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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 2

Granny Knows Best: Part 2


Connie nervously sat down to dinner, foot tapping excitedly on the floor like a jackhammer until she forced it to stop. She could barely contain herself, and when she knew what was coming how was she expected to remain composed?

Tara and Jane quickly joined her at the dinner table, her best friend Tara obviously sitting next to her while Jane sat opposite them. The older girl remained glued to the phone, hardly even noticing her sister or her friend were in the room.

“Hey Connie, hope my grandma didn’t bore you too much. I know she can be kind of out there sometimes,” Tara said nervously, always afraid that Gloria might embarrass her in front of her friends.

“Oh no, I had fun. She just told me some old stories about showbiz and… yeah, just normal stuff. You know.”

Connie would’ve kicked herself if she could for being so suspicious.

“You don’t have to humor her,” Jane suddenly muttered from the other side of the table. “Granny’s always rambling on about nonsense. Half the time I’m with her I swear I just tune everything out.”

“I feel the same way sometimes,” Tara quickly replied, happy for any chance that her sister would start a conversation. “Sometimes it’s like she starts going into some story and I’m suddenly in another room. Like how boring must the story be for me to—”

Tara glanced up and realized that Jane was typing on her phone, oblivious to what her sister was saying.

“Annnd she’s ignoring me.”

Connie let out a nervous laugh, patting Tara’s back to try and cheer her up.

“I hope Granny doesn’t feel like we’re being rude or anything for not paying attention.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind at all,” Connie said absently. If only the sisters knew that their Granny had hypnotized both of them on multiple occasions. Apparently the protective matriarch was responsible for a lot of their decisions, using hypnosis to control their lives. Same thing with their mother, Michelle too. Their grandmother Gloria said she’d always done it to keep her family happy.

Connie nervously shifted her shoulders, feeling the anxiety building up again. She couldn’t wait for them all to sit down for dinner. Because now Gloria was under her control. As the old woman had told her the entire story she’d tried to use some necklace to hypnotize her as well, no doubt hoping to help Tara’s shy friend who lacked confidence. Except the old stage hypnotist had a secret trigger phrase that instantly sent her into an obedient trance. Connie had found the trigger phrase just in time and now Gloria was hers to command. More importantly Gloria controlled the entire family.

And since the women regularly starred in Connie’s lesbian fantasies that meant she could finally have Tara and her family like she’s always wanted.

Except even with unlimited power Connie was apparently still the same cautious girl. She was too nervous to try and make Gloria order her granddaughters to sleep with her outright. What if the command was too strange for the girls and they resisted? Wasn’t that a rule of hypnosis that you couldn’t make anybody do something they didn’t want to?

Connie had ordered Gloria to explain how the hypnotic control worked, but she’d only had a chance to hear the basics before Michelle called them down for dinner. So far as Connie knew hypnotic commands would only work if the person was comfortable with them. Otherwise they would question their actions and most likely rebel against the orders. Which meant no ordering a girl on girl orgy at the dinner table. Not that Connie’s dreams of having the entire Silva family as her lovers was impossible. It simply meant that if Connie really wanted the women to be hers then she’d have to figure out a way to slowly turn Tara and the others into lesbians. And make them excited about incest enough to play with one another. And if at all possible give them submissive fantasies so Connie could be in control.

Connie had pictured all that needed doing and laughed so she wouldn’t cry. Piece of cake. No trouble at all. But no matter how impossible it sounded Connie wasn’t going to give up like she normally did. This time she was determined to have Tara, the girl of her dreams. And the girl of her dream’s sister. And their mother too. And that meant she had to take things slowly.

Michelle appeared from the kitchen, carrying the meat loaf in on a platter.

“Hope you girls are hungry. I made enough for everyone.”

Tara eagerly dug in to get herself a helping. Considering all of the training the young gymnast went through every day Connie wasn’t surprised she was starving. Connie got herself a plate, even Jane begrudgingly taking some for herself. The college girl really seemed determined to do everything with a sullen, bored expression, which included eating.

“Sorry I’m late,” Gloria announced as she carefully made her way down the stairs. “Oh Michelle, that smells lovely.”

“Thanks, mom. Come help yourself.”

The elderly woman began heading for the table but suddenly started to fan herself, making a show of being hot. “My, it is stuffy down here, isn’t it? I don’t know how you girls can stand it.”

