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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 28

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 10

“… And wake up for me now.”

Jane and Michelle came back from the trance slowly, eyes closed and purring happily. They both wanted to bask in the lovely feeling of being hypnotized, and Connie was more than willing to let them enjoy it. But then both women felt someone’s fingers rubbing their clits, and they cried out in delighted surprise.

“Mistress,” Michelle moaned, opening her eyes expecting to find Connie. Instead she saw her daughter Tara on the couch beside her, as naked and wet as she was.

“Hey mom,” Tara said with a giggle. She kept rubbing at her mom’s pussy. After a moment her surprise wore off and Michelle opened her legs wider, giving her daughter enough room to tease her clit more.

“When did you get here, sweetie?”

“Yeah, sis,” Jane said from the other side of the couch. She turned to give her sister better access to her pussy too, but Tara just kept her fingers limply placed on her sister’s clit and instead paid more attention to their mother’s cunt.

“A few minutes ago. Mistress hypnotized you both so she could play with me personally.”

Michelle smiled proudly, dripping wet as Tara began fingering her. “Good girl. I’m so happy you could serve Mistress Connie this well.”

Tara winked at Connie, then said, “She really is a great Mistress, isn’t she? We’re so lucky to be her slaves.”

“Yesss,” Michelle moaned, eyes rolling back as Tara slipped another finger in. “So lucky…”

Jane crossed her arms. “I’m not feeling so lucky here. Don’t I get some attention?”

In reply Tara pulled her hand away completely from Jane’s crotch. Jane watched in disbelief as Tara slipped off the couch and knelt before their Mom, using both hands now to pleasure her.

“Oh come on,” Jane snapped. She turned to Connie and threw her hands up. “Order her to finger me too! I’m just as horny.”

Connie gave her a stern glare, and Jane actually paled a little. “Be quiet and watch Tara eat out your mom.”

“Y-yes Mistress,” she stammered, then Jane clamped her mouth shut. She crossed her arms to show she was upset she didn’t get her way, but she watched with rapt interest as Tara hesitantly licked out her tongue, tasting Michelle.

“How do you like it?” Connie asked, leaning in for a better view.

Tara blushed. “It tastes better than I thought it would.”

Michelle let out a laugh. “Sweetie, you’ve been eating mommy out since you turned eighteen. You make it sound like it’s your first time.”

Tara made a nervous sound, and Connie smiled. There was something fun about having Tara being the only girl in the family not brainwashed. Michelle and Jane would go along with her perverted orders because they were programmed to believe they were in a perverted fantasy world, but Tara was doing all of this of her own free will. So it was especially rewarding to see Tara collect herself as she began to eat Michelle out in earnest.

“Of course, Mom,” Tara said between licks, and it wasn’t long before Michelle was writhing happily on the couch as her daughter ate her out.

Connie could have focused on the cute faces Michelle made, or the way Jane was trying to hide that she was rubbing her thighs together to get herself off, but Connie couldn’t take her eyes off of Tara. Because Tara was going down on her mother and she knew it. She was committing incest just to make Connie happy. She was willing to obey, despite the taboos she was breaking. And the hottest of all, was the simple fact that Tara was obviously enjoying herself as well.

Connie slid down next to Tara and ran her hand over Tara’s tight and toned ass. “Such a good slave,” she cooed, making Tara squirm in delight. “You’ll eat any cunt I tell you to, won’t you?”

Tara pulled her tongue away from her mother and panted. “Yes, Mis—”

Lightning fast, Connie grabbed Tara’s hair and shoved her face back against her mom’s pussy. “Don’t stop, slut.”

Tara shuddered, and Connie could hear the muffled moan she made against Michelle’s cunt. Judging by the way Michelle gasped and arched her back, Tara was eating her out with renewed purpose.

“Just wag your ass to answer, like a good obedient bitch. Understand?”

Immediately Tara’s ass wagged back and forth. Connie wasn’t expecting to use such harsh words. They just came out of her, but she didn’t exactly mind it. She sounded like a true Mistress, powerful and cruel and taking what she wanted. And her slaves seemed to like it too. The second she’d called Tara an obedient bitch she’d heard Jane gasp and slip a hand between her legs. Michelle’s toes had curled in delight. And even Tara had loved being degraded. She was eating her mother out like it was her only purpose, eyes shut in concentration.

