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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 19

Dream a Little Dream for Me: Part 1

Tara’s cocky grin returned as she easily blasted another alien ship out of the sky with ease. She spun her ship in a tight turn, avoiding enemy fire and taking out another two ships. Meanwhile, on the other side of the moon base, Connie’s ship was making lazy circles and doing nothing to avoid the laser blasts slashing across her hull. Connie had barely managed to score a single point in the video game so far.

Tara clicked her tongue and threw Connie a look. “Come on Connie, it’s like you’re not even playing.”

“Huh?” Connie had been lost in her thoughts. Again. It wasn’t like she was just zoning out, at least. Figuring out how to hypnotize your best friend into sleeping with you was a serious dilemma. She didn’t have time to care if the Earth was invaded by aliens in the mean time.

Tara shot down the last ship and let out a cheer, the screen announcing her as the winner and champion of earth. “That’s three games in a row. You’re usually better then this.”

“Sorry, just… trying to work out a problem for school. It’s pretty difficult.”

“Anything I can help you with?”

Not unless you want to let me drop you into trance, Connie thought uselessly. “It’s alright. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.”

Connie was already picking up her controller to not focus on another game, when Tara switched off the game console. Surprised, Connie asked, “You don’t want to play again?”

“You’re basically a zombie,” Tara said with a laugh. “There’s no fun in beating you. How about we read some comics instead?”

“Sure.” At least this way Connie wouldn’t have to pretend to be paying attention. She was using every ounce of her brainpower to think of how to get Tara to agree to being hypnotized. She’d gotten insanely lucky with Michelle, and she doubted that Tara had any lifelong desire to be hypnotized that she could exploit. With Jane it had only come up because they were watching that crappy vampire movie that happened to feature some mind control in it.

Connie wasn’t about to sit through that terrible movie again, so she’d have to think of some other nonchalant way to bring up mind control. But where the hell was that going to come up without being suspicious?

Tara was already laying on her bed, nose deep in a comic, when she suddenly said, “You know, mind control is such bullshit.”

Connie did a double take, certain that she’d been concentrating so hard that she was hearing things. “Come again?”

“Mind control. It’s bullshit.” Tara put down her comic and gave Connie a look as though she was supposed to have instantly agreed with her. Then Tara seemed to realize that her comment had come out of nowhere. “Right, sorry. I’m just reading about how Torch Gal got brainwashed in this issue and made to act like a villain, but there’s no way she’d ever give in that easily..”

Connie stared at her blankly, doing her best to suppress the dumb grin that wanted to bubble up. “I mean, it’s a comic book. Aren’t superheroes getting brainwashed all the time?”

“That’s just lazy writing,” Tara said, swiping her thumb at her nose. “Whenever writers can’t think of something good to do they just say that this character is suddenly brainwashed to do something totally out of character. They’re superheroes! There’s no way they’d let themselves get brainwashed that easily.”

“They’re also fictional characters.”

“I know that,” Tara sulked, “But the point still stands. It’s not like that stuff works in real life.”

And just like that, Tara had given Connie the best gift of all.

“Actually,” Connie said, keeping her voice disinterested, “Hypnosis is completely real.”

“Bullshit,” Tara replied instantly.

“I mean it. I’ve seen videos online of people getting hypnotized to do all sorts of things.”

“It’s all fake,” Tara said dismissively.

“Well what if I could hypnotize you? Would that prove that you’re wrong?”

Tara gave Connie a doubtful look. “Yeah right. Like you’d know how to hypnotize someone.”

Connie shrugged. “Then you shouldn’t be worried at all that I can hypnotize you. What do you have to lose?”

“Come on, Connie. You’re just putting me on.” She picked up the comic book and stuck her nose back in it, but Connie knew that Tara was just trying to avoid her. “Besides, why do you want to hypnotize me anyway? Not that you could. You just sound like a supervillain, is all.”

“You’re right, I guess it does sound like I’ve got some kind of nefarious plan going it.” Connie chuckled. “You’re probably right to be scared of me hypnotizing you,” Connie said with an arrogant tone, which immediately pricked Tara’s competitive side.

Connie heard Tara ruffling her comic book, and the edge in her voice was unmistakable. “I’m not scared of getting hypnotized.”

