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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 24

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 6

Here it was, Connie’s worst nightmare realized. She stood transfixed in the doorway as Gloria sternly regarded her from her high backed chair, while Michelle sat in a comfortably deep trance, oblivious to the fact that she’d just revealed that Connie has been hypnotizing her. Gloria finally knew the truth. Now Connie was trapped with Gloria and the entranced Michelle, and she didn’t have a clue what to say in her defense.

So the first thing she said was, “I can explain.”

“Connie, sink into trance for me,” Gloria commanded. For a split second Connie, so thrown off balance by her fear of being discovered, actually felt her mind sinking. Luckily she managed to snap out of it and stay awake.

She stood there with the same terrified expression, and yet Gloria offered a satisfied smile. At least Connie had managed to set up some conditioning that could help her. Gloria believed that Connie was under her hypnotic control, just like Michelle was, and that conditioning now told her that Connie appeared emotionless and relaxed, as if she were deep in trance. She would even hear whatever Connie said coming out in a monotone and obedient voice.

“Good girl. Now shut the door and join us.”

Connie waited until she was shutting the door behind her to let out a panicked breath, hoping Gloria wouldn’t overhear. Thank god she’d given Gloria this suggestion. Back then Connie had made the conditioning just so that she wouldn’t have to act entranced every time, but now it might be the only thing keeping Connie safe.

If she’d really been hypnotized then Connie would have revealed all her manipulative plans for the family. It would mean getting kicked out of the house, and probably having Gloria erase all of her memories too. That thought made Connie’s pulse race. If that happened thens he wouldn’t believe that any of these past wonderful weeks had even happened. All of her accomplishments would once again become nothing more than unreachable fantasies.

As horrible as being caught like this was, luck was actually on Connie’s side. Since Gloria thought that Connie was in trance, then she’d believe that whatever Connie said was her telling the truth. As long as she didn’t contradict anything Michelle had already told Gloria, but there was no way for Connie to know how much Gloria had uncovered. Connie didn’t have a clue how she would pull this off, but she had to find a way or all of her plans would end right here.

And so Connie sat down in a chair beside Gloria, doing her best to keep her cool. She could do this. She had to, or she’d lose her dream harem forever.

“Now, Connie, I already know the truth, but you’ve been hypnotizing Michelle, yes?”

There was no use denying it at this point. Since that ship had already sailed off into the distance, Connie gulped and said, “I have.”

“Why have you been hypnotizing Michelle?”

Getting right into it, Connie thought sourly. She shifted in her chair, wondering what the best lie would be to placate the grandmother. She saw Gloria’s brow crease, her lips tighten, and Connie realized that her entranced self should have answered immediately. Although Connie knew by now that sometimes Jane and Michelle hesitated in trance, that usually led to them needing to be put deeper.

Gloria began to toy with the green crystal necklace in her hand, and Connie went pale. She wasn’t really in trance, so Connie figured she could fight it if Gloria attempted to put her deeper in trance. Except Gloria had been a hypnotist for decades, and Connie wasn’t eager to discover what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that crystal.

Before Gloria had a chance to raise that sparkling crystal out before her, Connie bit the bullet and admitted, “I find it hot.”

Gloria seemed to buy it, and let her hand rest back in her lap. But she kept the necklace out, the crystal waiting there between her fingers. “So you were doing this as a sex thing to get yourself off?”

“No,” Connie answered, getting an idea.

“You just said you found it sexy.”

“I do. Hypnotizing Michelle is hot, but the reason I do it is because I enjoy feeling powerful. Confident. Like I thought you felt when you hypnotized people.”

That caught Gloria off guard. The old woman sputtered and said, “Like me?”

“Yes. Like when you hypnotized Jane for me.” Had to put Gloria on the defensive, keep her off balance instead. “I was amazed when you made Jane dance for me. And then you made her eat me out. I’d never seen anything so amazing in my life.”

She saw Gloria shifting uncomfortably, and Connie smiled. Good. She wanted to remind Gloria that she was the one to encourage Connie in the first place. Of course Connie had also entranced Gloria to want to help her, but it was Gloria’s fault that ordering her granddaughter to go down on Connie was still within her limits.

Besides, Connie wasn’t lying. Witnessing what Gloria was capable of really had been amazing.

Perhaps wanting to turn things back onto Connie, Gloria asked, “So you began hypnotizing my daughter into wanting to fuck you so that you could be like me?”

Connie gulped. “No. I hypnotized her so that I could feel powerful like you. Wanting to have sex with her is something we decided outside of hypnosis.”

The necklace rattled as Gloria’s hand clenched into a fist. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not,” Connie replied, struggling to keep her voice calm. “Just ask Michelle.”

