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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 22

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 4

The delicious smell of pancakes and maple syrup filled the living room. Connie chewed absently on some bacon while she let Tara review her homework and was surprised to find herself feeling like part of the family. Passing the tray of pancakes over to Jane so she could grab seconds, listening to Michelle and Gloria chatting about some trashy reality show they watch together. Connie had always known she didn’t really belong in the house, since she’d basically moved in for the sole purpose of brainwashing all the women to become slaves in her own personal harem, but somewhere over the last few weeks Connie had started to think of them as family. She missed her own folks, of course, but there would be time to hang out with them over the summer. Right now it was more important to stay and maintain everyone’s conditioning.

Unfortunately, it was hard to go about making a harem and keep up with Senior year coursework at the same time.

“You got this one wrong too,” Tara said with a tight frown. She crossed out Connie’s answer on the history homework. “And this whole closing argument doesn’t even make sense.”

“It made sense to me,” Connie mumbled, though she didn’t even remember what she’d hastily written down.

Tara narrowed her eyes and poked a finger into Connie’s chest. “You were always better at History than me. What’s going on? I thought you were spending all this time studying.”

“I’ve been studying... other things.” Her eyes darted over to Michelle across the table, and to her surprise Michelle gave her an adorable wink. It made Connie shudder happily. Getting to hypnotize Michelle almost every night had been fantastic; even with the trouble Michelle’s dream trigger had given her. After that particularly humiliating failure Connie had spent all night reading up on psychology and submission to try and get some answers, but that hadn’t left her any time for homework.

“Seriously, what’s going on with you?” Tara flashed her the puppy dog eyes, and Connie felt an guilty knot in her stomach. She wanted to put Tara at ease and explain that she’d just been busy hypnotizing her Mom, but something told Connie that it wouldn’t be a very valid excuse.

So instead she said, “I’ll redo the stuff on my way to school, promise.”

Tara seemed skeptical, but didn’t say anything more about it. Connie thought that was the end of it until her phone buzzed in her pocket a few seconds later. She took her phone at out under the table and was surprised to see a text from Tara.


Connie gave Tara a surprised look, but Tara just instantly turned away, not meeting her gaze. Her phone was held out in her lap though, waiting for a reply.

That’s why Tara was so worried about her. It was true Connie hadn’t talked to her much since Tara had admitted she was dating a girl from school, but that was only because Connie had been so busy working on Michelle’s mind. Tara had no way of knowing that, though. She must have assumed that her best friend with a crush on her was in some kind of a depressed spiral because they couldn’t be together.

Connie started to type back but stopped, considering. It did hurt, knowing after all these years that Tara liked her back and that they could have actually had a chance together. Connie couldn’t deny that. Still, part of being in love with someone was wanting them to be happy, even if that was with someone else. And it wasn’t like Connie had any right to be the jealous type, considering that she wanted to have all three of the Silva women in love with her at the same time.


Sitting right beside her Tara checked the text message, and a faint smile appeared on her face as she started writing back.


Connie snickered to herself. SHE BETTER BE HOT IF YOU’RE DATING HER.

She and Tara started laughing to each other, when Jane sighed loudly from the end of the table.

“Are you two losers seriously texting right next to each other?”

Tara huffed and turned up her nose at her older sister. “It’s private.”

“What? Are you two sexting each other?”

Tara went bright red, and Michelle chocked on her coffee.

Michelle glared at Jane. “I certainly hope that’s just a poor joke.” Michelle turned the glare over to Tara and Connie as well, though her attention seemed to linger on Connie.

Connie quickly held up her hands in innocence. “Tara was just worried about me because I’ve been slipping on homework a little.”

She was hoping that Michelle would be touched by that; she was always after her daughters to be sensitive and support others. Instead, Michelle gave Connie a stern look.

“You’ve been slipping in class? Connie, I told you how important senior year is.”

Connie blanched. She turned to Jane for help, but both she and Tara were staying out of it. “I- I’ve just been preoccupied. Besides, it’s just busy work until we graduate, so it’s nothing really too important.”

From the dark expression on Michelle’s face, that was exactly the wrong thing to say. “That’s why it’s even more important to do your hardest. Colleges will be checking for the students who work diligently and those who slack off as soon as they have a chance.” Michelle pursed her lips, considering something, then announced, “Connie, you’re going to be doing the dishes as punishment.”

Connie started in surprise, and she wasn’t the only one. Both Tara and Jane looked shocked. Even Gloria lowered her newspaper and gave her daughter Michelle a surprised look.