“Then why don’t you sit down here and prove it. If I can’t manage to hypnotize you, then you can ask for anything you want.”

Tara bit her lower lip, considering it. “If I win then you have to go to school naked.”

“Anything that won’t get me arrested,” Connie amended. Not that she had any doubt that she’d fall to put Tara into trance. Still, she wanted to egg Tara on, and that meant acting like there was the chance that she could fail.

“Fine. You have to give me— you have to do my homework for a week.”

Connie grinned. “Deal.”

Something about how eager she was made Tara hesitate. “Wait, two weeks.” When she didn’t see Connie’s smile waver, Tara made a nervous sound. “A month. If you can’t hypnotize me then you have to do my homework for a month.”

“There’s only like a month left until finals,” Connie said, having a moment of panic. She quickly pulled herself together, though. She still had her old insecurities flair up on occasion, but Connie had hypnotized both Jane and Michelle. She could do this. She had to. “Fine. If I can’t actually hypnotize you then I’ll do your homework until we graduate.”

There was a worried look on Tara’s face now, but she still made herself get off the bed and sit down across from Connie. “Alright. Not like you’ll actually be able to do it anyway.”

“Okay, so I just need you to relax,” Connie said in a gentle voice, both to calm down Tara and also her own rapidly beating heart.

“Wait,” Tara suddenly said. “You didn’t say what you would get if you win.”

“I don’t want anything,” Connie said in an innocent voice. “I just want the chance to prove you wrong.”

“Okay, that’s definitely what a supervillain would say.”

Connie gulped, trying to play it cool. “So does that mean you’re backing down?”

Tara shook her head. “Hell no. Besides, there’s no way in hell you can put me into trance. ”

“Just keep telling yourself that,” Connie smirked.

“I mean, there’s absolutely no chance that I’ll ever, ever let you get me to fall into—”

“Drop for me now,” Connie suddenly commanded, pointing a finger right into Tara’s face.

Tara shook with surprise at the force in Connie’s voice. Her eyes focused instantly on the tip of Connie’s finger, so close that Tara’s eyes crossed. Then all at once Tara felt her voice trailing off as her eyes seemed to glass over and lose focus. Her head nodded once, twice, then fell with her chin again her chest.

Connie chuckled. “Okay, you can stop playing.”

“Yes Connie,” Tara said in a tired voice.

Connie raised an eyebrow. “Tara, lift your head up for me.”

Tara lifted her head as instructed, her face blank and peaceful.

“Are you actually in a trance right now?”

“Yes,” Tara answered, her voice as empty of emotion as Jane and Michelle’s voices had been.

“Seriously? That worked on you?”

Tara just stared into space. “It seems so.”

“Alright, then stand up and cluck like a chicken then.”

She expected Tara to bust out laughing at her. Instead, Tara got up on her feet and immediately began to cluck and flap her arms like a chicken.

Connie just stared, dumbstruck. “I don’t know what’s lamer. The fact that you actually dropped from that, or that the best thing I could think of was making you clucking like a chicken.”

Tara didn’t reply except to keep making chicken sounds.

“Oh well,” Connie said, taking out her cell phone. “A bet’s a bet, after all. Now smile for the birdie, Tara.”

* * *

“—never going to fall into trance for you,” Tara said sternly. She glanced up and saw that Connie was suddenly on her phone, smiling at whatever she was looking at. Tara studied the phone, confused. When had Connie taken it out?

“Oh sorry, I was just watching a really funny video.”

“Is it the video where you have to do my homework for a month when you fail?”

Connie smirked. “Actually, it’s the opposite.” Connie held out her phone, and Tara went white when she was herself in the video, walking around in circles as she buckawed and flapped her arms.

“You hypnotized me?” Tara asked, disbelief clear in her voice. Then she glared at Connie. “You made me a chicken?”

“I could have asked you to strip to prove you were in trance, but I tried to take the high road.”

Connie blushed deeply at that.

“Okay, fine. I guess you win.”

“I really did,” Connie muttered, pleased with herself.

Tara crossed her arms. “Don’t act so smug. You must have caught me off guard. It’s not like you could hypnotize me again.”

