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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 14

Slutty Clothes and Bad Vampire Movies: Part 2

Connie was nearly about to rescind her offer to watch the vampire movie when Jane finally let her into the bedroom. The first thing Connie noticed was that Jane had swapped out the tight bikini for a comfortable pair of jeans and a blue sweatshirt with the logo of her college on it. Connie hated that she felt a little disappointed. Was she really expecting Jane to watch the movie with her in the skimpy swimsuit?

“Come on in,” Jane said cheerfully, waving Connie over for a seat on the bed.

Connie caught sight of Jane’s movie collection on the desk, all of them showing mildly attractive shirtless guys with pretty girls wrapped around their waists. She gulped down her distaste. “I’m starting to have second thoughts about what I got myself into,” she said with a nervous chuckle.

“Oh, you’ll be fine. I picked out one of the best in my collection.”

With a defeated sigh Connie dropped down onto the bed, but Jane seemed oblivious to her bad mood. She was clearly determined to win Connie over to the vampire romance side as she put on the film, and Connie supposed that she should keep an open mind. If Jane enjoyed them, then maybe the films wouldn’t be so bad.

Jane spun around with her hands on her hips, striking a triumphant pose as her wide hips kept the television hidden behind her. “This is one of my favorites so I know you’ll love it.” She stepped aside and, with a flourish, showed the title screen which featured a mildly attractive shirtless guy with a pretty young girl wrapped around his waist, standing in front of an old bi-plane.

“Love in Bloody April?” Connie read skeptically.

“It’s set in world war one,” Jane said , excitedly jumping down on the bed besides Connie. “Johnny is a rich vampire lord in England, but when the war breaks out he’s compelled to fight for king and country. Then he meets the beautiful nurse Anna and—Wait, I don’t want to spoil the whole movie.”

“I don’t mind just getting the cliff notes,” Connie said behind a strained smile. That description alone was cheesy enough to scare her off, and she didn’t look forward to having to watch it all play out.

“Oh you’ll love it.” Jane hit play, dismissing Connie’s excuses. “It’s got action, romance, what more could you want? Oh, and the lead girl is cute too, so you’ll like her.”

Connie rolled her eyes. Maybe if it was Tara or Jane in the lead role she’d be interested, but decided to keep her mouth shut. If sitting through a movie was enough to get her closer to Jane, then it would be worth it no matter how awful the vampire flick was.

Of course, the movie certainly wasn’t making it easy on her. It opened with a gratuitous shot of the shirtless male lead riding a horse across his vast estate, monologuing about how he was handsome, wealthy and immortal but lamenting how he had no one to share it with. Connie was already gagging, and the film only got worse from there. The female lead Anna was cute enough, but the effect was ruined by having every single character in the film tell her over and over how beautiful she was, and the actress moved like a mannequin.

Connie looked over nervously to Jane, who was hugging a stuffed animal to her chest and sighing as the romance played out. It was like she couldn’t hear any of the bad dialogue at all. Connie shivered and fought through it. She wanted to win some points with Jane, but with every dragging minute it felt less and less worth it.

By the halfway point Connie was laying upside down on the bed, her head hanging over the side in an attempt to see if the movie was any better flipped upside down. Sadly, it wasn’t. It felt like her mind was being fried inside her head as she had to watch the vampire Johnny running to take off in his plane, the nurse Anna running after her.

“Johnny. Don’t go.” Anna had her hands up pleading, although the actress’ voice seemed incapable of showing emotion. “The sun’s going to rise in two hours and you’ll burn to a crisp.”

“I have to go, Anna,” Johnny replied in his crisp British accent. “Our boys are out there fighting the Kaiser, and I’ve got to do my part to fight.”

“Don’t go, Johnny.”

Johnny took off his aviator goggles, and suddenly he grabbed Anna’s shoulders as the camera closed in on his glowing eyes. “Anna, you have to stay here. Go back to base and stay there until I return.”

“Yes Johnny,” Anna said in an empty voice, which the bad actress was able to nail perfectly. “I’ll go back to base and wait for you.”

