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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 27

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 9

“Hey Tara, welcome home.”

Tara blinked and looked around, feeling as if things had jumbled around on her. She clearly remembered coming back home, but then it was like she lost time somehow. In her mind was the ghost of a memory, of walking in on her sister standing in the living room completely naked. And her mom was naked too, but she was on all fours with a pair of panties dangling from her mouth. Jane’s panties. And she could see the fading image of Connie on the couch, legs spread, rubbing her pussy as she watched them.

There was such a clear sense of shock as she caught all of them doing something so perverted and wrong.

Except that was all impossible, obviously.

For starters, Jane and their mom were sitting on the couch with Connie. Still naked, but that was completely normal. And both of them had dazed, absent expressions as they slowly teased Connie’s pussy, which was also completely normal. Whenever Connie got her hour a day to be their Mistress she’d spend most of the time hypnotizing them to obey her.

Tara grinned as she felt herself getting wet already. She hoped she hadn’t missed too much of the action.

“I see mom and Jane are already in a trance,” Tara chuckled, tossing her bag in the corner.

Connie tried to talk casually, but there was a ridiculously big grin on her face that totally gave away how excited she was. “They’re both just eager to please their Mistress. Isn’t that right, slaves?”

“Yes Mistress Connie,” both of them said in unison, their fingers never slowing as they kept pleasuring her.

Connie was practically glowing with pride. Then she gave Tara an amused look. “Hope you don’t mind that I’m about to fuck your family, Tara.”

Tara shook her head and laughed. “Why would I mind? You do that every day already.”

“That’s right, I do,” Connie said as she slid an arm around each of her slaves. She began groping their tits, and Tara couldn’t figure out why Connie seemed so excited about it. It was like she’d never gotten to use the whole family as her playthings before. And she kept giving Tara sly looks, the kind that always gave away when she was playing some kind of a joke on her. But where was the joke in hypnotizing the family to sleep with her? This was normal life for them.

Connie was their live-in sex slave, although Tara didn’t really like the thought of owning someone. She much preferred hanging out with Connie like they were friends. That said, Tara was dripping wet at the idea that for one hour a day she could be a sex slave. That she was helplessly under Connie’s control to be used however her Mistress saw fit.

Tara was already sliding her pants down, biting her lip as she thought of diving in to eat Connie’s pussy, when Connie stared at her in surprise.

“What are you doing, Tara?”

“I’m joining in. Duh. You think I’ll miss out on our daily orgies?”

Connie’s face went red, and Tara hoped that her Mistress was proud of what an eager slave she was.

“I mean, you have a girlfriend though.”

That stopped Tara in place, her thumbs hooked in the waistband of her panties. “Shit. I do.”

“I, um, figured that you’d want to be exempt.” Connie writhed nervously on the couch as Jane and Michelle kept fingering her, oblivious in their trance to the change in the room.

“So I don’t get to fuck you?” Tara asked, devastated.

Connie smiled sadly, looking just as disappointed. “Not today.”

“Can I at least fuck Jane? Or my mom?”

Connie hissed in air and tensed up, her hips wriggling. For a second her eyes clouded over with lust, but then Connie shook it off. “I thought… don’t you believe in not cheating?”

Tara pleaded, “But sleeping with family doesn’t count as cheating, right?”

“Fuck,” Connie whispered and shut her eyes tight. “Listen, you’re my slave right now, but I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I want to be your slave!” Tara fell down to her knees hard and looked up at Connie. “I know we’ve done that stuff for a long time, but I- I don’t know why but it’s like I don’t remember it. It’s feels like this is the first time I’ve ever had the chance to be your sex slave, and it just… imagining myself having to obey you, let you fuck me any way you want, do anything you want… it’s making me burn up like I want to explode I want it so much. I want to be your slave. Please!”

Connie grabbed Jane and Michelle’s hands, pulling them away from playing with her pussy. She looked heartbroken, and Tara just knew that Connie wanted her to be a slave too. So why wasn’t Connie just taking her?

“Tara, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“Why not? I’ll do anything you want me to. I don’t care how dirty!”

“Listen, it’s complicated.” Connie shook her head. “I can’t explain everything but it wouldn’t really be right for me to fuck you like this. You don’t really want it.”

Tara abruptly stood up and yanked her panties down. She heard Connie gasp, and Tara could only imagine how wet her pussy looked as she stood there with her legs open wide, completely exposing herself. “Do you see how wet I am for you? I want this, I really do.”