“Oh really?” Connie examined her nails, and her superior attitude only pissed Tara off more. Connie really did know how to push her best friend’s buttons. Why did she think this would be hard in the first place?

Tara slammed her fist down on the floor. “I mean it. You’d never be able to hypnotize me again.”

Connie shrugged. “Unless I gave you a trigger to drop into trance whenever I told you to.”

“Wait, what?”

“Drop for me now, Tara,”

The heavy, warm feeling fell over Tara’s mind instantly, and she barely managed to babble some noises before her thoughts were being pushed down into her subconscious, leaving Tara just as blank and mindless as before.

“How was that, Tara? Any resistance left?”

“No, Connie. I tried to fight… but I fell as instructed. I love to fall into trance for you.”

Connie squirmed happily. There was something so damn sexy about hearing her say that.

“Say it again, Tara. That you love to fall into trance for me.”

Tara’s face was impassive like a beautiful doll, her lips barely moving as she quietly said, “I love to fall into trance for you, Connie.”

“Again,” Connie said, a hand snaking into her pants. She had other plans to put into motion, but she just couldn’t help herself.

“I love to fall into trance for you, Connie.”

“Say it over and over again ,” Connie commanded, her fingers rubbing at her clit.

“I love to fall into trance for you, Connie.” Tara blankly recited the mantra, over and over again as Connie sat there touching herself, a huge grin on her face. “I love to fall into trance for you, Connie. I love to fall into trance for you, Connie. I love—”

“Tara, how do you feel watching me masturbate?”

“I enjoy it.”

Connie let out a low moan. “Have you cum thinking about me lately?”

“Yes,” Tara said, a tremor of emotion flashing across her face, but it was there and gone so fast that Connie couldn’t tell what it was. “I fantasize about you a lot. I feel very guilty over it, but I can’t help it.”

“Well, I’m going to help you with that guilt, then,” Connie promised, forcing her hand to come out of her pants. “I’m going to make sure we can have fun without you feeling guilty in the slightest.

A smile began to grow on Tara’s otherwise mindless face. “Yes. That would be good.”

“Now, I want you to burn my next words into your memory. Listen closely. From now on, anytime that I say the words “Dream for me, Tara,” I want you to go into trance, deep and mindless like you are now. And in that trance you will believe that you are dreaming. Anything I describe in the dream will become true, no matter how impossible or different from reality it might be. Because anything can happen in dreams, right Tara?”

“Yes,” Tara repeated, her eyelids fluttering as she absorbed the information.

“So if I tell you that the sky is purple and grass is blue in the dream, and you happen to look outside, what will you see?”

“I will see the sky is purple, and that the grass is blue. Anything you describe is true in the dream.”

Connie grinned wide. “And when I tell you to wake up from the dream, you will come out of the trance and believe that it was all a dream. That you either fell asleep or were just day dreaming. You won’t believe that any of it is real. You also can’t do anything to hurt yourself or put yourself at risk in the dream,” Connie said, remembering her close call with Michelle. “As long as it doesn’t violate your limits to keep yourself safe, then you can believe anything I tell you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Connie.”

“Then dream for me, Tara. And in this dream we will be hanging out in your room, just like we were before. Except in this dream you will know that we’re dating. We’re girlfriends, and I have absolutely no inhibitions at all, so you shouldn’t either. You can freely ask to do anything at all that you want to me, no matter how kinky it might be.”

Tara trembled, and her eyes seemed to light up with excitement. She licked her lips and let out a long, shuddering sigh.

Connie clapped her hands, and Tara gave a start at the noise, snapping awake. “Alright, so what do you want to play next. Since you’re my girlfriend, I’ll let you choose.”

“Girlfriend?” Tara savored the word, saying it slowly and sounding out the word. “That’s right. We’re dating. We’re dating each other, and no one else.”

“That’s how monogamy works,” Connie said with a smile. She wanted to see if Tara would flirt with her. If she’d bashfully ask for them to do something naughty. She’d never seen Tara actually flirting, and she couldn’t wait to experience it.

To her surprise, Tara suddenly launched herself off the floor and tackled into her, knocking Connie flat on her back. Tara kissed her hard, then pulled back, panting. “We’re gonna fuck. Right now.”

Connie blinked, taken back a little, then quickly nodded. “Anything for you, Tara.”