“You’re punishing me?” Connie couldn’t believe it. Michelle had never punished anyone before. Even when Tara or Jane broke the rules or came home late Michelle would never actually ‘punish’ them. She had always been one of those parents who believed in having a dialogue and understanding your children versus some arbitrary punishment. Connie had always thought that was really cool of her, so why was she suddenly being singled out for a punishment?

Luckily Gloria came to her aide. “Michelle, don’t you think that’s a little harsh?”

Michelle just shook her head. “Not at all. I think it’s important for Connie to have some discipline in her life, and I’ve been thinking that I’ve been a little too lenient on her.”

Connie just stared in shock. “It’s just a few homework assignments,” she argued. “Seriously, it’s no big deal.”

Michelle abruptly stood up from the her chair and glared down at Connie. “Now you’ll be doing the dishes all week for talking back. Unless you have anything else to say.”

There was a lot Connie wanted to say. That this was bullshit, for one, or Michelle’s trigger to put her in trance and make her forget all about the punishment. Except cursing would only make Michelle angrier, and with Gloria sitting at the table Connie couldn’t risk using hypnosis. So instead she kept her mouth shut and just sunk sullenly into her chair.

“Good, that’s more like it.” Michelle had an odd smile on her face as she said it. Not like she was happy, but more like she was satisfied with something.

Jane sheepishly raised a hand, like she was in class. “Um, I have a question?. Do I have to follow this ‘doing the dishes for missing homework’ rule?”

Michelle suddenly looked surprised, as if she hadn’t considered that. She quickly shrugged it off and smiled at Jane. “Of course not, honey. I know you and Tara do your best. This is just to help Connie get herself together.”

Jane let out an relieved sigh, but Tara spoke up now. “Doesn’t that seem kind of unfair?”

Michelle shot an angry mother look at Tara, and from the way Tara flinched it was clear that she wasn’t used to having her mom angry at her.

“I’d like to remind you that I make the rules, Tara. Unless you feel like helping Connie with dishes all week,” Michelle added with a smug smile.

Tara quickly shrank back. “Oh no, I’m good.”

Connie gasped, and Tara whispered an apology.

“There then,” Michelle said, wiping her hands and settling the matter. “If that settles things then I’ll go get ready for work. Connie, you can start by cleaning my dishes.” She flashed that same weird, satisfied grin, and marched off, leaving everyone else at the table to stare at Connie.

“Why’s everybody looking at me?”

Jane nudged her shoulder. “What did you do to piss off my mom?”

“I didn’t do anything!” Connie cried.

“You must have done something. She’s never punished me with chores, and you know I get up to a lot of shit.”

“Seriously, I’ve never seen her that serious,” Tara added. She put a hand on Connie’s shoulder. “If you did something you can tell us.”

“Why do you guys think I did something to piss Michelle off?” Connie wailed, burying her head in her hands. It didn’t make any sense to her. All week she and Michelle had gotten along fantastically. For god’s sake they had a pact to have sex in a couple of months, which seemed pretty important to her. And it wasn’t like she and Michelle had a fight or anything like that. The only real trouble they’d had recently was-

Connie’s head snapped up as she remembered the night before. How she’d tried to make Michelle her submissive slave. That didn’t make any sense though, considering Michelle shouldn’t have even been able to remember any of that. As far as Michelle should have known all of that stuff about her turning the tables to treat Connie like a slave was just an odd dream.

Unless Connie had screwed up somewhere and Michelle did remember. Connie felt fear twisting tight in her heart. Michelle was adamant that she couldn’t be Connie’s slave in trance, and if Michelle remembered any of that would she hold a grudge at Connie for trying?

Connie realized that Jane was grinning at her. “What?”

“Oh nothing,” Jane replied, suddenly acting disinterested. “Just that you seemed to have figured out whatever you did to piss Mom off. Must be pretty juicy to get her angry like that.”

Connie blushed deeply as Tara and Gloria both studied her closely, like she was some specimen on display. “It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Well I hope it blows over soon,” Gloria said as she stood up from the table. She gave Connie a motherly look of concern. “I’ll talk to Michelle to see what’s wrong. You know I can be quite convincing.” The old woman gave Connie a sly wink, and immediately Connie felt her stomach drop.

“Gloria, wait!”

Connie leapt up from her seat and caught Gloria’s sleeve before she could walk away.

Gloria was completely taken back by the sudden urgency in Connie’s voice, and Connie knew she had to act fast. “That’s really not necessary, Gloria, really. It’s nothing important. I’m happy to do the dishes and help out, so it’s really no bother at all.”

She was rambling and she knew it, but she couldn’t let Gloria go talk to Michelle. Gloria would just put her daughter into trance and ask her what was wrong, and then she’d hear all about what Connie had been up to with her. Once that dam broke Gloria would check with Tara and Jane as well, and then she’d have more than enough evidence against Connie for her efforts to corrupt the whole family. After becoming so close with all the girls- and getting so close to her own goals- Connie couldn’t afford to get kicked out now.

