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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 5

Caught with your Panties Down: Part 2

Connie found herself walking home with the largest grin on her face, her cheeks actually aching from smiling so much, but she couldn’t help it. Today truly had been a magical day. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and her best friend Tara had been flashing her peeks up her skirt practically the whole day. At first Connie had assumed she was just luckier than normal, or that Tara was especially distracted and unaware of her multiple wardrobe malfunctions in her tiny skirt. What should have tipped Connie off was the fact that under her skirt was one of her sister’s thongs, the sheer purple fabric wedged between her toned ass. The risque underwear was fantastic for turning Connie on but definitely not normal for the shy girl. Not to mention the frequency of these fun little flashes. Connie would normally go out of her way to try and get a peek at her friend’s athletic body, but today Tara almost seemed to be conspiring with her.

Every opportunity there was for Tara to bend over in front of Connie there she was, bent at the waist with her legs straight, that incredibly short skirt riding up to show off the dark, smooth skin of her legs. How that purple thong was comfortably nestled between her cheeks, barely covering anything at all, was one of the greatest sights Connie had over seen.

It took Connie much longer than she’d care to admit before she realized that hypnosis was involved. In her defense she hadn’t instructed Gloria to do anything like this. The grandmother must have taken it upon herself to instruct Tara to flash and tease her as much as possible. It seemed an odd thing for Gloria to come up with on her own, but then again the old woman had encouraged Jane to go down on her the night before. Connie had thought about simply ordering the Silva family to become her willing lesbian lovers, but a combination of guilt and anxiety always held her back. She’d been content at being allowed to secretly ogle the beautiful family members in their underwear. Or at least she had been, until Gloria opened up the possibilities for more.

Connie and Tara were on their way back to her house, making sure to take one of the backroads that went past a long empty field so they’d be by themselves. Tara’s skirt had somehow managed to ride up high enough to expose her whole backside to Connie, though at this point the skirt was really little more than a belt. Drooling over the sight Connie followed behind at a leisurely pace, enjoying the lovely scenery. For her part Tara never made a move to modestly pull her skirt back down. Nor did she have a problem with keeping to Connie slow pace, making sure her friend had the best possible view of her ass. To Connie this was like all holidays wrapped together. And she couldn’t help but wonder if Jane and their mother would have the same attitudes as Tara when they got back to their place. Maybe tonight Tara would be the one eagerly eating her pussy. Or maybe she could sleep in Mrs. Silva’s bed and see how her tongue felt sliding into that special place.

Her eyes lit up as Connie’s mind ran through the same fantasies she’d held onto for years, knowing that this time they’d finally be real. She settled into one of her favorite fantasies involving the lovely family and she felt-


Connie bit her lip nervously, wondering what was wrong. Well, it was very clear that what she was doing was wrong, but why was it affecting her now? It wasn’t like she was the one hypnotizing the family anyway. Gloria was the one doing that. And she’d told Connie that hypnosis couldn’t make you do anything you didn’t truly want to. Connie smiled as she remembered the very specific instructions that Gloria had told her in trance. That’s right, everything the Silva’s had done for her was something they were comfortable with. Probably unusual, as she doubted they’d ever eaten dinner in their underwear before, but the fact that they’d done so meant that it wasn’t anything that really bothered them.

The argument made sense, but still Connie felt the doubt weighing on her mind. It had gotten so bad that Connie realized she’d spent the last minute staring off into the distance beyond the field instead of ogling her friend’s ass. She turned back and saw Tara still casually strolling with her supple butt bouncing slightly with every step.

“Um, hey Tara?”

Tara cocked her head over her shoulder, as if she were surprised that Connie was behind her.


“Are you… uhhh,” Connie felt herself trapped, unsure of how to proceed. There was so much she didn’t know about the programming Gloria had given her. Was Tara aware of what she was doing? Would bringing it up cause a problem for her? Tara turned around and stopped, looking at her with concern in her eyes. There was just so much Connie didn’t know.

“You okay, Connie?”

“I’m great. But you… you know your skirt is, um, riding up on you?”

Tara glanced down at her rolled up skirt and the lace purple thong hugging her hips tightly.

“Yeah, it’s fine. You didn’t seem to be complaining,” Tara said with a wink.

Connie’s heart skipped a beat, latching onto that playful smirk Tara gave her like a lifeline. If she’s teasing her about it then Tara definitely knew what she’d been doing all day. Somehow knowing that every amazing glimpse of her body had been deliberately done by Tara made everything so much hotter than before. But just because she was showing off for Connie didn’t mean that she was now suddenly interested in her. Did it?