Connie gripped the table, watching expectantly.

Tara shrugged, still ravenously eating the meat loaf. “Feels fine to me, Granny.”

“No, no, it’s entirely too hot down in this room. Tara, Jane, Michelle, you all feel this uncomfortable heat. Don’t you?”

It was as if someone flicked a switch. Connie actually saw the three women freeze in place for a moment, like they were paused, and though it only lasted a second before they went back into motion it was clear they were now incredibly uncomfortable. Jane wiped at sweat that wasn’t on her brow, Tara gripped the collar of her T-shirt and tried to fan it back and forth to cool off. Connie stared in amazement as the temperature in the room seemed to jump twenty degrees for everyone but her and Gloria.

Gloria gave Connie a secret smile, noting the pleased look on the girl’s face. Not that the elderly woman knew why she wanted to make Connie so happy, but she knew the young girl deserved it. Such a poor thing, senior in high school and a lesbian who’d never even been kissed by a girl. Gloria had her fair share of dalliances with women so it was nothing to judge the girl over. And that Connie had confessed to her that she was in love with Tara and Jane, even Michelle. It was certainly shocking, but Gloria quickly came to understand. Tara and the others did have her DNA after all, and Gloria had always been swamped with admirers. She supposed it was just good genetics that this sweet young girl was smitten with all of them.

Yet it was just heartbreaking that Connie was so lonely. How could she hope for an evening with Tara or Jane when her confidence was so low? Gloria had originally wanted to change Connie, increase her confidence, but hypnosis was only a temporary fix. Rather, if she used the influence she already held over her family, subtly rigged things in favor for Connie, then the girl would be able to seduce them on her own. Gloria grinned, eager to see how Connie would enjoy what she had in mind. She’d certainly be shocked at what came next.

Connie thought of the few commands she’d had time to implant in Gloria’s head, specifically on what was coming next, and she was already getting wet and flustered.

“This heat is simply too much,” Gloria announced, her daughter and granddaughters nodding in agreement. “It wouldn’t be healthy to stay like this. Girls, you should take those heavy clothes off. That would certainly make you all more comfortable.”

Tara froze with a forkful of food en route to her mouth, staring at her grandmother in shock. Michelle wore the same surprised expression, with Jane even looking up from her phone.

“Granny, you can’t be serious.”

“Tara, Jane, Michelle, you all heard me. Clothes off to get some relief from this heat.”

Once again there was that brief flicker as the other women at the table all froze in unison. Connie had been able to figure out that the family members only replied to Gloria’s commands if she said their name first. Probably a way to stop them from taking any offhanded remarks literally. Connie was about to think about the logistics more when Tara stood up beside her and whipped her shirt off. That’s when all logic fled from Connie’s head as she stared in awe at Tara’s sleek tanned skin against the pale cream colored bra.

“Ohhh yes, that does feel better.” Tara took a deep breath and stretched her arms, already feeling free of that uncomfortable heat.

Michelle bit her lip in hesitation, something about seeing her daughter stripping at the table seemed wrong to her. But then again this sudden heat was too oppressive to ignore, and Tara did seem relieved with her shirt off. The young mother stood up and started with her jeans, blushing and hoping Connie wouldn’t notice or judge her. It was just too hot to help.

Of course Connie openly ogled Michelle as her pants slipped below the table, revealing a white pair of cotton panties that hugged her wide hips, a tiny patch of darkness above her pussy revealing that Michelle kept her pubic hair neat and trimmed.

“Connie,” Michelle said sternly, the girl snapping to attention and blushing guiltily. She expected to be yelled at for staring, but instead found Michelle blushing in embarrassment as she slipped her shirt up over her head. The simple bra was straining to support her impressive tits.

“I- I hope you don’t mind, Connie. It’s just—”

“It’s hot,” Connie said, staring at her chest. She shook her head. “I mean it’s the heat. Yeah, I can’t judge you.”

Michelle gave a grateful smile. “It does feel so much better like this.”

“Yeah, the air on my legs feels great,” Tara said, causing Connie to whip around and see that her friend had already kicked off her pants. Connie cursed under her breath, wishing she had thought to record this. She’d wanted to burn this memory into her head for later. Michelle and her daughter Tara, both in nothing but their underwear. It’s what she always dreamed of. But then, they could eat this way every night from now on. Every day she could watch as Tara and her sister undressed for dinner, finally being able to see what kind of panties they had on instead of just fantasizing about it every day.

