The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Journal—Week 4

Great news—I am going to meet the customer later this week! Mr. Wilson trusts me enough and is so pleased with my work that he wants me to attend when he presents to them. I am so looking forward to it. If it goes well then I am sure to be given more responsibilities.

All I have to do is make sure that the upcoming presentation goes well. To do that I just have to impress the customer and do a good job representing our company. That should be easy enough.

The very fact that Mr. Wilson will take me with him shows that he thinks I will represent the company well. He said he will spend the rest of the week coaching me on what he expects of me during the presentation. He is such a great mentor and I am learning so much from him.

To start, we talked about personal presence. Mr. Wilson told me, yet again, that my appearance and presentation was very good. He is a great boss, to let me know that he appreciates the effort I am taking with my clothing.

The discussion turned to one of the disadvantages that women have in presenting themselves which is our height compared with men. This came as a bit of a surprise after all the equality talk we have had, but it makes sense.

He told me that even though modern society does treat women and men equally, at least the enlightened parts of it, that there are just some things that can still put women at a disadvantage. One of those things is our shorter height compared to men.

He talked about how as an executive I would have to meet and talk with customers, suppliers, employees and competitors on an equal basis. And that it is unfortunately common for people to see a smaller person differently. Women, with their shorter height, are not always given the same respect as their taller male counterparts – it is not consciously done but it happens.

I knew what he was talking about. I was always much shorter than the male students at university and I am sure that had an effect. Part of it made me try even harder and helped me get the excellent grade that I did.

Then we talked about how to mitigate that problem. One thing he said some women did was to be aggressive, but I told him that I thought that would be the counterproductive. He praised me and told me how smart I was to realize that fact so quickly.

He is a very tactile person: as he praised me he kept touching my arm. I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but of course I realized that it is fine for him to touch me that way. It is just a nice gesture of his pleasure with my progress, like when he hugs me. These sort of tactile expressions are perfectly acceptable so I forced myself to relax about it.

Anyway, after we had knocked around a few ideas, I almost jokingly suggested that I could wear higher heels to make me taller. I was not being serious, but Mr. Wilson thought that it was a good idea that would work out quite well.

I was not too convinced though. I have always thought that high heels made a woman look, well to be blunt, trashy. I said as much. But Mr. Wilson explained that it was all about the women themselves. A trashy woman wearing high heels will still be a trashy woman, but when an intelligent, professional woman wore them she would still be an intelligent, professional woman.

I was not particularly convinced though. I have always hated wearing heels. But we talked about it for a while and Mr. Wilson had a good argument for each of my objections.

Now that I think back to it, I cannot believe that I was so concerned. It is important that I can present myself as equal to any male competitor in the world of business and so my petty worries about high heels are irrelevant now that I think about them in hindsight.

Anyway I will find out tomorrow. Since all my shoes are flats, Mr. Wilson is going to dip once more into the miscellaneous expenses budget for me. What a great man! I know that he has a bit of an ulterior motive as well since he wants me to look the best I can for our meeting later this week, but even so he is so generous.

I was surprised when Mr. Wilson showed me the three pairs of shoes he had purchased for me. The heels were enormous, five or even six inches, I think.

Yes, I knew he was going to get me some shoes with heels, but not that high! Of course I should really have been prepared. The point was to make me taller, after all. Mr. Wilson patiently explained that I had to have such high heels as a way to sort of over-compensate for my smaller stature.

I was not so sure, but he explained it all to me with his soft deep voice and now it all makes complete sense. He is such a great teacher, I am learning so much from him. And he is so patient. I am not sure that anyone else would have spent the time with me today to make sure that I understood the importance of wearing high heels. I am so grateful. If I had been at a larger company they would never have devoted themselves so much to my training program and thus I would never be able to reach the heights of senior management.

Mr. Wilson was even good enough to help me put on a pair of my new shoes. He is such a sweet man. He knelt down at my feet, as I sat on my chair, and helped take off my old shoes and buckle on the new ones.

It was only later when I realized that during this shoe-changing I had accidentally flashed him. I had sat there on the edge of my chair while he helped with my shoes, lifting my feet to take them off. The natural position was to lift my knees up and apart. I was not even thinking about it at the time, but clearly this meant that no doubt he could see up my brief, already bunched-up skirt. And it would have been quite a view since I had worn one of my skimpy thongs today. I wonder if he had seen anything. If so, he did not mention it at the time.

As I thought about it later, it turned into another of my sexy daydreams. I still have been regularly having naughty fantasies about Mr. Wilson at work. They are so wonderfully delicious, and I figure it is harmless to enjoy them.

