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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 12

It Would Make Me Happy: Part 2

“How does this skirt look?” Tara asked, holding up a pink mini-skirt that would show off plenty of leg. She posed for Connie, holding the skirt over her jeans to show that it ended at her thighs.

Connie made a show of thinking on it. “It’s good, but honestly it makes me happier to see cute girls in something even shorter.”

Tara made a sour face at the skirt, glaring at the article of clothing as if it had personally offended her. “You know what? I’m sure I’ll find a better skirt. This store has to have something sluttier.” Tara clapped a hand over her mouth, amazed at what she’d just said. “Sorry, Connie. I didn’t mean slutty. I just know that short clothes are good but usually—”

“It’s okay,” Connie cut her off, laughing. “Slutty is a good word for it. And to be honest, it does kind of make me happy to see hot girls looking slutty.”

Tara’s face went red, and she quickly spun around. “That’s… good to know,” she muttered, before running out to check the next section of the store. Connie grinned to herself as Tara began frantically searching the racks of clothing, desperate to find the shortest skirt possibly in stock.

“Good luck, Tara. I’m going to go see how Jane is doing.” Connie couldn’t believe how well all of this was going. After a short search, she found Jane on the other side of the store nervously looking through a selection of leggings. Jane smiled as she caught sight of Connie. “Hey, Connie. How’s Tara doing?”

“She’s still looking for something to buy,” Connie answered casually. “What are you looking at?”

“Just checking out some of the leggings. Not that I’d ever buy them. My big ass is wonderful, but it means anything this tight is right out the window.”

“Why’s that?” Connie asked, doing her best to sound innocent. “I actually really love— I mean, it makes me really happy seeing a girl with a booty like yours dressed in something really tight and sheer.”

Jane’s eyes seemed to glaze over slightly as her mind processed the words. “You do?” she asked, sounding slightly drunk.

Connie nodded. “It makes me happy to see someone sexy wearing stuff that shows off her body.”

Jane bit her lip, her eyes falling back on the leggings. “Maybe I’ll try the leggings on. I mean, I never wear them so… maybe I can get your opinion on how I look?”

“You mean on how your ass looks in those tights?” Connie teased.

Jane turned away, and it was fun for Connie to see the normally confident girl so shy. “Yeah.”

“I’d be happy to.”

That sent another shiver of pleasure up Jane’s spine, and she eagerly snatched up the tights. Then, just before she left for the dressing room, she grabbed two more pairs of leggings with different designs. Jane figured she may as well experiment to see what looked best. Connie would enjoy her modeling them off, which was an added bonus.

Connie could barely contain her excitement. This new magic phrase was working like a dream. She’d gotten Tara to buy a nice collection of thongs, all of which Tara had made clear that she’d eagerly show off if it made Connie happy. Not to mention the lingerie that Jane had bought for herself.

After that, Tara and Jane happened to learn that it would make Connie happy if they treated her to lunch, which they did without a moment’s hesitation. Even when she’d asked for the nice Japanese restaurant with the fancy sushi, the sisters had insisted on eating there if it would make Connie happy. Now they’d spent the last twenty minutes going through the clothing store which was probably the most fun for Connie so far.

For this store, Connie had decided to really test what she could do. It was easy enough convincing Tara and Jane to buy something new for themselves as a treat. The real trick was watching either of them bringing up a decidedly cute top or nice pair of pants and then Connie casually mentioning how seeing a girl in a different style made her happier. It was indescribable, watching the girls study the piece of clothing they’d loved a moment ago, only to see that it failed to make Connie the happiest she could be. They’d race off to find something that suited them better, which just so happened to involve skimpier and sluttier looking clothing.

Connie was forced to hold back her giggles at everything that Tara was bringing up to her, starting with sweaters and dresses and slowly transforming into Tara showing off halter tops and tight shorts. Connie knew she couldn’t let Tara ever actually buy any of this stuff since she’d look like a complete slut, but Connie was having too much fun to let the entertainment stop now.

As Connie was considering what else would make her happy here at the mall, Tara sprinted past and skidded to a stop as she saw Connie. “I’ve got it!” she yelled excitedly.

“What do you have?” Connie asked, curious what had Tara so hyped up.

Tara proudly held up a green pleated skirt, and at first Connie mistook the tiny piece of fabric for a scarf. “Did you steal this from the children’s section?” Connie asked, barely able to believe that the store would sell something so scandalously short.