Connie flipped up off the bed, suddenly awake. “Wait, there’s mind control in this movie?”

Jane jumped a little, so absorbed in the movie that she’d forgotten that the silent and brooding Connie was even there. “Well, duh. Vampires can make people do whatever they want. It’s an important part later on in the movie, too.” Jane let out a dreamy sigh, head resting in her hands. “I wish I had a lover who could tell me what to do. A dominant person like that…” she shivered, smiling to herself.

Connie gulped, sitting up on the bed now. “So you like the idea of someone controlling you completely?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Trusting someone enough to let them take control, it’s romantic.” Jane gave another sigh, frowning this time. “Too bad vampires aren’t real. God, I’d be such a slut if vampires were real.”

“You know, there is like… hypnosis and stuff.”

Jane waved a hand dismissively. “Please, everyone knows that kind of stuff isn’t real.”

“I’m pretty sure it is,” Connie said with more energy, wondering why she was pushing so hard.

Jane paused the movie and turned to face Connie, clearly annoyed she was interrupting. “I mean, Granny used to do a hypnosis show, which is how I know it’s all a bunch of bull.”

“It’s real,” Connie declared. “I’ve been reading up on it, and I’m pretty damn sure it works.”

It was the conviction in Connie’s voice that made Jane do a double take. Usually Connie was more soft-spoken but even she surprised herself with the argument.

“Okay, okay, I believe you,” Jane relented. “I guess there are probably real hypnotists out there, like therapists and stuff. But not people who can do what vampires can do.”

Connie forced herself to take a deep breath and relax, wondering what she was getting so worked up for. She knew hypnosis was real from everything she’d seen, so why was it bothering her so much to hear Jane doubting it?

“I’m not saying people can magically mind control you, but you can absolutely make people do stuff with hypnosis.”

Jane suddenly had a mischievous glint in her eyes as she smirked. “Ohhh, I get it. You think it would be sexy to snap your fingers and anyone has to do what you say.”

Connie blushed guiltily, and badly tried to hide it. “N-no, not like that.”

“It’s fine,” Jane said, giggling. “I’ve had the odd fantasy about running into a vampire, and he uses his eyes to make me follow him, and I’d be forced to obey. And back at his place he’d make me strip and then we’d… mhm,” Jane hummed to herself, shivering happily. “But like, something like that in real life wouldn’t work.”

“Obviously,” Connie muttered. “You can’t make people do stuff they don’t want to with hypnosis. Not unless you’d be willing to have sex with a stranger dressed like Dracula.” Jane threw a stuffed animal at Connie’s hand, and she managed to dodge under the fluffy turtle, laughing.

“Are you calling me a slut?” Jane asked, pretending to be offended.

“Hey, you already admitted you were a slut for vampires. I’m just stating the obvious.”

“I bet you wish you were a vampire.” Jane winked at her, and said “Then you’d have no problem using your mystic powers to get me into the sack.”

“Hmmph, like I need to have pale skin and a bad English accent for that. I could just hypnotize you instead.”

Jane stopped, a challenging look on her face. “You really think you could hypnotize me?”

It was the serious attitude in her voice that made Connie hesitate, but finally she said “I mean, I think I could. If everything I read in the books was right.”

“And what would you do with me if I was hypnotized?” Jane asked, grinning as if she knew exactly what Connie would want. “You’d probably order me to strip and fuck you, right?”

Connie was aware of an angry tightness in her chest. She was used to Jane teasing her, but this hypnosis was the only way she could achieve her already impossible dream of being in love with the whole family, and hearing Jane mock it felt as if Jane was mocking her plans. So instead of letting herself flinch back and hide as she always did, Connie instead stood up from the bed and got into Jane’s face.

“Like I said, I couldn’t make you do anything you wouldn’t normally do,” Connie answered, refusing to back down. “So you’d only have to be scared of that if you already really want to fuck me yourself. So is that the case, Jane?”

