The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Janie’s Got A Gun

by J. Darksong


In the end, it had proved remarkably easy to track down ‘Wally’s’ whereabouts. His real name was Fredrick Alan Garrison, though he went by a different nom de plume when on the prowl. Part owner of the Garrison-Coleman Cleaning Company, it was easy enough for him to make sure he went whatever company he wanted on any particular night, as well as fixing any time logs concerning his whereabouts should anyone think to ask. An hour after Janie had finished rewiring her mind control gun we were on the road to Sugar City, heading, ironically enough, to the TransCorp Research Branch building located there.

“You know,” I said idly while driving, “if he’s not there, we could always wait ‘til next week when we have the job interview, and catch him then. Save ourselves two trips.” Janie merely rolled her eyes.

All sense of levity faded once we pulled into the parking lot, however, and found a dark blue van with Garrison-Coleman Cleaning parked in front. It was dark, about ten-thirty, and aside from three or four cars spread out over the entire complex, the place was deserted. I had a really bad feeling.

“Um, are you sure you want to do this now?” I asked again as I parked, shutting off the headlights. “Maybe another night would be better...”

“No,” she said firmly, leaving through the passenger door. “We’re doing this tonight. I want this over and done with. Come on, Doug, let’s go.”

As always, I obeyed, my body moving before I’d even realized it. “What if he’s not here?” I asked, lamely, knowing very well that he was scheduled to work here tonight. “Maybe he called in sick or something. If we just show up and he’s not here, it might... tip him off? Make him lay low, or leave the area completely...” She stopped walking, frowning, staring off into the distance, so I thought maybe she was considering my words. “I just think maybe we should take our time and rethink our strategy a bit more carefully before—”

“Shhhhh!” she hissed, waving a hand. I went silent. For a long moment I didn’t understand what she was doing, and then I heard it, faint, but utterly distinct. A woman screaming.

“He’s here,” she growled, moving forward again. “That fucking son of a bitch is here, alright, and he’s attacking someone! Let’s go!”

“Dammit,” I muttered, following along behind. “There goes our carefully worked out plan out the bloody window.”

It was a little hard pinpointing where our perpetrator was. The girl’s screams that had alerted us had grown infrequent, becoming more sobs of pain and despair than screams for help. And we couldn’t exactly yell out, ‘Where are you?’ to encourage the girl to scream again. Well, we could have, but it would have meant alerting Freddy that we were closing in on him, and he might have rabbited away. Janie’s frustration was as strong as my own, and she grunted loudly as we entered the west area of the third floor parking garage only to find it, likewise, deserted.

I stopped to rest, leaning against a barricade, while Janie tried to think of what to do next, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I turned, and saw him, clearly, through the gap in the wall where the pillar ran down into the foundation. I quietly signaled to Janie, and we took off once more, this time arriving on the correct floor.

Fredrick knelt in the middle of the parking space, lying atop some woman who struggled mightily beneath him. Her face was covered in a black cloth bag, and her clothing was ripped and torn. She wore silk stockings on her feet, one of which was likewise ripped and torn, and one foot held a black satin pump, while the other was bare, no doubt having lost it in her struggles. Her waist was exposed, her skirt and panties ripped away, her legs spread and held open and ready. And Fredrick was busy preparing himself, rolling a condom onto his cock with one hand, while the other held his victim still with increasing pressure around her throat.

He hadn’t raped her yet. We were in time. Moving to stand just behind the pillar, out of his line of sight, I pulled out the toy gun, and watched as Janie walked slowly but quietly towards the rapist. My heart beat like a kettle drum, and I was certain that Fred, the girl, heck, probably everyone within the state, could hear it beating. This was insane, I thought wildly, clutching the plastic gun like a life preserver... which, in a way, it was. It would be what preserved Janie’s life through this ordeal.

I heard her speak a moment later. “Hello, Fredrick.”