They all wanted her to be in charge. They wanted her to say whatever she wanted. They were truly her slaves. And Connie most definitely felt like their Mistress now.

“Good slave. You’ll eat any cunt I order you to, won’t you?”

Tara wagged her ass excitedly. Connie grinned and slipped her hand lower, cupping Tara’s pussy and finding it dripping.

“You were made to be my slave.”

Tara wiggled her ass back and forth, trying to grind against Connie’s hand.

“You’re loving this,” Connie hissed, slipping a finger into her slave.

Tara moaned as she began humping Connie’s hand. Her entire body was moving except for her head, which Connie kept firmly planted between Michelle’s legs.

Pleased with herself, Connie glanced up to study Jane. She had her eyes wide, openly masturbating now as she watched her younger sister being dominated. “Hey Jane, did you know your sister was such an obedient slut?”

“No,” Jane whispered, before grinning wide. “I want.”

“You want her?” Connie asked with a sly smile. “Or you want to be like her?”

Jane chewed her lip, debating, before she resumed rubbing her clit and announced, “Both.”

The open desire on Jane’s face was too good to pass up. Connie pulled her finger out of Tara’s pussy so she could stand up, and Tara whined pathetically, but kept eating her mother out as ordered. Connie wiped off her wet hand as she plucked up her cellphone, training it on the three of them.

“Say cheese,” Connie said, but stopped from taking the picture as she saw Tara’s head whip around, terror on her face. She’d completely forgotten that Tara hadn’t agreed to any pictures of this. Would she be against it?

While Jane and Michelle smiled obligingly, Connie lowered the phone and looked to Tara. “Is it alright if I take a picture? I don’t have to.”

Tara shuffled anxiously on her hands and knees. “I don’t… I don’t mind. It’s just that knowing you’ll have those pics of me, it’s kind of…” She shivered. “Hot.”

Connie relaxed, smiling again. “Just let me know if you feel uncomfortable at any point.”

“Will do.”

With a chuckle, Connie fixed the phone’s camera back on them and said, “Then get back to eating out your mom, and give me a good view of your dripping cunt.”

She could swear she saw Tara cum just from hearing that command. Tara obediently dove back for her mother’s pussy, and lifted her ass up obligingly into the air.

Connie took the pic, and Tara mewled as she heard the click from the phone. Which gave Connie an evil idea. While Tara knew how wrong and hot it was to be photographed like this, Michelle and Jane were posed easily. To them there wasn’t anything especially hot about having their picture taken while in an incestuous threesome.

And Connie should fix that.

“Slaves, open your minds and obey my words.” The command carried through the room, and all three of the them went rigid, their eyes opening wide in surprise. “With every picture you hear me take, your arousal will grow by, let’s say, ten percent. That’s ten percent hornier. Ten percent more desperate. Ten percent more of everything. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle replied, sweating and flustered and looking close to cumming from her daughters tongue.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jane replied, an amused expression on her face, as if this would just be a fun exercise.

“Yeff, Miftreth,” Tara replied, face still buried in pussy.

Connie grinned. “Oh, and no cumming until I give permission.”

Jane’s eyebrows shot up and her jaw dropped. “Wait, what?”

Connie snapped a pic, and this time there was a ripple effect as first Tara, then Michelle, then Jane all shuddered in response to the click.

“How was that, Jane?”

“It was… weird,” Jane said. She’d stopped masturbating, no doubt put off by hearing that she couldn’t cum. “Like I suddenly got hotter, and kinda wanna be fucked more.”

“Um, Mistress?” Michelle asked, sounding sheepish.

“What is it, slave?”

“I love knowing you can control how horny I am, but, um,” she blushed deeply, “Tara’s been eating me out for a while, and it feels so good, and I was almost about to cum when you said all that.”

Connie cocked a hand on her hip. “You want to cum?”

“Please! Then you can take all the pictures you want and play with my head. But I really just want to cum, because… well…”

“Let me guess. When I took that pic, you felt your need to cum grow too, but you can’t cum.”

Michelle saw the dominant gleam in Connie’s eyes, and for the first time the obedient slave felt the power that Connie had over her. “Um, yes, Mistress.”

“So when I do this,” Connie said as she suddenly clicked a picture of Michelle’s tits, “How does it feel?”

