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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 7

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Part 1

Tara was busy playing video games when Connie finally wandered into her room. The girl had a giddy grin on her face and was swaying as she walked, as if her legs were made of rubber and couldn’t function properly. Tara snickered at her and focused back on her game.

“So how did it go with Jane punishing you?” she asked casually as she fired a rocket into a crowd of enemies.

“Punish?” Connie blinked, trying to gather her thoughts. Right. Jane told her sister that she was holding Connie back to punish her. Naturally they couldn’t tell Tara that she was actually giving Connie some hands on lessons in pleasing a woman. Connie remembered the way the older girl’s soft body pressed against hers, fingers exploring her where no one had ever touched before. She shivered with pleasure. “Oh it was awful. Truly terrible.”

“I’m sure she really made you suffer,” Tara said with a laugh. At that Connie tilted her head, puzzled. That almost sounded like Tara was in on the joke. She shrugged it off though. She had more important business now. Connie laid down on the floor next Tara, making sure to slide in until their arms and legs were touching. Because of the new house rules that Connie had put in effect (with Gloria’s hypnotic help, of course) both girls were only in their underwear. Connie enjoyed the feeling of her friend’s warmth radiating against her. She’d dreamed of getting this close to Tara before, but had always been too afraid of rejection. Now there was no fear of that happening. All day Tara had been flashing her peeks up her skirt and flirting with her shamelessly. It had been an amazing day, and now they had all night to keep the fun going. And maybe try out some of the new things that Jane had helped her practice.

Connie licked her lips, still nervous even though she knew Tara was interested in her as well. “S-so Tara, I’m sorry we got caught by Jane back there.”

Tara shrugged it off as she handed Connie a second controller to join in the game. “It’s fine. She’s always super territorial about her clothes.”

“Yeah, I get that. But I was looking forward to seeing you modeling off in her underwear.” Connie’s heart fluttered as she spoke. It felt so freeing to say something like that out loud after fantasizing about it for years.

“Probably for the best. I’m not sure I can pull off a thong like Jane can. She’s got the perfect ass for it, doesn’t she?” Tara winked and nudged Connie’s shoulder.

“Um, yeah, I guess. But you’ve got a great ass too!”

Tara kept playing the game as if she hadn’t heard the compliment. Connie gulped nervously. Was Tara acting oblivious on purpose? She’d been so eager to flirt earlier. Connie was hardly paying attention to the game as she was too wrapped up in anxiously figuring out what to say next. Gloria had hypnotized the entire family into wanting to make her happy, but that didn’t make Connie any less nervous about discussing this stuff. The truth was she’d never really flirted with anyone; Connie had always held out hope for being with Tara, or Jane or Michelle. But now that the opportunity was here she realized how completely inexperienced she was at this romantic stuff.

“Pay attention, Connie. You keep falling into the same hole.”

“Oh, right.” She tapped at the controller but couldn’t stop from stealing glances at Tara. Maybe this is what it was like when someone played hard to get? “You know, just because we don’t have Jane’s underwear doesn’t mean you still can’t model yourself for me.”

“I’m already in my underwear,” Tara chuckled and kept her focus on the game.

“Yeah, but not in, like, a sexy way or anything. I mean, if you wanted to.”

This time Tara definitely seemed to blush, but she shook her head. “Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Connie froze, frantically wondering what she’d done wrong. “If- if this is because I spanked you earlier I’m sorry! Jane made me do it! You can do something to pay me back if you want.”

Tara paused the game and finally turned to face her, eyes full of sympathy. “It’s not that. Honestly, I kind of didn’t mind the spanking.”

Connie found her ears going red. “I- I really enjoyed spanking you too.” She watched as Tara bit her lip and shifted her hips. At that moment Connie wanted nothing more than to kiss her. To stop trying to put her feelings into words and just express how she really felt. She started to move in when Tara spoke.

“I know, that’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it again.”

Wait, what?

“Wait, what? You don’t think we should do… stuff like that because we both enjoy it?”

Tara nodded her head sadly.