“I’ve got you hypnotized,” Connie finally said. “I’m making you think that you want this. I’m hypnotizing Michelle and Jane too.”

“So? You hypnotize us like every day.”

“I don’t, this is just—” Connie glanced back and forth between Jane and Michelle, putting a hand on each of their shoulders. “Michelle, Jane, remain in trance until I call for you. Don’t pay attention to anything else happening.” Then Connie got up from the couch, rubbing her arm nervously. “Tara, this isn’t real. You’re not really like this.”

“What are you talking about?”

Connie reached out and stroked Tara’s cheek. “I want you to remain in the dream, but now you’re able to remember what the real world is like, and how all of us usually act.”

Understanding dawned inside Tara’s head. It was an epiphany. She could still see the constructed life where sex slaves and incest were perfectly normal, but now it was thin as tracing paper. Tara was able to peer past the illusion now and see the truth.

“Woah,” was all she was able to mutter, still grappling with being in two different worlds at once.

“I created a fake scenario for you. For Michelle and Jane too. Where all of you wouldn’t bat an eye at me wanting to make you sex slaves.”

Tara shivered. She’d truly been eager enough that she’d begged to be a sex slave. In the moment it had just been the hottest thing ever. She’d even offered to-

She turned to stare at her family, realizing how close she’d come to doing something as unthinkable as sleeping with her sister or her mother. How had Connie convinced her that it was all so normal?

“I’m sorry,” Connie said, unable to look at her. “This is something I’ve fantasized about for years. I know it’s wrong, but when I learned how to hypnotize people, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“So you want me to be your horny sex slave?”

Connie nodded.

“And you want to make Jane and my mom into your sex slaves too?”

Connie winced, nodding again.

Tara took a deep breath. “Alright. I’ll be your slave then.”

Connie whirled around, staring at her like she’d grown another head.

Tara didn’t flinch. She kept her composure as she said, “I’m fine with you hypnotizing me to do what you want. That’s what being a sex slave is all about.”

“But you don’t really want to be a sex slave!”

“Actually, I kinda do.”

Connie opened her mouth, but was at a complete loss for words.

Tara smiled. “I was definitely shocked when I realized you’d made me believe all that fake stuff. Except when I snapped out of it, I was still just as turned on.” Tara reached down and ran a finger along her slick pussy lips. “I may have been hypnotized or whatever, but I meant what I said about how hot being a sex slave sounds. And knowing that you had the power to just make me believe anything you wanted,” she shivered, “That just makes it even more exciting.”

Connie paced the living room, frowning. “This isn’t right though. You wouldn’t really want this.”

“But you do. And you can make me want it. So go ahead, Connie.”

She stopped pacing and looked at her, concern clear on her face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you Connie. I know you’d never hurt me.”

“But… I’d be making you fuck me when you’re dating someone else. I can’t be that selfish.”

In response, Tara just smirked. “Connie, you’re my best friend. I love you, but you really deserve to be a little more selfish. You spend all your time worrying about what makes everyone else happy, and I’m worried that you’ll never get what you need to make you happy.”

“That’s the problem!” Connie snapped as she threw her hands up. “What I want is just too perverted! I mean, I want to make you and your family into my sex slaves. What kind of a person wants that?”

“Someone with good taste?” Tara replied with a smile. “Besides, you’ve got two out of three already.”

“Oh please, I lucked into this.” Connie turned to Jane, smiling at her hypnotized expression. “Sure, I got to fuck Jane a lot, which was awesome, and even hypnotize her a bit, but she’d never accept me wanting to do stuff with you and your mom too. And your Mom,” Connie said, twisting around to see Michelle. Connie let out a longing sigh. “You’re mom is amazing and sweet, and she’s actually as into hypnosis as I am! Like what are the odds of that?”

“Sounds like fate to me.”

“More like a cruel fate. Having your mom as a slave is just a temporary fluke. Turns out she totally just wants to dominate me instead and I have to create a whole fantasy world for her to even consider me as her Mistress. I have no idea how to make her want to be my slave.”

Tara cupped her chin thoughtfully. “Yeah, that does sound like a real problem.”

“And then there’s you,” Connie said as she stabbed a finger in Tara’s direction. “I’ve been in love with you for years and too afraid to say anything. And just as soon as I get the courage to say something about it, you end up dating someone else.”


