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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 16

A Day Out With Michelle: Part 3

“Michelle, can I try to hypnotize you?”

Connie saw the shock on Michelle’s face, the same stunned reaction that anyone would have to such a weird request. She shrank back and instantly knew this was a mistake. Of course it was, what kind of person asks to hypnotize someone out of the blue like that? And here Connie had been thinking that she’d used up all of her courage after kissing Michelle back in the store.

While Connie’s mind fell into panic, Michelle still hadn’t replied to her, which only made Connie panic more. Michelle hadn’t done anything but stare in bewilderment, her head tilted forward and her lips slightly parted. She almost looked ready to kiss someone, Connie’s frantic mind thought for no reason.

“I’m so sorry,” Connie said, hastily trying to backtrack. “It was a random thought and it must sound so weird and— just forget that I said anything.”

Michelle seemed to come back to herself, shaking off the stunned look and saying, “Oh, no, it’s fine really. I just wasn’t expecting that.” She put on a strained smile, her face flushed. “What made you think about hypnotizing me?”

“Nothing,” Connie said too quickly.

“You can tell me.” Michelle stepped closer, putting a reassuring hand on Connie’s shoulder. It was only with Michelle’s hand steadying her that Connie realized she’d been shaking. All at once Connie became aware of the fact that her heart was nearly bursting out of her chest with fear that she’d screwed up what had been such amazing progress. Connie saw the concern on Michelle’s face and wondered how she must look to have made Michelle so worried.

“It’s nothing, really. Just a stupid thought.” Connie lowered her head and furrowed her eyebrows, scolding herself on ruining everything. She’d never be able to bring up hypnosis casually again with the panic attack she’d just had. “I just saw some show with a hypnotist and thought it was interesting, but of course that’s not the kind of thing you just ask someone. I’m just being weird and dumb and—”

Warm arms embraced her, pulling her in tight. Before she knew what was happening Michelle had swept her up in a hug, her breasts pressing against Connie’s face as Michelle stroked her hair. Connie listened to the soft pulse of Michelle’s heart and found it oddly soothing.

“Easy there. You looked like you were about to have a panic attack.”

“I wasn’t…” Connie trailed off, knowing full well that it was true. It was her own fault, too. Here she’d been telling herself to take things slowly, and after a little success she’d jumped the gun and brought up hypnosis in the most suspicious way possible. The truth was that she’d been completely caught off guard by how Michelle acted today. There was a daring side to her that Connie had never seen in the house, and all of the flirting had gotten into her head. Connie had felt so safe with Michelle that she’d wound up blurting out what she really wanted instead of playing it cool.

“I’m sorry for being weird,” Connie muttered into Michelle’s breasts. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s perfectly okay,” Michelle replied, hugging Connie reassuringly. “Like I said, I was just taken off guard by the request.”

Connie gave a sad laugh, wondering how lame she must have sounded. So much for Michelle being interested in her.

“It’s just that I’ve always dreamed about being hypnotized, and it was shocking to hear you bring it up like that.”

Connie pulled her head away from Michelle’s warm chest, gaping in surprise. “You— want to be hypnotized?”

Michelle pulled her arms back, suddenly seeming very shy. “If it’s possible, I mean. I don’t know if hypnosis is real or if it would even work on me. It’s just something that I’ve always been fascinated with.”

“Really?” Connie’s heart was suddenly back to beating madly in her chest.

Michelle glanced around at the shoppers passing nearby, and Connie remembered that they were still in a crowded mall. Both of them slipped out of the rush of people and found an isolated bench, sitting down under the fake palm trees. Michelle hugged the shopping bags to her chest, looking just as nervous as when she’d modeled the lingerie for Connie just a few minutes ago. Did she really find talking about hypnosis to be exciting as that had been?

After they sat in silence a bit longer, Connie finally spoke. “So what makes you so interested in hypnosis?”

Michelle flinched, almost as if she were waiting for a laugh to follow it up, but Connie kept her face serious. Seeing that Connie wasn’t making fun of her, Michelle relaxed and started to talk.