“But… if we both like it that means that it’s okay, right? I mean, you like me. Don’t you?”

“I do,” Tara said as she took Connie’s hand in hers. “I don’t really know how to explain my feelings, but I do like you.”

“I like you too,” Connie said, a complete understatement of her real feelings.

“And that’s why I’m trying to be good. Because I don’t want to do anything to risk what you have with Jane.”

“What do I have with Jane?” Connie asked, confused.

Tara laughed and shook her head. “You don’t have to play dumb, Connie. I know you’re dating my sister.”

Connie stared at her in shock, trying to figure out how she’d gotten that idea. “Tara, I swear we’re not dating. Your sister’s in college. She only really tolerates me because I’m your friend!”

“So she was only tolerating you eating her out a few minutes ago?”

Connie went bright red. “I- that’s not- you know-”

“It’s okay, Connie. I’m happy for you. And I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting all day. I mean when you stayed over last night I finally had this weird moment of epiphany where I realized you were a lesbian. Like, I don’t know how I never caught on that you liked girls but it suddenly became so obvious. And, well, I started thinking about how you were always around me.” Tara’s eyes fell to the floor, one of her fingers drawing small circles in the carpet. “I thought about how you were always there for me and I imagined what it would be like if I were into girls too. If you and me would…”

“Tara. I really do-”

Tara put a finger to her lips, smiling. “I had a lot of fun today flirting with you. Well, I hope it came off as flirting. I honestly don’t have a lot of experience with this stuff.”

“Me neither,” Connie muttered through a smile.

“But I swear, Connie, I had no idea you were dating Jane or I never would have done any of that stuff. You must think I’m so awful, teasing you all day like that and trying to make you cheat on her.”

“N-no, it’s not like that,” Connie pleaded, desperate to get control of the situation. Things had been going so well all day. Now Tara was breaking up with her and they hadn’t even done anything yet.

“Connie, I’m happy for you and Jane, really. And I promise I won’t let my feelings get in the way. I only want you to be happy, and I know you’ll be so happy dating my sister.”

Connie sat there with her mouth open, not sure how to respond.

“So can you forgive me for flashing you all day like that.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Connie replied quickly. “I really enjoyed it.”

Tara blushed. “Thank you. I promise not to make my confusing feelings a problem for you.”

Connie took Tara’s hand now, trying to smile and reassure her. “Listen, me and Jane have our own thing. It’s… complicated. But if you really do want me… if that’s really what you want, we could try to make something work between us.” It felt like it could work. She knew Tara was into her, so she might go for it. And Connie did want to someday have both sisters together. Maybe this would-

Tara took her hand away as a strange expression flashed over her face. Connie couldn’t place what the emotion was but it made her flinch back.

“No. I’m sorry, but I’d never do anything with someone in a relationship.”

“Well, okay, I get that,” Connie fumbled. “But me and Jane aren’t really a couple. I mean…”

“Listen Connie. I’m sorry, but this has to do with my dad.”

That made Connie stop and listen. The entire time they’d been friends Tara had never discussed her dad. Of course now Connie knew that her grandmother had hypnotized Tara to forget all about her father after she’d sent him away, but that meant Tara shouldn’t be bringing him up.

“Look, I don’t remember my dad really well. He left and I don’t like to think about it. I think I’m willfully trying to forget he exists I guess, but what I do know is that I found him cheating on my mom once. And it hurt a lot. I know everyone else seems to have gotten over it and moved on but he still hurt my mom. So I promised myself that I’d never do anything to hurt anyone in a relationship. That means no matter how much I… it means even if I do feel something for you I can’t let myself act on it. You have Jane and you’re happy with her. So I’m going to respect that no matter what.”

Connie sighed and laid herself flat on the floor. “Okay, that makes complete sense. I’m sorry, Tara.”

Tara sniffed and wiped her eyes. “It’s not your fault. Like I said I’m still trying to work this stuff out on my own.”

“So nothing can ever happen between us?”

“Nope. Sorry.”

