”

Jane shrugged from the other side of the couch. She wasn’t masturbating, but Jane was rubbing her large tits slowly. “It happens to the best of us, Mom. I think about girls sometimes too.” Jane looked over and caught Connie’s eye, winking. “In fact I’ve been thinking about girls a lot more recently, too.”

“Same here,” Tara muttered, though she didn’t seem especially happy about it.

Connie blushed, rubbing faster. “Well, I’ve always been a lesbian, so I guess fantasizing about women is normal for me.”

“That does explain the film,” Michelle said, laughing easily about the lesbian orgy on screen.

“I know a few other good movies like this,” Connie started to say, nervous. “If you want I could, um, show everyone.”

“I’m not big on lesbian porn,” Jane replied, and Tara nodded.

Michelle shook her head, as well. “It’s the same for me. Today’s just been an odd day. Not that I mind,” Michelle quickly added, blushing.

“Oh,” was all Connie said, lowering her head in dejection.

“I mean, you could show one for next week’s movie night,” Jane muttered. “For movie night it’s fine to play whatever you enjoy. I’m just saying it’s not usually my thing.”

Connie smiled. “So I can pick the movie again next week?”

“I wouldn’t go that far. But when it’s your turn to pick, you can choose the most hardcore video of women fucking you like,” Jane said with a laugh.

Connie wanted to continue, but she heard the moans on the television pick up and knew that the big climax was coming up. So Connie settled into the couch, rubbing her clit in small circles with her fingertips, while she enjoyed the sounds of Michelle’s own ragged moans just a few feet away. After a while even Jane slipped a hand into her thong, wanting to get off as well.

On the floor Tara let out an annoyed sigh. “Fine, if everyone’s doing it. Guess I’ll cum too.”

“Do you want to cum?” Michelle asked, concerned.

Tara gave up the fake anger. “Yeah, Mom, I find it hot too. I just felt left out.”

“That’s good. I’m glad we were all able to enjoy the movie together,” Michelle said, though her voice began hitching as she got closer to orgasm.

“Should we all try to cum at the same time?” Jane said, panting herself.

“I think Tara’s a little behind,” Connie replied, amazed at this entire, wonderful conversation.

“No, I’m close,” Tara grunted, and Connie was amazed to see how wet she was. She’d been stealing glances at Tara’s underwear through the movie and didn’t remember seeing her that wet. But then Connie noticed that Tara wasn’t watching the orgy on screen. Instead, Tara was licking her lips and watching Connie’s hand moving in her panties. Connie whimpered and began rubbing faster, happy to see Tara’s fingers moving to match her.

“Fuck, this feels so amazing,” Connie muttered. Michelle and Jane laughed behind her, but there wasn’t any judgment or shame in the sound. They truly were laughing because they were enjoying themselves too.

The wet sounds of their masturbation filled the lounge, along with the delighted moans of all four women as they approached climax. To the Silva family, there was nothing wrong about what was happening; they loved their family members, and saw no shame in how they enjoyed themselves. The only who truly recognized how twisted this entire scene was Connie, who happened to be getting off to it the most. Connie savored the sounds of the family united in orgasm, all of them crying out at the same time as they came. And Connie came with them, listening to how perfect all three voices sounded together.

Even with this victory, though, Connie couldn’t help but dream of more. Of how much better the Silva family would sound if their moans were because they were fucking each other, instead of just masturbating in the same room. Tara going down on her mother, while Jane went down on her. And all three of them moaning Connie’s name, each wearing a black collar that marked them as her submissive slaves.

Tonight, Connie knew that she’d truly taken another step towards her goal, but even as she savored the afterglow of the intense orgasm, her mind was already busy trying to think of what step she could take next.