The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Journal—Week 3

I had a great day today. Mr. Wilson has been so impressed with my work on the photo-sorting assignment that he wants me to help put together the brochure itself. I helped lay out the pictures and review and edit the text. The brochure is for an international finance company, and gives detailed information about the company, their products, and services.

Mr. Wilson was clearly very busy with a project and instead of his normal visits to my tiny office throughout the day, I had to bring my work to him.

I got a lot of exercise walking back and forth from my office to Mr. Wilson’s but I felt that we got a lot of work done and the brochure was looking really sharp by the time I left this evening.

Today I went without a bra. Mr. Wilson did not seem to notice, or at least he did not mention it, which was a relief. But he did compliment me on my appearance, telling me that I looked smart and very professional. I am sure that subconsciously he could see the difference but had not put two and two together. I am very pleased.

I did at first feel a little self-conscious to be in the office without a bra. Especially since all the walking made my breasts bounce and thus my nipples kept grazing the soft, thin material of my blouse. I could not help it, but my nipples stood up proud and stiff as a result.

Luckily nobody stared or said anything, so I guess it was all okay. And after a while I was concentrating so much on my work that I forgot all about it. It Just goes to show that one should not worry about stupid little things.

Anyway, having my breasts unconstrained certainly felt good. I guess that we wear bras for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it is “accepted” that we ought to wear them and secondly so that our breasts do not bounce around uncontrollably causing discomfort. However, today my breasts felt fine. Actually there was no discomfort at all. If anything it felt great to have my breasts unfettered, and I realized today that bras are actually uncomfortable.

I remember something that Mr. Wilson mentioned last week, that executives are leaders and not followers, that we should not do something just because it is accepted.

So I have decided that I will go braless from now on, for my own comfort, and to hell with convention and what is “accepted”. I am sure that Mr. Wilson would be proud if he knew I am breaking free from the crowd, but of course I could never tell him about it.

This week has been pretty hectic so far. I have spent the last couple days helping put together the brochure for our customer. Mr. Wilson is a perfectionist – that is great of course since I would hate to put out a sub-standard prodct myself.

I have been run off my feet, walking back and forth to his office, but it has been extremely exciting. I am proud of the work I have done so far and it seems that Mr. Wilson thinks that we have done a great job too. He is impressed with my work on this project, I know that can only help my progress.

Also, I have continued going without a bra so far this week. It feels a little strange, but pleasant too. Actually, it feels nice and confortable, almost liberating, to be unconstrained.

Nobody has made any comments, so I think there will not be any problems with it. I had worried a little at first that I would get dark glances from the other women because I was breaking with convention, but it has been fine. I guess they had become used to Alison not wearing a bra either. Or maybe they just have not noticed the change in my habits.

Mr. Wilson also has not said anything about my lack of a bra, so it seems he has not noticed either. Though he has remarked now that I am looking much more relaxed and comfortable in the office than I did the first week. I do not think he has realized part of that relaxed comfort is due to the unconstrained state of my breasts. At the least he is happy with my appearance, so hopefully I can stay like this.

In any case, I am relieved that he has not noticed my lack of a bra. It would be very embarrassing to explain. Though part of me is dissappointed too. I was sitting at my desk thinking about it, and I had a sexy little daydream. A wicked little moment of fantasy just popped into my head about how he might discover my bralessness.

I imagined that for some reason I might have to lean across his desk in front of him, and then he would see down my cleavage. My stiff nipples would surely be evident poking through the thin, almost transparent, sheer fabric. And if for some reason I had undone the top couple buttons on my already low-cut blouse, that would reveal so much of my breasts that he would be left with no doubt about my lack of bra. It was a wondful naughty little fantasy. I could imagine his reaction at seeing so much cleavage to get a clear look at my curvy breasts and perky nipples.

That naughtly little daydream actually made me feel quite hot. So I undid a couple buttons of my blouse to get some air and cool down. Then I resumed the latest round of changes to the brochure.

I have been working with Mr. Wilson on the brocure. Our meetings are sporadic throughout the day, at his desk with me sitting beside him. Once I had finished my latest batch of edits, I went to his office to meet with him about them.

When I arrived at his office, I noticed that the chair I usually sat in was covered with paperwork. So I had to lean across his desk while we discussed the brochure. Too late I realized my blouse was scandalously undone. I could not help but remember my earlier daydream since the sitiuation was so very similar.

My unfetted breasts hung, barely inside my blouse, right in front of Mr. Wilson’s face as we talked. My stiff nipples as hard as pebbles poked against the sheer fabric, so very close to slipping free of my blouse’s low cleavage line. I am sure he must have noticed, but he did not seem to react in any unusual way. I was so embarrassed, I must have blushed deep red. Yet despite the embarrassment, a naughty part of me felt excited too.

Later this evening, after I had gotten home, I replayed that incident in my mind, letting my imagination wander and fantasize.