“Huh? What? WHAT THE FUCK?!?” the man yelled in anger and panic.

“Relax, just relax, Fred,” Janie said coolly. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I obviously caught you at a bad time.” Footsteps, her moving closer to the predator. “Looks like I interrupted you at the best part.”

Steeling myself, I slowly peered around the edge of the pillar. Fred stood several feet away, clutching the hem of his jeans to keep them from falling back around his ankles. His face showed anger, and confusion, and, of course panic. Still, to my relief, he seemed more concerned with finding a safe escape route that going after Janie. Taking no chances, I took careful aim with the gun, locking onto his and awaiting the signal.

“Who the FUCK are you, lady?” he growled. “And what the FUCK are you doing here!”

Janie laughed softly. “Oh, how soon they forget. You don’t remember me, Fredrick? It’s only been a few days since Rexburg, after all? The Arclight Plant?” She licked her lips. “The... easy prey.”

Taking a step forward, he peered closer at her. “Yeah... yeah. I recognize you now. So... you found out who I am and tracked me down. But... I don’t hear no sirens, and I don’t see no police.” He took another step towards Janie, and my hand clenched tighter on the gun. “Not too smart, coming all the way down here by yourself.”

“Ah, but we didn’t get to finish our time together, did we?” Janie said smoothly, sliding off her overcoat. She’d dressed rather provocatively for the occasion, much to my dismay, wearing a long, slinky red dress that hugged all the right places. I hadn’t even known she had such a thing in her wardrobe! The effect on her already exquisite form was striking, and I didn’t need to blast Freddy with the SEXUAL setting to make him react.

“I feel kind of bad the way we... parted company,” Janie continued, giving her body just enough of a turn to cause her breasts to jiggle slightly. “We’d started off pleasant enough... but I didn’t react the way you wanted me to, and you didn’t get the big... finish... you were looking for.” She smiled, taking another step forward, licking her lips. She was now close enough to reach out and touch him. “And I do so hate to leave something unfinished.”

Fredrick, crafty, clever criminal that he was, seemed to be thinking more with his loins that his brains at the moment. “Yeah, I did feel a bit of a let down there at the end. So... what’s this? Are you offering to... make it up to me? Are you some kind of sexual freak that gets off on this kind of shit?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Sorry... but I prefer to do this MY way, whenever and with whomever I choose.”

Hmmm. Guess he’s smarter than I thought after all. Still, Janie wasn’t about to let her plan fail that easily. “Oh, dear. And here I thought you were a man, someone forceful, someone who knew how to simply take what he wanted. But it looks like I was wrong. You’re just a wimp, a frightened little wuss than can only get it up if your victim is practically unconscious. That’s why you’re not interested in me, isn’t it Fredrick? Because I SCARE you!”

What can I say? Janie always had a way with words... if you could ever coax them out of her. She’d wanted to provoke a reaction from him, get him riled up, and from the steam coming out of his ears, she’d done just that.

“Fucking bitch!” he roared, pulling a knife from his belt, moving “You don’t scare me! I’m about to show you what fear feels like!”

At which point I didn’t need Janie’s frantic signal top let me know to fire. Cursing myself again for taking part in this madness, I discharged the weapon, hoping against hope that it worked the way she’d said it would.

Fredrick stood there, his arm raised, ready to gut Janie like a fish, when he paused, frowning, as if confused. Slowly, his expression changed, his anger fading away, morphing into sheer terror. Dropping the knife, he backed away, his eyes bulging nearly out of his head. A strangled gasp escaped his lips, and his hands went up in front of him, as if in denial of the most terrifying sight he’d ever seen.

Janie smiled, moving towards her, backing the frightened man into a corner. “You were right. You’re showing me EXACTLY what fear looks like right now, aren’t you? You thought you were a big man, a predator, preying on the weak and defenseless. You got off on the fear you invoked in your victims didn’t you?” She gestured from behind her back, and I flipped the gun to the second setting and fired. “And more than that, you got off on the PAIN you inflicted!”

