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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 4

Caught with your Panties Down: Part 1

Gloria happily took a seat on the couch, taking in the lovely interior design of the living room. A fine old house, well decorated in a tasteful style. Gloria’s eyes settled on a picture of Connie as a little girl playing pee wee soccer. Yes, she was sure that Connie must have been very happy growing up here. But if Gloria was going to help Connie to become truly happy in life she’d have to take a more hands on approach. Connie’s mom entered with a tray of cheese and crackers, settling it down on the table in front of Gloria.

“Sorry we don’t have more, we weren’t expecting guests.” Mrs. Avidan gave a nervous smile.

“Oh that’s quite alright, dear. I should be the one apologizing for dropping in unannounced.”

“Please, stop by anytime,” said Mr. Avidan with a warm handshake. “Connie is always spending so much time over at your house with Tara that we hardly ever get to see her during the day.”

Gloria chuckled to herself, eating one of the crackers.

“We do hope Connie enjoyed the sleepover too,” Mrs. Avidan cut in. “We normally don’t allow her to spend the night because we’re worried she’ll fall behind on her schoolwork, is all.”

Gloria saw the lines of worry on the wife’s otherwise beautiful face and could sympathize with a mother’s concern for her daughter. The elderly woman reached into her bag and took out her crystal pendant, laying it across her lap for now.

“Connie had a marvelous time. You’ve truly raised a wonderful girl and my family is more than willing to make her happy.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Mrs. Silva.”

“Oh please, call me Gloria. Mrs. Silva is my daughter.”

Husband and wife both laughed politely at the joke. Gloria began to wrap her fingers around the gold chain of the pendant, the crystal tumbling over and over in her lap. The reflected light caught the interest of Mrs. Avidan, who leaned forward curiously.

“What do you have there?”

Gloria did her best to suppress her grin. Sometimes baiting people was simply too easy.

“Why, this old thing? I’ve had this since I was a young woman many years ago.” She held the pendant up high for them to see, dangling the gold chain from her fingers so the crystal could swing lazily back and forth in a small circle.

Connie’s mom studied the crystal with appreciation, and even her husband moved a little closer for a better look.

“It’s beautiful,” Mrs. Avidan said with a sigh.

“It really is,” Mr. Avidan agreed. “And I don’t normally have an eye for jewelry.”

“That’s the truth,” his wife said with a chuckle. The two shared a comfortable laugh, it was no doubt a common joke for them. But the laughter slowly tapered off as they continued to stare at the dancing crystal, most likely unaware that they were even staring. Gloria played with her fingers, manipulating the gold necklace to make the crystal dance in a new pattern, a sweeping figure eight that made it swing side to side but also forward and back in an effective little display. Mrs. Avidan let out another happy little sigh, while Mr. Avidan’s eyes fluttered slightly for a moment.

“It’s embarrassing to say,” Gloria began in a voice of practiced embarrassment, “But the necklace is actually a prop from an old show I used to put on. Believe it or not but I was actually a hypnotist.”

The Avidans both gave a quiet laugh, their eyes swinging back and forth as they stayed latched onto the moving crystal.

“A hypnotist? How outrageous,” Mrs. Avidan muttered in a tired voice.

Her husband gave the smallest possible nod of agreement, mouth hanging slightly open. “Do people really believe in such things?”

“I know, it’s quite absurd,” Gloria agreed. “The idea that you could stare into my crystal and lose yourselves, dropping into such a relaxing, lovely little sleep. Isn’t that simply beyond belief?”

“Yes, it’s beyond belief,” said Connie’s mom, at the same time as her husband.

“Yes, it’s beyond belief,” said Connie’s dad, at the same time as his wife.

“To think that people truly believed that once I lay the crystal down on the table you’ll both sink into an obedient trance, left completely happy and suggestible to my voice.”