They moved without any grace or skill at all, simply kissing and groping like it was their very first time with anyone. Connie and Tara lost themselves in it, tearing off one another’s clothes, stopping randomly to kiss and grope more even as Connie only had her shirt half off and hanging around her neck.

It wasn’t like in the movies, where couples always seemed to fall into sex as if it were some slow, practiced dance. Connie and Tara were constantly knocking into one another and bumping elbows, but all the while giggling excitedly. Through their best efforts to keep getting in the other’s way, the two girls eventually found themselves naked, their bare bodies sliding together. Tara was kissing her way down Connie’s stomach, but would stop every few seconds just to gaze in awe at her friend. As if she were some strange, wonderful sight that Tara couldn’t really believe she was witnessing.

Meanwhile Connie just laid back on the floor, overwhelmed and delighted with how this had gone. Such a small simple suggestion was all it had taken for Tara to throw her down to the ground like this. Why had things ever been so difficult between them? She could feel Tara’s lips passionately working her way lower, and it was clear that she wanted this just as badly as Connie did.

“I love you,” Connie suddenly said, bashfully.

Tara stopped and looked back at Connie, almost surprised. Then she broke into a wide smile. “I know, dummy.”

Connie was waiting to see if Tara would say it back to her. Instead, Tara buried her head between Connie’s legs and began to eat her out. Connie let out a happy groan and rested her head back on the floor, happy to accept this instead.

They’d wound up in a sixty nine, with Tara’s hips over Connie’s head and her cunt just a few inches away. She could actually see how wet Tara was for her, and Connie wanted badly to taste her best friend, to finally know what her pussy tasted like after years of obsessing over it.

And yet, Connie felt herself in no rush. Even a month ago if Connie had been given the chance to eat Tara out, she would have dove at it without hesitation, no matter the cost. She’d even resorted to occasionally trying to steal Tara’s dirty panties, desperate to know what the smell of her was like. Connie wasn’t proud of how sexually frustrated she was, but there was no doubt at all that she was fixated on it. And yet, for some reason Connie felt herself at peace, simply enjoying the wonderful moment.

She had Tara now, with her best friend wanting her just as badly as she’d always craved to have her. They were together, at long lost. Connie sighed happily as Tara ate her out, basking in the radiating pleasure that her friend’s tongue sent through her body.

Connie reached up idly and slid a finger along Tara’s cunt, and was rewarded as Tara shuddered and let out a needy moan.

Connie grinned and popped the finger into her mouth, shutting her eyes and relishing it. Tara’s pussy was better than she had ever dreamed. And now that they were girlfriends, everything would come together.

Connie would help show Tara all of her own perverted fantasies, and seeing which ones Tara was open to as well. Then she’d do the same to condition Jane and Michelle. It would still take some work, but Connie would have all thee women that she loved together, all loving her as much as she loved them.

“This is perfect,” Connie muttered, and Tara let out a laugh, giving her clit another lick.

“It really is,” Tara sighed back. “I mean, Nadia’s great but I’ve been dying to do this to you.”

Connie was in such a state of bliss that she was sure she misheard her. “What did you say?”

Tara stopped eating her out. “Nothing. I’m just guilty. But, we’re girlfriends. Right?”

“Of course,” Connie said. “You don’t have to worry about me dating anyone else. I’m all yours.” Until I expand your views on polyamory a bit, but that’ll take time, Connie thought happily to herself.

“Yeah. I’m not dating Nadia here, so this is alright.”

That finally made Connie pick up her head. “Wait, Nadia? The girl on your gymnastics team?”

“Yeah,” Tara muttered, her tongue slipping back into Connie’s pussy. Connie almost didn’t want to let this amazing sensation end, but she had a horribly nagging worry now.

“Why would you be dating Nadia?”

“Because I am,” Tara shrugged. She scrunched up her nose, confused. “Or… I was. Wasn’t? When did we start dating?”

Connie groaned with frustration and forced herself to slide out from under Tara. Tara rolled over and faced her, confusion and worry clear on her face. “Connie, who am I dating?”

“This is just a dream,” Connie said, and Tara seemed to relax. “You can date anyone you want.”

Tara grinned, licking her lips. “Then I’m gonna date you. Please let me keep eating you out.”