Jane rose to the challenge, standing up and glaring down at Connie. “In your dreams. I already told you you’re not my type. But you know what, I’m curious to see what you can do.” Jane crossed her arms, wearing a confident smile. “I’ll let you go ahead and try to hypnotize me, Connie. If you manage to pull it off then I guess I’ll have to obey anything you say.”

Connie gulped, instantly seeing a wonderful image of Jane in trance, the obedient sex slave that she’d always fantasized of owning. She knew the limits of hypnosis meant that even if she won Jane probably wouldn’t sleep with her, but there could still be plenty of fun things Jane would be open to. Not to mention it would be her chance to try and influence Jane’s interests. Maybe plant a desire to be hypnotized again, or agreeing to be hypnotized anytime Connie asked. She didn’t feel ready to actually go through with this yet, but there was no denying how important of a first step for her this could be.

She was nearly about to accept, when Connie caught herself. “What happens if I can’t hypnotize you?”

“Then you’ll be my slave for a week,” Jane said easily, and Connie was caught off-guard by how similar their plans were. As if reading her mind, Jane laughed and added, “Don’t go thinking you’ll be lucky enough to be a sex slave. I’ll make you do all my chores, maybe some of my homework too, but most importantly…” Jane leaned in close, smiling seductively. “I’ll make you watch my entire vampire collection. You’ll get to be my movie buddy for all thirty films.”

“Thirty?” Connie repeated, her heart dropping. She’d barely been able to make it halfway through one.

“So what do you say, Connie? Are you up for the challenge?”

Connie pulled herself together and nodded. “Mhm. I can hypnotize you no problem.”

Jane smirked as if she’d already won. “Alright, then get to work.”

That made Connie stumble as she looked around helplessly. “Oh. Right. Um, I guess I need to grab some stuff.”

“Do whatever you need,” Jane said, plopping herself down on the bed and hitting play on the movie. “I’ll give you an hour to try and hypnotize me. Mom and Granny should be back in two hours or so, so you’d better hurry if you plan to brainwash me into doing dirty things to you.”

Connie ran out of the room quickly, the full weight of the situation finally settling in and making her heart race with panic. Oh god, she really had a chance to hypnotize Jane. Except she’d never hypnotized anyone before. Even after everything she’d made Gloria do to the family it was only now occurring to Connie that she’d never actually witnessed Gloria hypnotize someone for the first time. All she’d seen her use were trigger words, and those wouldn’t work if Connie tried them.

Really starting to get anxious now, Connie raced downstairs for her backpack and yanked out all her notes. She’d been so focused on taking her time that Connie had only ever thought of what to do once the women were hypnotized and open to suggestion; she hadn’t actually prepared for hypnotizing any of them! Twenty minutes of frantic reading on inductions didn’t do anything to help her feel more confident either. Groaning as she saw that her time was rapidly dwindling, Connie forced herself to grab her bag and run back upstairs. She had no choice but to try and face Jane head on and hope that something she learned would come in handy.

By the time Connie burst back into the bedroom she found Jane sitting sagely on her bed, waiting for her with a cocky grin. At first glance it appeared as though the older girl had hardly moved at all while Connie was hastily preparing, but then Connie’s eyes fell on a pile of movies by the desk. Nearly a dozen romances, all recently plucked out from the collection and left out for her to see. Jane snorted a laugh as she saw the flash of worry on Connie’s face.

“It might be a little mean to assume I’d win, but there are so many movies for us to go through. I figured I should get a head start on planning out our movie marathon.” Jane’s grin widened as she watched Connie clutch her book on hypnosis tighter. “Of course, if you just go ahead and admit defeat now, I won’t make you watch all of them. Just my top five. How does that sound?”

Connie gulped. Even ten hours of awful romance sounded dreadful to her, until she noticed a couple of cases declaring themselves as the directors cut. Great, Connie thought bitterly, more like thirteen hours. Still, it would be better than having to watch every film in Jane’s collection. Rather than take the generous offer, Connie put on her best show of confidence.