But I wonder if subconsciously I want some of these sexy incidents to actually happen, and maybe that is the reason I allowed myself to get into the position where Mr. Wilson could look up my skirt?

Anyway, after helping me put on my shoes, he then helped me to stand in them, saying that he knew I would be a little unsteady on my feet to start. He was so kind to help me get used to my heels. Though I must admit that my heart did skip a beat since, to help me keep my balance, he put his arm around me.

I imagined for a moment what it would be like if, while putting his arm around me for balance, he reached around and held my breast as he did. Of course it was just my imagination running wild. He is my boss and would never be so crass as to grope me, no matter what my over-active libido might want.

Still, the fantasy of him cupping my breast has been stuck in my head all day. My dirty mind just has not let me think about anything else. It was quite distracting trying to focus on work while my naughy libido played wicked fantasies in my mind.

I had continued working today, like yesterday, under Mr. Wilson’s patient coaching, learning what to do at the upcoming presentation. But my fantasies must have been more distracting than I realized, because now when I think about it, I do not really remember everything he said to me. Oh well, I guess I will just have to pick it up during the next coaching session.

In any case, I must admit that I did feel taller wearing those shoes. Once I overcame the fear that I would fall over, they were not that bad to wear. It is going to take me some practice to get used to walking in heels, but I really think that wearing them is going to do me a world of good. That is what Mr. Wilson said too.

Gradually over the course of this week I have learned how to walk in high heels. I am even starting to enjoy how it feels to wear them. At the very least it is good exercice for my leg muscles, helping to tone my thighs.

Also, I realized that heels make me look really good. Besides the added height, they make me feel elegant and stylish. Somehow wearing heels just made me feel more attractive and thus more confident, like the daring businesswoman I seek to become.

It took me awhile to figure this out, but once I did I felt really glad that I have started wearing heels. I even checked a little bit online, about the effect of heels on posture and appearance, and I learned stuff that I had never thought about before.

With heels, of course my legs look longer and more shapely, which is the first and most obvious plus. Also, having my toes pointed down causes my hips to tilt a little, which means my back arches slightly. It is a better posture I suppose, but it also means that my butt sticks up a little more seductively, and my breasts thrust forward slightly. A subtle effect that serves to make me look and feel just that little bit more attractive. And feeling attractive is a big part of confidence and therefore professionalism.

It all makes a good deal of sense, and now I have a very good appreciation of why it is so important for me to wear heels. So that I look and feel attractive to represent the company well through my confident professional appearance.

Furthermore, reading online I found out that wearing high heels enhances the strength of pelvic muscles which helps to get better orgasms. That makes sense too, because I have noticed my libido steadily increasing all week.

Today was an interesting day. Mr. Wilson took me along to his presentation to the customer’s executive team. I have been practicing for this presentation all week, under Mr. Wilson’s coaching.

He was clearly nervous this morning, which was a surprise for me to see him like that. It told me how important this meeting was to him and I realized how much trust he was putting in me. So I pledged to myself to do the best job I could.

Mr. Wilson told me that I would not have to do anything in particular at the meeting, and that I would primarily be there as his backup. Basically, since I had helped put together the brochure, it was important to introduce me to the customer and make a good impression. Also it might be useful to have me there for certain other aspects of the presentation.

The customer’s offices are about an hour away from ours. We drove there in Mr. Wilson’s car, a very nice Mercedes. His car seats were very plush and comfortable, I immediately relaxed into them. For some reason, riding in his car made me feel sleepy.

As we drove he gave me some last-minute pointers and instructions for what he expected me to do during the presentation. But I think I may have drifted off a little, as I do not remember everything we talked about.

I do remember him explaining how since I had chosen the pictures for the brochure and in particular how I had chosen photos of elegant, professional businwomen who were very similar to me, that for parts of the presentation he might have me assist as a sort of visual aid, to compare against the brochure.

I did not entirely understand, but Mr. Wilson told me not to worry about the details. The important point was that I handle myself professionally, as he had coached over the past few days, and did my best to present myself well and impress the customers. Hopefully I will learn more if I get to attend future presentations.

As we rode to the meeting, and I relaxed half-listening to him, I noticed that it was very hot in his car. The heater was apparently broken, stuck on or something. I started to feel very uncomfortably warm and sweaty, and it only seemed to grow worse as we drove. Mr. Wilson must have noticed my discomfort and known how I felt because I remember that he commented about it, talking for a bit about how uncomfortable I looked. But that only made it worse, because the comments focused my attention to the feeling of heat and discomfort until I could not really think about anything else.

