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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 11

It Would Make Me Happy: Part 1

It had been two weeks since Connie had technically moved into the Silva family household, and there was no doubt that they had been the greatest two weeks of her life. Every day she’d get to see Michelle and her daughters Jane and Tara in nothing but their underwear, going about their day as if it were completely ordinary to be nearly naked. Best of all was how Connie had been able to make the family more supportive about sexual matters, which meant that in the house they had no shame about masturbation and had begun to do it casually. Every other morning, Connie and Tara would come down to breakfast and find Michelle rubbing her pussy idly, greeting them with a wide smile. Tara would always be unfazed by seeing her mother touching herself, simply asking what they had for breakfast.

Connie was the only one to see how much the mother and her two daughters had been changed, but since she was the one responsible, it didn’t bother her at all. She’d spent the two weeks enjoying the view, and keeping up her lessons with Jane, who was happy to teach the young lesbian how to sleep with women.

It was Saturday morning, and Connie was in the middle of one of those lessons, with her head stuck between Jane’s legs. Connie savored the taste of the older girl, but she also moved her tongue diligently. She wanted to prove to Jane that she’d been paying attention and was making plenty of progress.

“Ohh, yes, yes, that’s good. A little higher and nnghh, perfect. Use a little more tongue, remember the trick I taught you.” Jane moaned happily, her hands grabbing Connie’s hair to spur her on. “Fuck yes, keep going. Just like that. Don’t… mhmm, don’t stop.”

Connie eagerly ate out Jane and focused entirely on the task of pleasuring her. It was in that zen like state of cunnilingus that Connie was able to see how amazing her life was. Three weeks ago she’d never even been kissed by another woman and her crush on the beautiful Silva women was the epitome of unrequited. Yet here she was now, going down on one of the three women of her dreams. Thanks to Gloria and her hypnosis, Connie’s life had gone to such amazing new places.

Well, things weren’t perfect, of course. Tara was clearly interested in her, but mistakenly thought that Connie was dating Jane. With her strict moral limit on infidelity, it meant that even though Connie was able to watch Tara when she masturbated around the house, she’d never be able to do anything sexual with her. That was okay, since she had Jane as a fuck buddy, but the older sister had made it clear that she didn’t want anything emotional with Connie. She was only sleeping with her because she thought it would help give Connie the confidence to go after Tara, who she saw as the perfect couple.

It was a love triangle right out of a sitcom, or perhaps a very explicit HBO show, but Connie wasn’t letting herself worry over it. There was room for improvement, but honestly she didn’t mind if things continued this way forever. Besides, Gloria was the one who was able to hypnotize the family, and she’d pushed the grandmother about as far as she was willing to go with her changes to the household. Connie would have loved to keep making changes, to bring the family closer to her incest fantasies with things like long goodbye kisses with plenty of tongue, but she knew Gloria would reject that outright. Even worse, if Gloria caught on that she’d been manipulating her and the rest of the family, she’d be kicked out of the house forever. Connie didn’t want to risk her cushy place between Jane’s legs or her spot sleeping on the floor where she could watch Tara masturbate every night. So instead, Connie happily accepted all she’d accomplished and was content to stay like this forever.

Jane came hard, clenching her thick thighs and nearly crushing Connie’s head, but she’d gotten used to Jane’s violent orgasms. With her tongue still in her cunt, Connie watched as Jane arched her back and groped at her tits, hissing in ecstasy as she came. After a few more seconds of bliss, Jane collapsed on the bed, and her legs released Connie.

Connie wiped her mouth clean and crawled over Jane, cuddling in beside her. Jane had made it clear this was just about sex, which meant no kissing, but apparently she was fine with being hugged after an orgasm. Jane threw an arm around Connie’s neck and smiled at her.

“That was amazing. You’ve certainly picked this up quickly.”

“I mean, I’ve had lots of practice,” Connie said, giggling. “And you’re a great teacher.”

“I’d say you’ve come a long way from when we started. I think any woman would be lucky to have you go down on them.”

Connie blushed, burying her head in Jane’s shoulder. “Thank you. I was always pretty self-conscious about that. Like, what if I finally manage to get in bed with someone and I’m terrible at it? They’d probably never want to see me again.”

Jane caught Connie by surprise by pulling her in for a hug. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nobody would be that shallow, and if they were then they wouldn’t deserve to be with you. Luckily, you had an amazing coach to teach you the ways of pleasing a woman, so that won’t ever be a problem for you.”