“It sounds like you’re afraid of losing,” she declared, catching Jane by surprise. “You forget how long I’ve known you and Tara, Jane. I know there’s no way you wouldn’t go for the more punishing victory. If you’re trying to let me off easy, it only means you’re afraid of losing yourself.”

“Or maybe I was just trying to be nicer to you than I treat my sister,” Jane snapped. “But that’s off the table now. So go on and try to hypnotize me.” Jane settled back into her position on the bed, but Connie thought she saw a hint of worry in her now.

Connie set down her books and pulled out a gold chain from her pocket, dangling a dimly glowing red ruby from the end of it. Jane stared in surprise. “Damn, when did you get something that nice?”

“Just because I don’t wear jewelry doesn’t mean I don’t have nice things,” Connie countered, letting the ruby swing from her fingertips. The truth, of course, was that it was a cheap copper chain painted in equally cheap fake gold, and the ruby was really nothing more than a very pink quartz. But taking a hint from Gloria about how important presentation was, she had made sure that the hazy thrift shop crystal would perfectly hit the light, and the effect was better than Connie could have hoped for. The sunlight reflected a bright red off of the quartz, and Connie quickly angled the rosy light to sweep over Jane’s eyes, distracting her.

“Go ahead and appreciate how nice the ruby is. It really does look beautiful in the light, doesn’t it?”

Jane squinted against the red light, smirking. “Sure, just like they do it in the movies. You think I’m going to fall for that?”

Jane started to turn her head away, and Connie quickly said “You have to keep watching or you forfeit!”

That managed to stop Jane. “That wasn’t part of the deal,” she pouted.

“Hey, you said you’d give me a chance to hypnotize you. If you close your eyes the whole time then you’re not really giving me a chance.”

Jane pouted even more emphatically, but she turned back to face Connie. “I guess…”

“Besides, if you really think that I can’t hypnotize you then staring into the ruby for half an hour won’t do anything to you.”

“That’s right,” Jane replied, her bored eyes now following the slow arc of the ruby, swinging back and forth in a lazy rhythm. “Won’t do anything to me.”

“Because you know hypnosis won’t work on you,” Connie continued, goading her.

Jane’s eyes kept going back and forth, a content smile on her lips. “No chance it’ll work.”

“So you can just sit there, nice and comfortable and relaxed, while I do all the work of trying to hypnotize you.”

Jane grunted her agreement and nodded, feeling that what Connie said was so obvious she didn’t even need to speak.

“All because you know hypnosis won’t work on you.” Connie gulped, grateful that Jane’s focus was on the cheap necklace so she couldn’t see how nervous she was. Keeping her voice smooth and confident, Connie continued. “Of course, if hypnosis did work on you, then you’d already be trapped.”

That made Jane stir, shuffling her shoulders a little and the edges of her lips dropping into a frown, but still she sat comfortably watching the ruby.

“If this ruby really can hypnotize you, then all you’d need to do is to keep watching it, feeling yourself getting more relaxed with each passing second. So the question, Jane, is if you’re feeling comfortable watching the ruby swing. Because if you can be hypnotized, if you are susceptible to it, then you’d be feeling comfortable and relaxed. So how do you feel?”

Connie grinned, noticing the brief struggle on Jane’s face as her brow creased, but her eyes never left the necklace. It was one of the tricks from the book, convincing difficult subjects to help put themselves under. If they were confident that they couldn’t be hypnotized, then they’d be completely at ease. Then the hypnotist just needed to convince them that that sense of ease was really the start of them going into trance, creating just enough doubt to be exploited.

She wasn’t sure if the trick would work as she’d never used it before, but Connie just needed to chip away at Jane’s confidence. After that she had several more plans set up, contingencies for every event. It all depended on if it was enough to fool Jane or not.

Jane frowned, her eyes swinging left and right. “I feel… I guess I feel relahhhhhhh…” Suddenly Jane’s mouth hung open, the word turning into a low moan that trailed off into silence. Jane’s eyes stopped moving and simply stared ahead, before her head tilted forward and she seemed to look straight at the floor.

