The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jackson Falls

Chapter 4

Anna had Thursday night off, and had conspired with Mandy to go clubbing, after her morning hair appointment. “I want to go platinum,” Anna beamed. “I want to like at least go as blonde as Jess,” Anna haughtily revealed to Mandy. She was already wet with anticipation for the evening, drunk on how hot she knew she’d look, how irresistible she wanted—needed—to be to any guy she saw. She had long envied the impossibly-blonde locks of most of her co-workers at M’s and with platinum blonde hair, Anna thought, no guy could resist her.

“You fucking slut, let’s do it!” Mandy said with her characteristic over-enthusiasm.

Anna’s hair was Mandy’s piece de resistance: replete with extensions running down to the small of Anna’s back, as gushingly platinum blonde as Mandy’s own hair—or even Jess’ hair—ever could be. “Holy fuck, you’re, like, a god Mandy,” Anna beamed.

“Oh, and one more thing. Turn over and take off your skirt and thong,” Mandy said. “You got a forest growing down there. We gotta clear some room.”

Anna blushed, but, before she could muster a response, Mandy had already ripped off a chunk of hair. Within seconds, every micrometer of hair south of her hips had become victim of Mandy’s wax.

“Pretty,” Mandy smiled, admiring her work.

Anna pulled back her panties, and let out a squeak of joy. “Shots?”

They quickly downed a celebratory shot of tequila. “Let’s do it,” Mandy said, as they slipped into club dresses: Mandy’s short, tight, strapless, dark purple, Anna’s skin-tight, shimmering, revealing most of her taught stomach framing her new belly button ring. Her freshly waxed pussy ached and throbbed, pushed hard against the fabric of the tiniest thong she owned.

“Here, pop this,” Mandy said, procuring an orange colored pill from her purse.

“What is it?”

“You’ll like it, it’s going to make you feel fucking lit,” Mandy said, with a gleam in her eye. Anna swallowed it, thoughtlessly. “Wanna split a cigarette and then go?”

“Uh, yea!” Anna intoned. Ever moment of hesitancy was her old self pulling her back. No idea was taboo, no form of expression too far. She had hitched her wagon to the rocket ship of Mandy and, if Mandy did it, she was going to do it too. Anna fitfully coughed her way through the cigarette to Mandy’s great bemusement, the numbing sensation of tobacco defusing itself down her lips, mouth, and throat. “I’m one of them,” she intoned to herself.

Though Mandy and Anna left Mandy’s alone this time, they didn’t stay that way for long. By the time they arrived at the club and whisked past a line swooping around the block, Anna was buzzed: exhilarated, drunk, and high. “You’re fucked up girl,” Mandy said, “you just take it easy, and I’m gonna guide you towards the monster cocks. Just follow my lead.”

Mandy wrapped her arms around Anna, gyrating and writhing in her arms in the middle of the dance floor, her ass checks pushing against Anna’s crotch and clit. Addled by the influx of substances, Anna reciprocated, aroused at what she knew must have been quite a show for the battalion of men instantly drawn toward them.

“Looks like something’s missing,” a well-muscled 6′3″ statute of a man abutted in. “She’s for you,” Mandy yelled over the thump, thump, thump of the bass, gesturing towards Anna.

“What’s your name?” he yelled into Anna’s ear.

“Huh?” Despite hearing the question, she couldn’t formulate an answer. She could barely distinguish the floor from the ceiling, or the pulsing of the bass from the intensity of her beating heart.

“I’m Jake,” he leaned into her ear, the rough contours of his five o’clock shadow bristling against Anna’s long, delicate neck, his hands now affixed from behind on her bare stomach.

“I love... your... muscles,” Anna blustered, “I... I wanna fuck.” She blurted out. Though her vision and hearing had mushed seemingly together into an incoherent barrage of colors and beats, these dulled senses seemed to only heighten her senses of touch and smell. Enraptured by forearms as though wrought from iron, Anna could only feel his power, his arms, his musculature. She could smell the faint odor of his cologne, like a raw sexual element emanating from his glistening muscles.

“I’m gonna like you,” Jake said, thrusting his tongue down Anna’s waiting mouth.

Minutes, or maybe hours, transpired until Jake and Anna were alone, at Mandy’s, Jake ripping off Anna’s dress and pink thong as Anna could barely pull her lips off of Jake’s sculpted abs. His hard cock soon penetrated her newly bald, throbbing, impossibly tight pussy, Anna yelled, moaned, and screamed like a being possessed. She had never felt so alive—such an object of furious, sexual desire.

“You’re fucking crazy,” Jake screamed, thrusting his cock with increasing rapidity into Anna’s tight pussy. Her clit roared to life, each penetration tantalizingly arousing her most utterly sensitive parts. Jake laid down on the cot, and motioned for Anna to get on top.

She eagerly agreed, still balancing herself on her 5 inch black heels, which she hadn’t bothered to take off. Reflexively, she grabbed Jake’s enormous dick with both hands, thrusting it into her pulsating pussy. She bobbed up and down, her belly button piercing gyrating and bounding with every stroke, each penetration seemingly deeper, more impactful, more sensual than the last. Jake grabbed her with his muscles hands and forearms, guiding her every thrust forcefully onto his rock hard cock.

“I’m... your... little fuck doll,” Anna screamed, bobbing with increasing intensity, finally orgasming, having never felt so truly desired, so thoroughly mastered and controlled by anyone.

Finally Jake scummed, himself moaning, thrusting Anna’s hips and ass into his dick as he came.

“Well, your shoes are still on,” Anna awoke hours later, to an empty cot and Mandy’s wry smile. “How was it?”

Anna’s pussy was on fire, her throat was like sandpaper. “Oh my God,” Anna said, “what did I do?” For a moment, the shame, fear, and baggage of what had been her life flooded back. What would her parents think? Her friends? Had she just fucked some random guy she met at a club? What was in that pill? Did she smoke a cigarette?

“You guys fucked like bunnies all night. Don’t know how many times you did it. That guy’s like an investment banker or something, I fucked him a few months back. Huge cock, zero personality.” Mandy said.

“Am I, is it, OK?” Anna mustered.

“Did you like it?” Mandy said. “If you don’t like big cocks like that, next time I’ll steer you to someone a little more, you know, sensual. Like a Brazilian guy or something,”

“I...” Anna’s mind went blank, the complexities of her thoughts oddly silenced, the fear of her behavior erased from her mind. Only the feeling of his arms, his muscles, his chest, his cheek against the small of her neck came to her. The power she had over him, her taught body making his thick cock rock hard, cumming deep into her pussy. The power he had over her, her fulfillment, her utter submission to him.

“Oh my God Mandy, that was fucking awesome.”