Fredrick let out a loud scream, sinking to the ground in agony. Janie laughed, kicking him hard in the side, which made him cry out again. “That’s just a taste of the pain you’re dished out, Fredrick. Doesn’t seem quite so hot and erotic when you’re on the other side, does it?” She smirked evilly, signally for me to hit him with the third setting, which I did. “Or, maybe it DOES turn you on, feeling all this pain and humiliation?” She reared back and kicked him again, and again he screamed, only this time, the pain and fear he’d been experiencing had a different effect. He grunted loudly, then stiffened, crying out with wild abandon before shuddering wildly. Laughing cruelly, Janie kicked him again, several more times, all with the same reaction, until he pulled himself into the fetal position, sobbing. Sighing, Janie turned away.

“Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You really are just a sick little worm. You get off on feeling fear and pain and torture even more than you like dishing it out. I almost feel sorry for you,” she said, gesturing for me to come out of hiding. “Almost.” Taking the gun from me, she dialed the OMNI setting.

“Fred, you’re a despicable low-life piece of filth,” she said, aiming the gun at his head. “You’re not a predator, you’re a parasite. You’re a disease. You’re vermin! You should be locked up in the lowest level of the deepest, darkest sewer they can find for the rest of your life! Turning you over to the police as you are now would be a kindness... and I’m not feeling particular kind today. So... I’m going to make a few changes.”

She fired. Fredrick went instantly still, frozen in mid-sob. Janie glanced at me solemnly, and I sighed, looking away. I knew what was coming, and though he certainly deserved it, I didn’t particularly enjoy watching. “Fredrick Garrison. You will forget my being here tonight, but you remember everything you’ve just felt, everything you’ve just experienced, every single second of every sensation. You will never again be able to hurt anyone, either in word or deed. You are no longer a predator... you are prey. The only sexual pleasure you will even feel will only be obtained exactly the way you just experienced it—through the pain and fear of being a victim!” She lowered the gun, sighing softly. “It’s all about control, Fredrick. I’ve just taken yours away.”

While she was taking care of Fredrick, I was kneeling next to the poor girl he’d assaulted before we arrived. It took a little while to calm her down, for a moment she’d mistaken me for her assailant, possibly coming back to finish the job. I reached up to remove the cloth bag from over her head, but Janie stopped me, shaking her head. “Leave it.”

My hand moved away automatically. Damned obedience setting. “But... we can’t just leave her like this!” I protested.

“Don’t worry, we’re not,” she said, pointing her gun at the girl. “I don’t want her to know who we are, so I need to do a little memory reconstruction first.”

I supposed that made sense. Once we got out of here, she’d no doubt have to talk to the police about what happened during her assault. Any mention of us there would raise all sorts of uncomfortable questions. Still, I felt kind of bad about the way we were treating her, a victim that had just gone through the same trauma Janie had. It seemed kind of callous to make her wait longer while we took steps to save our own skins.

And then Janie showed me just how wrong I was, and why I had fallen in love with her in the first place.

“You will not remember the sound of my voice, or the sound of the man with me that helped you,” she said quietly, having fired the device. “You will not remember the specifics about what happened to your attacker. It’s not important. What IS important is that someone helped you, stopped him before he could violate you, and that despite everything, you are okay. What happened here was terrible, but it will not destroy you. It will not define you. You will take whatever time you need to deal with the trauma, but then you’ll put it behind you. You are not a victim, and you will not let something like this, something you had no control over, ruin your life.”

Janie placed the gun back inside her purse, then removed the bag from the girl’s head. She was a young blonde, probably twenty-four years old. Her eyes were glazed, and her face was slightly puffy with red marks that would likely turn into ugly bruises in a few hours. Still, all things considered, she was going to be alright, thanks for Janie. After untying the girl’s wrists, Janie stood up and nodded to me, and we left. Once we were on the next level of the parking garage, I handed her my cell, and she called the police.