“I plead the fifth,” Tara said, embarrassed. She held the tiny skirt out in front of her, laying it over her jeans to show Connie how she would look in it. Connie blushed instantly, noticing that if her friend actually wore this the hem would just barely manage to cover Tara’s crotch. Connie felt her body reacting instantly, trying to imagine Tara’s toned body wearing nothing but the flimsy skirt. This was dangerously sexy, and she absolutely shouldn’t give in to the temptation of letting her friend buy it.

“C-can you turn around for me?”

Tara blushed. “You’re right, that would be way too short for this. I should just go put it—”

“It would make me happy if you turned around,” Connie blurted, and Tara obeyed instantly. She spun around and held the skirt over the swell of her ass, confirming for Connie that the green skirt wouldn’t cover her rear completely. It would obviously show off the bottom half of her ass, and that was just standing straight. If she bent over…

“You should absolutely buy it,” Connie muttered, nearly drooling.

“If it makes you happy,” Tara replied meekly, but she was incredibly turned on just knowing that Connie was fantasizing about her in the revealing skirt.

“Yes. Wait, I mean no. You shouldn’t buy it, it’s way too much.” Connie shook her head. She’d only just discovered this new power, and Connie knew she couldn’t let herself go overboard with it just yet.

“Oh. Yeah, I guess it is inappropriate.” Tara tried to speak with relief, but her disappointment showed through.

Connie bit her lip, knowing that both of them wanted something that they knew was wrong. Only she had the power to make it come true, but was it right for her to just get anything she wanted all the time? After some serious consideration, Connie finally said, “I mean, you can’t buy it until you try it on first. So you should go try it on. And I’d be happy to see how it looks.”

“That would be so great of you, thanks Connie.” Tara gave her friend a warm hug, overjoyed at the chance to model off the slutty skirt for her friend. Both Tara and Jane seemed to get a giddy kind of high whenever they got to do something that Connie said would make her happy. Connie still felt her guilt, but it was hard to focus on that for long when the two beautiful women she was manipulating seemed so delighted over the whole thing.

Connie followed Tara to the back of the store, laughing as she eagerly threw herself into one of the dressing rooms. The dressing room area was isolated in the back of the store and Connie saw that she happened to have the place all to herself. She dropped into one of the comfortable couches and stretched her legs out. From all of the fun she’d had being made happy, Connie was also incredibly horny, and had to spend the last hour resisting the urge to tell the sisters that it would make her happy if they fingered her in the dressing room.

First of all was the fear of them being caught fooling around by the employees, but Connie also suspected that the girls wouldn’t go for it. Hypnosis did have limits, and Connie knew she couldn’t compel either Tara or Jane to do anything they didn’t want to. Jane had ended their fuckbuddy status, and Connie wasn’t sure if the argument that it would make her happy would get things to restart between them. As for Tara, she doubted that an addiction to making Connie happy would extend to sex. Still, it was a tempting option.

Connie was watching the door to Tara’s room excitedly, trying to crane her head lower to peek under and see if she could see Tara’s clothes on the floor. Even though she could see Tara in her underwear every day, it was still exciting to think of her undressing in there.

Connie was surprised when the door to another dressing room opened, but when she saw who it was her jaw dropped. Jane emerged from the room, wearing a tight pair of purple leggings that seemed to be painted directly onto her skin. With her wide hips and sensually thick thighs, the leggings had been turned practically sheer, and Connie could clearly see Jane’s black and white striped panties that she had on underneath. When she looked closely Connie swore she even saw the outline of the pink fox tattoo on Jane’s thigh.

Jane nervously shifted from one foot to the other, clearly conscious of how exposed she was. “Well? How do they look?”

“Amazing,” Connie muttered, wiping the drool from her lip. “That is… seriously one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

“They might be a bit too tight.”

“They seem perfect to me.” Connie kept staring at Jane’s panties, wondering if Jane was anywhere near as turned on as she was. With how thin those tights were, Connie was certain that she’d be able to feel how wet Jane was just by touching her through the leggings.

“Please, you can totally see my panties,” Jane laughed, embarrassed.

“True,” Connie nodded. “You should take the panties off and see how the tights look then.”

Jane scowled. “What? Do you think I’m gonna flash my pussy to half the store?”

Connie flinched back at the harsh rebuke, realizing she forgot the magic words. “It would make me happy?”

The older girl let out a sigh and smiled, marching back into the dressing room. If Connie had felt turned on before, it was nothing compared to the reaction her body had seeing Jane’s ass in those purple leggings. With her huge butt, the fabric was stretched near to ripping, and Connie watched mesmerized as her ass jiggled with every step. She actually let out a whimper when Jane shut the door behind her, and was tempted to call her back out.