“Fuck,” Connie whispered, crossing her legs. “I really, really want you to, believe me.” Tara started to crawl to her and Connie lifted a foot and planted it on Tara’s head, pushing her away. “But I want to know what’s going on with you and Nadia.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tara said, not meeting her gaze. “This is just a dream so I can do anything I want. I can fuck anyone I want. I don’t have to feel guilty.”

“Well, maybe I don’t want to feel guilty,” Connie said, her eyes falling to the floor. “So what’s going on?”

Tara sighed. “I’ve been dating Nadia when I’m awake. In the real world or whatever. But I haven’t told you. The real you, I guess.” Tara shook her head. “This is a really weird dream. Can’t we just fuck?”

Connie reached out and cupped her hand to the side of Tara’s face, frowning. “I’m sorry, Tara. I had no idea you were… seeing someone.”

“What are you sorry about? It’s not like you’re the reason I want you.”

Connie shivered. Was that the truth though? She didn’t think she’d made Tara attracted to her, but she’d certainly done everything possible to tip things in her favor.

“Tara, I want you to get dressed and lay down on your bed. Drop back into trance, and count to ten. At ten you’ll wake up, thinking all of this was just a dream.”

Tara rose up like instructed, but still kept staring at Connie longingly. “I don’t want to wake up. I want you, Connie. I mean it. I know I made things complicated with Nadia, but I still—”

Connie jumped up and kissed her, cutting her off. When Connie pulled away she stroked Tara’s hair. “You did nothing wrong, Tara. I’m just a selfish friend. I want you to know you’re amazing, you know that?”

Tara smiled, blushing.

“So go ahead and sleep, and then wake up. And we can have a talk that I think is long overdue.”

“Okay,” Tara finally said. “I— I’ll try to be strong about it.”

“Just know that I love you no matter what,” Connie said, squeezing her hand.

Tara leaned in and kissed Connie back. “I love you too, Connie.”

For a moment, Connie felt the urge to keep Tara in trance. To keep her like this and fuck her in every way that she had dreamed about. This was everything that Connie had wanted for years. Except she knew that it was wrong. It didn’t matter what she wanted; Connie wasn’t going to do anything that might actually hurt Tara. So it was with a heavy heart that she pushed Tara back, so that they could both get dressed. It hardly took any time at all for Tara to get her clothes back on and lay down on her bed, her eyes closing as she drifted down into trance.

Connie gave her sleeping friend a last, longing look, before she tugged her shirt back on and sat down on the ground. She tried to get into an innocent looking position, as if she’d just been sitting here doing nothing while Tara had fallen asleep on her. The ten seconds waiting for Tara to wake up felt like the longest of her life. Connie’s foot kept tapping against the floor, and it was all she could do to stop herself from freaking out. She’d never been good with drama, and this certainly seemed like it would be a big conversation for them.

Then Tara was stirring, and Connie put on her best surprised expression. “Welcome back,” Connie said with a forced laugh, her voice nearly cracking.

Tara stretched, thrusting out her chest. “Sorry, must have nodded off.”

Connie’s eyes lingered on Tara’s breasts, and when Tara caught her looking they both looked away bashfully.

“Wait,” Tara said, narrowing her eyes. “Weren’t you trying to hypnotize me?”

Connie blanched. She’d gotten so wrapped up in getting eaten out that she’d forgotten all about it. “Um, yeah. And I—” Connie gulped. She didn’t want to lose the bet, but she felt like it would be a bad idea if Tara thought that Connie had hypnotized her right before she had a convenient sex dream about her. “I blew it. You fell asleep on me.”

“I knew it,” she said, pumping a fist in the air. “My mind is a steel trap.”

Connie pouted, her wounded pride itching to put Tara back into trance to teach her a listen. But right now they had more important stuff to deal with, so she held herself back.

“Don’t worry, I won’t actually make you do my homework,” Tara graciously said. “I’m not that mean. Especially when you could never actually brainwash me.”

“So how did you sleep?” Connie asked irritably, both to change the subject and because she was curious about what Tara remembered.

“Alright. I had this really frustrating dream though,” Tara muttered, disappointment clear in her voice.