“I’m not sure if you know this, but my mom actually used to work as a hypnotist. It was long before I was born so I’ve never actually seen her do it, but she had these old posters hidden away in her closet that I found once. It showed pictures of people deep in trance, like they were sleepwalking, and others of people acting like animals. I know it seems so goofy but the thought of actually being under someone else’s power like that just… it spoke to me.”

Connie nodded, understanding exactly what she meant. She’d known about hypnosis all her life, but it had never really seemed important until she saw Gloria hypnotize Jane and make her dance. When she watched her crush responding to commands so immediately, acting without any embarrassment at all as she shook her hips, it was like a lightning bolt had struck her. Connie didn’t understand this power, but she knew that she wanted it.

And it appeared that Michelle had been struck with the same instinct, except to be at the opposite end. To be powerless to someone else. The ultimate in submission.

“I watched videos online about hypnotists at work, wishing that it was me on stage to experience it. I thought about trying to find any local shows with hypnosis but I was always too afraid of going. Scared that people would think I was foolish, but even more scared that it wouldn’t work. Still, I never could shake the fantasy of it. The idea that someone could swing a pocket watch and I’d be so engrossed in it that all my thoughts would just slip away. That I could be helpless… just completely obedient…”

Connie grinned when she saw the sheepish excitement on Michelle’s face, no doubt lost in her fantasies. All Connie wanted was to look into Michelle’s head and find all of those submissive fantasies and make them come true. It was like they were made for each other.

“That’s why I was so shocked when you brought it up,” Michelle suddenly said, knocking them both out of their daydreaming. “I was honestly terrified that you’d somehow found out about my obsession with it.”

“I had no idea at all,” Connie admitted. “And I don’t even know why I really asked it like that. That’s why I freaked out so much, because I was afraid you’d think I was a freak.”

Michelle put a hand on Connie’s knee. “I’d never think that. I guess we both just got lucky.”

Connie smiled in gratitude, and also noticed that Michelle didn’t take her hand back.

“So why did you ask to hypnotize me? It must have been on your mind for it to come up like that.”

The universe had clearly just given Connie a very rare opportunity, and she was determined not to blow it this time. “It’s something I’ve been investigating as a project for psychology. It’s the big paper that I’ve been working on all week. I’ve actually been studying books on hypnosis to learn if it’s real or not.”

Michelle clapped her hands proudly. “Wow, that’s quite a project to give yourself. I didn’t know you were so dedicated about psychology, Connie.”

“It’s nothing,” she muttered, shrugging and trying to hide how shy the praise made her. Then Connie put on a strained smile, pounding a fist against her leg as if she were frustrated. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard for her to fake at the moment. “The biggest problem though is that I don’t know if it’s real or not. Some books say yes, and others say no. I was just hoping that if I tried it for myself, maybe it would be possible to really hypnotize someone.”

Michelle coughed, and Connie saw her trying to suppress an excited look in her eyes. “I guess that makes sense then. Why you came to me, I mean. If you could hypnotize me I’m sure you would have gotten an A.”

Connie must have seemed too eager, because Michelle quickly shook her head.

“But I’m afraid I would just be too nervous about letting you down. If I didn’t go into trance then I would only disappoint both of us.”

She stared off into the distance, a frightened look that Connie immediately recognized. Connie had seen that same expression on her own face every time she’d thought of Tara, or Jane, or even Michelle. It was the look of someone who wanted something desperately and knew they could never have it. Only this time Connie knew that the hypnosis would work. All the years of being hypnotized by Gloria should have left Michelle’s mind just as susceptible to hypnosis as Jane was.

Connie was about to open her mouth to assure Michelle, when she caught herself in time. How was she supposed to promise Michelle she’d be able to go into trance without revealing all of the hypnotic conditioning that Gloria had done to Michelle and her daughters? Gloria used her skills to keep the family safe and happy, but Michelle might not see it that way. Exposing the truth might only make her more suspicious of it.

So telling Michelle she’d already been hypnotized was out, and that left Connie by herself. An eighteen year old girl who had, as far as Michelle knew, never hypnotized anyone and only read some books. Was that really going to be enough to sell her on? After all, Michelle would no doubt see Connie failing as further proof that hypnosis wasn’t real.

