The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jackson Falls

Chapter 7

“Fuck, Mandy, I like totally fucking forgot.” Anna said, in panic, on the realization that both of her parents, and her old best friend, were 15 minutes away from Jackson Falls.

Nights and days now blurred together, as Anna routinely woke deep into the day to ready herself for a night of dancing. She had entirely forgotten about a long-planned visit with her parents, and one of her old college friends, Lisa, all of whom were, apparently, driving up to see her. On moving to Jackson Falls, Anna had been in close contact with her Mom, often speaking several times a day to update her on Anna’s life. Although she had drifted apart from Lisa, she had, occasionally, exchanged text messages with her, chatting about mostly mundane topics. Last Anna heard, Lisa was dating a medical school student, and had started a nursing degree at a nearby university. She was as plain as she got, Anna recalled—she was still a virgin when they graduated college, or so Anna assumed. Unremarkable, slightly overweight, short, and quiet, it would be hard to pick her out of a crowd, Anna had occasionally mused to herself.

As Anna’s stay in Jackson Falls morphed from transitory to permanent, Anna’s chats with her Mom had dropped to essentially nothing, and she couldn’t recall the last time she had heard from Lisa.

“I was so fucked up a couple weeks ago, I must have fucking like texted my Mom or something,” Anna explained to Mandy, trying to piece together how it was that she could have invited her family here. Not only had Anna and her family not spoken, but she hadn’t seen them in well over a year. At Mandy’s stern suggestion, she had also blocked all of her old Facebook and other social media contacts—including her parents—to avoid them intruding in on her life if partying and sex.

“It’s a fucking miracle I’m not like at work,” she said, given that it was 7 PM on a Friday. Her shift at Deja Vu didn’t start until 11, but she usually tried to work all day on Fridays to establish herself there.

“What am I, like, going to fucking wear?” Anna asked exasperated, nervously smoking a cigarette, her third of the hour. “We’re going to Del Marco’s.”

Del Marco’s was easily the city’s fanciest restaurant, a place Anna had increasingly come to frequent on “dates” with clientele, where Anna would routinely show up in skin-tight, backless clubbing dresses and 6 inch stiletto heels, often drug-addled and anxious to leave and deep-throat the cock she had learned to expect from her new occasional job as an escort. She had just begun moonlighting as an escort which was, in Mandy’s and Lexi’s words, someone hired to look pretty next to rich guys. Originally unbeknownst to her, she quickly learned that this also meant fucking—and a lot of it. Anna was only too happy to oblige, and the money easily rolled in.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have pierced your clit today,” Mandy said, naughtily.

“Ooh yea, but that was like so fucking hot,” Anna said, momentarily distracted, as she slid her hand down her shaved pussy, touching the steel barbell now pierced through the hood of her clit, resting gently—and continually—on her most sensitive parts. Each movement of her hips, and the taught fabric of her thong and jeans pressing against her new adornment, sent waves of almost uncontrollable ecstasy throughout her entire body.

“Do you think I should pop some e?” Anna plaintively asked.

“That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” Mandy responded. “If you want to get through this just act, you know, uh,” Mandy paused, as she looked over Anna, her perky pieced nipples pointing out of a cropped top t-shirt, with a slingshot thong below, two, black outlined stars framing a double-pierced belly button, an elaborate rose and heart pattern now reached from Anna’s waste midway down her thigh, tantalizing ready to peak out of even the shortest minidress. “I was going to say normal, but I think that’s not right for you. Just act, uh, like pretend you’re, uh,” Mandy stuttered. “Just put on some shit clothes and try to be quiet,” Mandy resolutely concluded. “It’s kind of fancy so wear, like, some jeans, and like a blouse, or something. Pull your hair in a bun.”

“Ok, you’re like, a genius,” Anna responded. She rummaged through a pile of clothing to find the only jeans without rips in scandalous locations—acid-washed, and skin-tight, but perhaps acceptable for a fine dining restaurant. She slid them over her thong, shuttering in eroticism as they snugged into her pierced clit. She threw a black strapped tank-top and a brown leather coat mini-coat over her shoulders, with 4-inch heels she found after concerted rummaging in her closet. It wasn’t until she was in the Uber that she realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. She quickly touched up her makeup: dark mascara, ruby-red lipstick, replete with long, fake eyelashes, and perfectly manicured eyebrows. She had long forgotten how to apply makeup any other way.

She walked towards the entrance of the restaurant, nervously striking of a cigarette, then quickly subbing it out, realizing that the smell of it would likely reveal to her parents that she smoked. “God, I’m so fucked,” she whispered. Not that I actually smoke, she reasoned. “Just when I’m like nervous, or stressed, or partying, or someone else wants to smoke, or like, whatever.”

She walked through the door, nervously eyeing the concierge who she thought may have recognized her from her recent dalliances there. She couldn’t quite remember, but she may have been kicked out the last she was here for sucking someone’s cock in the bathroom. “Fuck, maybe it was his?” she thought, as she shuffled past, trying to hide her face behind an arm.

“Anna,” her Dad said, beaming, on seeing Anna walk through the door. “You look so, uh, wow!” he said. “All grown up,” he said, giving her a bear hug and a smile, momentarily hiding the doubtless shock he must have felt on seeing her in person for the first time in almost two years.

“I, uh, wow! I love your hair,” her Mom said, hugging Anna as well. Anna’s bleached blonde hair was pulled back into a dirty bun, concealing it’s almost hip-length luxuriousness, snuggle tucked over her ears to cover some of her more exotic ear piercings. Shades of red and blue still stained her hair—a special surprise for a Fourth of July “party,” she had “hosted” with a few other Deja Vu girls a week or so back, with a few choice clientele.

