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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 3

Granny Knows Best: Part 3

Tara sat on her legs and rocked back and forth at the end of her bed, barely managing to keep her excitement together. Across the room Connie was draped over a bean bag chair and trying to pay attention to the phone call, but with Tara still comfortably sitting in only her underwear it was hard for the horny lesbian to pay attention. Naughty fantasies kept popping up in her mind over the fun that was about to occur. Which only made talking with her parents even more difficult.

“Yes, I know it’s a school night but it’s just for one night, Mom. Please?”

Tara crossed her fingers while Connie struggled not to zone out as her mother listed every reason for saying no. Her eyes inevitably darted back to Tara and with the athletic girl’s legs crossed her underwear was clear to see. Connie couldn’t help fantasizing about the delicious pussy that was hidden away inside. She licked her lips, only stopping when she realized that her mom was calling her name.

“Oh, yeah mom, I’m here. Sorry, Mrs. Silva was just saying something.”

From the bed Tara gave her a curious look and Connie shrugged, unable to defend herself. Then suddenly Connie smiled as a ray of light shone through.

“Of course Mrs. Silva will be here watching us. You can go ahead and call her if you want, she’s completely on board with it.”

Connie couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Tara’s mom enthusiastically agreeing that Connie could spend the night. After her short talk with Gloria the hypnotized grandmother had gone right off to inform Mrs. Silva just how valuable it was for Tara to spend time with her friends. It certainly did help knowing the hypnotic programming that ran through every member of the Silva family was at her disposal. The only question was how Connie should take advantage of it.

Finally she heard a defeated sigh on the phone.

“Really? Oh thank you, Mom. I promise to get all my chores done tomorrow when I get back.”

Tara gripped her knees. “Well?”

“My Mom said I can stay over,” Connie said with a broad grin. Normally her parents were the worrying type who refused to let their precious only daughter stay over anywhere without their supervision. Connie had never gone to camp, or extended field trips, or spent the night at a friends house before. That had never really bothered her until now. Now Connie had a reason to spend as much time as possible with Tara and Jane and their mother Michelle too.

Tara whooped with joy and leapt off the bed. “Sleepover! This is going to be great. What do you want to do first, Connie? We can stay up all night and play video games, or whatever you want.”

“We do still have school in the morning,” Connie chuckled, sounding too much like her Mom.

“Oh we have school every morning,” her friend replied dismissively. Then shook her head. “Okay, we have school most mornings. What I mean is this is the first time you’ve actually been allowed to stay over at my house. How often do I get to hang out with my best friend all night?”

Connie blushed deeply and turned away. Of course Tara had no idea the huge crush that Connie had always had on the girl but saying something touching like that made her body warm and itchy in the best ways.

Tara pouted as she saw that faraway look Connie always got when she went into her head. Just where did the shy girl go all the time, anyway? She’d always pretended not to notice but Tara couldn’t help but imagine the worst, that Connie might have some troubles always weighing on her mind. Well, for once Tara actually had Connie over like a real friend should which meant she was going to do everything possible to keep Connie happy and out of that shell of hers.

Spurred on by these feelings Tara jumped across the room and dive bombed on top of Connie, snapping her right back to reality. Connie gave a high pitched mock scream as Tara wrestled her off the bean bag chair and sent them both rolling onto the floor. To Tara it was innocent fun and a complete blast. Of course she seemed to think it was completely normal that both of them were only dressed in their underwear. To Connie the chance to feel Tara straddling her was a dream come true, bare skin sliding over hers as Tara held her down with her weight.

Connie’s body was overheating, face flushed as Tara crawled onto her back and gently wrapped an arm around her neck in a fake headlock. “Ready to tap out yet, Connie?”

Tara’s breath was warm and sweet against her ear as she spoke, mouth only inches from her. She even had those toned, strong legs of hers wrapped around Connie’s plump hips and had her crotch resting on Connie’s back where she could feel that warm heat radiating out. Connie bucked her hips up, pressing up between Tara’s legs.

The athletic girl grunted and almost slid away but Tara wrapped her leg tighter, fighting as Connie bucked her hips again but now Tara was determined not to be knocked off. Tara held her closer, grinning. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy. I’m not letting go until you tap out, Connie.”

Connie tried to buck her hips again but now her friend had shifted her weight completely onto her hips, holding Connie down to the ground. When she attempted to buck her hips it was impossibly to lift her ass up and instead Connie awkwardly felt her butt moving side to side, and felt herself rubbing against Tara’s legs.

