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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 20

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 2

“Just feel that warm sensation spreading up your arms, Michelle. Making them feel lighter, making them want to rise up higher now, as high up as your arms can go.”

Michelle huffed and kept her hands out in front of her, palms down and looking perfectly steady as she sat on the edge of her bed.

“You might be confident right now,” Connie said, leaning in closer from her chair. “But you can feel it. The strain of fighting back. That invisible force pressing your arms up, and you have to fight to keep them in place. No, that’s the other way around, isn’t it?” Connie smirked. “The place your hands belong is up above your head. The force wants to put them back in place, and even your arms know they should be sticking straight up, but you’re fighting to keep them down in front of you, struggling against the resistance to hold that position.”

It was a simple rephrasing, but Connie saw the suggestion instantly take effect. All of a sudden Michelle seemed to be straining, her face scrunching up with determination as she had to really work against Connie’s words. And yet, her hands were twitching now. Just a little.

“It’s like exercise,” Connie said, pressing her advantage. “Like doing a yoga pose or lifting a weight. You can start off strong and confident, but eventually you start to feel the burn. Even professional athletes can’t hold a heavy weight forever. Eventually they wear out. It’s impossible to hold it forever.”

Michelle’s right hand suddenly rose a few inches. Michelle seemed to catch herself, grunting as she stopped it from rising any higher, but Connie knew the doubt was in her head now.

“Already slipping. Your will is cracking.”

“I can hold out,” Michelle grunted, and seemed to mean it, even though there were beads of sweat on her forehead now.

“Maybe you could have held out before,” Connie replied, sitting back smugly in her chair. She gave Michelle a sympathetic look. “But now your hands are uneven, aren’t they? One higher, one lower. Having to put your attention back and forth between them, all while that warm force keeps enveloping your arms, making them want to rise up. How can you even manage to keep both hands fighting that force?”

A frustrated sound growled out of Michelle’s throat as the obvious answer presented itself: she couldn’t. She was able to keep her outstretched hands in check for a few seconds more, but then her left hand bolted upright, sticking straight up overhead. It happened so fast that Michelle actually gasped, clearly caught off guard. In her surprise her right hand drifted up three inches higher, and Michelle had to quickly put all her attention onto the traitorous hand to make it stay still. Michelle was actually glaring at her hand now, almost like she wanted to intimidate it to stop moving.

“You’ve already lost one hand,” Connie said in a pleased voice. “And your right hand still wants to go back to where it belongs.”

“I won’t let it,” Michelle huffed, but there wasn’t much confidence in her voice. Plenty of frustration and anger, but not enough confidence.

“You are determined,” she replied, impressed. “And maybe you think that only having to focus on one hand will make it easier for you to resist. Like less of a burden.”

Michelle smirked, clearly latching onto the idea. Which was exactly what Connie wanted.

“But that’s also true for the powerful force tugging on your arm. It’s already claimed one hand, and now it only has to focus on your right hand too.”

Connie put her hands on her knees and watched, taking in the struggle on Michelle’s face as she fought against the hypnotic influence. None of this was real, strictly speaking, and yet Michelle’s exhaustion was clear on her face. She really was grappling with this invisible force that Connie created with her words. It was an amazing game, but it was time to win.

“Both of you can put all your energy into it now, pushing with everything you have left.” Connie inched closer as Michelle’s hand trembled in front of her, and Connie said, in a smug whisper, “But we already know which of you is stronger, don’t we?”

Michelle shuddered. Sure enough, her hand began twitching higher, ratcheting up inch by inch. Michelle stared in horror, one hand stuck comically above her hand, as her other hand rose up to join it. She started pleading.

“Please stop. Just… stay still. Don’t… no, no, no, No!”

Her arm snapped up to attention, both arms pointing up at the ceiling now, and Michelle let out a defeated cry.

Connie clapped her hands. “And that’s another round for me.” She glanced up and saw Michelle scowling at her from the edge of her bed, hands dangling helplessly above her. But the scowl quickly broke, replaced with a frustrated smile.