Connie glanced over at Michelle, praying that the hypnotized woman would come through with her. If only there was some way to communicate with her without Gloria noticing, but Michelle was too deep in a trance to respond to anything but Gloria’s voice.

Gloria turned her chair to interrogate Michelle now, and Connie watched with growing dread. “Michelle, when Connie first came to live with us did you want to have sex with her?”

“No,” Michelle answered promptly.

A reassured smile settled on Gloria’s face. “And now you want to have sex with Connie?”

“Yes, very badly.”

Gloria’s face soured at that, but she seemed as if she’d made up her mind already. Connie was guilty of using hypnosis to seduce Michelle, and she’d pay the consequences for it. Gloria asked her last question. “Tell me exactly what made you change your mind about having sex with her.”

Connie shrank in her chair, praying that the conditioning she put in Gloria’s head would stop her from seeing the fear overtaking her. Connie shut her eyes, knowing that this was really the end. Michelle would admit to the brainwashing and then Gloria would hypnotize Connie for real, to wipe her memory of all of this.

Michelle answered, “I got to know Connie better and decided I was attracted to her.”

Both Connie and Gloria snapped their head’s back to Michelle in shock.


“I got to know Connie better,” Michelle repeated, her voice a steady monotone as she spoke. “I found myself really enjoying the time we spent together. At first I couldn’t imagine desiring someone Tara’s age, but when I opened myself to the possibility I found Connie incredibly cute and sexy. Now that I know Connie is interested in me as well I want to have sex with her.”

The smile on Connie’s face could have lit up the room. Despite all the fun she’d had these last few weeks there was always the guilt gnawing at Connie’s heart over how she was manipulating Michelle and her daughters. She’d truly expected Michelle to admit that she only wanted Connie because of the hypnosis. To hear that Michelle genuinely wanted her was something that Connie had never known she needed.

Gloria sat up straighter in her imposing chair, clearly caught off guard. “And what about Connie hypnotizing you?”

“I find it incredibly hot. I can’t wait for Connie to hypnotize me more.”

The older woman still seemed rattled, but she seemed to latch onto that. Gloria turned back to Connie.

“Connie, you’ve been addicting Michelle to hypnosis so you could keep putting her under your power. Admit that you’ve been manipulating her feelings about it.”

The truth was that there were a lot of things Connie felt guilty about changing in Michelle. Making her focus on lesbian fantasies, making her want to experiment with her fetishes more, trying to make the entire family more accepting of sex and nudity around each other.

But on hypnosis? That was the one thing Connie felt safe on, and she let Gloria know it with a confident answer.

“No. Michelle has been obsessed with hypnosis her whole life. When I told her about my interest in it she was overjoyed, and we’ve been experimenting with hypnosis ever since.”

Connie flinched back as Gloria jumped up to her feet, fury in her eyes. “You expect me to believe that my daughter has always had a fetish for hypnosis?”

“Yes. It’s the truth.”

Gloria scoffed. “I think I’d know if my own daughter wanted that.”

Connie wasn’t certain if she’d reply if she were really in a trance, but she had to chance it. This was her only way out of this mess. “Have you ever asked her?”

That caught Gloria by surprise, and Connie was afraid she’d given herself away.

“Well… I haven’t. But I wouldn’t need to. There’s no way that she’s—” Gloria suddenly cut herself off, and shook her head. She turned to Michelle and, as if it was ridiculous and unnecessary, hastily asked, “Michelle, before Connie came to live with us, did you have a fetish for hypnosis?”

And just as Connie knew she would, Michelle blushed and responded, “Yes.”

Seeing the astonished look on Gloria’s face almost made it worth being on trial.

“You… you wanted to be hypnotized?”

“More than anything. I was so happy when Connie actually hypnotized me for the first time. It was everything I wanted.”

Gloria collapsed back into her chair. She looked so absolutely dazed by what she’d heard that it almost appeared like she’d fallen into a trance too. The only reason Connie knew she was awake was because Gloria was twisting the necklace through her fingers faster than ever now.

After a long silence, Gloria asked, “Michelle, how long have you been interested in being hypnotized?”

“Since I was a little girl. Dad told me that you used to perform hypnosis in big shows, and I was fascinated by it.” Michelle’s empty expression broke into a gentle smile. “I wanted to know what it was like to be hypnotized. It seemed so cool. I was always afraid to go through with it, though.”

“Why?” Gloria asked in a hushed voice. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”

“By the time I was a teenager I started having dirty fantasies about hypnosis, about being powerless to my lover as they fucked me and made me obey. I couldn’t tell you I was curious about hypnosis in case you asked me why. You would think I was dirty.”

Gloria sat there in stunned silence. Connie felt trapped in the room, wanting to say something to help but knowing it would be best if she didn’t intervene.

“So you’ve always been turned on by hypnosis?”