Connie clapped her hands down on the bench and jumped up to her feet, startling Michelle. “Then let’s give it a try. Not for my project or anything, just for fun.”

“I don’t know,” Michelle muttered, but Connie pressed on.

“It doesn’t matter if it works or not. What’s the worst that could happen?” Connie saw Michelle open her mouth to speak and cut her off before she could answer. “If it works, great! If not, we’ll still be able to talk about it. I know it’s been lonely for me being afraid to say anything about hypnosis to Tara and Jane.”

The doubtful look on Michelle’s face softened. “It… would be nice to talk about it. My friends used to laugh at me when I brought it up so I’ve just stuffed it down and tried to forget about it.”

“Then you can talk about it with me. I know I’d love to hear about everything you’ve thought of being hypnotized to do.”

Connie was gambling that it might be something dirty or kinky, and the way Michelle’s face went red meant that she’d been right. “Oh, I can’t possibly say all that. It’s embarrassing.”

“I promise not to laugh. Unless it’s really funny,” Connie added, and they both laughed at that. “It’ll be therapeutic.”

Michelle humored her with a smile, but it was clear that the argument was working. She just needed to push Michelle a little more.

Connie cleared her throat. “I never told anyone that I was a lesbian because I was terrified of being rejected. I didn’t even want to tell my family out of fear of what they’d say.”

“Connie…” She said the name softly, wanting to try to reassure her.

“But when I told you the truth it was like putting down a weight I didn’t know I was carrying. Having someone listen to you and not judge you, it was great.” Connie felt a pang of guilt about exploiting that conversation, but she wasn’t lying. It really had been amazing to open up to someone. “I know it’s not the same thing, but if you’ve been afraid to talk about hypnosis your whole life then I want to be there for you too.”

“It is nice, being able to say it out loud.” Michelle patted the shopping bags in her lap, a smile growing on her face. “This is a conversation I never dreamed I’d actually be able to have.”

“So let’s not let it end. We can share what we like about. And have something special in common.” Connie sighed. She didn’t want to pull back like this, but honestly it felt like the right thing to do. “And I won’t try to hypnotize you, if you’re not comfortable with it. The truth is I’m happy enough just being able to talk about it with you.”

Michelle stood up and faced Connie, who was surprised to see the sudden determination on Michelle’s face. “No, I think we should try it. Like you said, we have nothing to lose by it. And to be honest, I’m actually really excited by the idea.”

Connie lit up, knowing that she must have looked like a kid on Christmas and she didn’t care. “Awesome. I guess we should figure out what you’d like to do when you’re in trance.”

Michelle fixed her with a smoldering look as she walked past. “I suppose if I’m under your power, then I’ll just do whatever you tell me.”

Connie’s jaw dropped and she stood there watching Michelle strutting off towards the car, her eyes glued to the older woman’s perfect ass as Michelle’s words echoed in her head. Then all at once she burst off running after Michelle, suddenly anxious to get back to the house.

* * *

They didn’t speak in the car, though it was because they were both stuck in a sort of giddy high. Connie stole glances at Michelle, and Michelle stole them right back. They were both smiling, bouncing in their seats. Neither one wanted to ruin the excitement rushing through them by talking.

Not until Connie realized what road they were driving on. Michelle had taken a back road near the coast to avoid traffic back into town, and the second that Connie recognized the tiny dirt lot and the path leading up the hill, she asked Michelle to pull over.

“We’re nearly home,” Michelle tried to say, but Connie was adamant.

Connie was out of the car before it parked. She felt the cool breeze passing over the hill and breathed in the faint salt scent of the ocean.

Michelle didn’t seem as impressed as she stepped out of the car. “What’s the emergency, Connie?” She pouted slightly. “I thought we were going to try… you know.”

Connie rounded the dirt road and took Michelle’s hand, a huge grin on her face. “This is better, trust me.”

She led Michelle up the hill, and Michelle was enjoying the sight of Connie being so assertive that she didn’t bother to ask questions. When they crested the hill they were greeted by the sight of a gray beach, nestled between two rocky bluffs. The place was deserted, and Michelle even thought that this might have been someone’s private beach.