“Thank you for helping me. Honestly. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.” Connie smiled at her warmly. “You’re like a big sister to me.”

Jane’s cheeks went bright red.

“Thats… sweet. But maybe don’t think of us as sisters right after you ate me out?”

“Oh, right. Because that would be weird.” Connie blushed and looked away. With the family’s casual masturbation around each other, sometimes Connie had a hard time remembering that they still viewed incest as wrong.

Jane sat up and stretched her arms to the air, her huge tits bouncing to Connie’s delight. Connie was so content with the lovely sight that she missed what Jane said at first.

“So yeah, I don’t think we need to sleep together anymore.”

Connie did a double-take. “Wh— why do you say that?”

“Well, I was just teaching you how to have sex, and from your performance there I’d say you’ve gotten pretty good. Really good, if I’m honest.”

“But, but… there has to be more for me to learn!”

“Probably, but that’s about everything I know about lesbian sex. I’ve only slept with a few women myself,” Jane said with a shrug.

Connie shook her head, trying to come to grips with this. Jane was the only person in the family she was actually able to hook up with. She was able to watch Michelle and Tara to her heart’s content, but she couldn’t actually kiss or touch either of them. If Jane cut her off, then Connie would only be able to watch her from a distance as well, which meant that her dream life in the Silva house would go back to the way things used to be, with Connie touching herself all alone and dreaming of what she couldn’t have. Only now she’d see how the beautiful Silva women were all nearly naked and obliviously touching themselves. It had seemed so hot before, but without a way to be a part of it, Connie realized that all these changes would be even more teasing to her. There had to be something she could do.

Jane saw Connie panicking and put a hand on her back. “Relax, Connie. I’m not doing this as anything personal against you.”

“I know, but… I really like having sex with you.”

Jane’s plump lips spread back into a smile. “I enjoy it too, but you know there’s no future in it.” Connie nodded her head, sadly. “I already told you that we’d be awful in a relationship together. Like, I’m easy to get along with while we’re fucking, but I’d drive you crazy if we were dating.”

Connie nodded her head again, still staring at her knees.

“Besides, aren’t you in love with Tara?”

“I am, but she doesn’t want me.”

Jane snorted. “Please, she wants you so badly. It’s painfully obvious. She’s always fucking herself whenever she knows you’ll come by.”

Connie had noticed that too, and she loved it. Only, any time she ever tried to talk to Tara about doing anything together, Tara would always politely shut her down.

“Tara thinks that you and I are dating, so she refuses to go out with me.”

Jane sat up, bewildered. “Why does she think we’re dating?”

“Probably from all the sex we’ve been having,” Connie said quietly, and Jane shook her head.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? We were only having sex so you’d be good at it by the time you slept with Tara. I’m sure we could have explained that to her.”

“I know, but… I was just afraid.”

Jane narrowed her eyes at Connie.

“Were you afraid that I’d stop sleeping with you if you told me?”

“… yes,” Connie muttered, guilty.

Jane sighed and ran a hand through her frizzy hair. “I probably would have so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea. You do realize you may have permanently fouled things up with Tara, right?”

“I knooow,” Connie whined. “But I was just so lonely and you were amazing and I just wanted to keep being with you.”

At that, Jane smiled and patted a hand on Connie’s head. “Trying to flatter me to get out of trouble, huh?”

“Is it working?” she asked sheepishly.

“Yes, it is. But we’re still going to have a lot of work to do if we’re going to hook you up with Tara. My sister is super into faithful relationships, and this is not a great place to start from.”

Connie looked up in surprise. “Wait, you’re still going to help me?”

“Of course I am,” Jane said as she rolled out of bed. She grabbed one of her thongs from the floor and slid it on. “I still want to do everything I can to make you happy, kid. Besides, if you don’t use those pussy eating techniques I taught you, then it would be a complete waste.”

Connie sniffed and stood up from the bed, standing in front of Jane awkwardly before suddenly giving her a hug. “Thank you, Jane. I was worried you’d be mad at me.”

“I forgive you,” Jane said laughing, pushing Connie away. “I was the one cumming with each lesson, so it’s not like you took advantage of me.” Jane picked up a pair of jeans and began to put them on, which caught Connie’s attention. None of the girls wore clothes around the house anymore, which meant she was planning on going out.

“Where are you going?”