“Fuck,” Michelle cried out, her stomach churning as burning need filled her. “I… I need to cum.”

Connie clicked another picture, and Michelle arched her back. “I bet you do, slave.”

“Missstresssss,” she whined, clenching her thighs tight around Tara’s head. “I can’t take much more! You have to let me cum!”

“I have to?” Connie asked, as she raised an amused eyebrow. “I’m disappointed in you, Michelle. You seemed the most gung-ho about being an obedient slave for me.”

This time when Connie’s phone clicked, Michelle cursed and pushed Tara’s face away. She pulled her legs in tight and sat there on the couch, shivering and struggling to deal with the impossible need to cum that she couldn’t satisfy. She glared at Connie, anger burning in her eyes. “Th-that’s enough now. Stop playing around and- ngghn- just let me cum!”

“Who’s playing around?” Connie just smiled against Michelle’s sudden anger.

Tara was still crouched on the floor, exchanging nervous glances with her sister as their Mistress and their mother faced off. Both of them were just as horny and desperate as Michelle was, but they stayed silent, watching to see what would happen.

Shoulders shaking and clit throbbing, Michelle practically snarled as she said, “This is enough. Let me cum now, Connie!”

“It’s Mistress,” Connie snapped back as she snapped another pic.

The sound of it hit Michelle hard, but instead of letting herself get swept away by the pleasure she stood up and rebelled against it. She stomped her foot. “Let me cum or I swear I’ll—”

“Close your mouth,” Connie demanded, and Michelle’s jaw snapped shut.

Eyes wide and furious, Michelle fought to get her mouth open, but it was glued shut. She took three quick steps towards Connie with her hand raised until Connie said, “Freeze where you are.”

Immediately Michelle become a very pissed off statue.

“There it is,” Connie muttered as she got right up into Michelle’s face. “I thought you were obeying too easily. What? Did you think it was a game?”

Michelle just silently fumed at her.

“You can nod or shake your head when I ask you a question. Otherwise no moving except to blink and breathe.”

Her head gave a curt nod.

“You thought being my slave was something kinky, to spice things up?”

Michelle nodded again.

“Well you’re wrong. This isn’t some game or fun activity. I mean it when I say that you’re my slave and I own you.” Connie reached down and cupped Michelle’s pussy. It was wet and hot and dripping, but even getting touched like this Michelle could do nothing more than lightly twitch, still bound in place by the command. “I think that’s something I need to teach you the truth of. Tara, Jane, come over here.”

The sisters shot up instantly to their feet. As scared as they were of what Connie planned to do to their mom, they wouldn’t dare disobey their Mistress. And the hope that Connie might let them cum motivated them too.

Connie backed away from the frozen Michelle. She’d have to show Michelle what true submission was about. Connie put her hands out to her sides and obediently Tara and Jane walked over to her, kneeling on either side of her. Connie laid a hand affectionately on Tara’s head, which sent warm butterflies through the pent up slave.

“Tara, what does being my slave mean to you?”

Tara glanced up, surprised by the question. She was panting, eyes glassy, so horny that she could barely gather her thoughts. “Um, I think it means…”

“Not what you think it means,” Connie cut in, stern but not cold. “Focus on why you want to be my slave, why you did this. What does being a slave mean?”

Tara nodded, focusing through the nearly all consuming need to cum. If it was for Connie, she could do it. “I want to make you happy. I want to please you. I want to do what you say, no matter what I have to do for it. It’s like… your pleasure is more important than mine.”

Connie grinned and patted her head.

“Good girl. Cum for me.”

All at once the room seemed to explode in bright pink light as Tara’s eyes rolled back in her head. She fell over backwards, writhing on the floor as orgasm after orgasm struck her. It wasn’t one huge climax, but felt like buffeting waves of orgasms bursting from every cell of her body. It was euphoric, and she cried out in guttural, wordless thanks to her Mistress.

Michelle and Jane stared in jealous awe.

When Connie turned her attention to Jane, she barely got the question out before Jane cut in eagerly to declare, “Beingaslavemeansyourpleasureismoreimportantthanmypleasure.”

Connie chuckled at the near senseless burst of words. “You’re just saying that because you want to cum so badly you feel ready to lose your mind, right Jane?”

“Yeah,” Jane moaned, wriggling her hips and dripping on the floor.

“But are the words true, slave?”

