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It’s funny, you know. I guess it had to happen, when I look back on things, but I really didn’t see it coming.

I’ve always been turned on by the idea of hypnosis—even read a few books on the subject. And once or twice, after having dropped an E or two, I’ve tried self-hypnosis with some encouraging results... my problem is that I could never quite figure out how to finally “let go”. So when Anna came home very late one night tripping the light fantastic and asked me if she could borrow another half an E—“just to relax her”—I didn’t think anything of it. Well, to be entirely fair, I wasn’t thinking much about anything—just buzzing along nicely with the E I’d dropped an hour or two before.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I live with my delightful 40-something wife Carole, and our two children. Anna is Carole’s 25 year old kid sister, and has been living with us on and off for nearly 5 years, since she moved to town to work in the area. She has an apartment, but still spends about three days a week sleeping over at our place.

Both Anna and Carole have very similar body types—medium height, trim, smallish breasts and legs that just won’t quit. Carole’s a very natural redhead, with delightful pink nipples, while Anna describes her hair colour as ‘mouse’. Me, I’m a tad overweight, but I work out three days a week and am not too dusty for a 45 year old—well, that’s my story, I’m sticking with it and you’re in no position to argue!

Anna has been the ‘spark’ in this quite unusual living arrangement for some time... I can’t often get Carole to try new stuff, but she trusts Anna and Anna and I often collaborate to get her to lash out (music, drugs, bars—you get the idea). I’ve always harbored a good deal of lust towards Anna, but nothing’s ever come of it, sad to say. Carole’s very not bi-curious, and doesn’t like sharing.

To return to the story at hand...

Anna dropped the E and we both settled down to listen to the all night music show on the box. As this was very late, they had the usual E-friendly vibes going down, and we were soon both grooving along happily. Anna had obviously had a long night, and I could see that she was really feeling the pinch a bit—in that slightly-annoying E-induced state where you’re both tired and switched on. In fact, she had a mild grumble about that as we watched.

Without even thinking about it, I told her to close here eyes and let me try to relax her. She thought that was a great idea. I then took her through the same sort of process I’d tried out on myself, which basically amounts to relaxing everything from the toes up, one piece at a time. A little surprised, I could see that it was most definitely working—Anna was slumped over and relaxing rapidly by the time I got as far as her neck.

Now came the crunch. When I’d tried this myself, I’d come up with the idea of just telling my head it need to relax, and that the best way to do this was to hand the tiresome task of thinking off to someone else. In my case, I’d tried to convince myself that I could “hand over” to someone who wasn’t there, and that had never worked. Now, I had the opportunity to tell Anna to hand over to someone—me! Even quite spaced with the E, I could see that the situation had some potential...

“Anna, now all we need to do is relax your head, and you’ll be perfectly relaxed.”

“Yeeessss. Relax my head”

“And the best way to relax your head is to not have to do all that thinking. Thinking is just stopping you from relaxing. Why don’t you just hand over all your thinking to me, and fully relax? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”


“So just stop thinking, stop any conscious thought, and let me handle it for you. Relax your head. Let my voice do your thinking, so you can become perfectly relaxed.”

“Your voooiiicce. Relaaaxed.”

“When I count to three, you hand over all your thinking to my voice, and just relax. One....two...three. All thoughts gone. Totally relaxed.”

And there she sat. slumped, breathing deeply, so far as I could tell perfectly relaxed, and even (dare I hope?) in a light trance.

Time for a test. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I thought about things for a minute or two. Perhaps longer... you know how these things are! The first problem was to ensure that, if Anna was just cruising a bit because of the E, anything I did not end up getting me in trouble by being too, ahem, forward. I’d read all the stories, so I knew that I was supposed to plant a trigger to get her back to this state later on, and that seemed pretty safe ground, even if she was awake.

“Anna, you may answer me, but stay relaxed. My words are your thoughts. You are enjoying this, being so totally relaxed, not having to think.”