“And I have to act like I’m cool with it or I’d be a shitty friend! I have to keep reassuring you that I’m happy for the both of you, except it hurts to know that you would have been with me if I’d asked you. Now I find out that you’re turned on at the idea of being my slave, which meant if I’d just had the courage to ask you out I could really be your Mistress right now.” Connie was frantically pacing, emotions running wild, but now she stopped, shoulders shaking. When she spoke, it was so quiet that Tara nearly didn’t hear her. “I could still have you. I’ve got you and the others hypnotized to obey me. It’s not perfect, but as long as you’re truly not against it I can command you to do anything I say. Part of you wants to date me, I know it.”

She picked her head up and looked right at Tara, a seriousness in her eyes.

“Be completely honest, Tara. If I commanded you to break up with Nadia and date me instead, would you do it?”

A chill spread over Tara’s heart, but it felt like the rest of her was boiling hot with excitement. “Yes, I would.”

Connie nodded, her lips tight. “Tara, this is a command I’m giving with absolute authority.”

Tara felt the words pulsing through her, felt her mind opening up to them. Was Connie really going to do it? She’d told Connie to be selfish, but she didn’t want to lose Nadia. But she did want to be with Connie. It was an impossible choice for her to make, except it wasn’t really her choice. In that moment Tara truly was helpless, and nothing had ever made her so afraid and aroused. Connie had complete control of her future, and Tara could do nothing but trust her friend.

She shut her eyes and bowed her head, waiting.

After several tense moments, Connie finally spoke. “No matter what I say or how much power I have over you, I can never make you leave Nadia to be with me. I can never make you cheat on or break up with anyone for my sake. Do you understand?”

Tara opened her eyes and smiled gratefully. “Yes, Connie. I do.”

Connie’s shoulders slumped, like the act of saying that had exhausted her completely. “Sorry, just needed to make sure it was permanent.”

“I appreciate it.”

Connie rubbed her arm. “It was also so I couldn’t be tempted to make you break up anymore. I was really tempted.”

Not caring that Connie was completely naked, Tara walked over and hugged Connie tight. “You’re a good person, Connie. And my best friend.”

“Thanks,” Connie sniffed. “That’s so much better than getting to have a sex slave. Totally don’t regret that at all.”

Tara laughed and punched her in the shoulder. “Hey, you have my mom and my sister still. I’m sure you can totally hypnotize them into becoming your sex slaves.” What she had just said caught up with Tara, and she cocked her head. “Huh, this is a weird conversation, isn’t it.”

“Definitely not normal,” Connie chuckled.

“Although I’m feeling pretty calm about all this. I have a feeling I should be freaking out a bit more.”

Connie looked away guiltily. “You think you’re in a dream right now, so it probably doesn’t feel completely real to you.”

Tara raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, I only planned on using this dream setup on your mom. Then Jane barged in and I panicked. Then you walked in and I panicked even worse.”

Tara started laughing. “You are definitely not great at improvising.”

“I’m working on it.”

“Well, as weird as I bet it would be under normal circumstances, I really do want you to be happy, so I do hope that you get either my mom or Jane as your sex slave. Hopefully both.”

Connie couldn’t help but grin. “Thanks, I guess. That does weirdly make me feel better.”

“And at least you’ve got them both as your slaves right now.” Tara waved her arm to her hypnotized family, still sitting on the couch naked. “I bet you can have an amazing threesome with them.”

“That would be insanely hot,” Connie admitted, then frowned. “But it wouldn’t be—”

Tara poked her in the ribs, making Connie jump. “None of that now. I meant it when I said you should be selfish. Both of them will only obey you if they really want to do it, right?”

Connie shrugged. “Basically, although right now I’ve kind of fucked with their perception of what’s normal, so it feels tricky.”

Tara sighed. “Look, you wanted me to be yours, but you were willing to let me go. So I’m sure that if Michelle or Jane didn’t want to be your slaves, you wouldn’t force it on them, right?”

“Of course.”

“Then get in there and just enjoy the chance to have some fun,” Tara said as she suddenly spanked Connie on the ass, making her yelp. “I’m sure they’ll enjoy themselves too.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll fuck your mom,” Connie said laughing, and Tara laughed with her. There was no doubt this was a strange, fucked up situation, but Tara just wanted Connie to have fun. She deserved it. “I guess I’ll wipe your memory of this and wake you up back to normal, although I’ll probably tell you to stay out of the house for a while. Things, uh, might get loud.”