Connie’s parents didn’t react at all. Their eyes had the same glazed appearance and Mrs. Avidan had begun to drool just a little. With the presence of a stage performer Gloria made a show of lifting the crystal higher, the Avidan’s lifting their heads to follow. Then gently Gloria lowered the crystal down and down, the eyes of the couples falling with the necklace. And when she placed the crystal on the table she released the gold chain which fell like glistening golden water, pooling around the crystal. Mr and Mrs. Avidan’s heads both lolled forward, their bodies completely relaxed.

Gloria picked up a small piece of cheese and popped it into her mouth, smiling to herself. “How are we feeling dears?”

“Very happy…” spoke Mrs. Avidan without emotion in her voice.

“… And suggestible,” her husband finished in a blank voice.

“Excellent. Now we all wish to make Connie the happiest that she could possibly be, with all of her dreams fulfilled. Yes?”

The hypnotized parents gave a small nod.

“Perfect. Now I know that you can be very protective of Connie, but I need time to help make her dreams come true. Which means she’s going to need to stay over at our house indefinitely.”

Mrs. Avidan gave a small shudder, lifting her head. Gloria waited patiently, ready to snatch up the crystal again. But in the end Mrs. Avidan nodded and lowered her head again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stealing your daughter from you. But she is going to need to be around my family much more if I’m to make her little fantasies come true. And we want to make Connie happy, don’t we?”

The parents both nodded and spoke in unison.

“We’ll do anything to make Connie happy.”

Gloria smiled and ate another tiny cube of cheese. Idly she wondered what it must feel like, being programmed to make Connie’s perverted lesbian fantasies come true. But there was no time for such silly thoughts. She had to get back home and program her daughter to be accommodating to their new permanent house guest. Connie was sure to be thrilled when she got back from school.

* * *

Tara flipped over the balance beams with elegant grace, blue leotard perfectly melded to her skin. As some eighties song she couldn’t place played in the background Tara’s lithe body danced through the air as she went practiced her routine. To the other gymnasts Tara made such tricks seem easy, and normally they were easy. But today Tara’s head was swamped with nervous thoughts and she was desperately trying to focus on her movements and keep the distractions at bay. After a hellish minute of near missteps Tara finally threw her hands up in her finish, letting out a sigh of relief. The other gymnasts and the scattered students watching the practice session began to applaud and Tara couldn’t resist taking a peek over her shoulder at the stands.

And there was Connie, on her feet and clapping louder than anyone with a huge grin on her face.

Tara studied her friend quietly, biting her lip. Of course it wasn’t strange for Connie to be there, she’d always gone to every practice and meet to cheer her on. She was an amazing and supportive friend. But then Tara thought of that strange revelation she had last night that had seemed to come out of nowhere. Could it really be that Connie was attracted to her?

While the students still cheered Tara carefully reached down and adjusted the leotard that had begun to ride up her butt, making a show of slipping her fingers under the tight material and pulling it down. Tara blushed as she did it, knowing that normally it was proper for a gymnast to wait until no one could see her doing something like this. But she had to know.

Sure enough she saw Connie’s eyes drop a little lower, her cheeks going red. And her smile appeared to grow a little more. Tara blushed deeply and ran off to the sidelines to make room for the next girl. Her heart was pounding away like she’d never felt before. The idea that Connie had been staring at her ass… No, that Connie must have always been checking her out. Tara couldn’t describe how this new information made her feel.

A teammate tossed her a towel which Tara almost missed in her distracted state. She managed to snatch it out of the air and thanked the girl before sitting herself down on the bench, scrunching up her nose as she went back to those strange, troubling thoughts. It had started at breakfast, with everything appearing to be perfectly normal. Everyone dressed in only their bra and panties, enjoying the delicious food that Mom had cooked. Only Tara barely paid attention to the waffles that were usually her favorite. Instead she ate them mechanically, as an after thought, while she really spent the meal spying on Connie. And apparently Connie spent the meal spying on her too.

Nearly as soon as Tara walked down the stairs she realized that Connie was staring at her ass, her eyes following her simple cotton panties all the way to the kitchen. Tara was nearly convinced then, but she noticed that Connie also stared at Jane’s rear as she walked past, and their mom too. Maybe Connie was just curious about their underwear? It hardly seemed plausible, but then again having her friend secretly checking her out also seemed crazy. Which meant to prove it she’d have to take more desperate measures.

