The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Journal—Week 6

Mr. Wilson was indeed pleased with the research I did over the weekend. He told me that it was excellent that I had used my initiative and my spare time to help the project. He said that it showed that I was true executive material and he was glad he had put his faith in me.

I was thrilled that he was pleased.

He said that my approach was revolutionary, that it was worthwhile spending more time and effort on this sort of research, and that he was sure that it would pay dividends for the project.

Mr. Wilson was so impressed with my findings that he told me I must continue my research and furthermore he would use some funds from the miscellaneous budget to buy subscriptions to a number of websites. He did indeed subscribe to a couple websites right then, and sent me a link for how to login.

While he did not describe it as a promotion, and my salary was no higher, I knew deep down that he was using this as a way to reward me for my effort above and beyond the call of duty. I was suffused with a wonderful warm feeling.

I spent the morning devouring the new web sites and furiously making notes. It was so difficult not to touch myself. I felt incredibly aroused by the material on those sites. But I wanted to reward the faith that Mr. Wilson had shown in me by being as productive as I possibly could.

I did have to remove my panties though, they got so wet. Of course sitting there without any underwear just helped fuel my arousal and frustration. Mr. Wilson dropped by a few times and seemed very pleased with my progress. He even sat down and spent a few minutes with me glancing through the images and videos on the website I was researching. I wondered if he found the material as exciting as I did.

He happened to open up some videos, a series, about a submissive girl being forced to strip by a powerful, dominant man. I watched the video with him. It was so incredibly arousing. As he sat beside me, I drifted off to fantasy once more, a wonderful daydream following the plot of the video.

I could imagine myself as the submissive girl in the videos and him as the dominant man. I imagined that he made me strip, just like the girl on the screen. He said he was very pleased that I was not wearing any panties. Oh, it made me shiver with pleasure knowing that I had pleased him.

I imagined that he made me stand with my hands clasped behind my neck and legs embarrassingly wide apart, just like the girl on the video. I wondered how it would feel if he squeezed and teased my breasts, paying particular attention to my hard nipples. Oh I just know it would feel so good to have him play with my stiff little nips.

I continued to fantasize about Mr. Wilson playing with my body as I watched the video showing on my computer. In the video and in my fantasy, he moved his attention to my slick little pussy.

Oh it was so exciting to imagine his fingers sliding between my swollen labia as he discovered just how aroused and wet I was. I wondered if he would like to have me in that position in reality and if he would enjoy fingering me. I drifted off again then, thinking about his fingers pumping into my slippery wet pussy.

Mr. Wilson closed the video and told me that I was coming along very well. Obviously he meant with my research, but a naughty fantasy popped into my thoughts that he had told me I was coming along well as in “becoming nice and submissive” and was well on my way to sexual slavery.

I do not really know where that thought came from. Slavery is abhorrent and wrong, not something to fantasize about. And yet, it is clear from my research over the weekend that fantasies about sexual slavery are very common. And to be honest the thought of being a slave, kept naked and bound and made to perform many sexual acts by my master and betters is a pretty arousing fantasy even if in reality it would be terrible.

Anyway, at that moment, the thought of becoming Mr. Wilson’s sex slave was enough to trip me over the edge and I think I shivered and gasped with a small orgasm right there. Part of me was embarrassed that I had lost control of myself right next to Mr. Wilson, but it was not too big of an orgasm and I apparently managed to be fairly discreet. I guess he was not paying close attention or had not noticed because he did not remark about it.

The next thing I remember was suddenly snapping out my daydream as he was standing up, telling me that he was very pleased with my progress.

After that I returned to my research with renewed vigor, promising myself that he would be just as pleased with my further research too.

I watched many, many videos and looked at lots of picures. Naturally my hot horny feelings would not go away. In fact my hot arousal just kept rising and rising. I had to undo buttons on my blouse just to stay somewhat cool.

I found one particular video a great turn on. It portrayed a young female office worker and her strong boss. The scenario played out that she had made some errors in her work and he made her strip and spanked her. I must admit I was extremely aroused by this and I could not stop tweaking my nipples as I watched.

The movie seemed so close to what had happened to me last week, but of course in the video the man wanted to dominate the girl rather than just teach her a lesson. I imagined and dreamt what it would be like if Mr. Wilson might want to dominate me.

The story moved on. The woman was made to perform oral sex on her boss. As she knelt naked before him and bobbed her head back and forth, he thrust into her, fucking her face. Oh it was so exciting to watch and imagine that it was me being treated like that. Of course, oral sex has never been something that I wanted to do, it has never held any excitement for me, but watching that video made me wonder.