Tara sat back down in her chair, the matching cream color panties hardly the exciting lingerie Connie had always pictured hugging her round ass. But then there was something to be said about the girl sitting almost naked next to her and yet Tara felt it was perfectly acceptable. Somehow the fact that Tara saw nothing wrong with it only made it even hotter. Everyone at the table thought it was normal to be in their panties. With Connie secretly getting more and more turned on as she spied on the unknowing beautiful women around her. God, it was just so hot. She was tempted to try and snake a hand into her pants and get off just a little. She’d always thought of doing something depraved like that but was too afraid of being caught by Tara or her mom.

Then again with her new power over the family she could simply make them think masturbating was perfectly acceptable! Connie would be able to lean back in the chair and pump her fingers into her soaking pussy and the others would go on eating and chatting about their day like nothing was happening. Connie bit her lip, wondering how she could possibly convince the family to accept a command like that. Just the image of her masturbating at dinner with them sounded perfect, like nothing could make it better. And then it occurred to her that if the family thought it was normal someone else might join in by playing with their cunt too.

“Fuck,” Connie hissed as her fingers cupped her pussy through her pants, pleasure coursing through her.

“What was that?” Tara asked beside her. Connie puller her hand away quickly and hoped she hadn’t noticed.

“Nothing, just… really great meat loaf.”

“Why thank you dear,” Michelle said gratefully. She was reaching back to unhook her bra as she smiled down at her and Connie really felt like she’d died and gone to heaven.

“Mom! What are you doing?” Tara said in shock.

Michelle stopped, the unhooked bra dangling at her arms and still barely covering her breasts. Connie tried to sit up a little to see but couldn’t get a better look.

“What? I’m just trying to get comfortable Tara.”

“Granny said clothes off, not our underwear too.” She was shaking her head in embarrassment, the same way she would as if her mom had told some humiliating story of her childhood instead of almost flashing her tits at the dinner table.

Michelle’s cheeks burned scarlet as she slipped the bra back on to Connie’s dismay. She wanted to try and say something to Gloria but held her tongue. This was already more than she ever dreamed possible, best not to get too greedy at once. As Michelle struggled to hook her bra properly she noticed Jane sitting next to her, arms folded with her clothes on.

“Jane? Why aren’t you getting more comfortable?”

“I’m fine, it’s not that hot,” the oldest daughter muttered irritably, her face clearly appearing as if she were boiling in her shirt and jeans.

“Come on, Jane, it’s a lot better like this,” Tara said encouragingly, already comfortable in her underwear and unaware of how Connie kept checking out her nearly nude body.

“There’s no way I’m stripping to my panties,” she snapped. “Besides, Connie’s still wearing her clothes.”

Connie had been peering under the table at Tara’s shapely legs but hearing her name snapped up to attention with a guilty expression, certain she’d finally been found out.

Michelle shook her head. “Well, Connie is a guest so we can’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Although, maybe it is a bit strange. We’ve never done this at dinner before.” The young mother pouted, trying to work out what was happening. Stripping to their underwear had seemed so reasonable a moment ago but now… somehow sitting next to her family without clothes was starting to feel unnatural.

Gloria cleared her throat, throwing a warning glance in Connie’s direction. The teenage girl jumped to her feet. “Oh, I don’t mind stripping too. I thought it would be rude to, um, you know, undress in your house without permission.”

Michelle offered a wide smile at that. “Oh you poor thing, you must have been roasting. Of course you can undress. Make yourself at home.”

“Oh. Well, thanks.” Her cheeks were burning bright red and her heart was pumping overtime as she reached down and took hold of the bottom of her shirt. Michelle and Tara were both watching her with bright smiles. Even Jane was watching warily. The whole family was waiting to see her undress. Somehow knowing the women she’d lusted after for so long wanted to see her strip made Connie’s skin break out in happy goosebumps. They were hypnotized not to see anything suspicious or sexual about her undressing, but that didn’t stop it from being a huge turn on to Connie.