“And when Connie hypnotized you it made you want to sleep with her, because of those fantasies?”

Michelle shook her head. “I’d decided I wanted to sleep with Connie before she asked to hypnotize me. But when she did ask I was overjoyed. It felt like fate.”

Gloria opened her mouth to ask something, and promptly shut it. The old woman seemed so completely lost now. Connie felt like she understood at least. Gloria had been absolutely certain that Connie was taking advantage of Michelle, but know she’d just heard from Michelle herself that it was all consensual. Connie had certainly stacked things in her favor, but it was still rewarding to hear that Michelle felt it was her own choice.

Connie just hoped that Gloria would let her go, satisfied that Michelle wasn’t being brainwashed. She’d have to come to grips with what her daughter wanted, but at least Connie would be off the hook. And once Gloria’s guard was down Connie could use her trigger and convince Gloria to no longer be suspicious of her.

Which is when Gloria suddenly looked up, a hurt look in her eyes. “Michelle, Connie has been hypnotizing Jane as well. How does that make you feel?”

Michelle’s relaxed body suddenly shivered and sat up straighter. “Connie hypnotized Jane?”

Connie’s jaw dropped. When had Gloria found out about that?

“Connie’s been sleeping with Jane as well,” Gloria added. She threw Connie a scowl, making it clear that this was personal. It didn’t matter that Michelle loved being hypnotized and genuinely wanted Connie; in her book, Gloria was convinced that Connie shouldn’t be with her daughter, and so she’d sabotage their relationship anyway, like an upset kid flipping over the game board when she lost. “How does it feel, knowing that Connie has been doing those things with Jane?”

Connie gripped her chair tight, wanting to cut in and defend herself but it was useless. She’d only give herself away to Gloria, and even then it wasn’t like that would help. Michelle was always protective of her kids, and Connie couldn’t imagine what she’d do if she thought Connie was cheating on her with her own daughter.

While she’d been in a blissful trance this whole time, Michelle’s face was straining now. “I… I don’t want to say.”

“Go ahead,” Gloria goaded. “Imagine Connie having sex with your daughter while she’s been flirting with you. Imagine Connie hypnotizing Jane while she’s been playing with you. How does that make you feel to picture that?”

Connie sat there, helpless except to watch.

Michelle twitched, her eyes shutting tight.

“I think it’s really hot.”

“What?” Connie and Gloria asked in unison.

Gloria shot Connie a look, but seemed to think she’d just imagined that the entranced Connie had said anything.

“Imagining Connie hypnotizing Jane is really hot.”

Gloria shook her head in disbelief. “What could you possibly find hot about Connie cheating on you?”

“I never told Connie we were exclusive,” Michelle answered, face flushed but otherwise back in her deep trance. “She is free to sleep with and hypnotize anyone she wants. And imagining her hypnotizing someone else is really hot for me. I go under so easily for her, but Jane… Jane wouldn’t accept being under someone’s power that easily. If Connie can hypnotize her to obey then she’s… then Connie is really powerful.” Michelle smiled. “I knew Connie was special, and that just proves it.”

Connie was staring in awe too. She was bursting with questions! Michelle thought that her hypnotizing Jane was hot? They were open to see other people? Was that just until their promise to sleep together came true, or did Michelle want to remain open to other people? And her daughter… would Michelle be open to Connie dating Jane as well? Could she… could she be talked into a threesome?

She knew there was no way things could go that easy for her, but Connie just saw so many new possibilities and problems now. But she had to hold her tongue and let Gloria ask her questions first.

“So the fact that Connie wants to sleep with you and Jane doesn’t bother you?”

“Jane’s an amazing girl with a beautiful body. I think it’s great that they’re together, although I’m surprised. I didn’t believe that Connie was Jane’s type.”

Gloria growled impatiently. “I mean aren’t you concerned that Connie wants to fuck you and your daughter?”

“It would be… uncomfortable, if Connie wanted to be with Jane while she was dating me. Mothers and daughters shouldn’t be that close with partners but… if I talked things through with Connie and Jane, I would be open to it.”

Now Connie couldn’t stop picturing her fucking Jane and Michelle, using both girls whenever she wanted. Having two lovers in the same house would be amazing. And if she could break their limits on incest and make them want each other…

Connie shivered with delight. How had this terrifying trial taken such an amazing turn?

“Michelle,” Gloria said in a stern voice, trying to reclaim her authority. “What would you think if you found out Connie had been using hypnosis to manipulate Jane into sleeping with her? That she didn’t really want to, but Connie tricked her into it?”

Instantly Michelle’s smile vanished, and her voice went frigid. “Did Connie hurt my daughter?”

Gloria glared at Connie, then sighed in defeat. “No, she didn’t hypnotize Jane into sleeping with her.”