So she gave Gloria a cheery smile that felt entirely too fake. Gloria studied her closely, with every reason to be suspicious of her behavior. Then the old woman just shrugged. “Very well, I suppose dealing with consequences is a part of growing up that I shouldn’t deprive you of.” Gloria reached out and patted Connie’s cheek. “Just apologize soon, for whatever you did.”

“Not too soon!” Jane suddenly yelled from the table. “Dishes were supposed to be my job this week, so let Mom be pissed at you for as long as you want!”

Tara punched her sister in the arm, but Gloria was chuckling at the exchange, and with everything normal the grandmother headed upstairs towards her room. Connie felt herself relax, nearly on the edge of a panic attack after that close call. The crisis was averted, at least for now. She’d need to hypnotize Gloria soon and convince her that there was no reason at all to question her family about being hypnotized. Not to mention having Michelle’s suddenly cold demeanor to deal with, and a week’s worth of doing dishes too. She was safe from being evicted at least, which made all her other problems seem more manageable.

Connie’s first instinct was to immediately head after Michelle and find out what was going on. Except there was a chance that Michelle was still upset with her and Connie was terrified about confrontation, so instead Connie stacked up the dirty plates and cups from breakfast and got to work cleaning them in the sink. Scrubbing sticky syrup off of everything was hardly what she’d call fun, but it beat risking an argument with Michelle. Plus, if Connie showed her that she did the dishes in good faith, then maybe Michelle would go lenient on her. If she actually was angry at Connie, of course, which Connie didn’t know. But she might be, and so Connie kept cleaning.

Soon Jane left and shut herself up in her room, like she normally did on weekends, and Gloria went out to go see her new friends. Connie made sure to keep careful track of Gloria’s schedule, since there was no doubt that the former hypnotist was Connie’s biggest obstacle to getting alone time with the girls. Although, when you happened to know a trigger to put that former hypnotist into an obedient trance, it was easy to encourage them to get out of the house more. The past few weeks Gloria had seemed to pick up a number of hobbies. Knitting. Book clubs. Card games. Bowling. Outdoor hiking. She’d even taken over a local acting class to give tips to aspiring young actresses.

Connie might have felt a little guilty about manipulating Gloria to be away so much, except honestly the sweet old woman really did seem to be enjoying herself. So long as Gloria was having fun with her new interests, then Connie supposed it all worked out for the best.

Connie was just thinking that all she had to do now to get some alone time with Michelle was to figure out how to get Tara out of the house when Tara happened to pop into the kitchen.

“Oh, hey Tara. I was just thinking about you.” Connie stepped away from the sink, her hands dripping with soapy suds.

“All good things I hope.”

“Nope, they were pretty awful,” Connie joked. She wiped some sweat off her forehead with the back of her wrist, but as she did a big blob of soapy bubbles fell and planted itself on Connie’s nose. Tara immediately burst into laughter and Connie blushed, her heart racing like it always did whenever she made Tara give that adorable laugh.

Tara stepped up and delicately wiped the bubbles off of Connie’s nose. “There, much better.”

“Really? I thought it was an improvement.”

“If you insist,” Tara shot back, and moved to wipe the bubbles back onto Connie’s face. Connie shrieked and back away, laughing. Joking around with Tara like this felt like old times, and Connie realized how badly she missed it. There had always been that dark cloud hanging over her, of the love that she was too afraid to admit, but sometimes Connie forgot just how lucky she was to have Tara as a friend.

“So what’s up, Tara?”

“I just wanted to let you know I was going out to see Nadia for a while.”

Connie felt a pang of jealousy hit her, but she quickly smothered it. With a smile she said, “I hope you two have fun. I’m gonna try to focus on catching up on homework.”

Tara nodded approvingly. She may not have been the stereotypical jock, but homework was an admittedly pretty low priority for Tara. Which meant if she was worried about Connie’s grades then it really was time to be serious.

Tara moved to go, but then turned back. “Hey, do you want any help with the dishes?”

“I’m almost done. It’s fine.”

Connie noticed that Tara was nervously grinding one foot against the floor as she gave her a weird look. “Are you sure? I don’t mind helping you out.”

Connie let out a loud sigh. “Are you still feeling guilty about dating Nadia?”

“No!” Tara exclaimed. Then she blushed and looked away. “Maybe. I don’t know.”