My clothes started to seem like they were sticking to me. I felt an overpowering urge to unbutton a few buttons on my blouse, to get a little air blowing against my skin to cool off.

Mr. Wilson again showed how perceptive he was, almost seeming to know exactly what I was thinking, because he remarked that it would be perfectly acceptable if I undid a couple buttons for comfort. There was nothing wrong with that he reasoned, explaining in depth why it was okay. His voice sounded so soothing and calming as he talked. It all made a great deal of sense.

So even though part of me was embarrassed and worried about whether it was truly proper, I undid a couple blouse buttons and at his suggestion, I also flapped the front of my blouse sort of like a fan, stirring the air around me, to cool off. That felt so much better that I soon relaxed and forgot my earlier worries of embarrassment.

When I get so hot like this, he said, I should not hesitate to undo my blouse buttons. Mr. Wilson explained that comfort shines through as stronger confidence and elegance, and would help me present myself better, he told me. He is so wise.

The rest of the car ride was uneventful and boring, with no interesting scenery. So I let my mind wander while he talked and drove. Before I knew it we arrived and were ringing in at their front desk. I was still feeling somewhat dazed and spacey from drifting off in the car.

We were escorted from the reception desk into a cozy little private meeting room. Mr. Wilson introduced me to four serious-looking foreign gentlemen. I cannot remember their names but they seemed very pleased to meet us, I guess they were eager to see what we had for them.

During introductions, Mr. Wilson told them that I had been pivotal in helping produce the brochure for them. This made me feel good to be indroduced as such an important part of the project and company. He even talked briefly about how I was part of his ‘executive training program’, and spoke some about how well I was progressing in it. The executives all seemed interested in meeting me.

Mr. Wilson spent a while talking me up to them, making me feel important, almost more important than the brochure itself, like he was selling me instead of the brochure. I mostly tried to concentrate on standing there as elegantly and confidently as I could. I hope I presented myself well.

After the initial introductions, as Mr. Wilson had instructed earlier, I moved to stand at the front of the room, near a flip chart of the brochure that Mr. Wilson would be presenting. Then moments later, he began.

Since there was not much for me to do during the presentation besides stand there, I must admist that I let myself drift off a little while he talked. I guess I had listened to Mr. Wilson’s presentation so many times this past week that it could no longer hold my attention. My mind wandered into a sort of bored and relaxed warm fog.

Mr. Wilson talked about what would work best in their brochure, and in particular about the qualities of a professional woman’s appearance that were most imortant for the look they sought. He had his laser pointer out and was using it to draw attention to various aspects of the brochure design on the flip chart, highlighting certain features on the photos of the women.

Then he asked the businesmen to consider me as an example. Mr. Wilson left the flip chart and came to stand beside me while he continued giving the presentation, pointing out my features and qualities and how they related to the brochure. We had discussed this eariler and I was more or less expecting it so I just stood still, relaxed into it, and continued drifting in thought while ignoring most of the presentation.

He used the pointer to highlight as he spoke at first about my gorgeous hair and clear complexion and then other parts of my appearance, but I do not exactly recall since my thoughts drifted while he talked.

I am terribly embarrassed that I drifted off so much while Mr. Wilson was making such an important presentation. But we had discussed it alot during the week while he had coached me, and he had said it would be perfectly okay if I did not pay attention. After all, I was there mostly to be a visual aid anyway. So I let my mind wander as he talked.

Without really intending to, I drifted into one of my little fantasy daydreams. It was quite a sexy and wickedly deliciously fantasy.

I could not help it but my nipples perked up, becoming hard and prominent. Worse, it seemed like the way he was moving the laser pointer at the moment only served to draw attention to my breasts—highlighting the lovely curve of my braless cleavage in the low-cut, sheer blouse I had worn, which still had a couple buttons undone. I wondered then if all those men were looking at my hard nipples poking against my sheer blouse. That thought only fed back into my fantasy, making me feel even more hot and bothered.

I cannot believe I let myself drift into a naughty daydream during the presentation like that. But still, I knew it was harmless to enjoy a little daydream. So I let myself keep thinking hot naughty thoughts.

My libido-overdriven body actually heated up so much that I started becoming uncomfortably warm. God, I felt so hot and bothered. It started to become unbearable. But I remembered earlier, in the car, what I had learned to do to stay comfortable during the presentation.

So, feeling very calm and relaxed, while Mr. Wilson droned on, I casually reached to pop open a blouse button. That made me feel immediately more comfortable, and nobody seemed to be paying attention, so I undid another. But still, the naughty fantasies circling in my thoughts had me quite worked up and hot, so I undid a couple more. That was much better, making me feel so much more comfortable and relaxed.