Connie scrunched up her nose in thought.

“And if me and Jane happened to break up?”

“I’d feel really responsible for it. Plus I don’t think I should date my sister’s ex. There’s got to be some kind of sister code against that.” Tara laid down beside her, taking Connie’s hand and holding it tight. “But I promise that we’re always going to be friends, no matter what. You really are my best friend and I don’t want to lose you. You’re like a sister to me.”

Connie turned and looked into her friends eyes, instantly recognizing the fear of rejection that was hidden there.

“Of course we’re always going to be friends,” Connie said. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you, Tara.”

Tara smiled and pulled her in for a hug. Both girls enjoyed it, but the hug seemed to linger too long. As if each girl was waiting for the other to make a move, hoping they would, but knowing they shouldn’t. So finally they pulled apart, still friends but well aware that there could be much more between them. Tara went back to the video game while Connie rested her head on the floor.

So she’d lost her chance to date Tara. And for now she was hooking up with Jane, but the older girl had made it clear they wouldn’t start going out. Not to mention that their private lessons were only for her to get together with Tara in the end. How would Jane react when she found out what Tara had decided? Maybe Jane could help explain the misconception. Connie was sure that she would help her out, but wasn’t sure if it would work on Tara. And there was always Gloria’s hypnosis, but that couldn’t change Tara’s feelings.

She sighed and picked up the controller, throwing herself into the game. Right then it felt like there were still options left for her to take, another route to the dream life she wanted, but right then Connie felt too depressed to make any plans. She’d finally gotten Tara to feel the same way about her but Connie knew she’d gotten greedy. If she’d only turned down Jane’s offer and tried for Tara it might have worked. But then Connie knew it would have been impossible for her to ignore a chance to get together with Jane. She was in love with her too, after all. This was all the fault of her greedy heart, wanting to have the entire family to herself.

Tomorrow Connie was sure she’d figure out what she’d need to do to work out this whole mess.

* * *

The next morning Connie groaned as she woke up, still completely clueless about how to proceed. At least she knew the situation wasn’t hopeless. She had Jane willing to have sex with her whenever she wanted. And Tara was attracted to her now, which was a huge win. Yet Connie still felt like she was losing. It was like having two squares in monopoly and needing the third one to complete the set, only the property card had been tossed into the ocean where no one could reach it. Her dream fantasy for the Silva family had started to take shape but Connie just couldn’t figure out how to fit it all together. And in this sad funk the last thing Connie wanted to do was go to school.

“You want to call out sick?” Michelle asked, surprised. Tara’s mom was leaning over Connie, who was doing her best to appear pale and trembling as if she’d come down with the cold.

“I’m just not feeling well. It’s okay if I stay here, right?”

“Well you’d need your parents to call you out,” Michelle muttered, still not seeming completely convinced. “And then you’d probably want to stay over at your home. I mean, you should be at your home.” The young mother hummed as she went deep into thought, wondering why Connie was staying with them now in the first place. Connie started to panic when she noticed Gloria walking past the doorway.

“Gloria! Can you help me out please?”

The elderly woman flashed a happy smile as she came into Tara’s bedroom. “What seems to be the problem, dear?”

Michelle wiped her hands on her apron, keeping her back straight to appear in control of the situation. “She says she’s feeling too sick for school, mom. But I can handle this.”

“Nonsense, Michelle. I’m happy to help. Why don’t you go see Tara off to school?”

Michelle sighed, knowing better than to try and argue with her mother. “Okay. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit, Connie.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Silva.” Connie watched her go, waiting until she heard her footsteps fading down the stairs. Gloria nudged her shoulder and flashed a sly smile.

“Fess up now. My Michelle used to fake being sick all the time to get out of class so I know when someone’s faking.”

Connie muttered an apology under her breath, which only made Gloria laugh.

“I just don’t feel up to going to class. Not with Tara there.”

“What’s wrong? Did you two have a fight?”