When Connie had taken Tara into the dream, she had been so adamant about how happy she was with Nadia. There was no question about how much she liked her. Except now every time her girlfriend came up Tara would get quiet and seem conflicted about it. It had been confusing at first, but it didn’t take long for Connie to figure out the truth: Tara still had the hypnotic need to make Connie happy. Maybe it wasn’t just Gloria’s command to make Connie’s happiness a priority, but also Tara’s steadfast loyalty, which was one of her best features.

Whatever the reason, Connie recognized that it was a weak point in Tara’s relationship. That if she nudged Tara just right and worked off her guilt, it would be easy to make Tara want to break up with her girlfriend and choose to date her best friend instead. The plan had formed in Connie’s head instantly, and she immediately hated herself for it.

There were a lot of questionable things Connie was doing to Tara and her family to get her way, but Connie had done her best to make it about their happiness. If there was a way that the girls could live a happy life as her obedient slaves, then Connie was more than happy to help them discover it. One line she didn’t want to cross, though, was doing something to cause them pain if it meant that she could selfishly use it to her advantage.

Connie still loved Tara, and that’s why she didn’t ever want to break her heart. Even if it meant letting her go.

And so she confidently marched up to Tara and, with her soapy hands on her hips, glared at her best friend. “For the last time, I’m happy for you. Honestly.”

“But… I know how you feel,” Tara said, sounding helpless. “How you really feel. That you—”

“I know,” Connie cut her off. “That shouldn’t change anything for you though. You’re happy, so don’t waste your time feeling guilty. I’ll be fine, believe me.”

Tara opened her mouth to say something, then stopped. She closed her eyes, let out her breath, then smiled. “Okay. Okay I get it. I’ll stop over thinking this so much.”

Connie nodded, grinning. “Now you get out of here and go have fun with your girlfriend,” Connie said, shooing her away and flicking soapy bubbles into the air at her. Tara giggled and ducked away from them.

“I’m going already!”

Connie grinned at her. It hurt, she couldn’t deny that. But it was a gentle hurting for what she couldn’t have. And overshadowing that was a sense of pride. That she really was happy for Tara. That she really did want Tara to be happy. That she wasn’t a monster who would do anything to take what she desired, which was a silent fear that had been plaguing Connie ever since she moved in with the Silva’s.

Even after how far Connie had come with hypnosis, things were still the same. She still couldn’t have Tara, no matter how much she wanted her. But that was okay, now. She had definitely gotten stronger from who she used to be, and Connie knew that was important.

Tara seemed to sense that strength in Connie as well, because the guilt finally left her face and Tara gave a genuine smile. “Thanks, Connie. For being my best friend.” Then she gave a sly smile. “You know, there are a lot more girls in school that are into girls, too. Nadia said she knew some cute single ladies if you’re interested.”

“Thanks,” Connie said with a strained smile. Okay, maybe she wasn’t quite strong enough for her crush to try and hook her up with other girls, but that just meant she was a work in progress. “Don’t worry, though, there’s already someone I’ve got my eye on.”

“Then they’re a lucky woman.”

“Who’s a lucky woman?” Michelle asked, making Tara and Connie jump in surprise. Michelle was leaning against the doorway, dressed in a gray suit jacket with a matching skirt and giving them a curious look.

Connie saw Tara freeze up and blush deeply. She still hadn’t told her mom about her girlfriend and was no doubt wondering how much she’d heard. Tara clearly didn’t know if her mom would be able to accept her daughter as a lesbian. Connie couldn’t help but smile at that. If only she knew what Michelle was getting up to lately.

“Uh, just someone Connie has a crush on,” Tara quickly answered, flashing an apologetic smile as she threw Connie under the bus. Then Tara suddenly bolted out of the kitchen and past her mom. “I gotta go, bye Mom, love you!”

Michelle blinked and watched her daughter flee from the house. As the front door slammed shut Michelle raised an eyebrow at Connie, who could only shrug in return. “She sure left here in a hurry,” the older woman said, keeping her tone neutral.

It was impossible for Connie to tell if Michelle was still angry or not, so she decided to play it cool. “Yeah, she has…”

A date, is what Connie was going to say, but stopped herself at the last second. Tara would have to tell her mom she was dating someone eventually, except that was her conversation to have, not Connie’s.

“… To go see some girls from Gymnastics,” Connie finished.

Michelle pursed her lips. She’d caught the obvious pause, but didn’t say anything. She was still leaning against the doorway, arms folded, her face an impassive mask. Connie wrung her hands, forgetting that they were still covered in soap suds. She just wanted to know if Michelle was angry with her. If Michelle remembered anything that she wasn’t supposed to from the trance. There was no way for her to casually ask that, though, so Connie decided the safest bet was to turn around and finish cleaning the dishes. She’d nearly finished, after all.

Footsteps, as Michelle walked up and leaned over the kitchen counter beside the sink. She watched Connie soaking and wiping off the last few dishes without saying a word, her face remaining neutral.