“Fuck, I thought I had it.”

“I may have been a little worried,” Connie admitted, “But as soon as you showed a trace of doubt I knew I could get you.”

Michelle shrugged her shoulders in defeat. “I guess we’ve just established that your hypnosis is more powerful than my brain.”

Connie knew that it was just meant as a playful comment, but she couldn’t help but get turned on by the implication of it. The idea that Michelle accepted her helplessness in obeying Connie’s commands was one she found incredibly erotic. And judging from the way that Michelle was blushing and looking away, it seemed as if she enjoyed the idea of it just as much. Connie gulped and pulled herself together, trying to think of what their next exercise should be.

At first Connie had set out to give Michelle the same dream trigger that she’d given Tara. She’d tricked her with the promise of practicing some hypnotic techniques on her, and Michelle had burst into a huge grin, agreeing without hesitation. Michelle’s mind accepted the dream trigger easily enough and Connie was overjoyed that she could now send Michelle into a dream whenever she wanted.

Except, as soon as it was time for Connie to use the trigger, she found herself hesitating. Instead, she actually went through with the rest of the session with Michelle, playing simple hypnotic games that she’d read about in her research. And honestly, it had been an amazing time. Then Michelle had come back to her the next day, asking if there was anything more they could practice.

They’d been having training sessions like this for almost a week now, whenever the girls were out of the house and they could have a little privacy. Incredibly, Connie still hadn’t felt the urge to finally use the trigger phrase to put Michelle into a dream.

And so far, Connie was glad that she had. Maybe the dream trigger would have allowed Connie to do more perverted stuff with Michelle, but these practice sessions were fun in their own way. Constantly dropping Michelle into trance, making her believe different ideas or behave in strange ways was incredible to watch. In the last session she’d even convinced Michelle that she was a famous actress giving an interview, and Michelle had become stuck up and snobbish as if she’d been a celebrity her whole life. As soon as she put her back to normal they both had a good laugh over it, and had started brainstorming who else Michelle could be made to think she was.

There was nothing inherently erotic about what they were doing, and yet they gave Connie such a thrill. Then again, there was the added bonus that Michelle would flirt with her relentlessly whenever they were having one of their private sessions. When Tara, Jane and Gloria were around she would act like the same old Mrs. Silva, the caring young mother who was happy to have Connie stay over. Any time they were alone, though, Michelle became another woman entirely. Connie had never been flirted with so blatantly, and she’d be lying if she said that she didn’t love the attention the older woman gave her.

It was frustrating remembering their promise not to do anything about their attraction until Connie started college in a few months, and yet spending the last few nights hypnotizing Michelle was undoubtedly delightful. It hinted at how great they would get along in the future, and Connie couldn’t wait until they were free to do what they really wanted. For now, Connie was able to keep her libido in check. Still, some sessions it was harder for Connie to keep her intentions pure.

Like right this instant, when Michelle was sitting there with her legs crossed and her skirt happened to be just high enough for Connie to get a glimpse of the dark fabric of her panties. Almost as if she knew Connie was staring, Michelle abruptly uncrossed her legs and flashed her. Connie gulped. She was almost certain that Michelle was wearing the black thong from the lingerie that Connie had bought her.

Connie wondered if her wearing them was some kind of a signal to her.

And was flashing her panties like that an accident or another signal?

Connie glanced up and saw Michelle smiling, her intentions a mystery. Of course, it would be easy for Connie to order Michelle to answer her questions. Or even to bend over and flash her panties.

Knowing that she held that kind of power over Michelle made her shamefully turned on, but Connie had decided not to abuse it. No matter how hot the fantasy of corrupting Michelle was, it was more important to stick to the promise they’d made. Michelle was already into her and wanted to sleep with her. There was something special about that, and Connie didn’t want to taint it with more brainwashing. She might have to be creative about seeing if Michelle would enjoy some of the darker fetishes Connie wanted, but the fact that Michelle truly wanted to be with her was a victory that Connie had never even considered possible.