Connie froze, wondering what Jane was doing. Was she pretending to go into trance to mess with her?

“Hey, you okay Jane?”

“I’m fine,” Jane replied, in a strange voice that Connie was perfectly familiar with. Slowly Jane lifted her head, wearing that happy and empty face she always wore when Gloria put her under.

“Wait, are you in trance right now?”

“Yes, I’m in trance.”

“Like, seriously in trance?” Connie asked, suspicious.

“Yes, I’m seriously in trance.” Jane’s voice stayed in that neutral monotone, her dazed smile unwavering.

“… Get on your knees.”

Jane slid easily off of the bed and settled on her knees, staring up at Connie with the same patient smile.

Connie knew that Jane wasn’t anywhere near this good of an actress to keep it up, and she’d seen Gloria put her under enough to know that she wasn’t faking it. But somehow, instead of feeling overjoyed at her victory of putting Jane under, Connie felt… cheated.

“Do you have any idea how stressed out I was figuring out how to hypnotize you? I bought the necklace, I read all of those books, and you went under that fast!?”

Jane sat there, showing no reaction at all.

“Did I say a trigger or something to put you under?”

“No, Connie. You were very convincing. And the ruby was very pretty. I found myself relaxing.” Jane let out a happy sigh, as if she were still watching the ruby in her mind and enjoying herself. “You told me that if I was feeling relaxed it meant that I was being hypnotized, and I was relaxed, so I knew you were hypnotizing me. And then I was hypnotized.”

Connie collapsed into a chair by the desk, studying the rose quartz on the end of the necklace. “Who would have thought hypnotizing people was this easy?” Then she frowned. Of course it wasn’t this easy. Most likely Jane was just an easy target considering how often Gloria hypnotized her. Which meant that Tara and Michelle might be just as susceptible, and Connie knew that should be taken as good news.

Still, she couldn’t hide the small sense of disappointment that she’d put so much work into it. Connie had worked harder on this than any other assignment she’d ever had in school. She noticed the entranced Jane sitting on the floor, resting on her knees as her eyes stared ahead with a blank expression, and realized that she shouldn’t be gloomy about working hard. Instead, she should enjoy the reward of having Jane under her control.

“Jane, you want to obey anything I tell you,” Connie declared.

“Yes,” Jane replied, her voice low, “I want to obey anything you tell me.”

Connie wiped a hand over her mouth, struggling to contain herself. “You will do everything I command, as long as it doesn’t violate your limits?” She’d meant it to sound like another command, but Connie still couldn’t keep the question out of her voice.

“Yes, Connie,” Jane answered. “If it does not violate my limits then I will do everything you command.”

“Then tell me,” Connie said nervously, “Would showing me your tits violate your limits?”

“No,” Jane answered softly, a faint smile on her lips. “It won’t. I’d be happy to show you my tits.”

Connie grinned and thanked the patron saint of lesbian hypnotists that she’d agreed to watch that vampire film with Jane.

“Alright, Jane, then here’s your first command…” Something stopped Connie, just as she had an order on the tip of her tongue. She’d planned to make Jane show off her tits, prove that she would really do it, except something seemed to hold her back. Something Jane had said.

“You’d be happy to show me your tits,” Connie repeated to herself.

“Yes, I would,” Jane replied, face blank.

There was no doubt that Connie wanted to see Jane’s tits again, to see all of her naked body again. To touch her and taste her just like when Jane had been giving her lessons on pleasing women. The only thing was, Connie could have had all of that with the happiness trigger. Jane had been saying she was against hooking up again, but Connie had convinced her to enter a slut-off with her sister, so clearly she could be convinced. If all Connie really wanted was to make Jane strip, then that could have been accomplished without hypnotizing her.

Connie reminded herself that what she truly wanted, what she needed for her dream fantasy to come true, was for Jane herself to want to do all of that. And if Connie just made her strip for the fun of it here, then that wouldn’t go towards her goal.

She let out a sigh, reminding herself that it would all be worth it once Connie was her sex slave. Until then, she had to remain good. At least until she could convince Jane of how much she wanted her.