With a shaky breath she pulled her shirt over her head, showing off her heart patterned bra. If Connie had more self confidence she would have been proud of her large bust, but when you were an insecure lesbian having big tits just made you stick out more so Connie’s style tended to be an oversized sweater with a comfortable pair of sweat pants. Although Connie had gotten in the habit of leaving the big sweater at Tara’s door, somehow hoping one or more of the lovely ladies in the house would notice her chest and comment on it.

Before she lost her nerve Connie slipped her pants down to her ankles, standing there almost bare before the table. The air kissed at her skin in places that were usually private. She knew it was no more revealing than a bikini at the beach but somehow knowing she was posing in her underwear felt freeing somehow.

Tara giggled besides her. “Those are cute panties, Connie.”

Connie gulped, realizing she’d been so excited at the thought of stripping in front of Tara she hadn’t considered the panties she’d picked out. They were a dark blue pair of underwear with little pink paw prints all over. Instantly the shy girl lost her nerve, abandoning the way she was modeling for the family to hastily get back in her seat and try to hide herself from view. Tara realized what she said and put a hand on Connie’s shoulder, smiling supportively.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to sound teasing. I do like them.”

Connie shivered as she felt Tara’s skin against hers, melting at the brief touch. “Really?”

“Yeah, they look cute on you.”

Again Connie shivered. Not just that the immature panties were cute but that Tara thought they were cute on her. She was certain Tara meant nothing deeper by it and yet it still made her heart flutter happily.

“Alright Jane, Connie’s comfortable now too. Can you stop torturing yourself and strip already?”

Jane rolled her eyes and started taking off her shirt.

“Fine, god. I don’t know why you care how much clothes I’m wearing.”

Connie would have giggled at that, she’d heard Jane complain about the exact opposite plenty of times, but seeing the curvy older girl stripping was simply too hot to laugh at. Connie squeezed her thighs tight and let out a little whimper, already desperately turned on. She hadn’t even considered how wet she might be when she stripped. As Tara and Michelle were preoccupied watching Jane unbuttoning her pants Connie discreetly slid a finger along her pussy, trembling as she felt the damp patch in her panties. Thank god she was wearing a dark pair today. If she’d been wearing white panties like the other girls her soaked pussy would have been all too clear. What would they have thought of her seeing this horny girl soaked from eating dinner with them?

Connie slid her finger slowly along her slit, the rough feeling of her wet panties clinging to her skin. Watching as Jane slid off her pants she let out a tiny gasp. Unlike her sister and mother Jane’s underwear resembled Connie’s fantasies almost exactly. A sheer blue thong, lacy string gently pressing against her soft skin. It offered just enough discretion to hide her pussy lips but it was clear as day to Connie that Jane shaved her pussy bare. Connie was almost certain she was drooling as she dreamt of sliding that skimpy thong down and kissing at the smooth skin above her cunt.

“Jane, what kind of underwear is that to wear?” Michelle said with obvious disapproval.

“All women wear panties like this, Mom. It’s perfectly normal.”

“Your sister doesn’t wear… panties… like that.”

Tara held up her hands defensively, not looking to get thrown in to the argument. “Hey, I do gymnastics. Do you know the kind of wedgie you get doing those splits in a thong?”

“See Mom? Tara would dress like me if it wasn’t for gymnastics.”

Tara dropped her eyes to the table and ate quietly, making Connie smirk. She’d once gotten Tara to admit in a game of truth or dare that one day when she was younger she’d snuck into her sister’s room and stolen one of her thongs to try on. Of course if Jane ever found out she’d be furious so Connie had promised to keep the secret. Not to mention the idea of Tara fooling around with her sister’s underwear made for great fuel for her incest fantasies about the sisters, though in Connie’s mind Tara’s use of her sisters thongs was a lot less innocent.

“Well, Connie?”

Connie blinked, realizing Michelle was staring at her expectantly.

“Um, did you say something?”

“I said you don’t wear skimpy underwear like that. Your underwear is at least modest.”

Connie blushed. Under any other circumstances she would have just nodded and agreed silently, but with all the women at the table in their underwear aside from Gloria it made her feel a little bolder. And if nothing else she knew Gloria’s hypnosis could work on the family. If she said anything too far it might be possible for the grandmother to make them all forget it. So with a possibility of a reset suddenly on the table Connie took a deep breath and said the truth.

“Actually Michelle, I always kind of wanted to wear thongs like that. I just know they’d look awful on me anyway, so I guess I’m just jealous.”