That was why Tara had specifically worn one of her smallest skirts, a pleated blue one that she was normally too embarrassed to wear since she’d grown out of that size two years ago. She’d even changed her underwear to a skimpy purple thong that she ‘borrowed’ from Jane. Tara was going to figure out this mystery no matter what it took.

“Hey Tara, slow down,” Connie had called, huffing as she tried to hurry after her down the sidewalk. “It’s not like the school is going anywhere.”

“Just want to catch up on some reading before class,” Tara lied, keeping up her fast pace so she remained ahead of Connie. It took until they were halfway to school but finally there was a cold gust of air that swept past, and rather than hold her skirt down modestly Tara grit her teeth and let the wind rush through her legs and blow the back of her skirt straight up. Tara forced herself to wait a second, wind still whipping at her face, then turned her head back and caught Connie with her mouth open wide, her eyes open even wider. From the excited gleam in her eyes it was almost blatantly obvious she was staring at her ass. Connie was so fixated on Tara’s exposed butt she didn’t even notice Tara looking right at her, which only made Tara blush deeper. Somehow she felt as if she were the one peeping.

The wind eventually died down and Connie kept on walking, reaching back to flatten her skirt as if nothing had happened. She waited for Connie to say something, maybe make fun of her for having her skirt fly up or for trying to wear one of her sisters thongs (again). Instead Connie said nothing, keeping up the small talk as if nothing had happened. She didn’t even remark on the fact that Tara had changed her underwear for school. Did this mean Connie really did enjoy the sight and felt guilty saying anything? Or was Connie such a good friend that she wouldn’t tease her no matter how embarrassing her situation was? This was just too frustrating to try and figure out.

Tara began to do every shameless thing she could think of. Brushing up against Connie in the hallway, pretending another student had shoved her. Connie had seemed to linger against her, and a few times Tara felt a hand sliding along her hip and dangerously close to her ass but Connie always pulled away before doing anything truly incriminating. And every time Tara made to go up a staircase Connie had seemed to remember some trivial thing she needed to do downstairs. When they split up Tara would purposely slow herself on the stairs, looking down to see Connie down below, scratching at her neck or brushing her hair or some other reason to just happen to be trying to glance up to where Tara was in her short skirt. It kept happening between classes but with the students rushing past it was impossible for Tara to tell if it was all some huge series of coincidences or if Connie really was trying to get a peek at her panties again.

Becoming frustrated Tara forced herself to wait until the last period, when they were in the same lit class. Miss Balish, a young and carefree teacher fresh out of college was Tara and Connie’s favorite teacher. Slightly scatterbrained but enthusiastic enough to make up for it the curly blonde-haired teacher would twirl about the classroom as they learned about old classics that Tara normally wouldn’t have cared about at all, but to fall into the old cliche Miss Balish actually found a way to make reading fun. Only today Tara wasn’t waiting for the class for her normal reasons. Instead she was waiting to get into their assigned seats.

Miss Balish felt that having the desks in straight rows was too inhibiting for students, and instead arranged all of the desks and chairs into a huge semi circle around the classroom. This way she could move and spin about in the center of the ring and focus on all of her students on a more personal level. By chance of their last names Connie Avidan was seated at the very start of the semi-circle while Tara Silva ended up at the opposite end, directly across from each other. This time Tara wasn’t worried about being subtle. She dropped down into her chair, waited for Connie to take her seat, then immediately Tara leaned back in the chair and spread her legs wide. Instantly she saw Connie’s eyes open wide in shock but she quickly turned her head away, much to Tara’s relief.

See? Her friend wasn’t into girls, or she’d never give up enjoying being so blatantly flashed. Tara put on a peaceful smile and was about to close her legs when she saw Connie put her head down on her arm, like she was curling up to take a nap, but Tara could make out her eyes just barely open, and staring right at Tara’s exposed panties.