“Yeah, probably best if I don’t remember this. I fully support you as a friend, but I don’t know how I’d react to you doing kinky things to mom and Jane if I was fully myself. That might be a bit much.”

“I get it, believe me. But thank you, Tara.” Connie clutched Tara’s hand and squeezed. “This really meant a lot to hear from you. I was definitely feeling guilty.”

“It might be a little wrong, but it sounds like Jane and Michelle are both into too, at least a little. I’m definitely shocked at how eager I was to be a sex slave.” Tara clenched her legs together, feeling how wet she still was. “I mean, it’s something I don’t think I’d ever considered before today, but I really kind of want it.”

“It is fucking hot,” Connie muttered, her attention already back to the hypnotized Jane and Michelle. She licked her lips, and Tara felt her heart race as she imagined the perverted things Connie was about to do with both of them. She tried to imagine what Connie would be like as a Mistress. She was always so quiet and insecure, but she’d changed so much since she came to live with them.

Which of course Tara now realized was probably Connie’s doing. Not to mention how they’d all spent weeks living in their underwear. And watching lesbian pornography on movie night. And casually masturbating around the house with no concern about who was watching. It was all clicking into place now. How long had Connie been manipulating them with hypnosis? How had she even managed to put them all under her power in the first place?

Tara had dozens of questions pop into her head, but the most pressing question was to wonder why all of this was turning her on so much. Connie was turning to face her now, no doubt to hypnotize her and send her away, and it truly dawned on Tara that she was about to forget all of this. Connie was going to do whatever it was she did to her head, and all of this would fade away. She’d forget about begging to be a sex slave. She’d forget about how hot it made her to want to be a slave. Would she even remember her interest in being a sex slave as a fantasy afterwards? Or was she about to lose this exciting possibility forever?

“Tara, I want you to—”

“Wait!” Tara cried, and Connie raised an eyebrow at her. Tara put her hands together and took a deep breath, trying to get herself under control. There were so many conflicting emotions raging in her head, and she didn’t know if this was right or wrong, but Tara just knew that she had to take this chance. She set herself, determined to see it through, and looked Connie in the eyes as she said, “Niagara Falls.”

It was their codeword, created years back after an emergency on an old field trip to the famous waterfalls. It meant they were about to tell a secret, something that they’d never tell another soul even if they were tortured. They’d only used it maybe two times, but Connie instantly became serious.

“What is it?”

Tara let out a measured sigh. “Before you make me forget, I want you to fuck me.”

Connie looked ready to protest, but Tara held up her hand. “I don’t know how this hypnosis stuff works, but I know that I’m really turned on right now. I want this, whatever this is. I want to be your sex slave. I want to do whatever you command of me, even if it’s fucking Jane. Or mom. I’ll do anything you command as long as it’s not something I’m really against.”

“But what about Nadia?”

Tara felt a guilty pang in her chest, but pushed through it. “I know this might be wrong, but I want to do this with you. Even if it’s just as a one time thing. Afterwards you can make me forget and I’ll think I never cheated on her. I’ll be happy with Nadia, and you’ll get to have the memory of having all three of us as your slaves. That’s what you want, right?”

“I do,” Connie said, guilt in her voice.

“Then consider this your early birthday present. I’m all yours. Make me into whatever you want, make me do whatever you want. Let yourself enjoy this, because I know I fucking will.”

Connie reached out and took her by the shoulders. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. I just want to know how good it’ll be before I forget all about this.”

“In that case,” Connie said, taking a step back, “I want you on your knees. Bow to me.”

The words hit Tara like a wave of heat. It rippled through her, and instantly she was in motion. She dropped to all fours, obeying like it was her first instinct to do what Connie said.

“Tell me how wet you are, slave.”

“I’m dripping,” Tara admitted. “My clit keeps throbbing, and I wanna just straddle something and grind against it. I need to get off so badly.”

Connie crouched down and cupped her fingers under Tara’s chin, forcing her to look her in the eyes. Tara had never seen Connie like this. She had an almost cruel grin on her face, and when she spoke there was so much strength and authority in her voice that Tara felt the need to instantly bend to her will, as if Connie exuded her own gravity.

“You won’t cum until I decide. You exist for my pleasure. You’ll feel pleasure when it suits me, slave.”