Connie felt her heart racing the entire time, wondering if there was an axe above her head ready to crash down at any second. Just how badly was she in trouble if Michelle wasn’t talking to her?

“So,” Michelle suddenly said. She let the word hang there, not saying anything else.

“So,” Connie replied, unable to come up with anything better.

A smile cracked on Michelle’s face, and Connie felt herself relax a little at that. Smiling was a good sign. Right?

Michelle silently plucked one of the plates that Connie had just cleaned and helped to wipe it off with a red rag. When it was dry she stacked it with the others. “So there’s someone you have a crush on?”

The abrupt question caught Connie off guard. She looked over, but Michelle had a playful smile on her face.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Is she cute?”

“She’s incredibly cute,” Connie answered, blushing as Michelle plucked up another plate and began to dry it. “But I think she’s angry at me.”

Michelle looked over at her, confused. “Why would I—” She coughed. “Why do you think your crush is angry with you?”

Connie rolled her eyes. “Because she yelled at me at breakfast, and made me do the dishes without explaining why.”

“That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s angry with you.”

“Doesn’t it?” Connie asked, annoyed now. “I don’t have a lot of experience with women, but usually when they suddenly yell at you it means somethings wrong.”

“There’s nothing wrong, I just—” Michelle sighed, and turned to face her. “I’m sorry about that. I promise I’m not angry with you.”

“Well I had no way to know that,” Connie muttered and stared into the sink. She’d been cleaning the same cup for almost a minute now. So she kept right on cleaning it. “I thought I did something wrong last night and upset you.”

“Of course not! I loved everything we did.” Connie heard the urgency in her voice, and from Michelle’s distressed expression she seemed to be telling the truth. “I’m so sorry I made you feel that way.”

“So you’re really not upset about last night?”

“No, why would I be? Everything you hypnotized me to do had been a blast. What could have made me upset?”

Connie felt the tension in her chest finally release. Good, Michelle didn’t remember the dream. “I don’t know, but I figured something was up for you to scold me like that out of nowhere. Jane kept picking on me that I’d done something to piss you off.”

“I apologize for how I acted at breakfast,” Michelle said, her head bowed. “I was just trying to, I don’t know, act more stern. Or something.”

Connie tilted her head. “Why would you want that?”

“It’s a little embarrassing. I just had some fun dreams last night where… Never mind,” Michelle said hastily. “But the whole time I was sitting across from you at breakfast I was a bit of a horny mess. I mean, do you know what it’s like to be that turned on with your family around and having to hide it?”

The idea of Michelle being horny for her was certainly a fun one, but Connie didn’t have time to focus on it. “What fun dreams did you have about me?”

Michelle blushed, luckily missing the hint of anxiety that had been in Connie’s question. “It’s not important. I mean, they’re embarrassing and…” She seemed to stop and collect herself. Michelle stared Connie in the eyes and said, “I had a dream where you were my sex slave, and you had to do everything I said.”

Connie gulped. It had always taken a little effort to get Michelle to open up about her desires, even in trance. Why did she have to pick now to be more open about her turn ons?

“Oh, that sounds… fun,” she answered with a strained smile. She tried to sound calm about it, but Michelle immediately stepped in closer, grinning.

“Doesn’t it? I’d never thought about doing anything that naughty with someone before,” Michelle gushed.

The last thing Connie wanted was to be the slave in the relationship, and yet Connie knew this was still a good step. Michelle being more vocal about her desires was a positive thing, especially when it was getting into the kinkier stuff that Connie wanted to explore. So she couldn’t afford to slam the door in Michelle’s face and risk her repressing her desires again, but Connie would definitely have to redirect who was supposed to be in control.

So Connie decided to play along, cautiously. Not to encourage her to be dominant, but just to keep the conversation open for another time, when they can discuss who’d really be in charge. “I’ve definitely had some fantasies about BDSM before, although I never really thought of myself as the submissive type.”

“I never really thought of trying to be dominant, but you’re inspiring me to explore all sorts of new things.” Michelle batted her eyes at Connie and wrapped a hand around her waist. “Who knows, maybe you’d enjoy having me in charge.”

Connie laughed nervously as Michelle slipped close to her, smiling seductively. Her perfume was intoxicating, and she did look sexy in her business suit, but Connie knew that Michelle had the wrong fantasy in mind. “Y-yeah. Or! Or, maybe, I could be the Mistress.”

Michelle giggled, her shoulders shaking. “Oh, Connie, you as a Mistress. That really is hilarious.”

Now Connie scowled, her pride refusing to take that sitting down. “And what’s so funny about me being in charge? After all, I’ve been hypnotizing you all week, and you’ve been loving that.”