After that he put a leather collar around her neck, bent her over his desk and quickly bound her in place. I could not believe how hot the video was. I just could not take my eyes off it and at some point, as I continued to watch it, I realized that my hand was between my legs and I was gently stroking my clitoris. Oh I was so turned on.

I do not know when I had started, but even when I realized what I was doing I just could not bring myself to stop. I needed to cum so badly, and the video was so hot, and it felt so good to twiddle my clit, and suddenly I exploded into a most satisfying orgasm right there in my office.

I am so glad that I took this job where it is okay to masturbate at work. It felt so strange and yet so very very exciting to have an orgasm at my desk. I definitely recommend it!

I did not bother to wear any panties to work today – they always get far too wet while I am doing my research, and I end up having to take them off every morning anyway, that it just does not seem worthwhile to wear them.

Besides it feels so deliciously naughty to be bare under my skirt. Even though nobody can tell the difference. Just thinking about going without underwear beneath my brief skirt is a such a huge turn on.

In fact, I enjoy going bare so much, and it was so comfortable today, that I think I may just continue to go without underwear from now on. That will save on laundry costs too.

I started work today spending some time furthing my research by reading a really erotic story, about a harem girl serving her sultan. I was trying to better get into the mindset of our customers. The story was a big turn on and pretty soon I was feeling very hot and horny.

So, like yesterday, I masturbated at my desk. God, I love this job! It is so good for me to not have to bottle up everything, to get release when I am feeling aroused. It took several minutes to read through the story and finally, just at the end, I had a very satisfying cum. I was recovering from that when Mr. Wilson stepped into my office.

He told me that my new approach to customer analysis was working really well. Yes! He was impressed with the notes and comments I had made yesterday, and the customer data would be really useful not only for my own small project, but also for the work he was doing on the client’s overall business plan.

Mr. Wilson wanted to collaborate more, and compare notes from our independant projects’. But with increased collaboration, and need for more frequent communication, walking back and forth between our offices would grow inconvenient.

So he explained that he wants me to move into his office starting tomorrow. That way we will not have to waste time in the hallways walking back and forth.

It is such a privilege. I am going to be working daily with Mr. Wilson. I just know I am going to learn so much from him and this can only accelerate my training program. Mr. Wilson said as much. He told me that he was really pleased with my progress. Yeah!

I am so happy that he is pleased with me. And I am excited to think that I will get to share an office with him.

His office is not particularly set up for two people, so it is such an obvious privilege for me that he is going out of his way to help me by sharing his working space.

For example there is no room for another desk. Instead he is going to sacrifice his meeting table for me to work at. It is not a proper desk, just a small table with a leg at each corner, but that is fine. I am just pleased to be able to work closely with Mr. Wilson, so much that I would put up with almost any working conditions.

At home I spent the whole evening naked again tonight. That has started becoming a habit of mine. It is so nice and exciting to be nude all the time at home, I think I will keep on with it from now on. Though it does not help my composure one bit.

All evening I have been thinking about that story about the submissive harem girl, touching myself, and getting hornier and hornier. I am exhausted and I think I will have to go to bed early tonight.

Well, it seems that there are advantages and disadvantages to sharing an office with your boss.

The big advantage is that I am able to ask him questions or for advice at any time, and he is always right there to speak with me. Before, if I had a question, unless it was really important, I would not travel to his office just to ask him. Now I can ask at any time. Though to make sure that I do not disturb him, he has requested that I come and stand quietly beside his desk until he has a moment to devote to me.

It was slightly embarrassing at first to stand quietly beside his chair until he acknowledged me, but it makes a lot of sense. He is a very busy man and I am a trainee. His time is much more important for the company than mine so I need to make sure that I do not interrupt him. Besides, a couple of minutes while I wait for him is worth it for the wonderful insights he has been able to impart to me.

And of course in those quiet minutes I let my naughty mind wander, sometimes imagining that I am a submissive woman and he is my dominating master; and that I am waiting for my master as a good submissive should. If only I were naked and collared the image would be complete. I feel wicked having fantasies like that, but they are harmless and oh so fun.

However, the big disadvantage is that he gets to see all my work and can catch any mistakes. Unfortunately, he saw that I mixed up some of my notes. I had watched a couple of videos, and the notes I took were switched around. He said that while it was not a major issue, it showed a lack of concentration.

It was an elementary mistake. Knowing that, I hate to think what other mistakes I have made over the last few days that I have missed.

So that is another advantage of working so closely with Mr. Wilson. The quality of my work is bound to improve. Improving quality is sure to lead to me getting another promotion. Well of course, I have to learn to be more careful, I do not want to disappoint Mr. Wilson’s confidence in me.