Instantly she heard Tara sharply hiss in air beside her ear, and when Connie looked back Tara was staring away, cheeks growing red. Connie made it seem like she was weakly struggling to escape and rocked her ass up at Tara’s crotch again, almost certain she felt the heat growing between Tara’s legs. Her friend’s cheeks grew redder and Connie swear she saw Tara bite her lip to stifle a moan. Then Tara turned her head and Connie quickly looked away, still wriggling as if she were trying to escape.

“G-go on and try, Connie. I’m not letting go until nnrgh... until you tap out.”

Like she would really ever want this fun to end.

Connie stared at the ground and kept rubbing her ass up into Tara, almost certain now that Tara was getting off on it. Of course Tara would think it was innocent. She had her in a headlock and Tara expected her to fight back anyway. She probably though it was just an awkward angle that made it feel like Connie was grinding her hips up into her crotch like that. And even though Tara was getting turned on by it she was too competitive to let go.

Connie grinned and kept up her struggling, encouraged by the hard points of Tara’s nipples poking into her back now. Every time she heard Tara let out a grunt or a soft moan Connie would only put more effort into it, trying to flex her ass up into Tara with everything she had. If only she were a better dancer she could shake her ass better, the way Jane demonstrated in the attack. Even with an almost naked Tara on top of her Connie couldn’t help but fantasize about the older sister, teaching her how to seductively dance and grind on her partner to turn them on. She was just too greedy to be thankful for the fun chance she already had.

With sudden strength from the fantasy Connie bucked her hips up hard, actually tossing Tara lightly into the air. They were both so shocked that neither had time to brace and Tara landed hard on Connie’s ass, knocking the air out of her. Connie didn’t notice any of that though. All she could focus on was the fact that as her ass pressed up against Tara’s pussy she distinctly felt a small wet patch within the girl’s panties.

Tara blushed and slid off of Connie, laying on the ground beside her but keeping her friend in the headlock. When Connie checked Tara’s cheek were burning bright red and she kept her eyes hidden, legs pressed tight. It was so much that Connie almost laughed, but at the same time she felt guilty. Tara was clearly embarrassed and terrified that she not only got wet from wrestling Connie but that her friend might have felt it. It was hardly her fault for it since Connie had been aggressively trying to turn her friend on. She was going to pretend not to have noticed anything, make Tara think that everything was back to normal, but at the last second stopped her. Why should things go back to normal with her pining after Tara in secret? If Tara really had gotten wet from wrestling her then shouldn’t Connie tell her that it was alright to sometimes get turned on by your friends? That maybe it happened more than you might think.

Connie’s mouth went dry and her heart started pounding, but she knew this was what she should do. A chance to actually connect to her friend and hopefully try to move their friendship away from being purely platonic. Maybe they could have a friendship where they each admitted sometimes the other could make their pussy wet. Now that had more possibilities for her. She opened her mouth to talk but was cut off but a sweet, elderly voice.

“Well don’t you girls look like you are having fun?”

The two barely dressed girls stared up in shock as Gloria stood in the doorway, the grandmother offering a beaming smile.

“Oh, hi Granny. We were just wrestling,” Tara said, quickly releasing Connie and rolling away from her. She started to stand up but stopped suddenly, shivering, and instead laid down on her stomach, legs crossing behind her. It was pretty clear that Tara was more then a little wet, and with those white panties of hers she didn’t want to risk it being visible. Connie would have given anything to see that damp patch of fabric but she knew that having Tara’s grandmother in the room wasn’t the best place to hit on her.

Still laying down awkwardly Tara gave her grandmother an enthusiastic smile. “So what did mom say?” They’d taken for granted that her mom Michelle would be find with the sleepover.

“It took a bit of convincing but my daughter said she’s fine with you spending the night, Connie.”

“Awesome!” Tara cheered. “We’re going to have so much fun, Connie. First we should—”

“Actually, Tara, her parents did have one stipulation. They wanted Connie to sleep in Jane’s room.”

Tara looked at her friend, crestfallen. “But that doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t she spend the night in my room?”