And so as tempting as it was, Connie tore her eyes away from Michelle’s exposed panties and pointedly looked down at her list of hypnotic suggestions. She cleared her throat. “So. What should we do next?”

“Well, I did have a kind of wild idea,” Michelle said in a sultry voice that made Connie’s heart race.

“Oh?” Connie’s voice cracked. “Wh-what would that be?”

She glanced up, only to see Michelle with her arms still hypnotically held above her head. “How about you put my arms down? I’m kind of getting sore over here.”

Connie blushed. “Feel the invisible force release now.”

Her arms relaxed and fell down to Michelle’s sides, where she massaged the sore muscles. “Thanks. I was really starting to feel the burn there.” She chuckled. “I never knew that hypnosis was such a workout.”

“A hypnotist could make a pretty good trainer,” Connie said, nodding. “Like I can order you to run every morning and you wouldn’t be able to stop until I decided you’d gotten enough exercise.”

Michelle made an over the top gasp. “Anything but that! Have mercy on me!”

“No mercy here,” Connie said with a laugh. “I’m gonna program you to wake up bright and early to exercise.”

“Nooo,” Michelle wailed, and then they both broke into comfortable laughter. It was strange for Connie to go from incredibly horny and wanting to take Michelle, to enjoying joking around with her. She supposed it was only really frustrating knowing that she couldn’t have Michelle, but that would only be for a few months. Then they really could enjoy spending time like this, joking around and flirting as much as they wanted.

Thankful that Michelle seemed to be behaving herself again, Connie checked her list for something else fun to do. “Let’s see. We already did the hypnotic statue stuff. I still can’t seem to really get you to see stuff that isn’t there yet, so we’ll work on that another time.” She found something that wasn’t checked off and said, “How about hypnotic handcuffs?”

As soon as she said it, Connie regretted it.

Michelle’s expression immediately changed as she leaned in, aroused and excited. “Handcuffs? How would that work?”

“W—well, I’d put your wrists together to start.” Connie cross her own wrists to demonstrate, but pointedly looked away as Michelle scooted closer, getting right up on the edge of the bed, which unfortunately made her skirt slip up higher on her, exposing more of her long legs. “Then I’d describe putting a pair of handcuffs on you, and when you try to pull your wrists apart you’d feel the invisible cuffs holding them together.”

Michelle hummed with approval. “Does it have to be handcuffs though?”

“I guess it can be anything you use to tie someone’s wrists together,” Connie mumbled, trying and failing not to peek at Michelle’s visible panties.

“Like rope,” Michelle suggested much too quickly. “Or silk ribbons. I’ve read that people liked to be tied up with silk. That it’s really tight but really soft, and feels really good.”

Connie winced, unable to stop herself from fantasizing about Michelle laid out naked on the bed, her arms and legs wrapped in dark silk scarves. Staring up at Connie with such a helpless expression, while her pussy was soaking wet to reveal how much she loved it.

She looked up at Michelle and saw her biting her lower lip, likely enjoying a similar fantasy. It was funny, but Tara had bit her lip the same exact way when she was in the fake dream and incredibly horny. What were the odds that the mother and daughter would share the same tell? Instantly Connie pictured both women on their knees before her, while Connie opened her legs. She fantasized about ordering them to eat her out, and Tara and Michelle would share an excited look, biting their lips before they crawled in to share Connie’s pussy.

Connie slapped her own cheek to stop the vivid fantasy. “I gotta behave! Stop giving me dirty ideas.”

Michelle put a hand to her mouth. “I… sorry, Connie. I didn’t mean to be that teasing.”

Connie gave her a look, and Michelle shrugged.

“Okay, maybe I did mean it, but I didn’t think about how hard it must be for you. Here I am suggesting such dirty stuff, and you could probably make me do it just by putting me under. You could, couldn’t you?” Michelle shivered as she asked that, unable to contain her excitement.