Just then, Tara emerged from her dressing room. She’d managed to stuff herself into the green skirt and had completed the look with one of the black halter tops she’d shown Connie earlier. Tara was even wearing a pair of black thigh high socks that Connie hadn’t even seen her grab. It was an incredibly sexy look, one that would have sent Connie over the moon on any other day. Instead, Connie found herself barely giving Tara a second glance as she turned back to Jane’s door, the memory of her amazing ass still fresh in her mind.

“Soooo,” Tara said, swishing the mini-skirt back and forth, “what do you think?”

“Wha? Oh it looks great,” Connie replied with a quick glance.

Tara stomped her foot and the mini-skirt bounced, threatening to flash what little it actually covered. “You barely even looked at me!”

Connie slapped her face lightly, trying to knock herself free from the hypnotic image of Jane’s ass. “You’re right, I’m sorry. Let me get a good look at you.”

At that, Tara smirked and posed, happy to see her outfit finally having a reaction on Connie. “So is this the kind of slutty outfit that makes you happy?” she asked, teasing.

“Definitely. That is certainly a great look for you.” Connie stared at the way the halter top showed off Tara’s perky tits, and the thigh high socks showed off her thin and muscular legs.

“Really? I think it might be a little short in the back.”

Connie was about to make a joke, when Tara spun around and cut her off with the sight of her bare ass. When she’d gone into the dressing room she’d apparently swapped out whatever panties she was wearing for one of her new thongs, and the view for Connie was fantastic. The back of the skirt barely covered her round ass, and though with her athletic body it didn’t jiggle like Jane’s did, Connie was still drawn to it like it was calling to her. Connie even wanted to crawl over and kiss her ass, just to see if Tara would allow her to get away with it. When she nervously checked Tara’s reaction, Connie saw that Tara was smiling wide and practically glowing at Connie’s praise. In that moment, Connie suspected Tara would actually allow her to come over and touch her, no matter who Tara imagined she was dating.

Heart pounding, Connie got to her feet and took a step towards Tara, noting how Tara made no move to cover herself or keep Connie away. She started reaching a hand towards Tara’s ass, licking her lips. “You know what would make me really happy, Tara?”

Tara smiled shyly, batting her eyes. “What?”


Just as Connie’s hand was about to grab hold of Tara’s ass, the door to the other dressing room opened to reveal Jane. Tara saw Connie’s head whip around to stare at Jane, her hand freezing just a few inches from her ass. She saw what her sister was wearing and gasped, wondering how the hell Connie had convinced her to wear something like that.

The purple tights were practically sheer on Jane, and Tara easily saw that she was going commando since the outline of her cunt was completely on display. Jane shifted uneasily, keeping her hands behind her back to stop herself from trying to cover up.

“Holy crap,” Connie whimpered, eyes wide.

Tara glared at Connie, wanting that lovesick look to be directed at her ass. While Connie was busy staring at Jane, Tara just happened to take a step over and ‘accidentally’ pushed her ass against Connie’s hand. Instinctively, Connie drew her hand away, still completely engrossed in leering at Jane’s barely covered pussy.

“I— I should probably put some panties back on,” Jane said nervously, her eyes scanning for anyone else who might enter the dressing room area and see her like this.

“Absolutely not,” Connie muttered, “I never want to see you with panties on again.”

Tara saw that Connie looked practically drunk at the sight of Jane’s leggings, babbling as if she had no self control. She felt anger and jealousy crackling in her chest, wondering what was wrong with her. Connie was dating Jane. She knew they were already making love, so they must have been secretly going out for a year or two to get to that stage. Tara knew the appropriate thing to do was to sit back and be happy for the couple.

Instead, Tara felt the urge to leap on top of Connie and do whatever depraved thing it took to make Connie never think of her sister again. It was wrong and petty, but Connie was her best friend, so if anyone should dress slutty and turn her on it should be her.

“That’s not fair,” Tara suddenly said, finally getting Connie’s attention.

“What’s not fair?”

“You didn’t tell me that we could choose not to wear panties. That’s a much sluttier thing to do, so that’s why Jane’s beating me.”

Connie let out a nervous laugh. “I mean, it’s not a competition. You both look—”

Without warning, Tara slipped her hands under the pleated skirt and yanked the black thong down to her ankles. Connie felt like her heart had stopped, because she’d clearly died and gone to heaven. There was a mirror behind Tara, and in its reflection she saw Tara’s wet pussy lips as she bent over. Even Jane stared in amazement. She’d wanted to trick Tara into making a move on Connie, but even she didn’t think that her plan would work this spectacularly.

