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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 29

Dream a Little Dream For Me: Part 11

“Do I really have to forget everything?”

Connie held Tara’s hands, fighting to resist the puppy dog eyes she gave her. “Yes. It’s what we agreed to.”

“But… but maybe it’s okay to let me remember. You had fun, right?”

Connie sighed. “I absolutely loved it. But can you honestly tell me you’ll be fine knowing that you fucked your mom and your sister?”

There was a glimmer of defiance in Tara’s eyes, but then she seemed to consider things and her shoulders slumped. “I guess, I… yeah, I probably wouldn’t know what to do with that.”

“Picture yourself eating family breakfast,” Connie said with a hint of a smirk.

Tara reacted with horror. “Oh fuck. No, that’d be way too awkward to handle.”

Connie couldn’t help but snort with laughter.

“So they’re really going to think all of that was just a dream?”

“That’s the idea,” Connie replied. “At least that part of the trigger has been reliable every time.”

They were sitting cross-legged on Tara’s bed, facing each other. Connie had already sent Michelle and Jane off to their rooms, where they’d find themselves waking up from a nap with no clue about the orgy they’d just had. All that was left was wiping Tara’s memory, like they’d discussed from the start. Connie had expected Tara’s cold feet, but all things considered she’d handled everything pretty well. Tara had certainly helped give Connie a day she’ll never forget.

“I still can’t believe you’ve been hypnotizing them both,” Tara said, impressed. “And me, too.”

“I only hypnotized you twice. And I promise to leave you out of things, since you’re dating Nadia.”

“That’s not what I meant. It’s just incredible to think you’ve been doing all of this. You’ve always been so timid about things.” Tara smiled warmly. “You’re a lot more confident. I’m proud of you.”

Connie squeezed her hands, grateful for the kind words. “I’ve still got a ways to go, but I promise I’ll keep getting better about it. So are you ready?”

Tara took a deep breath, clearly nervous. “To have my memory wiped? No, I wouldn’t even know how to get ready for that. That’s some super villain shit right there.”

Connie punched her arm. “Shut up! I’m not evil.”

“That was a compliment, clearly! But, I guess you better just do it then.”

Connie nodded. She reached up and placed her hands on the sides of Tara’s head. Her friend shivered and shut her eyes.

“One last thing.”

Connie groaned. This was hard enough without Tara stalling. “What is it now?”

“I know it’s all weird and everything, considering it was my family, but I really enjoyed myself. I liked being a slave for you, Connie.”

A smile crept over Connie’s face. She stroked Tara’s hair and replied, “I liked being your Mistress.”

“Too bad it didn’t work out for us.”

“Yeah,” Connie muttered. “But I’ll always be your best friend.”

Now Tara smiled. “I can live with that.”

Connie pressed her thumbs gently against Tara’s forehead, and commanded her to drop. Tara fell instantly into trance, her hands dropping to her sides. Connie took her time with Tara, locking away the memories of hypnosis, being a sex slave and the whole incestual orgy. She made a special lock-box in her friends mind, and sealed it all away where Tara wouldn’t be able to remember a thing. It was weird to think that there was some tiny, hidden part of Tara that wanted to be her slave, but Connie knew it was for the best that they didn’t explore it. Tara had Nadia, and Connie wanted her friend to be happy.

She locked the memories away, but Connie knew that it was possible to open this box up again in the future. Just in case things with Tara’s girlfriend didn’t work out, and Tara ended up single again. It was a faint hope, but Connie just wanted to be ready, since life had thrown a lot of unexpected twists at her already.

Satisfied that Tara was back to her normal self, Connie set her to sleep on her bed, where she’ll wake up in a few minutes thinking that today had just been a boring day, with her watching videos online or reading comic books. A typical day, with nothing out of the ordinary.

For her part though, Connie felt ready to collapse. Between the hours of hypnosis and the hours of fucking every one of her crushes, Connie was beat. She crawled over to the spare mattress she’d been sleeping on these past few weeks and was asleep the second her head hit the pillow. Her last lingering thoughts were happily replaying the day in her mind, as she finally got to live her dream and experience what sleeping with the whole family felt like.