Still, she’d discovered how easy it would be to hypnotize Jane. That was a win. She’d need to figure out the best ways to lead the women into becoming lesbians interested in submission and eventually sleeping with the rest of the family, but now Connie had the means to accomplish it.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have anything ready at the moment. Connie stared at Jane’s adorable face as she was lost in trance, regretting that she couldn’t do anything to her just yet. Although, there was one thing she could try. Something she’d read one of the hypnotists doing in the book that had sounded fun.

“Listen up, Jane. I’m going to give you a trigger now, a special word that will have a fun effect and only work when I use it. Whenever you hear me say…”

* * *

“… And wake up now.”

Jane blinked and started, staring around the room in surprise. She saw Connie standing over her, and for a moment it looked as though Connie had grown three feet taller. Then Jane realized with a shock that she was kneeling on the floor.

“So how do you feel?” Connie asked, curious.

“Like my knees are killing me,” Jane said, grunting as she got to her feet. “I guess I must have fallen asleep from your boring hypnosis attempt.”

Connie chuckled. “Nope, you went into trance alright.”

“I doubt that,” Jane snapped. “For one thing I’m still dressed.”

“Do you really think the only thing I would have done with you under my power is make you strip?”

“I mean, for starters.”

“Well for your information I was good,” Connie said as she pouted and pocketed the ruby necklace. The red light of it caught Jane’s eyes and for a moment she felt the world blur, but then the crystal was gone into Connie’s pocket and Jane snapped awake again. “Not that I wasn’t tempted to see your tits again, but I didn’t do anything like that.”

Jane still wasn’t convinced, mostly because her boobs were amazing and there was no way a perv like Connie wouldn’t try to sneak a peek, and yet, oddly enough Jane found herself believing Connie.

“Okay, but I still don’t have proof that you actually hypnotized me, so it’s a draw.”

“Check your back pocket,” Connie replied with a grin.

Jane scowled, but reached into the back pockets on her jeans. In the right pocket she found a folded piece of paper, and when she opened it was shocked to see her own terrible handwriting.

CONNIE TOTALLY HYPNOTIZED YOUR ASS, she had written, and Jane was amazed to realize that’s exactly how she would have put it. What was even worse though was what Jane had apparently written underneath that, her face going pale as she read it.

“I told you about the sex dream!” Jane cried, panicking.

Connie flinched back. “You didn’t tell me anything,” she stammered. “I just told you to tell yourself that you went into trance, and then to put down something that only you would know about, to prove it wasn’t a trick.”

Jane still seemed shaken up but seemed to buy it. “O-okay, you hypnotized me. You won.”

“So… what kind of sex dream was it?” Connie asked. In a burst of panic Jane began shredding the paper, and Connie was almost afraid she was going to eat it to keep the secret. “Okay, okay, I won’t ask,” she laughed, more curious than ever.

Jane blushed and stuffed the confetti into her pocket. “So what did you do with me then? I don’t even remember.”

“Not much, actually,” Connie admitted. Jane checked the clock and saw that she’d only been out for about eight or ten minutes or so. “I mostly just made sure you were in trance first. It kinda surprised me too that it worked.”

“What then?” Jane asked suspiciously.

Connie scratched her nose. “Then, to be honest, I debated about making you flash me, but I decided against it. Then I set up a trigger for you and made you write the note.”

“A trigger? What’s that?”

“Like a code word that’ll make something happen,” Connie tried to reply casually, but she was already bursting into a guilty smile.

“And what’s going to happen?” Jane prepared herself, expecting Connie to force her to flash her tits after all, or even worse to reveal that sex dream that she swore she’d take to the grave with her.

“Nothing bad,” Connie said, trying to calm Jane but seeing that it wasn’t working. “Oh here, I’ll show you. Snowfall.”

Jane tensed, only she didn’t feel any different. Her clothes were still on, and she hadn’t revealed any terrible secrets or started acting like a chicken. She was starting to think that maybe it didn’t work when she saw a soft, fluffy flake of snow gently falling down in front of her.