“You’re a lovely hypnotist,” Michelle conceded, before giving her an amused look. “But that doesn’t change things. You just can’t be in charge in bed. You’re… you.”

Connie growled. And what exactly was wrong with being her?

She’d assumed that Michelle’s hangup last night was about being the slave, and that’s why she couldn’t go through with it. Although now it was sounding more like Michelle didn’t take her seriously as a Mistress. Whatever reservations she had about changing the women she loved too much, Connie still had her pride. And she wasn’t going to accept that from her future slave.

“Show me your panties,” Connie suddenly said, staring defiantly back at Michelle’s confident expression. Michelle took a step back, looking surprised and a little confused, but that didn’t stop her hands from grabbing the edge of her skirt and lifting it straight up. Michelle exposed her underwear, and though it was a relatively boring pair of panties, the deep embarrassed blush on Michelle’s face was exactly what Connie wanted to see.

Michelle stood there with her skirt hiked up to her hips, looking at a loss for what to do next. Then she shuddered and grinned. “Mhm, I forgot about that one. You put that command in last night.”

“That’s right,” Connie said, folding her arms triumphantly. “You’ve got to flash me your panties anytime I ask, anywhere I ask.”

It wasn’t strictly true, since Michelle’s natural limits would kick in to stop her from, say, flashing everyone else on the street, but it sounded like a more threatening power move when Connie left that part out.

After a few more seconds Michelle seemed to be able to roll her skirt back down. Except the embarrassment was gone, and now Michelle just seemed to be shaking her head and laughing to herself. “It’s definitely a fun little trick, but you know that’s not enough to make someone a sex slave.”

Connie fumed. “I know that! But it shows that I’ve already got control over you.” Michelle gave her an almost pitying smile, and it drove Connie mad. “What’s so crazy about me expanding that control to make you my slave? Huh?”

“So you want to make me your sex slave?” Michelle asked, with the same amused tone as if Connie had been a girl asking for a pony for her birthday.

“Yes!” Connie yelled, stamping her foot. “I want you to be my sex slave! I wanna see you kneeling and worshipping me! I wanna make you my obedient little plaything and WHAT IS SO DAMN FUNNY ABOUT THAT?”

Michelle was laughing through her whole speech. “I’m sorry, it’s just adorable. I’m sure there’s some lucky young women out there who you could turn into your sex slaves.”

‘Like your daughters,’ Connie almost snapped, but knew that would be a colossal mistake.

“But I just can’t be yours like that,” Michelle apologized. “It’s impossible to think of you as my Mistress.”

Gritting her teeth, Connie knew it would be best to keep her mouth shut. She could work on Michelle’s subconscious, locate whatever it was that disqualified herself in Michelle’s mind as a Mistress and remove it, but if she ran her mouth and made Michelle mad then Connie would never get the chance to keep working on her.

Her best choice now was to just grin and bear it. Instead, she said, “And you think you’re qualified to be my Mistress?”

Michelle blushed, biting her lower lip. “Maybe. If I had it in me.”

“So you think I should just roll over and be submissive for you when you won’t do it for me?”

“I suppose you have a point.” Michelle rubbed her chin in thought, then a wicked smile grew on her face. “I suppose we’ll just have to give it a try.” She leaned in towards Connie, puffed up her chest, and in a husky, sexy voice said, “Show me your panties, Connie.”

Connie bristled at the indignity of it, although she couldn’t stop herself from staring at Michelle’s large tits. Her pale blouse was straining to contain them and it was an admittedly amazing view.

“Why would I do that?” Connie asked, folding her arms over her chest and pouting. “I’ve never been hypnotized.”

“You don’t have to be hypnotized to show me your panties,” Michelle countered. She kept that same husky voice as she spoke. It was clear she was doing her best to sound sexy and seductive- and it was working. Not that Connie would do it, but she was definitely getting wet from hearing Michelle using such a breathy tone with her.

“That still doesn’t mean I’ll do it. For one thing, I’m not in a skirt like you.” Connie waved a hand down at her worn out jeans. “Do you expect me to just drop my pants in the kitchen for you?”


There was something in Michelle’s eyes, a hunger that Connie had never seen before. No, that wasn’t true. She’d seen it the night before, when Michelle had acted as if Connie belonged to her.

“Well I’m not doing it,” Connie said firmly, ignoring how her body was heating up. God, seeing Michelle acting sexy was such a treat, but why was she only using it to try and act dominant? If Michelle was dropping to her knees and offering herself up to her Mistress then this would be the greatest thing ever.