“Maybe she doesn’t want us staying up watching TV?” Connie tried to put on a shocked face too, as if she hadn’t manipulated Gloria to put her with Jane. It was nothing against Tara. Connie certainly was looking forward to more fun, especially after wrestling had been so... stimulating. But she’d managed to catch plenty of glimpses of Tara’s nearly naked body before, and the chance to see Jane in her underwear (or maybe less) was too good to pass up.

“It’s okay, Tara,” she said to try and console her friend. “We’ll get to hang out in the morning and walk to school together.”

“I still don’t understand why—”

Gloria crossed her arms. “Tara, your friend is going to sleep in Jane’s room and you’ll just have to accept it.”

Tara’s eyes drifted for a moment, her mind soaking in the command, then she shrugged. “Fine, but can she sleep in my room next time?”

“I’ll definitely make sure I can,” Connie promised, getting to her feet. Her eyes trailed down her friend’s fit body, studying the plump curve of her toned ass in the tight pair of panties. “We’ll have plenty of fun next time.”

Tara smiled, completely missing the perverted look in the other girl’s eyes. She hesitated for a moment that stood up to give Connie a hug. Instantly Connie watched her legs, rewarded by the sight of a damp patch in front of Tara’s panties from when she’d been rubbing up against her. Tara shifted to the side, clearly trying to hide how turned on she was, and gave Connie a warm hug.

“Alright, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we’ll hang out then,” Connie said, feeling a little guilty for manipulating them. But still she couldn’t help but feel proud that she’d managed to turn her cute friend, even if it was accidentally. And she didn’t even need the help of Gloria’s hypnosis to do it, though that was sure to make things easier with Jane.

Connie hurried after Gloria, scooping up her backpack and discarded clothes. It was only a few steps to get to Jane’s room but the young girl couldn’t help the excitement bursting in her chest. A chance to ogle the older sister was everything she dreamed. Maybe she’d be lucky enough for a chance to get a closer look at that tattoo on her thigh...

Jane kept her door locked, keeping up the stereotype of the exasperated college girl who couldn’t stand staying with her family. But even then when Gloria knocked and called her name Jane had rushed to answer the door. The nineteen year old smiled at her grandmother, than gave a confused scowl at Connie, who stood there with her backpack held protectively in front of her.

“What’s up, granny? Does she need to borrow a pillow or something?”

“Technically yes. Connie’s going to spend the night in your room.”

Instantly her face erupted with anger. “That’s not fair! Why do I have to put up with Tara’s dorky friend?”

“Jane, you be nice to Connie.”

Instantly Jane’s angry expression melted, and she offered Connie a weak smile. It was clear she still resented this, but she couldn’t be angry at Connie. Instead she focused on her mother who was probably the reason she’d be forced to share a room.

“Ugh, I can’t believe mom would screw me over like this.”

“Actually it was my idea. Jane, you’re going to let Connie spend the night in your room and treat her with respect, making sure she has a lovely time.”

Jane’s eyes narrowed and she started to shake gently. The tanned girl set her mouth, almost as if she were fighting the command with all of her might. Then finally she let out a defeated sigh and slumped her shoulders.

“Fine, she can stay. I’ll set out a sleeping bag or something.”

“Oh, I think Connie would be more comfortable in your bed.”

Connie quickly cut in, laughing nervously. “The floor is fine, Gloria. I don’t want to be a bother.”

“Well, if you insist,” Gloria muttered. “Though I would certainly take the bed.”

Jane muttered under her breath and dug into her closet for an old sleeping bag she thought was buried somewhere, leaving Connie and Gloria at the doorway. Connie turned and studied the older woman’s eager smile. While Gloria was in trance she’d been told to be as helpful as possible setting Connie up with Tara and Jane, though Connie realized now she hadn’t really set any strict guidelines on that. She’d basically told Gloria not to make her granddaughters do anything she wouldn’t do herself, but then the older woman seemed to have a very promiscious youth. Maybe she should try and get Gloria away before she accidentally caused any problems.

Connie spun and gave Gloria a thankful smile. “I can take it from here, Gloria. I appreciate everything.”

Gloria pursed her lips, a finger twirling in her gray hair as if she were considering something. Then she laughed. “Okay, you take it from here, Connie. Good luck,” she said with a conspiratorial wink.

Jane walked out of the closet and rolled out a dusty sleeping bag, clapping the dust from her hands. “There you go, Connie. Try not to get too in my way, alright?”