* * *

By the time Connie blearily opened her eyes it was already dark outside. Muffled voices wafted up to her from the dining room, and Connie’s stomach gave a loud, insistent rumble. She’d barely had anything to eat all day except pussy, and now she was missing dinner. Connie’s empty belly was yelling at her to run downstairs and join in, only a quick smell check made it clear that Connie reeked of sex. Probably best to wash herself off, before everyone wondered why Connie smelled like she just came from an orgy.

A quick shower later and Connie was bouncing down the stairs and into the living room, which unmistakably smelled like an entire family had just had an orgy here only hours ago. “So much for being discreet,” Connie muttered to herself.

Thankfully everyone was eating at the table and hardly seemed to notice the obvious smell of wet pussy. Michelle glanced up from her food and beamed at her. “Well hello there, sleepy head. Come on down and get some food.”

“Gladly. I’m starving.” Connie headed over to sit next to Tara, checking her carefully to see if Tara showed any hint of remembering the day’s wild events, but all Connie got was a confused stare back. Relieved, Connie plopped down into her seat and helped herself to some mashed potatoes. “So what’s everyone talking about so excitedly? I could practically hear everyone upstairs.”

“Oh it’s the strangest thing,” Michelle started to say, before Jane cut in.

“Seriously, it’s so weird. So check it, me and Mom both dreamt that we were your sex slaves.”

Connie choked on her drink, making Tara and Jane burst out laughing.

“I told you it was weird.”

“Yeah, that’s—” Connie coughed and pounded her chest, making nervous glances at Gloria. “That’s certainly pretty weird.”

“And they were so similar,” Michelle said thoughtfully. “We both dreamed that you had all of us as your slaves, and were making us—” She blushed and looked away. “Well, you know.”

Jane leaned across the table, snickering. “We fucked.”

Michelle gasped. “Jane!”

“Hey, you dreamt it too. Guess being a pervert runs in the family.” Then Jane grinned and nudged Tara with her elbow. “Well, most of the family anyway.”

Tara fumed and shot Jane a dirty look. “Just because I didn’t dream about all of us having a gang bang doesn’t make me weird.”

“Well let’s find out,” Jane challenged back, before all of them suddenly turned their attention on Connie. “So Connie, did you dream about all of us being your sex slaves?”

Connie was sweating bullets, but for some reason Gloria was just casually eating her chicken, hardly appearing to register the conversation. There was the command that made her believe Connie would never hypnotize the family and to ignore any signs that she’d done it, but surely a simple command couldn’t make Gloria this dense? She had to know what was happening. Was this a trap?

Her panicked eyes darted from Jane’s excited expression to Michelle’s curious smile, then to Tara’s hopeful frown.

“Nope. I didn’t dream about anything like that.”

Tara burst into a relieved smile, while Michelle and Jane sighed with disappointment. As much fun as there might be had by making them think they all shared some kinky dream experience, it would be way too dangerous to have everybody suspicious of something like that. Even having Michelle and Jane thinking they both had the same sex dream was too risky. She’d have to make one of them forget about it. Probably Jane, since she was hoping to let the dreams make Michelle more interested in bondage and submission. Then again, Michelle still had that brick wall about being her slave, so maybe it would be better to let Jane think she’d had the kinky dream. Except apparently all of Jane’s dreams were so batshit crazy that it might not actually do any good at all. Maybe she should-

Connie got so lost in weaving her plans that she completely missed Jane asking her a question.

“What was that?”

“I said,” Jane repeated, pointing at her with a fork, “Wouldn’t you want to make all of us your sex slaves?”

A pure jolt of adrenaline and fear sent Connie’s heart skyrocketing into her throat.

“Wha- what are you- I mean, don’t be crazy. Of course I’d never want anything like that!”

“Really? I thought you would have loved it.”

“Nope.” Connie laughed nervously. “No way I’d want that.”

Tara and Jane both gave her a disappointed shake of the head. “You’re loss, then,” Jane muttered. “Me, I’d kill to have all of you as my sex slaves.”

Connie’s jaw dropped. “You’d want to make Michelle and Tara your sex slaves?”

Jane went rigid, mortified, as Tara burst out into cackling laughter.

“I didn’t- I mean obviously not sex slaves. That was just a slip of the tongue. But if I could order Tara around and make her do all my chores for me, that’d be dope as hell.”

“Hey,” Tara snapped, kicking her sister’s chair.

Jane kicked Tara’s chair back. “What? You saying you wouldn’t jump at the chance to make me your slave?”

