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Just Short of Sexy

Keep It Clean

As I headed to my own room, soda in hand, I peered into Robbie’s room and groaned. As usual, it was so messy! Rob the Slob, I sometimes called him. There were clothes all over the floor, food wrappers on the bed, some weird electronic scraps tossed haphazardly across his desk... there was no way I was going to let things stay like this. I wouldn’t call myself obsessive or neurotic, but come on! There’s a line between “a little messy” and “total and utter slob”, and I couldn’t live knowing those conditions were just across the hallway. So for the third time this week, I put my drink down on my desk (with a coaster, of course) and headed into Robbie’s room for some cleanup.

First, I collected those food wrappers. I’m not so uptight that I’m against eating in bed, but if you’re going to do that, at least throw the papers in the trash can! Honestly, I wasn’t even sure Robbie had a trash can in his room. Disgusting. I left the electronic stuff where it was, since I didn’t know what he actually needed and what I could throw away; I’d talk to him about it later. Instead, I began picking up all his dirty clothes littered around the floor. My God, didn’t he at least own a laundry hamper? I sighed, knowing I would again have to do his laundry if I wanted to live in a remotely clean apartment.

Just as I was heading towards the door, dirty laundry in arms, I bumped into Robbie who was walking in. “Hey, Reina,” he said casually. That’s when I noticed he had powdered sugar, probably from a doughnut, all over his lips, and covering his teeth as well. Ugh!

“Jesus, Robbie, can’t you ever keep clean?” I leaned in to kiss him deeply. I had my hands full with his laundry, so how else was I going to clean his lips and teeth? I used as much tongue as I could, running it over his lips and teeth to clean off every last inch. If I was going to be the one to clean everything around here, I’d make sure to do a damn good job of it at least. His tongue wrestled with mine, and at first I was glad he was helping, until I realized he kept his tongue in my mouth the whole time. My mouth was clean, his was the dirty one; asshole didn’t even know how to clean his own teeth.

After about five minutes of making out, I was content that his mouth was as clean as it would ever be, so I pulled away. (His breath was so minty; ironic that he’d freshen up but still leave all that sugar everywhere, isn’t it?) He gasped as I did; I guess I didn’t really give him a lot of time to come up for air, but who cares? It’s his fault for being messy. When I pulled off, I noticed I’d dropped one of his dirty socks in the chaos, so I bent down to get it. That’s when my nose came level with his crotch, and I could smell his musk. Ugh, such a sweaty smell, like he’d never bathed!

“Robbie, your crotch stinks! If you won’t clean it properly, at least let me.” I looked up at him without standing, and he just nodded, so I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down a bit, and pulled his cock and balls out of his boxers. It’s not like I had a washcloth around, and besides, my hands were still full of laundry, so the best way to clean was still with my mouth. Saliva is a natural antibiotic; true fact.

I took his dick into my mouth and started scrubbing, bobbing my head back and forth. As I did, he got hard, which made it easier to clean, so I guess that was nice of him. I pushed his dick as far back into my throat as I could, so I could reach even the base of his shaft with my lips. I may have gagged a bit, but it’s the price of having a clean home. Then, just to make sure, I ran my lips along the side of his shaft, licking generously, to make sure I didn’t miss any spot.

Of course, his balls were still dirty, so I sucked one into my mouth and licked gently, then did the same with the other. I alternated a few times; when I’d finished, his crotch was as clean as it could be. There was only one problem: just as I finished my last little lick of his balls, he had the nerve to cum! Like, I was almost finished cleaning him and his room, and there he goes making another mess!

The jizz got all over my face, but also on his dick. Luckily, it hadn’t landed anywhere else, like the floor; I didn’t feel like scrubbing the carpet today. Of course, how could I clean up his dick with my mouth when my face was covered in cum? That would just be counter-productive. But with no hands free, I had to figure something else out.

“Look, Robbie, the only wet thing I’ve got left is my pussy. So sit down—CAREFULLY, don’t get your mess on the bed!—and I’ll lower myself onto you. I can clean you off that way.” I thought he’d complain, but to his credit, he seemed eager to get clean as he walked the two feet to the end of his bed and sat down. I had him pull my pants down and push my panties aside as I straddled him, then lowered myself onto his hard cock. Based on his expression, he seemed grateful for my help. It was kind of annoying that I had to be his maid like this, if I was going to be, at least he appreciated it. I bounced up and down on him a few times to really scrub him clean. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but I must really enjoy seeing a mess get cleaned up, because I felt really good about this! Like...really good. Huh.

Just as I was about to get up and get going, Robbie had the nerve to cum again! Like, come on, bro, can’t I ever keep your messes clean?! I bounced a few more times, let out a few moans of cleanly pleasure, and then got up. Of course, since he’d cum inside me, my entire pussy was so messy now, even if his dick was clean.

“You asshole!” I said. “Now I’m all dirty inside! How am I supposed to clean that off?”

“Here,” he offered, “I’ll hold my laundry and you can wipe yourself clean.”