“Were are WE going,” Jane corrected her. “If we want Tara to realize she deserves to be with you, then it’s going to take some serious work. And there’s only one place for teenagers to go and work out their emotional problems.”

“A therapist?” Connie guessed.

“No, dummy. We’re going to the mall.”

* * *

“Thanks for taking us to the movies, Jane,” Tara said as they got in line for the concession stand. “Normally you don’t like hanging out with us.”

Jane waved a hand dismissively. “It’s fine. Besides, I’ve been wanting to see ‘Good Luck Charm’ for a while, and it would be awkward going to a romantic comedy by yourself. I’m not that hard up for a date.”

“But going with your sister and her friend is better?”

“Of course, it goes from being desperate to being a girls day out at the mall,” Jane replied.

“Whatever works. I’m just looking forward to the popcorn,” Tara said with a laugh.

Connie stayed behind them, silent as per usual. It’s not that she was a normally quiet person, but Tara and Jane tended to dominate any conversation they were in naturally, so she knew that it was normally more fun to sit back and watch the sisters go. Besides, she was just overjoyed for the chance to be with both beautiful women at once. Even though she’d just ended their agreement for casual sex, Jane did seem to be having fun hanging out with them, although Connie felt like Jane had something else in mind.

Jane suddenly patted her pocket and let out a loud gasp. “Oh shoot, I left my phone in the car. Tara, can you go grab it for me?”

Tara put on a sour face. “Why do I have to go get it?”

“Because I paid for the popcorn, and it’s the least you could do to be a good sister.”

“Ugh, fine. Sorry, Connie, I’ll meet you in the theater.”

“It’s all good,” Connie replied, watching Tara as she angrily marched out to the door, her eyes lingering on Tara’s ass.

Jane laughed beside her. “You should be a little less obvious about checking out my sister. I’m amazed it took her so long to catch on.”

Connie turned away, her cheeks burning. “I wasn’t…” Then she remembered that just an hour ago she’d been eating Jane out, so there was no point trying to hide it. “I just forgot how good her butt looked in jeans.”

“Yeah, we haven’t been wearing clothes a lot, have we?” Jane replied with a chuckle. She slipped her phone out from her jacket pocket and glanced at it, tapping her foot as she waited in line.

Confused, Connie said, “I thought you left your phone in the car.”

“Nah, I just needed an excuse to hold her up. Actually, why don’t you go off and get us some good seats? I’ll get the popcorn and everything.”

“What are you up to, Jane?”

“Just go get the seats, Connie. Trust me.”

Connie sighed and walked off, figuring that she’d learn what was going on soon enough. The theater had begun to fill up, and Connie hurried into a good aisle where she found three empty seats together. Connie shuffled into the middle seat, making sure to position herself between both sisters. Not that she expected a romantic comedy to stir both of them into making out with her, but it gave Connie hope that she had options. Then again, if the sisters were sitting next to each other they could find their hands meeting as they reach for the popcorn. Tara blushing and staring at her older sister, Jane equally hesitant, but slowly they start to lean towards one another for a forbidden kiss, and just as their lips meet…

“Take your popcorn, Connie.”

Connie snapped out of her daydream and took the popcorn from Jane, her ears still burning from the hot fantasy. If only she was able to find some way to convince the sisters to go in for incest, but that would take far too much hypnosis to accomplish, and Gloria would instantly know what she was up to. Admitting defeat, Connie stuffed the incest fantasy into her subconscious, where it would wait until she was back at the Silva’s home and able to masturbate freely.

Connie pulled her legs in for Jane to pass by, but was surprised to see Jane turn around to leave.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m gonna go sneak into the next theater. They’re playing a new mystery movie I want to check out.”

Connie crossed her arms and huffed. “I would’ve gone to see that. Why’d you stick me with this dumb movie?”

Jane leaned in and offered a wink. “Because now you and Tara get to sit and watch a romantic movie together, just the two of you. Alone.”

“Okay, I get it,” Connie snapped, blushing. She had to admit, it wasn’t that bad of a plan. Like Jane had said, they just needed to convince Tara that she liked Connie enough to fight for her, and hopefully sitting together in a dark theater would help bring those feelings out to play. Connie offered Jane a grateful smile. “Thanks for this, Jane. How can I—”

“Shh, I gotta run,” Jane said, hurrying out to the aisle. “I gotta split before Tara sees me.” She offered Connie a last thumbs up before she ran out to the door.