Connie rubbed her thighs together, still able to distinctly remember the wonderful feeling of Tara’s tongue against her clit. “Yeah, I’m familiar with those.”

Tara coughed nervously, still refusing to meet Connie’s eyes. From the way her face was flushed, Connie guessed that Tara remembered exactly what they’d done together in her ‘dream.’

Tara hopped off her bed and sat down next to Connie, drawing her legs in close. A knot twisted itself tighter in Connie’s chest as she sat there waiting for Tara to finally tell her what was going on. That she was seeing someone else. That she’d chosen someone over her. That Connie had actually had a shot at dating her best friend and had blown it by hooking up with Jane instead. Connie knew it would hurt, but she had to get it over with.

Instead, Tara snatched up the controller and grinned. “So do you want to be Player one or two?”

Connie stared back at her blankly. “Um, isn’t there… something else we should talk about?”

A brief look of concern flashed through Tara’s expression, but she laughed it off. “Of course not. Come on, let’s just play some games. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve hung out.”

With that Tara turned on the video game and focused on the screen, ignoring Connie’s incredulous look at her. Connie sighed and picked up the other controller. She should have figured this would happen. Tara was even more afraid of dealing with drama than she was. They both tended to walk on eggshells around any serious subjects. But Connie had gotten some experience in being more confident lately, so she knew she’d have to make the first move.

As the game started up, Connie abruptly said, “That girl Nadia on your team is pretty cute, isn’t she?”

Tara went rigid and her ship flew directly into a building, costing her a life. “W— where did that come from?”

“I’m just making conversation,” Connie shrugged. “What? You don’t think she’s cute.”

“Well,” Tara said, blushing. “I guess… she is really cute.”

“And I heard that she’s a lesbian.”

“… I heard that too.”

“Any girl would be really lucky to date her,” Connie added.

Tara let out a sigh and paused the game, finally turning to face her. “Okay, who told you?”

It wasn’t like Connie could admit that Tara had told her about her girlfriend in a dream, so instead she said, “I just heard a rumor.”

Tara hugged her legs. “Well… it’s true. Nadia— Me and Nadia are… we’re both…”

“Are you going out?” Connie helped, and Tara nodded. “Is that why you’ve been acting so weird around me, Tara?”

“I wouldn’t say I’ve been acting weird.”

“You’ve been dressing up slutty all week to get my attention, but any time we actually talk you run out as soon as you can.”

Tara hung her head shamefully, and Connie felt a little guilty. Sure, having Tara avoid her had hurt, but all of the mixed signals with the slutty clothes was Connie’s fault. If she hadn’t conditioned the idea into her head then Tara would probably have been modestly dressed while avoiding her the whole time.

“I don’t know,” Tara muttered, shaking her head. “Maybe that’s been part of it? It’s just… I know you’re in love with me.” She gave Connie a helpless look. “I finally realized it, and I thought… that I might have loved you back. I certainly wanted you, but then I thought you were with Jane and I couldn’t have you. I was just really confused, and I found out Nadia was a lesbian, so I asked her out. To see if I really like women or if… I just liked you.”

“And I’m assuming things went well with her?” Connie put on a brave smile, even when inside it felt like her heart was cracking a little.

It heart to see Tara smile as she thought of Nadia. “Things went really well between us. I was probably a nervous mess, and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I took Nadia on a date but… she’s been amazing. Really kind and caring. And we’ve done a few things. Fun things.”

Connie smiled, knowing that she didn’t have a right to feel jealous. She’d done plenty with Jane that had been fun. And with Tara’s mom, as well.

Tara turned to her, suddenly taking Connie’s hand. “I just… I didn’t know how to tell you. I want you to be happy, and I know that if I were with you, then you’d be happy.” Tara looked away, but her fingers tightened around Connie’s. “That we’d be happy.”

“But you asked Nadia to be your girlfriend first.”

She nodded. “Nadia’s amazing but… you’re you, Connie. You’re my best friend. I love you both and I just don’t know what to—”

Connie cut Tara off by capturing her in a big hug. “I’ll be fine, Tara. I want you to be happy too. So if Nadia makes you happy, then I want you to be with her.”

Tara sniffed, wiping back a tear. “And what are you going to do about how you feel? That you want me and can’t have me? What do you do with those desires?”