Connie poked Jane in the forehead, keeping her finger there, and the life slowly drained from Jane’s eyes. Her body remained panting and shivering, but her mind was gone. “Tell me the truth. Are you my slave, willing to obey any command if it brings me pleasure?”

“N-not anything,” her shaky but emotionless voice answered.

“You have your limits still.”

“Yes,” Jane answered.

“Good. I want you to have your limits.”

Jane’s body relaxed, her mouth curling into a dumb smile.

“Thank you.”

“But so long as it doesn’t violate those limits, will you value my pleasure above your own?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you want me to own you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Connie smiled, satisfied. “Then wake up now.”

Jane jerked her head back, waking up into the dizzying, burning need to cum. “Fuuuck. Please, Mistress.”

“Jane, if I told you that you can’t cum for the rest of our time together, what would you do?”

Jane actually whimpered like a pet denied a treat, but she weakly answered, “I would obey, Mistress.”

“And how would it feel to obey? To sacrifice your pleasure for my happiness.”

Now Jane smiled, her eyes closing serenely. “So good. I want it… so bad… but giving that up… to please Mistress… I love it.”

“And that’s what it means to be a good slave,” Connie said, eyes flicking over to Michelle. “Jane, cum for your Mistress.”

“Oh thank god,” Jane cried, before the orgasm struck her like a meteor and she toppled over, cumming on the floor in a senseless heap just like Tara had.

“Do you see what I’m trying to teach you, Michelle.”

Michelle’s finger twitched, a small act of defiance, but her head gave a single nod.

“This isn’t some game. This is a real pledge you’re making.” Connie marched up to Michelle and put a hand on her shoulder, leaning in close to whisper in her ear. “Being my slave means that you will be ready to give me anything. It means you belong to me. You don’t demand from me: you beg and I’ll consider it. Your pleasure doesn’t belong to you: it’s a gift from me. And you should always aim for my pleasure over yours.”

When Connie pulled back she could see the anger remaining in Michelle’s expression, but now there was a tinge of something else in her eyes. Fear? Excitement?

“Now, knowing what it really means to be a slave, do you still want to be my slave?”

For the longest time Michelle didn’t move. Connie stood there patiently watching the frozen woman. The only sounds in the room were Tara and Jane’s low moans, both girls still recovering from the intense orgasms Connie had rewarded them with.

But finally Connie got the answer she wanted as Michelle nodded her head.

“It’ll be hard for you to be a slave, won’t it?”

Michelle nodded.

“Because it’s not just talking dirty and spankings. It’s real dedication. Real respect and reverence. I want you to give up all of yourself to me. To treat me as though I’m some kind of goddess to you. Do you understand?”

Michelle nodded, and Connie saw her pussy was dripping down her thighs now.

“But don’t worry, Michelle. I’ll train you. I’ll teach you. I’ll show you what it means to really give up all control to someone else. To trust someone enough to become a real slave. Do you want that?”

This time Michelle nodded twice. Connie grinned, taking that as a good sign.

“You can speak, Michelle.”

Her mouth opened in a gasp, and she didn’t say anything, just panted.

“Tell me what you really want.”

“To be a slave,” she answered.

Connie cupped one of Michelle’s tits, teasing her hard nipple with her thumb. “Do you still like the idea of being a mistress?”

Michelle hesitated, but nodded. “Yes. It’s exciting.”

“It really is,” Connie replied with an easy grin. “But to be a real Mistress, like I described it, that’s more work than you thought it would be.”

“You’re right. I never really… thought about taking it that far. I just thought it was…”

“Talking dirty and spanking people?” Connie asked with a laugh, and Michelle laughed with her.

“Yeah, that.”

“You know, I was so frustrated with you wanting to be in charge, but I guess I can’t really blame you. After all it’s what I want more than anything.” Connie pinched Michelle’s nipple, and smile as she was rewarded with a needy moan. “But there’s being dominant, and then there’s being a Mistress. You can see that now, right?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle replied, and there was newfound respect in her voice.

“So maybe I’ll let you be in charge of the other girls sometimes. Or, if I feel like it, let you be in charge of me too. It was kind of hot,” Connie admitted, blushing. Then she quickly pointed a finger and said, “But no spankings. Got it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Connie sighed with relief. It was fun to watch other people get spanked but that really wasn’t for her. “Cool. I’m glad we can understand each other.”