Tara shivered, and if she could have she would have cum right there. Feeling so helpless was almost addicting. In seconds Connie had somehow completely taken away every ounce of strength in her body, and Tara had never known she could be this excited. Her clit kept radiating waves of pleasure, but somehow it felt muted now. Tara was excited and horny, but as she squeezed her thighs together against her pussy, she didn’t feel any kind of response. She couldn’t feel the pleasure of it. Not unless Connie wanted her to.

“Please,” Tara whimpered. This was all happening so fast. Her mind couldn’t keep up. How could Connie be this powerful? “Please teach me how to be a good slave. I only want to please you, Mistress.”

Now Connie smirked at her. “The only way you can feel pleasure right now is by humping my leg.” And she held her leg out, as if she thought Tara was some kind of horny dog that would hump anything in sight.

A pitiful moan escaped her lips as Tara eagerly scrambled forward. She wrapped herself around Connie’s leg, and as soon as her cunt made contact with Connie there was a flash of pure bliss. Tara began grinding against Connie, eyes squeezed shut as she moaned with abandon. Any second now Connie could command her to back off. Or make the pleasure stop again. Or do any other wicked idea that appealed to her.

So Tara humped the leg of her Mistress, but not just because she wanted to cum. She knew that Connie wanted to reduce her to this. To see her beg and grovel and be so desperate. And Tara would give Connie whatever she wanted. She would be a good slave and act in any way that would get her Mistress off.

“This is so amazing,” Tara grunted, hips bucking harder. “I feel so… weak. Like I’m nothing. Nothing but your slave. Oh fuck I never want this to stooop!”

And just as she expected, Connie reached down to grab the frenzied Tara by the hair. “Feel the pleasure stop now.”

Tara had been humping Connie’s leg frantically, riding so close to an orgasm. Now she actually felt the pleasure of the act drain out of her as her body went numb. It was like sitting by a warm campfire, only to feel the heat suddenly vanish without a trace while the fire continued to burn. That potential orgasm was still welled up inside her, needing only a little more stimulation to burst forth, only now her soaked cunt didn’t offer the slightest trace of pleasure. She may as well have been trying to get an orgasm by rubbing her knee or the small of her back for all the pleasure it gave her.

But Tara didn’t stop. She kept humping the leg of her Mistress, knowing it was futile. Because she knew her pleasure didn’t matter. She existed only to make Connie happy.

“Wow, you must really be desperate, slave.”

“I need to cum so bad, Mistress, please!” Tara gave her best pleading look. In truth she would happily not cum for the rest of the day, if it was Connie’s will, but she sensed that Connie wanted her to be denied. So she pouted and made herself look as weak as possible, and sure enough Connie stood straighter, puffing up with the knowledge that she had Tara completely under her control. Tara shivered with delight. It wasn’t physical pleasure, Mistress had shut that off, but instead some inner pride that she was being an excellent sex slave.

Connie gripped Tara’s hair tight and forced her head back, and Tara gasped happily. “What would you be willing to do, Tara? What would you do for your Mistress if it meant I would let you cum?”

Tara gulped, knowing this was coming. As worked up and horny as she was, Tara still hesitated. Even Connie’s dominant demeanor cracked, and there was a hint of concern in her best friend’s face. Connie was no doubt feeling self-conscious again. Wondering if she was pushing Tara too far, if this was right, if they should stop.

And even though she knew what they were about to do was truly perverted, Tara swallowed her doubts and forced herself to look over at Jane, still naked and hypnotized on the couch. “I’ll fuck my sister for you, Mistress.”

Although she’d stopped humping, Tara was still clinging to Connie’s leg, and so she actually felt Connie’s muscles tense up with need at her words. Tara reached up and slid her fingers along Connie’s cunt, which felt nearly as wet as her own. She hadn’t asked her Mistress permission to touch, but Connie didn’t scold her. Tara slid two fingers in, and Connie’s cunt immediately clenched tight around them. If she’d really been fantasizing about this for years, then hearing Tara actually say that she would fuck her sister was probably one of the best moments of her life.

Tara stared Connie in the eyes and kept slowly fingering her as she spoke. “I’ll do it. I’ll fuck Jane any way you want. I’ll grope my sister’s tits. I’ll eat my sister’s pussy. I’ll…” Tara hit a blank, wondering what else you were supposed to do to have sex with a women. As much as she thought about fucking Nadia, and fucking Connie in her fantasies, she was still new to being a lesbian and had never actually researched the mechanics of lesbian sex. So instead she added, “I’ll do whatever you command us to, no matter how dirty it is.”