Connie sat back in her chair, feeling herself getting excited again. Tara had always been a fan of romantic comedies, since she was a hopeless romantic herself, and she had dragged Connie along to plenty of cheesy chick flicks. This would be the first romantic movie they’d watch since Tara had learned about Connie’s interest in her, and she’d developed her own feelings for Connie. Tara clearly loved her, so she just needed to give her friend a chance to let those feelings show.

Now that Connie thought about it, this was the perfect set up. She’d been stumped on how to deal with Tara and convince her that cheating was okay, but the answer was actually so much more simple. All she had to do was think by romantic comedy rules. It was always about some shy person who found the person of their dreams dating someone who wasn’t right for them. Connie just needed to get Tara to have the confidence to declare her feelings, and then they can finally be together!

Once they were going out, Connie would be able to do some conditioning on Tara’s ideas of monogamy and incest, but until then, this would be the best option. Connie heard her phone chime and quickly plucked it from her pocket to turn it off. That’s when she noticed a new text from Tara and her heart sunk.


Connie slapped her forehead. How was she supposed to get with either sister when they were both convinced that she belonged with the other one!?

She started getting out of her seat but the credits began to roll, and so she hesitantly sat back down. Where would she go anyway? If she joined Tara or Jane they’d wonder where the other sister was, and that would only cause more problems. Besides, the disappointment in her chest still stung pretty hard, and she didn’t feel the energy to do much of anything.

And so for the next twenty minutes, Connie did nothing but lazily munch popcorn and stare at the back of the chair ahead of her, utterly bored out of her mind. She wasn’t even aware of what was happening in the film in front of her. She’d never seen any trailers for “Good luck Charm”, and all she’d been able to gleam from the plot was that the attractive blonde lead seemed to have no clue that she was ridiculously hot, and the spunky friend who worked in her office had a really annoying laugh.

Connie heard the annoying laugh now, and everyone else in the theater laughed along so Connie supposed it must have been funny. Connie let out a sigh and closed her eyes, determined to at least try and get a nap in if she was stuck like this.

“Gemma, don’t you see that with this power, people have to do whatever you say!”

Connie straightened up in her seat so fast that she spilled her popcorn to the floor, but it was nearly empty anyway. For the first time Connie really paid attention to the film, and saw the hot blonde lead holding some weird green Tiki idol looking thing.

“The old man from the carnival said that the idol would make others want to make me happy, but I figured he was just trying to get rid of this ugly thing.”

“But you saw the way Mark was acting just now,” the spunky friend said, and Connie wished she’d been paying attention. “He agreed to do all of your paperwork that was due this weekend, and he never goes out of his way to be nice.”

Gemma stared at the Tiki idol with awe. “Maybe this thing really does have magic powers! I’ll have to try this out.”

Connie watched as the actresses on screen marched into what had to be the office of her boss, since he was played by that one actor from that one show that was pretty popular. He had a stern look on his face, which only got sterner as he saw Gemma and the spunky friend.

“What do you want, Ms. Harlow?” the actor snarled.

“I— I just wanted to ask for a promotion,” Gemma said, frightened.

“We’d all like a promotion,” he snapped, narrowing his eyes angrily.

Gemma looked ready to flee, until she said, “I meant, it would make me really happy to get a promotion!”

The film went to a shot of the green Tiki idol glowing with a bad special effect, although Connie had to admit it was a great shot of the actress’ big tits. Unfortunately the movie changed to show her boss with his eyes flashing green, and he broke into a wide smile before he frowned.

“Why, I’d love to promote you, Ms. Harlow, but I don’t have the authority.”

“Oh,” Gemma said, disappointed.

“But what I can do,” the boss said with a bright smile, “Is get you put on the Sampson account. If you do good work on that, then the higher ups will be sure to notice you.”

The spunky friend cheered as Gemma cried out with glee. “That’s amazing, thank you.”

“Anything to make you happy,” the formerly stern boss said, grinning like an idiot.

“It would also make me happy to have the weekend off. Mark already said he’d cover my work.”

“Consider it done!”

The spunky friend suddenly stepped forward. “And Gemma wants you to take your shirt off!”

The boss stared at them in shock, and Gemma clapped a hand over her mouth.

“I mean, it would make Gemma happy if you took your shirt off… sir.”

The boss rolled his eyes. “Well why didn’t you say so?”