“Oh no. Tara made perfectly clear that we’re still friends,” Connie muttered sadly. She told Gloria everything, from her new arrangement to Jane and Tara’s misconception of what was happening. Gloria sat quietly and listened, nodding along on occasion.

“So now I’m stuck with Tara wanting me emotionally, but won’t act on it. While Jane’s more than happy to fuck me but doesn’t want to date me. Where am I supposed to go from there?”

“Yes, I do see how that could be a problem for you. And I must admit I’m not exactly happy about your, ahem, ‘arrangement’ with Jane, but then I suppose things are different these days. More casual, I suppose.”

Connie blushed and muttered “It wasn’t really my idea.”

“But you’re certainly not complaining about having casual sex with her, are you?”

Connie blushed harder. “No ma’am.”

“Still, I suppose it’s my fault. I did hypnotize you to be more confident and make an effort with my granddaughters. Though I’ll be honest I thought you’d be a better fit with Tara.”

“That’s what I expected too, but what can I do about her hangup with cheating?”

“Probably nothing,” Gloria admitted to Connie’s dismay. “I told you hypnosis can’t change people’s real feelings, so that’s something I can’t move.”

“Can’t you make her forget that she saw me and Jane together? Or hypnotize her to think that me and Jane aren’t dating?”

“Perhaps, but it’ll be extremely difficult. I’d have to think on it more. And besides, I’d only do it if it would make Tara happier that way. Though it didn’t work out for you this time you do have more experience with women now, Connie. You could always try to date someone else from school. There are more girls in the world than my granddaughters,” Gloria chuckled.

Connie stared at the wall. Gloria had been hypnotized to want to help her, but even she wouldn’t accept Connie’s dream of having Tara, Jane and even Michelle all as her adoring sex slaves.

“Tell you what, kid. I’ll call you out for today so you can sort yourself out.”

“Thanks, Gloria. I think just a relaxing day off will help me figure this out.”

Gloria gave a high pitched laugh. “Oh, I doubt staying here today will be all that relaxing.”

Connie raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean by-”

Just then the door swung open as Michelle appeared with a tray, marching over to the bed with purpose. She put the tray down over Connie’s lap and revealed a full, nutritious breakfast, a large serving of orange juice and a collection of pills.

“Here’s something for you to eat, plenty of fruit to keep you hydrated. Here’s some orange juice and vitamin C pills to help your immune system. I also have some other vitamins and supplements to help you keep your energy up. I’m making a kale smoothie downstairs now and I expect you to drink the whole thing, young lady. I’ll go get it now so enjoy the breakfast.”

Michelle promptly left, leaving Connie with the tray of food and feeling completely ambushed.

“Wow. Whenever I’m sick my mom just lets me sit on the couch and watch bad soap operas with her.”

“Oh no,” Gloria said with a laugh. “Michelle goes all out on smothering love whenever one of her girls is sick. You’ll be swaddled up in bed with vapo-rub and a dehumidifier all day long.”

Connie gulped and wondered if school wouldn’t be so bad after all. Then an idea sparked in her head.

“Hey Gloria. Could you use hypnosis to make someone invisible?”

“It’s mental suggestion, dear, not a superpower.”

“I mean could you hypnotize someone so they’re not aware you’re there. Like not be able to see or hear you at all.”

At that, Gloria steepled her fingers and stared off into the distance, a smile touching her lips. “Hmm, completely block someone out. Yes, I suppose that could be done. Hoping that Michelle won’t mother you too much if she doesn’t know you’re there?”

“That would be more relaxing,” Connie muttered. Then her eyes darted away as she blushed deeply. “And I guess you’d have to block out touch too, while you’re at it.”

Gloria narrowed her eyes.

“I mean if I accidentally bumped into her you don’t want her thinking the house is haunted,” Connie rationalized quickly.

“Ah, I guess that would be needed then.”

The door opened again as Michelle appeared with a glass full of thick, green sludge that was no doubt extremely healthy and completely disgusting. “Here you go, Connie. This will have you feeling better in no time.”

