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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 15

A Day Out With Michelle: Part 1

The next morning Connie groaned and forced herself to wake up, already late for the Silva family’s breakfast. It took a lot of effort to force herself to get up. Even if she was still using a sleeping bag in Tara’s room, Connie found it warm and comfortable, and it was so tempting to just close her eyes and try to get back to the sweet dreams she’d had all night long. After her success of actually hypnotizing Jane the day before, Connie’s subconscious seemed to be egging her on with dreams of herself as the queen of the household, with Michelle and her daughters dressed up in lovely uniforms as they obeyed her every whim.

Connie groaned louder and forced herself to actually stand up this time, lest she fall asleep again. Now she’d definitely missed breakfast. It was understandable that Connie was utterly exhausted, though, since she’d had a wild afternoon of fooling around with Jane. It had felt like forever since the college girl had gone down on her, and already Connie’s pussy was begging to have Jane’s tongue come back for more. It certainly was a victory to become fuck buddies with Jane, but Connie knew she couldn’t get greedy again. She’d only hypnotized Jane the once and had made the right choice to take things slow, opening the door to further sessions where she could really start to modify Jane’s sexual preferences.

It was a start, but Connie knew she still needed to convince Michelle and Tara to give being hypnotized a try too. Hopefully they would sink into trance as easily as Jane had, their minds already conditioned to respond thanks to years of Gloria’s helpful influence, but Connie was still pretty sure that if they didn’t agree to it then it would be impossible to hypnotize them.

As she hastily dressed, Connie thought about her options. It still seemed like her best chance was to get Tara to start dating her, considering how interested she had seemed before Tara thought that she and Jane were together. Connie had hoped that once the misunderstanding was cleared up that Tara would start trying to hit on her again, and in a way she was. She’d been teasing her with sexy outfits, same as Jane, only any time Connie tried to lead a conversation towards them going on a date, Tara would get flustered and make an excuse to leave. Seeing Tara in a bikini was nice, but she needed to gain her trust to be able to hypnotize her.

Then once they were dating, Tara would just happen to start having sexual fantasies about her hot older sister. And Connie knew she’d be a supportive enough girlfriend to invite Jane in for an incestual threesome. For starters, anyway.

Connie grinned dreamily at the idea. She still had to figure out a way for Michelle to enter the equation, but Connie had made peace with the fact that the adult would probably be the hardest to start influencing. She’d gotten Michelle to cum to a fantasy of her that one time, which was amazing, only Connie had no way of knowing if those thoughts had sunk in at all.

Connie hurried downstairs, excited now. It was Saturday morning, which meant everyone should be free. Now that she’d had her first taste of being a successful hypnotist, Connie was ready to stop laying low. As long as she stayed under Gloria’s radar, it was time for her to start being more adventurous. And now she had the whole family to herself for the weekend.

As she headed downstairs Connie saw something that lifted her hopes higher. Gloria was putting on a pretty shawl, complimenting the black blouse and long skirt she wore, as well as some of her finest looking jewelry. She looked like a former Hollywood actress who still hadn’t lost her touch, and though Gloria had never starred in any big movies she still had the attitude of someone who used to be famous. The outfit certainly complimented her attitude perfectly, and Connie was excited to see Gloria so dressed up. It could only mean that she was planning to go out for a good while.

“You look great, Gloria,” Connie said as she jumped to the bottom of the stairs.

“Why thank you, darling.” Gloria emphasized the words for dramatic effect with a sweep of her hand. She really was going all out today.

“What’s the occasion? Do you have a date?”

Gloria gave a shrill laugh. “I’m afraid my dating days are over. I’m going to meet with some old friends to play cards for the day. We’ve got some people up visiting from Florida so we’re going to make a day of it.”

“Is that so,” Connie replied with a secretive smile. The family all to herself and no Gloria around? This weekend was off to a great start.

“They’re all eager to see me, considering they always lose their hard earned pension checks to me. I’m quite the card shark,” the elderly woman said with a wink.

“Well you’re certainly going to be distracting looking that great.”