* * *

“What you did back there, for the girl... that was really nice.”

Janie nodded softly. We were back at her apartment again, having made the drive back with no problems. The police pulled into the parking garage just as we’d turned back onto the main road, so no one bothered us. I was pretty sure that by now the girl was being cared for at the hospital, and with any luck Freddy was getting his ass kicked by his new roommate Butch down in the County lockup. I’d mentioned my thoughts on that to Janie, but she’d merely nodded, sighing, and sighing as well, I drove us home in silence.

“You did a really good thing, yanno,” I persisted, trying to get her to talk. “A rapist is off the streets thanks to you. Not only did you save that girl Natalie, who knows how many future victims you saved.” Still no response. Grunting in frustration, I stood up and walked to over to the bed beside her. “Okay, Janie. What gives? Your plan worked out exactly like you’d hoped it would. You got your revenge, and you even saved a innocent girl in the process. So why the hell are you acting so down in the mouth?”

“Because...” she said slowly. She closed her eyes. “Because nothing changed. I don’t know what I was thinking... that somehow being able to face him down that way, being able to make him hurt as much as he’d hurt me and all those other girls... I thought...” She shook her head. “Never mind. It’s not important, anyway. You’re right. I did a good thing tonight... even if it was just a side effect of my own selfish motives.”

She stood up, then, and walked back towards the kitchen. “I’m thirty. Would you like something to drink?”

I nodded. “Yes, please. Ice water would be great.” She nodded, heading out into the kitchen. My eyes followed her to the door, then paused, stopping on her purse, lying there on the dresser. And suddenly, I knew exactly what to do, what I had to do, to make all of this better for Janie. I hesitated, thinking about what it was I was about to attempt, and why. Was I doing it for my own personal gain? Probably. Okay, definitely. I wanted Janie. I’ve wanted her for a while now. And, to be fair, I think she had an interest in me besides just platonic friends. At least I thought so. I’d been out of social circles so long I wasn’t exactly adept at reading signals anymore. But, well, I had a feeling.

As I took the gun out of her purse, I realized my real motivation. I wanted Janie to be happy, truly happy, for the first time in her life. She’d had it rough. She’d endured a lot to get to where she was now, and, the last forty-eight hours notwithstanding, she’d had no one to rely on but herself. I loved her, I really did, and if this was what it took to get her to realize that fact, then I was prepared to follow through.

“One ice cold water, as promised,” she said a moment later, stepping back into the bedroom. She paused, the slight smile freezing on her face as she saw the gun in my hand. Our eyes locked, and I saw confusion, hurt, betrayal... no doubt the same expressions I’d showed when she’d surprised me with that nice little blast of obedience training several hours earlier. She opened her mouth, but before she could speak, I pulled the trigger.

Whatever words she was about to say came out as a weak slur. Her bright green eyes crossed behind her glasses, and her body began to weave slightly. Removing my finger from the trigger, I moved up beside her and led her over to the bed to sit down, taking off her glasses, and placing them aside. Having been on the receiving end, I knew how disorienting it could be to feel your brains shaking apart inside your skull and dripping out of your ears. Moving to stand in front of her line of sight, I spoke softly but clearly.

“Janie. Can you hear me?”

“Um... yea?” she replied, more of a question than an actual answer.

“Do you know what just happened?”

“Yes. You... shot me with my... sonic wave emitter gun?” She paused, blinking slowly. “I don’t know why, though.”

I nodded. “Good. I shot you with the TRUTH setting you installed Janie. That means you will answer any question I ask you, completely and truthfully. Do you understand?”

She nodded. “Yes. I have to answer you... completely and truthfully.”

I nodded again. “Janie. Do you... find me attractive?”

Her face reddened, and I could see an obvious tightening in her facial muscles as she tried to resist the command to answer truthfully. “Yes,” she said after only a slight pause. “I find you incredibly attractive, even though right now I’d love to punch you in the nose.”