“Well now I want it. Just so I can make you humiliate yourself in front of everybody. Maybe order you to strut around your campus naked.”

Jane shot out her tongue. “If I showed my fine ass off around campus it’d just make me more popular than ever.”



Michelle put a hand down hard against the edge of the table. “Well if I could have you girls as my slaves then I’d order you to treat each other with respect.” She crossed her arms, pleased with herself. Then, tilting her head as an idea struck her, Michelle added, “Also I’d make you do yard work every so often. It really wouldn’t kill you girls.”

“It might,” Tara said, her and Jane sharing a snicker.

“I mean it, you two really need to get along better. You should be loving sisters, like me and Lucy were.”

Gloria suddenly let out a loud, barking laugh, the first sign that she was actually following the conversation.

Michelle frowned. “What? Me and Lucy got along great as kids.”

“Sure you did,” Gloria replied, stifling more laughter.

Connie gave Tara and Jane a confused look, but they just shrugged. Jane broke the awkward moment by saying, “Anyway I prefer dream Connie making me her sex slave. At least then I wouldn’t have to do yard work.”

Tara nodded. “Yeah, I think Connie would make a good Mistress. Not that I get to dream about it or anything fun like that, but I imagine she would be.”

“Oh, she was great,” Jane said, giving Connie a sly wink. Then Jane gave her mom a teasing smile. “Wouldn’t you agree, Mom?”

Michelle nearly dropped her fork, immediately flustered. “The dream was… very fun,” Michelle admitted. “But nothing like that could ever happen in real life.”

“You don’t know,” Jane said, eager for the rare chance to tease her mom. “Maybe Connie can make us a great offer to be her sex slaves. Like if she won the lottery or something. Then we’d all be begging to be her sex slaves.”

At that Michelle got an almost whimsical expression on her face, and Connie felt her pulse quicken. Michelle liked the idea. It was a good sign, until Michelle frowned.

“As much as I wish Connie luck in winning the lottery, I’m afraid I can’t ever be her sex slave. And you wouldn’t be able to either, Jane.”

“And why not?” Jane snapped back. She sat up straighter, a defiant look on her face. “Maybe I’ll become Connie’s sex slave right now.”

“Jane Meredith Silva, you will not threaten to become a sex slave out of spite.”

“Who’s threatening? I really mean it. Go ahead and give me an order, Connie.” Jane spun in her chair, putting her hands out as if Connie were going to handcuff her. “Order me to do any perverted thing you want. My body is yours, Mistress!”

Connie couldn’t hide a smile coming to her lips. “Go clean up the front yard, then.”

Everyone collapsed into laughter as Jane’s face fell into absolute despair. Even Gloria was chortling.

“Thank you for being sensible, Connie,” Michelle said as Jane sulked in her chair.

Tara patted Connie on the shoulder, still laughing. “See? Connie really would be a great Mistress.”

“But she can’t,” Michelle stated again. Across the table Jane made a disgusted sound.

“And why not? Why are you so down on Connie?”

“I-I’m not,” she stuttered, surprised by the accusation. “It’s just that she couldn’t be a Mistress for either of us. I suppose she could be a Mistress for Tara.”

Now Connie leaned in, curious. “Wait, I thought that you thought that I wasn’t fit to be anyone’s Mistress?”

“I never said anything like that!” Michelle was acting distressed, like she was being attacked on all sides. “It’s just the rules, I didn’t decide them. The younger person can’t be the Mistress.”

Connie’s jaw dropped.

Jane cocked her head, laughing. “And who told you that?”

“Well, nobody. But it just makes sense.”

“Mom, the younger person can absolutely be the Mistress. It’s not decided by age like that.”

Now it was Michelle’s turn to be just as shocked as Connie was. “But- but I thought—”

“Yeah, Mom,” Tara cut in. “I’m pretty sure anyone can choose to be dominant or submissive. It’s just, like, a personal preference.”

“It’s true,” Gloria added, looking up from her food. “Age doesn’t matter at all about who’s in charge in a submissive/dominant relationship.”

“So you mean that I could…” Michelle glanced over at Connie. “That Connie could…”

“Yup,” Jane snickered. “Connie could totally be your Mistress.”

Michelle’s face went bright red as she bit her lip, new possibilities opening up to her.