The guilt was clear on Connie’s face. “I… well, there are technically limits and stuff I can’t make you do but…” She thought of the dream trigger, already implanted in Michelle’s subconscious like a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off. “Yeah, I could convince you to fuck me if I wanted.”

Michelle curled her toes. “That’s pretty hot.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want.”

At that, Michelle smiled and reached out to her, putting a hand on her knee. “I know you wouldn’t. That’s why I trust you to hypnotize me. And why I’m comfortable enough to flirt with you. I guess I maybe forgot that I tend to go a little overboard with the flirting though.”

“A little?” Connie asked, smirking. “You were practically begging me to tie you up.”

“Well, I’ll try to behave myself,” Michelle promised. “At least until you’re in college. Then I’ll probably beg for all sorts of dirty things.”

Connie blushed deeply, and Michelle put her head in her hands.

“Oh god, there I go again.”

“You are definitely… relentless.” Connie smiled through her sexual frustration. “Did you use to flirt like this all the time with people you liked?”

“No,” Michelle said, scratching at her nose. “I used to be a lot worse. When I was Jane’s age I was pretty wild. I suppose you could say I was a bit of a slut.”

Connie gasped. “You were a slut?”

“Don’t act so excited by that,” Michelle said, slapping Connie lightly on the knee.

“I can’t wait until I tell Tara and Jane that their mom was a slut.”

Instantly Michelle sat up straight, using her strong mom voice to scold her. “Don’t you DARE say anything like that to them!”

She was trying to be intimidating, but seeing the sudden shift in Michelle from shameless flirt to stern parent only made Connie laugh harder.

Since the tough act didn’t work, Michelle instead slipped back into her teasing smile, crossing her arms. “You know, I haven’t specifically promised to fuck you yet.”

That made Connie stop laughing.

“Glad that got your attention. See, even if you’re cute, I’m not going to sleep with someone who tells my daughters I was a slut.”

“But… we promised…” Connie protested weakly.

“We promised not to do anything before you started going to college,” Michelle said in a firm voice. “That doesn’t mean I’m going to do any of the fun stuff with you after that. You still have to earn the chance to fuck me, Connie.”

Connie’s jaw dropped in disbelief, and Michelle put on a confident smirk. She held herself with all the poise and confidence of a chess master about to make the winning move.

“What do you say to that?” Michelle teased.

It was obviously a bluff, Connie knew that much. They’d flirted and said too much for her to even believe that Michelle didn’t want her too. It was just a power move over something that didn’t really mean anything.

Except that it stirred something inside Connie. She realized that when they were finally able to be together, Michelle might get the idea that since she was older she’d be the one in control. She let Connie hypnotize her, but it seemed as though she had the impression that all the power sat with her.

And Connie couldn’t afford to let her believe anything like that. She had to make sure Michelle knew who was in charge now.

With a wicked gleam in her eye, Connie abruptly said, “The invisible force takes control of your arms and locks them above your head again.”

The shocked look on Michelle’s face was priceless, especially as her arms immediately shot above her head, locking into place like before.

“Hmph, using the same trick?” Michelle said, acting unimpressed as she tried to recover her composure.

“Now the invisible force takes over your legs, making them want to raise up straight to the ceiling as well.”

This time Michelle panicked as the invisible force suddenly swung her ankles up, sticking her legs out straight towards Connie. Michelle struggled to resist, holding the ridiculous L-position on the edge of her bed, with her arms straight up above her and her legs held out in front.

All the confidence vanished from Michelle’s face as her legs lifted higher, riding her skirt up and giving Connie a brief flash of the black thong she was wearing.

“Connie!” Michelle shrieked, just as her balance gave out. She rolled back onto the bed, with her arms and legs trapped straight up above her, looking like a dog playing dead, or a turtle trapped on its back. Connie stood up and smirked, enjoying the ridiculous sight while Michelle pouted. “Very funny.”

“It’s certainly funny to me,” Connie said, grinning wide. She grabbed Michelle’s legs, which had become stuck together by the invisible force, and started to pry them apart. Michelle instantly went red as her legs spread apart to reveal her underwear.

