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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 21

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 3

Michelle sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Connie with a tired, blank gaze. In the effects of this trigger, Michelle was technically asleep. She was about to experience a fantasy, remembering everything that happened but only with the idea that it was all nothing more than a pleasant dream. Connie was able to make Michelle experience anything she wanted here, with no repercussions in the real world. She had complete control over this dream, and Connie felt the thrilling possibilities of this power.

With Tara’s dream, she’d just given her the instruction that they were dating and allowed Tara to take it from there. Except dreams were strange and could include so much more. Connie could introduce any fantastic idea, and if Michelle didn’t enjoy it then it would be nothing more than a weird dream for her to ignore. If Michelle did enjoy it, however, then that would let Connie plant the idea in Michelle. The idea of incest with her daughters, of being Connie’s perverted slave: the possibilities were endless!

Still, Connie wanted to start slow. Michelle was surprisingly eager to be hypnotized, and Connie didn’t want to spring too many fetishes on her at once. She’d acclimate Michelle slowly, until she (hopefully) would become a brainwashed servant to Connie’s every desire.

Connie hummed to herself. This was going to be fun. Michelle sat on the edge of her bed, still emotionless and waiting for instruction. A blank canvas for Connie to start making her masterpiece.

“Can you hear me, Michelle?”

“Yes,” she answered, in an adorably empty voice.

“In this dream, I want you to give up all your inhibitions. Feel free to say whatever you want to me, knowing that it’s only a dream and none of it matters.”

Michelle nodded, the dream weaving itself into her head. The older woman was open to a lot of surprising things with Connie, but she was always very reserved about revealing her desires. That wouldn’t be a problem if Michelle was dreaming and didn’t think Connie was real. Then she’d be safe to go into any of her darker fantasies and needs. Or that’s what Connie hoped, anyway.

Connie debated with herself on something, then decided against it. She’d promised, after all. “In this dream, we still have the promise not to do anything sexual to each other.”

The hypnotized Michelle seemed to pout at that.

“I know, I know, it’s frustrating. But we can’t have any kind of sex with each other. Understand?”

“No,” Michelle said, catching Connie off guard.

“Tell me what you don’t understand.”

“It’s my dream, and I have no inhibitions. I fuck you all the time in my dreams.”

Connie smiled stupidly to herself, deliriously pleased to hear Michelle say that. Still, no matter what Michelle thought during the dream, Connie would be real, and doing anything to take advantage of Michelle would break the promise.

“In this dream I still haven’t gone to college yet, and we’re both under the promise we made. You don’t want to break this promise, right?”

“I don’t,” Michelle admitted, and her voice sounded surprisingly awake, full of frustration and resentment. Connie even double checked that Michelle was still completely under. Apparently she already saw herself in the dream, and when she spoke it was like some part of herself wasn’t in trance, even if her body was. It was strange seeing her eyes so empty as she passionately said, “It was a stupid promise but I won’t break it. I wish I could just start fucking you already. Why did I even care that you were young? That’s part of what makes it so fucking hot.”

Connie blinked. “Huh. I guess you’ve already lost your inhibitions.”

“Of course. Why would I have those? I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

Connie couldn’t help but grin. There was something weirdly hot about hearing the usual reserved Michelle talking so brash. Was this what she was like when she was younger?

“You can do whatever the fuck you want,” Connie conceded, “But you can’t break the promise. No sex, but we can talk about it though. And we can do anything you find hot that isn’t sex.”

Michelle perked her head up.

“There’s all sorts of sexy things people can do together that isn’t strictly sex, right Michelle?”

She grinned. “Lots.”

“Like?” Connie asked, eager to hear what this flirty new Michelle had to offer.

Except Michelle seemed to freeze up, blinking a lot. “Um, I can only think of fucking.”

“Well, people can strip for each others.”

Michelle nodded. “Want that.”

“They can role play, or seduce each other.”

Michelle nodded, stronger this time. “Want that.”

“And they can be submissive to each other and obey orders.”

Michelle’s nodding head stopped suddenly. Shit, had she hit a wall just at the mention of it? She’d seen so eager to be played with before. How was Michelle not submissive?

Then Michelle suddenly stuck a hand under her skirt, letting out a long, sensual, “Fuuuuck. That sounds really hot.”

Connie smirked. “Obeying orders. Being someone’s sexy slave, and doing whatever they want you to do. Anything to please their Mistress. Do you find that hot?”

She was still masturbating openly, so Connie hardly needed to check, but it was worth it to see Michelle arc her back and hiss, “Yesss.”

“And being someone’s slave doesn’t count as sex, does it?”

“No,” Michelle answered, rubbing at her clit faster.

“Then in this dream, we can enjoy being Mistress and slave. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” Michelle panted.

“Then enter the dream now, ready to have some fun. Within reason,” Connie added.