Mr. Wilson said he was reluctant to do it again, but he did have to give me another spanking.

Oh, it was so mortifying. He placed me over his knee again and lifted my skirt and tucked the hem into the waistband. It was only then I remembered that I was not wearing panties.

Of course, if I had known in advance that I would be getting a spanking I would have made sure to wear some. Unfortunately, I was not, and it was too late regardless. Therefore, I was very embarrassed to realize that Mr. Wilson could see my bare pussy when he started to spank me.

More embarrassing was that I knew I was becoming incredibly turned on by the spanking. I just could not help remembering the video that I had seen earlier. It was easy to imagine that this was not just a normal correctional punishment for a trainee. I became so turned on that I even started to moan, and I could feel myself getting wet.

However, the worst part was that as Mr. Wilson spanked my bottom, I found myself wiggling it and moaning and squirming more and more. I could not help it, I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. I had to fight to keep myself from tipping over the edge.

Just as I thought I would not be able to hold it back, that I would have to embarrass myself even further by cumming on his lap, he stopped. I was so relieved yet I was very frustrated that I had not cum.

As before, I had to stand facing the wall so that I could fully contemplate what I had done and why Mr. Wilson had been forced to punish me again. And as before my skirt remained tucked into my waistband as I stood, baring my butt.

Mr. Wilson told me that it would allow my stinging and hot bottom to cool down before I sat back at my desk.

Well it felt humiliating to stand there nude below my tucked-up skirt, knowing that I was sopping wet down there too. I could feel the coolness of my juices on my inner thigh. I wondered if Mr. Wilson would notice my wetness, and worried a little about it.

Though to be honest, the idea that Mr. Wilson probably knew how turned on I was by the spanking actually made me even more aroused and embarrassed. I had to try hard to keep my composure, part of me just wanted to rush off to the ladies to relieve myself.

Thankfully I did manage to calm myself down while I stood there and at last Mr. Wilson told me to get back to work. I did think about slipping off to ladies, but the way that Mr. Wilson reminded me that because of the time spent on my punishment I was falling behind on my project, I knew that I could not afford to.

I had a rather difficult afternoon. My bottom was smarting from my spanking and my poor little pussy was wet and begging for attention. Even my nipples were hard and tight and straining against my thin blouse. It was all so distracting. Also, of course, my research did not help at all, the videos and stories made me so horny. I was extremely excited, and frustrated, almost tense. Holding in these feelings would only lead to more mistakes. I needed release.

In the end I could not wait any longer and I went to the toilet and had a wonderful orgasm. Mr. Wilson frowned when I got back from taking so long in the bathroom. He did not say anything, but I worried that I had disappointed or annoyed him by falling even further behind on my project. I resolved to double my work efforts to catch up.

Despite the wonderful orgasm, I still felt very turned on all afternoon, kept hot by all my research I suppose. All that bathroom break did was take the edge off my need and it allowed me to barely make it through the day.

I was very relieved when I finally got home. I just had to release some of that need, repeatedly! Even now as I write this entry I cannot help but keep stroking myself. Getting spanked is such a turn on for me.

Though I feel terrible that I disappointed Mr. Wilson by making a mistake. I want to do better for him and please him. I want to impress Mr. Wilson with the quality of my work.

This morning started off like yesterday afternoon. I sat at my desk, my tiny skirt bunched up around my waist. I could feel the texture of my chair on my bare bottom. And as I got into my research for the day I could not help but grow more and more excited.

I glanced up at Mr. Wilson as he worked at his desk a short distance across the room from me. He seemed engrossed in his work.

I knew that I should not do it, that he might look up from his work at any moment, but the way I was feeling made it so difficult to resist touching myself. The urge was so tempting. I glanced up again to check on Mr. Wilson. He was clearly engrossed in his work.

As I kept working on my research, growing more and more excited, I rationalized in my own mind all the reasons that he would not notice anything. He seemed so focused on his work, after all. The temptation and arousal grew stronger. It felt almost like a compulsion.

Finally the urge grew too strong to resist. With Mr. Wilson taking no notice of anything other than his papers, I just had to reach down between my slick thighs. Oh, it was such a relief. I had felt the tension building all morning.

The small caress of my wetness was just bliss and I accidentally let out a little gasp. I quickly pulled my hand back and checked that Mr. Wilson had not heard me. Thankfully he had not.

I felt very wicked to have been touching myself with my boss just a few feet away but the thrill, oh the thrill, was almost overwhelming. That excitement buzzed inside me, rebuilding the urge, the compulsion, to feel that bliss again.