“D—don’t look there,” she stammered.

“Are these the panties I bought you at the mall?” Connie asked, ignoring her.

“… maybe.”

“They certainly look like the same pair to me.”

“Okay, they are,” Michelle admitted, still blushing deeply. “Can you stop staring now?”

“Do you really want me not to look?” Connie asked, drumming her fingers along Michelle’s ankles. “There has to be a reason you decided to wear these sexy panties I got you. Especially when you knew I’d be hypnotizing you.”

To that, Michelle looked away and bit her lip. It was cute to see Michelle horny and flustered for a change.

“I said, do you want me to look at your panties or not? I’m not going to let you go until you answer honestly.”

Michelle glared at her, refusing to answer. Clearly Michelle had her pride, which was something Connie would have to chip away at if she wanted to make Michelle her slave. Except she couldn’t just wipe the pride away from her mind; she’d have to make Michelle give it up.

Connie let go of Michelle’s ankles and her legs snapped shut, that invisible force still holding them up to the ceiling.

“Okay, let’s try this then.” Connie peeked around Michelle’s legs. “If you really don’t want to show off your panties to me, then your legs will stay shut, just like they are now. But, if you secretly do want me to see your panties, then your legs will open up enough to show them off to me. How does—”

Before Connie could even finish, Michelle’s legs swung open and splayed out to the sides now, exposing her. Michelle was biting her lip again, her breath coming fast.

Connie crouched down to get a good look at Michelle’s thong, grinning. “You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

Michelle hissed in air, shivering. “Yes. I told you.”

Connie noticed the sharp reaction. “Do you like having me call you a slut?”

“Yes,” Michelle admitted.

Connie was tempted to leap headfirst into this new, exciting information, but instead she filed it away for later. There was no use calling Michelle a slut when she couldn’t actually sleep with her yet.

Instead, Connie put her face up to Michelle’s pussy, noticing how soaked the black panties were. The humiliation was clear on Michelle’s face, but also the excitement she felt. Connie suddenly asked, “Do you remember what I said about hypnosis not being able to violate a person’s limits?”

It caught Michelle by surprise. “Yes?”

“I only bring it up because you showed me your panties willingly.”

Michelle huffed. “You practically have me hog tied.” She wiggled her fingers, still frozen up in the air.

“True, but I gave you the choice of not showing me your panties, and you didn’t take it.”

Michelle didn’t have a comeback for that, and just blushed.

“Which means that, whatever limits you might have for what’s unacceptable behavior, showing me your soaking wet panties isn’t one of them.”

“What are you saying?” Michelle asked, suspicious now.

“I’m saying that you are apparently fine with being commanded to show me your panties, no matter how wet you are. So I can order you to flash me anytime that I want.”

“I—” Michelle’s voice caught for a moment, and Connie saw her squirming. No doubt she was imagining herself being under Connie’s thumb, submissively showing off her panties anytime Connie chose to command it of her. Finally, Michelle pouted at her. “Are you really going to make me do that?”

Connie held her gaze firmly. “Yes,” she stated. “And I think it’s only going to get you off, being that powerless.”

She’d clearly pushed the right button, because Michelle squirmed and couldn’t suppress a moan. “It would,” she admitted.

“You’ll flash me anytime I want,” Connie said, planting her hand on the inside of Michelle’s thigh. “Say it.”

“I’ll—” Michelle licked her lips. “I’ll flash you my panties whenever you ask.”

Connie’s hand drifted down, the tips of her fingers grazing Michelle’s panties and feeling how damp they were. “You’re this horny being used like this?”

“Yes,” Michelle said, nodding. Connie’s fingers started to slip into her panties, and she could feel the heat of her pussy so close. “Please,” Michelle whispered, closing her eyes, her hips trying to rise up to meet her hand.

Connie grinned, wanting to slip her fingers inside of her—

But kept them where they were, so teasingly close.