She gulped, knowing she had to make a move. Connie had to find out if her prayers had somehow been answered and Tara was in love with her too. Trying to stifle the fear hammering in her chest Connie reminded herself that even if Tara turned her down she could always get Gloria to make her forget about the whole embarrassing incident. She wouldn’t have Tara as a girlfriend but she wouldn’t lose her as a friend, which was her greatest fear of all. Steeling herself she took a deep breath.

“Tara… I—”

Her best friend stopped and turned, a faint and expectant smile on her lips. Her eyes were sparkling, almost seeming to encourage her. And feeling the support of her friend Connie puffed up her chest… and proceeded to wimp out like she always did.

“I mean, of course I don’t mind seeing your underwear,” Connie chuckled nervously. “We ate dinner in only our underwear last night so it’s completely normal.” She cursed herself for being such a coward.

Surprised by the denial, Tara found herself shrugging. “Oh, I guess it is normal.”

Connie hung her head in defeat. With Gloria’s hypnosis she could practically have Tara eating out of her hands, or preferably eating out other places, but still she was too weak to go through with it. What was even the point of mind control if you didn’t have the guts to use it? Connie was lost wallowing in her miserable thoughts when she saw Tara spin in front of her to show off her ass, her fingers sliding along the thin material of the thong as she adjusted it.

“Although I have to say I think this thong looks really good on me.”

Caught off guard Connie just stared and absently nodded her head. “It looks fantastic on you.”

“Yeah, but it might just be that this is a really pretty thong and my butt isn’t cute at all.” Tara stuck out her lower lip in a pout as she tried to stare back at her ass, looking concerned. Instantly Connie felt the natural impulse to help her friend see past her insecurities.

“That’s ridiculous, you have an amazing ass,” Connie said helpfully. Then she clapped a hand over her mouth when she realized what she’d said.

Tara didn’t seem offended though and only giggled. “You really think so?”

Nervously, Connie nodded. “I do. Your butt is… it’s really adorable.”

“That’s sweet of you to say,” Tara said with a brilliant smile that lit up Connie’s heart. “Still, I’m convinced that this is just a really good thong.” Connie was about to protest again when she saw a strange look in Tara’s eyes. For a moment she didn’t recognize it, then she realized with astonishment that Tara looked, well, horny.

“I guess the only solution is to go home and try on more of Jane’s thongs to see if my ass still looks good in all of them. I think she has some lingerie in her closet too that she’s tried to hide from mom. Of course, I’d need someone to judge if I look good in everything or not. Would you mind if I modeled myself in skimpy underwear for you, Connie?”

Connie didn’t answer. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open, her mind seeming to have short circuited from the request. Tara giggled and took hold of her hands, leading her down the road.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now come on, the sooner we get home the more time I’ll be able to model for you before dinner.”

That seemed to catch Connie’s attention as her eyes lit up and she went sprinting down the road, now dragging Tara behind her. Tara couldn’t stop herself from laughing, feeling so strange and warm but loving every second of it. She’d never been interested in dating anyone before, and had hardly ever considered showing off her body to someone else. But with Connie, it felt so right. She was her dearest friend, always there to help her and protect her. Tara had always felt terrified about sex and all of the pressure of trying to please another person. Only she didn’t feel any fear or trepidation now. Instead, she felt safe with Connie. More than that, seeing the reaction her body was having on Connie only made her body get those strange twisting sensations, like she was a towel being wrung out with warm, soothing water. She’d never known feeling turned on could be so good. She didn’t know what it would be like to be with someone, but if she was with Connie, Tara felt like she’d be happy to explore it further.

* * *

They made it back to Tara’s house in record time, though Connie was huffing and puffing with exhaustion by the end. Out of breath Connie collapsed onto the couch, surprised to see Jane lounging in front of the TV in her underwear. Connie froze in place, afraid that if she moved Jane would somehow realize she was undressed and run out of the room. Instead Jane casually waved at her, barely looking up from her phone.

“Sup Connie. Sup Tara.”

“Hey sis, is mom home?”

“Yeah, she’s in the kitchen talking to Granny.”

Connie stared at the sisters, wondering why Tara wasn’t freaking out about Jane sitting around in her panties. Then as if it were perfectly normal Tara slipped her shirt up over her head. With her sports bra on display Tara stretched her arms and let out a relieved sigh.

“Ohhhhh yeah, that’s much better.”