After a little while when I was certain that Mr. Wilson had not noticed, my hand was once again between my spread thighs. I was much more careful this time to not make any noise.

I was reading a story on one of the sites, trying to understand what went through our customers’ minds. Videos are all well and good, but the stories really helped me understand what excited the people who brought those products.

And to be honest, reading a story actually helped me imagine myself in the role of the protagonist and my imagination was vivid. I think that that was what most got my motor running and made me have to touch myself. I thought I was being discrete.

I had managed to work myself up into quite a state, and decided that I really needed to go to the ladies toilet to finish myself off. I stood up, making sure to adjust my skirt, and was about to open the office door when Mr. Wilson stopped me and asked me where I was going.

I am sure I blushed furiously when I told him I was just going to the ladies room. He raised his eyebrow and asked quite bluntly if I was going to give myself an orgasm.

I felt so humiliated. He must have been aware of my actions after all, and I guess that my little groan and obvious discomfort told him everything he needed to know.

Mr. Wilson said that we had to discuss this and told me to come and stand beside his desk.

I felt mortified that he had caught me out, but at the same time my heart beat with excitement. I had daydreamed about him catching me doing something wrong, punishing me, and treating me like the girls in the videos I had watched and the stories I was reading.

I was afraid of what he would think of me, but I suppose I should not have worried. He is such a wise and thoughtful man.

He told me that it was completely understandable that as an imaginative, intelligent, and healthy young woman that I would find my imagination ignited by the material I was researching. He understood that I was excited by it. After all that was what Penelope’s Pleasures was all about: capitalizing on the fantasies and desires of its customers.

However, he told me that he could not afford for me to keep trotting off to the ladies room to have orgasms. He said that he knew why I had gone to the ladies’ room yesterday afternoon, and that he was disappointed that I had spent so much time there when I was already behind schedule with my work.

I felt awful as I realized that he was right, I had wasted too much valuable time. So in a way, I had stolen that time from the company. I felt so terrible for letting him down.

Besides, he pointed out, the other employees might hear me in the toilet cubicle. That could undermine my authority with them. He explained that since they were not executive material, they would not understand the pressures on us and the hardships we had to endure to ensure that the company was a success. However, unlike the other employees, he does understand those challenges. I should have known that and confided in him.

In conclusion, the company could not afford all the time that I would waste going off and playing with myself in the toilet. If I really could not contain myself then I should just get it over with quickly at my desk.

I thought about that last suggestion and while I knew it would be very embarrassing I realized that it made a great deal of sense. He already knew that I had been touching myself, that I had been having orgasms in the toilets, and he had already seen my pussy when I had been across his knee, so I did not really have anything else to hide from him. Most importantly I would be wasting as little company time as possible if I just did it that way.

Thinking about it more, about how I had wasted so much time already, I felt awfully contrite that I had effectively stolen time from the company for my personal enjoyment. I should have known better. I am so glad that Mr. Wilson is so understanding and forgiving. He told me to sit back at my desk and get on with my work, and I quickly did so.

After his lecture, the heat in my pussy had thankfully died down a bit. However, as I continued to read through a very erotic story, the heat just rose and rose once more. Within minutes I felt very hot and aroused again.

I was very, very nervous this time when I had to reach down between my legs and touch myself. I did it when Mr. Wilson was not watching, but shortly after I started, he looked up and told me that I was a good girl. I felt a thrill and found that I could not stop, even though he kept watching me.

I am sure that he could clearly see what I was doing beneath the narrow table. After all there was no modesty panel since it was not really a desk. That thought only added to my excitement, even while it filled me with embarrassment.

My fingers worked furiously in my slippery slit while I hungrily read paragraph after paragraph of the story. It felt so good to touch myself, and very quickly I found myself at the point of no return. Knowing that Mr. Wilson was watching made my orgasm so much sweeter. I wondered if he suspected that I was fantasizing about him dominating me as I came, strong and hard.

It felt so strange and yet so very very exciting to have an orgasm while my boss watched me.

Mr. Wilson was so good about it. He is understanding and kind. He knows that my research is just so exciting that I was uncontrollably aroused. Anyone who has a healthy sex drive would be turned on by the work I am doing. He did not seem bothered at all that I was masturbating in his office.

I am so glad that he is such a progressive and understanding boss. Any ‘normal’ boss would be so wrapped up in what is ‘right’ that they would not be able to think clearly about what was best for the company in this situation. Mr. Wilson though knows that it is best for me to get relief with orgasms, and to do it at my desk rather than to lose time pretending that it does not turn me on. He is so wise.