Michelle pouted, and Connie thought she’d finally gotten through to her. But then Michelle suddenly pressed closer, putting a hand down on either side of Connie and pinning her against the counter. They were nose to nose now, with Michelle staring deep into her eyes.

“You’re just being stubborn,” Michelle cooed, pressing even closer and rubbing her tits against Connie’s chest. “If you understand why you should do it, you’d have your pants off for me in a second.”

“And what’s my motivation then?”

Michelle nestled herself against Connie’s neck, whispering into her ear, “If you were flashing me your panties, it’d be so much easier for me to reach your pussy.”

Connie’s breath caught in her throat.

“Y-yeah right,” Connie muttered. She was doing her best to ignore how amazing it felt to have Michelle grinding up against her. Michelle didn’t really want her, though, at least not here and now. They had their promise to keep, so Connie knew this wasn’t going to escalate any further. It was just a blatant tease to get her to give in. An extremely tempting tease, but one that she’d never go through on.

Just as Connie was thinking that, Michelle’s hand suddenly slipped down the front of Connie’s jeans and cupped her mound.

Connie made a shocked sound and her body tried to jump away, but Michelle kept her pinned in place. Her fingers pressed against Connie’s cunt, sliding back and forth across the fabric of her panties.

“Mhm, you’re already this wet for me,” Michelle chuckled.

Connie shivered. She wanted to give some kind of excuse, but with Michelle suddenly feeling her up she knew that if she opened her mouth she’d only be able to moan with need.

“See? Doesn’t this feel so good?” Michelle asked, pressing her fingers up and searching for Connie’s clit.

“Ahh!” Connie yelped, her legs shaking as Michelle found it. She was panting, gripping the counter tight as Michelle continued to tease her. “Wh-what about our promise?”

“What about it?”

“We said we’d- ahh, that we’d wait.” Connie was doing her best to keep herself together, but Michelle was being relentless now.

“That’s right, we did promise. But I reserved the right to break the promise if I really wanted to play with you. I just didn’t mention that part.” Michelle grinned, clearly enjoying the way that Connie was writhing against her fingers.

“That’s cheating,” Connie whined.

Michelle just laughed innocently. “Then call a lawyer.”

Connie groaned, realizing that this wasn’t good. She was getting wetter by the second, and it was getting hard to stop herself from just humping Michelle’s hand in order to get more. She’d never expected anything like this from Michelle. This wouldn’t be enough to make her give in, though. Connie wasn’t going to give up her dignity and her chance to be in charge just because Michelle was rubbing her clit, or breathing hard on her neck in a way that sent shivers down her spine, or had her huge tits pressed up tight against Connie’s chest. No, Connie wouldn’t give in.

“Will you flash me your panties now?”

She opened her eyes defiantly up at Michelle. “No.”

Connie wanted to see Michelle’s confident mask break. For her to realize who she was up against, and to submit to Connie’s stronger will. Instead, Michelle just shrugged as if it was nothing.

“If you say so.” With that she pulled her fingers away from Connie’s dripping cunt… but kept them resting just an inch or so away. Michelle kept her penned in against the counter, a hand down Connie’s pants, but didn’t make any sign of moving away.

“I said I won’t do it,” Connie said, squirming as her thighs rubbed together, desperate for more friction.

Michelle cocked her head. “I heard you.”

“Th-then let me go.”

Michelle looked up to the ceiling, like she was thinking about it, and as she did her tits pressed harder against Connie’s chest, pinning her in such a wonderful way. “Hmm, no, I won’t.”

“But you said—”

“I said if you flashed your panties, then I might finger you. I never said anything about not teasing you anymore.”

Michelle’s fingers started sliding back and forth against the waistband of Connie’s panties. The teasing motion made the damp fabric rub against Connie’s clit, which was begging to be touched.

Connie closed her eyes, struggling to hold on. She was so fucking horny, and Michelle was practically throwing herself on top of her. She wanted to be fingered by her… not in a few months, but right now! Connie wanted that so badly, but not if she had to be the slave. She wouldn’t give up her dignity for that.

“Don’t you want to feel my fingers inside you?” Michelle asked, then quietly began to kiss at the side of Connie’s neck.

Connie shivered happily with each kiss. “I do…”

“You could have it right now.”

“Not if… I’m a slave…”

Michelle giggled, kissing at the place where Connie’s chin met her neck. “I never said you’d be my slave, silly. Just that I wanted you to drop your pants so I could finger you.”

Connie wriggled, unable to help herself. Her hips lifted up and for one glorious second she felt one of Michelle’s fingers sliding against her clit. But then Michelle moved her fingers higher and Connie whined.

“You’d still be… in charge,” Connie panted.