Michelle trembled and bit her lip.

“I bet you wanna cum more than you ever thought possible,” Connie chuckled.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But you understand why I had to punish you, right?”

“I do,” she answered, staring down at the floor. “I thought… I thought it was like a game. I act sexy and you tell me what to do, but when I wanted to cum I just… I didn’t take it that seriously.”

“It’s alright, Michelle. I figured that out for myself. So will you take it seriously now?”

“Yes,” she answered immediately, staring Connie in the eyes. “I want to be your slave. I want to make you happy. I want to be yours that badly. Please, show me.”

Connie held up her phone, grinning. “If that’s what you want, then I’ll warn you that you won’t be cumming for a while.”

Michelle gulped, arms still frozen in the air. “I don’t care. I’ll do it. Or, I’ll try.”

“Then let’s see how good of a slave you can be.” Connie reached behind Michelle’s head, grabbing her hair and easily tilting Michelle’s head back, making her stare at the ceiling. “Michelle, every time you hear me take a picture you’ll still get ten percent hornier for me.”

Michelle opened her mouth in protest, but stopped herself.

“Every time I take a picture, I want you to say, ‘I belong to Mistress Connie.’ Got it?”



Immediately Michelle buckled, nearly falling over as she gasped in shock. Her body quickly froze in place again, and Michelle meekly announced, “I belong to Mistress Connie.”

“I bet you didn’t think you could get any hornier, huh?”

“N-no,” Michelle stammered. “It feels like—”


“I’m goooohhhhfuck I belong to Mistress Connie.”

“Good slave. We’re going to see just how far I can push you.” Connie was rubbing her pussy, holding the phone out high as she snapped pic after pic of Michelle’s frozen body, shivering with hypnotic need as she repeated her oath over and over and over. In less than a minute Michelle’s words were slurring together. Her eyes were blank and unable to focus on anything. Her mind felt like it was bubbling over with boiling pleasure, her thoughts melting away completely. She was becoming nothing but pure pleasure. The pure need to cum. And pure obedience.

At some point Michelle completely lost herself. Her body slipped away as she found herself floating in some strange pink ocean, unable to remember anything. It was absolute bliss. Though she had no idea where this place was, she was certain that she’d always dreamt about it. It occurred to her that she didn’t even remember what her name was.

All she knew was that Connie had given this to her.

Connie, the one who was her Mistress.

The Mistress she belonged to.

She belonged to Mistress Connie.

She belonged to Mistress Connie.

She belonged-

“—to Mistress Connie. I belong to Mistress Connie. I… I…”

Michelle hesitated, looking around the room blearily. She could think again, but thinking felt weird now. This strange buzzing in her head that was confused and frustrated. Why couldn’t she be mindless again?

She caught sight of Connie and she sighed happily, the joyous feeling running through her mind and body. “Mistress,” she said, savoring the word like it was the finest delicacy. “You woke me up. Why? It felt so good.”

Connie giggled, the sound beautiful to Michelle’s ears. Her Mistress was so perfect.

“You did seem to be enjoying yourself, but I still want to have some fun with you.”

“Yes Mistress,” Michelle replied with an obedient nod. She couldn’t remember if her Mistress had given her permission to move and so she remained frozen, unwilling to move. Although it did feel like her legs were wider apart. And there was something else too. Some wet pressure against her clit. Against her asshole. It felt so good, but her entire body was positively burning with desperate need, as if she were being kissed and rubbed and teased everywhere.

“Mistress, did I cum?”

Connie smirked from where she lounged back in a chair, watching her. “No, you didn’t cum.”

How long had she been standing here, so desperate to cum? No wonder she felt ready to go crazy.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she said, voice a little dazed as stronger sensations traveled up her spine. Whatever was happening to her she loved it. She loved her Mistress.

“Why are you thanking me, slave?”

“I… I don’t know,” Michelle admitted. “I just feel… so amazing. I know it’s you. Thank you, Mistress, for making me feel so good.”

“You’re welcome, slave. But I have a little help. Would you like to see who’s making you feel so good?”

Michelle tilted her head, confused. There were people besides her and Mistress? It was so hard to remember.

“Look down,” Connie commanded, and Michelle obligingly did so. She saw a familiar young woman eating her out, lapping at her pussy so passionately. Her face was slick with pussy, and Michelle bet that the girl must have been going down on her for some time now. No wonder she felt so good.