The women around Connie laughed and whistled as the attractive actor stood up and quickly slipped off his shirt, revealing a ripped body that Connie was sure straight women found hot. Personally she would’ve preferred to see the spunky friend or Gemma without her shirt, but knew that wasn’t likely. Still, she found herself gripping the armrests tight, her heart pounding as she watched.

“Will you need anything else, Gemma?” The now topless boss asked, his abs still on display. Gemma and the friend were giggling to themselves as they ran out.

“No, thank you Mr. Donovan!”

As they ran out the boss sat back down to work, noticing the strange stares that all of the other employees were giving him on the other side of the glass wall, which got a huge laugh from the audience. Connie fell back in the chair, too lost in thought to care about what else happened in the movie. This whole time Connie had been depending on Gloria’s hypnosis to change the family, knowing that she couldn’t make any of the fun changes she wanted without the old woman’s approval. And yet, Gloria had given both sisters the command to make Connie happy. She’d always seen that in the small favors they did for her, but it wasn’t until she saw the cheesy movie that Connie began to appreciate just how far people would be willing to go to make someone they care about happy.

When she’d been following Tara like a lovesick puppy, Connie had always gone along with anything her best friend wanted. All the terrible romcoms she’d gush over to make Tara think she liked them too, helping Tara with her homework, always letting her win at video games. If Tara really was in love with Connie, would she be willing to jump on command like that as well? Jane clearly didn’t have feelings for Connie, but she was going out of her way to help set her up with Tara, so maybe there was more she could do there as well.

A smile spread on Connie’s face as a plan began to form in her mind, and she sat oblivious to the rest of the movie. Once it let out, she had some fun ideas on what the three of them could do next.

* * *

Jane, Tara and Connie all found each other outside the theater, both sisters smiling secretively. “So how was the movie, guys?” Jane asked, smirking.

“I was gonna ask you two the same thing,” Tara asked, giggling.

Both sisters suddenly stopped smiling, staring at Connie and each other in confusion. Connie quickly held up her hands. “Lets just agree everyone had a great time. I really want to go clothes shopping, if you guys don’t mind.”

At that, Tara and Jane nodded. “That sounds good to me.”


“Great, I know just the place.”

Connie quickly hurried through the mall, her excitement getting the better of her. Jane was huffing as she tried to jog after her, while Tara glanced around in confusion at each clothing store they passed.

“Where are we going, Connie?”

“Almost there,” she replied, doing her best to hide her blushing face. She’d never dared go into the store before, and she hoped the other girls wouldn’t object. Finally, Connie stopped as they came to a storefront with a pink, heart-shaped sign. “Here we are.”

Tara and Jane both stared at the lingerie store with confused looks. “You want something from here?” Jane asked, shocked.

“Actually, I was hoping that Tara might get something from here.”

That earned another incredulous look from the sisters.

Connie fidgeted, not used to being the center of attention. “Well, you remember when we snuck into your room, and I tried to get Tara to try on some of your thongs?”

Tara blushed and rubbed a hand over the swell of her butt, still remembering how Jane had forced Connie to spank her ass red over that. She hadn’t ever admitted to Connie that she still touched herself to the memory of it.

Jane crossed her arms. “I remember.”

“I still think that Tara would look good in thongs, and I didn’t want her stealing any of yours. So, I figured I’d see if Tara wanted to buy any for herself.”

Tara’s face went bright red. “I don’t know, it seems a little inappropriate…”

Connie put on her sweetest smile. “It’d make me really happy to see you around the house in a nice thong, Tara.”

Hearing that, Tara’s embarrassment faded and she put on a happy smile. “Okay, I’ll do it. I did want to try some on, anyway.”

“Great,” Connie said as she clapped her hands. “And after wards you can model them off for me just like you promised two weeks ago.”

Uncertain, Tara’s eyes darted over to Jane, who she thought was still dating Connie. “I’m not sure if that’s the best idea.”

“Well I’d love it, and I’m sure Jane would be happy to back me up. Wouldn’t you, Jane?”

Jane gave her a reassuring smile. “You can model them off for both of us, Tara. And I promise no spanking this time,” she said with a laugh.

“Unless I feel like spanking you,” Connie said suddenly, amazed at herself. “I mean, you’d be cool with me spanking you. If I wanted to, that is.”