“Sure, I won’t disturb you at all,” Connie replied and meant it. Her plan for tonight was to do recon, try and learn as much as she could about Jane and her preferences. That way Gloria’s hypnotic influence on Jane would only amplify any feeling that Connie can make herself. She wanted to make Jane and Tara want her, and their mother too, eventually, but if they were completely not interested than Connie could live with that. She was bound to get at least one of the three beautiful members of the family to be with her, right?

Jane threw herself onto her bed and picked her magazine back up. “You better not be a pain.”

“You won’t even know I’m here,” Connie assured her. Then the young lesbian thought on that, smiling. That gave her a good idea for-

“Oh girls.”

They both looked up to see Gloria poking her head in the doorway, wielding a wicked grin.

“It’s important to be relaxed for a proper rest. Jane, make sure to eat Connie out and give her a good orgasm so she’ll sleep soundly.”

Connie started, face turning red as a tomato. “I- thats- what—”

“Ugh, fine, Granny,” Jane said sullenly as she rolled off of the bed. “Hop on up, Connie. I’m not gonna lay down on the floor to do it.”

“You really don’t have to...” Connie trailed off, wondering what the hell she was saying. She’d been lusting after Jane’s curvy body from basically the first day she discovered she was into girls. But there was no way she was ready for something like this! Connie had never done anything with another girl before but fantasize about them.

“Have fun, girls,” Gloria said as she shut the door to give them privacy, Connie staring at the door with wide eyes. Why the hell would Gloria set her granddaughter up to eat her out like it was nothing? And Connie knew it was because the old woman was just trying to be supportive. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t have the same insecurity that Connie did.

Jane patted the bed, looking annoyed. “Come on, already. I still gotta do my homework.”

Connie wanted to abort, to run out of the room and try and get Gloria to set everything straight. Instead her body moved on auto pilot and sat down on the bed, legs tight together and hands in her lap.

“Wow, you really do need to relax,” Jane muttered.

“It’s just... I’m sure you don’t really want to do this,” Connie said, hoping to offer her a way out.

Jane simply shrugged. “Eh, it’s just one of those things family makes you do. It’s no big deal.”

“Going down on a girl isn’t a big deal?”

“Not really. I’ve eaten out a few girls before at parties.”

Connie’s brain shut down, imagining Jane enjoying herself at a party and dragging some hot girl away to a private room. It had been one of her fantasies involving the coed, one that was now surprisingly plausible.

“You’ve really hooked up with girls before?” Connie asked, still in disbelief.

“Yeah, it’s a great way to hook up with guys.”

Though she couldn’t see the logic in that Connie didn’t have a chance to remark on it as Jane leaned in and took hold of her panties, yanking them down in one fluid motion. Connie blushed as she lifted her legs to help, realizing that this was really happening. A girl was actually going to taste her down there!

Jane plucked the panties off of her and held them for a moment. She squeezed her hand gently and it was only then that Connie remembered just how soaked she’d been before, her cheeks turning even redder.

“Wow, you sure seem excited about this.”

Connie lowered her eyes, heart pounding. “Um, honestly... Well, I’ve never told anyone but-

“You’re into girls,” Jane cut in.

“I’m a lesbi- wait, you know?”

“Um, yeah. You’re not really subtle about it,” she laughed. “I mean you’re always checking out my sister’s ass whenever she turns around. Not to mention leering at my mom too,” Jane said a little disapproving. “And I’ve seen you staring at my ass.”

Connie smiled guiltily. “It’s a very nice ass?”

“I know it’s a great ass, that’s not the point. I’m just saying you can’t really hide the fact that you’re a lesbian if you drool over every girl you meet.”

The younger girl threw her head in her hands. “Oh god, does everyone know?”

“Relax, you’re fine. My mom’s in complete denial about any of us actually having sex. She’ll probably think we’re all virgins even after we’re married with kids.”

“And Tara?”

Jane rolled her eyes. “My sister can be smart on some things but she is oblivious to anyone being into her. You’ll need to hold up a neon sign saying you want to fuck her for it to sink in.”

Connie blushed. “Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. It’s... weird, actually talking about it out loud to people.”

This time Jane actually seemed to offer a genuine smile. “I’m sure it has to be stressful.” She bit her lip, then sighed. “Look, try not to be a pain about it but if you want to, like, talk to anyone about this sometimes you can come to me. Okay?”

Connie reached out and hugged her before she could stop herself, smiling wide.


“Sorry, just... really wanted to think you.”