Michelle took in a deep breath. She suddenly seemed to fall back into trance. Her hand slipped out from under her skirt, her fingertips wet. Connie watched as Michelle picked her head up and rolled her shoulders back, stretching.

“Mhm, I feel really good all of a sudden.” She smiled at Connie, keeping her legs open wide. The skirt was nearly high enough to show off her panties. Noticing that, Michelle smirked and flipped her skirt up completely. “How are you feeling?” Michelle asked innocently, while tracing her fingers along the hem of her soaked panties.

“A little horny,” Connie admitted, already enjoying this new side to Michelle. It had never occurred to Connie how self-conscious Michelle really was. The way she carried herself throughout the day as if she was trying not to call attention to her voluptuous shape. It was only seeing Michelle lounging back, putting her body on display, that Connie really noticed the change in her demeanor. This openly sexual and submissive Michelle was one that Connie would have to bring back a lot more.

With Connie watching her, Michelle stood up slowly, smiling all the while. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of the discarded skirt, Michelle sauntered over to Connie and put her arms around the awe-struck girl’s neck. “I’m feeling horny myself. Such a shame we can’t fuck.”

“Yeah,” Connie sighed, staring into Michelle’s eyes.

“But obeying orders, being commanded about, that doesn’t count as sex, does it?”

Connie couldn’t hide the laugh as Michelle stole her line, but in this case she’d let it slide.

“It sure doesn’t.” Connie slid a hand up Michelle’s back, ready to grab her by the hair. She wanted to hear Michelle call her Mistress so badly.

But before she could act, Michelle suddenly grabbed Connie by the hair, tugging on it and forcing Connie to look up at her.

“So are you ready to obey your Mistress?” Michelle asked, her voice strong and confident.

Connie gaped, feeling completely lost. “Mistress?”

“I didn’t stutter,” Michelle said coldly. There was a hard edge to her voice, one that Connie had never heard her use before. “Kneel for me, slave.”

“Wha- I’m not the slave here,” Connie said, shaking her head. What was happening?

“I don’t see any other slaves here,” Michelle chuckled. She twisted Connie’s hair in her fist, and Connie let out a pathetic squeak as her head was pulled back again. “So it must be you.”

What was Michelle doing? “But you’re the slave,” Connie said, confused.

When Michelle grabbed her jaw, tight, Connie realized she may have made a mistake.

“Slaves who speak like that to their Mistress get punished,” Michelle said, her voice suddenly full of ice. “Am I going to have to smack your ass red to teach you a lesson?”

Connie gulped. She hoped that it was an idle threat, since she couldn’t picture the Michelle she knew spanking anyone. Except that this was dream Michelle, who had no inhibitions and was apparently dominant. Whatever was going on here, it was time to bail.

“Dream for me, Michelle,” Connie said, and thankfully Michelle immediately nodded off, letting Connie go as she flopped down to the edge of the bed. Her shoulders slumped and she sat there, deep in trance. “Okay, what the hell was that?”

Michelle kept her chin down against her chest as she quietly said, “I had a dream where I dominated you.” Her voice was back to the emotionless entranced tone.

“But you were supposed to be the slave,” Connie complained.

Michelle tilted her head. “I wasn’t told that. You said to make a dream with you involving dominance and submission.”

Connie slapped her forehead. She was right. Connie had told her all about how hot submission was and had just assumed that Michelle would fall under her power.

“Alright, this time I want to make a new dream. Same rule as before, no sex or anything to break the promise, and you still have no inhibitions. This time, though, I’m the Mistress, and you’re the slave. Understand?”

“Yes,” Michelle answered.

“Good, now enter the dream.”

Michelle rocked her head from side to side, opening her eyes slowly. When she saw Connie, she grinned. “Mistress,” she said, and the word was so sweet on her lips that Connie immediately forgave her for threatening to spank her before.

“That’s better,” Connie said approvingly. Michelle gave her a confused look, and she quickly said, “Never mind. Now, slave, get on your knees.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Connie grinned as Michelle sank to her knees before her. She put a hand on top of Michelle’s head, admiring the sight. Yes, this was how it was supposed to be.

“This is where you belong,” Connie said, wanting to emphasize it. “Isn’t that right, slave?”

Michelle looked up at her, eyes sweet and servile. Then she suddenly grabbed Connie’s wrist. “Not really,” Michelle said, pulling Connie towards her as she abruptly stood up.

This time Connie tried fight back. She planted her feet and held her ground, staring defiantly down at Michelle. “Remember, Michelle. You’re the slave here. I’m your Mistress!”

“You don’t really feel right as the Mistress,” Michelle said in a sweet voice, slipping back into that same confident tone as the last dream. Even with Connie struggling to escape her grip, Michelle seemed completely in control. “In fact, I think we’ve got this reversed. You should be the slave. And I… well, obviously I should be your Mistress.”