“And why is that a bad thing? Doesn’t this feel wonderful?” Michelle used her hand (the one that wasn’t teasing Connie’s pussy) to tilt Connie’s head back, forcing her to stare at the ceiling. Connie was too worked up to fight, and she let out a needy moan as Michelle began to kiss the crook of her neck. “I want you. And you want me. I don’t have to be in charge for that,” Michelle licked her playfully, “But I want to be. I like feeling you trembling like this. Like you’re mine.”

“Th-then let me do this to you.”

Michelle stopped. She had her lips pursed against Connie’s throat, listening.

“Let me kiss you. And tease you. I could make you feel so wonderful if you were under my control. You know I can, Michelle.”

Connie felt Michelle’s lips smiling against her. “That would be wonderful,” she said to Connie’s relief. “But it just can’t happen.”

Before Connie could object, Michelle slid her fingers down and circled them against her clit. Connie cried out in pleasure. This time Michelle wasn’t slow or teasing. Her fingers worked with purpose, grinding against Connie’s clit and sliding over the outline of her pussy lips. Her panties were soaked through, and Connie wanted nothing more than to feel Michelle’s fingers slip inside of her.

“Let’s focus on what we can do,” Michelle said, that deep, husky tone back in her voice. “I can tease you like this. Whenever you want. How does it feel, Connie?”

This time, Connie knew she couldn’t lie. “Amazing.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Yes, what?”

Connie opened her eyes in alarm. Her thighs squeezed against Michelle’s hand as she looked up at Michelle. Did she really want her to call her Mistress? Connie didn’t want to be submissive, but if it meant being able to be with Michelle sooner…

Was that a price she could pay?

Michelle grinned down at her as she saw Connie hesitating. “Say ‘Yes, please.’”

Connie almost laughed. That was all she wanted? For Connie to ask politely?

Except Connie knew it wasn’t that simple. If she asked for more, she’d be putting herself underneath Michelle. It wouldn’t leave her in the same hypnotized state as the others, but it would still be submitting to Michelle’s will. The power dynamic between them would change in a way that Connie might never be able to overturn.

Connie felt her mouth opening to answer, not even certain of what she was going to say, when she suddenly came. The orgasm crashed over her so fast that Connie didn’t have time to stop herself from buckling at the knees. Michelle caught her, and thankfully no one else was around to hear Connie panting frantically as waves of ecstasy hit her. As she came, Michelle suddenly kissed her. The kiss had the same, overwhelming urgency that the orgasm did, and Connie melted into them both.

By the time she recovered, Michelle had already taken her hand out of Connie’s pants and let her go. With her legs feeling like weak rubber, Connie had to cling desperately to the counter to keep standing. Michelle was backing away, watching her with a wide smile. She began to lick her fingers clean, savoring Connie’s taste, and Connie felt her clit throbbing at the simple fact that Michelle was enjoying the taste of her pussy.

“I didn’t expect you to cum so quickly,” Michelle teased, giggling. Connie was grateful that she was back to sounding like her usual self. She didn’t think she could handle any more teasing after that. Michelle sucked on her finger for a moment, then popped it out and said, “That was definitely fun though.”

Connie blushed deeply. Here she was, supposed to be the dominant lesbian who’d make the family bow to her, and she’d let herself cum just from a little teasing. Even with the shame that Michelle had made her feel so weak, Connie couldn’t deny that it had been wonderful at the same time. She’d never felt someone wanting her so much before. Connie still didn’t enjoy the thought of being a slave, but the fact that Michelle wanted her in that way… it was a kind of desire that Connie had never experienced before.

Michelle’s eyes flicked over to the clock and she suddenly went rigid. “Shit, I gotta run to work. But I hope we can do this again some time. You sound really cute when you cum.”

Connie stared at the floor, her face bright red. “Thanks,” was all she could manage to say.

Heels clicking with each step, Michelle was nearly out of the kitchen when she turned and grinned at Connie. “And now you know just the kind of fun we can have if you do what I want. So next time I ask you to show your panties, I hope you’ll be a good girl and do it.”

And with that she was gone, leaving Connie hanging off the kitchen counter with her panties soaked and her breath ragged. Connie struggled to stand up and adjust herself, trying to recover. This morning had been full of way too many surprises. She’d been confused after the dream trigger failed to give her what she wanted last night, but now it was clear to Connie that she was in for trouble if she didn’t do something soon. By taking stock of herself, Connie focused on what her immediate problems were.

One, that Michelle was extremely hot when she was being seductive, and was actually pretty good at being dominant.

Two, that she got way too turned on around Michelle, and that was going to cause her more problems.

And three, that she needed to figure out just what the hell had gone wrong with the dream trigger.

At least she had a solution for the last one. Tara and Michelle were gone, but Connie had one more test subject to experiment with.