Gloria patted her done up hair, saying, “Thank you, thank you. Of course, I do have other tricks that are even more distracting.” Gloria rolled her raised hand around and from nowhere the emerald necklace of hers dangled down from her fingers, glinting mischievously.

Connie admired the move, imagining that it would certainly be successful. Then she frowned a little. “Wouldn’t hypnotizing them to lose their money be unethical? I figured you for the person who wouldn’t use hypnosis without a reason.”

“Oh, perhaps it’s a bit naughty,” Gloria admitted, “But I always use their money to pay for a nice dinner out for the group, or to buy them some lovely gifts that they’d be too reserved to actually buy for themselves. They’re perfectly fine risking the money to gamble, so they never really seem to object to losing the money to me, especially since I take care of them afterwards. So long as nobody objects to it, I say that having a little personal fun can be good for you.”

Connie considered her words and smiled approvingly. It was the same line of thinking that she’d been going over herself. If Tara, Jane and Michelle objected to being turned into devoted lesbian slaves in her harem then Connie wouldn’t go through with it, but as long as they all agreed to do what was fun then it was fine with her.

“I hope you have a great time with your friends.”

“And I hope that you try to have fun today too. I imagine you’ll be cooped up with whatever big school project the girls told me you had.”

“I was actually going to take the day off, have some fun for once.”

Gloria nodded. “I suppose some alone time is healthy too.”

“Alone?” Connie asked, but before Gloria could say more Jane and Tara walked into the living room. She smiled at the sisters, until she noticed that each of them were packed up for the day.

“Alright Granny, we’re ready to go.”

“Wait, you guys are leaving?” Connie’s heart plummeted. “I was hoping we could hang out today.”

Jane shrugged. “Sorry, Connie. My friends are throwing a party tonight and I can’t bring an eighteen year old high school girl.”

“But you’re bringing Tara with you,” she muttered, dejected.

Tara cleared her throat, looking away. “I’m not going with Jane. Granny is just dropping me off first. I’ve got a gymnastics thing.”

Now Connie really felt left out. She was usually allowed to tag along to Tara’s gymnastics practices, although she normally spent the time checking out Tara in her leotard.

“I didn’t think you had practice this Saturday.”

Tara smiled nervously. “It’s a private practice, just me and a few of the girls. Sorry Connie.”

Connie pouted, realizing that she wasn’t going to get to try any of the stuff she had planned. Then she realized how spoiled she was acting. She forced herself to offer a warm smile. “It’s okay, I’ll find something to entertain myself. You girls have fun and I’ll see you later.”

Gloria and Tara waved her goodbye and started heading for the car, but Connie caught Jane’s arm to stop her. She didn’t want to be a pest but a college party offered a lot of opportunities.

“I mean, I could be really quiet and respectful. Your friends wouldn’t even notice I was there.”

“That would still be a party foul. Another time,” Jane said as she caught Connie in a quick hug. Then she whispered in her ear, “Maybe tomorrow I can do that thing you like to make it up to you.”

Connie shifted happily at the thought, though she wished it was happening today.

“Alright, go have fun at your party with all the cute college girls.”

“That’s not why I’m going,” Jane joked. “I’m not one for hooking up with girls. Present company excluded.”

“Maybe you should. It would make me happy to know that if you see a cute girl you would feel free to flirt and have fun.” Connie watched Jane’s eyes, noticing them glazing slightly at the thought. The trigger to make her happy had been weakened but was still there. It would be a good step if Jane started thinking of being into other women. Then Connie would just have to specify which women she wanted Jane to find irresistible.

Jane shook her head clear. “I’ll see where the night takes me. Have fun being stuck alone with Mom all day.”

She watched Jane running off to join the others, surprised that she had forgotten all about Michelle. That’s the benefit of having three crushes; the odds were in her favor that she could make time with someone at least. Connie waved Gloria, Tara and Jane off, then headed out to find where Mrs. Silva was.

“Michelle? Are you home?”

From around the corner she heard Michelle’s surprised voice. “Connie? I thought you were still asleep.”