Before Connie could get the trigger out Michelle suddenly pivoted her hips and threw Connie down onto the bed. She pinned Connie in seconds, burying Connie’s face into the bed.

Connie tried to shout the trigger, but all that came out was, “Hrrmpshrf.”

“Silence,” Michelle commanded, and suddenly smacked Connie hard on the ass.

Connie gasped, and Michelle spanked her again, sending a sudden wave of pain and humiliation throughout Connie’s body. Connie felt like she had whiplash from how wrong everything had gone. Why was Michelle acting like the Mistress? And she was spanking her! Connie hadn’t been spanked since she was a girl, and she felt mortified as Michelle forced her to stick her ass up higher to spank her again, the sound of the meaty strike filling the room. Finally Michelle stopped, resting a hand on the small of Connie’s back while sharp pain bristled across her ass.

“Are you ready to apologize, slave?” Michelle asked.

Connie lifted her head up from the bed and cried, “Dream for—”

Michelle planted a hand on top of Connie’s head and immediately shoved her face into the blanket, muffling her voice again.

“That’s not an apology,” Michelle snapped. She resumed spanking her, bringing her hand down on Connie’s ass over and over again. The sharp spanks rocked Connie against the bed, while Michelle hummed happily to herself as Connie squirmed. “My slaves will be obedient. Understand?”

Connie nodded her head as best she could.

“Now,” Michelle said, lifting Connie’s head slowly. “Apologize.”

This time Connie noticed Michelle watching her closely, and decided not to risk any more humiliation. “I’m sorry,” Connie panted.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Connie said, blushing deeply.

Michelle smirked down at her, a completely different woman from the one Connie knew. Even when Michelle used her strict mother routine she had never been as severe as this. She had fantasized about Michelle spanking Tara and Jane when they disobeyed, but that was purely fantasy since Michelle could never raise a hand to anyone. And yet this Michelle had practically beaten Connie’s ass red, and was clearly getting off on it. Was this what Michelle was really like?

Michelle released Connie’s hair, and instead smoothed it out, suddenly affectionate. “Good slave, that’s much better. Isn’t it nicer to make your Mistress happy, rather than to force me to punish you? Although I’m sure that a naughty slut like you is nice and wet, after that. Aren’t you, slave?”

Connie hesitated, then said as quickly as she could, “DreamformeMichelle.”

Michelle’s eyes unfocused and she shuddered. Her hand tried to grab at Connie’s hair, but her grip was weak.

“Dream for me, Michelle,” Connie said again, and this time Michelle dropped, her hands falling limp at her sides.

Connie got up from the bed, her ass still stinging. “What the fuck was that?” Connie demanded, rubbing her sore bottom. She picked Michelle up, checking to make sure she was deep in trance first. “Michelle, imagine yourself as my slave. Obeying my every command. Tell me how it sounds to you.”

“Hot,” she replied in an empty voice.

“You think it’s hot if you had no choice but to obey me?”


“You want to obey me?” Connie asked, raising an eyebrow.


“It would turn you on to be my slave?”

“Yes, a lot.”

Connie scratched her head. “Then imagine in your head that I use the dream trigger again. I order you to be my slave in the dream. Now, in this dream, would you be my slave?”

Michelle thought about it. “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Why not?” Connie demanded.

“Doesn’t feel right to be your slave.”

Connie shook her head. “But you just said... you said you get turned on at the idea of being my slave.”

“Yes, it would be really hot to have to obey you.”

“So If I ordered you to become my slave and obey me, would you do it?”

“I’d want to,” Michelle said, her face scrunching up with effort. “I really want to do that for you. But it can’t happen and it makes me really sad. I’m sorry, Connie.”

Connie stepped back, shaking her head. Michelle said she liked the idea of being a slave. Michelle gets turned on thinking about being her slave. Then why is she saying that she can’t ever be her slave?

Frustrated, Connie turned to Michelle.

“Michelle, be honest. Is there anything I could ever do, anything at all, that would make you become my slave in real life?”

Michelle frowned, and there was no denying the sorrow in her voice. “No, there’s no way. I wish it could happen, but it can’t.”

Connie’s shoulders slumped. Where the hell did this limit suddenly come from? Michelle was fine doing anything she said before. What was possibly causing this resistance?

Whatever the problem was, Connie realized she wasn’t going to be able to get to it tonight. She was too worked up to think straight. “Forget about all of this. Remember that what we did was nothing but a dream.”

Michelle nodded.

“Alright, lay back on the bed and wake up when I’m gone. Think that you took a nap after I left.”