Tara’s thong got caught on her shoe, but after a second of tugging she finally got it free. She quickly straightened up and brushed her ponytail back, putting on a confident smile on her face as she dangled her thong from her fingers. Then, with a mischievous grin, she flung her panties over to Connie, who caught them in disbelief.

“There. Now that we’re even, who’s the sluttiest between us?”

Connie’s eyes were so wide that she didn’t think she’d even blinked in the last minute. Holding the damp pair of panties in her hands, she glanced back and forth between the two sexy sisters, knowing that both of them had dressed in such ridiculously hot outfits just for her.

“I… you’re both amazing.”

“But which of us is sluttier?” Tara asked, determined.

Jane didn’t know what had come over her sister, but she recognized that it was time for her to back out and leave them to it. Hell, with this new slutty confidence of Tara’s she might end up dragging Connie into a dressing room and fuck her right here in the mall. They’d hook up, Jane would graciously ‘break up’ with Connie, and then they’d be happy lesbians together from now on. It all worked out perfectly.

Until Tara shot Jane a smug glance, and something primal inside Jane woke up. It was an animal growl, wondering who this little upstart was to think that she was better than her big sister? Tara was still a virgin, and everything she was doing now to act slutty was just an imitation of what she’d seen on TV. Jane didn’t think of herself as a slut, but she certainly knew how to turn men and women on like a pro. If Connie was happiest with the biggest slut then there was no contest. Even if it screwed up her plan with Connie, Jane wasn’t about to give up and let Tara think she was better.

“You really think you stand a chance against me?” Jane suddenly snapped, a determined fire in her eyes. “There’s more to being a slut than just taking your panties off, Tara.”

Tara wore a confident smile that would have looked at home on the face of a hungry jaguar. “Well, we’ll just see who Connie likes best.”

The sisters turned to Connie, who shrunk back under their intense stares. Connie cursed herself, wondering why she always forgot about their competitive streak.

“You both look really hot,” she answered diplomatically.

“So you’re saying you’d fuck either of us?” Tara asked, taking Connie by surprise.

“Of course!” Excitement raced through Connie. If she picked Tara, did that mean she’d go through with it and be with her?

Tara huffed and spun around, marching to the dressing room with her toned ass hanging out. “Then this isn’t good enough. Give me two minutes, and I’ll make sure that you’ll want to fuck me over Jane.”

Jane walked confidently back to her room, snarling, “Bring it on, Tara. I’ll show you how it’s really done.”

“And then Connie can tell us which of us makes her happiest!”

They slammed the doors shut and Connie stared around helplessly, still clutching Tara’s panties. This wasn’t good. In the blissful time she’d lived at the house she’d been able to make sure that the sisters got along well, even if they weren’t friends. It had gone so well that Connie had forgotten how often Tara and Jane would argue bitterly, snapping at each other’s throats as they competed over everything. Connie knew that if she let this go on it would only spiral worse, so the best thing to do would be to tell them both that what made her happiest was for both of them to stop competing over her.

Connie tugged at the collar of her shirt, fidgeting guiltily. Still, even if they were yelling, they were trying to turn her on. Seeing them both dressing like sluts to please her was something straight out of Connie’s fantasies. Part of her wanted to wait it out, at least a little longer, just to see what they would do for her next. The sensible part told her to cut her losses. Even if it wouldn’t get them dating, it was clear that Connie could live out her dream of hooking up with Tara. She could work with that, and now she had an idea of how far Jane and Tara would go to make her happy. Michelle too, now that she thought of it. This day had been a complete success, so it would be best to stop here and play it safe.

Then Tara emerged from the dressing room, and Connie let out a small whimper of pure need. Tara had ripped the halter top down the middle to practically turn it into a vest, and from the sight of her bare chest it was clear she’d left her bra back in the dressing room. The two hanging straps of fabric barely managed to hide her tits when she stood still, and with each step Tara took the torn shirt shifted back and forth to reveal her hard nipples in tantalizing flashes. Tara walked with one foot before the other like a model on the runway, swaying her hips with each step to bounce the tiny green skirt up and expose her pussy.

“Wow. Tara, you look—”

Tara cut her off by putting her hands on Connie’s chest and blatantly groping her tits. Connie let out a ragged moan as her best friend felt her up, something she’d dreamed of for years. Taking advantage of Connie’s compromised state, Tara easily pushed her backwards step by step. Tara reveled in how easy it was to manipulate Connie, how much power she felt simply from taking what she wanted. She wondered if Connie had any idea how good it felt to control someone else.