Tara began to hear her heart beating in her ears, instantly worked up in a way she couldn’t describe. Hardly able to believe it Tara slowly shifted her hips to the left, partially blocking Connie’s view. Tara kept her head looking away at Miss Balish as she read aloud from Macbeth, as if Tara were completely oblivious to how exposed she was. A few seconds later Connie rolled over to rest her head on her other arm, moving to the side enough so she could still see up Tara’s skirt. Now Tara felt her body burning up higher, some strange pressure building up all over her body.

Tara swore she could feel the heat of having Tara’s eyes on her crotch, feeling uncomfortably warm and squirmy and wanting nothing more than to slam her legs shut. But she kept them open and exposed, letting Connie enjoy the sight for as long as she wanted. And it was clear that Connie wasn’t looking away anytime soon. Her friend’s face looked flushed, and Tara noticed that Connie had her legs crossed, one foot dangling over the other but rocking back and forth, faster and faster. She saw Connie’s thighs clenching, shifting in her seat.

With a start Tara realized that Connie was actually getting off on the sight, pleasuring herself while staring up her skirt right in the middle of class! It was at that moment Tara realized what this odd, fluttering feeling was burning all over her body: she was turned on. Extremely turned on. Her friend was peeping up her skirt and it was making Tara horny. The young girl simply couldn’t explain why, until she slowly heard a wise voice talking in the back of her head.

“It’s alright, Tara. You want to do anything you can to make Connie happy.”

Absently Tara nodded to what the silent voice said. Connie enjoyed seeing up her skirt, so Tara was happy to help. A smile started to come over her face as she rose up in her chair a little, opening her legs wider. Connie’s eyes were wide open now as she rested her head on the desk, seeming to be oblivious to everything around her except for the tight purple thong wrapped over her friends pussy. Hesitantly Tara felt her hand sliding down her stomach, starting to reach for her skirt. Tara recognized that she was getting wet now, thankful that the panties were dark enough to hide any stains it might make. Then she took that back, wishing she was wearing a light pair of panties so Connie could see how wet she was. Or no panties at all. Anything that Connie wanted to see.

Tara’s hand slid lower, wanting to move under her skirt. If Connie enjoyed the sight then Tara would pull her panties aside so her friend would be able to see her pussy clearly. She’d even slip a finger or two inside herself, although she almost never masturbated. But for Connie she would, if it made her happy. Tara took a deep breath, ready to reach her hand down, when Miss Balish suddenly appeared directly in front of her. Tara gasped but as luck would have it the young teacher was looking the other way.

“Connie, are you alright?”

Connie sat up abruptly, wiping at her lip in case she had started to drool. Tara held her breath, hoping her friend wasn’t going to get in trouble, but Connie always was a better liar.

“Oh, I’m fine, Miss Balish. I was just, um, focusing on the story. It helps me visualize it better if I block everything else out.”

Miss Balish pursed her lips and stared down at Connie, arms crossed sternly. Then the blonde teacher burst into a dazzling grin.

“What an excellent idea! Since I’m doing the reading today why don’t you all put your heads down and sink into the wonderful tapestry of Mr. Shakespeare’s words. But no sleeping now.”

A happy murmur went through the classroom as everyone settled into their desks for a well deserved nap. Miss Balish floated over to the front door and shut off the lights, leaving the room in a dark but comfortable gloom. Tara tried to find Connie in the darkness but all she could make out was a general shape of her friend hunched over in the desk, no doubt feeling dejected that she wouldn’t be able to see Tara’s panties anymore. Tara felt the same sense of despair, wishing that Connie was able to keep enjoying herself.

Miss Balish appeared at her side, using the light from her cell phone to read from her book.

“Tara, head down now.”

Tara reluctantly nodded and laid down on her desk. At least there was gymnastics practice after this. If Connie enjoyed seeing up her skirt she must really love watching her in that tight uniform, bending and flexing herself. Tara felt her body heating up again, wondering if she’d really be able to perform her routine with those perfect eyes of Connie watching her perform.