The choppy water crashed against the sand and Connie smiled as drops of salt seawater sprayed up against her face.

“The water’s too rough to swim in,” Connie explained, “So hardly anybody comes out here. Sometimes there’s older kids drinking at a bonfire, but most times that I came here I’d have the place all to myself.”

She nervously peeked at Michelle, afraid of what she’d think of the sudden detour. Michelle was grinning, though, the breeze blowing her dark hair behind her.

“It’s beautiful.”

Connie blushed. “I just recognized the place and it’s where I usually came to be alone. I figured it would be the perfect place to relax and try to put you into trance.”

Michelle chuckled. “It would be nice not having to worry about Jane or Gloria bursting in on us.”

That was an understatement. To Michelle being caught would just be embarrassing. But if Jane, or worse, Gloria, saw her trying to hypnotize Michelle, then she’d certainly have a lot to answer for.

Michelle squeezed Connie’s hand, and Connie was amazed to realize that they’d been holding hands the whole time.

“I think it’s perfect,” Michelle said, taking her hand back. Then with a loud whoop of laughter Michelle jumped down the steep, sandy hill, and she went sliding off down towards the beach.

Connie watched her go with a dopey smile on her face. She’d always had a deep infatuation with Mrs. Silva, though it never felt as emotional as the feelings she had for Michelle’s daughters. She’d had time to get to know Tara and Jane, could appreciate who they were in addition to their looks. It had never been that way with Michelle. She was always just the stunning MILF that Connie wanted for her body, since she could have never guessed at who Michelle was as a person. Now, after the day they’d spent together, Connie felt her heart swelling as she realized that she loved Michelle just as much as she loved Tara and Jane.

That warmth suddenly faltered as Connie remembered why they were here. She was going to hypnotize Michelle and try to put her perverted plans into action. Would she really be able to turn Michelle into a submissive sex slave that lusted after her own daughters? Could Connie actually go through with transforming her if it was possible?

The doubts surged in, just as they had when Connie had gotten the opportunity to hypnotize Jane. Her fingers twitched, and Connie felt the fear growing in her chest over what would happen if she failed. Rather than let the anxiety lock her up, as it threatened to do, Connie instead followed Michelle’s lead and jumped down from the top of the hill.

For a second Connie was flying. So light and free. And there was Michelle waiting down below, grinning and cheering her on. Connie forget her fears and embraced the exhilarating thrill as she let out a whoop of laughter. Her feet hit the sand and she went skidding down the hillside, arms pinwheeling at her side while Michelle cheered. It seemed like a single wrong step in the unsteady sand would send her tumbling down the whole way, and even though Connie knew that she was perilously close to falling, she still managed to laugh the entire way down to Michelle. She never missed her step.

Connie ran past Michelle like a rocket, and Michelle ran after her, both of them giggling. Seeing Michelle chasing her with that enormous grin, it was hard for Connie to remember that Michelle was twice her age. All she saw was a beautiful woman that she couldn’t wait to kiss again.

By the time they stopped at the water’s edge they were both gasping for air, wearing identical smiles that went ear to ear. Just as Connie had hoped, she seemed to have burned through all of her nervous energy. Michelle looked more relaxed herself, and Connie guessed that she had her own anxiety to race through as well. As she watched, Michelle straightened up and put her hands on her hips, standing there confidently as if she were challenging the ocean. Connie stared openly, wanting to burn the gorgeous sight into her memory, and it was right then that Connie knew she was ready.

“Let’s sit down over her.” Connie trudged through the sand, moving a few yards away from the waves so they wouldn’t get too soaked by the wind. She dropped down and planted herself in the warm gray sand, and Michelle followed suite by sitting down opposite her.

“I wish we had a bonfire or something,” Michelle mused. “It would be more romantic that away.” Her hand clapped over her mouth. “I mean relaxing. I meant… to help with the mood… and fires are romantic too, but I didn’t mean it like—”

Michelle clamped her mouth shut, before letting out a defeated laugh.