This at least was the honest truth, and Gloria knew it. Connie had never made Jane do anything sexual she didn’t want to. The closest Jane had ever been to being manipulated like that was when Gloria had ordered her to eat Connie out. Jane had still done it obligingly enough, proving it was without her limits, but it meant that Connie was innocent.

Connie studied Gloria, wondering why she’d even brought something like that up. Was she going to lie to Michelle to break them up? Would Gloria do that?

It seemed that she’d decided against it, at least. Gloria went on to say, “Jane began sleeping with Connie of her own free will. It’s only a physical relationship, and it seems that the hypnosis was merely Connie seeing if she could do it.”

Michelle relaxed back into her trance. “I’m glad. I’d never want Connie to hurt my daughters.”

Connie nodded. Hearing Michelle turned on at the thought of Connie fucking Jane had made Connie’s imagination run wild, but she had to remember that Michelle was a mother first. If Connie ever did do anything to hurt Jane or Tara then there would certainly be hell to pay.

As far as she knew, Connie had never crossed that line. There had certainly been temptations, and yet Connie had always resisted and played things safe. With Gloria holding her on trail like this, Connie was glad that she hadn’t gone all out.

Gloria suddenly turned back to Connie, no doubt searching for something else to convict her of. “Connie, how many times have you hypnotized Jane?”

“Twice,” she answered, deciding to tell the truth.

Gloria raised an eyebrow.

“Tell me what you did with Jane the second time.”

Connie let out her breath slowly, going over her words. Just had to say enough to convince Gloria, but also not reveal anything about the dream trigger. If Gloria checked into that then she’d definitely found out about the sex slave prompts, and that was likely to get her right back into hot water.

“Um. Jane’s vibrator ran out of batteries and I offered to help. I hypnotized her to feel her vibrator turn on at a trigger word, and helped her to cum a few times.”

Connie was blushing, having to say all of this in front of Gloria. Still, there was no choice. Gloria saw Connie as a horny lesbian and she had to fit the bill, as long as she didn’t come off as a predatory horny lesbian.

“And when was this?”

“Just now,” Connie replied nervously. “We were just playing upstairs when I… heard you come home and came to say hi.”

Gloria’s eyes narrowed and took on a hard edge.

“So you were fucking Jane and just decided to leave her to talk to us?”

Connie gulped. “We were at it for over an hour or two, and Jane came so much that she was spent. I decided to let her rest and left.”

Gloria still seemed suspicious about Connie just happening to burst in as she was interviewing Michelle, but just then Michelle suddenly spoke up, taking them by surprise.

“That sounds really amazing,” she said in her sleepy, entranced voice. “Connie, can we do that next time? I want you to make me a special vibrator trigger too.”

“Enough,” Gloria cut in. “Connie won’t be…”

But Gloria trailed off, suddenly looking thoughtful.

“You can ask Connie later. If she ever hypnotizes you again.”

Connie’s heart leapt in her chest. Holy shit! Gloria was actually going to let her go!

Then Gloria gave Connie a stern look and Connie wiped the excitement off her face.

“Connie, what do you want to do with Michelle?”

At the point blank question, Connie hesitated. What did she want?

She wanted Michelle to be her obedient sex slave, along with her daughters, but that had been her fantasies for years.

Now that she really had gotten to know Michelle, Connie had to wonder what she truly wanted.

“I want to date her and sleep with her. I want to keep hypnotizing her and learn to do all sorts of fun things to amaze her. But what I truly want is to make Michelle happy, like she’s made me happy.”

Gloria was studying Connie closely. She pulled the necklace in her hands taut. “And what about your fantasies for my family?”

Panic started to sink in. How much had she told Gloria about what she wanted? Connie couldn’t remember.

Cautiously, Connie answered, “I won’t force anything onto anyone. I want to make Michelle’s fantasies come true and I—” She gulped. “I hope Michelle would be open to some of my fantasies as well.”

It was as close to the truth as Connie could get, but that suspicious gleam didn’t leave Gloria’s face.

“Michelle, has Connie shared any of her fantasies with you while you were in trance?”

“Yes,” Michelle replied immediately. Connie felt a cold chill run down her spine.

“Tell me the most perverted fantasy she’s shared with you.”

Her face utterly serene, Michelle told her mother, “Connie wants us to become Mistress and sex slave.”

Shit, Connie thought as she shut her eyes in defeat. There it was: the smoking gun that Gloria needed.

And as Gloria settled back comfortably in her chair, it was clear she knew that she had all the evidence she needed now. “I see. And did you ever have fantasies about sex slaves and Mistresses before?”


“And has she attempted to use hypnosis to make you indulge in her fantasy.”

“Yes, she has,” Michelle answered, eyes vacant.