“Do you know who she is?” Connie asked. Michelle heard an excited tone in her voice. There was an answer here that her Mistress wanted. But her weak brain was pulsing in time with her clit and the thoughts were so hard to piece together. Michelle stared at this gorgeous girl’s pussy soaked face, while the strange but familiar girl kept smiling up at her as she took loving licks at her clit.

“She’s your slave?” Michelle finally offered, hoping it was right.

“She is that,” her Mistress said, sharing an amused laugh with the kneeling girl. “But she’s something more, too. Something that makes this so much hotter for me. Do you want to know?”

“Please… please…”

The girl slid some fingers into Michelle’s pussy, getting her attention as she grinned wide with those pussy drenched lips of hers. “I’m your daughter, Tara. Remember?”

Daughter? Oh, right.

Michelle smiled hesitantly, as the knowledge seeped slowly through her barely functioning brain. “Tara. Right. You’re my daughter.”

Her daughter giggled as she kept fingering her. Michelle wriggled her hips, wanting her to keep licking at her clit. For a brief moment though, there was a red flashing thought through her head. Something that told her this was wrong. That it shouldn’t happen. But when Michelle focused on it, the alarming idea simply melted away with the rest of her thoughts. She tried to think of a reason that she shouldn’t enjoy having her daughter eat her out, and found nothing against it. She was horny, and Tara’s mouth felt so good. And they were both slaves to Connie. It was perfect.

“Can you lick my clit again? Please, Tara?”

Connie was instantly on her feet, frantically toying with her camera. “Sorry, Michelle, can you say that again? I want to record it.”

Michelle glanced up to see her Mistress holding the phone out, recording video of her. Somehow knowing she was being recorded made it even hotter. She was a good slave, and her Mistress wanted a performance.

Licking her lips, Michelle reached down and put her hand on Tara’s cheek, wiping away some of her own pussy juices. “Tara, can you eat me out some more while Mistress Connie watches?”

“Yes, Mom.”

Michelle let out a relieved groan as Tara went back to eating her out, though with even more enthusiasm now. Clearly she wanted to perform well for Mistress Connie too.

From behind, Michelle felt something wonderful entering her ass, the same way Tara’s tongue was probing deep into her cunt. She twisted around as much as she could while still giving Tara full access to her cunt, and she was able to make out the frizzy hair of another woman against her ass.

“Someone is… licking my ass,” Michelle panted.

“Do you like it, slave?”

“I love it,” she groaned, and immediately the other tongue moved in deeper. “It feels so good,” Michelle moaned, hoping to egg the second girl on, and sure enough Michelle felt hands gripping her ass cheeks tight as she ate out her ass with even more determination. Tara immediately stepped up her attention to Michelle’s pussy, as well, and Michelle just stood there panting, moaning as she was pleasured from in front and behind.

“Do you know who the other girl is?” Connie asked, leaning in close with the camera.

There was that teasing edge to the question, just like when Connie had asked about her daughter, Tara. Michelle reached back and ran her hands through the other girl’s hair, while also taking the chance to press her face against her ass, making her go deeper.

“Jane,” she cried out happily. “This is Jane, my other daughter. Jane is… eating my ass… and I love it.”

When Connie moaned, Michelle’s entire body rippled as she nearly came. It was only Connie’s absolute control over her that kept her from cumming without permission.

Her vision had blurred from the rush of ecstasy, and when it cleared Michelle saw that Connie was fingering herself, moving around them with the camera recording them all. Michelle smiled wide for the camera, and gripped Jane’s hair tighter. She also grabbed Tara’s hair, and encouraged both of her daughters to eat her out more.

“My daughter Tara is eating my cunt, and Jane is eating my ass. My daughters are going down on me for you, Mistress. I love it so much.”

Connie didn’t say anything, but she nearly stumbled and fell she was fingering herself so fast. Michelle knew that her Mistress was loving this. Something about it being her daughters was driving Connie wild. Michelle didn’t know what was hot about it, but she didn’t care.

“Do you girls like eating out your mom? Do you like eating my cunt and eating my ass for our Mistress?”

Tara and Jane both moaned eagerly against her holes, and Michelle trembled as the vibrations entered her so deeply.