“Are you really just going to let me go on putting my foot in my mouth?”

“Usually I’m the one talking too much and embarrassing myself,” Connie replied. “It’s kind of fun being on the other side. Besides, I won’t hold it against you.”

Michelle smiled gratefully. She patted her knees. “So. How exactly do you go about hypnotizing someone?”

“You start by just taking some deep breaths. Nice and easy, in a relaxing rhythm.” Connie took a steadying breath herself, and Michelle copied her. Only when Michelle breathed in deep, her pink sweater went tight, outlining her impressive breasts. Connie pulled her eyes away and took another few deep breaths to get a handle on herself. She had to stay focused on actually making the trance work, so that it could be the first of many to come.

“Now just listen to the steady sound of the waves coming in. The beat of the waves reaching the beach and the gentle hiss of the water sliding back into the ocean. Or the birds overhead. Even the faint sounds of traffic coming from over the hill. Just take it all in, Michelle.”

Connie absorbed the sounds of their surroundings as well. It amazed her how calming it was, and when she checked on Michelle she was glad to see the woman’s arms and legs stretching out as her muscles relaxed. Michelle was staring out at the water, still taking those deep, calming breaths.

“Take in all the sounds around us. And, try to close your eyes,” Connie instructed gently. Michelle blushed and muttered an apology. She turned back to face Connie and let her eyes close.

“Good. Try to picture the waves in your head instead. See the waves rushing in and slipping back, and you’ll find yourself timing it to your breaths. Breathing in with the waves, and then breathing out as they leave. Very good, Michelle. Just focus on the sounds around us, and the breathing, and the waves, but most of all just focus on my voice. Let it guide you down into trance.”

She still had her eyes closed, and there wasn’t a significant shift in how she was sitting, but all at once Connie knew that Michelle was going under. Connie had been able to see the effect of Gloria’s hypnosis enough times to recognize it, and as Michelle’s head nodded down and her eyes fluttered behind closed lids, Connie knew that she had Michelle right where she wanted her.

Excitement gripped her, and Connie started thinking of what triggers or commands to experiment with first, but then she remembered what Michelle had told her. She’d dreamed about this very moment for most of her life, probably even longer than Connie had been alive. There was nothing that she wanted more than to go into trance, and here was Connie, about to stop her just when she reached the threshold.

Determined now, Connie carried on with the induction. She recalled the different techniques she’d read about and used them now. Making Michelle visualize different ways of bringing her deeper, using her language to relax Michelle’s body and mind further. It went on for ten minutes, twenty minutes. Connie lost track of time. She was absorbed in the thrill of taking Michelle on a journey deep into her subconscious; was excited to see how deep she could go. Part of Connie knew that it was this fun because it wasn’t just about her own selfish desires to hypnotize and change Michelle. This was something that Michelle wanted as well. A deep fantasy of hers that had once been impossible. Connie knew the pain of having a dream like that, and it gave her a giddy sense of pride that she could help give Michelle what she’d always wanted.

The sun had shifted when Connie finally sat back and relaxed in the sand, her lips dry and her throat tight from talking for so long. She glanced over and saw Michelle laying on her back, eyes half open and staring up at the clear sky with a dreamy happiness. Her arms and legs were spread out and it looked like there wasn’t an ounce of stress left in her body. With that innocent smile on her face, Michelle reminded Connie of a kid making a snow angel.

It honestly amazed Connie that she could hold this kind of power over someone. When she hypnotized Gloria it was only as a tool for getting what she wanted. This time, though, Connie was truly able to appreciate the art there was in the hypnosis itself. Knowing that she had taken Michelle to some wonderful, impossible place in her mind was a high in and of itself. There was something magical about making Michelle’s dream come true.

Connie’s eyes drifted down to Michelle’s breasts, rising and falling in a peaceful rhythm, and she bit her lip. There were certainly other fantasies that Michelle had. Like the ones she had while she masturbated. What was she imagining as she touched herself? What was she wishing to experience? Connie grinned, her libido returning now that she’d given Michelle a deep and wonderful trance. Maybe Michelle would be interested in having some of those other fantasies become reality too.

