The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jackson Falls

Chapter 5

“Mmm, that’s sfhot,” Anna said, after a big toke on Mandy’s hookah, pointing to Mandy’s tattoo sleeve: a complex array of shaded black roses and thorns crawling down her right from her shoulder.

“I didn’t know you like tattoos.” Mandy responded.

“I, uh, like didn’t know either,” Anna giggled, already feeling the effects of tequila, weed, and a cigarette.

Over the past two months, Anna and Mandy had become inseparable. Anna’s life now revolved mostly around the handful of blocks between Mandy’s and M’s, shuttling back and forth between a spare room at Mandy’s shop and her job. Platinum blonde, stunning, and alternating between wearing skin tight, ripped jeans, or a variety of mid-rift and leg barring outfits, Anna now effortlessly blended in with her coterie of co-workers and clubbing friends. She was a regular at the local night club, usually with Mandy, though sometimes with Jess or some of the other girls at work.

She and Mandy had focused on Anna’s personal style, too, adorning her ears with a few more of Mandy’s choice piercings: several cartilage piercings, triple lobes in each ear, and an industrial piercing in her left. She now owned an array of club dresses, skirts, tops, heels, thongs, g-strings, bikinis, and more. Anna’s makeshift dresser at Mandy’s practically overflowed with lingerie resembling more a collection of loosely assembled strings than underwear, and every type of makeup, which Anna had quickly become an expert at applying after Mandy’s close tutelage.

Anna truly loved her work: not only for the tips and the constant attention of guys, who seemed to follow her every step, salivating, but for the engrossing conversations she had with her co-workers. Now adept at every piece of reality TV, local gossip, hunky guy, trending DJ, and fashion trend, Anna had positioned herself at the center of an intricate weave of co-workers, former workers, friends, and clingers-on, all almost uniformly drop-dead gorgeous, thin, blonde, and addicted to partying and sex.

Her new Instagram page, on Mandy’s suggestion, featured an almost endless litany of shots at her at work, and she and the girls partying it up all night around town. M’s was planning on featuring her on the cover of its new menu: Anna’s coy smile, framed by flowing platinum hair, resting just on top of a plaid-bra push up bra. Anna—consciously or not—had well-adopted to the habits of her new social circle, dressing as sexily alluring as possible even when not at work, frequently enjoying weed, alcohol, cigarettes, and a pill or two or ecstasy when the mood struck her or, more likely, when anyone around her wanted to partake. Her phone was a constant hub of notifications, frequently in the form of her girl friends texting about plans for the evening, what to wear, and sexual conquests.

When Anna wasn’t hanging with Mandy, clubbing, or working, she found herself mindlessly addicted to the latest reality TV shows, or shopping for a new dress, skirt, or shoes online, or watching porn for “inspiration” at the insistence if Mandy, or manically working out to further tone her lithe body. Her strenuous workout routine stressed flexibility, and shedding what few pounds she had left on her body. By summer, her 5′9″ 115 pound frame had become the envy of all of her co-workers, and even Mandy was impressed.

Talk between her and Mandy of their sexual escapades had become common, with Anna catching Mandy up on her latest fuck, blowjob, and similar. While still nowhere near as adventurous as Mandy, Anna constantly felt her mind wandering, and pussy throbbing, back to her latest sexual adventure: most recently, deep-throating a guy’s cum as Anna sucked him off to completion—a first for her. Most of their chats devolved in boozy, weed-filled discursions on some Instagram or YouTube star or reality TV show contestant. Anna had come to love smoking weed late at night with Mandy, or before or after work.

Since her first fuck, now months back, Anna’s thoughts had cleared from the cacophony of fear, doubt, self-loathing, and embarrassment to a new normalcy. Every guy was a new potential fuck, the strength of his forearms, cut of his jaw, and size of his cock becoming her primary concerns, adjoined with her seemingly insatiable addiction to luring guys towards her, still both shocked and enormously aroused at the thought of a guy’s dick becoming hard at the mere glimpse of her. Every girl became an object of comparison, with Anna secretly seething to determine if she was hotter than them, and to steal whatever iota of sex appeal she felt they had that she lacked. Her new mission, it was clear, was to be utterly irresistible to every guy with a dick capable of fucking her within her sight radius.

“Yea, I think I uh need like a tattoo or something,” Anna slurred, her pussy instantly throbbing at the idea of a permanent addition to her tight, sex-craving body, as she downed another shot of tequila. Anna had become increasingly jealous at the scandalous body art she saw on near constantly display at M’s. Her best friend was a tattoo artist after all, and she couldn’t help but notice all of her guy customers straining to catch a glimpse of every manner of tattoo tucked and snaked in and out of the clothing of her coworkers. Even Jess had gotten inked up, particularly after she started primarily working at the strip club. Anna felt naked—in the worst way—by comparison.

“Yea, I think you do,” Mandy countered, perking to attention.

“I was thinking like, uh, here,” Anna said, pointing to her right hip, above just around the strap of her tight, red thong. Jess had a playboy bunny there constantly peaking out of her jeans, and Anna wanted something similar.

“Yea, alright,” Mandy peered over, gently touching her hand onto Anna’s hip. “What do you want?”