Michelle let out a needy whine, and Connie smiled. “Believe me, I would love to finger you right now. Or eat you out. But we made our promise, remember?”

“Oh,” Michelle said in a hushed voice. “I guess we did promise not to do stuff like this.” Connie stood up and was about to release Michelle, when the older woman suddenly said, “I mean, maybe we could… just this once…”

She looked right at Michelle’s pleading expression and shook her head. “Nope. No matter how much I want to, I’ve already decided to stick by this promise.”

“Even if I give you permission?” Michelle asked meekly.

Connie grabbed Michelle’s outstretched frozen legs. “You may have noticed, but I have control over your mind,” she said, suddenly rocking Michelle’s paralyzed body back and forth, while she was helpless to do anything but stay with her limbs sticking out. She let Michelle rest on her back again, and Connie suddenly looked serious. “I wasn’t joking before. If I wanted to, I could make you sleep with me. I could make you forget about the promise. I could make you think you were someone else who would do all sorts of perverted things with me. There are a lot of ways that I could have you.”

As she said all this, Michelle seemed to be teetering between fear and desire. It was clear that she believed Connie. For her part, Connie was terrified of admitting all of this. She was afraid that Michelle would judge her, since she’d clearly put thought into this. And if Michelle knew about all of the other triggers, and everything she’d done with her daughters, Michelle probably wouldn’t have wanted to ever see her again. So revealing even a fraction of what she was truly capable of might have been a mistake, but it was important for Connie to let her know what kind of a person she really was.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying any of this to you, because you probably won’t want me hypnotizing you again. Except that I need you to know that I could have you and you’d never know. But I haven’t don’t anything like that. I’ve stuck by our promise. That’s how important it is to me.”

She smiled down at Michelle, and kissed at the inside of her thigh.

“So I’m not about to break that promise just because you want to as well. Does that make sense?”

“It does,” Michelle said, her voice strained.

Crap, she’d probably ruined everything.

“Thank you,” Michelle suddenly said, taking Connie by surprise.

“For what?”

“For not doing it. You’re a good person, Connie.” Michelle smiled at her reassuringly. “You’re not the first person who’s ever been horny and wanted someone, believe me. But the fact that you want to wait for me to be comfortable, that means a lot.”

Connie smiled ruefully, taking a last look at Michelle’s pussy, clad only in the thin thong. She could practically make out the lines of her lips through the sheer fabric. God, she wanted her so bad. She’d always wanted her. But there was something reassuring about this, too. Before, Connie had been the only one suffering, but now she knew how frustrated Michelle was too, and that gave her some confidence.

“Feel the force release you now, Michelle.”

Her arms and legs collapsed out of the air, and as soon as she was free Michelle bounced up off the bed and hugged her. Connie froze as she was kissed, too shocked to move. It was only a brief kiss, and Michelle sat back down on the bed, blushing and pulling down her skirt.

Connie brushed at her lips, still surprised by the kiss. “Well… that’s not how I expected that conversation to go.”

“What did you expect? Me to be mad at you?”

“Kind of,” Connie shrugged.

“I guess I can see why you would think that, but luckily for you, I kind of find the idea of you using me without me knowing kind of hot.”


Michelle nodded. “I kind of keep having fantasies about it. Like, feeling your hands on me. Or getting goosebumps like I’m being watched while I’m naked. So this kind of fits in perfectly with that.” She smiled at Connie. “At least I know you haven’t been doing anything like that for real.”

Connie couldn’t stop herself from blushing scarlet, and Michelle narrowed her eyes.

“Okay, you definitely look guilty.”

“I… haven’t made you sleep with me?” Connie attempted, hoping it would be enough.

Michelle crossed her arms. “So what have you done, young lady?”

She’d slipped back into the stern adult, and this time Connie didn’t try to assert her dominance. After all, she was guilty. If she was coming clean about how she had the ability to manipulate Michelle, she may as well come clean about this.

“I’ve been spying on you changing. And once in the shower too,” Connie said, dropping her eyes to the floor. “And groping you. Making it so you couldn’t remember me doing it.”