“How are you feeling, Michelle?” she asked with a hoarse voice, wishing that she’d brought something to drink to the beach with them.

Michelle remained still, but let out a long, luxurious purr. “Amazing.”

“Do you like being deep in trance like this?”

“It’s everything I hoped it would be,” Michelle answered slowly, in that same almost robotic voice that the other women used in trance.

Connie sat back up, bouncing with energy. She was proud of the long trance she’d given Michelle, but her own excitement was starting to get the better of her. Putting Michelle in trance was good, but now it was time to see how she’d react to suggestions in trance.

“Michelle, I want you to tell me the truth and answer any questions honestly.”

“Okay, Connie,” Michelle replied in her sleepy voice.

“Would you… ever be interested in having sex with me someday? Like is that something that you can actually see happening, or are you completely against it?”

Connie was afraid that the question was too forward, that Michelle might rebel against it and wake from the trance. Instead, Michelle grinned. In a calm, happy voice, she said, “I want to fuck you very much, Connie. Part of me knows that it’s wrong. You’re so young, and Tara’s best friend, but I think you’re very cute.”

Connie pumped a fist into the air. Before she could celebrate too much, though, Michelle frowned.

“I don’t think I could go through with it,” Michelle said, and though her face was calm there was regret in her voice. “I want to fuck you, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

Connie slowly pulled her fist out of the air, pouting. That’s about what she should have expected, and yet the disappointment still hurt. She should have known that Michelle was too good of a person, that she would have seen sleeping with someone her daughter’s age as wrong.

“So you can never see yourself having sex with me?”

Michelle answered, “No,” and Connie’s heart sunk. Until Michelle continued. “No, I can see myself having sex with you. I would need to know you better, so I wouldn’t feel guilty. If I knew you really desired me then I can see us being together, in time.”

“You like to take things slow before sleeping with someone,” Connie muttered to herself, but Michelle still nodded. “So if I asked you to fuck me right now, you’d say no?”

“I’d be very tempted,” Michelle admitted in her entranced voice. “But I couldn’t do it.”

“If we kept hanging out, though. Kept getting to know each other like we did today, and flirting for a few weeks. If I asked you to fuck me then, what would you do?”

Michelle’s legs slid together, her thighs clenching as she let out a happy sound. “When it feels right, I’d fuck you senseless.”

Connie straightened up, satisfied. She didn’t need Michelle as a sex slave on any kind of deadline, after all. Besides, the idea of coercing Michelle and the girls into something they didn’t want was still something that made her stomach turn. She didn’t want to hurt Tara and her family, just like Michelle didn’t want to do anything she thought would hurt her. Connie just wanted to express her love for them, and see if they had it in them to share her own extreme fantasies. However far they were willing to go with her would be amazing enough, so if any of them had firm limits then Connie would need to abide by them.

The softer limits, though, that was something Connie could play with. She’d help them to flirt with new fetishes and fantasies, to see if they took to anything. Maybe they’d even adopt some of Connie’s ideas without all that much conditioning.

Connie shook her head, realizing that she was lost in her own plans. “Alright, Michelle, it’s time to wake up. Count with me now as we take you back the way you came.”

She led Michelle back up to consciousness, taking care to let her go slowly enough since it was her first time. It didn’t take long before Michelle was blinking and yawning and stretching, but most of all, she was grinning like crazy.

“So how did you like it?”

Michelle sat up and shook the sand off of her back, laughing. “I can’t believe it! You really put me into a trance!”

Connie put on a modest smile. “Maybe I’m just a natural at this sort of thing.”

“It was so weird. I remember being so worried that it wouldn’t work, and then I worried that my worry would make it worse… but then I heard you telling me to relax and I, just, did. I can’t explain it.” Michelle suddenly fixed her eyes on Connie. Without warning she leapt forward and wrapped her arms tight around Connie’s shoulders. “Thank you so much!”

Connie lost her balance from the surprise hug and they both fell back onto the sand, laughing.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” Connie said shyly, blushing as Michelle laid on top of her. Michelle was blushing too, but stayed where she was, her breasts pressing down against Connie.