Michelle looked a little taken back but nodded in sympathy, hardly wanting to hurt her feelings. “Well, I suppose I’m just old fashioned then if you’re all in agreement. I suppose it is just underwear, after all. Hopefully nobody else is seeing them to judge,” Michelle said with a stern and protective tone in her voice. The fact that she was worried about boyfriends after her daughters when Connie was sitting her with soaked panties and leering at all of them was so hilarious she had to stifle a laugh. Already she was becoming drunk on the ideas of what Gloria’s hypnosis could pull off and eager to experiment with more. But for now Connie really was getting hungry and the meatloaf smelled delicious. Besides, if she stared at Tara or Jane any more Connie wasn’t certain if she could stop herself from masturbating right there at the table.

Even though they were all in their underwear the dinner felt surprisingly normal. They chatted about school and Michelle’s work and Jane’s classes, about television and movies and other everyday things. Connie easily settled back into the rhythm of it while secretly still trying to check out the girls while she could. After the fifth time Connie ‘accidentally’ dropped her fork to go under the table and see their shapely legs she realized she was being too conspicuous and forced herself to back off.

Soon enough dinner was over and everyone stood up to clear their plates. Connie tried to hurry off to the kitchen, eager to get to Gloria privately and find out what other ways she could change the families view on acceptable things to do at home when she heard Michelle bark out in a stern voice.

“Stop right there young lady.”

Connie froze and her heart plummeted through the floor. Oh god they knew what she’d been doing, that she was some kind of pervert lusting after them. Was the stain from her dripping pussy big enough to notice now? Had she left a puddle behind on the chair?

“Jane, just what is that?”

Blinking in surprise Connie spun around and saw that Michelle was pointing at Jane’s panties.

“It’s a thong, Mom. We went over this.”

“No, I mean what is that on your thigh?”

Jane deflated and let out a sigh. “I got a small tattoo, okay? It’s nothing to freak out over.”

Michelle shook her head, refusing to back down. “Spread your legs right now, Jane.”

“Sure Mom, because that doesn’t sound weird at all,” she muttered as she lifted up her leg. Connie had quickly hurried back in time to see a tiny, pink fox tattoo stamped on her inner thigh. All Connie wanted was to sneak in for a closer peek but Jane had already closed her legs shut.

“A tattoo, Jane? What were you thinking? You’re going to be stuck with that ridiculous tattoo for the rest of your life.”

“Maybe I’m fine with that. You really don’t trust me at all.”

Tara snatched at Connie’s elbow and started pulling her away, whispering. “We should probably get out of the blast zone before they start really getting into it.”

Connie held back a moment, still enjoying the sight of Jane and her mother in their underwear, even if they were starting to argue now, and she did want another peek at that tattoo, but right now it was probably safest just to head for the hills. Tara and Connie snuck out of the living room and made their way upstairs.

“Sorry about that, Connie. You know how they can get sometimes.”

“It’s fine, really. It was certainly a fun dinner otherwise.”

“How was it fun?” Tara asked, chuckling. “It was so hot we had to get down to our underwear. Certainly not my definition of fun.”

“Speak for yourself,” Connie muttered behind her, admiring the view of Tara’s well toned ass bouncing as she went up each step.

As they reached the second floor Tara waved to Gloria, who was about to head up to her room in the attic. “Oh, Connie, glad I could catch you,” Gloria said with a casual smile. “Tara, could I have a minute with your friend? I just wanted to thank her for helping me earlier.”

“Sure, Granny. Just don’t hog Connie all day.” Tara quickly hurried off to her room to set up the TV and Gloria waited until the door was shut to finally speak.

“I just wanted to thank you for going along with everything down there. I’m sure dinner was a little different than what you’re used to.”

“Um, it was fine,” Connie answered, tilting her head. What was Gloria talking about? It had been Connie’s idea to get everyone to strip to their underwear and the elderly hypnotist had done it perfectly.

“I know you must have thought it strange when I made my family undress, although I’m sure you enjoyed the view plenty,” Gloria said with a sly wink. She checked again to make sure the hallway was empty. “Connie, I have a confession to make. I’m afraid I hypnotized you earlier.”

“You hypnotized me?” Connie repeated, confused.