“Just woke up,” Connie called as she headed over to see her. “I got to say goodbye to Tara and Jane before they left. I guess it’s just the two of us today.”

Connie turned the corner and stopped dead, gaping as Michelle emerged from her room wearing a fluffy robe, so short that it ended halfway down her thighs. Michelle blushed. “I thought I had the place to myself,” she said as a way of apologizing.

“I don’t mind,” Connie replied hastily. “It looks really good on you.”

“It’s a tad short.”

Connie smirked. “You wear it really well.”

“Thank you,” Michelle said quietly, her cheeks turning a little more red. “I was just going to take a shower and then get ready for the day. I’ve got a few errands to run around the house.”

“That’s cool. I was probably going to head out. I’ve got that school project I was working on, so you can feel free to wear your cute robe.”

“Oh. Well, I hope you have fun, Connie.”

Connie grinned, knowing that she would. This was the perfect chance to use that trigger Gloria had given Michelle, that would turn Connie completely invisible to her. She’d be free to touch and watch Michelle all day long, with Michelle completely oblivious to what she was doing. And that short robe of hers only made the peeping hotter.

Connie took in a breath to say the trigger phrase, when something made her stop. Something about Michelle’s voice. She watched Michelle closer as she turned to go take her shower, and now that she was looking it was obvious to see that she was sad. Had her flirting upset her? Connie was wondering if she should apologize when it occurred to her that Michelle would be on her own all day.

“Hey Michelle?”

The young mother turned around, the bottom of the bathrobe swishing as she moved.

“I know you said you had chores, but would you like to hang out with me today? I was thinking of going out to do a little shopping.”

There was a quick flicker of a smile on her lips, before Michelle turned serious. “I thought you had a project to work on. School work should come before hanging out.”

Connie rolled her eyes and laughed. Michelle really was dedicated to the image of being a strict mother. “I’m really far ahead on that, and it’s extra credit anyway. I just think it would be fun if we could hang out together.”

Now Michelle was biting her lip, uncertain. “I don’t know. There were a few things I needed to take care of on my day off.”

“I’ll help you with the chores when we get back,” Connie pleaded. She still seemed on the fence, so Connie added, “I also wanted to go see that new horror movie that came out.”

That made Michelle’s eyes light up.

“You wanted to see that one too?”

“It didn’t really look like a good movie, but sometimes it’s more fun to see a bad movie and make fun of it.”

Michelle broke into a wide smile. “I’m the exact same way. Neither of my girls are fans of horror movies so I usually have to watch them alone.”

“Oh really? That’s pretty cool.” Connie tried to act surprised. She couldn’t exactly tell Michelle that she was aware of her love of cheesy horror movies after spending a day being invisible and spying on her already. Not to mention feeling her up and helping her to cum to lesbian porn. That probably wouldn’t have gone over too well.

Michelle bit her thumb then shook her head. “Screw it. It’s my day off from work so I may as well enjoy myself. I’d be happy to join you shopping, Connie.”

Seeing the happiness on Mrs. Silva’s face made Connie’s chest feel tight and warm, as if the radiance of Michelle’s smile was overwhelming. She truly was a beautiful woman, and Connie wanted nothing more than to make love with her endlessly. Still, best to start off with a simple date.

“I’m going to take a shower first,” Michelle said, “And then we can decide where to go.”

Connie nodded excitedly. She could use that time to prepare. Figure out how she could win Michelle over and convince her to give a little hypnosis a try. She’d certainly need to come up with a good plan to pull that off. Instead of going off to plan, though, Connie remained in the hallway, watching Michelle’s hips swaying as she opened the door to the bathroom.


She turned to Connie, curious what sounded so urgent.

“Lights out,” Connie said carefully, and immediately Michelle’s eyes fluttered. Her gaze seemed to slip off of Connie, losing focus of her as the hypnotic trigger told her to believe that Connie wasn’t even there. Anything she heard Connie say would slip right past her consciousness, making the younger girl effectively invisible.

Michelle shook her head, no doubt wondering what she had stopped for. She quickly brushed it off and headed into the bathroom, and Connie ran after her, slipping in before the door closed.