As Miss Balish began to read aloud again Tara silently made a promise to herself. Tonight she’d find a way to talk to Connie and offer herself up as her personal underwear model. Or even wearing less, if that’s what Connie really wanted. Or if she wanted to touch her even, Tara thought as a hand slipped between her legs and felt the damp fabric of her panties. They pressed in, creating such a deep sense of bliss like she’d never felt before. Tara held her the light moan in so no one would hear. But now she couldn’t wait until the day was over. She’d make Connie happy no matter what it took.

* * *

As soon as she got home Gloria lounged back in the nice reclining chair her family reserved for her, tossing off her shoes and putting her feet up to relax. Even though she was lifting nothing but a tiny necklace hypnotizing people always took it out of her. She just didn’t have the same stamina that she used to back when she was a dominant and sexy young thing. A trace of a smile played on her lips as she thought of the old days, working with that ravishing hypnotist Bridgette who’d taught her all about controlling minds. Oh, how that wicked woman would hypnotize and embarrass her at every stage show, Gloria had hated it but couldn’t resist. Most nights Gloria had left wishing that Bridgette might somehow use her power and take Gloria in a much more carnal sense, making her serve her delicious pale curves in so many sadistic and erotic ways.

Sadly, Bridgette never did take advantage of Gloria, which was a true shame. As a result those fantasies remained nothing more than fantasies and Gloria wound up drinking herself to sleep almost immediately after their shows. It’s almost strange how she hardly ever went out back in those days and spent nearly all her free time sleeping peacefully. But Gloria shrugged her shoulders and supposed she was a bit of an introvert, nothing strange at all about that.

The door opened and Jane came barging in, waking Gloria up from her reveries of better days. The grandmother smiled and waved Jane over to her. In typical sullen fashion her granddaughter groaned but still obeyed, taking a seat on the couch beside Gloria.

“How was college, Jane?”

“Same as usual. Another boring day.”

Gloria nodded. “Jane, tell me how your day really was and see nothing suspicious about it.”

Jane’s eyes fluttered briefly before she returned back to her normal bored expression. “It was alright. Cheated on my math test again but the teacher didn’t catch me.”

Her grandmother put on a tense smile. She certainly couldn’t blame the girl for cheating, Gloria had fudged more than a few test answers in her day, but she only wished Jane was better at it. This would be her third time having to visit that balding math teacher and assure him that he was mistaken in catching Jane cheating on her test and that the charming young girl really earned an A for her excellent efforts.

“Anything else, dear?”

“Yes, Granny. After classes I smoked some pot with Megan and Josh, then watched some old movie. When Megan went out to get food Josh kept asking for a blowjob but I told him not while he was dating my friend.”

Gloria nodded, deciding she might need to have a talk with this Josh. Normally she’d simply order Jane to avoid him but Megan was one of her closest friends in school and had seemed like a marvelous but nervous girl when she’d visited for dinner once. No doubt if Josh was given the idea of being a model boyfriend it would make both girls much happier.

“Thank you for telling me, Jane. Now, did you enjoy your sleepover with Connie?”

“It was okay, Granny. We talked about her sexuality, I said it was cool that she was into girls and most likely in love with Tara. She came pretty quickly when I ate her out and we didn’t talk much after that.”

“Jane, you want to do anything you can to make Connie happy, don’t you?”

The college girl’s eyes fluttered again.

“Of course, I want to make Connie happy.”

“And what do you think will make her happy?”

“Being with Tara,” Jane said with a roll of her eyes, as if it were obvious.

Gloria was still deciding which of her granddaughters she should let Connie end up with, as she hadn’t come to a proper decision herself. Sometimes she even had the thought of helping both girls to fall in love with Connie, and even thought of helping their mother date Connie too. A simply absurd thought, of course. But until she made up her mind she’d help Connie to explore and have some fun.

“That’s very good, Jane. And I have some thoughts on how you can help get them together.”

Jane listened with an open mind, soaking up her grandmothers words. Granny always did know what was best for her.