With a surprisingly hard shove, Tara pushed Connie down onto the couch. Connie landed hard, abruptly snapping out of her blissful state. “Hey, what was that—”

Connie’s voice gave out as Tara leapt onto her lap, straddling her hips and leaning in close so her torn black shirt would give Connie a clear view of her bare tits. Tara giggled, swaying her tits back and forth for Connie. “Were you saying something, Connie?”

“Was I?” the other girl muttered, already lost in the magnificent view.

Connie’s hands were laying limp at her sides, and Tara thought that was a real waste, so she took hold of her friend’s hands and brought them up to her ass. Tara shivered and bit her lip as Connie grabbed onto her ass, gently squeezing. Tara had never let anyone else touch her like this before. She’d had fun flashing Connie before she found out she was dating her sister, and even then Tara couldn’t resist the chance to touch herself where Connie could see her. No matter how wrong it was to tempt someone in a relationship, Tara wanted Connie so badly. Now here she was, actually touching her and so clearly turned on for her. If Jane wasn’t in the picture, Tara knew that Connie would be hers. Then again, even though she was dating Jane, Connie didn’t seem to mind being straddled like this. Maybe she could convince Connie to leave her sister to be with her. She knew it was mean, and cruel, and wrong, but fuck did it feel so good.

“Do you want me?” Tara found herself whispering, barely able to believe herself.

Connie looked up at her in surprise. “Yes,” she answered hastily.

“You can have me. Forget about Jane. Just come into the dressing room with me, and I’m yours.”

Connie opened her mouth to answer, but something held her back. Tara frowned, wondering what she was doing trying to break up her sister and her best friend. Clearly Connie cared for Jane if she was hesitating at the chance to fuck her like this.

What Tara couldn’t know, of course, was that Connie only hesitated because she was trying to think of a way to have Tara and Jane together. She knew there had to be some way to turn this sisterly competition into a threesome, or at least she hoped there was. Why have just Tara or Jane, when it might be possible to manage both like she really wanted?

Suddenly, the other dressing room door banged open and both Connie and Tara gasped at the sight of Jane. The curvier sister had replaced her shirt with a black and red bustier, part of the lingerie that Jane had bought back in the lingerie store. Connie had only gotten a quick glance at it before it went into the shopping bag, but now that she saw the way it clung to Jane’s large tits, there was no denying that it was a natural fit for her. Connie had almost expected to see the matching garter belt and stockings, but to her surprise Jane had left the leggings on, though she tore them nearly to shreds.

The purple leggings were torn strategically, still stretched thin and now giving tantalizing flashes of her ankles and thighs. What struck Connie and Tara the most, though, was that Jane had torn the crotch of the stockings open wide, so that her slick and dripping pussy was completely exposed. Both of them were speechless as Jane marched over without a word, her body bouncing and jiggling in a perfect sway. Connie couldn’t take her eyes off of Jane’s wet cunt, remembering the sweet taste of it she’d had from this morning. Connie knew that logically she’d already slept with Jane, so if she should pick anyone it should be Tara, but decked out in the torn tights Connie felt herself getting unbearably wet. She knew every inch of Jane’s body already, and still she wanted more.

Jane leaned in close and ignored Tara, who was still on Connie’s lap. With her eyes shining seductively, Jane said “Hmmmrh mhff mmhooo.”

Connie blinked in surprise. “What?”

Jane smiled apologetically and opened her mouth to reveal that something was gagging her. She delicately grabbed a piece of the fabric and slowly pulled out the gag, revealing that it was her black and white striped thong she’d been wearing earlier. “Sorry about that, Connie,” she said with a smile, loving the way that Connie’s jaw had dropped at the show. Jane took advantage of her open mouth to slip a loop of her thong into Connie’s mouth, who eagerly sucked on the damp fabric and was rewarded with the sweet taste of Jane’s pussy. “I said that I want you.”

Connie stared in awe, and Tara realized that her friend had completely forgotten she was there. Not wanting to lose, Tara reached her hands out and groped Connie’s tits, getting her attention back. “I’ll do anything you want, Connie. If being a slut will make you happiest, then I’ll be the biggest slut I can for you. I’ll do anything without shame.”

Jane huffed. “As if a virgin like you can slut it up enough to make Connie happy. I’ve already been fucking her. I know what she likes.”

Tara set her jaw and glared at Jane. “I’ll fuck anyone Connie tells me to. Just point at anyone you want, Connie, and I’ll fuck their brains out!”