Gloria crossed her arms, satisfied now. “So she’s brainwashing you to want to be her sex slave,” she said with a note of finality, a detective accusing the criminal at last.


Gloria’s jaw dropped.

“But you said Connie was hypnotizing you to want to be her sex slave?”

Deep in trance, Michelle suddenly laughed. “That’s impossible,” she replied giggling, before calming back down again. “It’s Connie who will be the sex slave, and I’ll be her Mistress.”

Connie suddenly broke into a huge grin. Not in a hundred years would she have imagined that Michelle’s stubborn resistance to being a slave would end up saving her ass.

Gloria was just staring in astonishment. “Connie? Connie wants to be your slave?”

“Yes, although she enjoys when I have to dominate and break her. Prove that she should submit. I’d never imagined being dominant before, but I love the way Connie looks at me as I take control. Like how she looked at me this morning as I cornered her in the kitchen and fingered her until she came. Watching her give in just makes me feel…” Michelle trembled and let out a delighted moan. “It makes me feel so sexy.”

With her face flushed red Connie tried to look away, hoping Gloria wouldn’t see. Not that she wanted to actually be Michelle’s sex slave, but when a super hot woman is teasing your clit it’s kind of impossible to avoid cumming. Surely she hadn’t been that pathetic this morning, had she?

Gloria’s shoulders slumped in defeat. The poor old woman looked like she couldn’t handle anymore. Not even looking up Gloria just asked, “Is that true, Connie? Do you want to be her sex slave?”

This was it. Her way out. She just had to lie and confirm Michelle’s story and Gloria would let her off the hook completely.

She opened her mouth to answer but hesitated. No, she couldn’t say that. Because even if she wasn’t really in trance, Michelle was listening too. If Michelle heard Connie confirm she wants to be a sex slave then her subconscious will always believe it’s true. Even if Connie did manage to discover whatever mental block it was that stopped Michelle from viewing her as a proper Mistress, Michelle would always deep down believe that Connie wanted to be a slave.

It was a necessity to say she would be a sex slave to get out of this mess, but if she did then Michelle would truly never be her slave.

Perhaps Michelle already believed that, but part of Connie was still holding out hope. Maybe it was time to just accept what she couldn’t change.

“I want- I want to be her sex slave,” Connie forced herself to declare. It was clear she hated what she was saying, but Gloria’s hypnotic conditioning would just register her tone as blank and obedient anyway. And Michelle probably couldn’t detect the lie while entranced like this.

Gloria still seemed shocked to hear this, but at this point the fight had gone out of her. She held up her hands in defeat. “Okay. Alright. Clearly I misinterpreted some things. I suppose if you both truly want this… then I can’t stand in the way of your happiness.”

Connie let out a sigh of relief, although this no longer felt like a victory. She would be able to remain in the house and keeping having fun with the girls, but it felt like she’d given up something precious. Michelle would really never be her slave.

Gloria stood up and slipped her green crystal necklace into her pocket. “Although I still don’t like the idea of Connie using hypnosis. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, so from now on neither of you will play around with hypnosis.”

Connie wanted to protest, but that would break the illusion that she was in trance. Even Michelle stirred, the corner of her mouth twitching, but she kept silent.

“Connie, you are not to hypnotize anyone in the family. I want you to feel your desire to hypnotize them fade, until it vanishes altogether. You can be happy enough with what you’ve done already, your need satisfied. You’ll know it’s too dangerous to hypnotize someone without the proper training, and so you can’t attempt anything more without my permission. Do you understand?”

Connie sat there helplessly in her seat, her face going red. Obviously Gloria’s command didn’t affect her at all, but they represented a clear limit now. It meant that if Gloria ever discovered Connie using hypnosis on anyone then it would be the end of her living in the Silva house. Gloria would know that Connie was never entranced, and at that betrayal Gloria would probably stop accepting her trigger command as well.

Connie had been lucky to make it through this with her work in tact, but now she had an even worse problem to deal with.

Or did she?

“Yes Gloria, I understand.”

Gloria smiled, comforted a little at that, but she still seemed extremely rattled from everything she’d learned. It made sense, considering she’d discovered that Michelle had always had a hypnosis fetish, that Connie had been indulging in it with her, and that now Michelle wanted to be a dominant Mistress. How could anyone not be exhausted after learning all of that about their daughter?

So as Gloria was turning to say something, Connie quietly stood up and whispered in Gloria’s ear, “Nala Lynpul.”

Immediately the weariness on Gloria’s face vanished and she let out a happy sigh as she relaxed. Connie could practically watch as all of Gloria’s cares and concerns were washed away. When her eyes finally glassed over Connie let own nerves unwind. Now she was back in control.

“Gloria, are you deep in trance?”