“I just… I can’t believe you were actually able to do that for me.” She brushed her hair back. “And I… I appreciate that you didn’t try to make me do anything. Although the questions were embarrassing.”

Connie’s smile suddenly faltered. “Questions?”

“When you made me say that I wanted to fuck you.”

Connie flailed under Michelle, apologizing so fast that her words blurred together. “I’msosorrysosorryIdidn’tmeanto—”

“Easy, it’s fine.” Michelle giggled. “If I could have made you tell the truth I probably would have asked the same thing.”

“I didn’t think you’d remember that part,” Connie muttered, feeling like an idiot. Why didn’t she think to tell Michelle to forget the questions?

“Well, I did, and I appreciate that you didn’t try to take advantage of me.” She finally rolled off of Connie, sitting down on her knees to look at her. “I know that there’s… something going on between us. As you made me admit.”

Connie sat up, not able to meet Michelle’s eyes.

“Do you feel the same way?”

The question shocked Connie. “It’s not obvious?”

“Not to me it isn’t,” Michelle pouted, putting her hands on her hips. “I’ve been worried all day trying to decide if you were into me or not. I’d half convinced myself I was crazy for thinking someone as young and cute as you were into me.”

Connie threw her head back and laugh. “I’ve had a crush on you for years. I’m surprised you didn’t know.”

“I didn’t have a clue. Still, it’s good to know that I’m not crazy.”

“I’m just surprised you’re into me,” Connie admitted.

Michelle smiled, then looked out at the ocean. “I did mean everything I said in the trance. I definitely have some feelings for you, but it wouldn’t be right. You have a crush, and that’s all it could be.”

“It’s not!” Connie shouted, taking Michelle’s hand.

The older woman took her hand back, although there was a pleased smile on her face. “You’re still young. I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of wonderful women your age and realize that you just had an infatuation with me. Like having a crush on your teacher. It’s not real.”

“I know what I feel,” Connie said, with all the conviction she possessed. “I really do want you, Michelle.”

At that, Michelle laughed. “Connie, at your age I wound up pregnant. Is it really such a bad thing to consider taking the time to be certain of what you feel?”

Connie pouted, but nodded. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forceful.”

The waves crashed nearby, and Michelle shook some of the sand out of her hair. “Give it until your first year of college,” she suddenly said. “Get some life experience. You might meet the perfect girl for you and forget all about me.”

“I doubt that.” Connie had her heart set on Michelle, of that she was certain. She also had her heart set on Tara and Jane, but being in love with more than one person didn’t diminish her feelings at all.

“Still, it would cause less problems that way. I don’t want to sleep with someone in high school, even if she is technically legal. Besides, what would Tara say?”

Michelle clapped a hand to her mouth as fear struck her.

“Oh god, what would Tara say?”

Connie couldn’t help but giggle. She hadn’t actually considered how things would change with the household, mostly because she would, hopefully, have changed the women’s ideas on monogamy. That was definitely next on her checklist, especially since she had to convince Tara that sleeping with more than one person was fun.

“Alright, I’m fine with taking things slow,” Connie finally said. “I’m sure this is all pretty weird for you too.”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “I’ll say. I haven’t worried about being attracted to anyone in years, and then I had to get the hots for my daughter’s best friend.”

“Maybe you just have good taste?” Connie said hopefully, and that earned a laugh from Michelle.

“I suppose so. You at least certainly know what you’re doing with hypnosis.” She closed her eyes and shivered, remembering the feeling of the trance. “Can we please do that again, sometime soon?”

Connie grinned. “I was hoping you’d ask for more.”

“In that case… can we try something right now?” Michelle eagerly slid closer. “Like something to prove I can really be controlled?”

Connie blushed deeply. “I— I think I can do that.”

“Nothing too bad now,” Michelle chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I can’t make you do anything in trance that you don’t want to do yourself,” Connie explained.

Michelle shivered for a second as a weird expression flashed over her face. But then she was back to smiling. “Good. I just hope it won’t be too hard putting me back into trance again.”

“Well, I gave you the long treatment,” Connie said. “Now that I’ve proven I can put you under it should be easy knocking you out again.”