Jane seemed taken back, but quickly doubled down. “And I’ll fuck anyone she wants too! Any man or woman, I don’t care who. So go on, Connie, tell us who to fuck.”

Connie watched the two sisters going back and forth, suddenly realizing what they were saying. “Wait, I thought you both wanted to fuck me?”

“Of course we do,” Jane snapped.

“But you already know that,” Tara agreed. “Sluts make you happiest, and sluts will fuck a lot of people, not just one. So tell us who to fuck.”

Connie blanched. She wanted Tara and Jane both to herself; she didn’t want to share them with anyone.

“Fine, we’ll go find someone to fuck ourselves.” Tara jumped up off of Connie’s lap, getting to her feet. “I’ll find some stranger and fuck them before you can, Jane.” Connie reached out to stop her, but Tara had already raced out of the dressing room, and Jane was close behind her.

“Wait, come back!” Connie ran to the door of the dressing room area but they were already lost in the clothes racks of the department store and out of sight. Connie panicked and pulled out her phone, desperately calling Tara. Only she heard the ringtone coming from the dressing room behind her, where Tara had left her purse and clothes. Connie turned to Jane’s dressing room and saw she’d left her stuff behind too. With clothes that revealing it made sense that they’d left their phones behind, but how was she supposed to catch them in time? She’d literally created two slutty monsters, and now the women she loved were going out to sleep with some random woman. Or worse, a man.

Connie hastily snatched up Tara and Jane’s clothes, shoving it all into one of the large shopping bags as she ran out of the dressing room, knowing her only chance was to find the sisters before they found someone willing to fuck them. Connie moaned to herself. Like anyone would turn down two hot women dressed like that!

“Jane! Tara!” Connie screamed, getting some looks from the customers around the store. She knew it was hopeless, but maybe—

“Shut up,” she suddenly heard Jane hiss from nearby. Connie spun around, but couldn’t see her. “Down here,” Jane said again, and Connie saw some shirts hanging from a clothes rack pull apart on their own. Connie peeked inside of the display and saw Jane and Tara kneeling inside, covering themselves with their hands.

“What are you two doing in there?” Connie asked, relieved that she hadn’t found them on top of some strangers.

“Making asses of ourselves, apparently,” Jane snapped.

“Can you give us back our clothes?” Tara asked meekly, holding the torn black halter top closed with one hand.

Connie slipped the shopping bag into the display and stood watch, keeping a lookout for anyone who might come too close. She did her best to ignore the rustling in the display behind her, turned on knowing that the sisters were changing together, but knowing that she’d already caused enough trouble for one day. After a minute or two, Jane and Tara finally crawled out from under the display, back in their normal clothes again. They shoved the torn and skimpy clothes into the shopping bag, both of them blushing bright red.

Finally happy that they were both safe, Connie exploded. “What the fuck were you two thinking!? I was so worried about you!”

“We… may have gotten a little carried away,” Jane muttered.

“A little? You both said you were going off to—” Connie caught herself, noticing a store employee who was glancing at them curiously. “You know what you said you were going to do.”

“We’re sorry, Connie,” Tara said, head hanging like a scolded child. “We just both got so worked up, but pretty much as soon as we ran out of the dressing room we realized that we were both being insane.”

“So we dove for cover inside that clothes rack,” Jane said, “before we realized that we didn’t have our phones to call you. I was honestly kind of afraid that you would rush out of the store and we’d be trapped here.”

Connie let out a deep sigh. “You guys had me terrified there. I thought I’d really turned you both into sex-craved sluts.”

Tara kicked at the ground with her foot, hands stuffed in the pockets of her jeans. “I’m sorry that we can’t be the sluts you want, Connie. I want to, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.”

“I don’t want you both to be sluts,” Connie exclaimed. “I mean, it’s a hot thought as a fantasy, but that would be horrible in real life. I wouldn’t actually want you two out there doing stuff with other people.”

Tara and Jane seemed to relax. “I guess that’s our fault then for getting carried away. I’m sorry me and Tara dragged you into this.”

“You guys shouldn’t be apologizing, this is all my fault.”

The sisters exchanged a confused glance. “How is any of this your fault? We’re the ones who went into a slut-off.”

Connie stared at them helplessly. “Because I told you to! I said it would make me happy if you both started dressing slutty, so you did. But then you started acting slutty with me and I loved the attention and I let it all get out of hand. This was all my fault.”

Tara and Jane both laughed. “Um, Connie. You do realize you don’t control us, right?”

“We do like making you happy, but it’s not like we did anything we didn’t want to do.” Tara blushed. “Although we did kind of push each other to the extreme, there.”