“Yes Mistress,” Gloria responded, now using the same blank tone that Michelle spoke in. She’d never realized that the mother and daughter sounded so similar in trance.

Now that she was the one in charge, it was time to do away with Gloria’s suspicions. Although Gloria wanted to keep her family safe more than she would obey. Connie had to be careful about this.

“Do you think that I’ve been using hypnosis to change your family?”

“Yes,” Gloria answered immediately. “I do, but I don’t think you’ve done anything bad.” Gloria twitched. “Hypnotizing my family is bad, but Michelle and Jane seem happy to be hypnotized by you. But you shouldn’t hypnotize them. Except… I don’t think you’ve done any damage, so I can’t be angry.”

Connie scratched her head. There was a lot to unpack there, probably since Gloria was still working through her feelings herself. It was clear Connie wasn’t in trouble, but Gloria still wanted a reason to blame Connie.

“Michelle and Jane seem happy with what I’ve done with hypnosis, right?”

“Yes Mistress. But it’s not—”

“And their happiness is all that matters to you. Isn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress. I want my family to be safe and happy.”

“So if Michelle came to you and admitted honestly that she wanted to be hypnotized by me, wouldn’t you encourage her to be happy?”

Gloria stood there in silence, mulling it over.

“No Mistress. I wouldn’t allow that.”

Connie pouted. “But it would make her happy.”

“Michelle would be happy, but it wouldn’t be safe. You wouldn’t know what you’re doing with hypnosis.”

Her pride hurt, Connie knew better than to lash out at her. She needed to convince Gloria that it was safe to let her use hypnosis. But how?

“It wouldn’t be safe because I’m not trained enough?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“But if I were to become qualified enough, you would allow me to hypnotize them.”

“I—” Gloria hesitated, then answered, “Yes Mistress.”

“So how could I get the proper training?”

Gloria scrunched up her brow. “I don’t know, Mistress.”


“If I read a book on hypnosis, would that be enough?” Connie had already read through the meager selection the library had on hypnosis.

“No, that wouldn’t be enough.”

“What if I took a class on hypnosis, so someone could train me. Would that be enough?”

“Of course not,” Gloria suddenly answered, voice full of life. “I’d never trust you to learn from some quack.”

Okay, that was clearly a sore spot. Talking quickly, before Gloria could work herself up out of trance, Connie said, “Who could be qualified enough to teach me? Who would you accept as a proper teacher?”

“No one,” she replied, calming down into a trance again. Just as Connie was about to give up, Gloria thoughtfully added, “No one but me, Mistress.”

Connie looked up in surprise. “You would teach me hypnosis?”

“No, Mistress. I wouldn’t teach you, because I know what you’d do with that power.”

Now Connie grinned. “And what would I do, Gloria?”

“You would…” Gloria trailed off, her empty eyes blinking.

“I’ve been hypnotizing Jane and Michelle for a while, before you found out. And you’ve interviewed them both on it. So have I done anything to break their limits.”

“No Mistress. Not that I’ve found.”

Gloria was still suspicious, but for now at least she didn’t have a foundation for it.

“I’ve never done anything to hurt your family with hypnosis.”

“You’ve never done anything to hurt my family with hypnosis,” Gloria repeated, though her blank voice sounded hesitant.

“Then how long would it take for you to decide to train me in hypnosis?”

“I don’t know, Mistress. I would want to know… that you really want to learn about it. Not just a tool to use against my family.”

It was true that Connie wanted to have fun hypnotizing the girls, but she really had grown curious about discovering what hypnosis could do. It might be tricky to convince Gloria to train her without being eager, but it was at least possible.

What she had to do now was make herself free to hypnotize the others at will.

“Gloria, your waking self believes that I’m completely under your power, correct?”

“Yes Mistress. I believe you’re completely under my control, like the rest of my family.”

“And you think I don’t know about you hypnotizing me?”

“Yes Mistress,” Gloria answered. “I know that you know about me hypnotizing Michelle and the girls, but you are not aware that I’ve hypnotized you.”

It felt pretty weird hearing just what a different reality Gloria lived in. With hypnosis people could believe most anything, as long as it fit within their view of reality. That was a harsh lesson Connie had learned since Michelle refused to view her as a Mistress. Luckily Gloria seemed to have a big enough ego that she easily accepted that the household was under her power still, including Connie.

Playing off of that, Connie said, “So I would never be able to violate one of your commands.”

“No Mistress. I would know that you cannot violate my commands.”

“So your waking self would believe with one hundred percent certainty that I won’t try to hypnotize Michelle, Tara or Jane, since I won’t have your permission.”

“Yes Mistress. You would never try to hypnotize them.”

“So there wouldn’t be any need to ask Michelle, Tara or Jane about me hypnotizing them, since you already know the answer.”