She gasped, reaching out her hand beneath it. In disbelief Jane felt the cold kiss of the snowflake against the palm of her hand, shivering as it began to melt against her skin. Then, all around the room, Jane watched as big flakes of snow began to lazily fall. They somehow appeared through the ceiling, as if it weren’t really there, but Jane noticed that the snow landed on her desk and bed, settling in against the furniture and the floor. Snow was quickly beginning to pile up around her, and now she could feel the fluffy white snowflakes landing in her hair.

Jane stared at the snow falling around her and let out a delighted laugh. “This is amazing!”

Connie just watched smiling as Jane began pacing the room, dancing around in the blizzard. Suddenly Jane reached out for the pile of movies on the desk, grabbing the first film off the stack. There was a thin layer of snow on it already, and Jane ran her finger over it. She felt the crunching off the snow under her finger as she quickly drew her name. Then she blew out her breath and the snow went scattering into the air before her, glittering like diamonds in the light.

“I can’t believe this is real,” Jane said, voice full of wonder like a child on Christmas.

“It’s not. I just hypnotized you to see snow falling in your room.”

“But I can feel it! I can move it.” Jane shook her head, giggling as she felt the snow flying out of her kinky hair.

“Yup, that was one of the tricks I read in the book. I spent a few minutes on it, making sure that you would really feel the snow just as you remembered it from winter.”

Jane suddenly stopped, her arms still held out around her. “Wait, so I’m the only one who can see the snow?”

“Yup, your own personal blizzard,” Connie said, smiling proudly.

Jane blushed. “I must look like an idiot spinning around then.”

“You look like you’re having fun,” Connie said to reassure her. “I’m not going to spring it on you in public or anything. I just figured it would be a fun thing whenever you felt like it.” Connie cheeks went red and she looked away. “I remember a year or two ago you told me that winter was your favorite season, so I thought you’d enjoy it.”

Jane smirked. “I love it. Guess I really have to apologize to you, though. You could make a great hypnotist.”

“Thanks, Jane.” Connie couldn’t keep the smile from her lips, and Jane found herself laughing.

“I’m sure you’re relieved that you don’t have to watch any more movies with me, too.”

“I’m not against watching movies with you,” Connie admitted. “I’m just not a fan of romance stuff. Well, guy and girl romance, but I’d still watch it with you. I just don’t want to be forced to.”

Jane smiled. “Deal. I’ll try to find some movies you’ll like too then.”

Connie grinned, getting to her feet. She wanted to write down everything that had happened in her notes, to get down the experience while it was fresh in her mind. She’d clearly made a good impression with Jane, and that hopefully meant that Jane would be opened to being hypnotized more in the future. With open access to her subconscious then Connie could really start to slip in fantasies about other women, and all the fetishes that she wanted to share with Jane. Just as she was turning to go, though, Jane caught her shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

“Oh, um, I just wanted to get started on some homework. I’ve been kind of putting it off all weekend.” Connie groaned at the bad excuse, although she really did have a pile of homework she was meant to do.

“You don’t want to finish the movie?” Jane asked.

Connie paled, remembering that they’d left off halfway through the vampire romance. “Riiight. The movie. Um, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that into it.”

“I know,” Jane admitted, “but don’t you want to watch the end with me?”

“Maybe another time,” Connie persisted, and suddenly felt Jane’s hands clamp down on her shoulders.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to make sure the movie’s more fun for you.” With a surprising show of strength Jane twisted her hips and tossed Connie across the room, making her land back on the bed.

“Oof! Jane, what was that f—”

Connie’s anger faded completely as she saw Jane toss her shirt aside, quickly followed by her bra. Jane stood there over Connie, letting her huge tits sway back and forth gently while Connie stared in awe. “It’s almost like I’m hypnotizing you now,” Jane giggled.

Connie shivered at the lovely thought but fought through it. “What are you doing?”