Connie’s heart was racing, being trapped so close to Michelle like this, and yet Michelle ignored her completely. “Michelle, can you hear me?”

The other women didn’t reply at all, except to stare into the mirror and examine her face.

“Hey Michelle, you’ve got amazing tits!” When Michelle continued to check her appearance, Connie reached out and slipped a hand into her robe, groping one of her tits and remembering just how perfect it felt in her hand. Connie’s thumb circled her nipple until it was nice and hard, but again Michelle offered no reaction at all. Connie grinned. She’d forgotten how drunk on power being like a ghost had made her feel.

“And you’ve got a fantastic ass, too. I wish I could eat it out more than anything.”

Michelle bent down to the sink, searching through one of the drawers for something, and Connie noticed the back of her bathrobe sliding up, threatening to expose her rear at any second. Connie watched nervously, hoping that Michelle would just bend forward a little more. Then Connie abruptly slapped her forehead.

“You’re invisible, dumbass.” Connie grinned and slipped behind Michelle, before crouching down beneath her and getting a clear view right up her robe. Michelle’s ass was as perfect as she remembered, and now Connie could take the time to appreciate her shaved pussy, and the perfect heart shape of her ass. She sighed dreamily, resting her head on her hands as she gazed adoringly at Michelle’s ass. If only she could have a view like this all of her life.

Without warning Michelle backed up and now that perfect heart shaped ass was pinning Connie’s head against the wall, smothering her. Connie felt panic and arousal fighting in her brain as that soft flesh crushed her, her mouth covered by Michelle’s pussy. Unable to stop herself, Connie licked her tongue out into Michelle’s cunt, and heard Michelle give a startled cry.

Michelle straightened up and spun around, clearly confused that she’d seemed to bump into something but seeing only an empty bathroom. Connie moved aside anyway, just to be safe. She also licked her lips, savoring the brief taste she’d been lucky enough to get of Michelle. For her part, Michelle just continued to stare, trying to figure out what had happened. Then one of her hands carefully slid down beneath her robe and began to rub gently at her pussy, almost like she was curious about the strange sensation she’d felt. Apparently the pleasure of being licked had been too strong for the trigger to hide completely. Connie had experimented grabbing her breasts and her ass before, but apparently she wouldn’t be allowed to touch Michelle in that most intimate place without her realizing.

After staring around in confusion for a little more, Michelle finally seemed to accept that there was nothing there. She threw off her bathrobe, so fast that Connie was barely able to enjoy it. If this had been a movie, time would have slowed down while romantic music played as Michelle stripped, but life wasn’t so accommodating. Instead the naked Michelle hastily stepped into the shower, shutting the curtain behind her.

Connie jumped to her feet and began stripping, growing more excited by the second. Even if she’d already seen Michelle naked once before, the chance of doing it again was exhilarating. Like riding your favorite roller coaster over and over, though something told Connie that she wouldn’t get tired of this. She slid the bathroom curtain open with a grin on her face, only to have Michelle turn to her with an alarmed expression, her arms flying up to cover herself.

Cold panic struck Connie and now time seemed to slow down, as she tried to figure out how she’d screwed this up. She was standing naked and trying to barge into a shower with Michelle. How the hell was she supposed to explain this to her? Connie gulped, waiting for Michelle to scream at her. But nothing happened.

Michelle looked right through Connie, staring around the bathroom with a bewildered look. Michelle patted her chest and shook her head. “Stupid curtain. What are you thinking scaring the hell out of me?” Relief washed over Connie as Michelle grabbed the curtain and slid it closed again.

“What the fuck was that?” Connie asked, grateful that Michelle apparently still couldn’t see or hear her. So why had she reacted so violently to her opening the shower curtain? Then of course it hit her. Michelle would ignore any object that she saw Connie moving, since her mind filtered Connie out completely, but with Connie hidden on the other side she had no way of knowing that Connie was the one moving the curtain, and so to her the shower curtain must have slid open all on its own. No wonder she freaked out.

This time Connie carefully took hold of the curtain and started opening it gently. She got it open a few inches and tried to peek in, when Michelle’s hand suddenly snatched at the curtain and shut it right in Connie’s face.