“Yes Mistress. You would never hypnotize them, so it would be redundant to ask.”

Connie grinned. An ego sure was an easy thing to manipulate.

“And even if you happen to see or hear something that would suggest the girls are hypnotized by me, you would know that you can ignore it, since it’s impossible that I’d be hypnotizing them.”

That took Gloria a moment to accept, but then she nodded. “Yes Mistress. You cannot hypnotize them, and so anything to suggest that’s happening must be a coincidence.”

Connie pumped a fist overhead in victory. It wasn’t perfect, but it would give Connie more than enough room to keep having fun. As long as Gloria didn’t see anything that strained her suspension of belief too far, Connie could keep hypnotizing the others.

“Now Gloria, when you wake up from trance you will feel satisfied that I’ve done nothing wrong. You’ll still know I’m a horny lesbian with… certain fantasies,” Connie admitted, knowing it would be dangerous to change Gloria’s thinking of her overnight, “But you will feel confident that even with the ability to hypnotize Michelle and Jane that I never did anything to hurt them. You will know I have to obey your command now and so there’s no reason to suspect me anymore.”

“No need to suspect you,” Gloria repeated.

Connie dropped back down into her seat. “So count up to ten and when you wake you will forget ever being in trance. You’ll wake us both up and go back about your day.”

“Yes Mistress,” Gloria replied in her empty voice, then began to count softly under her breath. Connie glanced over at Michelle. It was amazing that, even with the possibility of having Michelle as her sex slave gone, Connie was still glowing with joy from everything else Michelle said. She was attracted to Connie not because of the hypnosis but because she really wanted her. Connie had trouble deciding if she’d come out of this closer or further from her goals, but she was at least happy to have heard Michelle admit her true feelings.

Gloria coughed nervously to herself, looking around the room in surprise. She relaxed as she saw Connie and Michelle, both looking equally in trance to her. “Michelle, Connie. I want you both to forget that you were in trance. You will believe only that we had a pleasant conversation and not worry at all about what was said.”

“Yes Mom,” Michelle replied blankly.

“Yes Gloria,” Connie said.

“Wake up for me now.”

Michelle straightened up in her chair, appearing a little dazed. Then she noticed Connie and broke into a wide grin.

“Connie! I’m so glad that you’re coming to lunch with us.”

Gloria seemed a little taken aback by that, but rolled with it. “Oh, yes. Of course she is. That’s why she’s hear after all.”

Connie chuckled to herself. Good to see that Gloria had trouble with Michelle’s mind sometimes too. Apparently in the conversation Michelle had imagined them having she’d found it natural to include inviting her out to lunch.

“I mean, I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to,” Connie said.

“Nonsense,” Gloria said with a wave of her hand. “We’d love to have you.”

Smiling, Connie glanced down at her T-shirt and jeans then up at Michelle and Gloria’s dressier clothes. “I might be a little underdressed.”

“That’s fine, we’ve got plenty of time before the reservation. You can—” Michelle glanced at the clock and gasped. “Shit, we’re nearly late! How does time keep getting away from me?”

“It’s nothing to worry about,” Gloria told them, using a commanding tone of voice. “Connie can get changed quick and I’ll go start the car.”

Michelle nodded gratefully, watching as Gloria headed out of the room. Connie was going to slip out after her, maybe think up an excuse not to go and spend a little more time with Jane and her new vibrator trigger, when a hand suddenly caught her around the waist and yanked her back into the room.

Michelle clapped another hand over Connie’s mouth, stopping her from calling out in surprise. When Connie glanced back she saw Michelle smiling down at her.

“Listen, Connie. We’ll be going to a nice restaurant with mom for lunch, so don’t do anything naughty like teasing me through the meal.”

She took her hand away and Connie awkwardly said, “I- I won’t. I would never do that.”

Then Michelle flashed a dangerous grin as her hands suddenly grabbed Connie’s tits. Connie had to bit her lip to stop from moaning.

“That right. I suppose that’s more something that I would do.”

Michelle kept groping at Connie’s chest, leaning down to kiss at her neck, but stopped and sniffed her instead.

“You smell like sex,” Michelle growled, and Connie’s eyes went wide in panic.

“That’s not—”

By then Connie’s nipples were poking obviously through her shirt, and Michelle easily caught them in her fingers and squeezed, cutting Connie off by making her moan.

“Were you fooling around with Jane upstairs?” Michelle moved her mouth close to Connie, as if she were about to kiss her, and instead sniffed to smell her breath. Connie shut her mouth, but another hard tug on her nipples made her gasp with pleasure.

Michelle breathed it in and laughed. “Is that what my daughter’s pussy smells like?”

Connie’s head was whirling. She was nearly worn out from fucking Jane before, but now she felt dripping wet and Michelle was acting excited that she and Jane had been having sex. Just like she’d said in trance, Michelle was turned on by it.