Jane hugged her back, laughing. “It’s okay. Just don’t get the wrong idea that I’m into you or anything.”

Connie nodded, sad that the possibility was gone but happy that there was finally someone that she could be herself with. Connie let the college girl and sat back on the bed, wiping away a small tear of joy. “Deal. Just friends then.”

Jane smiled. “Great. Now lay back so I can eat you out.”

Before Connie could stop her Jane took hold of her legs and spread them wide, exposing her pussy. Impossibly Connie’s face turned even redder, wondering what Jane must think of her slick lips. She’d always been so insecure of her body, especially someplace so private. And they were supposed to just be friends now! Connie was about to call the whole thing off, but before she could speak Jane leaned in and opened her mouth.

Her tongue gently pressed into her pussy lips and trailed up, licking along her cunt. Connie clamped a hand over her mouth to suppress the moan, her eyes crossing as her brain nearly short circuited. Jane licked again, more enthusiastically, and Connie slumped back against the wall, still covering her mouth.

Holy fuck, this was so much better than her fingers ever felt. Connie had played with her pussy plenty of times, using her fingers, a hairbrush, humping her pillows. Anything and everything she could grind against or slip inside of her Connie had tried. But simply knowing that this was another person, another woman pleasuring her, Connie simply couldn’t stand it. Her mind shut off and she melted against the bed, moaning softly as Jane’s tongue slipped inside of her.

* * *

Across the hall Tara turned at the knock on the door, surprised to see her grandmother there. “What’s up, granny? Does Connie need anything?”

“As a matter of fact she does,” the old woman said with a strange smile. “Tara, I want you to listen to your grandmother very closely now.”

Tara’s hands fell to her sides, the comic book she was reading falling to the floor. She stared up vacantly, waiting to soak in Gloria’s words.

“Tara, you’re friend Connie means a lot to you, doesn’t she?”

“Of course, she’s my best friend,” Tara replied, voice distant and tired.

“So you want to do everything you can to make her as happy as possible.”

Tara nodded. “Yes, I want to make her as happy as possible.”

Gloria smiled. “And what if Connie likes girls?”

Tara blinked, staring ahead with empty eyes.

“If your best friend is a lesbian, what would you do?”

Without hesitation she replied in the same far away voice. “I’d make her as happy as possible. That’s what good friends do.”

“Would you find it strange that Connie liked girls?”

“I never thought about it,” Tara admitted. “But I’d support her no matter what. I’d want her to be happy with whoever she ends up with.”

Gloria smiled, happy that things were working out so well. “Now what if I told you that Connie was in love with you, Tara?”

This time Tara stirred a little, her entranced mind trying to process that.

“If she had a crush on you,” Gloria said, pulling it back a little. “What would you do?”

“I’d want to make her happy,” Tara said instantly, then pouted. “I’d... I like Connie a lot. She’s my best friend. So if she liked me... I’d probably give it a chance. See if I like her like that too.”

Gloria clapped her hands, pleased. She knew Jane would be more willing to be physical, bless that girl but she had a high sex drive like her mother and needed to be kept in line. Unlike them Tara was pure to a fault, and she’d been worried about the girl being taken advantage of if she ever did fall for anyone. But that was why she wanted to lead Tara towards Connie, a cute girl who would treat her right. It was strange wanting to hook her granddaughter up with a girl instead of a boy, but something about Connie just fit perfectly in her mind. Most likely because the two were already great friends.

“Good girl. From now on I want you to think of Connie as a lesbian, that she’s interested in women. And I want you to be aware of those intentions when she’s around you. You should see soon enough that she’s smitten with you. Do whatever you feel comfortable in making her happy. Do you understand?”

Tara nodded. “Yes, granny. I’ll pick up on any signs of who Connie is interested in. And I’ll do everything I can to make her happy.”

“Very good. Now gently come back to your senses and forget everything we discussed.” Gloria slipped away, knowing that Tara would come to without any problems. Surely it won’t take more than a day or two for her to notice Connie’s interest, and then the two can work things out on there own. And setting Connie up to have some fun with Jane, well, that was just for Connie to enjoy herself. That girl deserved to be happy and Gloria wanted to do everything she could to help.

She stopped for a moment at Jane’s door, listening in on the muffled whimpers of pleasure. Humming happily to herself Gloria headed up to her bed. She’ll have to try and think of more ways to help that dear girl out as she got ready for bed.