Not that Connie could see that. Connie had suffered a mental break hearing all of this and was staring off into space. All of that frustration and anguish, all those efforts to win Michelle over, and the whole mental block that was keeping her from having Michelle was because of a simple misunderstanding.

“I’m an idiot,” Connie suddenly announced to the table.

Tara chuckled and patted her shoulder. “You are, but we love you anyway.”

* * *

The family laughed and talked throughout dinner, but when Michelle went off to clean the dishes it took just a few convincing words from Connie to remind Gloria, Tara and Jane that they had something they wanted to take care of in their rooms. They quickly cleared out, and Connie made her way into the kitchen, alone with Michelle.

“That was a great dinner, thank you.”

Michelle smiled back at her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“And that was some interesting conversation, huh?”

Quickly Michelle turned back to the sink, scrubbing frantically at a plate. “Was it? I can barely even remember.”

“Let me refresh your memory,” Connie said as she snuck up closer. She saw Michelle shiver, and the blush in her cheeks was clear. Michelle was excited, but did that mean the limit was gone?

Connie wondered about the best way to proceed, and became tripped up in her thoughts as numerous ways of showing Michelle her place came to mind. Then Connie pushed them aside. Best to start simple.

“Michelle, show me your panties.”

When she’d used the trigger on her before, Michelle had flashed her panties in amusement, hardly seeing it as a submissive act. This time Connie heard a muffled moan as Michelle dropped the plate loudly in the sink. She winced, hoping that it didn’t break, but her concerns vanished as Michelle spun about and hastily unzipped her jeans, dropping them to the floor to reveal her bare, dripping cunt and nothing else.

“I didn’t put panties on,” Michelle muttered bashfully. She couldn’t even bring herself to look Connie in the eyes.

“I’m not complaining.” Connie stood there with a satisfied grin, inspecting Michelle’s pussy as if she had every right to. All the while Michelle wriggled, embarrassed and horny with her face bright red. “Why didn’t you wear panties to dinner?”

“I don’t know,” she muttered, not very convincingly.

“Michelle.” Connie spoke her name in a commanding tone. Instantly Michelle went rigid, looking her right in the eyes. “Tell me why you didn’t wear panties to dinner. The truth.”

For a moment Michelle hesitated, biting her lip. Then she shuddered as the truth came free. “I was horny. From the dream. It felt good, being that wet around you. It was naughty.”

“Good girl.”

Michelle gasped, a surprised smile on her face. Clearly the words had some sort of an effect on her already. Connie could only imagine how much she’d come to love those words after some brainwashing.

“That was the dream where you were my sex slave, right?”

“Y-yes.” Michelle wriggled a little, and put her hands in front to cover her pussy. “Connie, can I put my pants back on?”

Connie smirked. “No.”

Michelle didn’t even question it. She even put her hands back to her sides, so Connie could have a clear view of her slick lips.

“And this was the dream where Tara and Jane were my slaves too, right?”

The older woman nodded, eyes downcast.

“Did you fuck them in your dream?”

Michelle’s head shot up, eyes wide, but before she could protest, Connie held up a hand.

“Relax. I won’t judge you. Your dreams are out of your control, after all.” It was the truth, although Connie neglected to take credit for the dream herself. “I just want to know.”

“We…” Michelle gulped. “You had ordered me and the girls to… serve you. Which may have involved fucking.”

Connie couldn’t help but chuckle. “Did we fuck in your dream?”

Now Michelle frowned. “No,” she muttered, disappointment clear. Connie had made sure not to get carried away and break their promise, and if that only frustrated Michelle and made her want to fuck her more than that was just a bonus.

“But you fucked Tara and Jane?”


“And did you enjoy it?”

Michelle groaned. “Yes.”

“Good girl.”

Michelle’s hips pumped ahead, and Connie was shocked to see that she’d gotten so much wetter. She reached out and slid her fingers against Michelle’s pussy, and Michelle gripped the edge of the sink, biting her lip and shutting her eyes in gratitude. Connie didn’t finger her, though. She just left her fingers nestled between her lips. Michelle was trembling, and after a few frustrated seconds Connie laughed.

“You can fuck my hand.”

Immediately whatever willpower Michelle had been using to hold herself back was gone. She started humping Connie’s hand, quiet frantic moans escaping her with each thrust.

“Maybe I should make you my sex slave,” Connie muttered, and Michelle’s thighs clenched down on her hand so tight that Connie nearly cried out. Michelle was staring at her with wide, hopeful eyes.