“Yes,” Tara replied quickly, gulping. “If you want to, I mean, I’d be… yeah.” Her face was going bright red again, filled with images of modeling herself in skimpy underwear and possibly being spanked again. She knew it was wrong, since Connie was dating Jane, but Jane had seemed cool with it. Actually, she was the one who made Connie spank her before, so maybe her sister was fine with Connie spanking her on occasion. Before she could let her fantasies go on any further, she rushed off into the lingerie store, quickly searching for the thongs that she thought Connie would like best. Tara knew this wasn’t about her needs after all. She just knew she’d love doing anything to make Connie happy.

Jane watched in awe as Tara perused the silk selection of underwear, laughing. “Wow, I never thought I’d see Tara looking for sexy underwear. That movie must have really done a number on her.”

“She actually bailed on the movie,” Connie admitted. “It was a good plan, but she did the same thing, to try and set me up with you.”

Jane gasped. “That little bitch stole my idea!”

“Relax, it’s fine. It actually gave me time to think about what I wanted, so I appreciate it.”

“You certainly seemed to have figured out how to motivate Tara. Although, I’m not looking forward to seeing her modeling her underwear.”

“You always see her in her underwear,” Connie said, confused.

“I know, but that’s normal, this is…” Jane floundered, trying to figure out how to explain something so obvious. “This is her showing off her panties in a deliberately sexy way, and I don’t want to see my sister shaking her ass to turn you on.”

Connie laughed. “Of course, there’s no way you’d ever be turned on by your sister.”

“Obviously,” Jane said with a roll of her eyes.

“On the other hand, it would mean a lot to me if you watched. It would make Tara not feel self-conscious if she knew you were there, and it would make me happy if you watched it with me.”

Jane pouted, then let out a sigh. “Okay. I won’t like it, but I’ll watch with you.” Jane scrunched up her nose, thinking. “Why can’t we just tell Tara we were never actually dating?”

“You said yourself, she’s a hopeless romantic. Tara only knows about relationships from cheesy romcoms, so she’s convinced if you kiss someone then you’re together for life.”

Jane let out an annoyed sigh. “Meaning that since she saw you going down on me, she’s convinced herself it’s because of true love or some junk?”

“Yeah, I tried to broach the subject of casually hooking up and she looked at me like I was the devil.”

That made Jane burst out with a high pitched laugh. “You sure know how to pick your crushes, don’t you, Connie?”

Connie was watching Jane, smiling to herself at the adorable expression the older girl made as she laughed. “Yeah, I certainly do.”

“Fine, then I promise not to say anything to Tara about it, but you’re going to have a hell of a time trying to get her to date you.”

“You have no idea,” Connie muttered, suddenly slipping next to Jane and wrapping herself around Jane’s arm. “Now, while Tara is shopping, I think you should buy yourself some sexy lingerie.”

“You do remember I’m not gonna hook up with you anymore, right?” Jane asked, suspicion clear in her voice.

“I know, and I’m fine with that,” Connie said with her most convincing smile. “But I still really enjoy watching you around the house, and I think if you started wearing lingerie it would be really hot.”

Jane bit her lip, staring around at the different corsets and negligees on the racks. “So… this isn’t about trying to get with me?”

“Nope, I’m not trying to make you date me. But you’d be fine knowing that I’m masturbating thinking of you, right?”

“I guess. I’m assuming you did that before we started sleeping together, right?”

Connie nodded her head eagerly. “A lot, actually.”

“Hmm, I guess that does mean you have good taste. And when you start dating Tara, I suppose you’d still see me around the house in my underwear anyway.”

“That’s right,” Connie said. “This is just for me to enjoy, and it would make me really happy.”

Jane laughed and held up her hands. “Okay, fine, you can stop giving me the puppy dog eyes.”

“So you’ll buy some lingerie for yourself?”

“Sure, why not,” Jane replied as she picked up a cute pink bra. “You’ll get a thrill out of it, and then I’ll have something sexy to wear for the next person I hook up with.”

Connie grinned. “See, everybody wins.” She watched as Jane went off searching through the lingerie, while across the store, Tara was still picking through the thongs, as if she were trying to find the ones with the least material of all. With just a few pleading words she’d convinced them each to buy something sexy to please her, even though both of them seemed determined that they wouldn’t end up with her. It meant that Gloria must have done a great job in telling the sisters to make Connie happy, if they would do this much for her.

Then again, who said this was the limit? Connie glanced out the door of the store at the numerous shops in the mall. So many possibilities for more fun to be had. A predatory smile flashed over Connie’s face. In the interest of science, she clearly had to find out just how far Tara and Jane would go to please her.