“Enjoying being relaxed.”

Interestingly, her very slow speech had changed, to be nearly normal, which gave me a bit of a shock. But she still seemed quite out of it, so I pressed on.

“You would like to come back to this state, and you will whenever you hear me say the words ‘Little Banana’. You will come back to this state, where my words are your thoughts, this beautifully relaxed state, whenever you hear me say ‘Little Banana’.”

“Relax whenever you say ‘Little Banana’. Relax.”

“This relaxation is so nice that, every time you come back here, when I say ‘Little Banana’, you will be more deeply relaxed than the last time.”

“More deeply relaxed.”

“Anna, when I count three you will gradually come out of this relaxed state feeling that it was a very happy and pleasant experience, and you won’t remember anything I’ve told you. But you subconscious will. It will remember that, when I say ‘Little Banana’, it will bring you back to this state.”

Now for the crunch. I wasn’t sure if I should add any other instructions, but I felt I was pushing my luck as it was. “One, two, three...”

Anna gradually started to awaken, shaking her head slightly and looking a bit disoriented.

“Thanks, Mike. That was great. Really relaxing. I just sort of drifted off. That was wonderful. I think I’ll be off to bed now.”

Well, at least I hadn’t copped an earful for trying to hypnotise her, so that was a start! I let her get up, and she’d almost made the doorway on the way to her bedroom, when I thought I had to give it a try...

“Little banana”.

She just slumped where she stood (luckily, onto a couch by the door!). Absolutely slumped. Meanwhile, I was busy being absolutely astounded! She had certainly taken the suggestion!

I felt a bit like a dog chasing a car—not knowing what to do with it once it had caught it. And very excited. And not a little turned on. This clearly had potential.

I took her through the relaxation again, and brought her “up” and “down” three or four more times to (hopefully) strengthen the suggestion and trance. By that time, I felt confident enough that I was sure that she was really “out” to try something.

“Anna, you can still hear my voice, but that’s just me thinking for you. I’m not really here, and you’re alone, watching the TV. In fact, you’re watching a very arousing porn movie. Stay relaxed, but open your eyes and tell me what you see.”

“mmm. Those girls really look like they know how to eat pussy. That blonde is really getting in to sucking on the big brunette’s clit. mmm. She’s so hot!”

I confess, I was a bit stunned by things going this well, but pressing on was all I could think of by now—bear in mind, I was still pretty out of it myself—very lovey dovey. And now very turned on!

“There’s no-one else here, and those hot girls eating each other are making you really horny. Why don’t you play with yourself.”

Without a word, Anna’s hand slipped under her (very short) clubbing skirt, and within seconds her silky panties were around her ankles, her skirt was around her waist and she was languidly playing with herself. I could see through her little shoestring strap top that she was definitely excited, as her nipples were poking holes though the fabric. As she continued to watch the “film” on TV, she started to moan a little, and she was clearly enjoying things immensely.

One problem was that, though I could see a little of her cunt hair from where I sat, I really couldn’t get a good view, as I was sitting beside her, though on a different couch. I was dying to get a good look at her pretty little pussy (indeed, more than just a look!) but I was also concerned that, if I moved, the “spell” might be broken.

“You’re all alone, and playing with yourself while you watch this hot movie is making you very hot and horny. But you can’t cum yet, until I tell you.”

(Yes, I know the “can’t cum until I tell you” is pretty dumb. So I read too many stories. Live with it!).

“So horny. So hot. mmm. That blonde has fucking tits to kill for. I would love to be sucking those hooters. mmm.”

And with that (I guess she took ‘hot’ the wrong way, she stood up and removed her skirt, as well as her top. Naked, she now sat on the couch not 10 feet from me, and I still couldn’t get a real good look at her! Time to be decisive.