“Hi!” Lisa said, giving her a quick hug. Lisa hadn’t changed a bit: her shoulder-length, brown hair, framed a face that a spot of makeup had probably never even ventured to adorn.

“This is my fiance, Zachary,” she gestured. Anna turned towards Zachary to see a 6′3″ Adonis, with a jaw-line as if chiseled from granite, steely eyes, and iron forearms. “Lisa said you guys were really close in college,” Zachary said, awkwardly, a deep voice concealing an inner timidity.

“Oh, yea, hi,” she said, her pierced nipples perking to attention as his hands wrapped around her for a quick introductory hug.

“Wow, I like your earrings!” Lisa said, motioning towards Anna’s pierced ears, now adorned in various places with all manner of piercings affixed mostly by Mandy. “Fuck should have worn my hair down,” Anna thought.

“Oh, like,” she said, as Anna instinctively thrust her arm up to cover her ear, a Playboy tattoo on the underside of her left wrist revealing itself to the table. Her parents jet their eyes towards her wrist as Anna quickly pulled her hand back down. “They’re, uh, fun.”

“Fuck, this is horrible,” Anna thought, tapping her stiletto-ed foot maniacally as though to pass the time faster. “That guy Zachary is a fucking stud, I wonder how big his cock his,” she thought, as she instinctively licked her ruby red lips while gazing at his muscular frame from across the table.

Conversation meandered slowly through Anna’s life, as she tried her hardest to give the most nonchalant answers to their probing questions.

“The restaurant looks like it’s really lively,” her Dad said, in put-on enthusiasm, “your Mom and I drove past it on the way in.”

“Oh yea like, uh,” Anna stuttered, “I don’t like really hang out there, you know, when I’m not like uh, you know, like working I guess,” she said. Her parents nodded in seemingly confused agreement.

“Fuck, it’s like really hot in here, right?” Anna said, loudly, as she started to slip off her jacket, before quickly realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her semi-see through, strapped tank top. “God maybe if I could get a cigarette,” she thought, squirming, with each slight movement of her body rippling through her freshly pierced clit as it rubbed against her clothing.

“I’ll be right back!” she said, as darted out, quickly re-donning her jacket, almost orgasm-ing on the chair from the stimulation.

“Yea, excuse me as well,” Zachary said, as he shuffled to get out after Anna.

“What the fuck,” Anna thought, as she headed towards the door.

“Hey, Anna, can I talk to you for a second?” Zachary asked, plaintively.

“Yea, like, uh, ok,” Anna said, her pierced clit still throbbing against her thong, as they both slid out a side entrance.

“Listen, I’m thinking of proposing to Lisa, and I don’t know almost any of her friends. I was hoping I could ask you what she might like,” he continued, “you’re the only friend she still keeps in touch with from college.”

“Oh, uh, like, cool. Do you mind if I smoke? I’m just so fucking nervous you know, my like fucking parents and all. You and Lisa are like, you know, that’s cool Zacahry,” Anna continued, unabated, stripping off her jacket to reveal her bronzed shoulders, and perky breasts straining against the taut fabric.

“As a doctor, I should advise you not to, hah. Actually mind, if I bum one? And just call me Zach,” Zach responded. “

“Hah, OK, that’s cool,” she said, slipping him one. This was going a lot better than she expected, she mused. “This dude has no idea what I could to his dick,” she mused, almost entirely distracted from her parents by the thought of his hard cock against her shaved pussy.

“So are you like a pediatr... uh” Anna blanked, trying to think of the name of a type of doctor, “like a pedophile or something?”

“Oh no, hah, I’m actually a gynecologist, I help women with the uh, female, reproductive system. I’m still in my residency,” he continued, his eyes now bolted on Anna’s pierced tits.

“They let guys do that?” Anna continued, “maybe when they’re as fucking hot as you,” she said.

“Oh, uh, hah,” Zach replied, taken aback. “You know, Lisa described you a lot differently,” he said.

“Oh yea,” she replied, vapidly, “I like doctors. They’re rich!”

“Maybe some day,” said Zach.

“Listen, Zach, can I be real with you?” Anna continued, “I don’t really want to be here, but, uh, why don’t we like talk over a drink later,” she said, drawing closer to him, licking her lips. “We can talk about like...” she said, putting her finger on his chest, “Lisa, you know, and, like, your work. I’d love to hear about how you look at puss... I mean, you know, like, reproductive, uh women stuff,” she said. “I don’t, like, know any of that stuff,” she giggled, genuinely smiling.

“Oh, uh,” Zach responded. Anna could tell from the lump in his throat, and in his pants, that she had him hooked. “Ok, sure.”

“Listen, when this dinner is over, just tell Lisa we’re planning her, you know, like, baby shower or whatever,” she continued, almost resting her head now on Zach’s chest, “Would that work?” she looked up at him, batting her fake eyelashes.

“I have a lot of uh, like, experience with, you know, bachelor parties,” Anna flashed a naughty glance towards Zach.

“Uh, yea,” Zach mumbled, “s-sure.”

Both Zach and Anna flicked their cigarettes away, Anna, re-donning her jacket, now confidently strode back into the dinner, blankly listening and responding to the conversation that ensued, scheming in her head how, and how quickly, she could get into Zach’s pants. “Maybe I’ll just let him fuck me in the bar,” she thought, “maybe my little ass, or I’ll suck his dick and have him cum all over my tummy,” she continued, musing in her mind.

“Listen, Anna, are you alright?” her Dad sternly asked. “You seem, tired, or maybe under the weather?”

“Oh uh. Just working so fuc... uh, a lot,” Anna slurred, completely lost in thought. “I’m really happy, Dad,” Anna managed to say, her eyes now bolted on Zach’s pelvis.