“Gonna have to buy a new shower curtain,” Michelle muttered to herself. “Damn thing seems to keep slipping.”

Connie grumbled and crossed her arms. There was no reason for her to be getting this put out; she could just watch Michelle when she got out to dry herself, or when she was dressing. Being cramped in the shower with her probably wouldn’t even be all that exciting, but at this point Connie was determined to do it on principle.

Connie stepped over to the other side of the shower and blindly slipped her hand inside, feeling along the wall. Her fingers brushed over the fixtures, before sliding down to the edge of the tub to find nothing. She reached in farther, up to her shoulder now, and knew that she must look ridiculous, but she had to find something. Her fingers brushed a shampoo bottle and Connie grinned. Readying herself, she knocked the bottle over and quickly pulled her arm back.

As the bottle clattered to the tub, she saw Michelle’s silhouette bend over to get it. With her back turned, Connie quickly slid the shower curtain open and stepped in, shutting it before Michelle could see. Michelle straightened up and cast a curious glance at the curtain, but she was completely unable to see the naked Connie standing inches behind her. Connie threw her hands up in victory, then took a moment to revel in her prize: a soaking wet Michelle, her skin glistening and dark hair streaming down her back.

Oblivious of the other person in the shower, Michelle picked up a bar of soap and started washing herself, unknowingly giving Connie a great view. Connie simply stared in awe of the sight, not caring that she was actually freezing without the warm water on her. She’d gladly freeze to death if it meant she could go on watching Michelle soaping up her large tits for as long as she wanted.

She had been right that the shower was cramped though. Connie was stuck at the very back edge to keep Michelle from bumping into her, and it did limit her view a bit. Her solution was the same as before, to get a lower vantage point. Connie carefully got down on her knees, ending up with her head next to Michelle’s wonderfully wide ass. She kept slinking down lower, pressing herself to the bottom of the tub as she was finally able to get a clear view of Michelle’s pussy. The water from the shower streamed down over Michelle’s large ass, making for a wonderful effect.

Connie reached out and caressed her ass, enjoying the feeling of her hands sliding over Michelle’s wet skin. Her ass jiggled perfectly as Connie continued to squeeze, all while Michelle made no reaction at all. Curious, she gave Michelle’s butt a light spank, the flesh bouncing in an incredibly satisfying way, and though Michelle flinched a little she didn’t pay any attention to it. She simply reached down and rubbed the sore spot, as if it had been nothing but a mosquito bite to her.

Growing a little bolder, Connie let her hands slide to Michelle’s thighs. Massaging her intimately, Connie still kept an eye out for Michelle to react. Sure enough, whenever Connie’s fingers started drifting a little too high Michelle would start to squirm, making an odd noise. There really was a limit to where she could touch, and Connie knew that this was just another milestone to cross someday. She was still probing carefully, trying to let her fingers approach Michelle’s pussy from every angle but the result was always the same, with Michelle getting antsy and scaring Connie off. She’d nearly given up, too, when her fingers slid down Michelle’s butt cheeks and accidentally brushed her asshole.

Michelle stirred a little, but not nearly as big of a reaction as having her pussy touched. Curious, Connie let her fingers slide back to Michelle’s back door. As the tips of her fingers massaged the tight entrance, Michelle’s breathing hitched and then, to Connie’s surprise, Michelle actually reached up and stroked her nipples gently. Michelle didn’t seem to know what was making her feel good, but she was undoubtedly enjoying it.

“Huh, I never figured you were into anal, Michelle.”

Connie pressed her finger harder against Michelle’s asshole and this time the older woman let out a soft moan, her hands kneading her breasts with a little more urgency. It was slow at first, but Connie noticed that Michelle’s hips were starting to press back against her fingers, subconsciously wanting more.

Connie smiled and continued to tease her anus. Her other hand slid up Michelle’s leg and brushed her clit, but that made Michelle give a surprised cry and step away. Michelle shivered and hugged herself, letting out a long sigh.