“Anything else?”

“One time in trance you ate me out, and I kinda went down on you too. But, I stopped it before either of us came.”

Michelle crossed her arms, jaw set. “Was that before or after our promise?”

“Before,” Connie admitted. “I haven’t done anything sexual with you since the promise.” Which was the truth, too. She hadn’t used Gloria’s trigger to become invisible since the day they’d gone out to the beach, and Connie sorely missed what had been a fun part of her daily routine. She hadn’t even used the dream trigger with her. Although she did put it in Michelle’s head, which was like buying drugs and trying to explain to the cops that you didn’t intend to take them.

She risked looking up, and Michelle was looking off into the distance, lost in thought. Connie gulped. She was definitely in trouble now. Maybe… maybe she could hypnotize her quick. Make her forget all of this, or convince her it was a dream. Except, wasn’t that exactly the kind of thing she was trying to avoid doing?

Connie resisted the urge to hypnotize her, and instead sat there to face her punishment. After another few seconds of thought, Michelle cleared her throat and looked at Connie.

“Alright, I’ve thought about it hard. You definitely crossed some boundaries with all of that, but you did come clean about it to me.”

Connie’s shoulders slumped. “So what’s going to happen to me?” She prayed she wasn’t going to get kicked out of the house. If she was, she’d never be able to brainwash all of them into her slaves. It was definitely the wrong priority to have, but Connie couldn’t help that being her first fear.

Michelle stared pointedly at Connie. “I’ve decided that it’s okay for you to spy on me, though try to keep it within reason. While I’m changing is fine, but maybe not the shower? At least not until I think about it more. You can also touch my tits and my ass, but only as long as I’m wearing clothes. At the very least I have to be in underwear. No touching my pussy, though. That I’m being firm on.”

Connie gawked helplessly. “Wait, what?”

“Lastly, anything you do with hypnosis has to be inside the house, and only if we’re alone, so we don’t have to explain things to anyone if we’re caught.” Michelle shook her head and laughed. “I don’t know how I’d explain to my mom that you’re hypnotizing me.”

Connie’s brain was still trying to catch up, feeling as if she’d missed something important.

“Hang on. I’m not in trouble?”

“Oh, you’re in trouble,” Michelle said sternly. “You’re going to be doing laundry and dishes for a week for what you did.”

“But, you’re letting me spy on you changing?”

Michelle shrugged. “Like I said, I’m kind of turned on by the idea. I know I can trust you, but it’s important that we make guidelines to follow. So that’s everything you’re allowed to do without my knowledge. You can use hypnosis for all of that, as long as it doesn’t violate those rules or our no sex policy.”

“I— I can really grab your tits without you knowing?”

This time Michelle blushed, her tough facade crumbling. “I admit, I’m really curious how you do it, but don’t tell me. That’s part of the fun, right? That now I have to wonder if and when you’ve been groping me.” Michelle cupped her breasts through her shirt, shivering with delight. “And every time I’m changing I have to wonder if you’re there too.” She suddenly looked up, bashful. “Do you touch yourself when you spy on me?”

Connie nodded slowly, her excitement growing as she realized what this meant. Michelle actually wanted her to use those triggers to take advantage of her?

“I… uh, sometimes I masturbate next to you while you’re fucking yourself.”

“You do?” Michelle said, shocked. “I didn’t think of that. We masturbate openly in this house, and you watch me plenty already.”

Connie forgot that she’d tricked Gloria into giving the family an open masturbation policy in the house. It probably wasn’t a good idea to tell her that this was only put in place recently. Michelle was surprisingly cool with all of this, but any hypnotic changes to her daughter’s sexuality may not be as warmly received.

“It wasn’t just to watch you,” Connie added, thinking quickly. “I was kind of whispering fantasies to you and controlling what you were cumming to.”

Michelle seemed to shiver. “I have been thinking of women more. And kinkier stuff. That was you?”