“I’ll be honest, probably a bad idea. But I really love the snow, and it was a sweet thing to do.” Jane got back on her knees, leaning in and unzipping Connie’s jeans. “I’ve spent all week teasing you because it was honestly flattering knowing how much you wanted me. It made me feel really good about myself, but I wrote you off as just being a horny teen. I figured you’d try something if you got the slightest chance.”

Connie gulped as her jeans were slid off of her, Jane reaching for her panties next.

“But instead, you didn’t take advantage of me. You did something really nice, so I’m returning the favor.” Jane was about to pull down Connie’s panties when she suddenly stopped. Jane leapt up onto the bed, crawling on top of Connie. Her bare tits hung just above Connie’s head, and it was hard for Connie to stare Jane in the eyes.

“This is serious though. I’m not going to be your girlfriend, Connie.”

“Got it,” Connie muttered, weakly.

“I’m not interested in your romantically or anything,” the topless Jane continued. “But you are going to make someone a very lucky girlfriend some day. Hopefully it’ll be Tara, because she’ll be lucky to have you, but even if it’s some other girl I’d be happy to try and help you. Until you find a girl you like, though…”

Jane’s hand slid down Connie’s stomach and into her panties, cupping her wet mound with her fingers. Connie whimpered in pleasure. “Ohhh fuck. Jane…”

“We can have a similar arrangement like before. Occasional sex, as long as you don’t go falling for me or anything. Got it?”

Connie shivered against Jane’s fingers, but she nodded her agreement. Jane must have assumed that Connie would fall in love with her, and given how amazing Jane was it seemed like a safe assumption. The truth, though, was that Connie didn’t need Jane to be in a relationship with her. As long as she desired her and enjoyed being with her, it would be enough for her dream fantasy to come true. If they stayed as fuckbuddies then Connie could continue to feed Jane more perverted fantasies. Get Jane to start thinking of bondage, then submission, even incestual thoughts about sleeping with Tara or her mother.

And from the way Jane was fingering her now, free from all hypnotic control, it meant that Jane was certainly willing to sleep with her already.

“Deal. I won’t fall in love with you, and I don’t want you as a girlfriend.”

Jane gave her a stern look and pressed her thumb against Connie’s clit, making her squirm.

“What was that?”

“Ahh! Though you’d be a lovely girlfriend I accept you’re not interested and respect you only want to be physical,” Connie blurted out, hoping to be diplomatic.

“Better,” Jane replied, satisfied, and pulled Connie’s panties down. She slid off of Connie and back down between her legs, grinning. Jane stopped between her thighs, seeming to stare dreamily at Connie’s cunt.

“Does it look that good?” Connie asked, trying to be funny but also desperately wanting Jane to keep playing with her.

“Sorry,” Jane said, shaking her head. “I’ve still got the whole snowing in my room thing going.”

“Oh,” Connie said with a start, “I can turn it off.”

Jane looked up at Connie, the girl glistening with pure white snow covering her stomach and shoulders, a few flakes caught in her hair. And as she watched puffs of soft snow fell on Connie’s cunt, melting and dripping against her pink lips.

“Don’t you dare,” Jane threatened, licking her lips. “Like I said, I love the snow. And you look beautiful in it.”

Connie blushed deeply, but couldn’t respond as Jane suddenly moved forward and dove her tongue into Connie’s cunt. Connie groaned, grabbing her hair as she welcomed the missed sensation of Jane eating her out.

“You just enjoy the movie,” Jane said between laps of her tongue. “And let me enjoy myself down here.”

“No problem,” Connie groaned, amazed at how well all of this seemed to work out for her. Maybe taking the slow and steady approach had it’s benefits. Connie’s eyes fell on the television, which was still paused on the hypnotized face of the lead actress. She thought of mentioning that the film wasn’t playing to Jane, but she seemed too engrossed to care and Connie didn’t want to disturb her. Instead, Connie settled back on the bed and let the pleasure from Jane’s skilled tongue wash over her. As she shut her eyes in bliss, Connie could almost feel the cold, gentle touch of the snowflakes falling down over her too.

Oh yes, taking the slow approach certainly did have it’s benefits.