“What about paying for an expensive lunch?”

“Hey, that sushi was pricey, but really good,” Tara explained simply.

“And the skimpy outfits?”

“It was fun, before we started competing.”

“You two fought over who could fuck me!” Connie was at a complete loss at how the sisters didn’t blame her for all of this.

“What can we say, you’re a catch,” Jane chuckled.

“I actually do feel really bad about that, Jane,” Tara said with emotion in her voice. “It was wrong for me to try and steal your girlfriend. Can you ever forgive me?”

Connie stomped her foot. “Oh, for the love of— we’re not dating, Tara!”

Tara glanced between Connie and Jane. “Of course you are. You’re both… you know. Making love together.”

“We weren’t making love,” Connie muttered, determined to find some way for Tara to hate her for everything she’s done to manipulate them. “I confessed to Jane that I wanted you, but I knew you weren’t a sexual person, and I was terrified that if I went out with you and we did have sex that I’d be awful at it. So Jane’s been showing me how to have lesbian sex so that I wouldn’t humiliate myself with you.” Connie let out a deep sigh. “There, that’s the truth of it.”

Connie looked up to see Jane and Tara both staring at her with wide eyes, and immediately regretted her outburst.

Tara studied Connie intensely, then asked, “So you two aren’t deeply in love?”

“No, we’re not,” Connie muttered.

“But, you were both—”

Jane laughed. “For someone who was ready to sleep with a stranger to out-slut me, you seem to have a hard time comprehending casual sex.”

Tara blushed deeply. “I know that people do that. I just didn’t know Connie did.”

Now it was Connie’s turn to blush. “I’m sorry. I’ve had a crush on you for years and was too afraid to say anything. I always thought that you’d reject me, and we couldn’t hang out anymore.”

“And your plan was to sleep with my sister so you could wow me with great lesbian sex moves?”

Connie looked away. “Not really, that just kind of happened.”

“Granny told me to eat her out when she started staying over,” Jane explained casually. Connie felt a stab of fear, but was shocked to see Tara let out an easy laugh.

“Oh, well that’s fine then. Granny does know best.”

“And since I was already going down on her, I figured I’d teach her how to do the same. It wasn’t really about teaching her to have sex, but to give her the confidence to go out with you. Connie does seem more confident lately, doesn’t she?”

Tara smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it’s been nice to see, but I was completely convinced you two were secretly dating this whole time.”

“I guess it was all just a misunderstanding,” Connie replied. “And I am sorry for leading you both on today. I should have just told you the truth Tara, instead of trying to do some weird plan with Jane.”

“So what do we do now?” Tara asked.

“First things first,” Connie said with a heavy sigh. “It would make me the happiest of all if you two stopped doing anything I say that makes me happy. I mean, not completely. I like the idea of you girls trying to make me happy, but I don’t ever want you doing anything you wouldn’t like yourselves. If anything sexual or romantic ever happens between me and either of you, it would make me happy if it was something completely natural, and not affected by any compulsion to make me happy.” Connie thought about what she’d said and nodded to herself.

Tara and Jane stood there rigid, their eyes fluttering as they accepted the words. When they both opened their eyes, they laughed at Connie.

Connie smiled, although she was already missing the chance to ask for anything on command. She’d loved the trigger, but Connie suspected it would be too much power for her to handle just yet. Weakening it down was the smart move. Once she learned more about hypnosis though, Connie felt confident that she’d find a way to make her dreams come true. Not by forcing Tara and Jane to want to please her, but by turning her dreams of an incestuous slave harem into their own fantasies.

“For the last time,” Tara exclaimed, “we’re not addicted to making you happy, we’re just being nice.”

“Because being nice to your friend involves flashing your pussy at them?” Connie laughed.

Tara shrugged and Jane smiled. “Sometimes, yeah.”

Connie gulped. “I really hope that can be a regular thing.”

Jane smirked, saying, “I’m still not going to lead you on about a relationship, but it doesn’t bother me to do something to turn you on. On occasion.”

“What about you, Tara?”

Tara’s ears burned as she blushed deeply. “You know I like turning you on, Connie.”

“Awesome,” Connie muttered, before she straightened up. “And of course, if there’s anything I can do that you’d like, I want to do it too. I want to make you girls happy too.”

Jane clapped them on the backs, pushing Connie and Tara together. “Great. So now that we’ve worked everything out, you two can go out together finally.”

Connie blushed and looked over at Tara, but was surprised to see her looking away. “Tara?”