“That’s right,” Gloria said, missing the inflection Connie had put in her words. “See, I used to be a hypnotist when I was younger, quite a good one too. And I’ve actually hypnotized the rest of my family, to make sure they only do things that make them happy. And, well, I hypnotized you too, though I’m sure you don’t remember it. People tend to not even realize they were hypnotized in the first place.”

“Is that so,” Connie said carefully, watching Gloria with close attention.

“The human mind is a tricky thing. When you hypnotize someone it leaves a blank space in their memory from their time in trance, and so rather than see that empty space it fills in the blanks as best it can. When I normally check on my daughter she believes that the time she spent hypnotized she was really reading a book. Tara seems to think she was watching television,” Gloria chuckled. “The point is that you don’t remember the short time I had you in trance, and most likely believe I really did just have you moving boxes. A completely fabricated memory.”

Connie crossed her arms, trying to make sense of it. Gloria clearly didn’t remember being hypnotized by the trigger words Connie had found lying around, or the commands she’d given her in trance. Which meant that if hypnosis worked the way Gloria said than the old woman must have created a memory to explain what happened. Gloria had planned on hypnotizing Connie, so it seems her mind actually made Gloria believe that Connie was the one who spent the whole time in trance.

The whole thing was enough to make Connie’s head spin, but it still didn’t answer everything.

“So if I was hypnotized, what did you have me do?”

“Oh, nothing bad dear, I assure you. I just wanted to make sure you were happy with your life. You spend all your time over here with Tara and when you see no one looking I see the sadness in your eyes. I wanted to find out what was wrong and I certainly didn’t expect to find you were in love my granddaughter.”

Connie went bright red and checked Tara’s door but it appeared to be closed tight.

“You told me the truth while you were in trance, Connie. That you’re in love with Tara and Jane. Even my daughter Michelle as well. I must say you are rather greedy to want all three of them.”

“And… you’re not freaked out about that?”

“I admit it is a tad unusual, but I really only care about making you happy, Connie. I strangely feel connected to you, like it’s my mission to help you achieve your dreams.” Gloria spoke with a wide smile, fully believing every word she said. Connie tried to think it over. She had told Gloria about how she was attracted to the rest of the family while the old woman was in trance, and the hypnotized Gloria had been more than eager to obey her, so long as it made Tara and the others happy.

“So everyone stripping downstairs…?”

“Just some fun I thought you would enjoy,” Gloria said with a dismissive laugh. “My girls hardly cared and you got quite an eyeful. Don’t think I didn’t notice how much your eyes were wandering.”

Connie blushed deeper. “And that was your idea to do it?”

“I was inspired in the moment. I figured it might help your confidence some to be more open around others.”

“So Gloria, when a person is in trance you can program whatever orders you want to leave in their head, and when they wake up they’ll follow those orders but believe it was their own idea to do so?”

“More or less, Connie. So long as it’s something they’d be comfortable with normally. If you try to give them thoughts so outside of their own they’ll reject it of course.”

The young girl nodded. So Gloria made up the memory that she had been the one to hypnotize Connie. And that everything Connie had said to the hypnotized woman had really been Connie confessing under hypnosis? The logic of it hardly made any sense, but then she supposed Gloria was vain enough to believe anything over her being hypnotized. She truly did think that she’d hypnotized Connie and was responsible for all of this so far. So what did this mean for her?

It meant that Gloria didn’t know she’d been hypnotized, or that Connie knew the words to instantly put her back in trance. That was certainly good. But the old woman also knew about Connie’s attraction to Tara, Jane, and Michelle, but rather than judge her Gloria thought it was her own belief that she should help Connie to be happy and more confident. So Gloria was on her side, so long as it made the other girls happy too. All she had to do was have Gloria believe that the way to making everyone in her family happy was to be in love with Connie.

“I hope you don’t think I’m overstepping by hypnotizing you, Connie. I truly do want to make you happy.”

“I believe you,” Connie said with a guilty smile. “And you could help me do that by messing with the sleeping arrangements tonight.”

Gloria laughed. “I don’t mind you taking a peek at my family but I doubt they’d welcome you trying to sleep with them, dear.”

“I’m sure we can help them along with that,” Connie said as she stared into Gloria’s eyes. “Nala Lynpul.”

The elderly woman let out a contented sigh as her eyes went blank. “What do you command, Mistress?”