“You… you would?”

“I’ve always wanted you to be my sex slave.”

Michelle shook her head. “But I was so sure… that you wanted me to be in charge. Didn’t you want that too?”

Of course Michelle would think that. Connie had told her that in trance, just to get Gloria to believe that Connie wasn’t trying to hypnotize the girls. Michelle wanted this, it was so clear in her eyes, but she also had this firm understanding that Connie could never be her Mistress. It was like trying to make her believe that gravity was all just a misunderstanding and wasn’t real at all.

Thinking quickly, Connie smiled and cupped Michelle’s cheek in her hand. “I did. But that was before I realized I could be the mistress.”

“I didn’t think you could be. Until Jane said something, I just assumed I would have to be in charge.”

Connie smiled, playing into the lie. “I thought the same thing. I was so frustrated, because I wanted to dominate you so badly. And now, apparently I can.”

Michelle started to rock her cunt back and forth against Connie’s fingers. “Yes,” she hissed under her breath.

“I can be your Mistress,” Connie declared, and Michelle humped faster. “And you…”

Connie’s hand moved down Michelle’s cheek to stroke her throat, holding her possessively as Michelle kept humping her other hand with abandon now.

“You can be my slave.”

“Unghh, fuck, yes.”

Connie raised a challenging eyebrow. “Yes, what?”

Michelle moaned and writhed. “Yes, Muh-Mistress.”

Connie pressed her fingers up against Michelle’s dripping cunt.


“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle gasped instantly. A smile spread on her face, even as her eyes started to roll back. She was getting close to cumming.


Michelle let out a delighted moan. “Yes, Mistress. Yes, Mistress. I’m yours, Mistress. You own me, Mistress. I was so foolish, Mistress. I should… I should be yours, Mistress. Mistress, I… I… I…” Her body was locking up, her voice nearly gone, the orgasm welling up inside, stronger than Michelle had ever felt.

Connie leaned in close, lips against Michelle’s ear. “Cum for me, slave.” She slipped two fingers deep into Michelle’s cunt as the words sunk in, and Michelle clapped a hand over her mouth as she screamed in orgasm. Connie wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her fingers inside Michelle as her slave writhed and shuddered. Connie was grinning, keeping her slave close and watching as she came.

“Your first orgasm as my slave. Enjoy it, cherish it. And as it fades, it will take your thoughts away. You will sink for me, slave, deep into trance. Open yourself up to me.”

Michelle’s vision was spinning, blurring from the intense pleasure, but she looked up at Connie. Her Mistress. She already felt herself falling into trance.

“Offer no resistance. Give up your will. Your freedom. Become my slave. Open your mind so I can change you, make you perfect. Do you understand?”

Michelle was suddenly scared. Gazing up at Connie, the young girl appeared so powerful. Her voice rang through Michelle’s head with such authority. Connie really could change her. Connie really could make her a slave. Connie could hypnotize her to become whatever she desired, and Michelle wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Then she saw Connie smile. “Do you trust me?”

And right then, Michelle relaxed and nodded her head. She sank, back down into that wonderful empty bliss of trance. She gave herself up to Connie. Michelle didn’t know what being a slave would feel like, but now she was excited to find out.

So when she opened her eyes and saw Connie’s bright smile, Michelle was a little confused that she didn’t feel all that different. “Did you do it? Am I… am I your slave?”

“You sure are.”

Uncertain, Michelle looked over herself and patted her sides, as if becoming a slave was just a physical change, since her mind sure felt the same as it always did.

“I don’t think it worked.”

Connie giggled, still lingering close to her. “What were you expecting it to feel like?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle replied, blushing. “I just thought I’d be able to tell. It should be some big change.”

“Do you want me?”

Michelle glanced up at the question, less surprised by the question itself than the fact that Connie even felt the need to ask.

“Of course I do.”

“Do you want to serve me?”

Her clit buzzed with pleasure. Michelle clenched her thighs together. “Yes.”

“Then you’re my slave, congrats.”

Connie grinned at her, but Michelle still didn’t seem very convinced.

“Listen, Michelle. I could’ve wiped your mind. Or made you believe whatever I wanted. I could have remade you into whatever I wanted.”