Michelle nodded, climbing into her bed with a smile. Connie dragged the chair out of the bedroom, doing her best to think. Just when her ideal life was nearly in her grasp, this happened. Connie knew she was in a mess. First Tara, and now Michelle. Suddenly, Connie wasn’t sure if she’d really made any progress at all.

She winced as she walked, her poor ass still feeling sore. Connie had the stinging proof of it right on her behind, but she still couldn’t believe Michelle had really spanked her. Not only that, but called her a slave and a slut. She’d even taunted Connie that she’d be wet from something so humiliating as that.

Connie’s anger cooled, and it slowly dawned on her that she was wet. Really wet. Barely able to accept it, Connie slipped a hand into her pants and sure enough she was soaked.

“Just leftover from hypnotizing her,” Connie mumbled, drying her slick fingers on the side of her pants. “Like I’d actually be turned on by being degraded like that.”

Except the humiliation kept replaying in her head. Connie’s heart sped up as she remembered the fear of being out of control. The excitement of being bent over and spanked. How helpless she felt.

Connie shivered, her nipples poking through her shirt. No, this wasn’t right at all. Her fantasies were always about her in charge of the other women. She was going to be the Mistress. And some mix up with Michelle wasn’t going to change that.

It was easy to tell herself that, but it took hours for Connie’s cunt to step getting wet whenever she remembered the confident, cruel grin on Michelle’s face as she called her slave.

* * *

Michelle sat silently on the bed, deep in trance as the memory of what happened looped in her head. As soon as she heard the door close she groaned softly to herself, curling up in her blanket as the trance started to fade. Michelle yawned and sat up to stretch. She was honestly surprised that she’d taken a nap. Letting Connie hypnotize her had been so much fun, but it must have been more exhausting than she’d anticipated. Michelle closed her eyes and smiled as the memory of the session washed over her. The feeling of her body moving on its own, leaving her helpless. How her mind was changed or programmed to act in different ways and Michelle simply went along with it, unable to see the difference. It was all so wonderful. Even when she’d pinned Connie to the bed and spanked her.

Michelle’s eyes shot open. That hadn’t really happened, had it? As soon as the panic rose in her a calming sensation took over her brain, like a sweet drug. Michelle’s eyes fluttered faintly. Only a dream. A smile formed on her lips. Good, she hadn’t really dominated Connie like that. Except it was so vivid. Michelle could almost relive the impact running up her arm with each spank on Connie’s ass. Instantly she wanted to run out to apologize to poor Connie, although she knew that would be ridiculous. Besides, then she’d have to confess to Connie what her dream was about.

It wasn’t like Michelle really wanted to do that to Connie. Honestly she’d been more interested in the idea of her being submissive to Connie. Maybe that was part of what she liked about letting the cute younger girl hypnotize her. Sadly, Michelle knew it was impossible for her to submit to Connie that completely, no matter how much the idea called to her.

But there was nothing wrong with Michelle being the Mistress and Connie the slave. The thought took Michelle by surprise. Surely her dream didn’t mean anything like that. It had to just be something random.

Michelle’s fingers drifted down into her panties, teasing at her clit as she explored the new thought. That dream had been pretty hot. Not that Michelle ever thought she could be that dominant over someone else; confidence wasn’t her specialty. Then again, being frozen into a statue wasn’t something Michelle had ever been able to do until Connie hypnotized her.

Her fingers circled her clit a little faster now.

That’s right, Connie was able to make Michelle think she was someone different. Connie could hypnotize her to become a woman who wasn’t afraid to take what they wanted. A woman who was capable of tapping into her raw sexuality. The kind of confident woman that Connie deserved.

Only, was that who Connie wanted? Michelle frowned, her fingers slowing as doubt crept in. Connie seemed to enjoy being in control as much as Michelle had enjoyed being ordered around. Would she really be interested in something as kinky as that?

Michelle instantly wanted to dismiss the idea altogether as a fantasy, but stopped herself. She’d spent her whole life afraid of her desires. If she just dismissed everything that turned her on then she’d go on living with an unsatisfied sex life. That fear was what had kept her from Connie, and look at how wonderful their time together had been.

No, Michelle wouldn’t give up that easy. Maybe Connie wouldn’t want to be her slave, but Michelle would never know if she didn’t try. She’d have to start cautiously, though. The last thing she wanted to do was throw too much at Connie at once. Instead, Michelle would start to express her dominance slowly, and if Connie liked it, then Michelle could get into the sexier aspects of it.

Michelle closed her eyes and started to fuck herself, giving in to her need. She smiled as she remembered the feeling of Connie wriggling beneath her in the dream, whimpering as she was punished. Even as she fought, Michelle heard the panting need in her slave’s voice. And when Connie had called her Mistress, Michelle remembered the sweet rush of delight it had given her. Michelle pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt, imagining all of the ways she could convince Connie to submit to her.

She just prayed that Connie was as kinky as her.