“I know I said a lot today, but… I need time to think about it.” She turned to face Connie, smiling for her. “I’m not rejecting you. You know how much I care about you. But today kind of taught me a bit about myself, and I think I need to do some thinking before we rush into anything.”

Connie nodded. “Yeah, I may need to mature some myself.”

Tara smiled. “Good. If nothing else, I’m still going to keep masturbating around you.”

Connie barked out a laugh. “You couldn’t stop me from masturbating while thinking of you girls.” She gasped, realizing she should have said that she was thinking only about Tara, but for some reason Tara was smiling.

“Don’t worry, Connie. I may be a little inexperienced, but I know now that it’s okay to be attracted to different people. It’s only when you’re in a relationship that you should be loyal.”

Connie was glad she wasn’t in trouble, though something bugged her that she couldn’t place.

“So now that you two sorted out your confusion,” Jane cut in, “what should we do next?”

“Oh, right,” Connie replied. “I propose we run out of the store and pray that they don’t have security cameras watching the dressing room.”

Tara and Jane both blushed deeply and discretely dumped the slutty clothes and torn tights where no one would see, promising that they’d come back and spend a lot of money to make up for it. The three of them high-tailed it out of the mall, terrified that they’d be caught, but the second they got into Jane’s car the girls found themselves bursting with laughter.

“I can’t believe we actually did all of that,” Jane said, clapping the steering wheel. “Tara, I never knew you had all of that in you.”

“Hey, you were an amazing slut yourself.”

Connie grinned. “You were both amazing.” Suddenly, she noticed Tara and Jane staring at her with sly smiles. “What?”

“You’re the only one who didn’t get a chance to slut it up,” Jane said, grinning. “Next time we go out it’s your turn to dress up for us.”

At that, Connie went scarlet red. “I— I— I’m not one for, you know, being… exposed…”

“Oh please,” Tara said from the back. “We put on a show for you. I know it would make me happy to see you acting sexy and trying to turn me on.”

“Me too,” Jane said. When she saw Connie freaking out, Jane laid a hand on her shoulder. “You don’t have to, of course. We’re not trying to pressure you or anything.”

“Thanks,” Connie muttered, relieved. From behind, she felt Tara grab her hand.

“I just wanted you to know that I like it when you’re sexy too,” Tara said quietly, and Connie felt herself blushing deeper, but also getting turned on.

“You’re pretty sexy, Connie, even if you don’t see it,” Jane added.

“I— I’ll work on it,” Connie promised. “I’m not the most confident, but I want to work on myself for you girls too.”

They all smiled to each other. Even with all the competing, confusion and miscommunication, it had been a great day. As they drove off from the mall, Connie knew she felt closer to both sisters. She was surprised to realize this, but it wasn’t just about her being in love with the both of them anymore. When this whole thing had started, she’d been the one with the unrequited crush, but now it was clear that both Jane and Tara were attracted to Connie as well. She promised to keep that in mind, as she continued her plans.

Connie watched the mall fading behind them, as she clutched a small yellow bag from a bookshop. It was while Tara and Jane were busy paying for lunch that Tara had seen the book in the window, and had quickly snuck away to buy it. High off of the success of the trigger, Connie had considered getting the sisters to pay for it, but Connie knew she wanted this to stay a surprise. As they drove back home, Connie made sure that Tara and Jane weren’t looking before she peeked into the yellow bag. A hardcover book with a white and black spiral design, with a gold pocket watch dangling past the title “Teach Yourself Hypnotism!”

She doubted the book would be that informative; certainly nowhere near Gloria’s decades of experience, but if today had proved anything it was that Connie could still work on changing the women without Gloria’s direct commands. She’d been lucky that Tara and Connie had snapped themselves out of that slutty state, though, and so Connie knew she needed to learn a lot more about hypnosis to keep everyone safe.

No matter how much fun the trigger had been, it wouldn’t have been enough to complete her dream of a Silva slave harem. If she got caught before that point then it would be game over, and any progress she made would be lost. This was all or nothing, which meant she couldn’t risk everything for the fun of having the sisters as her sluts for a day. If she played this smart and got a better handle on hypnosis, then one day she’d make sure that Tara, Jane and Michelle would be her devoted and loving slaves. The more she learned about hypnosis, the closer she’d be to her goal.

Connie sat back and closed her eyes, her mind already running through the fantasies that today had inspired. Maybe when they got home all three of them could sit and masturbate next to each other as they discussed it. That would be incredibly hot, and Connie wasn’t afraid of asking the sisters to join her anymore.

Jane had been right about one thing. The mall certainly was the perfect place to work out their problems.