I smiled at him. Wow, he was being so generous. That was weird for him. I handed him the clothes and lay down on his bed so I could be flat and really reach every inch of myself. I reached two fingers inside me and bent them up to scoop out the cum. God, cleaning really did feel good after all! I scooped a few times... fingers in, fingers bent, fingers in, fingers bent... and then I pulled my fingers out to see the cum all over them. I shoved my fingers into my mouth and licked them clean, swallowing every last bit to ensure there was no spillage. That would be disastrous if there were! Then I spread my legs wider and stuck my fingers back into my pussy to collect some more. The more I cleaned myself like this, the more I enjoyed it, and that made me moan with happiness. I went through five more sessions of scooping, moaning, licking, and swallowing before I felt like I was completely clean.

As I sighed with relief, I was suddenly stricken with a bit of panic. I’d forgotten about the cum on my face! I looked to my left to confirm my fear: while I was cleaning my pussy, I’d tossed and turned a bit (to get a better cleaning angle, of course), and I’d wiped the cum from my face all over Robbie’s pillowcase! Oh, no, now I was the one making a mess!

“Oh, I’m sorry, Robbie! I’ll clean that up now!” I wasn’t about to let him think it was okay to be messy just because of my mistake. I turned over and got on all fours, the perfect position to lick the cum off the pillow. As I did, I suddenly got a little worried that I hadn’t cleaned myself enough earlier before—after all, if I’d made one mistake, I might have made another, right?—and I didn’t want to drop more cum on his bed sheets, too! So as I licked and gobbled up the semen from his pillow, I also began scooping any residual cum out of my pussy (with three fingers this time, to be safe!).

“Oh! Oh, God!” I shouted. Fingers in, fingers bent, fingers out. “So... fucking... clean!” Lick lick, lap up the cum, clean the pillows. “Unnnnngggg!” I think I was shouting in a mix of the joy of cleaning along with anxiety that I wasn’t cleaning my own mess up quite enough.

“Here, let me help!” Robbie really was being generous today. If I weren’t so caught up in my cleaning, I’d have been suspicious that he wanted something from me.

Instead, he just lay down at the foot of his bed, with his face right under my pussy, and moved my hand out of the way. He began licking my pussy, obviously to clean it up much better than my fingers could. If I could lick myself there, I would have, but I’m just not that flexible; so it was nice of him to do it for me.

“Yes! Yes! Lick my... pussy... Robbie! Clean it... OH GOD!” I was so happy for his help that I came right then. I’m so glad I’m not one of those girls who squirts, or else I would have made an even bigger mess! Luckily for me, Robbie kept licking, and cleaned up the cum that I did produce. And it was about then that I had licked up as much cum as I was ever going to get out of his pillowcase, so I stopped licking and took a breather.

“Alright,” I sighed. “Give me the laundry, I’ll go put it in the washer.” I removed my pants and panties entirely (they’d been around my ankles while I cleaned), since by now they were probably sweaty and needed to be thrown into the wash as well. But first, I wanted to try and teach Robbie a little something about cleanliness, so I tossed him my thong. “Smell that,” I said. “Smell how dirty it is now.”

He took a deep sniff, smiled, but then just shrugged. “Ugh, you’ll never learn, will you? Just give me your clothes. And take off the ones you’re wearing, they’re all sweaty now, too.” He complied, removed all his clothes, and slightly rubbed his cock (I guess he wanted to be sure it was scrubbed clean).

I gathered all the laundry and headed out his door. Just before I reached it, he slapped my ass! Can you believe that? “Woah!” I shouted, spinning around to face him. “Robbie, that is totally inappropriate! I’m your sister! You can’t go around doing things like that!”

“But... Reina, we just fucked!”

“Oh, my God!” I shouted, turning red. “No, we didn’t! I know you’re a virgin, but that is not fucking! That was just cleaning! Jesus Christ, Robbie, learn the difference! Get a girlfriend! Holy hell, Rob...“

“Oh, right,” he mumbled. “Sorry. Let’s forget I said anything.”

“Yes... let’s...” I couldn’t believe he’d actually thought that fucking was cleaning. What an ignorant little shit!

“Before you go to the laundry room, you still have a little cum on your teeth.”

“Where?” I asked. “Here?” I rubbed my teeth with my tongue, trying to clean it off.

“No, right there... just over... here, let me do it.” He pulled my head into his for another deep kiss, and I felt his tongue run over my teeth. If there was any spot left, he made sure to reach it. He even licked my tongue in case anything was still there, too.

“See?” I gasped when he released. “Cleaning. Nothing sexual about it. Seriously, don’t be mental.” And with that, I walked out of the room, dirty laundry in hand, confident that both Robbie and his room were as clean as possible. The rest of the day, I went without pants or underwear—I didn’t want to wear mine until they were finished in the wash, of course, because who wants to wear dirty clothes? I could swear I caught Robbie staring at my crotch more than once, and I worried that I had some mess or even a little bit of dirt there, but when I checked, I was clean. I don’t know, he’s weird.

At the end of the day, does it really matter that I had to do all the cleaning, as long as everything was kept clean?