Connie slapped her forehead. Right, she’d gotten Gloria to plant the idea that being in your underwear at home was normal. She’d only meant for it to last for dinner, but she certainly didn’t mind scantily clad women becoming a regular sight. Although, did the Silva’s know to cover themselves up if someone came over? Once again Connie started to realize how little she knew about how all of this hypnosis stuff worked. Feeling thirsty Connie rolled off the couch and headed towards the kitchen, still checking out the nearly naked sisters from the corner of her eyes as she walked. Darting her attention between Tara’s lithe, muscular body and Jane’s voluptuous figure, Connie realized this might have been her own personal heaven.

Suddenly Jane glanced up at her and Connie stopped dead in her tracks, the fear of having been caught slicing through her.

“What are you doing, Connie?”

“Nuh-nothing! I wasn’t staring, I was just going for a drink.”

Jane raised an eyebrow at her. “Yeah, but Granny’s talking to Mom in there.”

Now it was Connie’s turn to be confused. “Then I guess I’ll say hi to both of them?”

“You can’t walk in on Granny when she’s talking to someone,” Tara chimed in from the doorway, having stripped off her skirt and shoes. “That would just be rude.”

The light bulb finally went off in Connie’s head and she peered into the kitchen. By the sink Gloria stood in an elegant green dress and silver hair done up in her usual over the top style, talking to Michelle in a patient voice. Connie saw that Mrs. Silva was stripped down to her underwear, same as Jane and Tara, only she wore simple cotton bra and panties that barely held back her curves. Though Connie wanted to check out her lovely ass more she forced herself to look away and saw the blank, entranced stare on Michelle’s face.

Tara and Jane must have been programmed not to disturb Gloria whenever she was busy hypnotizing their mom. In fact, Connie was willing to bet the entire family had the same safety measure so none of them overheard Gloria in the middle of her work. She really was a clever old woman. Then Connie remembered that she wasn’t supposed to know about Gloria’s skills with hypnosis. As far as the old woman was concerned her interest in setting up Connie with her granddaughters was her own idea.

Connie quickly ducked out of the doorway and walked back over to the others. She’d have time to thank Gloria later for how amazing today had already been.

Tara gave her a quizzical look. “Aren’t you going to make yourself more comfortable? You don’t have to keep your clothes on, Connie.” Yup, definitely an amazing day.

Connie grinned and eagerly began to strip down too, seeming to be nowhere near as graceful as Tara had been. But as she managed to pull her shirt up over her head Connie was shocked to see that for once it was Tara leering at her body. Connie found herself frozen in place by the mere thought that Tara was checking her out. And from the smile on her face her friend seemed to enjoy the view. Blushing deeper now Connie slowly tucked her fingers into her jeans, unzipping the fly with teasing patience. Now she saw Tara biting her lip, waiting for Connie to continue. She couldn’t help but smile at herself, marveling at how great it felt to be the focus of her attention.

She began to slide her jeans down as she turned to the side to show off her ass. Only Connie instantly realized how awkward she felt. She fought through it, letting her jeans drop to the floor and leave her in her blue panties, nothing as sexy as Tara’s thong. Technically Jane’s thong, but Tara wore it amazingly well.

Connie saw Tara’s eyes drifting over her body and quickly covered herself with her hands, wondering what the hell she was doing. Tara was actually freaking checking her out and she was trying to be modest? Unfortunately Connie couldn’t help it, she felt too embarrassed of her body. She wasn’t overweight but she certainly wasn’t in shape like Tara’s gymnast body. And she didn’t have Jane’s wide hips and big tits. Compared to the sisters she felt plain and ordinary.

“What’s wrong, Connie?” Tara asked with a small laugh.

Cheeks burning Connie continued to cover her bra and panties with her hands as much as possible. “Just feeling self conscious,” she muttered quietly.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we’re all girls here. Besides, you sat next to me in just your underwear last night and didn’t have any problems.”

“Yeah well last night you weren’t—” Connie shut her mouth, afraid of saying too much. The truth was that last night no one cared that they were in their underwear, treating it like an ordinary evening. That let Connie stay almost invisible, able to simply watch and take in the lovely women around her. But now things were different. Tara wasn’t just in her underwear for no reason; now Tara had stripped down even knowing that Connie was getting off on the sight of her in her underwear. It was the knowledge that she was dressing like this to please her that made Connie’s heart leap with joy.

But by the same token Tara was aware of Connie now standing there in her underwear. It was no longer something innocent and platonic. Tara was really staring at her now, studying her pale body and her simple panties and bra. That attention felt like a burning spotlight had focused on her, powerful enough to induce a panic attack. What if Tara got turned on from seeing her in her underwear? The thought made Connie gulp nervously. But what if Tara didn’t get turned on from seeing her like this? There was too much she didn’t know, too much at stake. Connie felt the same urge to crawl back into her hiding place in the background, to simply be an observer on the wall. She’d get Gloria to take everything back, erase everything that had happened from their minds. Even if she lost her chance at Tara and Jane and Michelle, it was worth it for her to go back to being anonymous.