Connie shrank back from the health drink as Gloria got to her feet. “That’s okay, I’ll take that for you.” As the old woman took the health drink she stared into her daughter’s eyes. “Michelle, can you go into a nice, deep trance for you mother?”

Michelle’s eyes fluttered as her head tilted to one side, almost like she was lost in thought. “Of course, Mom. I’d be happy to stay in a nice, deep trance.”

“Good girl. Now I’m going to give you a new hypnotic trigger, working just like your other triggers. You remember those, don’t you?”

Michelle nodded happily. Connie had been watching in awe but perked up at that. Mrs. Silva had other triggers? She wanted to ask what they did but doubted Gloria would tell her just yet.

“Now whenever you hear Connie say the words ‘Lights out’ you won’t be able to perceive her anymore, as if she blinked out of existence. You will ignore her, unaware you are doing so. If you hear anything from her you won’t be able to notice. If she touches you or moves anything you won’t be aware of it at all. The only thing you can hear from her will be the words ‘Lights on,’ which will make you able to see and hear her again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mom. When Connie says ‘Lights out’ I won’t be aware she’s there. I can’t see, hear, or feel her. She won’t exist until she says ‘Lights on,’ and then I can be aware of her again.”

“Very good. Whenever Connie uses this trigger to disappear you will believe that she’s upstairs, sleeping safe and sound. Whenever she makes herself visible again you’ll think she’s only gotten up to do something, then goes right back to sleep.”

“Yes Mom. Connie will be sleeping soundly upstairs and I won’t want to disturb her.”

Connie gripped the blanket, excitement bubbling over. Was this really going to work? Aside from putting everyone in their underwear she hadn’t really taken much advantage of what Gloria could do with her hypnosis skills.

“Now wake up with no memory of our conversation, your new trigger firmly in place.”

Michelle shuddered and stretched her arms, feeling as relaxed as if she were waking up from a deep nap. “Sorry, I must have been more sleepy than I thought.” She blinked and came back to her surroundings. “Oh. Yes, Connie. Take your drink from Gloria and get working on it.”

Connie saw the green drink in Gloria’s hand and swore she could see the thick stuff bubbling. Frantically she cried out “L- Lights out!”

The young mother blinked rapidly then shook her head. “Aw, look at that. The poor dear’s already asleep. She really must have been feeling worse than I thought.”

Connie watched as Michelle gazed down smiling at the empty pillow, treating Connie as if she were fast asleep instead of sitting up in bed, staring right at her. Curious now she slipped out of bed, shuffling around Michelle to stand at the other side of the room. The whole time Michelle ignored her, focusing her attention on moving the tray to the side so the sleeping Connie could be more comfortable.

“Holy shit, it worked!” Connie clapped a hand quickly over her mouth, but Michelle didn’t seem to hear the outburst at all. “Wow, she really can’t hear me. Gloria, this is amazing!”

The older woman winked at her, keeping her mouth shut. Connie stepped up beside Michelle, waving a hand in front of her face. The way Michelle looked right through her made Connie feel like she was a ghost. It was the strangest thrill she’d ever felt. Grinning wide Connie reached down and snatched up a plate of toast, hoping to get something to eat as she celebrated the trigger working. Behind her Gloria winced, and Connie realized too late her mistake. They’d ordered Michelle to ignore Connie, but not what she was holding. Right now she might be seeing a plate floating in the air on its own. And to think she hadn’t wanted Michelle to think the house was haunted. Connie and Gloria froze and stared at Michelle expectantly, but nothing happened. The young woman only went on cleaning as normal, humming a quiet ditty to herself.

Hesitantly Connie put the plate down on the bed. As soon as her fingers let go Michelle suddenly seemed to become aware of the plate again. She stared at it confused then tutted to herself as she plucked up the plate. “Now how did you get over there?”

Gloria and Connie let out a sigh of relief. Luckily it seemed Michelle had decided that anything in Connie’s possession was also invisible. Gloria cleared her throat. “You can fuss over Connie later, Michelle. Let the girl get some rest for now.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right mom.” Michelle left the tray of food on the dresser and headed out of the room.