Thinking back on it, I cannot believe I was not worried that with so many buttons undone, and my breasts straining against the tight fabric, that my breasts might accidentaly pop free from my blouse or something. I guess I was too relaxed and comfortable to be concerned about anything. Anyway, I do not need to worry since there must have been no accidents because nobody said anything. They probably did not even notice what I was doing. I suppose they were all paying rapt attention to Mr. Wilson speaking.

Still feeling hot and bothered, and despite a little nervousness, I undid the last button on my blouse. That felt so much better. I felt a little nervous I think because some part of me hesitated at having my blouse unbuttoned all the way. Yet, I know that is silly and there is nothing wrong with it. It is perfectly acceptable to undo my blouse buttons when I am hot, to feel more comfortable. Besides, I was not sure if anyone was paying attention to me anyway, I figured they were all too busy listening to Mr. Wilson talk.

Standing there, I still felt quite hot, almost sweaty like warm air was trapped against my skin. So I calmly gripped the sides of my blouse in my hands and flapped a bit, releasing open the constriction a little and fanning some air across my chest. That felt nice, so I fanned open my blouse a little more vigorously. The cool air felt so nice against my hot skin then and I relaxed even more. I felt so much better, cooler and more comfortable that I relaxed into that comfort quite deeply.

I think then I let my hands drop apart to my sides, and relaxed the grip on my blouse. By then I was so calm and relaxed. And my blouse felt so nice and unconstricting as if comfortably draped loosely around my shoulders. I am not sure though as my thoughts immediately drifted back to a warm fog.

I actually drifted off so much that I completely stopped paying attention to most of the presentation. Mr. Wilson was at that time still using the laser pointer to highlight details of my appearance, shining the laser beam on me, calling the gentlemen’s attention to particular aspects of my professional appearance and complimenting them in great detail, I think. But I had tuned all that out. It all passed by me in a blur.

I do remember at one point Mr. Wilson accidently dropped his laser pen and asked me to pick it up for him. It had fallen behind me, so I turned around and carefully bent over to retrieve it. Bending was difficult while wearing high heels, but earlier in the week I had practiced for this situation somewhat and learned the trick of balancing by stepping apart and locking my knees as I bent.

For some reason I could not get a good grasp of the pen. My fingers kept slipping off of it. Distantly I heard Mr. Wilson suggesting that I take a wider stance and bend over a little further, that way I could get closer to the floor to reach for the pen. That made sense, so I tried it.

So as to not waste time, Mr. Wilson continued with his presentation while I struggled with my efforts to pick up that darn slippery, elusive pen.

I think then he talked for awhile about skirt fashion, even complimenting me to the gentlemen on how quickly I had taken to he fashionable female-executive trend of wearing ultra-short miniskirts. He used my skirt as an example, I think, pointing out details to the gentlemen. I am not sure though.

I was not really paying attention, still trying to grasp the pen. It took me several minutes, but I finally did manage to pick up the pen. I stood up, feeling a little dazed. I turned around, handed the pen to Mr. Wilson, and smoothed down my skirt. He thanked me and resumed his presentation, which was by then moving into the end part, just closing statements.

Suddenly I realized we were finished, and I snapped myself out of my daze for the post-presentation chit chat. I a corner of my mind I became aware of a moistness between my legs. My thong panties were wet from all my naughty daydreaming.

All the gentlemen shook my hand and told me how pleased they were to meet me, and they looked forward to working with me in the weeks to come. I guessed we had gotten the contract then, and I suppose that the meeting today will be important to my future. Certainly Mr. Wilson said as much afterwards, during the car ride back.

While walking back to his car a breeze almost blew my blouse off. I realized that it was completely undone, wide open. Thankfully nobody was in the parking lot or nearby and Mr. Wilson was looking the other way. I quickly buttoned up my blouse and blushed with embarrassment and excitement at the brief exposure. I wondered if there were security cameras in the parking lot. It was embarrassing but in a way the thought of being exposed like that gave a thrill.

That was when it occurred to me that I might have accidentally had a nipple slip during the presentation. I could not recall anything like that happening for sure though.

Also, I realized that when I had reached for the laser pen, I bent over at my waist, so it is quite possible that I had flashed those gentlement my bottom too. But nobody had said anything, so it must have been okay.

During the ride back my mind was occupied by these thoughts, and I became quite turned on by them. I became so aroused that I could hardly sit still, squirming in my seat.