At that, Connie barked out a sad laugh. “Tara, I’ve been dealing with that for years. I’ll survive, really.”

“Then… what am I supposed to do about my feelings for you? I can’t be attracted to you and Nadia at the same time.”

“Why not?” Connie asked. Tara opened her mouth to protest, but then seemed to realize that she didn’t have a reason against it. Connie looked her in the eyes, ignoring whatever selfish hurt she felt. She smiled at Tara and said, “You can be attracted to someone other than your girlfriend. That doesn’t make you a bad person, Tara.”

Tara whipped her head back and forth. “But… if you’re dating someone you’re only supposed to want them.”

“Where is that written down as a rule?” Connie challenged. “You can be with Nadia, and still feel attracted to me. Or be attracted to anyone else. That doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you human. You can have fantasies or desires about other people. You just—” Connie took a deep breath, forcing the words out. “You just have to not act on it, is all.”

Tara’s grip on Connie’s shoulders tightened a little. “So we’d never be together?”

“I guess not,” Connie said, unable to keep the regret out of her voice.

Tara frowned. “That really sucks.”

“Yeah, I know,” Connie laughed.

A smile crept over Tara’s face. “Do you have any idea how much I wanted to know what it would be like to fuck you?”

“Hey, I definitely wanted to fuck you more.” At that both girls started giggling, then laughing, then rolling onto the floor as they fell into a fit of laughter. It wasn’t because the situation was funny, but instead they laughed to release all the tension they were feeling. It felt good to finally reveal what they were feeling, even when it was crushing that what they wanted they couldn’t get.

After a minute of laughing Connie laid flat on the floor, staring at the ceiling with a smile on her face. “I don’t think I ever actually told you how I felt. I should have just been brave enough to come out with it.”

“Maybe,” Tara said, laying next to her. “But I could have said something too. I was just afraid that if I did the wrong thing you wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore.”

“I felt the same way,” Connie replied, rolling over to look at her. She held out her hand. “So here’s what I’ll say instead. I want you to be happy, Tara, and I’m always going to be your friend. Even if that means that we can never have sex.”

Tara grasped her hand tight. “And I’ll always be your friend too, no matter what.”

At that, Connie lowered her eyes. “I don’t… Tara, I might be into a few things that you aren’t. Like, perverted things… stuff you might not understand. If you knew what I wanted… you might not want to be my friend anymore.”

Tara reached over and lightly smacked the top of Connie’s head. “Hey, I just made a pledge here. I don’t care what kind of kinky stuff you’re into. I’m your friend to the very end, got it?”

Now it was Connie’s turn to wipe back a tear. “Alright, I get it.”

Tara started to roll away, then turned back, suspicious. “You’re not an alien or a serial killer, right?”

Connie blinked, caught off guard. “Of course not.”

“Good, then we can be friends forever.”

“Wait, so your limit on friendship is if I kill someone or I’m an alien?”

Tara scrunched up her brow in thought. “Well, I guess if you were a cool alien then I might forgive you for it.”

Connie laughed and hit her on the shoulder. “You’re such a dork.”

This time the laughter came easy, and Connie realized how much she’d missed this. With all her weeks living with the Silva’s she’d spent most of her time figuring out how to convert them over to her fantasies, to have her own fun with the women she lusted after, but somehow Connie had forgotten to just be Tara’s friend. Which was a mistake she was determined not to make again.

“So tell me about Nadia,” Connie said, leaning in close to Tara. “I want to hear everything.”

And so Tara bashfully began to explain what a disaster their first date had been, but that Nadia was sweet and helped her through it, and even as Connie felt jealousy bristling at her back, it was easy to ignore. She truly did want Tara to be happy in the end, and even if that didn’t involve them being lovers, then Connie felt that she could live with it.

Besides, it only changed her plans a little in the long run. Tara wouldn’t be her sex slave, but Connie didn’t have any problem with seeing if Tara still wanted to be her submissive slave and obedient servant. The dream trigger had worked perfectly to lower Tara’s inhibitions, even if Connie was too guilty to fully enjoy it. Which meant that it should be just as effective on Michelle and Jane.

Two out of three ain’t bad, Connie thought to herself, a smile growing on her face.