“That was a close one,” Connie muttered.

“I hadn’t thought about it until after you picked the plate up,” Gloria admitted. “This is why normally I would carefully test out the triggers before putting them in place.”

Connie nodded, definitely seeing the sense there. “So, uh, what other triggers does Michelle have?”

“Ones that only I can use,” Gloria said purposefully. She seemed happy to encourage Connie when it came to Tara and Jane, but she also knew about her crush on Michelle and seemed determined not to encourage that.

“What about Tara and Jane? Do they have triggers?”

“Enjoy your time being invisible,” Gloria said as she got to her feet, settling the matter. “I’ll be around to keep an eye on things, of course, but I must admit this was a rather inventive solution. You might make a decent hypnotist someday.”

“You’ll teach me hypnosis?” Connie replied a little too eagerly. Gloria barked a laugh.

“Not until you’re older. Wouldn’t want you to be tempted by that kind of power just yet.”

“Right, of course,” Connie muttered. She turned to face Gloria. “Nala Lynpul.”

Gloria swayed on her feet and smiled dreamily as the hypnotic trigger took hold. When she was deep in trance she spoke in a quiet voice. “How can I serve you, Mistress?”

“You should go out and see a movie. Or visit the mall. Spend the day out and enjoy yourself, at least until schools out.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Can- tell me what other triggers you put in your family.”

Gloria shook her head absently. “No, those are private things. I’m sorry, Mistress, I can’t tell you.”

“I figured,” Connie said with a shrug. “It was worth a shot. You can wake up now, Gloria.”

The elderly woman rolled her shoulders and sighed as she woke. “Yes, as I was saying. I’ve got some errands to run so I’ll be out most of the day. I’m sure you’ll behave yourself.”

“Absolutely,” Connie promised. Both of them headed downstairs, Gloria gathering her coat and purse while Connie tried to contain her excitement. So many terrible, wonderful ideas running through her mind. The elderly woman ducked into the kitchen to give her goodbyes to Michelle, while Connie bouncing on the balls of her feet at the door. Just a little longer, had to wait until she was alone. She forced herself to stand still and smile as Gloria finally made her way to the front door.

“You can call my cell phone if you run into any trouble with Michelle. Just try not to test the trigger out too far. We’re still not sure just how effective it is yet.”

“Of course, Gloria. Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Connie waved her out the door, and the second it was shut she went running off into the kitchen. She skidded to a halt behind Michelle, who seemed oblivious to all the noise the young girl was making. Connie took a deep breath, flexing her hands.

“Okay, Connie. She can’t hear you or feel you. You can do this.”

She took another moment to psyche herself up then thrust her hands forward, cupping Michelle’s wide ass. Connie squeezed the soft ass dressed in simple cotton underwear, savoring the feeling even as her heart hammered away in fear. She was waiting for Michelle to wheel around screaming, but instead she kept washing dishes as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Connie continued to grope the older woman’s ass, sliding her hands over her wide hips. It was like a dream come true.

After a minute Connie finally forced herself away, breathing heavy and utterly overwhelmed. She really had all day to do anything she wanted with Michelle and she wouldn’t have the slightest clue what Connie was doing to her. Connie grinned, jumping up and down with joy. There were so many fantasies running through her mind now but it was all too much to handle at once. She ran off from the room, needing to collect her thoughts and calm down before she passed out.

Michelle continued to wash the dishes, but reached down with an idle finger to caress her pussy through the panties. “Damn, why do I suddenly feel so horny?” Nervously she glanced behind her, forgetting that she wasn’t home alone. But the coast was clear; she knew Connie was sleeping soundly upstairs. Still, it was strange for her to get turned on out of nowhere, but Michelle managed to ignore it. If the arousal didn’t go away on it’s own she could always just masturbate later, after all. For some strange reason she was certain it wouldn’t disturb Connie at all if she took care of her urges. Perhaps a nice relaxing orgasm would do her good. Michelle’s smile grew as she put away the dishes, looking forward to it now.