I felt a little frightened that Mr. Wilson would notice I was in some kind of hyper-aroused state, but thankfully he was so pleased with how the meeting had gone that he was completely oblivious to how flustered I was.

Back at the office, I rushed to the bathroom. There I discovered that my underwear had become positively soaked. My tiny, thin thong was so wet it had turned almost transparent. I thought to myself that it was a good thing I had not flashed those gentlemen under my skirt after all, since with my thin underwear so wet, and stretched tightly between my legs as it was, those gentlemen would have gotten a good clear peek at me down there. Oh, but some wicked part of me did get excited by that thought!

My thong was so soaked and ruined that I had to just take it completely off. Walking around without panties was a new and odd feeling, but very exciting and sexy too. Anyway, I finished freshening up and rejoined Mr. Wilson.

He was so happy about how the meeting turned out that he gave me a tight hug. Another naughty little fantasy popped into my mind and I imagined him reaching down and fondling my bare buttocks beneath my short skirt. Thinking about him groping my butt sent my hyperactive libido into a frenzy. I kept having sexy daydreams about it, and about the meeting, for the rest of the day.

I fantasized about all sorts of vivid scenarios where I revealed myself in naughty ways to those gentlemen. In some of them I even wondered what it would be like if Mr. Wilson had somehow manipulated me into those scenarios, controlling me.

I found the idea of him controlling me to be very thrilling, for some reason, though I do not really understand why. I think that I have heard that powerful people often have fantasies of giving up their power so I guess that it is natural for a future chief executive to have sexy fantasies like that.

Anyway, sexy daydreams about the meeting with the gentlemen have kept me incredibly aroused all day. They are so exciting to think about. Then too, sitting at my desk without panties was certainly an experience. Especially with the way my skirt rides up around my waist and leaves my bottom uncovered as I sit. That triggered a whole new batch of naughty daydreams.

As soon as I got home from work, I brought myself off to a couple very nice orgasms fantasizing about all these things. Part of me almost wishes I really could have the opportunity to expose myself to those gentlemen. It gets me so horny when I think about it. I just know these fantasies are going to become a mainstay of my night-time activities for weeks if not months to come.

Looking back on it, I am amazed since I know that previously nothing about these exhibitionist fantasies would have turned me on. Until I started work at Wilson Industries I had never had fantasies like this and never been aroused by thoughts like this. I can only guess that without the stress of exams and university that my libido had been freed to allow me to explore my true fantasies.

Anyway, enough of that. The long and short of it was that Mr. Wilson was extremely pleased with the help I had given him and he said that starting Monday I would have a raise in my pay packet and he was hoping that he would be able to find me a more challenging role. Yes!

I am so excited about tomorrow and the promotion that Mr. Wilson hinted at. I have been bubbling with excitement since Friday. I just know that Mr. Wilson is going to promote me and that I am definitely on my way to the top.

And I have been unbelievably horny all weekend. Fantasies about the presentation have really got my motor revving. I am embarrassed to say that I spent all Friday evening playing with myself as I thought about exposing my body to those gentlemen. I explored all sorts of scenarios, even some bizarre ones where I am forced by Mr. Wilson to basically strip naked in front of them, feeling humilated yet so aroused.

I ogasmed so many times, it was extremely thrilling but also very tiring. Even as I write this I cannot help but let my thoughts drift back to those exciting fantasies and my heart is beginning to race and I can definitely feel a moistness in my underwear.

I do wonder if I should write about this. However I remember clearly what Mr. Wilson said on that first day about how it is important to write down in my journal all the important things that happen to me and especially those that affect my emotions.

After my night-time activities Friday night, I crashed pretty hard, exhausted. I did not even manage to get dressed in pajamas or anything before I fell asleep, so I ended up sleeping in the nude. To be honest, it felt sort of comfortable to not have anything constricting me in the bed, and maybe helped me get a better, healthier rest.

Sleeping without pajamas actually felt so nice that I decided to try it again last night, and enjoyed it tremendously. I think I will try sleeping in the nude from now on. There is just something deliciously wonderful about the feeling of the bedsheets sliding against my bare skin. The sensation must give me sexy dreams or something because lately I have started to always wake up feeling horny.

All weekend I have been on edge and I have to say it has felt wonderful. I have not felt this aroused for ages and it makes a wonderful change. I know it is probably very wicked of me, but I have been indulging my fantasies all weekend. Hardly an hour has gone by when I have not found myself daydreaming, and I have masturbated more often this weekend than I have over the last month.

God I have been a naughty girl – but I deserve it! I have proven to Mr. Wilson that I have got potential and he is going to promote me again.