I got up, very slowly, and moved to a position directly in front of her. Her legs were still pretty much closed, but could get a bit of a view... and a delightful view it was too! She was obviously very turned on, and her abundant cunt hair was glistening, as were her fingers as she made rapid circling motions around what looked like a very suckable clit. Her other hand was by this time pulling hard on her erect left nipple, and she was moaning softly.

“Open your legs so you can get better access to your pussy.”

And open they did. Nice and wide. To reveal that turned on wasn’t the half of it. Her pussy was positively dripping, and very ready for some orgasmic action. As was I!

I wasn’t anywhere near in a fit state to fuck this now loudly moaning piece of pussy (and I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable with that anyway), but I do so love eating cunt, I’d been fantasizing about this particular bit of beaver for years and I wasn’t, to coin a phrase, going to look this gift pussy in the mouth!

Just how I was going to achieve that I wasn’t 100% sure, but by the looks of Anna—who was by now groaning loudly and thrusting her hips towards her blurred hand as it rubbed her erect clit—I’d better figure out a way soon.

“Wouldn’t you like to be licked by one of those hot girls?”

“mmm yes please!”

“Stop playing with yourself, and let that hot blonde suck your clit now. ”

To my astonishment, she immediately moved her right hand from her clit to her other tit. I was in! Her pussy was literally steaming as I took my first taste of her delightful juices. My tongue wandered over the length of her erect clit, and she emitted the sexiest sigh I’ve ever heard. I gave her a gentle suck.

“mmm, Suck me hard bitch. Suck my horny clit and make me fucking cum! Suck me.”

I wasn’t about to disobey, and was sucking and licking for all I was worth as her juices ran down my face and into my nostrils. I love the smell of a woman in heat, and this was some woman, and some heat! As I was still E-ing away happily, I was really getting in to this, and the pleasure (hers and mine) went on for some time, before I returned to reality enough to realise that she was now almost screaming (not a good idea, even with my wife at the other end of the house and fast asleep!).

And then I remembered that dumb line about “not until I tell you”.

“You can cum now”, I said briefly lifting my face from her dripping pussy. ‘Cum’ doesn’t adequately describe it. She exploded with orgasm, and her three-days-a-week at gym fit thighs just about broke my jaw. One cum followed another, and she was writhing in ecstasy (pun intended, sad to say) for a good ten minutes before she finally calmed down and my lips let go of her hot little clit.

I was hotter than July, and the temptation was to tell her to suck me. But that seemed to be pushing things, and even in my reduced state, didn’t seem like a good idea. This was going too well, and had too much potential, to risk for a quick blow job. Or even a long, slow, deep, sexy blow job... but I digress.

“The porn movie is over, and you can collect your clothes and go on up to bed now. When you get into bed, you’ll fall fast asleep, and you’ll remember being relaxed, going to bed and having a wonderful, very horny, dream.”

She immediately, albeit slowly, got to her feet and started to gather her things. I, of course, was by this time masturbating furiously almost right in front of her—a huge turn on for me, even if I knew that she couldn’t see me—so I wasn’t really concentrating on things too well. Just as she was about to pick up her shoes, which were right next to me on the floor, I came—hard, long and all over her feet! I guess I have to admit it was deliberate, though at the time it felt like an accident... really. Trust me.

“Before you go to bed, you should dry your feet. Then go to bed and fall deeply asleep and remember none of this. Your subconscious will, though. It will remember that when I say “Little Banana” you will come back to this nice, deeply relaxed, place.”

“Little banana. Dry feet.”

As an afterthought, I added “Tomorrow, when you hear me say the word ‘catapult’, you will feel an itch on your right ear, and have to scratch it.” I have no idea why I added such a silly instruction—I guess to test what the boundaries were.

She meandered her way up to bed, leaving me sitting on the floor in a room reeking of her juices, my cock flopped out in front of me and my mind blown away. I had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but even if it brought nothing at all, tonight’s fun and games were certainly worth it. And if the suggestion held when she was sober again, then...

To be continued.