Connie pinched her side, snapping her out of her cowardly thoughts. No, she couldn’t go back, not now. Tara was definitely aware that Connie was into her, or at least attracted to her. But she wasn’t running away. In fact, she was encouraging her. Even if it didn’t work out and Tara didn’t fall in love with her then her friend was at least willing to remain supportive of her. Connie took a deep breath and took her hands away, forcing herself to stand there and let Tara see her.

“See, isn’t that better, Connie?”

“Yes, much more relaxing,” Connie said with a strained voice, fighting her body to keep from covering up again. It was like her body was a coiled spring that she was desperately trying to keep stretched out. Every muscle in her body was sending out blaring alarm signals to cover up and shrink and hide away. But Connie muscled through it. If she gave up and ran now she’d never stop fleeing. Besides, if she made it through this then maybe the next time wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

“Well, being in your underwear is a good look for you,” Tara giggled.

“You- you really think so?”

Her friend nodded enthusiastically, tucking her dark hair back behind one ear. “Definitely, although we might need to do something about your underwear. I think you’d be much hotter in something lacy, kinda like a thong.”

Connie’s heart sunk at her words. Of course Tara didn’t like her underwear, they were plain and childish. Probably like she was just being polite about liking her body too. What was she supposed to do? Wait, had Tara said something else too? That she hated her underwear, and that she should-

“Wait, you want me to wear a thong?”

“Only if you’d enjoy that. If you prefer those kind of panties that’s fine, of course,” Tara said, blushing. “I just think seeing you in a thong would be pretty sexy.”

Connie felt her knees getting weak, heart beating faster. Somehow it seemed impossible that Tara would ever see her as sexy.

“In that case, why don’t we go upstairs and—”

Panicking, Tara clapped a hand over Connie’s mouth and shut her up. Connie stared helplessly at her friend, wondering what had happened to the promise of modeling all of Jane’s sexy underwear for her? Then Connie heard a chirp from Jane’s phone and remembered that the older sister was sitting only a few feet away. Not to mention how furious the college girl would get if she knew her sister had been going through her clothes. Connie gulped and tried to think fast.

“I mean, why don’t we go upstairs and do our homework?”

Tara snorted and tried to hold back her laughter, but Jane didn’t seem to react at all from her chair which Connie considered a success. The two high school seniors raced upstairs, Connie punching Tara in the arm.

“What was that laughing for?” Connie asked when they were safely on the second floor. “I thought I handled that well.”

Tara was in a giggling fit. “I’ve just never heard you so enthusiastic about doing homework before.”

Connie rolled her eyes and the pair quietly slipped into Jane’s room. It was the same as this morning, bed still disheveled from where Jane hadn’t taken the time to fix it, and Connie saw her sleeping bag in the corner of the room. She also noticed the damp patch in the white sheets from where Jane had eaten out her pussy and made Connie cum so many times she eventually blacked out. As Tara began rifling through Jane’s underwear drawer Connie casually tugged the blanket over to cover the incriminating stain. Tara may have come to enjoy turning Connie on with her body but she doubted her friend was ready to jump into oral sex just yet.

“So which one do you want me to start with?”

Connie glanced up and saw Tara holding up a pair of underwear in each hand. In her left was a set of red booty shorts that would no doubt hug Tara’s ass perfectly, while in her right was a silk black thong, the material so thin Connie could nearly see right through as if it were transparent. Images of Tara decked out in either set of underwear were enough to get Connie’s pussy purring with need, so much so that she couldn’t decide. But then, it’s not like she had to choose one or the other, just which one to see first. Connie licked her lips, knowing she had all afternoon to enjoy Tara as her own private underwear model.

Before she could speak though an angry voice cut her off.

“I’d definitely say the red pair,” Jane snarled, arms crossed in the doorway. Tara’s face went pale when she saw the way her older sister was scowling at her.

“J-Jane! It’s not what it looks like,” Tara muttered, terrified.

“And I’m supposed to pretend that’s not my favorite thong you’ve got on right now?”

Tara shrank back and Connie moved in front of her, almost like she were defending Tara. Of course she was scared out of her mind too.

“Look Jane, I’m sorry Tara borrowed your underwear. She just, um, didn’t have anything else to wear?”

“First, that’s a really terrible lie.” Jane narrowed her eyes at Tara. “And second, even if that was true she still stole from me. Now you’re going to have to pay the price.”

Connie gulped, wondering just what Jane had in store for her sister.