“Naughty girl,” Michelle suddenly said, and Connie was certain she meant her. Then Michelle laughed. “What are you doing trying to start something like that? Connie will be wanting to go shopping soon.”

Connie let out a loud laugh, which she was glad Michelle ignored. If only Michelle knew that she’d be delighted to give her time to get herself off. As Michelle returned back to showering, Connie considered touching her some more to try and get her to masturbate anyway. Maybe see how receptive Michelle is to anal since that seemed to be a surprising turn on for her. In the end, though, Connie decided against it. There would always be other opportunities to help make Michelle fuck herself, and besides, maybe having a frustrated Michelle would be more entertaining than a calm Michelle, fresh off of an orgasm.

Instead she sat there at the bottom of the tub and let herself enjoy the view of Michelle’s naked body as much as she could, although Connie did still try to wash herself too. Occasionally she would get a little water whenever Michelle stepped to the side, but for the most part Connie tried to use the water running off of Michelle’s body. She wasn’t sure if it was exactly hygienic, but there was something fun about washing your hair with water that came cascading down off of Michelle’s tits. Luckily Connie had gotten herself as clean as she could by the time Michelle turned the shower off and stepped out, and she quickly followed her in drying off.

Even if Michelle didn’t know she was there, showering with the older woman felt like a bonding experience. Whenever she got the family brainwashed enough to let her do whatever she wanted Connie knew that she’d institute a communal bathing policy. Showering with Michelle every morning, or making Tara and Jane shower together, washing one another. Connie grinned. Maybe she could make up an excuse about saving water. Then again, if she managed to actual brainwash the family then they would believe whatever excuse she gave.

Connie was tempted to follow Michelle into her room to watch her dress, but she wanted to try and get as much time in hanging out with Michelle as possible, so instead she walked upstairs naked, whistling to herself as she entertained more daydreams of having her own harem. When she came back downstairs, Connie was happy to see Michelle dressed up in a cute pink sweater, and a black pair of yoga pants that looked amazing on her ass.

“Wow, you look great,” Connie said, but Michelle didn’t look up from her phone. She felt out for a moment, before she slapped her forehead again. If she was going to become a Mistress then she’d really need to get her act together more. “Lights On. Wow, you look great, Michelle.”

Michelle looked up with a surprised smiling, blushing.”

“Thank you, Connie. When you get washed up we can go.”

“I already took a shower,” Connie replied quickly, eager to head out. Only when she saw a confused look on Michelle’s face she wondered if she made a mistake.

“Really? Usually when you use both showers at once the upstairs shower is ice cold. We haven’t gotten around to fixing that yet.”

Nervous, Connie gave a shrug. “I knew that, but I didn’t mind. I probably needed a cold shower, honestly.”

“I think I needed one myself,” Michelle laughed, then quickly blushed. “Never mind. So, where do you want to go today?”

Connie thought about her trip out to the mall with the sisters, and how much trouble that had led to. She’d lowered the strength of that compulsion to make her happy, but Connie hadn’t gotten around to doing that yet with Michelle. If she was honest, it’s because she wanted to try and have a little fun before she weakened it.

“How about we go shopping for some clothes? I needed a few things, and I’m sure you could find a nice outfit for yourself too.”

Michelle picked up her car keys. “Perfect. I saw that a store was having a sale on business wear. I’m sure I can find some nice blouses there.”

“You don’t have to just buy for work, you know. Honestly I think you could loosen up a little with your clothes, maybe find something cute for yourself to wear.”

“Like how Tara and Jane have been dressing so scandalously?” Michelle gave a good humored laugh about her daughters dressing like sluts, clearly unconcerned. “That’s fine for you girls, but I’m a bit too old for that.”

“I disagree,” Connie replied. “It would make me happy if you wore something that made you feel sexy like that.”

Michelle was nearly out the door when she heard that and froze, shivering a little. When she spoke it came out as a nervous squeak, her excitement clear. “I—I mean, I’m sure I’d look ridiculous… but there wouldn’t be any harm in looking, I suppose.”

Connie wore a wide smile as she followed Michelle out to her car. “No harm at all.”