I chuckled. “Well, I kind of expected that... the um, wanting to punch me, part, I mean.” I took a deep breath. “If you’re attracted to me, why haven’t you ever tried to let me know how you felt?”

“I... didn’t think you felt the same way. Before, when I was still my shy withdrawn self... I didn’t think someone like you would be interested in me in any way other than a friend. And after I gained the confidence to tell you... even if you hadn’t laughed in my face, or tried to let me down easy, I knew it would change our friendship. And... I didn’t want that.” She sighed, closing her eyes. “You’re really the only friend I have. The only true friend I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to ruin the only good thing in my life.”

Yep. It was just what I expected. The next part was going to be hard, on me as well as her, but it needed to be done. “And if I told you that I feel just as strongly attracted to you as you do to me? What if... I told you I love you. Would you believe me?”

“No,” she responded without hesitation. “There’s no way you could love someone like me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Janie.” I held up the gun for her to see, and pointed it at myself. “It’s still set on TRUTH. You know it works. You are experiencing it right now. So, you know there’s no way I could lie to us under its effects.” Closing my eyes, steadying myself, I pulled the trigger. The same vibrating buzzing sensation swept over me, and once I could see and think straight again, I turned to face her once more. “Go ahead, Janie. Ask me how I feel about you. You know I can’t lie to you now even if I wanted to.”

Fear and anticipation flashed across her features for a moment. “Doug... how to you really feel about me?”

“I love you, Janie,” I responded back, with all the feeling I could muster. “I think I fell in love with you the day we met in the elevator all those years ago, but I only realized how much I really cared about you when I heard you had been attacked. The thought that something had happened to you, that I might never see you again...” I swallowed, trying to get the words to come out. “The idea of losing you, when I’d never even told you how I feel... it scared me. Made me feel cold inside, like a part of me had died. That’s when I realized how much you truly meant to me, Janie.”

Tears ran down her cheeks as she shook her head. “I don’t... I... I can’t believe... but... you’re telling the truth, aren’t you?” she said softly, completely dumbstruck. I nodded.

“Yes, I am. I’m a little sad that it took giving myself an ice cream headache to convince you, but as long as the message was received loud and clear.” I sighed softly, steeling myself. “Now, I only have one more question for you, Janie.”

“Don’t,” she said, shaking her head. “Don’t ask. Please don’t ask me, Doug! Please!”

“Do you love me, Janie?” I asked, heedless.

The tears started flowing again. “No,” she said, more of a strangled sob than an answer. “I don’t... love you... I want to. I want to so badly, especially now, especially after what you just told me... but... but...”

“But you don’t know HOW to love someone,” I answered softly, trying not to let my own hurt show. “You’ve never felt loved, not from your parents, not from friends, or anyone else growing up. After the way your stepdad treated you... You didn’t love yourself either, so of course, you don’t know how to love anyone else.” I smiled sadly, leaning forward to kiss her gently. “That’s why I did this. This is why I took your gun and put us in this situation.”

Standing up, I took a few steps towards her. “I’m going to teach you about love, Jane.” Her eyes widened, and she scuttled back away from me, no doubt imagining something similar to what Fredrick or her stepfather had done to her, all in the name of sexual love. I shook my head. “No, love. I’m going to do for you when you did for Natalie before we left to call the police.” I flipped the switch to OMNI, hoping I knew what the hell I was doing. “I’m going to make a few changes, Janie. A few, very important changes.” And then I fired.

Janie went instantly still, just as Fredrick had. A soft sigh escaped her lips, and her face went completely slack as the life faded from her eyes. I felt a chill go up my spine at her reaction; she’d mentioned in passing how much stronger the OMNI setting was compared to the others, and now that I saw the effects up close and personal, I never wanted to use it again. I had to be extremely careful with what everything I said, or I could accidentally leave her a brain-damaged shell of her former self.