“Part of it was me. But you picked them up on your own. I haven’t done it in over a week, so any kinky fantasies you’ve had are your own.”

Sure enough, Michelle bit her lip and squirmed. “Okay, so we’re both perverts. I guess that’s a good sign,” she said, giggling.

Connie reached out and took Michelle’s hand. “Are you really okay with me doing this stuff to you without your knowing?”

Michelle nodded. “I love hypnosis and I… care for you very much,” she said, looking away suddenly. “So this is fun for me too. Just, promise that it’s not forever.”

“What do you mean?”

She looked into Connie’s eyes. “It’s fine for while we’re waiting til you’re in college, as long as no one finds out. I just hope that once we’re free to be together, you don’t feel the need to do stuff without me knowing. Come to me about what you want. I want to be part of the fun too.”

“Deal,” Connie said. She hesitated, then leaned in and kissed her, and Michelle returned the kiss. This woman… Connie really was lucky to have her. That she was this open to what Connie wanted was a miracle. Connie still didn’t know how she would react to all of her fantasies, but it was clear that she was interested in experimenting with it. Which made Connie wonder if it was time to start working on the next step.

“Hey Michelle,” she said, breaking the kiss. “There’s some… well, I guess you’d say kinky stuff I want to try with you. I want to do it so you can’t remember, in case it’s not really your thing.”

Michelle tilted her head thoughtfully. “Now you’ve got me curious, but I can understand you being reserved like that. This kinky stuff, as you call it, would it violate our promise?”

“It’s not sexual, not really. It would turn me on a LOT, but it’s not strictly sex.”

“So like bondage,” Michelle teased.

“Kind of,” she replied, thinking that becoming a sex slave was a lot more than getting tied up. “Like, do you know about BDSM?”

“Isn’t that a clothing store?” Michelle asked.

Connie blanched. “Um, no. It’s like… well, it’s where…”

Michelle suddenly burst out laughing. “Connie, I know about kinky stuff. You really should have met me when I was nineteen.”

That certainly would’ve been fun, Connie thought. “Well I want to do stuff with submission.”

“Like someone being in charge and giving orders?” Michelle chewed on her lip.

“A more extreme version of that.” Which still felt like an understatement to Connie. She wanted to make Michelle worship her, live to serve her. To be her adoring slave. Willing to help make her daughters into obedient slaves as well.

“Okay, you can try it out,” Michelle said, bashfully. “I wish I would know how it goes, but I can accept being in the dark for now.”

“Thank you,” Connie replied.

“What will you do if I don’t like it though?”

“I’d figure out what your limits are on it,” Connie said, which was true. After some hesitation, she added, “And then see if I can work around them. If there was a way for you to be into it. But if it really is something your against, I’d accept that.” Connie hated the idea of giving up, after all of the amazing stuff she’d been able to do with all the girls, but in the end she really couldn’t change human nature. She’d get the Silva family as close to her ideal as possible.

“Alright, I agree to that. I trust you.” Michelle stamped her feet on the ground, like an impatient kid. “I just… I keep trying to think of how you’d do stuff without me knowing and it’s really hot and driving me crazy. Like, you just do it and make me forget, right?”

“I could,” Connie said, suddenly teasing. “But I don’t. I have something better set up.”

“What is it?” Michelle asked, excited. Then she shook her head. “No, don’t tell me. It might spoil it for you if I’m on the lookout.” She peeked up. “Can you give me a hint.”

Connie grinned and crooked a finger at her, beckoning her close. “Come here.”

Michelle sat closer, until they were nearly nose to nose.

“Do you really want to know what I do to you?”

Michelle bit her lip, nodding.

So in a quiet voice, Connie said, “Dream for me, Michelle.”

And even though it had been put in a week ago and gone untouched, the light from Michelle’s eyes faded as the trigger took hold. She dropped into trance instantly, entering a wonderful, relaxing state of mind. She was in a dream, waiting for Connie to mold it around her. Now, with Michelle’s own blessing, it was time for Connie to see what a good slave Michelle could be for her.