Each word sent a thrill of heat throughout her body, and Michelle bit her lip. Connie was talking about literally brainwashing her. It was so wrong, and yet…

“So why didn’t you?”

Connie shrugged. “Because I don’t have to. You’re mine.” She rested her hand on top of Michelle’s, holding it tenderly. “I’m definitely going to brainwash you in the future. Trust me, we’re going to have some fun. But no matter what we do, I’ll probably keep you the way you are most of the time.”

“You won’t change me completely?” There was shade of fear in her voice.

“I can’t promise you’ll be exactly the same,” Connie admitted. “I’ll probably change you, but I think most people in a relationship end up having an effect on each other. But I like you, Michelle. It’s why I want to do all this fun stuff with you.”

Some knot in Michelle’s chest released, and she let out a sigh. She’d been so excited by the danger of what was happening. That she truly could have her mind and personality altered in some fundamentally way. But underneath the excitement, she’d still been nervous as hell. So as much as Michelle wanted to experience an intense transformation like Connie described, she was still relieved to see that Connie was looking out for her.

Like a good Mistress should.

“Thank you, Connie. I think I got a little carried away.”

Connie shook her head. “Believe me, I’m definitely the one who got carried away. I promise I’ll do my best to be responsible with you from now on.”

“Soooo…” Michelle said, dragging out the word. “Are we still going to have to wait so long before playing with each other.”

Connie smirked at her and swatted her hand lightly. “Yes. We’re going to wait.”

“Okay, as long as you think you can wait that long.” Michelle talked coyly, batting her eyes. Connie kept herself steady and didn’t rise to the obvious tease.

“I’ll be just fine, waiting. Can you keep yourself under control?”

Michelle wanted to answer flippantly, but there was something in Connie’s eyes as she spoke. A commanding presence. And the way she talked down to her. Michelle felt her words catch in her throat, and she automatically bowed her head. “I’ll do my best,” she said, surprised at the way she just wanted to submit to Connie’s authority.

Had Connie always had this dominating aura around her? Had she really never noticed it before? Or was it possible that Connie actually had messed with her mind when she’d gone into trance?

Either way, Michelle’s pussy was soaked and she was excited to see how Mistress Connie would treat her.

“So what now?”

Connie rose up on her toes and gave Michelle a soft kiss. “Now I’m going to head up to bed. I’ve had an exhausting day.”

“And what am I supposed to do?”

Her Mistress lowered her eyes down to the sink full of dirty dishes, then back up to Michelle. “Clean the dishes, slave.”

The rush of pleasure made Michelle actually moan. To think that even a simple command like that could make her body burn up so much. Michelle instantly set to the dishes, her clit throbbing happily as she obeyed. She heard Connie chuckling as she left behind her, and Michelle smiled with delight. She washed the dishes with a new sense of purpose, and thought to herself how much she was going to love living as a slave.

Michelle didn’t even notice that her pants were still off until a very embarrassed Tara walked in to see her mom’s bare ass.

* * *

Connie collapsed down onto her mattress. As exhausted as she felt, she was still kicking off her pants. Her clit felt sore, practically begging for mercy, but Connie just had to get off once more.

Once she made sure that the door was locked, Connie slid a pair of headphones over her ears and plugged them into her phone. Just one last orgasm before bed. Just to confirm to herself that it all hadn’t been a wonderful dream.

She started the video. Footage of Tara, Jane and Michelle filled the screen, all naked and wearing identical mindless expressions.

Connie rubbed at her slick cunt as they swore to serve as faithful sex slaves. They called her Mistress. They begged to be brainwashed. They ate each other out, hardly caring at all that they were related.

It was obvious that keeping this footage was a horrible idea. All she needed was for one person to accidentally stumble onto it, and then everything would blow up in her face. Connie had truly planned on deleting the footage after getting herself off, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. This was her longest fantasy made real. Captured on her phone to watch over and over again.

She came shuddering, listening to her slaves moaning. Connie tugged the headphones off and let her phone drop at her side, utterly spent as she lay there panting. Obviously she was keeping the video and pictures she took. She’d have to hide them someplace safe.

Connie just hoped it would never come back to bite her in the ass, but it was only a faint worry.

Mostly, all Connie felt was a glowing sense of pride and accomplishment. She’d turned all three Silva women into her obedient slaves, like she’d always dreamed. And as she drifted off to sleep, Connie began to wonder what else she could accomplish going forward.