After the wonderful relief of yesterday, I did not have any worries today. Mr. Wilson was so good about it all. Even though I felt seriously embarrassed at the concept of it, I knew that if I became turned on by my research then I did not have to worry about him, I could relieve the tension if I needed.

And to be honest, I did need that release. So again I masturbated at my desk while I worked this morning.

At breaktime I stood up to get a coffee. I felt a little bashful as I smoothed down my skirt and blushed when I saw the wet spot on my office chair. Mr. Wilson thankfully could not see the damp spot. However, he did notice my skirt.

I guess I should have thought about it too. The way I had been sitting with it pulled up around my waist meant that it was getting rather creased. I realized that the other employees might notice the creases and ask me some questions that I did not want to answer.

So when I came back with my coffee, and one for Mr. Wilson too, he suggested that I might want to take my skirt off before sitting down again. I was a little nervous but it did make sense. The office was private and nobody came in without approval, they did not want to disturb Mr. Wilson. So it would be safe and I could put my skirt back on again before anyone entered.

I felt that it would be too embarrassing though. But as he talked to me about it, I remembered how relaxing it now feels to be naked at home, even if I used to be embarrassed about that. Also he had already seen me naked from the waist down, my skirt did not really cover anything while I was sitting because it bunched up, therefore there was no need to be embarrassed about removing my skirt in the privacy of our office. His reasoning made a lot of sense. So before I sat back in my chair, I shimmied my skirt down past my wide hips and bottom, stepped out of it, and left it neatly folded on my desk – ready to pick up if I needed it.

I actually felt so much better. Without the material bunched up around my waist I was definitely more comfortable. I wish I had thought of this earlier, it makes so much sense. I guess that is why Mr. Wilson is the boss and I am the trainee.

However, as I sat there working on my research and touching myself frequently between my widespread legs, I thought about my poor nipples. They were painfully hard and I desperately wanted to touch them too.

At home when I masturbated, I loved to play with my nipples as well as twiddle my pussy. But here in the shared office, I could not do that. Or could I? The tightness in my nipples was becoming quite distracting. It occurred to me that since there was no problem with touching myself between my legs, there should also be no problem with touching my breasts. Anyway, at the least I could ask him and find out.

So I asked Mr. Wilson if he would mind if I touched my breasts too. Thankfully he was very good about it. He responded that if I felt it necessary then he did not mind. What a great boss I have!

I unbuttoned my blouse and in moments my fingers were rubbing my nipples. It felt so good and I was able to get back to work and concentrate on my research straight away.

After my lunch break, after I returned to the office, I undid my blouse again. With my blouse open all the way, I could give my sensitive nipples the attention they needed. Though my blouse did slip down off my shoulders and slide down my arms, to crumple up, and tangle my wrists, distracting and uncomfortable.

Mr. Wilson also noticed the akwardness caused by my blouse entangling my arms. He remarked that it would probably be much easier and more comfortable to just take it off completely, the same as my skirt. Plus, that would keep my blouse from getting wrinkled by my actions.

I decided he was right, it was just easiest if I took off my blouse as well as my skirt. So I did, carefully folding it and placing it on my desk next to my skirt. I felt so much more relaxed to be sitting at my desk without having to worry about creasing my clothes. It felt so nice to be naked, just like it does when I am at home. So I finished out the day that way, playing with myself while working on my research.

At the end of the day, Mr. Wilson remarked that I was coming along very well and that only true executive material would have been brave and direct enough to find such a good solution to the problem of dealing with my natural arousal while I carried out such important work. He said that I was clearly putting the company first, above my own concerns and personal feelings. He told me he was very pleased with my progress through his training program.

I am so happy that he is pleased. It makes me feel so good to know that he is impressed with my work. I just know that by showing my dedication to the job today that he will definitely be thinking about promoting me very soon.

Not only that, but during the day I overheard Mr. Wilson talking on the phone to the one of the managers of our client company, talking about how the transformation was progressing very well. I gathered that not only was he pleased with my personal progress he was also pleased with the progress of my project, the transformation of their website. And from what I overheard, it was clear that the client was pleased too. I hope I have proven my value toward the successful completion of the project. And I hope that the client will be impressed with my work.

I have felt so good all weekend.

I want to impress Mr. Wilson tomorrow when I go to work, so I have spent the whole weekend doing more of my research. I wrote up a couple of papers on bondage devices and on submissiveness that I hope he will find interesting.

Of course it really helped that I was able to fantasize about myself as the submissive and really get into a submissive frame of mind. I think that all the research I have been doing has set me up to understand our customers quite well.

And at the same time I have discovered just how much I love the same fantasies as our customers. I love thinking about being tied up in some submissive bondage scenario or another. Those fantasies make me feel so excited!