The sheer shock and delight on Connie’s face was beautiful. Eyes huge, lips pulled back in a disbelieving grin, and her hips beginning to rock down on Tara’s fingers, betraying how much she wanted this.

“And don’t forget my mom too. I’ll do every perverted thing to my mom that you command of me. And they’ll obey you too, since you enslaved them.” Tara leaned in closer and licked at Connie’s clit, and Connie let out a happy squeak of pleasure. “My whole family belongs to you, Connie. We are yours to play with. We are your obedient sex slaves, Mistress.”

Suddenly Connie bucked her hips, catching Tara off guard and nearly knocking her over. She managed to catch herself on Connie’s leg, and looked up in surprise to watch as Connie’s eyes rolled back, a gurgling moan escaping her. Her cunt had clenched around Tara’s fingers tight as a vice, and it took her a moment to realize that Connie just came. She’d made her Mistress cum.

And just like that Tara convulsed as she came too, only there wasn’t an ounce of the pleasure that she was accustomed to. It was like her body seized up, and she recognized that she was cumming, but she was still numb to pleasure and didn’t receive any relief from it. It left her feeling cheated. She was even more desperate to cum than before, because she wanted to experience a true orgasm.

Tara clutched Connie’s leg tight, and thought about how perfect this was. Connie could fully enjoy her orgasm, while even when she was rewarded with an orgasm it was a reminder of how powerless she was now.

What would her life be like if she had been turned into Connie’s slave permanently? Would every day be this amazing?

Tara pushed away the longing she felt in her heart. There was no time to worry about a life they could have had. She would forget all about this when they were done, which meant that Tara was determined to make the most of her only chance to be a slave. No time to worry about regrets. She would show Connie the time of her life, because Connie deserved it. They both did.

Connie finally seemed to recover, and she let out a shaky laugh. She obviously wasn’t expecting to cum like that either. “Holy hell. Sorry, but hearing you say that was just—”

“Mistress, I loved watching you cum and all, but don’t we have a limited amount of time?”

Connie was caught off guard by the remark, but she smiled with approval. “You’re right. We’ve only got maybe an hour or two before I have to wake everyone up.”

Tara backed up, posing on her knees as she stripped off her shirt and bra, leaving herself naked. “Then do you want to just hear me talk about fucking my mom and my sister—”

Connie gulped, a happy smile on her face.

“Or do you want to command us to fuck so you can watch?”

“Definitely the second one.”

Tara grinned as she stood up. She did her best to look seductive, trying to imitate the times she’d seen Jane flirting with others as she walked over to the couch and dropped down in between Jane and Michelle. It was one thing to say it, but actually sitting naked next to her hypnotized family made her realize just how wrong this situation was. And yet, as she pushed past her discomfort at committing incest, Tara was surprised to find how turned on she was. Doing something you knew was wrong could be hot, after all.

Tara put her hands out to either side, slipping one between Jane’s legs and another between her mother’s legs. She found their pussies dripping wet, but neither of them offered a reaction beyond their breathing getting faster. They were really so deep in trance that they remained completely blank as she fingered them.

Connie’s face had gone ridiculously red, staring lovesick as she watched Tara fingering her family. “You’re loving this, aren’t you, Mistress?”

“This is just… so much fucking hotter than I ever imagined it.”

Tara smiled proudly. “Then wake them up. And let’s make your fantasies a reality.”

For a moment Connie became serious, and Tara was worried that she was having second doubts. But then Connie smiled wide. “Thank you Tara. You have no idea what this means to me.”

Tara felt herself break too, as she stopped trying to look like the seductive, submissive slave. She smiled back, and in that moment she forgot all about the hypnosis and incest. They were still the best friend’s they’d been for years. “I’m just happy I can do this for you. And thank you, too, because I really do find this insanely hot.”

Connie chuckled. “Just wait. We’ve barely even started with the fun.”

“Then give the command, Mistress,” Tara said as she spread her legs wide, her fingers teasing at her sister and mother’s pussies. “My family is all yours for the taking.”

And just like that Connie became the Mistress again, filled with the confidence and power that still amazed Tara. She’d grown so strong these last few weeks. And Tara couldn’t wait to see what this dominant version of Connie would do with her.