“I doubt it. I feel way too excited to relax now.”

A sly smile spread on Connie’s face as she took the challenge. She reached forward and laid one hand against Michelle’s cheek, surprising the older woman.

“Connie? What are you—”

“Go into trance for me,” Connie said in a strong voice.

Michelle let out a weak sound as her eyes rolled back. Her shoulder’s slumped and her face relaxed, going back to the blank look she’d had before.

“See? Wasn’t it easy to go back into trance for me?” Connie asked.

Michelle nodded, smiling. “Yes.”

“You like when I put you into trance.”

“Yes,” she answered in a breathy voice.

“Now, Michelle, you said you wanted to be made to do something in trance.” Connie stroked her hand down Michelle’s cheek. “And since you’ve fantasized about being hypnotized so often, I’m sure you’ve imagined all sorts of things that you wanted to be made to do. You’ve got all those fantasies stored in your mind, don’t you?”

Michelle’s eyes fluttered, searching. “I do.”

“I want you to find one of them. Nothing too extreme, not yet. We’ll have plenty of time to do all sorts of fun things in trance in the future,” Connie teased, and Michelle bit her lip, moaning slightly. “So I want you to find something that’s just the right amount of fun that you’re ready to have with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I have it.”

Connie blinked. “That was quick. What is it?”

“I want to be made to act like a dog.”

Connie giggled. It seemed a little childish, but then Michelle probably always pictured being hypnotized at a stage show. Part of Connie was hoping that Michelle might pick something a little naughtier, but this was supposed to be about easing her into hypnosis and making her hungry for more. If that meant a tame suggestion, then Connie was happy with that.

After all, she’d have plenty of time to introduce Michelle to all of the kinky things that hypnosis was really capable of.

“Okay, Michelle. When I wake you up, you’ll have the mind of a happy dog…”

* * *

A few minutes later, Michelle opened her eyes blearily. She glanced up from the sand and saw Connie sitting beside her.

“Hey Michelle, how are you feeling?”

Michelle’s face lit up and she gave a happy bark. She flipped over onto all fours and shook her body roughly, laughing as she sprayed sand everywhere. “I feel great!”

Connie turned and ducked as sand flew at her, laughing. “Well you certainly can act like a dog.”

Michelle suddenly jumped on Connie, panting with her tongue out. “Of course, Michelle is a good doggy!” Lightning quick she licked the side of Connie’s face. “Thank you so much for taking me to the beach! I love the beach! So much fun to run in the sand!”

Connie was staring at her with a surprised look, and Michelle tilted her head. “What’s wrong, Owner? Is Michelle being a bad dog?”

“Um, no,” she muttered, wiping the drool off her cheek. “No, Michelle’s a good dog.”

Michelle perked up, her ass wagging. “I’m a good doggie!?”

Connie burst out laughing, and Michelle smiled. It felt so good to make her Owner happy. That’s what dogs were supposed to do.

“I guess your vocabulary is a little fucked, but it is fun seeing how excited you are.”

Michelle didn’t know what that meant, so she just gave Connie’s cheek another lick and bounded off, enjoying the feeling of the sand under her paws. Only, for some reason something was covering her back paws. Michelle glanced back and kicked off her shoes.

“What are you doing, Michelle?”

Michelle sat up on her knees, scratching at her sweater with an annoyed grunt. “Someone put clothes on me. Doggies hate wearing clothes.”

She gripped the sweatshirt and yanked it over her head, taking her shirt with it and leaving herself in nothing but her bra. Michelle tossed the clothes aside and let out a relieved sigh.

“Much better,” she panted, but paused when she saw Connie giving her a wide eyes stare, her mouth hanging open.

“Doggies are supposed to be naked, right Owner?”

Connie took a moment to answer, gulping hard. “Yes. Yes they are, Michelle.”

Michelle barked happily and undid the clasp on her bra. “Good. Michelle loves being a good dog for her Owner.”

When she tossed the bra aside, Michelle saw a huge grin spread on Connie’s face, so she was certain that she was being good. It was always so good to make her Owner happy with her.