Much like the earlier delicious fantasy about undressing in my office while Mr. Wilson watched, which has been occupying my nighttime thoughts ever since then, my naughty imagination ran wild with this new sexy fantasy.

It has been a fun evening, but now I have to catch some sleep since I am exhausted.

I have been having naughty little daydreams at work. It started with that first simple fantasy of Mr. Wilson watching me undressing, and has grown to incorporate some more naughty scenes. Like the one of me leaning over his desk and flashing my breasts. And a new one of me flashing him my butt.

This new fantasy was inspired yesterday when I was in Mr. Wilson’s office working on the project and he needed me to grab a file from the bottom of a filing cabinet. Of course I went to get the file, but I did not realize at first that I bent over at my waist. So my short skirt lifted up and revealed my bottom. Then as I was straightening back up, it occurred to me what I had done.

I do not know what came over me. I am usually so careful not to flash anyone but I just was not thinking about it. I quickly turned to check if he had seen anything. It did not appear he had, or at least he did not remark about it. Thank goodness, since that would be far too embarrassing.

We continued working on the project as though nothing had happened. But in my mind, my thoughts kept turning back to that incident, imagining what would have happened if he had actually watched me bend over and had clearly seen my panties. I admit, thinking about it gave me a thrill.

At home last night, I continued thinking about that daydream, even imagining myself bending over on purpose in front of Mr. Wilson to deliberately show him under my miniskirt, enjoying a wicked little naughty bedtime fantasy.

What is strange is that I have never had exhibitionist fantasies like this before. I do not know where these ones come from. I guess it is the change in my life to do with a new job and all that. New horizons maybe and so new fantasies. In any case, these daydreams are quite exciting to visualize so I do not really mind thinking about them.

Of course, as fun as these daydreams are, I am not going to let them get in the way of my work – I want that next promotion. Today Mr. Wilson hinted that I am almost ready for the next stage of his training program and I am sure that will mean a promotion. I cannot wait. I am learning so much. I am so glad that I took this job.

I kept my promise to myself not to wear a bra all week. I know that I said before that it felt a little strange, but now I cannot imagine wearing one. It is so liberating to go without a bra.

And besides, there are other benefits to this new regime. One thing I noticed is that my nipples are feeling great! They feel so much more sensitive; the way the silky material of my blouses caresses my nipples is very thrilling.

Perhaps because of the stimulation to my nipples, I think my sex drive has become amped up or something. I kept having naughty little fantasies during the day, all week. I am still not totally sure where they come from. I guess I just have an active imagination.

My mind often wanders at work, during breaks or repetative tasks. It is quite natural to slip off to daydream for a moment. And these naughtly little daydreams always seem to get stuck in my thoughts until later, like when I am at home in bed, where I can really let myself enjoy them.

Still, I am a little embarrassed that I should be having these thoughts, especially since they mostly include Mr. Wilson and the office. But I suppose it is natural for me to have a bit of a crush on him. He is a handsome older man, and he is such a great businessman, and my mentor from whom I am learning so much. And anyway, I am not going to let a little embarrassment stop me from enjoying these wonderful fantasies.

Something about these fantasies really gets to me I guess, since they have become a bit of a bedtime staple for me. Most nights I have been imagining some naughty scene or another with Mr. Wilson, unbuttoning my blouse for him or lifting up my skirt. And my orgasms have been wonderful, stronger than any I ever remember having. This newly increased sex drive feels really great!

Over the weekend I have been enjoying my newly liberated sex drive, re-imagining fantasies about Mr. Wilson. My favorite is the one where I bend over, allowing the back of my short skirt to lift up, presenting him a clear view of my butt. I guess there are some advantages to short microskirts after all!

In that fantasy I like to imagine that I am wearing sexy underwear, rather than the boring cotton panties that I usually wear.

Pehaps that is why I had an impulsimve moment today while shopping, and I bought some pairs of sexy, very skimpy, thongs. I can imagine him studying the curve of my backside as I bend over wearing one of those tiny little thongs, and it drives me wild. Even though I know I would be far too embarrassed to do anything remotely like my fantasies in real life.

Relaxing into a wonderful fantasy like this has become my routine before going to sleep every night. Even sometimes during the day this weekend, just the thought of flashing Mr. Wilson is enough to give me a thrill and send me back into the bedroom for a little playtime.

But as much as I have been enjoying these fantasies at home, I do not plan to let them get in the way of work next week. I want to impress Mr. Wilson so he gives me more interesting projects, responsibilities, and promotions.

Still, my new thongs feel so deliciously nice, I wonder what it would be like to wear them to work. There should be no harm in that. After all, nobody will know the difference of what underwear I wear, and thinking about walking around the office with skimpy thong panties under my short skirt makes me feel so naughty and excited.

Yes, I think I might try wearing my new thongs to work next week.