I can do this, I told myself. I just need to keep it simple. Short and simple.

“Janie. Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Okay, it was a start. Good.

“Janie, I want you to listen to me very closely. Up until now, you’ve had a low feeling of self worth. You felt deep inside that no one loved you, and since no one loved you, you must not be worthy of love. Your feelings of shyness, your low self-esteem, your lack of confidence... it all stemmed from the fact that you never felt loved. That was in the past. But now, you are loved. By me. I love you, Janie. You know that to be the truth. You just saw and heard me a moment ago, when I used your gun on myself. Tell me, did I lie to you when I said I loved you?”

“No,” she said in a low monotone. “Didn’t lie. Couldn’t lie. Gun... made you tell the truth.”

“Yes. And I am still telling you the truth. And you will accept my words as the truth, Janie. You are a lovely, beautiful and wonderful woman. You are worthy of love. All of those in the past who couldn’t see that, couldn’t understand that, were fools. Even you were a fool not to realize it before now.” Oops! That might have been a mistake. “But, now you realize the truth, Janie,” I quickly added. “You’re no longer the same fool you once were. You realize that you have value as a person.” Hmmm. Don’t want her to go overboard and get a swelled head, though. “Of course, you will NOT take it to the extreme and become a narcissist. Everyone has value, and you are no more and no less important than anyone else.” Then, considering my words carefully, I added, “But to me, Janie, you are very special. You ARE the most important person in the world to me.”

That was probably all I needed to say. If, as I surmised, all of the negative feelings about herself stemmed from her own self-loathing, and low self-esteem, then changing that should give her back a sense of self worth, and hopefully provide a more balanced view of the world. I was tempted to try and change the commands she’d unwittingly given herself before when she’d first tested the gun on herself, but having already seen how strongly rooted they’d become, I was afraid to tamper any further.

“Now, Janie,” I said a moment later, crossing my fingers, “I want you to lie back on your bed and close your eyes. When I snap my fingers, you’ll awaken and be fully conscious once again. You’ll remember clearly all of my instructions to you.” I paused, frowning. “And even if you still feel like it, you will NOT punch me in the nose. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” she responded softly, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Got it.”

I placed the gun on the counter and walked over to her. Her face looked so peaceful, as if she were sleeping instead of mentally processing my complex and no doubt confusing mishmash of instructions, my pitiful attempt to instantly repair twenty-eight years of psychological damage. For the umpteenth time I wished I’d paid more attention in Sociology class in college. Still, I couldn’t let her lie there like that forever. Resigned, I snapped my fingers and held my breath.

Janie’s eyes blinked. blinked again, then opened. They stared forward into space for a few seconds, and I feared I really HAD turned her into a vegetable, but then she shook her head, clearing away the cobwebs, then looked at me. And smiled.

“Janie? Are you okay?” I asked cautiously.

“Am I... okay?” she asked, considering. She sat there for a few moments, then reached out and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a tight embrace. “Yes. I think I am,” she said softly, kissing me on the lips. “I love you, Doug! And for the first time in as long as I can remember, I think I really am all right.”

We lay there in each other’s arms for a few minutes, enjoying the joy of simply being with each other. After a few moments, she released me, pulling away. “So. Where do we go from here?”

I shrugged. “Where would you LIKE it to go?”

“Well,” she said, turning away, not meeting my eyes. “I think... I mean... I want... I would like to...” She growled in frustration, trying to find the right words.

“You want to take things,” I said, pulling her back to me, “to the next level?” I smoothed the hair away from her face, tucking the strands behind her ear. “You’d like us to make love?” Blushing brightly, she nodded. “Good. Because I sure as hell want to.” I laughed at her expression of surprise, but quickly followed up with an explanation before her feeling got hurt. “Sorry. I don’t know why you seem so surprised, though. More than all the mental tampering you’ve had, you are really beautiful.”