“Like, I dunno,” Anna said, lazily. She hadn’t really thought about the details, but knew that she wanted something sexy, and permanent. “Like something, uh, small, I guess.” Anna began instinctively reaching to her aching pussy, massaging her swollen clit with her practiced fingers. “I’m going to be such a little slut,” she whispered to herself, eyes half closed, as she quietly moaned. “A little bimbo forever,” as she gently stroked. “Everyone will see my slutty little tattoo and know,” she moaned to herself.

Before long, Mandy had printed out a few different designs: stars, flowers, hearts. Anna had long taken off her thong, revealing her bronzed, completely shaved pussy and tight body in the middle of Mandy’s shop, as Mandy and Anna mixed and matched, giggling, with Anna slipping in between the present and her unconscious, drunk, high, and aroused.

Mandy had taken control, “how about we have it, you know, just sort of peek out when you wear a bikini or jeans, like you can see part of it, just alluring,” Mandy seemed lost in thought, as she licked her glossy pink lips. “Framing your belly button piercing, you know?” Mandy ran her hand up Anna’s torso, her right hand covering nearly the entirety of Anna’s ultra petite belly.

“Mmmm,” Anna said, dreamily. “That’s fucking perfect,” as Anna, increasingly befuddled by weed and a few cigarettes, became drawn in by her own soon-to-be permanent fuck doll adornment.

“How about a star, this big?” Mandy said, cutting out a start about an inch across.

“Mmm, I love that,” Anna dozily said, aroused with each passing touch of Mandy’s hands on her hips.

“Wait, what about on both sides?” Mandy said, her voice lowering, sensual. “We’ll do a bigger star—like this,” Mandy cut out a star about three inches across, “with an inner outline.”

“Yes, like, absolutely,” Anna said, her pussy now noticeably throbbing, no longer attempting to make any effort to pry her incessant hand from deep inside herself. “Bigger,” Anna said. “I want people to see I’m a little bimbo slut,” she whispered, now audibly, breathing heavily.

“Hmm. Ok, stand in front of the mirror for me,” Mandy said, her voice wavering, noticeably affected by Anna’s increasing arousal. Anna stood before a floor-length mirror, the shape of two, large double-outlined stars adorning each side of her narrow, tanned hips, framing her 4 inch, blue dangling belly button piercing. Mandy hovered behind, seemingly nervous, but finally bringing her body closer to Anna’s, reaching out to touch where her tattoos would go, thrusting her narrow waist into Anna’s ass.

“Yea...” Mandy said, her voice trailing, as she leaned down to kiss Anna on the lips. Eyes closed, Anna embraced her, thrusting her supple tongue into Mandy’s willing mouth. In a fluid motion, Mandy had Anna on her cot, lapping up her tight pussy while gently, then forcefully, massaging her swollen clit. Only Anna’s 5-inch, black stiletto heels failed to yield to Mandy’s furious un-robing, as Anna arched her petite back to thrust her pussy deeper into Mandy.

“Oh fuck Mandy,” Anna screamed, consumed by an overwhelming sense of ecstasy.

“You want to be a little slut?” Mandy said, between mouths of pussy. Anna had never felt such an immense release of joy. She grasped her rock-hard nipples, running her tanned, neon-pink finger nails over and around her areolas. “Yes!!” Anna screamed.

“F... f... fuuuuck,” Anna moaned, as Mandy’s doubtlessly practiced tongue, lips, and fingers orchestrated a symphony of arousal deep in Anna.

Devilishly, Mandy intoned, “you didn’t tell me you liked girls.” Anna could barely see Mandy’s faced, deeply stuffed between Anna’s legs as she brought Anna to the deepest and most intense climax of her life.

“I didn’t know,” Anna blurted out, exhausted, covered in sweat and her own wetness. “How... did you... do that?” Anna breathlessly asked.

“I’ll teach you,” Mandy smiled.

“Now do you still want the tattoos?” Mandy asked.

“Uhhh yea,” Anna slurred, as they both giggled. Her momentary, wavering shock at having been eaten out by her best friend—and a girl, at that—was quickly subsumed by her excitement at the remembrance of what would be Anna’s newest edition to the erotic tapestry of her body.

Mandy brought out her tattoo gun, artfully outlining two black stars on Anna’s hips, permanent additions to her new body, and her new self. “Mmmm holy god, this is like almost better than your tongue,” Anna exclaimed, nearly climaxing at every wincing thrust of the needles. It was all Anna could do to sit still, her gaze fixed on Mandy’s delicate, deep eyes, her bleached blonde hair, her luscious lips, as she intently stared inches away from Anna’s uncontrollably throbbing pussy. “Oh my God,” Anna thought, “this is unbelievable.”

When Mandy was done, Anna gasped in joy at her two new additions on her hips, now staring back at her from Mandy’s mirror. “You’re a goddess, like seriously” Anna said. “This is going on my Instagram.”

Anna artfully draped her long, platinum blonde her above her bare nipples, and draped her hand over her shaved slit to take the perfect Instagram picture. Two large black outlines stars now permanently adorned her taut and tanned body, her pierced belly button glinting in the lights of Mandy’s room, her long, pink nails, so accustomed to driving into her pussy now artfully providing the minimum decorum required for an Instagram post.

Mandy dove on Anna like a falcon, groping and grasping at Anna’s tits. “You’re so fucking hot,” Mandy whispered into Anna’s ear. “Mmmm, just like you,” Anna responded, quickly shifting her focus to Mandy’s shaved, throbbing, pussy, ready for Anna’s tongue. “Just a little slut.” Anna lost count of their shared orgasms that night.