“Keep fucking me. We all belong to Mistress Connie. We’re her slaves. We’ll do anything for you, Mistress. I’ll eat out Tara’s cunt if you command. I’ll eat out Jane’s ass if you command. I’ll fuck my daughters in any way you wish. We exist to be yours, Mistress.” Michelle reached out towards Connie, who had stopped in place, her fingers a blur as they rubbed frantically at her clit. “Your slaves want to make you cum. Command us. Use us. My family is yours, Mistress.”

“Oh fuck!” Connie cried out as she shuddered, moaning in orgasm as she finally came. Tara and Jane immediately stiffened against her, their tongues going in so deep. She felt how much they loved knowing they made Connie cum. She loved knowing that she’d made Connie cum. They were her slaves. Her pleasure was more important than theirs. They’d happily never cum again. They deserved only the pleasure Connie gave them. They would obediently serve without cumming for as long as she’d-

“Slaaaves,” Connie groaned, humping her hand and barely managing to keep the phone trained on them. “Cum for meee!”

Reality burst into perfect pink light around Michelle as she felt Tara cry out against her cunt in orgasm, then Jane’s tongue wriggling in her ass as she came hard, and then Michelle was clutching her daughters tight against her holes as she came and had the most perfect orgasm of her life.

Everything was a blur as Michelle swan dived back into that perfect mindless pink ocean.

By the time everything faded away and Michelle opened her eyes, she discovered that she was on the floor. Tara was somehow sprawled across her chest, head resting on Michelle’s tits as she drooled and panted happily, like a satisfied puppy. Jane was twisted up around Michelle’s legs, staring at the ceiling with an awe-struck expression plastered on her face.

And sitting above them was Connie, soaked and exhausted with her legs spread. She had hoped that Mistress Connie would be grinning over them triumphantly, but instead Connie’s attention was glued to her phone. Michelle heard her own voice, begging for the chance to fuck her daughters, and though she was a little shocked with how depraved and desperate she sounded, Michelle knew she’d happily obey if her Mistress commanded it. Then she heard Connie’s voice on the phone cumming, then she heard all of them cumming, and the living room was filled with the phantom sounds of their orgasms. It was strange to hear herself cumming and not be able to remember the orgasm at all.

When the moans trailed off, Connie dropped the phone from her hands and rested her head back on the chair. She let out a low whistle. “Holy fuck. I actually did it. I made them all my sex slaves with hypnosis.”

“You sure did, Mistress,” Michelle said proudly, and Connie nearly fell out of the chair. Obviously she thought that all of them were mindlessly in trance and weren’t listening.

“Michelle! How, uh, how do you feel?”

“Wonderful. I’ve never cum like that before. And being mindless is so perfect. I want to be a mindless slave all the time.”

“Careful what you wish for,” Connie laughed, sitting up from her chair. “Maybe I should keep you all like this.”

“That would be fun,” Michelle said truthfully, but her eyes caught sight of the clock on the wall. “And even though you went over your allotted hour, I don’t think the girls will mind. I certainly don’t.”

“Hour?” Connie asked, confused. Then her smile fell as she remembered. “Right. This was just a temporary thing.”

Michelle nodded, disappointed too. “Maybe… maybe we could change things up so we’re like this more?”

“It’s not really socially acceptable. Against the rules and all,” Connie muttered sadly. There was no reason for the poor girl to be so put out, Michelle thought. It wasn’t like she made the rules.

“Well… maybe some people wouldn’t understand, but I don’t care. I enjoyed myself.” Michelle made her voice firm, propping herself up on her elbows. Tara slid off of her tits and down to her stomach, where she kept drooling without concern. Tara must have really dropped deep if she was still in trance. “I loved being your slave. And I think the girls did too. I want you to be my Mistress, Connie.”

Connie got down on her knees, crawling in closer with a surprised expression on her face, and hope in her eyes. “So you’d want to be with me, even if it broke some taboos and social conventions?”

“I think I would.”

Connie scrunched up her nose, considering it. “It doesn’t really mean as much since you’re hypnotized right now, but that’s got to be a good sign.”

She didn’t really know what Connie was talking about, but she did like the idea that Connie had her hypnotized. She searched her woozy mind but couldn’t think of what was changed.

“Nah, I can’t make this permanent,” Connie finally said, coming to some kind of decision with herself. “This was perfect though, really. It was everything I ever dreamed of.”