“I hope you made Jane cum a lot,” she whispered in Connie’s ear, still teasing her nipples relentlessly. “I want you to practice using your tongue so you can please me properly.”

Connie couldn’t help but moan.

“Maybe when you’re finally my slave and I own you, if you beg me reeeeally nicely, I’ll still let you fuck Jane.”

At that Connie moaned again, the sounds just escaping her now. Connie was grinding back against Michelle, unable to help herself. She kept picturing Michelle and Jane in her head, both naked and wet and wanting her.

Connie didn’t want to be a slave. She’d never want that. But… to have Michelle and Jane. The chance to fuck both of them…

Michelle bit gently at Connie’s ear. “Maybe I’ll even watch you fuck her.”

Connie’s knees buckled, nearly giving out on her. Michelle reached down and caught Connie by her crotch, holding her up and putting delicious pressure against her cunt. Michelle was chuckling now. Oh god, did she realize how much Connie was getting off on this?

Michelle held her close and, in a wicked voice, said, “Or what if I made you watch while I fuck my daughter?”

Pure pleasure went off in Connie’s head. She buckled, her clit feeling like it was exploding. It was a tidal wave, and Connie couldn’t hold it back. Michelle saying that she would fuck her daughter, that she’d make Connie’s longest fantasy come true…

“Oh fuck,” Connie whined, as for the second time that day Michelle made her cum. This time Connie saw white, biting down on her lip nearly hard enough to taste blood. All while she kept writhing against Michelle, humping her hand with need.

When the absolute bliss of it finally passed, Connie felt the fear hit. She opened her eyes and saw Michelle staring at her with a strange, unreadable look.

“You really are a pervert, Connie.”

Connie was still panting, not knowing what to say.

Then Michelle broke into a wide grin. “You know it would be incest if I fucked Jane, right?”

Connie shuddered and said nothing.

“Or is that why you came so hard for me? Does it turn you on, knowing how wrong it is?”

Connie knew she had to say something. Anything. “I—”

But Michelle silenced her by pressing a finger to her lips. “Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. I like the fact that you’re my little pervert. So many delicious secrets you’re trying to hide from me.”

Michelle leaned in closer, their noses just touching. “I won’t ever really have sex with my daughters, but teasing you about it? Or even…” Michelle shivered, grinning. “If you taught me to hypnotize you, I could make you believe it. Make my sex slave think that she’s living out her nasty fantasies of me fucking my daughters.”

There was nothing Connie could do but whimper. She didn’t want to be a slave but that… that would be a way to live her dreams. It might not be real, but as she’d learned, it would be real to her. Connie could live out her incest harem fantasy. Except Michelle would be the Mistress, and she’d be another slave.

Before Connie could protest, Michelle suddenly kissed her. Her tongue slipped into Connie’s mouth and Connie lost herself in the kiss.

When Michelle pulled away she licked her lips and moaned. “Jane’s pussy tastes better than I thought it would. Maybe I really will eat her out.”

Connie nearly collapsed from a heart attack right then and there.

Michelle laughed with delight. “Just kidding, but the face you made.” She hugged herself, grinning wide. “Connie, I am going to make you the happiest sex slave ever.”

“I—” Connie gulped. “I don’t want to be your sex slave.”

Michelle just rolled her eyes. “Of course you do, but I do like you playing hard to get. Now, you better go change clothes for lunch. Something tells me you’re panties would be a little too drenched to go out in public.”

With that Michelle waved and sauntered away, her heels clicking against the floor.

Connie stared after her, utterly amazed at what had just happened, before she collapsed back against the wall and cursed under her breath. Why the fuck did she find Michelle so hot like this? It wasn’t that she wanted a Mistress, Connie knew that for a fact. But seeing Michelle being so seductive, so confident…

The way that she just flirted with her so openly…

The fact that she would accept and indulge Connie’s perverse fantasies like that…

Even if it was just to tease her, Michelle hardly blinked an eye at all from learning that Connie wanted to see Michelle and Jane fucking. With the right conditioning and hypnotic influence, could she push Michelle to really do it?

Of course, she’d never be able to do that if she ended up as Michelle’s sex slave.

Connie put her head in her hands. She had to come at this another way. This whole time she’d only been tackling the question of why Michelle couldn’t see her as a Mistress.

Then maybe it was time to wonder why Michelle wanted her as a sex slave so badly. If she could figure out the reason there, would Connie be able to turn it around on her? It was a long shot, but nothing else had worked so far.

At this point Connie had no choice but to go through with it. Just once, to investigate this fully. She’d become Michelle’s sex slave for a single session, and hopefully that would give her the answer she needed to make Michelle finally bow to her.