The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jackson Falls

Chapter 8

After what seemed like hours, the dinner was finally over. Anna excitedly hugged and kissed her confused parents goodbye, then lingered, as she saw Zach and Lisa part. “Bye Lisa!” she shouted, blowing her a kiss.

“So, where should we go,” Zach said, turning towards Anna, enthusiastically awkward in his tone.

“You’re fucking adorable Z,” Anna said. “Let’s just grab a drink here,” she continued, shedding her jacket as she walked back into the restaurant and sat down at the bar, motioning for Zach to sit next to her.

“I’ll have uh,” she said, hoping Zach would take command, “whatever Zach wants to get me,” she said, twirling around towards him.

“Oh, ok, well, how about two whiskeys, neat,” he said, confidently.

“You’re fun,” said Anna. “I like really want to talk about Linda and stuff,”

“Lisa?” he interrupted.

“For sure,” she said, “but like, can I tell you a secret?” she said, whispering, “I don’t really work at that restaurant.”

“Oh, yea, I sort of figured,” he responded, chuckling.

“I work at a strip club. I just think it’s really fucking hot to work there,” she said, loudly, starring deeply into his eyes.

“Oh, well, yea, that’s great, I mean, if you enjoy it, and they, uh, treat you well,” he said, obviously at a loss for words, darting his gaze from hers.

“Oh that’s awesome!” she said, “you’re so awesome to be so, like, supportive. Leah is so lucky.”

“Uhm,” Zach said, obviously concerned, struggling to take his eyes away from her breasts.

“Listen, you’re a gyneco, gyner... gosh, I’m so dumb,” Anna blushed.

“Gynecologist?” he said.

“Right, listen, this is going to sound crazy, but this girl that I fuck, she’s not a stripper, at least not professionally, she works at a tattoo and piercing place. She’s so fucking hot. Anyways, she pierced my clit and I’ve just been going fucking like crazy all night because it’s so like fucking sensitive, you know, is that, like, normal?”

“Uh,” Zach said, “I don’t see, well, uh, the clitoris itself, or perhaps the skin flap covering the, uh,” he mumbled.

Anna slid her hand up to his rock hard cock, massaging it slowly at the bar. “Does it like make sense to take a look?” she whispered into his ear.

“What?” he said, his face pale.

“I mean, you’re, like, a doctor and all,” she said, “just your like, uh, professional opinion,” she said, licking her lips slowing rubbing his cock gently through his pants.

“You like to party, right?” she continued, into his ear, “I knew it when you grabbed that cigarette. You can’t take your eyes off my tits. It’s OK, it’s really fucking hot. No one has to know. I’m just your little slut for tonight. I can’t take my mind off your dick, your muscles, your chiseled jaw. Your beard stubble eating out my little pussy. My little pussy is so fucking tight,” she said into his ear, “my little pierced pussy, you’d be the first to see,” she said, now more aggressively massaging what was obviously an enormous cock.

“Come on,” she said, gracefully pulling her from his chair, artfully throwing him almost in one seemingly fluid motion into a taxi towards her house. She slipped the taxi an extra $20 to ignore her deep throating his cock in the back seat. Wordlessly, he acquiesced.

On entering her room, she quickly stripped off his clothes, and hers, then grabbed his dick, “where do you want to go first Daddy,” she said, “my little pierced pussy, or my ass?”

He shoved his dick into her pussy, thrusting with all of his might. “You little slut,” he screamed, as he slapped her on the ass, pulling out to cum over the artfully drawn series of tattoos that adorned Anna’s back.

“Does Linda or whoever do this with you?” Anna giggled, as she re-adjusted her heels, readying herself for her night’s shift. “You’re a fucking stud Z, I’m Amber at Deja Vu, you can see me anytime. Thanks for the pussy exam,” she smiled, as she walked out the door, Zach, flabbergasted, couldn’t even muster a response.