She smiled despite herself. “Heh. Now I think the truth setting must have worn off. Doug, you’re sweet, and I can finally accept that you... you love me... but the truth is, I am not beautiful. The term ‘plain Jane’ exists because of me.”

I breathed deeply, shaking my head as I kicked out of my pants, tossing it next to my shirt. “Heh. I see fixing your self esteem issues didn’t fix your self image issues. Janie, love... okay. I’ll admit that you look a little plain right now. You’re not wearing any make-up or lipstick, your soft silky hair is just hanging straight down, and your clothes... well, love, you’ve always dressed to downplay your physical beauty.” Naked myself, I reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. Her blush deepened, and spread, seeping down from her cheeks to the rest of her. A moment later, her bra joined her blouse. A slow grin spread across my face; I’d always suspected that she had a nice rack underneath the turtleneck sweaters and the lab coat she usually wore at work, and her freshly bared double D’s proved me right.

“Amazing,” I whispered softly. If she’d ever worn anything that showed your cleavage instead of hiding it, she wouldn’t have had any problems with being ignored—she’d probably have ended up being the center of attention! Despite her nervousness, her pink little soldiers were standing at attention, inviting exploration. I leaned forward, and when she didn’t immediately object, I squeezed a heavy breast, and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking. She moaned deeply, arching her back, and I teased her hard little nip even more with my tongue.

By the time I finished with both breasts and moved on, she was breathless, panting excitedly. The look on her face tugged at my heart, in both joy and sadness. Joy that I was exciting her, but sad that she was so surprised, so in awe of the simple pleasures I was invoking. Could it be that her only sexual experiences were the early molestation from her father and being raped by that perverted psycho Fredrick? It certainly explained her fear and anxiety—she clearly wanted to be loved, to let me take her, but was afraid it would be like her other bad experiences. I wanted so badly to tell her that it would different, that I wouldn’t hurt her...

So I decided to show her.

I kissed my way down her body, raising gooseflesh as I neared her navel. When I unbuttoned her pants and began sliding them down, she stiffened, her fear response overcoming her pleasure. “Relax,” I said softly, soothingly, caressing her stomach gently. “No pressure. This is all for you, love. Just enjoy and let me take care of you.” Once her hands unclenched, I continued, gently removing her shoes and socks, then rolling her pants down. Janie lay there, breathing rapidly, her eyes closed, clad in only a thin pair of silk panties. I really wanted to dive right in, rip the thin fabric away and lap and suck and nibble until my beloved was shrieking in pleasure... but I knew she wasn’t ready. Not yet.

Go slowly, I told myself. This is about her, not me. I kissed my way gently and teasingly along her panty line, but completely avoided her delta itself, forcing my lips down to her thighs, down her calves, and on to her feet. Worshiping her feet seemed to spark something inside her, because she finally opened her eyes, and began whispering encouragement to me.

“Mmmmm.... yess... tee hee hee...” she giggled softly, wiggling her feet slightly. “Ooohhh mmmm... that’s nice. Yesss... ohhhh... just like that... ohhh, you’re so good at this... ooohh... I love it.”

I remembered then all the naughty stories bookmarked in her computer’s online history, particularly the MCSTORIES website. Ah. She’s a bit on the kinky side. I filed that away for later, and began making my way back up her thighs, having to hold them still now, as her arousal had reached a level where she could no longer contain herself. “Do you want me to take off your panties now, love?” I asked as I nibbled and teased her inner thighs, circling around and around the very edge of her silken garment but no further.

“Oh God! Yess! YES!” she cried, hands clenching and unclenching. “Take them off! Please!”

Playing a hunch, I slid her panties down as I answered her, “As you wish... Mistress.”