“I don’t really know what you’re saying, but I’m glad I could make you happy, Mistress.”

Connie moved in closer and kissed Michelle, and Michelle eagerly threw herself into the kiss. She pressed in tight, eager to show Connie how happy she was too.

When Connie pulled away there was a goofy, happy smile on her face that made Michelle giggle.

“Do we really have to stop?” Michelle asked. “I didn’t get to eat you out.”

Connie glanced over at the clock with a conflicted look, but then shook her head. “Yeah, we’d be cutting it too close. Besides, I’m definitely figuring out a way to make you all my slaves now. There’s no way I’m giving up after this.”

“That’s good to hear, Mistress.”

Connie smiled down at Jane and Tara’s hypnotized faces. “Might take some time, but I’ll get there. Besides, I dreamed of this setup so much that I never really thought about what I’d do after I got my dream harem. Knowing that I can make you three my slaves when I want, well, now I just want to think up more fun things to do with all of you.”

Michelle grinned at that. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“But it’s time to put you under again. Gotta clean up this mess,” Connie chuckled, waving a hand around at the soaked floor. The entire room reeked of pussy, but to Michelle it smelled divine.

“Are you sure, Mistress? I don’t want to be anything but your slave.”

Connie kissed her again, just a quick one. “I am. You won’t remember this, but you’ll be my slave again soon. And I promise I’m going to make all your dreams come true.”

“That sounds so wonderful,” Michelle started to say, but Connie had put her hand against Michelle’s forehead and the world was fading away, going pink as she slipped down into that endless ocean again. She sunk down deeper and deeper, holding onto the wonderful memory of Connie’s lips against hers. The memory of Tara’s mouth against her cunt, and of Jane’s tongue in her ass. Pleasure everywhere, it was so perfect.

And Michelle woke, the whole strange dream still in her head. For a few drowsy seconds the dream hung over her mind like fading mist, and she could feel Connie kissing her while her daughters ate her out. Michelle shut her eyes and clung to it, the pleasure spiking and her toes curling as it all seemed so real.

“Jane, more,” she muttered.

Her eyes shot open, realizing what she was imagining. She’d just moaned her daughter’s name!

Michelle sat bolt upright, instantly awake. She was in bed, but it was still light outside. What time was it? What was she doing? The dream’s hold on her had faded, but Michelle still felt something filling her pussy. She realized that she had been fingering herself.

She’d been masturbating, having a wet dream about Connie dominating her. It was so wrong, but so hot. And Connie had enslaved her daughters too. They were her devoted sex slaves, brainwashed to be hers, and Tara and Jane were doing such filthy things to her.

How could she ever imagine anything like that?

But, as her thoughts kept dredging up the dream, Michelle found her fingers slowly beginning to move again, rubbing against her clit. Remembering the look on Tara’s face, smeared with her cunt. And Jane’s tongue in her ass. Michelle had never let anyone play with her there, had never even fantasized about it, but it had been so unbelievably good.

Cautiously, Michelle slipped her other hand under her ass, and pressed a probing finger there. She found her ass already wet and sensitive, and her finger went in easily. Michelle felt an instant rush through her body, and she began to finger both of her holes frantically. She tried to change the fantasy. Imagine that it was Connie eating her pussy, or licking her ass, but it just didn’t work. She needed Connie standing over her. Her Mistress Connie. And her daughters eating her out, obeying Connie’s orders. That they had all surrendered, agreed to be hers, that was part of what made it hot. That it was so wrong to commit incest, but Connie’s hold on them was so strong that they had to obey. To imagine Connie actually having the power to brainwash her until she wanted to fuck her own daughters. It was…

It was…

Michelle bit her lip hard as she came, desperately stopping herself from moaning. She felt a name on her lips, wanting to escape, and she couldn’t be certain that it was Connie’s. If anyone heard her moaning one of her daughter’s names…

But the panic passed as the orgasm rumbled pleasantly through her. Michelle collapsed to her bed, panting and smiling. She knew the fantasy was wrong, but in the afterglow she didn’t care. There’d be time to scold herself later when she was more awake. For now, Michelle clung to how hot this fantasy was. For Connie to be some dominant woman brainwashing them to serve.

“If only,” Michelle chuckled to herself, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the fading warmth of her orgasm.