Janie gasped loudly, then gasped again as my hot wet mouth finally made contact with her equally wet pussy. Forgetting my earlier plan to take things slow and easy, I dove in with relish, eating my lover’s pussy with every bit of skill I’d picked up over the years. I don’t know if it was lingering traces of Janie’s OBEDIENCE program, or simply the knowledge that I was turning her on so much, but at that moment I was focused entirely on her, on bringing Janie’s pleasure to the highest heights I could. Her thighs clenched tight around my face, and I went ‘tunnel vision’. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. I existed to make Janie cum, and I was going to make her cum harder and stronger than she ever had in her life, if it was the last thing I ever did.

“Ohhhhhh gaaaawwwwddddd!!” Janie cried suddenly, going stiff. A smoky salty wetness surged into my mouth and the pressure against my skull increased exponentially. It was getting a little hard to breathe, and my vision was beginning to spot, but I couldn’t even begin to think about pulling away. Hell, I slammed my tongue in even deeper, forcing it as deep within her tightly clenched canal as I could. When she finally let out a soft sign of satisfaction and unclenched her legs, I slumped down to the bed, gasping loudly, sucking in deep lungfuls of air, trying not to pass out, but feeling supremely satisfied myself.

It was a few minutes later before anyone spoke. Janie’s hand slid down to caress my face. “Thank you,” she said softly, pulling my face up to hers for a kiss. “That was incredible, on so many levels. And when you called me ‘Mistress’... God, I’ve never been that turned on my whole life! I thought my head was going to pop off when I finally came.” Glancing down, she chuckled softly, moving a hand down to my cock, making me squirm. “And I see that I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself. Doug, dear,” she said, pushing me back onto my back, crawling slowly up the length of my body, “I think perhaps I should help you with your... little problem, don’t you?”

“Little?” I said, indignantly, before groaning at the sensations coming from my cock. She teased me for several minutes by stroking the tip of my dick against her wet slick pussy lips, but not actually sliding it inside. My hips started to surge upwards, but she merely moves with me, keeping the distance, smirking at me with an evil grin. Just when I was about to scream in frustration, she sank down, slipping my stiff pole easily inside her velvet glove. The evil grin changed to a look of surprise, then of lust, as she began fucking me, bucking her hips slowly up and down, and enjoying every second. Her hands moved up to caress and squeeze her breasts, and a low deep moan escaped her lips. Her green eyes were half-lidded, and her tongue repeatedly slipped out, licking her soft red lips.

I was about to cum. I was there. I was on the razor’s edge, but just before I could reach my peak Janie put the brakes on, pausing in midstride, gasping, staring me deep in the eye. I knew instinctively what she wanted... no, what she NEEDED from me, and I hesitated, considering in that half-second what it would mean for the future of their relationship.

She wants my submission. But... is that really such a bad thing? Giving in to her? I mean... she loves me, just as much as I love her. And, even if she does take the dominant role, it’s not as if I won’t have a say in things. And... she needs this. Needs to be in control for once, to be the one calling the shots. And... I have to admit, losing myself earlier in trying to make her cum... trying to please her... damn, that was hot. Besides, there were definitely worse things than being the submissive to a beautiful, sexy, and loving woman like my Janie.

“Please... Mistress!” the words came a second later, my eyes locked on hers. “Let me cum for you!”

“Then CUM!” she yelled, resuming her fucking in a frenzy, pinching her nipples. “Cum for me, Doug! Cum with me! CUM NOW!”

Her words set me off like a lit fuse. There’s no other word for it—I exploded. I’ve had a lot of sex in my years, some of it okay, some of it good, some of it damned good, but this was the first time I actually whited-out. I remembered the sensation of being zapped by Janie’s gun as feeling like my brain was dripping out of my ears. Heh. That was nothing compared to the feeling of my brain melting and running out of the tip of my cock. And somehow, even in that state, I had enough presence of mind to reach up and catch Janie as she swooned, pulling her gently down to lie beside me. She let out a soft sigh, and pulled me close, snuggling close as she drifted into slumber.

The last thought I had before I followed her was that later I needed to check her computer’s bookmarks and see what other erotic stories she frequented.